Thursday, 2013-05-30

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sledgesgry, thanks. and on your host? (same command)03:42
grysledges: no such thing on the host, usb0: error fetching interface information: Device not found03:43
sledgesthats the problem03:43
sledgeson host: lsmod | grep cdc03:44
sledgesand: tail -f /var/log/messages.log03:45
sledgesand replug the usb03:45
grythis tail -f on host or on phone? did it on host and got no output03:46
sledgesand inspecf last lines (no need to replug cable now)03:47
grynothing from last few hours in dmesg03:47
sledgestry different usb port?03:48
sledgessee if anything in dmesg whenbyou replug another usb peripheral?03:49
sledgesif you are using n900, on it the usb port sometimes goes knackered03:49
sledgesdo other usb peripherals work for you then?03:49
gryyes, I'm using a usb mouse and keyboard, but they leave no messages in dmesg03:50
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gryjust did tail -f /var/log/*, syslog and kernlog have some info03:51
sledgesno messages in /var/lofg/messages.log ?03:52
gryit's just /var/log/messages, without .log bit, and no new messages there, only in the two other files03:53
sledgesifconfig -a03:54
sledgeshour isb dev is eth203:55
sledgesbut you are using networkmanager03:56
sledgesso set static ip to eth2 via its settings GUI03:57
grythere is no eth2 connetion in network manager03:57
sledgesthen just do ifconfig eth2
sledgesyou should be able to ping your host from phone now03:58
sledgesand replace n900 with eth2 in /etc/network/interfaces03:59
sledges(all instances ofc)04:00
sledgesyou might have to run iptables manually first, to have internet shared to your n900(but if you use wifi there, it's not needed)04:00
gryyes, I can ping host from phone now, but how do I name the thing as 'n900' in interfaces file again? the old name is more readable04:03
sledgesyou need to rename your ethernnet interface04:04
sledgesi think its done via udev04:04
sledgesgoogle a bit that one :)04:04
* sledges great success, goes back to sleep :) nite!04:04
gryrename where, on phone?04:04
sledgeson host04:05
gryI didn't really name it 'eth2' on the host..04:05
sledgesyour host did04:05
grycan I just delete it and recreate with proper name? or did networkmanager assign that name and there is no way to change it?04:05
sledgesso create a rule that renames eth2 to n900 based on usb IDs04:06
sledgesa udev rule04:06
gryok, thanks, sleep well :)04:06
sledgesgoogle for  'rename eth interface udev'04:06
sledgescheers :) it was an odd wakeup at 4:30am lol04:07
dm8tbroh, someone else had to get up early too04:09
* dm8tbr is like -.- and on a train bound for helsinki04:09
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juicemefaenil, I did a complete reinstall, and am maybe at the same state I was before started fixing it :)04:26
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gryI followed the rest of the steps at the wiki but phone can't ping anything other than itself and host still.04:39
gry'destination host unreachable' for ping for example04:39
dm8tbrand which wiki-page would that be?04:40
chriadamgry: does the host have ip forwarding set?  have you set up a route on the phone?  what does /etc/resolv.conf contain?04:43
chriadamwell, that last one won't apply just yet, of course.04:44
dm8tbrgry: shut down the firewall on your PC (or simply flush iptables)04:45
dm8tbrand then try again04:45
grychriadam: I don't really think the forwarding works right...04:45
dm8tbrgry: what are the routes on your PC?04:46
chriadamwhat does `cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward` say?04:46
chriadamyou may have to do something like `echo "1" | sudo tee /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward`04:47
gry <-- routing on phone; <-- routing on laptop04:47
gry"cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward" says '1' both on phone and laptop04:48
chriadamwhat's the ip address of the phone?04:49
gry192.168.2.15 I think04:49
chriadamcan you check both the phone and host with ifconfig?04:50
chriadamthe final thing would be `sudo /sbin/route add default gw` on phone04:50
dm8tbrthe phone already has two default routes...04:51
chriadamthen you need to /sbin/route del default gw XXX until there are none04:51
dm8tbralso does mer even have 'route'? the preferred tool  is 'ip' nowadays04:51
chriadamoh?  ok :-/  I don't even know what `ip` is04:52
chriadamheh, how about that.04:52
* chriadam shows how newb he is ;-)04:53
chriadamhrm, /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward should probably be zero on device, too.04:54
gry ifconfig on laptop and phone04:55
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gryjust setting '/proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward' to 0 on the device didn't help04:58
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dm8tbrare you able to ping from the phone?05:09
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gryit's sad that I don't _understand_ the current problem, so if it happens again, I'll have to waste your time again05:12
gry(as I did around three months ago, too)05:12
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gryreplugged it, pings okay, is unknown host, what is the normal value for nameserver in resolv.conf?05:16
dm8tbrwell you can use
dm8tbrdoes the job05:17
dm8tbror your router. which seems to be
gryok, the latter worked05:19
gryit manages to work despite the paste about iptables on laptop, did it save at all?05:20
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grythe phone also  went back from both ip and hostname pings to 'destination host unreachable' for them both just after a couple minutes of being connected05:21
dm8tbrPOSTROUTING and FORWARD doesn't show up in -L05:21
grywhat does it show up in?05:23
chriadamwait... do you have network manager enabled on your host?05:23
chriadamand you've done your very best to ensure that it doesn't try to configure the usb0 interface (it'll try to configure it as a wired interface)?05:25
chriadamdisabled it, burned nm in a fire, whispered voodoo curses at it, whatever is necessary05:25
gryif I disable it I'll just go offline myself05:25
chriadam(just opening the nm applet, selecting the wired connection associated with the usb0 device and setting to "disabled / disconnected" should suffice)05:26
chriadamyeah, just disable the network manager handling of the usb networking interface05:26
gryI unticked connect automatically05:26
chriadamthen use `sudo ifconfig usb0 up` to configure your usb0 interface manually.05:27
chriadamactually, you'll need to drop it and then bring it up again05:27
chriadambasically, nm is evil05:27
chriadamin so many different ways05:27
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dm8tbrI'm not sure if disabling automatic connect is enough. NM likes to do stuff™ to interfaces that it thinks it owns05:29
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gry what do I need to add to that /etc/network/interfaces block for it to do the same job as the eth0 connection network-manager creates?05:38
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chriadamgry: I've got nothing in my interfaces file (other than `auto lo` and `iface lo inet loopback`)05:42
gry__how does it work then05:43
gry__i turn network-manager off and go offline. I don't *know* how to proceed.05:43
chriadamif you have the usb net driver (cdc_ether) it'll bring up usb0 as an uninitialised iface05:44
gry__I would be happy to turn it off, if I can stay online after that.05:44
chriadamleave network manager on, just disable its management of the usb0 interface05:44
chriadamthen use ifconfig to configure the usb0 interface directly05:44
gry__15:15 < chriadam> if you have the usb net driver (cdc_ether) it'll bring up usb0 as an uninitialised iface05:44
gry__how do I do this?05:44
chriadamdmesg | grep usb05:45
chriadamthen unplug, replug usb cable, dmesg again, see what you see05:45
chriadamso doing "ifconfig" raw should show an (unconfigured) usb0 interface?05:56
chriadamthen doing "sudo ifconfig usb0 up" should bring up your host as
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grycurrently ifconfig shows this
gryI wouldn't say it's unconfigured06:03
chriadamwhat gave it that ip address?06:05
gryI didn't remove the interface and gave it that address before, so it's there06:06
gryI also have it in /etc/network/interfaces with that name and that ip06:07
chriadamwell, tbh that should be ok, so long as nm isn't messing with it06:07
chriadamok, now tear down your iptables / postrouting, and then bring it up again06:07
chriadamand then you should be good to go :-)06:07
gryI don't know how to "tear down your iptables / postrouting"... iptables --flush and add the things in again?06:08
chriadamiptables -D POSTROUTING -t nat -s -j MASQUERADE is probably enough06:10
chriadamthen add it back with -A06:10
gryI don't think I really changed anything since the last time I had the problem... I didn't set networkmanager to not touch usb0 or anything. it'd do the exact same thing this time, I think.06:11
chriadammy advice, would be set managed=false to [usbNetwork] section of networkmanager.conf06:13
gryAn odd thing is that the wiki recommends using network-manager in the first place; that it doesn't work seems odd. anyone who reads that wiki page would be stuck similarly and have to guess what the problem is.06:17
gryhm, I added that section but the issue persists.06:17
chriadamwow.  strange.  so, you can ping from host to phone and vice versa, you have ip_forwarding set up in host, but you can't access any external ip?06:18
chriadamyou have your routes set up correct on phone06:18
chriadamhrm.  in that case, no idea, sorry.06:18
gry'/proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward' was 0 on phone, something reset it06:19
gryI thought nothing would work at all with it being 0, but it works for first minute after plugging in the usb: that's strange06:20
gryset it to 1, the issue persists. (I'm half confident that if I figured out how to connect to the internet using the interfaces file, I'd turn nm off and have everything sorted)06:28
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sledgesgry, still here?08:08
sledgesI had a good hours sleep and now finally at work lol08:08
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sledgesok, setting of /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward should be done only on host08:12
gryI got things working except nm breaks them08:12
sledgesso host starts forwarding packets between internet and your phone08:12
sledgeswhich ubuntu are you using?08:12
gryto disable nm, I have to write a working /etc/network/interfaces bit to connect myself to the internet08:12
sledgesim sure there will be the way to bring nm under submission ™ dm8tbr :)08:14
sledges ;)08:14
* sledges is firing up ubuntu 12.04 vm now08:15
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sledgesif you go to ubuntu launch menu08:19
sledgesand type "network", choose Network Connections08:19
sledgesgry, ^08:19
sledgeswhat do you see under the first, "Wired" tab?08:20
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gryauto eth0 only08:21
sledgesclick Add08:21
sledgeswhat is in the Dropdown of "Device MAC address"08:21
sledges(im interested in device names between brackets)08:21
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#323 Rejected promotion request08:22
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage SR#324 waiting for review at
grysledges: 00:01:10:22:03:30 (usb0) and 00:17:42:C1:88:16 (eth0)08:25
sledgesok, choose usb008:26
sledgesgo to IPc4 settings08:26
sledgesassign static ip (just like in the wiki)08:26
sledges(Method: Manual, etc)08:26
sledgeswhen done, give this connection a nice name, and Save08:27
sledgesnm now should say that you are connected to that wired usb0 network08:27
sledgesdoublecheck that you still have ip by executing `ifconfig usb0`08:27
sledgesif all goes well, it should not get reset08:27
sledgesand I hope it will persist between cable re-plugs08:28
sledgeschriadam, I am a hardcore fan of good old `route` too, same is the wiki :D08:32
sledgesArch Linux tried to introduce ip and remove route etc, after two weeks it was all restored again :D08:32
sledges(or at least both solutions made to co-exist)08:33
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sledgesgry is still online, that's good -- NetworkManager did not go mad :)08:46
gryI did all that but nm never told me it connected with that wired connection (tried restarting it, replugging usb)08:47
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sledgesit might not tell08:47
sledgesbut most important is to run ifconfig usb008:47
sledgesto see if it got assigned a static ip address automatically08:47
grywhen I click its icon I get a 'device not managed' grey menu item instead of a working 'connect' menu item08:47
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grywhat do I do to the /etc/network/interfaces block named usb0? should I comment it?08:48
sledgesyes, you could surely try08:49
sledgesi assume ifconfig does not show correct address now either08:49
gryit shows the correct one, I didn't reboot the host machine08:49
sledgesbut you re-plugged the cable08:50
sledgeson every replug, you should reassign it manually, so I think nm is finally doing something positive08:50
sledgesI'd just reboot your host machine now08:50
sledgesas I believe /etc/network/interfaces is ignored when nm takes over08:51
chriadamyup.  having to reassign it manually is a _good thing_ :-)08:51
sledgesi mean, I think gry did not have to reassign it anymore08:51
sledgesas it still shows good ip08:51
sledgesafter cable replugs08:51
chriadamif he's got it listed in interfaces, then yeah it'll probably work that way, true08:52
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gryI did ifdown usb0, commented the block in interfaces file, replugged usb. now there is no usb0 in ifconfig09:35
sledgesgry, ifconfig -a09:36
gryit's there, but no ip assigned09:37
sledgesifdown shuts is09:37
sledgesshuts it09:37
sledgesdo ifup usb009:37
sledges(or ifconfig usb0 up ;)09:37
grywouldn't nm do that automatically?09:38
sledgesi think ifdown has greater power over nm09:38
sledgesthe whole food chain here by the sounds of it!09:38
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gryI did ifup usb0, replugged usb, it didn't appear in ifconfig (without -a), I manually brought it up and it has no ip assigned09:42
sledgesis it still in the "Network connections" ?09:42
Jonniits much easier just to put usb0 magic in network/interfaces file and not to use network-manager :)09:43
gryyes, it is still in the 'network connections'09:44
gry'last used: never'09:46
Jonnigry: here is how my network interfaces file looks like:   might be easier solution than fighting with network manager :)09:46
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sledgesJonni, can you still use network manager for other interfaces?09:50
Jonnisledges: yes, with that network manager still managers eth0 and wlan009:51
Jonnithat paste works for harmattan, nemo and sailfish devices atleast for me :)09:51
Jonnimuch easier that nemos current usbnetworking wiki page :)09:52
sledgeswhich ubuntu are you using Jonni ?09:53
sledgesit worked for me on all >12.04 ubus09:53
sledgessorry s/>/</ :)09:54
JonniI'm using 12.04, 12.10 and 13.0409:54
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sledgesgry already had entries in network/interfaces with no luck (even managed=false to [usbNetwork] section of networkmanager.conf didn't help), hopefully omitted some of your flags09:54
sledgesand we're getting to the bottom of this09:55
sledgeswhat I mean, that I remember usb0 working OK whilst being managed by network manager in ubuntu 10.0409:55
sledgesbut things grew hairy since then apparently..09:55
Jonniyou only need to add those and and restart network-manager, it automaticly ignores usb0 if it finds it on interface file09:56
*** Martix_ has joined #nemomobile09:56
sledgesprobably gry did not restart NetworkManager09:56
sledgesjust replugged09:56
*** Martix has quit IRC09:56
gryJonni: thanks, I would be happy to turn nm off, but I didn't figure out how to connect to the internet without it.09:57
*** mikhas has quit IRC09:57
Jonniyou can keep the network manager on with my paste, no problem09:57
sledgesgry, just restart it: `sudo killall NetworkManager` and your internet connection will come back up shortly09:57
sledges(surely PC reboot would sort 100%)09:58
gryJonni: I could add this to the interfaces file and set usb managed to false for nm but it still does something to it (I connect phone to the laptop, things work for a minute and then stop; folks here told me it's nm that breaks it)09:58
Jonnigry: you dont neet to set usb managed false, that might confuse the manager09:58
sledgesgry, have you restarted nm since adding bits to interfaces file ?09:59
Jonniits enough just to paste those lines in interfaces file and then run "stop network-manager; start network-manager"09:59
JonniI always just copypaste those 9 lines without any other config changes, and it has worked in all ubuntu machines that I have tested it on.10:01
grythe hotplug line probably is the difference10:01
*** chriadam is now known as chriadam|away10:01
gry is what I have now after restarting network-manager10:03
gryit's ok only for 30 seconds, right?10:05
grythen it goes wrong after a short time after plugging in10:05
Jonniremove/comment out no-auto-default line?10:05
Jonnias thats not needed10:05
Jonni   thats my manager conf10:06
grywhere? I don't see a thing like that in the paste10:06
* gry looks10:06
grytrying that10:07
Jonniand did you already run "stop network-manager; start network-manager;"10:08
gryI do it as 'service network-manager restart' but yes, I did10:08
gryagain the same error after a delay10:09
*** jpetersen has quit IRC10:09
Jonniraelly wierd, did you try with my networkmanager.conf?10:09
Jonniwhat ubuntu version are you running btw?10:09
*** kavuri has quit IRC10:10
xmlich02__hi, I am trying to port nemo to sitara am35x kit from TI. I have managed to boot into terminal. Graphical User Interface is not starting. I think, there is a problem with systemd. The  display-manager.service is not starting properly. Complete log is here Can anyone help?10:11
Jonniand have you checked that you dont happen to have some old dhclient instances running for usb0? "ps aux|grep dhclient"10:11
*** niqt has joined #nemomobile10:11
*** Xruxa has quit IRC10:12
sledgesxmlich02__, try running Xorg first10:12
xmlich02__Xorg seems to be running. I have installed xorg-x11-fbdev driver before10:12
sledgesthen try running DISPLAY=:0 qmlcalc10:13
xmlich02__qmlcalc has started10:13
sledgesjob done10:13
sledgesthe mcompositor is starting and failing i believe10:14
sledgesthis is the normal nemo graphics startup10:14
gryJonni: 12.0410:14
sledgesbut mcompositor fails because it needs hw accelerated drivers10:14
xmlich02__it is not possible to run it with fbdev driver?10:14
gryJonni: my nm conf is identical to yours now10:15
sledgesyou can see mcompositor failing if you write "journalctl"10:15
juicemeJonni, your iptables rule seems really short on compared what I use when NATting my N9:10:15
juicemeiptables -A FORWARD -o eth0 -i usb0 -s -m conntrack --ctstate NEW -j ACCEPT10:15
sledgesxmlich02__, TI's supplied /usr/lib/lib*GL* files should be in place10:15
juicemeiptables -A FORWARD -m conntrack --ctstate ESTABLISHED,RELATED -j ACCEPT10:15
juicemeiptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE10:15
juicemebut I guess it's the end result that matters..10:16
xmlich02__sledges, okay, I will check it, thanks10:16
gryJonni: "ps aux|grep dhclient" returns nothing other than the grep itself10:16
sledgesxmlich02__, you can try running lipstick without mcompositor depenency, just edit /usr/lib/systemd/user/lipstick.service and remove mcompositor dep10:16
sledges(comment out)10:17
Jonnigry: then i'm running out of ideas, other than rebootin the machine to see if network manager works better after reboot10:17
sledgesanother thing to see what's going on: `killall NetworkManager; NetworkManager --no-daemon`10:18
sledgesgry, ^10:18
sledgesafter it in another window run (as non-root): `nm-applet`10:19
sledgesyou will get log spat by nm when it decides to take over usb010:19
sledges(if it will)10:19
Jonnijuiceme: yes I like it short and in my way it works both eth0 and wlan0 uplinks :)10:19
Jonnididnt want to tie it down to eth010:19
juicemeJonni, yes, that's elegant. I need mine only on USB as with WLAN it already automatically gets the nexthop to my routing GW :)10:20
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gryer, sledges even ^10:26
xmlich02__sledges, it works . I will try to fix the drivers issue and let you know.10:30
*** nsuffys has joined #nemomobile10:32
sledges\o/ xmlich02__10:32
sledgesgry, what does nm say after a while ? (the moment you loose usb0 ip)10:34
gryand I don't really lose the ip, laptop and phone have the ip fine, it's just that the phone stops being able to ping
sledgesthat's different then10:35
sledgesyou need to figure out which command looses its effect10:36
sledgesand re-run it10:36
sledgesnever seen before such issue of yours10:36
grymy head hurts, I already lost track of what I'm trying to do, apparently it's something with nm but it also involves not having commented the usb0 block in /etc/network/interfaces as I've not got it commented at the moment10:37
Jonnigry: maybe your devices default route gets messed up, like in cases where is has 2 simultaneous default routes10:37
sledgesi remember you had two default gateway routes gry10:38
Jonnigry: I've only seen that in some cases when you have simultaneous wlan0 and usb0 outgoing from device, "route -n" on device will tell if thats the case10:38
sledgesshould've been sorted10:38
sledgesno default gateway now at all..10:39
sledgessudo /sbin/route add default gw
Jonni0.0.0.0 means default gw :*)10:39
grySIOCADDRT: File exists10:39
sledges05:51 < chriadam> then you need to /sbin/route del default gw XXX until there are none10:39
sledgesand repeat `sudo /sbin/route add default gw`10:39
*** dcthang has quit IRC10:39
Jonnithat    line looks wierd, it should not be there :)10:40
grywhat do I write instead of XXX?10:40
gryroute: default: cannot use a NETWORK as gateway!10:41
*** Morpog_PC has joined #nemomobile10:41
nsuffyshi here ! :)10:41
Morpog_PChi :)10:42
sledgesand then also try just `/sbin/route del default gw`10:42
sledgeshelloo! :)10:42
nsuffyswhere can i found the "git" package for nemo ?10:42
grysledges: 'route del default gw' deleted only one of them, the other three are still there10:42
sledgesgry, ^10:42
sledgesnsuffys, mer-tools10:43
nsuffysthank you sledges :)10:43
sledgesanytime nsuffys :)10:43
grysledges: '/sbin/route del default gw' throws a usage page at me, it thinks the syntax is wrong10:43
sledges/sbin/route del default gw
sledges/sbin/route del default gw *10:44
sledgeswhichever works for you :)10:44
grythe one did nothing, the * one said hostname lookup failure10:45
sledges/sbin/route del default10:45
sledgeslast shot in the dark :)10:45
Stskeepsg w00t10:45
grythis one did nothing either10:45
*** jpetersen has joined #nemomobile10:46
Jonniheh, then its the usuall reboot the phone :)10:46
nsuffyshmm :s sledges , how add the depot ? I use SSH with my N900 under Nemo10:46
sledgesnsuffys, unsure what you mean by depot10:47
nsuffysoups (french) .. repository10:47
sledgesnsuffys, ssu ar mer-tools
sledgeschoose your flavour and arch btw10:48
nsuffysthank you ! it works :)10:50
gry <-- normal route on the phone, and what it looks like after something broke it10:50
gry(this is after rebooting it)10:50
sledgesgreat success :)10:50
sledgeshow do you brake it gry ?10:51
gryI don't know, I didn't edit the routing myself.10:51
sledgesi know, but what do you do between issuing those two `route` commands ?10:51
Jonnimaybe you have added some custom configs from nemo wiki? :)10:51
grysledges: nothing other than sit and watch it ping
Jonnidoes dmesg give any hints?10:52
sledgesok, so when it fails to ping, routes mess up10:52
sledgesi.e. routes mess up, it then fails to ping ;)10:52
sledgesout of the blue..10:52
Jonniwell that route is clearly the reason, you just have to figure out that causes it10:53
gryeither a) I installed some configs from wiki or b) some software like nm adds it10:53
Jonninm doesnt affect device side10:53
gryI didn't install such configs recently, though; last time I recall touching these things was three months ago or so, and networking was ok after phone reboot back then10:54
gryso I can pastebin files that you guess may be related but nothing more than that10:55
sledgesdodgy usb cable?10:55
grythe same cable works with another nokia mobile10:55
sledges /connector10:55
sledgeson your n90010:55
sledgesknown common issue though10:55
gryit's new, I didn't use the connector more than around 30 times :\10:56
sledgesit's easy to test10:56
sledgesreboot phone10:56
sledgesconfigure usb networking10:56
sledgesfiddle the cable10:56
sledgesand see if  there's a correlation10:56
lbtdoes journalctl tell you anything10:57
lbtor dmesg10:57
sledgeswas about to suggest the same (Jonni did that 5min ago too :))10:57
gryI fiddle the cable and it keeps pinging correctly... journalctl or dmesg where, on phone?10:57
lbtactually I need to hack stuff ... I'll go away again :)10:58
gry is dmesg and journalctl has no recent information11:01
sledgesADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): usb0: link is not ready11:02
*** vgrade_ has joined #nemomobile11:03
gryyeah, it looks vaguely related11:03
sledgesit's not the moment when you re-pulled the cable?11:03
sledgesdoes this work on Nemo: `dmesg | tail -f`11:03
sledgesvery useful if does11:03
sledges(or `tail -f /var/log/messages` if same info is reflected)11:04
grypiping it is smart, I was thinking that but didn't guess how11:04
gryyes, that output is at the time I plug in the usb cable11:06
sledgesand when it stops pinging11:06
sledges(you need a phone restart i presume)11:06
sledgesnothing spat?11:06
grythere is no new dmesg output at the 30-something-seconds-later-when-it-stops-pinging though11:06
sledgesgry, is your wifi on on the phone?11:06
gry(it doesn't need phone restart, I just replug usb, it pings fine, I wait for it to break, replug, and it pings fine again)11:07
gryyes, phone has wifi support, I can connect to wireless properly and connection doesn't drop11:07
sledgesbut it is not connected to any APs atm ?11:08
sledgesthe wifi11:09
gryit's not connected to any other internet at the moment, no11:09
sledgesis it connected to somewhere now?11:09
grywifi is off on it now, I only turned it on to update the system through zypper yesterday11:09
sledgesso if we arrive at the state that we know for certain that when it stops pinging, neither your phone's dmesg, nor host machine dmesg and NetworkManager outputs do not indicate anything11:11
*** n9mx has joined #nemomobile11:12
sledgesthen it's super weird11:12
Jonnigry: what does your device  /etc/usb-moded/usb-moded.ini  look like?11:13
*** keithzg has quit IRC11:21
Jonniit might alse be because of that host mac kludge, I've never used fake macs. so it might help if you remove g_ether line from /etc/modprobe.d/g_ether.conf11:25
Jonni(on ubuntu side)11:25
Jonnino need to use host_addr11:26
Jonnithats the only thing that comes in mind that still can affect functionality11:27
gry /etc/modprobe.d/g_ether.conf on phone side, not ubuntu, right?11:27
Jonniah yes device side11:27
grycommented it, replugged usb, waiting11:28
* sledges cross(compil)es his fingers11:29
gryagain destination host unreachable, issue persists11:29
Jonniheh, then I'm out of suggestions other than reflash the device :)11:30
Jonnias clearly there is something wrong on device side11:30
*** keithzg has joined #nemomobile11:42
grywhat files/scripts does the device run when connecting via usb? and the same on host?11:44
*** zhxt has joined #nemomobile11:45
*** arcean_ has joined #nemomobile11:45
*** arcean has quit IRC11:48
sledgesgry, do `ps ax | grep dh` on device11:53
sledgesbecause this is exactly the behaviour as if dhclient on n900 would be running on usb0 and give up and add those two bogus route paths11:54
sledgesnemo uses connman11:54
sledgesso no dhclient there11:54
sledgeshow to prevent connman sniffing at usb0 ?11:54
sledgesJonni, ^11:54
*** fk_lx has joined #nemomobile11:58
gryps ax | grep dh on device gives no output other than itself11:59
*** kavuri has quit IRC11:59
sledgesyes gry , I overlooked that11:59
sledgeswe are looking at connman now11:59
sledgesso there's still hope :)11:59
sledgesyes, it is running12:00
sledgesquestion, how to tell connman to ignore usb012:00
gryby shutting it off for a test?12:02
sledgesgry, cat /var/lib/connman/settings12:03
*** arcean_ has quit IRC12:04
sledgesyes, you can shut it off as well (systemctl stop connmand )12:04
gryFailed to issue method call: Unit name connmand is not valid.12:05
sledgessorry i forgot its name12:06
sledgestry connman12:06
gryFailed to issue method call: Unit name connman is not valid.12:13
grysystemctl stop c<tab>, it doesn't tab for me, no output12:14
gry'systemctl stop connman.service' froze, will probably work in a bit12:15
gryi found its full name in 'systemctl' output12:15
sledgesgood stuff12:19
sledgesnow onto using the good old fingerterm ;)12:19
gryit looks like stopping connman on n950 fixed the problem.12:19
sledgeshang on a minute, you're using n950 ?12:19
sledgessorry got mislead 05:03 < gry> yes, I can ping host from phone now, but how do I name the thing as 'n900' in interfaces file again? the old name is more readable12:20
sledgesbut it's no difference12:20
sledgesso it keeps pinging fine?12:20
grythose two phones connect to the internet through this linux laptop, so names are a bit off some places :)12:20
gryyes, it keeps pinging fine12:21
xmlich02__sledges, I found, the sitara should use the same graphics driver like a beagle board. So i have added the repository and But I am not able to install xorg-x11-drv-omap package. It is srcpackage. I am zypper newbie, i do not know what to do12:21
gry(I imagine I'll want to use connman for things like wifi though, so if we can probably set it to not conflict with usb0 is could be a nice plan)12:21
*** n9mx has left #nemomobile12:24
sledgesgry, edit /var/lib/connman/settings file12:28
sledgesset wired to false12:28
sledgesand wifi to true12:28
sledgesand reboot the phone12:28
sledgesxmlich02__, are you running armv7hl nemo?12:29
*** Xruxa has quit IRC12:34
xmlich02__sledges,  I am not sure how to determine this. The 'uname -a' says armv7l. I have used sysroot from which should be armv7hl12:37
sledgesxmlich02__, you need to switch to armv7l12:38
sledgesas there are no hardfp (armv7hl) beagleboard drivers there12:38
sledgesalso make a backup asap, as * is being dismantled as we speak12:39
Morpog_PCshouldn't it be down already?12:39
sledgesit should :)12:40
sledgesthey still see thousands of pageviews now probably :))12:40
sledgesso hesitate, to let everyone backup12:40
Morpog_PCgood guys12:41
grysledges: nope, that — rebooting after editing connman settings — didn't work12:42
gry(Destination Host Unreachable after a bit)12:42
martyoneSage: in #mer we discussed (yesterday) fixing wiki where meego obs etc. is referred to, and a question arose: wouldn't it be an option to add "Nemo Adaptation VM Testable" (Inherit: Nemo Adaptation VM) to nemo-kickstarter-configs, i.e., to provide ready-to-use testable VM image on ? Related to
*** fm_ has joined #nemomobile12:46
sledgesxmlich02__, you can also grab the rpm and install it with `rpm -i` see what happens:
fm_Hello people! Any one here known where I can get an VirtualBox image to test out the OS?12:49
sledgesalso grab these files along (you will primarily need ones without *debuginfo and *debugsource in them):
sledgesok, xmlich02__ ignore the bit about `rpm -i`, you should still get copies of those files however, when you have armv7l nemo running12:50
sledges has "images" link to the same server :)12:52
fm_sledges, thank you. It has a full OS? Since I installed the Sailfish SDK and there is only the bare minimum in there....12:52
sledgesfm_, it is the full OS in its entirity :)12:53
sledgesxmlich02__, see our convo in #mer12:53
fm_Oh, good :-) It's about time to take all my Qt dev expertise and do something mobile with it :-)12:55
*** Xruxa has joined #nemomobile12:55
sledgessounds good fm_ :)12:55
sledgesgry, something else is in a way; i presume your nemo version is oldish ?12:56
gryupdated using zypper ref, zypper up, yesterday12:56
sledgesdid you switch to ssu ?12:56
gryI can give version info if you tell me how to retrieve it... not that I know of12:57
sledgeswhat does zypper lr -u say ?12:57
fm_sledges, any advice on simulating multi-touch on a PC?12:59
sledgesfm_, plug more mice12:59
sledgesno sorry no idea12:59
fm_I have a touchpad and a normal mouse. The SailfishOS SDK seems to not react to this, since the system sees tham all as a single mouse. I recall there was some multi-input option for X, are you talking about that?13:00
sledgesgry, you have old hardware-related files13:02
sledgesand they are pointing to the srever which is soon to shutdown (
sledgesno worries, we will switch you in no time :)13:03
sledgesif you still have energy :)13:03
gryhow do I fix those?13:03
sledgeszypper install nemo-ssu-repos-rnd ssu-vendor-data-nemo ssu-tools ssu13:03
sledgespaste the output13:03
sledgesfm_, worth asking in #sailfishos , as testing multitouch on a vm is an interesting topic13:04
sledgesvirtualbox won't let you do that :( but maybe there are some Qt helpers to simulate inside the vm?..13:05
*** Xruxa has quit IRC13:06
*** Xruxa has joined #nemomobile13:07
sledgesgry, would be smart to restore [Wired] Enable=true in /var/lib/connman/settings13:08
sledgesas it is working for me on N9 fine13:09
fm_sledges: nteresting indded. Nemo refuses to be installed inside the VM? :-(13:09
*** arcean_ has joined #nemomobile13:09
sledgesno, it should not refuse (?)13:09
grywhat is the long name for 'ssu'?13:09
*** M13 has quit IRC13:10
Morpog_PCseamless software update13:10
fm_It fails to create a btrfs subvolume13:10
sledgesseamless software update13:10
sledgesfm_, are you running the installer?13:10
fm_Yes, I'm following the instruction in the wiki you gave me. Running the installer-shall. And I get the error: "ERROR: /tmp/sysimage/di is not a subvolume". And the install log said it could not create it13:11
grydoes look correct?13:11
sledgesyou surely created a new vm with a virtual disk (min 3GB ?)13:12
sledgesgry, yes go for it13:12
fm_sledes, yes, the installer finds it and creates partitions on it13:12
fm_4GB, as the wiki suggests.13:12
fm_But it failes to mount them13:13
sledgesplease try older version :)13:13
sledgesones from march should do13:13
sledgesgry, ensure you can ping google.com13:14
sledges(connect via wifi)13:14
gryoops, forgot to stop connman.service, will retry13:14
sledgesright :)13:14
gry do I do zypper ref, zypper up, now?13:18
*** martyone has quit IRC13:19
gry <-- I wouldn't care much of the details but I see it says it won't upgrade perl in the first line, is that normal?13:23
sledgesfm_, all worked for me13:23
sledgesjust installed a vm13:24
sledgesfm_, does your computer CPU support ssse3 ?13:24
sledgessee the wiki and follow every step13:24
sledgesalso System->Processor->Extended Features: Check 'Enable PAE/NX' is important13:25
sledgesgry, say no for now13:25
sledgeswe'll inject hardware adaptation updates as well13:25
*** jreznik has quit IRC13:25
fm_Did all that.13:25
sledgeszypper install nemo-ssu-repos-adaptation-common-rnd nemo-ssu-repos-adaptation-rnd13:25
fm_I just found what the problem is13:25
fm_In the install script, the mount command sais "mount $ROOTDEV $ROOTDIR -o ...". It should be "mount -o ... $ROOTDEV $ROOTDIR"13:26
sledgesfm_, location of -o is irrelevant13:26
fm_It is. The mount command gives an error. I just finished the installation13:26
fm_After changing it in the install script.13:26
sledgesas i said, i just ran installer-shell successfully without any modifications :)13:26
fm_So it kinda is relevant :-)13:27
fm_Ok, here's the complete info, see for yourself:13:27
sledgesmight be discrepancies with your virtualbox version13:27
*** jreznik has joined #nemomobile13:27
sledgesor just a phantom that lands on your PC once every blue moon :) no worries13:28
fm_When I ran the script the mount command threw it "usage information" in the install log. The help page clearely states that the "-o" option should come before the device/dir.13:28
fm_btw, why does the terminal behaves strangely? It inserts bogous characters when I type faster.13:28
sledgesi used this image: 0.20130411.1.NEMO.2013-04-26.1/nemo-i586-vm/nemo-i586-vm.iso13:29
sledgesmy virtualbox is v4.2.1213:29
fm_Same image i used.  VB is 2.4.6/Windows13:29
sledges /ArchLinux here13:30
fm_As far as I know the vritualbox difference should not do those kind of error.13:30
fm_Anyhow, how to I reboot the Nemo???13:30
Morpog_PCswipe down on homescreen13:31
Morpog_PCor reboot in terminal?13:31
grytype 'reboot' in terminal, or slide at the screen top (from top to bottom) to see an applet with a shutdown button on it13:31
sledgesfm_, remove virtual nemo image disk from the vb settings first13:32
sledgesgry, good to go!13:32
sledgeslooks lush :)13:32
gryon it, why doesn't it upgrade perl though, I'm just curious :)13:33
sledgesgry, good question, also qmlcalc etc13:34
sledgesmaybe they were tinkered with, or added to ignore list13:34
fm_Don't have anough screen to swipe-down :-( just typed in the terminal. Thanks.13:35
sledgesgry, is it still downloading?13:37
sledgesI forgot a cleanup step, better to interrupt now13:37
gryalready installing13:38
sledgesok, let's push it through13:38
sledgesbut when we do it later, perl & Co should also get updated13:38
gryI assume we can do something to update them now after this batch as well?13:42
gryit finished installing, will reboot since it complains about running programs13:43
sledgesnot necessarily13:43
sledgesit always complains :)13:44
sledges/usr/sbin/ clean13:44
*** jpetersen has quit IRC13:45
grydid this clean thing, and now do I do ref & up again?13:46
sledgesfirst let's do `ssu lr`13:46
fm_Ummm... it does not boot from the HD after installation ....13:46
sledgesfm_, you are right, let me try latest i486 version quickly13:47
sledgesi tried with march version i586, also does not boot for me too after installation13:47
*** denexter_ has quit IRC13:48
gry ?13:48
fm_I'm installing the version from March as you said.. let's see how this goes...13:48
sledgesgry, `ssu lr`13:48
sledgesfm_, ^13:48
fm_Oh, just saw you said it does not boots.13:48
sledgesit's been a while i tried a vm version apparently ;)13:49
sledgesgry, great13:49
sledges`ssu ur`13:49
grydid that, no output, doing zypper ref now13:49
sledgesgry, which flavour do you want to have your nemo in?13:49
sledgesdevel, testing or stable ?13:49
gryno idea... which flavours are there?13:49
grywhich one is more bleeding edge, devel or testing?13:50
sledgescuts deep :)13:50
sledgesmore updates every day :)13:50
sledgesso if you go for the latest and greatest, then:13:51
sledgesssu re -r latest13:51
sledgesssu fl devel13:51
sledgesssu ur13:51
sledgeszypper ref13:51
sledgeszypper dup13:51
sledgesdone :)13:51
gryon it :)13:52
sledgesfm_, this works like charm after installation:
sledgesi586 is still poorly that means13:53
fm_Yes, I'm downloading the i486 version right now...13:54
sledgesok, that latest one worked13:54
fm_While it installs.... I want to have the sailfish ui. Can I install it instead of the one Nemo uses, or I'm confusing something?13:56
sledgesfm_, you are confusing something..13:56
sledgesUIs are not interchangeable across different distributions13:57
fm_OK, installation went ok this time :-) So what am I confusing? I tried to read all the explanation, but no one sais, in simple words, how they are connected13:57
sledgeswell, there is no source code for sailfish UI13:57
sledgesboth Nemo and13:58
sledgesSailfish OS are mobile linux distributions13:58
sledgesthey are using the same core (Mer Project)13:58
sledgesand the same Middle-Ware (mw)13:58
sledgesbut nemo has its own UI built on top13:59
sledgesand its own Nemo apps13:59
fm_Oh. Got it. So I, basically, installed the wrong thing :-)13:59
sledgesit's a full OS, because you can make calls with it13:59
sledgeswrite texts etc13:59
sledgesif nemo is put on a supported phone13:59
sledgesSailfish is available only as it is13:59
fm_So, basically, there are no complete sailfish distribution?14:00
fm_So what are the guys from Jolla showing around to people?14:00
sledgesyou called it "bare minimum"14:00
sledgesNemo and Sailfish OS use their own different Qt Components14:00
sledgesthat's why the look and feel is different, and how apps interact, too14:00
specialfm_: there are no public images for sailfish yet, other than the minimal x86 version in the sailfish SDK's emulator14:01
sledgesyou can write apps to nemo, or take existing nemo apps and port them to sailfish14:01
sledgesthere is no full distro available publicly14:01
sledgesthey have their full distro internally14:01
sledgesjolla will make it available when times comes, in the meantime i just play with nemo if need something more "complete", as there will be not so many differences to port apps around14:03
specialnemo is a good target if you want to explore the platform and middleware14:03
specialthe sailfish SDK is a good target if you want to develop your own UI using those components14:03
*** situ has joined #nemomobile14:04
*** pcat has quit IRC14:05
fm_OK, this explaines why half an hour google search did not got me anywhere :-)14:05
*** gry has quit IRC14:05
sledges+1 goes to special :)14:06
fm_So, basically, what you're saying is that an applicaton developed on Nemo(Mer, basically) will run on Sailfish. Except the GUI part. Yes?14:06
fm_And, indeed, +1 to special :-)14:07
*** gry has joined #nemomobile14:07
specialfm_: yes.14:07
fm_Uhm. But the whole point is the GUI part. The logic I can develop in C++/Qt on any platform I want to. So why do it on Nemo(except the part where it actually works on H/W)?14:08
sledgesyou wanted something "complete", nemo is "complete", but it's UI is different from SailfishSDK14:08
specialwell, there's more to the middleware than C++ and Qt14:08
specialnemo gives you a target that exists and that you can use now, and it's a cool opensource project in its own right.14:09
gryok, it finished installing, will reboot and check whether connman behaves better on this one14:09
sledgesgry, good stuff!14:09
gryblah, network is unreachable for, computer and device ping eachother though (i sshed in)14:10
gryno delay, just this error at the start14:10
sledgesis your host still forwarding packets?14:10
sledgescat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward14:10
sledgessoz gry, you need to type route ;)14:11
sledgeson device ofc14:11
*** arcean_ has quit IRC14:12
*** Frye has quit IRC14:13
sledgesgry, great14:14
*** arcean_ has joined #nemomobile14:14
sledgessudo /sbin/route add default gw
*** gry has quit IRC14:14
*** Frye has joined #nemomobile14:14
*** gry___ has joined #nemomobile14:14
fm_The point is I don't want to hack for the middleare(for now :-) ). I sometimes do microcontroller developement, so when I want to go to a low level, I go to the hardware level :-) Anyhow, is there a simple application SDK for Nemo, like the one that there currently is for Sailfish?14:15
*** gry___ is now known as gry14:15
sledgesfm_, there is, but it's not as straightforward as sailfish sdk14:15
sledgesthere are plans to integrate nemo target onto sailfish sdk though14:15
specialcurrently you have to choose between the somewhat-unfriendly mer SDK with a nemo target, which will build for real devices14:16
specialor the emulator-only but convenient sailfish SDK14:16
fm_From what I see Nemo can be used as a Harmattan target in normal Qt...?14:17
*** gry has quit IRC14:17
*** Frye has quit IRC14:17
specialnot that I know of14:18
*** Frye has joined #nemomobile14:18
*** gry has joined #nemomobile14:19
fm_special, isn't it sais so right here?
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile14:19
fm_In the first paragraph.14:19
faenilo/ hi people14:19
sledgeso7 faenil :)14:19
fk_lxo/ faenil14:19
gry__it works now.. I'm not sure how to have gateway added automatically14:19
fm_And, anyhow, since the only device I current own is a Nokia E72 I guess I'll stick with the virtualazied SailfishSDK14:20
gry__(replugged usb, and I had to add it again)14:20
specialfm_: that's a very old page. It may have been true at the time, but nemo has diverged a lot from harmattan in the past two years.14:20
gry__starting connman in this version also causes the same problem: destination host unreachable after a delay14:20
sledgesgry__, shiver me timbers!14:21
speciallbt: we might want to delete ?14:21
sledgesso we did not win anything bu doing this all upgrade? :)14:21
lbtspecial: sure14:21
fm_Ok, so where is a recend explanation?14:22
specialI don't believe I have the powers to do so14:22
sledgesgry__, there's no way to automate route add (see line about echo "route add default gw" in )14:22
sledges* no documented way14:22
sledgesfm_, this could do:
gry__sledges: can i use /etc/usb-moded/usb-moded.ini  to add default gateway or is it for something else (wiki mentions it at that page too)?14:24
sledgesgry__, true, forgot about that14:24
fm_Why must the dev station be linux based? Because the Mer vesion of QtCreator won't compile on Windows?14:25
sledgesgry__, you can try, so you will continue killing connman and living like this? :)14:25
sledgesgry__, i suggest you backup you current Alt_OS and re-exctract latest image instead14:27
grysleep for now; thanks for your generous help :)14:28
sledgesi hope you say perhaps for both of my sentences ;P14:28
sledgesno problem, pleasure to help, I liked your bleeding-edge and no-reboot ftw attitude :)14:28
sledgesdone linuxy way :)14:28
*** panda84kde has joined #nemomobile14:29
fm_Anyhow, the Qt programs for Nemo are developed using QML or the regular way?14:30
gryyeah, yes to both, definitely no way to handle this with connman, and looking at latest images could be a fairly good idea14:30
specialfm_: nemo uses QML, and qt-components (i.e. the same ones Harmattan used)14:30
sledgesgry, since so many things've changed, so14:31
faenilspecial, one day QtQuickControls? :D14:31
gryroughly how would you describe difference between latest images and what i have just for me to get a bit more understanding?14:33
fm_As much as QtQuick is all cool and stuff, I wish someone would think about the children.. err... power consumption...14:33
sledges`meld /media/Alt_OS /your-extracted-image-path`14:35
sledgesalso for better measure:14:35
sledgesbackup Alt_OS14:35
sledgeswipe Alt_OS14:35
sledgesflash latest image14:35
sledgesboot device14:35
sledgeszypper ref & dup14:35
sledgespoweroff device14:35
sledgesmeld /media/Alt_OS /your-old-alt-os-backup/14:36
sledgesyou will see loads of rubbish around, config files conflicting, settings, caches whatnot14:36
gry*nod* i've got around 3 questions but it's past midnight, will read more in the morning and then do something :)14:36
sledgesto remember the crucial: Nemo is strictly WIP ;)14:36
sledgeswork in progress14:37
sledgesso reflashing is most times the solution rather than digging older graves14:37
sledgesfor now ;)14:37
sledgesbut i liked your attitude that you wanted to get to the bottom of this14:37
gryheh yeah if issue is absent in latest image odds are nobody cares?14:37
*** gry has quit IRC14:38
sledges..and to automate as much as possible14:40
*** faenil has quit IRC14:45
*** jreznik has quit IRC14:45
fm_Anyhow, thank you for your help and explanation guys!14:46
sledgesfm_, cheers mate :)14:46
*** jreznik has joined #nemomobile14:46
fm_Weekend, time to go home to rest :-)14:46
sledgesstill a friday to go :P14:46
fm_Hang on.14:48
*** fm_ has left #nemomobile14:48
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xmlich02__sledges, i have created a new image with armv7l. The packages for beagle board are not binary compatible. Probably, I have to rebuild it against current version. The error message of Xorg is Loading extension GLX15:54
xmlich02__(EE) module ABI major version (10) doesn't match the server's version (13)15:54
*** kavuri has quit IRC15:57
*** kavuri has joined #nemomobile16:05
sledgesxmlich02__, do you have a mer account ?16:13
xmlich02__ehm, not yet16:13
sledgesok, I will make a backup of beagleboard repo from COBS for you now16:14
sledgesit will reside under soon16:14
sledgesyou can branch from there once you get mer account sorted16:14
sledgesbecause COBS is going down any minute ;)16:14
xmlich02__i have an account now16:17
sledgesdo you have COBS account ?16:17
sledgesxmlich02__, do you have a username and password on too ?16:19
sledgesok no problem16:20
*** vgrade_ has quit IRC16:20
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sledgesxmlich02__, please show me your .ks file16:33
*** soldoKyn has quit IRC16:33
sledgesthat you used to build armv7l nemo16:33
xmlich02__sledges, i have used this one I tried to add repository and driver manually16:35
*** nsuffys has joined #nemomobile16:36
xmlich02__according to manual i need one of ti-omap3-gfx-4.08.*16:38
sledgesok xmlich02__ backup is finished16:42
*** kavuri has quit IRC16:42
sledgesgo here with your mer account logged in16:43
sledgesthis contains latest worked repo on beagle16:43
sledgesnot from harbaum as you found initially16:43
sledgesbut from bfederau16:43
sledgesit's wholly complete16:43
sledgesbut I see a problem - it has Xorg driver ports up to 12 ABI16:44
sledgesyou need now 13 ABI16:44
sledges(means porting beagleboard driver forward to 13 Xorg ABI, or just finding the driver source online and updating packaging) or consult #mer how to user older Xorg16:44
sledgesyour next steps are: go to relevant packages (start from kernel/uboot whatever you see necessary)16:44
sledgesand branch them into your home directory16:45
*** NIN101 has joined #nemomobile16:45
sledges(you don't need to branch all packages, as you don't need kernel-xM and others for now)16:45
sledgesbranch, compile, and add your repo to your running nemo (via ssu ALIAS REPO_URI)16:46
sledges`ssu ar ALIAS REPO_URI`16:46
sledgesbit by bit, component by component :)16:46
sledgesfirst challenge - find latest beagleboard xorg drivers for Xorg 13 ABI16:46
sledgesbut as I see now, you can ignore xorg-x11-server-12-compat and xorg-x11-server-10-compat packages16:47
sledgesand just try to compile the rest xorg-x11- packages16:47
sledgesagainst latest mer16:47
sledges(I already setup repository to compile against there, you just need to branch the package, and it will start compiling automagically :))16:48
sledgesgood luck! we just saved beagle repo from dying with old :) thanks!16:48
sledgesso ignore this bit for now and carry on: 17:46 < sledges> first challenge - find latest beagleboard xorg drivers for Xorg 13 ABI16:49
*** MMN-o has quit IRC16:50
*** MMN-o has joined #nemomobile16:52
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sledgesqt* packages there are all qt5, you shouldn't need them for nemo, for now ;)16:53
*** panda84kde has quit IRC16:54
sledgesI'll be back, later :)17:05
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cos-i just tested installing latest image for i586 on exopc. installer complains "ERROR '/tmp/sysimage/di' is not a subvolume20:16
*** RzR has quit IRC20:49
* w00t looks forward to xorg going away...21:01
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