Friday, 2013-05-31

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rcghow are things going?10:54
Stskeepsgood - did you see special's picture?10:55
gryhi, I didn't10:59
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rcgStskeeps, great, no i didn't see it yet11:06
rcgbeen busy taking care of my new born son :D11:06
rcgcool, libhybris+wayland on nexus7, that's great :)11:07
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Stskeepsrcg: congrats! :)11:08
grywhat are libhybris and wayland ?11:08
rcgStskeeps, thx :D11:08
Stskeepsi'm waiting for mine to be delivered on the 5th of july11:08
rcgthe small fella is so astonishingly cute :D11:08
rcgStskeeps, hey cool, i wish you all the best and will keep my fingers crossed then :D11:09
Stskeeps(also son)11:09
rcgaye ^^11:09
rcgdo you already have a name?11:09
cos-i, for one who has coded xorg drivers, welcome wayland11:10
rcgStskeeps, first good news: coding and taking care of baby at the same time works ;)11:11
rcgor well, one good news xD11:11
Stskeepsgry: libhybris is something that makes us able to use android drivers11:11
rcgactually there are so many good news it's hard to count ;)11:11
Stskeepswayland is sanity compared to xorg11:11
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rosenrothi, I really like the ui used in the youtube video "", now I'd like to ask whether this ui is standard or if i have to install it on my phone... currently im running meego but would like to check out nemo mobile. Would someone be so kind to help me out?11:46
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rosenrotthanks dm8tbr, i know this wiki. But I was asking if the ui used in the video is the standard ui or another one.11:50
dm8tbryes it's the current UI11:50
rosenrotthank you very much. :)11:51
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drachensunhey, maybe a silly question but how do exit an application in nemo?  none of the apps seems to have a quit or exit option15:59
drachensunhow do I exit an application I mean15:59
Stskeepsdrachensun: you do a gesture from the side or botto16:04
Stskeepsupwards motion from bottom for example16:04
Stskeepsit's a way to save screen spac16:04
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drachensunI think to need to fix my touch screen first then, I was trying to test things with a mouse16:09
Stskeepsyes, is it single touch or multi?16:09
drachensunbut I haven't tested the multi in linux before16:11
Stskeepsgrab mtdev, it has a nice test s16:11
drachensunah ok16:11
Stskeepsand then xorg-x11-drv-mtev afterwards16:11
Stskeepsmtdev-devel has /usr/bin/mtdev-test16:12
Stskeepsif that works, it's easy to get it working with xorg16:12
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drachensunok, it looks like mtdev-devel and xorg-x11-drv-mtdev aren't in zypper for me16:14
drachensunI guess I'll put them on manually16:14
drachensunor maybe I need to add a repo?16:15
Stskeepsthey should very well be in mer core :)16:15
drachensunheh ok, I'm setup with hw-adaptation-sunxi16:16
drachensunis there a generic core repo for arm I could add?16:17
drachensunI think found one16:17
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* Stskeeps really looks forward to what people will do with affordable, hackable phones, tablets and full hw adaptation support16:26
gry__what is hw adaptation?16:26
Stskeepsgry__: hardware adaptation, the sw that interfaces with the hw16:27
Stskeepsdrivers is part of hardware adaptation, it's much more than just that :)16:27
Stskeepskernel drivers, userland graphics APIs, settings on startup, thermal handling..16:28
vgradedrachensun: are you running just lipstick16:29
vgradeyou may need to be running mcompositor to get full functionality16:29
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drachensunvgrade yeah,16:48
drachensunI was running just lipstick16:48
drachensunseems like the mtdev fix mentioned was required in linaro as well though16:48
drachensunmcompositor got this error16:49
drachensunump_arch_open() failed to open UMP device driver16:50
drachensunQEgl::display(): Cannot initialize EGL display: "Bad alloc (0x3003)"16:50
drachensunQEglContext::chooseConfig(): Could not find a suitable EGL configuration16:50
Stskeepssounds like permissions issues16:50
vgradedo you have right permissions to access /dev/ump /dev/mali16:51
vgradechmod 0666 /dev/mali /dev/ump16:51
drachensunok, lets see16:52
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drachensunok, got QEglContext::createContext(): Unable to create EGL context: "Bad config (0x3005)"16:53
vgradedrachensun: I remember this one, and I made a note sometime ago what it could be, sec16:55
drachensunstskeeps;  I got mtdev-test running and I'm getting data out17:07
drachensun00000030506b 00 3 0030 20017:07
drachensunwhich all looks good to me17:07
Stskeepsthat's good17:07
Stskeepsso you probably need a xorg.conf.d/foo.conf with the Driver "mtev" in it17:07
drachensunah ok17:07
drachensunI'm going to dig one out of my linaro setup then17:07
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vgradedrachensun: got it17:11
vgradeNOTE: In r3p0 and newer versions all symbols are contained within and The standard OpenGL libraries are just symlinks to Thus it might be tempting to just install and and link your application against them. But that will not work. libMali tries to dlopen() et. all. and without them it will just fail with a EGL_BAD_CONFIG (0x3005)17:11
* Stskeeps heads off to watch new star trek17:12
drachensunah ok17:12
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