Saturday, 2013-06-01

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sLumPiaAnyone trying Nemo Mobile on N900?13:46
grywell yes it works for some people I heard (I didn't try though personally)13:46
sLumPiaI have install it. But it always failed to boot after I do zypper update13:48
dm8tbrthen don't13:48
sLumPiaI though updating it will make it more usable13:50
dm8tbrI'm not sure how well SSU works on nemo on N90013:54
dm8tbrit might be necessary to simply write new images to the sd card13:54
tevewhy it's so fragile?13:56
sLumPiaIs there any special reason why nemo image always in disk raw image?13:57
dm8tbrteve: not sure. I think there were some suspected causes, but I haven't looked at N900 images in a while13:57
sLumPiaWhy can't the developer release it as a compressed file (tar ball)?13:57
dm8tbrsLumPia: you can take the kickstart file and have mic2 generate a tarball13:58
dm8tbrgenerally disk images are less error prone in case of SD cards though13:58
dm8tbrfor the N950 the 'image' is just a tarball, as there it's only one filesystem you need to write to over USB13:59
sLumPiaI don't know about kickstart method. is it mention in the wiki?14:04
dm8tbr explains this14:11
dm8tbrusing this method you can generate a current image yourself. it will cache all necessary packages on your drive so will only download updated files14:12
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sLumPiaHmmm....Unless I can successfully do zypper update, I don't think I will have the need to generate new image and upload it14:26
sLumPiaThanks for the info anyway14:26
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piggzhello, what can i expect if i install the latest nemo mobile snapshot on my n950?  How well does it work now as a phone?  What are the PIM capabiltiies?17:16
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* dm8tbr hasn't tried it for a while, but it seemed to work fairly nice18:22
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juicemepiggz, I have found out that sometimes the voice call quality is not as good as on Harmattan, at least not to uplink direction on 3G.22:21
juicememight be problem on my device, setup, network or other things, though :)22:22
juicemedownlink quality is always good, though, IMHO.22:22
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