Wednesday, 2013-06-12

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Sageplundstr: phaeron:
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phaeronSage: looks ok to me06:51
plundstrsage: yes, go ahead06:53
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nodevelJust an update on my yesterday's testing - the cssu update went fine (except for the, apparently known, camera problem), system works and is super fast. Only request would be to change Hellium for (something like) Cutefox, as the former is unusable and latter works fine.07:21
nodevelBut why I'm writing this in the first place... Is there any way to help translate Nemo? Couldn't find anything.07:22
phaeronit's planned. needs some infra work07:24
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nodevelok, thanks. I can help then, when it's ready.07:28
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Sfiet_Konstantinhello niqt07:53
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niqthi Sfiet_Konstantin, unfortunately at work I have problems with the proxy and can be a little on the channels08:07
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rozhkovSage:  what's our policy regarding packages whose upstream doesn't use any public VCS. Should we use for them?08:29
kontio_rozhkov: in any case for upstream projects nemomobile-packages should be used08:29
kontio_nemomobile should just be used for things which Nemo is upstream...08:30
kontio_if hunspell just comes with tar balls then probably git-pkg should be used...08:31
rozhkovkontio_: ok, thanks08:31
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kontio_but don't ask me about git-pkg :-) lbt_away and phaeron know that beast...08:32
Stskeepsrozhkov: have a chat with iamer08:34
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rozhkovStskeeps: kontio_: ok, iamer has pointed me to the right solution08:36
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Sagerozhkov: as kontio said :)08:54
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sledgesrozhkov, please share your solution for greater good of
sledges(the second 'then what?' is your case :)09:37
sledgesnodevel, great news. What are your next plans? :)09:39
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rozhkovsledges: ok, i will. still fighting with packaging09:43
sledgesnodevel, so the ssu update worked, but the old method ("Updating via command line") broke your system instead?09:44
sledgessposibo, rozhkov, thanks! :)09:44
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nodevelsledges: My next plans are exams for the next 1-2 weeks :) I'll see what I'll do next, but was thinking about the localization.10:19
nodevelsledges: Yep, ssu worked fine. The 'Updaing via command line' had two different outcomes: 1st try resulted in system crash during the update and then corrupted rpm database.10:20
sledges1st is a known bug, deleting bits under /var/lib (iirc) solves10:21
nodevelThe 2nd try it also crashed during the update, but I couldn't boot then.10:21
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nodevelDon't have the log anymore, though.10:22
sledgesah, so the update crashed only once10:23
sledgesotherwise (the 1st time) it worked10:23
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nodevelI guess, but since it crashed in the middle of the update, the system wasn't up to date. Maybe if I rebuilt the database and continued updating, the 2nd option would occur afterwards... :)10:24
nodevel Anyways, I'd suggest switching the parts in wiki...10:25
sledgesim sure you ran it in a screen session10:25
nodevelyep, I did10:26
sledgesi was tempted, but you ran into it only once.. ;)10:26
sledgesso can't say it's reproducible10:26
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sledgesbut another n900 tester coming along - we'll see10:26
nodeveltrue. I can try again, but I'd rather continue in a week or so, after my exam. It took my the whole yesterday.10:27
nodevelby switching the parts in the wiki, I just meant placing the ssu part first and then the update part, since it shouldn't really hurt anyone...10:28
sledgesbut that's not solving a problem, just swapping components ;)10:28
sledgesit can be, that even a ssu update would crash10:29
sledgesas it essentially is same old zypper at the end of the food chain10:29
nodevelI know :) I'm not proposing it as a solution to the problem, but just a logical decision path when reading the manual.10:29
nodevel"a person will see details about the ssu, decides not to go the ssu way and skips to the update part."10:29
nodevelI'll try to reproduce the behavior when I have time, alright?10:31
nodeveland I hope I won't succeed :)10:31
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sledgessurely :) I got another tester via twitter on stand-by, so we'll get there in the end!10:32
sledgesthanks very much for your effort10:32
nodevelok, great. no prob10:32
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sledgesI just wanted to give him links, and the info you just told me gave a green light to it :)10:34
rozhkovsledges: i've updated the wiki. thanks to phaeron packaging went smoothly10:34
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sledgesnice! rozhkov this table starts making sense (:P to Sage :) )10:36
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nodevelsledges: btw last question - if I have a proposal like removing TwimGo, Kasvopus and Newsflow from the default installation (as neither of those are (or will be in few weeks - Google Reader) working), I should fill out a bug report, right?10:47
w00tnodevel: i'm fine with that actually. Sage: any objection?10:49
sledges   [11:34:45] <w00t> performance is not going to be great, you can expect around 40fps fairly consistently10:54
sledgeson wayland this is: wasn't it right to expect increased performance over X11 ?10:54
w00tsledges: composition is slow, and right now, it's always composited10:55
w00tit's actually still faster than x11 when composited in the same scenario I tested, though10:56
sledges   [11:34:58] <w00t> (it's always in composited mode, there is no direct rendering at this stage, maybe ever)10:56
sledgesdue to gfx drivers not exposing wayland bindings?10:58
w00tnot quite10:58
w00tdirect rendering requires tinkering with a QPA plugin, and it's all a little complicated10:58
sledgesunless we have HA <-> qpa experts around?11:00
w00twell, we'll see once the actual basics stabilise a bit more i guess11:00
sledgesok, well 40fps can't hurt much :)11:00
sledgesbut the point is to squeeze all the juices of every chip on board ;)11:01
w00ti'd like to see it, certainly11:02
sledgesotherwise we'll end up in just another androidered spec war :) (btw, is this qpa tinkering only N9(50) related? )11:03
w00tno, it's needed anywhere you want direct rendering11:03
sledgescan't get my head around yet, as I'm coming from Direct3D/OpenGL/Voodoo Graphics Accelerated ancient times :D11:03
sledgesok, so it is a sensitive issue11:03
sledgesnodevel, note the disclaimer on the top of ;) maybe it needs to be painted red :)11:06
w00twith direct rendering, the point is to flip stuff from the client directly on screen instead of being composited (inside... the compositor!), which then gets shoved on screen - if that makes more sense11:07
w00twith direct rendering, the point is to flip stuff from the client directly on screen instead of being composited (inside... the compositor!), which then gets shoved on screen - if that makes more sense11:07
w00tQPlatformScreenBuffer and QPlatformScreenPageFlipper are the things to look into11:07
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sledgesany rudimentary wayland (non-qt) apps that do this?11:08
w00tnot really.. it's qt-only in this case given half of it lives inside the qpa plugin11:10
w00tand, to make life complicated, there isn't really an implementation of it in existence yet :)11:10
sledgesmeans qpa plugin is device-dependent11:10
w00tdepending on how you do it, but yes11:10
w00tquite possible11:10
sledgesah, because x11 used to take care of those things11:10
sledges'cause I though of finding a non-qt direct rendering example in wayland, and wrap that in a qpa plugin11:12
nodevelsledges: :) yep, the disclaimer is there for a reason. of cource, it is a development release, but bugs are to be reported right? :)11:13
sledgesmost certainly! :)11:13
sledgesw00t, interesting, thanks!11:17
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Venemo_Sage: ping13:06
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SageVenemo_: pong13:20
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Venemo_Sage: faenil and myself are in Tampere :)13:26
Venemo_we're up to some Nemo hacking goodness13:27
Venemo_but first, faenil has to finish a report for uni and I have to finish my presentation at Devaamo13:27
sledgeswelcome xavinux13:27
sledgesyou can help by browsing around virtualbox nemo apps/navigation/settings, it has many dying apps, it has demand for new ones13:29
sledgesbut if your main interest is low level (around Mer and hardware adaptation), then I suggest to try it out on a real device13:29
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cos-Venemo_: what are you presenting at Devaamo? is it a public event?13:30
sledgeswhere you can even test your SIM card/carrier by making phone calls, trying to bring Mobile Data Internet to work, testing N9 peripherals (camera etc)13:30
sledgesVenemo_, \o/13:31
Venemo_cos-: yes it is, I'm presenting about making user interfaces on top of Mer13:31
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xavinuxhi sledge!13:31
Venemo_sledges: actually I was thinking about finally finishing that home screen that I started a year ago13:31
sledgessomething mouth watering? ;)13:32
sledgesas you are the father of lipstick-qml ;P13:32
Venemo_I was thinking about making something that is even better than jolla's13:32
sledgesjolla plays on shading a lot ;)13:32
cos-Venemo_: any info about the event? is it related to devaamo summit?13:33
sledges and/or fading [in addition to swipes]13:33
Venemo_cos-: it _is_ Devaamo summit, yes13:33
Venemo_sledges: I'm not a fan of fading myself, but I had a couple of ideas for animations13:34
sledges...and with a flick of a qml everyone will start liking nemo more :D how bizzare of what impact the UI can have :))13:37
Venemo_also, a lot of ideas for layout, widgets, and so on13:37
sledgesyep, all we need is good designer(s)/brainstormer(s) and QMLer(s) :))13:37
sledgesjob done :)13:37
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Venemo_thanks sledges :)13:39
sledgessounds promising Venemo_ , glad you're in devaamo where one can dedicate itself 100% for such goodies :)13:39
Venemo_I'm only here for a week though :)13:40
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sledgesthat's quite a lot ;) compared to how much time I can shed here..13:41
sledgesand without distractions :))13:41
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SageVenemo_: too bad I can't attend to the summit. However I might be at Tampere tomorrow (not entirely sure yet though)13:49
Sagewill catch you later in IRC now I need to go for some hours.13:49
xavinuxsledges; "where you can even test your SIM card/carrier by making phone calls, trying to bring Mobile Data Internet to work, testing N9 peripherals (camera etc)"....then report results here? And think if can start verifying solved bugs, do you think it can be useful?13:51
sledgesyes, very much useful so13:51
sledgesand quite often bugs are not updated, so many of them might be fixed already13:52
Venemo_Sage: sure, sure, ping me anytime13:52
sledgeswould be nice to run through13:52
sledgess/many of them might be fixed already/many of still opened ones might be fixed already/13:53
xavinuxI will learn more fixing bugs that veryfing fixed ones...but think that need some expierence and know well how the core works.....13:58
sledgesif there's an open bug, or you find a new bug, which annoy you very much, it is the best motivation to fix them yourself :)14:00
sledgesif you ask around, people around here will help you fix them14:00
sledgessometimes you'll feel that you are only doing what you're told (fix line 10 in the file xyz.c but adding this code: blablabla), but that's exactly how you'll gather that experience at first14:01
xavinuxwhat make me feel good, is that I can find someone here that can help me to go ahead and solve the problem, I  admnistrate Linux Servers,. but I m interested in Linux mobile devices too, but I´´m new in this world...thanks14:08
xavinuxfor your attention14:08
sledgesyou're welcome and yes, I used Linux on my laptops since 2006, now it is a great feeling to have Linux in your pocket, too :)14:09
xavinuxyes, in my notebook, in my work Servers, and in my N9!14:12
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xavinuxtill my N9 return from repair, could I start verifying bugs with Nemo´s Virtualbox OS that I´ve installed?14:21
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xavinuxsledges till my N9 return from repair, could I start verifying bugs with Nemo´s Virtualbox OS that I´ve installed?14:58
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Sfiet_Konstantinhello again :)15:05
Sfiet_KonstantinI'm not often developing for N9, so I ask here15:05
Sfiet_Konstantinanyone know if there is a safe dual-boot for N9 ?15:05
Sfiet_Konstantinfor mer / nemo15:05
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* Sfiet_Konstantin should have checked the wiki15:17
Venemo_no problem :)15:17
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sledgesxavinux, sure!15:49
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Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#336 Rejected promotion request15:57
xavinuxok,  I ´ve been looking at bugzilla , will pick up a Bug and will start working on it...16:00
sledgesxavinux, the nemomobile bugzilla16:00
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xavinuxok looking there....16:01
sledgesyou can browse by categories16:01
sledgesUX,MX etc16:01
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xavinuxsledges: with what bug´s status do you suggest to start working on?16:13
Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#337 Rejected promotion request16:19
sledgesxavinux, this:
xavinuxok, reading...thank you!16:36
sledgesjust updated nemo#420 :)16:36
Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#338 waiting for review at
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xavinuxsledges: to start learning, can you help me with bug 17
MerbotNemo bug 17 in Settings/ControlPanel "Brightness control panel does not work" [Normal,New]16:48
xavinuxcan I try to reproduce the error with Nemos´s VM iso?16:50
sledgessadly no16:50
sledgesbrightness adjusts N9 LCD backlight16:50
xavinuxao this error seems to happen only with N900 Platform....16:51
sledgessame problem on N9/950  think16:52
sledgessee comment #7 on that bug16:52
sledgesxavinux, this issue has been discussed with useful insights, you can read this through as heads up:
sledgesstart ^16:54
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xavinuxok, reading....16:57
sledgesyup, learning by reading; works wonders :)16:57
sledgeslook forward to get your n9 back ;)16:57
xavinuxand thanks16:59
sledgesno probs :) enjoy!16:59
xavinuxand sorry for so many questions, but this is a hole new world for me, very wonderful by the way, and I´m trying to learn!17:01
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sledgesthe more questions the better!17:06
* sledges home time, laters!17:06
alciHi. I am trying to upgrade an "old" nemo install on N9. I'm not that familiar with zypper, but zypper up fails with...17:06
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alciDownload (curl) error for '
alciIf I go on, upgrade fail for first package, cannot connect to host.17:08
alciI am on a wifi connection that works fine otherwise (can ping for example)17:08
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phaeronalci: servers were migrated as community meego servers were shutdown17:09
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alciSo I have to change repositrories? What is the way ?17:10
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phaeronthere is no easy way unless you have ssu already installed
phaeronmaybe you should install a recent image
alciThanks phaeron, I'll go that way. Bye.17:11
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Sagesledges: I think the brightness control works with new controlpanel17:14
* Sage tries to search his n95017:14
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Sageyes, it works17:28
Sagesledges: so you are already at Tampere? Any plans tommorrow between 17-19 or so?17:30
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cybetteSage, sledges: help us make Devaamo summit badges! :P17:33
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Venemo_hey guys17:41
Venemo_faenil and myself are also in Tampere :)17:41
specialwhat for?17:42
Venemo_Devaamo Summit of course17:43
Venemo_we are also looking forward to meeting up with you guys17:43
specialah, fun.17:44
Venemo_special: are you coming?17:44
specialI'm in norway at the moment, and on vacation next week17:45
Venemo_cybette: wanna meet up sometime tomorrow?17:45
SageVenemo_: err.. meant to ask you not sledges :D17:45
Venemo_Sage: yeah, we are already here :)17:46
Venemo_fk_lx is coming tomorrow17:46
cybetteah i was wondering if sledges was really here17:46
Sageany plans tomorrow around 17-19? We could get together for dinner or so.17:46
cybetteVenemo_: well I'll be busy with summit stuff17:46
cybettemaybe dinner and some volunteer work? ;)17:47
Venemo_cybette: maybe I could help some?17:47
cybette:D :D :D17:47
Venemo_yeah, I was going to offer my help17:47
SageI can't unfortunately attend to the summit but would be nice to see you guys :)17:47
Venemo_yeah Sage :)17:48
Venemo_when are you coming?17:48
cybettemaybe we meet 17 for dinner?17:48
Venemo_you mean, 17:00 tomorrow?17:49
Sagewell, I'm free probably after 16 or 17 not entirely sure yet. And train leaves either 19.11 or 21.11 tomorrow17:49
cybetteVenemo_: yep 17:0017:49
cybetteVenemo_: where are you and faenil staying?17:49
Venemo_cybette: yeah, we can go at 17:00 tomorrow17:49
Venemo_cybette: we are staying in a place very close to the main square, like 5 minutes walk from there17:50
Venemo_New Factory is also quite close by17:50
Venemo_and the guy hosting us actually works there, how funny is that17:50
cybettewhat's his name?17:50
Venemo_he's called Jarkko Niskanen17:51
Venemo_he works on some sort of a mobile game17:51
Venemo_I was surprised because he told that he only heard about the conference from us, but he didn't hear about it in New Factory17:51
cybetteI guess we didn't do enough marketing :P17:53
*** kavuri has quit IRC17:53
Venemo_yeah, that's it17:54
cybetteVenemo_: leaving office now. anyway let's catch up tomorrow on irc and decide where to meet17:55
Venemo_awesome! :)17:58
Venemo_okay cybette, see you tomorrow :)17:58
cybettesee you!17:58
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w00tVenemo_: have a good time18:17
w00tand say hello to faenil18:17
Venemo_w00t: faenil sends his regards and says he'll be back one day18:18
w00thopefully in one piece18:18
* Stskeeps returns18:19
* w00t shoves Stskeeps off again18:20
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juicemeSfiet_Konstantin, for a safe dual-boot for N9, consider ubiboot... fully configurable multiboot environment with built-in maintanance console :)22:34
Sfiet_Konstantinok :)22:34
Sfiet_Konstantinseems to be nice :)22:34
*** denexter_ has joined #nemomobile22:35
juicemetha latest release 0.3.3 is very stable, it fixes the issues with some HW revisions (mainly the notorious 1603)22:36
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Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#339 waiting for review at
*** cxl000 has quit IRC23:46
Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#340 waiting for review at
Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#341 waiting for review at
Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#342 waiting for review at

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