Friday, 2013-06-21

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xavinuxNemo Mobile Structure:
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AndIRC__waht  is up  ios7 than  jolla00:29
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T_Xhi! after copying the raw image to an sd card, would it be safe to use tools like (g)part to add another partiton and put backups of the internal eMMC there?06:26
T_Xor is nemo somehow depended on the partition layout, at least on first boot maybe?06:27
T_Xsecond question, I think I had installed a BootMenu package on maemo some time ago. do I need to get rid of this menu to be able to boot nemo?06:28
dm8tbryou are talking about the N900?06:29
T_Xdm8tbr: yep06:29
dm8tbryou can probably add more partitions06:30
dm8tbrbut don't change the numbering order06:30
T_X(in the boot menu I only see the options "Maemo 5 (Internal NAND)", "BackupMenu" and "Reboot", don't see an option to boot from the sd though)06:30
dm8tbrdoesn't sound like uboot06:31
T_Xhm, and actually the device seems to turn itself off or crash or something while being in this BootMenu after a few seconds, most of the time (hm, maybe the battery is nearly empty, lemme get a power cable)06:32
T_Xah,hm,but looks like there should be a nice way of doing it with the bootmenu, according to this screenshot:
T_X/etc/bootmenu.d/, oki doki06:37
T_Xah, but with bootmenu looks like I'd still be running the power kernel from maemo 5, hm. so maybe I gotta check out uboot anyways06:41
T_X(for the reboot, battery is fully recharged. looks like the watchdog fires after 30s)06:53
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sledgesxavinux, and if you write python in fingerterm? ;)08:29
sledgessee you on Monday everybuddy! Flying off to Budapest :)08:30
martyone_hi, anyone who has good notion of the "roadmap" of extracting theming related code out of libmeegotouch into separate project(s)? For example I can see a number of classes from src/corelib/theme now kept in copies in both mthemedaemon and libmeegotouch. Why I am asking: I am fixing mthemedaemon tests and the code needs another classes still located in libmeegotouch - should I simply copy them or...?08:34
Stskeepscopy, libmeegotouch is dead08:34
martyone_Stskeeps: there is the theme daemon and there is (should be) the client part - I have not found other project than libmeegotouch providing the client part, is there any at the moment?08:35
Stskeepsmartyone_: think components do08:36
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dm8tbrsledges: say hi to venemo ;)08:41
xavinux Nemo mobile structure08:48
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martyone_Stskeeps: indeed, the classes I look for are in qt-components/src/meego/themedaemon, unfortunately not in public API :\08:54
Stskeepsmartyone_: i would normally ask w00t about this but he's ~1000km away from his laptop08:55
dm8tbrxavinux: nice. one comment though, the hw-adapatations are hw specific not architecture specific.08:56
dm8tbryou can of course segment them into architecture groups though08:56
martyone_Stskeeps: I have been waiting for him to became online for last two days - good to I know why.. :)08:57
xavinuxthanks dm8tbr for your data :)08:58
xavinuxso what should I replace x-86, amrv6, etc with?09:00
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xavinuxinstead of that architectures, replace them for example for a Nokia N9 as hardware?09:02
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dm8tbrxavinux: you could have horizontal blocks:09:07
dm8tbrHW Adaptations: | x86   | amd64    |   ARMv6    | ARMv7l  | ARMv7tnhl    |09:08
dm8tbrand then inside those |[ideapad][exopc]|        | [rasPi] | [N900] | [N9/N950] [pandaboard] [ArchosG9]|09:10
xavinuxdm8tbr: ok I understand, thank you09:14
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xavinux Nemo Mobile OS components12:53
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Superpelicansledges: I've discovered to other 2 magnets in the n900 back cover!13:21
Superpelicansledges:There also one in the camera door13:21
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Superpelicansledges:When you open the camera door the left (marked with red circle) magnet will slide towards the right magnet (also marked with a red circle)13:35
SuperpelicanI was able to remove the left magnet13:36
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SuperpelicanI've tried a small magnet from an ear bud14:02
SuperpelicanI've moved it around several times on the N90014:03
SuperpelicanBut still dmesg reports the cover is open14:03
SuperpelicanI think the whole sensor is just broken14:03
SuperpelicanIt probably broke when I dropped the phone14:03
SuperpelicanStrange, because I can't remember it started doing weird right after I had dropped it14:04
SuperpelicanIsn't there something I can change software wise, that it ignores that stupid sensor?14:05
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sledgesSuperpelican, stronger magnet (fridge rather earbud)?14:22
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Superpelicansledges:Just tried fridge14:22
Superpelicansledges:ear bud magnet is really strong14:23
sledgestry polarities swapping14:23
sledgessoftware wise you should ask in TMO really14:23
Superpelicansledges:Is it also possible the magnet sensor is broken?14:23
sledgesnothing's impossible14:24
Superpelicansledges:But isn't the whole don't mount mmc0 when the rear cover is open policy something controlled by Maemo?14:24
dm8tbrit's a kernel thing IIRC14:25
Superpelicansledges:Why doesn't it just work with U-Boot/nemo?14:25
dm8tbryou could probably build a kernel that ignores this14:25
sledgeserm, tyats in uboot i believe14:25
sledgesby the smell of it14:25
Superpelicandm8tbr: will look into that14:25
SuperpelicanI have to learn how to build a nemo/mer kernel anyway14:26
sledgesyup, kernle, tha.ks dm8tbr , im in holiday mode14:26
sledgesdriving in taxi in Budapest :)14:27
Superpelicanlooks like the fridge magnets, actually are weaker than the tiny ear bud magnet lol14:29
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SuperpelicanIs there another way to get the N900 out of the kernel panic, a part from pulling the battery?14:29
Superpelicansetting date and time again every time is getting quite annoying14:30
Superpelicansledges:Just noticed something interesting14:34
Superpelicansledges:I have the flashlight status applet installed14:34
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Superpelicansledges:And when I lay the N900 on the table without the back cover it shows the flashlight applet, as soon as I grab the N900 again it disappears14:36
Superpelicansledges:When the N900 was still functioning perfectly the flashlight applet always only showed up when the camera door was open14:36
sledgesSuperpelican, if it was vice versa id recommend booting nemo while n900 is rrsting on the table :)14:40
sledgesno idea otherwise..14:40
Superpelicansledges:N900 is acting weird14:41
Superpelicansledges:screen suddenly turns off and on when I lay it on the table14:41
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sledgesneeds a hw overhaul14:44
sledgesill get ann900 from a friend, broken one, so some fun ahead14:46
SuperpelicanBut why does it boot the nemo kernel, but can't it find boot.scr14:50
SuperpelicanWhy then, doesn't it not boot at all?14:50
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vgrade_Superpelican:boot sequence does not need the boot.scr as my n900 boots fine even with that message.  The reason it does not boot I think is that the rootfs is not mounted due to the back cover logic so kernel panics with can't find init14:54
xavinuxsledges: Hi, yes running program from fingerterm runs ok14:54
Superpelicanvgrade_:thanks, now I understand14:55
xavinuxit was an SSH option that must been passed to connect to X server -Y option...14:56
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