Thursday, 2013-06-20

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valdur55will coming release fix it?03:37
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valdur55nice : "Don't worry, you'll be fine; I saw it work in a cartoon once..."04:15
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sledgesmorning niqt07:02
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Sfiet_Konstantinhello ericcc07:30
ericcchi  Sfiet_Konstantin07:30
ericcchere  is   pm 15:3007:31
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Burlonehi everyone08:16
BurloneCan anyone help me to install nemo on my N9?08:16
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sledgesBurlone, start with wiki? typing from n9 here, so hopefully can help you :)08:35
BurloneI read the wiki and I did some tests with Juiceme but I have problems with the repartition08:36
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sledgesit has troubleshooting on that Burlone (written below)08:42
BurloneI 've tried but does not work, then Juiceme told me to ask here08:43
sledgespastebin telnet fdisk ?08:44
Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#355 Accepted promotion request08:44
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sledgeswhat error you're getti.g?08:47
Burlonewhile I do the flash with nemo?08:48
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Sfiet_Konstantinimpressive sledges that do nemo support while on a N908:50
Sfiet_Konstantinsorry sledges, cannot help you, never done Nemo flashing on N9 :(08:50
sledgesSfiet_Konstantin, thanks, on my way to work (not driving thoigh :))08:52
sledgesBurlone, , well, yes08:54
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rosenrothi, could someone tell me if I could get access on the nemo files out of meego? (or vice versa)10:41
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Sfiet_Konstantinrosenrot: you have SSH10:44
Sfiet_Konstantin=> SCP10:45
rosenrotok thanks10:48
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sledgesrosenrot, you need to mount the respective partition10:52
sledgespartition layout is seen in the second table:
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sledgesfirst is MeeGo MyDocs, last one is Nemo10:53
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rosenrotah great10:54
rosenrotthanks sledges10:54
sledgesthe two in between are MeeGo / and MeeGo /home, but forgot which one's which :)11:00
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sledgesAard, we had this today:
sledgessee reason:
sledgeswe (with Burlone) workedaround by running parted manually13:24
sledgesjust like it says in the last link13:24
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sledges..we ignored it and carried on :)
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neochapay_where i can read about platform adaptation ?14:16
sledgesWayland section needs some love :P14:20
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neochapay_sledges: but where about gsm adaptation and in wiki sou simple information14:33
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neochapay_no configs no samples14:33
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sledgesgsm is less documented, too14:46
sledgesif the device you want to port to already has gsm chip, it might have proprietary radio code14:46
sledgesradio firmware that is14:46
sledgesif you have a development board and want to plug in a USB UMTS/3G (GSM) modem, the instructions to have kernel drivers in place are the same as for any linux usb gsm modem14:47
sledgescan be found on the internet (will give you keywords when i find them)14:48
sledgesthe middleware in mer/nemo that takes care of gsm is ofono14:48
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sledgeskernel driver for your gsm chip should be in place; next steps would be to study ofono:
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xavinuxHi people, hope have a good day..17:51
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xavinuxsledges: DISPLAY=:0 python ./ didn't work. Give the same error of the X Server. Need to loggin wjth the -Y option via SSH to connect correctly with X Window.18:25
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