Wednesday, 2013-06-19

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AndIRCtoday  is   too   busy00:41
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AndIRCno timeto  open   mac pro01:03
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xavinuxhi AndIRC01:17
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Sageanyone have time to help me a bit and take previuos snapshot image and do ssu re -r latest; ssu fl testing; zypper ref; zypper install ssu ssu-vendor-data-nemo; zypper ref; zypper dup?06:11
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Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#363 Rejected promotion request06:15
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Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#364 Rejected promotion request06:26
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Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#366 waiting for review at
Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#367 waiting for review at
Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#368 waiting for review at
Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#365 Rejected promotion request06:37
Sagesledges: found another problem with i486 image06:42
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Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#367 Accepted promotion request06:56
Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#366 Accepted promotion request06:57
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Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#368 Accepted promotion request07:03
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sledgesSage, yay, do those SRs fix it? ;)07:15
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Sagestill testing07:26
SageI have so limited time to test all the devices :/07:26
martyonesledges, Sage: following I created release image - no change07:29
martyoneI was not able to create rnd image because a dependency problem: "nothing provides qmlcontacts-tools needed by pattern:nemo-rnd-.noarch", caused by
Sagemartyone: hmmp07:30
martyoneSage: where can I find the change which is supposed to fix the original problem? I went through all nemo&mer gits I know about and I did not see any recent commit with such a change..07:35
Sagemartyone: well, that qmlcontacts-tools missing is yet another problem I haven't noted. Let me check it :)07:37
phaeronSage: it moved there07:38
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* Sage shoots w00t07:40
* Sage goes to fix07:41
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Sagemartyone: ok, sent fixes to rnd devel. Can you verify that it works now with image build? Takes some time to rebuild though07:47
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bartexHi guys07:53
bartexwith the latest sdk for mer I'm facing "I have no name" issue while doing: sb2 -t my_targer07:53
sledgesmartyone, check ydays log online, search for disappear keyword ;)07:54
bartexany idea why the "mer" user is unseen?07:54
sledgesbartex, also worth knocking at #mer07:55
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kaltsidid bartex leave already?08:02
martyoneSage, sledges: it works now, thanks! :)08:10
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Sagemartyone: good08:13
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Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#369 waiting for review at
sledgesgood stuff08:34
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Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#370 Rejected promotion request08:50
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Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#369 Accepted promotion request08:53
Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#371 waiting for review at
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sledges07:11 < Sage> anyone have time to help me a bit and take previuos snapshot image and do ssu re -r latest; ssu fl testing; zypper ref; zypper install ssu ssu-vendor-data-nemo; zypper ref; zypper dup?09:16
sledgeswhich arch/dev do you prefer?09:16
Sagesledges: anyone of those really. You have panda there that you can try with?09:17
sledges"previuos snapshot image" - the latest, or one before latest available?09:17
sledgesok, will do panda09:17
SageI'm hoping to do snapshot today if everything seems ok09:18
sledgesssu-vendor-data is needed? what about device specific?09:19
sledgesas in # For N900/N950/N9 install adaptation repos  zypper install nemo-ssu-repos-adaptation-common-rnd nemo-ssu-repos-adaptation-rnd09:19
sledgesI don't think I ever tested panda with ssu09:19
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sledgesah, panda adaptation will be automagically pulled in ;)09:20
sledgesso Sage , do I need to follow this:
sledgesor just your one liner: ssu re -r latest; ssu fl testing; zypper ref; zypper install ssu ssu-vendor-data-nemo; zypper ref; zypper dup?09:20
Sagesledges: that is for meego obs -> mer obs guide no need fo rthat09:21
Sagessu re -r latest; ssu fl testing; zypper ref; zypper install ssu ssu-vendor-data-nemo;09:21
* sledges pulls out mer-kickstarter09:21
Sagelet me know what ssu s prints after that09:21
Sagekah, need to wait for promotions09:25
SageI hope SR 371 is the last one needed to fix the rest09:25
sledgeswhen have time, could you explain this mer:qt:* overhaul ?09:25
Sageit basically makes it faster to develop the qt stuff on top of mer before those are merged to the mer core09:27
sledgeswill it contain qt4 and qt5 side-by-side ?09:27
sledgesstrange that some mer packages depend on qt09:28
Sageit is part of mer core as it used to but more devel oriented before merged to mer snapshot09:28
sledgesi thought it would be as low as nemo:mw09:28
Sagewhat would?09:28
sledgespackages depending on qt09:28
sledgesas mer only provides xorg and qt itself09:29
sledgesim speaking of these:
sledgessuch as libaccounts09:30
sledges(i should've taken this to #mer probable)09:31
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Sageprobably :)09:31
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sledgesSage, there's no snapshot for panda 0.20130411.1.NEMO.2013-04-26.1/09:59
sledgesim trying to make one with, that I hand-made for martyone:
sledgesbut because of this, I can't:     tokenmap="MER_RELEASE:"+options.release_level+",NEMO_RELEASE:"+options.release_level10:00
sledgesso will just madke by hand i guess10:00
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sledgesthere's no non-rnd panda repo either10:08
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sledgesi'll just bake latest panda rnd:devel image with 0.20130411.1 mer, switch to testing and provide for you Sage <- will that suffice?10:09
sledges*provide output10:09
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sledgesmic cr with 0.20130411.1 mer failed, switching all to latest10:15
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Sagesledges: sufficient yes10:18
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sledgesSage, Panda works smoothly, I'm pleasantly surprised!11:22
sledgesshall I carry on?11:22
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xavinuxhi peole, wish you a nice day..11:27
sledgeszypper dup on (testing) PandaBoard; pressed yes ;)
Sagesledges: can you list ssu lr as well11:30
Sagesledges: looks good11:31
xavinuxadd link with comment "Here's a blog post with screenshots" to Nemo/Installing#VirtualBox11:31
sledgesxavinux, not at the bottom please, but under "== VirtualBox =="11:32
sledgeslooks good otherwise!11:32
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xavinuxok sledges I will change that....11:33
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xavinuxready sledges, is it ok now?11:35
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sledgesyes, xavinux, thank you11:39
sledgesok Sage , zypper dupped, rebooted, testing looks all sane on panda11:42
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Sagesledges: ok11:49
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xavinuxhow can I help with Bug 298?12:15
MerbotNemo bug 298 in x86-generic "meego-terminal is black under virtualbox, making installing hard" [Critical,New]
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sledgesxavinux, feel free to close this bug. meego-terminal has been removed from repos, use finger term instead12:41
xavinuxcan you explain what do I have to do to close it, as newbie has never closed a bug and don't know well what to do...12:45
sledgesset its status to RESOLVED WONTFIX and add a comment12:45
xavinuxok, comment "meego-terminal has been removed from repos, use finger term instead" it's ok?12:49
sledgesyou read my mind ;P12:49
xavinux:) I read what you wrote....12:55
sledgeswhich was in my mind ;)12:55
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xavinuxwhat about Bug 347 can I also help witht that?13:26
MerbotNemo bug 347 in x86-generic "Screen is black when VKB is open in VirtualBox" [Critical,New]
sledgesis it still an ongoing problem xavinux  ?13:27
sledgesSage, don't you need to bump this up so lbt can promote it? im still getting error with latest mersdk:
xavinuxwell will etst it later in my VM and tell you if problem stills an ongoing...13:30
sledgesxavinux, cheers. Note, it might or might not be i586 related13:30
sledgesas in. i486 might work ok - im not 100% sure about that though13:31
AndIRC_new bug??13:31
xavinuxok but I can test it in that case whit i586 VM without installing it to HDD13:32
xavinuxso will test it with my i486 VM from HDD and the live iso i58613:33
xavinuxant tell you results13:33
Sagesledges: that is only for mer-kickstarter version string doesn't matter other things really13:42
Sagesledges: but should be updated yes13:42
xavinuxI am working in a new guide, explainig how to close apps, minimize them, maximize them in Nemo, something else that to your criteria need to have in base to your expierence.....13:42
sledgesSage, I'm just poking on how to catalyse the promotion :)13:43
sledgesbut it looks it had been already readied for 0.19 by lbt :
lbtrpm -U should work13:45
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sledgesoh no, my mersdk got 5 | mer-tools                 | mer-tools                 | Yes     | No      |
sledgescrikey, let's try to ssu platform sdk :)13:48
sledgesthanks for info lbt13:49
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ericccnemo sdk  is  very  taste14:00
sledgesyup, the only way for it to work is via rpm -U ... i believe Mer Platform SDK repo names will be sorted at earliest convenience for you guys14:00
xavinuxis useful to secure ssh and lock root access via this rpotocol for nemo?14:04
xavinuxand create another user for login without privileges?14:04
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ericccmeego-terminal is black under virtualbox, making installing hard  it is ok now?14:08
*** cristi has joined #nemomobile14:09
xavinuxericc: meego-terminal has been removed from repos, use finger term instead14:10
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ericccit is  bug?  the   i486 sdk in  vbox, when you  don`t use ,  there is  a black  blank screen and   cant open  anything app14:25
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sledgesit's not a bug, it's a feature ;)14:31
sledgesdrag your black screen upwards with mouse, and it will unlock ;)14:31
sledgesericcc, ^14:31
ericccoh   cool14:32
sledgessurely, a bug is that it is black14:33
sledgeson Nokia N9xx you get a nice wallpaper instead14:33
ericcctransparent is  better14:33
sledgeswhat about your privacy? ;)14:34
ericccthe  sailfish is  better than it14:34
sledgesah, it's just a play with a text overlay, creates you an impression that it's transparent14:34
sledgesUI is easy to modify, you can Sailfishize Nemo easily14:35
sledgesNemo has been harmattanised 5 months ago btw14:35
ericccstudy  everyday:)14:35
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ericccMaemo is   base  nemo?14:36
sledgesericcc, a history book for you:
*** ericcc_ has joined #nemomobile14:39
sledgesNemo is still using some of the no longer maintained MeeGo codebase, but is freeing itself away from it rapidly. However MeeGo's principles are still followed throughout mer/nemo14:40
Aardsledges: actually, we're now maintainer for the parts of meego codebase we're still using :)14:40
sledgeslike to name a few? :)14:41
*** ericcc has quit IRC14:42
Aardcommhistory, buteo-* timed, usb-moded, contactsd, tone-generator, dsme, mce, policy-framework, telepathy-ring, connman-qt, ngf, ohm, ...14:43
sledgeslol, so everything except mtf :D14:44
Aardnot everything, but a lot14:44
*** veskuh__ has joined #nemomobile14:44
sledgeswhat about tracker? :D14:44
Aardtracker has an active upstream, so there's no need for us to be maintainer14:46
sledgesah good it's active, to they'll tame it down a bit :)14:46
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*** veskuh__ is now known as veskuh14:46
Aardand using tracker as storage is currently going away, tracker as pure metadata indexer just can use the regular upstream versions14:46
sledgesdidn't know tracker was anything more than just indexer14:47
Aardon harmattan (and later meego) call history, messages, and lot's of other stuff was stored in tracker14:48
xavinuxsledges: is useful to secure ssh and lock root access via this protocol for nemo, and create another user for login without privileges?14:50
sledgesAard, qmf also meego?14:51
sledgesxavinux, I have no idea about this :)14:51
Aardno, not only meego14:51
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xavinuxit is about to secure ssh access...14:52
xavinuxchange ssh port, disable root ssh access, and so on14:52
xavinuxis this can be useful can make a howto on this topic14:53
sledgesas a blog post for example ;)14:55
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xavinux:) yes if you think is useful :)14:59
xavinuxcan post on this topic, how to secure ssh access on Nemo15:00
sledgesi would be useful for vendors who want security15:00
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sledgesand a good checklist for someone who might leave out things15:01
sledgesgreetings rosenrot15:01
rosenrotthe code on  "wget -r -l1 -nd --no-parent -Amoslo-0.*.rpm" does not work... it seems Amoslo-0.*.rpm does not exist there15:02
rosenrotcan anybody tell me where i can get it from elsewhere?15:02
*** zhxt has quit IRC15:03
sledgesrosenrot, "wget -r -l1 -nd --no-parent -Amoslo-0.*.rpm"15:04
rosenrotsledges sorry this works neither15:05
sledgesrosenrot, just worked for me :)15:06
rosenrotstrange... seems to be a problem with zsh15:06
rosenrotwith bash it works15:07
sledgesah, the '*' substitution15:07
rosenrotthank you very much for your help15:07
sledgesthank you for finding yet another broken link :)15:08
sledgesI will adjust the wiki15:08
rosenrotnow i dont really know if that link was broken... maybe it was the same '*' issue ;)15:09
sledgesnope, is dead ;)15:10
rosenrotah ok...15:10
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xavinuxwell will prepare a post on that topic15:13
xavinuxsledges: another topic we were taking, a guide explainig how to close apps, minimize them, maximize them in Nemo, should it be useful15:17
sledgesxavinux, yes, that one, yes :)15:17
xavinuxbetter than shell security no?15:17
rosenrotOk, may I ask another question? When i try to execute "rpm2cpio moslo-*.armv7hl.rpm | cpio -vidu" cpio sais "cpio: warning: skipped 3657 bytes of junk" how can i fix that?15:18
sledgesmore prioritised I'd say15:18
sledgesrosenrot, yet again, WORKSFORME :(
sledgescheck if bits match15:19
xavinuxwhere can I read aobut how Nemo┬┤s low-level, middel-level and high-level are composed?15:33
*** martyone has quit IRC15:34
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rosenrotit seems that the byteorder is reversed.15:38
*** veskuh has quit IRC15:38
*** veskuh__ is now known as veskuh15:38
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sledgesxavinux, just substitute Sailfish UX Silica With Nemo UX QtComponents and you should have the full picture:
xavinuxthanks sledges15:58
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*** jreznik has joined #nemomobile16:02
sledgesthanks to zchydem for those slides ;)16:03
xavinuxI can use the Platform SDK's  for Mer python development ?16:04
sledgesxavinux, you don't need an SDK to develop python ;) it's a script16:05
xavinuxreason of my question is because I 'm reading Mer platform SDK
Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#360 Accepted promotion request16:06
xavinuxand about hardware adaptation16:06
xavinuxthink can use Python for Hardware addaptation programming.....16:06
sledgesI was hoping you was not gonna say this16:07
sledgesHardware Adaptation is a layer which enables Mer/Nemo to run on a hardware device16:08
sledgesit is composed of bootloader (coded in C), linux kernel and modules (coded in C), and userspace libraries (coded in C)16:08
sledgesnot really a python world my friend :)16:08
xavinuxyes question was poorly made16:10
xavinuxunderstand now waht you explian16:10
xavinuxLinux Kernels's code is C, cannot use Python16:10
xavinuxwas thniking about other layer and I express wrong what I was thinking....sorry :(16:11
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sledgesnp :)16:13
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xavinuxwhat is the function of lipstick on th Nemo MW layer?16:24
Stskeepsit's a kind of middleware that allows you to do homescreens easily16:25
Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#371 Accepted promotion request16:26
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xavinuxStskeeps thanks, I would like to make a diagram with an explanation of each part and functions of MER/NEMO to undesrtand how it works. May I use the image form here and then post it in my blog to share it with others?16:47
*** Morpog_PC has joined #nemomobile16:51
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sledgespersonally, don't see any problems16:55
sledgesas long as you describe Nemo there, I believe zchydem will be happy too :)16:56
xavinuxof course I will change Sailfish to Nemo, but do you think I must ask this question to zchydem too before posting?17:00
rosenrotI have a problem while flashing moslo:
rosenrotafter sending the ape-algo image the divice is not being detected anymore.17:01
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xavinuxzchyden: Hi.  I would like to make a diagram with an explanation of each part and functions of MER/NEMO to undesrtand how it works. May I use the image form here and then post it in my blog to share it with others0 Of course I will change Sailfish will to Nemoi?17:03
sledgesrosenrot, N950 ?17:04
rosenrotok sorry17:05
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sledgesxavinux, zchydem might be sleepish, I suggest you go ahead17:07
sledgess/sleepish/busy/ ;)17:07
xavinuxok I have start working on it17:07
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xavinuxtime to go home...wil be off ofr a while...17:34
xavinux*for a while...17:34
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ajalkaneDid a nemo update with "ssh-keygen -f "/home/arto/.ssh/known_hosts" -R n95020:47
ajalkaneGot weird permissions for home:20:47
ajalkane-bash-3.2$ ls -l /home20:48
ajalkanetotal 420:48
ajalkanedrwx------ 20 100000 nemo 4096 2013-06-19 00:26 nemo20:48
ajalkaneSystem doesn't boot, as can be expected.20:48
ajalkaneI think this problem is old one, I remember it from last year, but have no idea what causes it20:48
valdur55does voicecall20:55
valdur55wok in nemomobile?20:56
valdur55i am using N9 .20:56
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ajalkane"ssu ar mer-tools" does nothing.20:59
ajalkaneWhen I do "ssu lr" it lists amongs others:20:59
ajalkane"Disabled repositories (user):  - mer-tools ..."21:00
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xavinux Applications Screens in Nemo21:22
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xavinuxeriic: great!22:09
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sledgesxavinux, good article. A tip for you: can minimise an app by "swiping" mouse from any of the 4 edges of the screen ;)22:40
sledgesvaldur55, yes it works; I think current version has speaker on volume so be careful when someone calls, everyone will hear them talk ;)22:41
sledgespity ajalkane left, if he reads the backlog, here's the explanation for his problem:
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xavinuxsledges: thanks,  I will add that tip to the article22:58
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xavinuxI've forgotten that tip...23:05
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xavinuxI've just added tip to post23:25
xavinuxmuchas gracias sledges :)23:28
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