Tuesday, 2013-06-18

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gryi'm looking for nokia n950 service manual, can't find it anywhere00:58
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xavinuxwhere did Nemo configure DHCP when booting, I am trying to force a static IP and create file /etc/sysconfig/network-script/ifcifg-eth0 but couldn t assign a static IP :(02:52
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Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#362 waiting for review at https://build.merproject.org//request/show/36204:30
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Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#362 Accepted promotion request04:36
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Sagexavinux: connman is handling the ip assignments and stuff. Not sure if it respects that file04:55
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Sagexavinux: there is connman-tests package that contains set-ipv4-method or something you can use that to set static ip iirc04:56
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xavinuxHi Sage, good morning, here is 2:30 AM playing with Nemo :)05:35
xavinuxthanks for your answer, will look for that package05:35
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xavinuxsage: can set a static IP and DNS Servers in Nemo VM. File is located in /usr/lib/connman/test/. There run ./get-services and take name of Network adapter and then excute: ./set-ipv4-method ethernet_adapter manual static_ip netmask gateway. For DNS Servers run :./set-nameservers ethernet_adapter
xavinuxreboot and work ok06:30
Sagexavinux: nice to hear06:32
xavinuxI will explain it better in a doc file and will upload it somewhere, so that anyone that wants to configure it can follow that guide06:34
xavinuxin a clearly way06:35
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Sfiet_Konstantinhello sledges, dm8tbr08:28
Sfiet_Konstantinhello niq08:28
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sledgesgry, come across this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWcGOe8lfe0 ?08:31
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grysledges: yes, I might obtain torx size 4 screws per the video, but remaining questions are whether the screws are designed for one-time use and need a replacement, or it's ok to reuse them; and what part of sim port may be detachable / replaceable and what with08:48
sledgesgry, most of screws are re-usable08:49
gryn900's ones weren't08:49
sledgessim card socket is a soldered SMD (surface-mount device), needs to be heated off with a heat gun in order to be replaced08:50
sledgesin your case you should try to mend the bulging pin08:50
gryah, joy08:50
gryone of them is missing though, which may be a problem for properly working08:51
sledgesBTW, your pin should not be the problem, as it is not touching the sim card08:51
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grythought it was one of three contacts?08:51
sledgessim card socket normally only has 6 pins: http://www.freepatentsonline.com/7008268.html08:51
grythe chip part of the sim is on that side08:51
sledgesand they are deep in08:51
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sledgesthe pictured pins of your n950 (http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?p=1352108) are not for sim card - don't know what they are for08:52
sledgesbut you should inspect how the whole thing looks like08:52
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sledgesas pictures a bit blurry hard to say from there08:54
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grysledges, http://i.imgur.com/MihL1Rh.jpg09:03
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sledgesgry, imagine how sim card is inserted09:03
sledgesthose pins near the edge do not come in touch with brass contacts of your sim09:04
sledgesalthough they might be signal rails coming -from- the deeper located sim pins themselves - a multimeter would be handy09:05
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grysledges, https://pastee.org/e4rx409:06
gry(the numbers on sim are its contacts, and numbers on the sim slot diagram are its pins)09:07
sledgeswhat type of sim is it?09:07
sledgesmini, micro or normal ?09:07
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grysledges, normal (http://i204.photobucket.com/albums/bb136/timmytomtam/SAM_1622.jpg)09:08
sledgesok, thanks, I did not realise the sim goes the cutout-in first (unlike n9)09:09
sledgeswith mini tools (needle and/or smallest scissors you can find) you can try -carefully- prodding and prising the pin back into its place09:10
sledgesunless its completely broken off09:11
gryif the sim card socket is soldered, I'll either have to ask hardware service folks to heat it off (if I can find a replacement), or figure out what to use to add a missing pin09:11
sledgesyou can dab a bit of solder on the simcard itself09:11
sledges(use a test simcard ;)09:12
sledgeslike HtheB suggested09:13
sledgeson TMP09:14
sledgesno need to use wire/copper, just a dab of solder on a cleaned brass surface of the SIM's pin which does not come in contact09:14
ljpSage: would you check if https://github.com/nemomobile/connectionagent has webhooks?09:15
grysledges, thanks, I'll keep chasing documentation a bit more and let you know of anything new that happens09:15
sledgeshave fun! I know you will :)09:15
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xavinuxhere in http://xavinux.blogspot.com.ar/ I post a tutorial on how to force a Static IP in Nemo, hope that it is useful09:30
sledgesxavinux, many thanks!09:31
sledgeshappy that you got helloworld PySide on Nemo working out-of-the-box! :)09:31
sledgesxavinux, could you add a section to the end of this article? https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Minimal/Networking09:32
xavinuxjajaja yes I didnt sleep this night...but prepare the post after forcing static IP and can see my first Hello World with Pyside09:32
xavinuxjomimg Mer... :)09:33
xavinuxof course sledeges09:33
xavinuxcan I prepare it for tomorrow?09:33
sledgessure! :)09:33
sledgesit will mostly be condensed info from your blog ;)09:34
sledgeswill look forward reading your blog :)09:34
xavinuxericcc ask me how do I make the Hello Window for Nemo....I am prepairing a lshort post of that too09:35
sledgesniice :)09:35
sledgeslong int = lint09:36
sledgeslong short = short09:36
xavinuxdo you remember last week when you explain me about a bug that needs a window09:37
xavinuxon how to close apps in nemo09:37
xavinuxbecause meany people was asking about that....09:37
sledgesclose apps?09:37
sledgesyou just long-press on the app cover09:37
sledgesin the app switcher screen09:37
sledgesand red close icons appear ;)09:38
xavinuxsorry, not a bug09:38
Sageljp: it has yes09:38
xavinuxyes but many people was asking that because they don t know how to close the apps09:41
sledgesah, so a proper showcase UI guide would be needed09:41
xavinuxso there was an idea of makinf a document explaining that09:41
sledgeslike, how to unlock, launch, minimise and close apps, navigate in general09:42
sledgesnot a document ;)09:42
sledgesbut an overlay app09:42
sledgesalthough a basic document would also be ok09:42
sledgeswith screenshots ;)09:42
xavinuxaha that is right overlap app09:42
sledgesbecause nemo is always changing09:42
sledgesit's a playground of sorts09:42
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HtheBguys, sorry to be off topic, but can someone compile harmattan apps? I can't compile something on the git :(09:42
sledgessandbox you can call it :)09:42
sledges(best, a wiki article xavinux )09:44
sledgeseasy to update, supports screnshot uploads09:44
sledgesand all in one mer/nemo place ;)09:44
sledgesHtheB, I assume you tried #harmattan,#n9 and #meego ?09:45
HtheBsledges, yes09:45
HtheBcheck the logs :P09:45
sledgesI checked ;) you said they were silent, but don't know how many of them you tried :P09:46
sledges#switch2jolla :DD09:46
HtheBwell, Jonni replied at the and09:46
xavinuxok I understand and take note of that and will start one after finished the others09:46
HtheBbut I'm not near a pc at the moment09:46
HtheBto compile it09:46
sledgesxavinux, great stuff! grazias :)09:47
sledgesso you thought of asking again HtheB :)09:47
xavinuxjajaja oh you speak spanish too! :)09:47
sledgesxavinux, no, a bit of Italian only :)09:47
sledgesbut if I add 's' to every italian work, it w09:48
sledgeswill be Spanish, no? ;)09:48
HtheBsledges, i guess people in #harmattan are zombies :D09:48
sledgesHtheB, 'meego is dead' goes through my brain :))09:48
HtheBmaybe, but not the users i guess :P09:48
sledgestrue :D09:49
HtheBsledges, can you compile it? (pretty please?)09:49
sledgesHtheB, never tried harmattan sorry :(09:49
HtheBah oke09:49
sledgesdont have tool(chain)s09:49
xavinuxsledges: I hace the connman ´s doc file in my pendrive. I have just uploaded to the wiki, could you check if it is ok please?09:50
xavinuxI *have09:50
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HtheBfakeroot apt-get install libqmafw-shared0-dev; qmake -r; make; # just tested to compile https://gitorious.org/sowatch with scratchbox and with that it compiled just fine09:50
HtheB(Jonni's reply)09:51
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sledgesxavinux, you should not copy paste blogs text to wiki09:52
sledgesyou need to format it and have concise information (just like the article looked before you modified it ;))09:52
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sledgesso, some polishing is in place :)09:52
xavinuxbut is it the one I upload to the blog...09:55
sledgesfor the blog is ok09:55
sledgeswiki expects the text to have MediaWiki format -- see how the beginnig of that article is nicely formatted09:56
sledgescompare it to your text and adjust it accordingly09:56
xavinuxok I will do it..09:57
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sledgescheers :)09:58
xavinuxsledege: there is a sailfish simulator?10:01
xavinuxmay be the SDK ok10:02
sledgesyes, it is on SDK10:02
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xavinuxsledges: think is a bit better now https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Minimal/Networking10:41
xavinuxwhat you think?10:41
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sledgesyes, way better!10:47
AndIRC__what  way10:48
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gryAndIRC__ : hi10:54
AndIRC__i usr android line10:57
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ericcc_xavinux:    how  to  cloas  nemo app?11:28
ericcc_today  i so busy  and  have  no time  ,sorry11:28
xavinuxcloas? sorry don t understand :(11:29
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ericcc_close  quit11:32
stephglong press on it in when in the cover view11:34
stephgand a cross will appear11:34
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xavinuxin a VM you keep left mouse long press over the app11:36
xavinuxleft click of the mouse....11:36
xavinuxtill cross appears11:36
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AndIRC__too  easy11:38
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xavinuxX Server error in Nemo http://xavinux.blogspot.com.ar/12:26
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martyonesledges: yesterday we talked about user session not starting in images I mic-create myself. Forcing the repo version to the previous one fixed it. Finally I found the change which breaks things: http://gitweb.merproject.org/gitweb?p=mer-core/shadow-utils.git;a=commitdiff;h=92cb11596bed7fc050d20d660ffced908fd98e73 - user nemo is now created with uid 100000 inst. of 100012:56
martyoneStskeeps: ^ please follow this :) http://www.merproject.org/logs/%23nemomobile/%23nemomobile.2013-06-17.log.html#t2013-06-17T14:12:2412:57
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martyonesledges, Stskeeps: ok, it seems the fix is on the way already :) https://github.com/nemomobile/nemo-mobile-session/commit/2d1aa3f8358c8fa8a8f90eedd9dd2cfeece03b6713:05
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martyonesledges, Stskeeps: no, the commit above does not fix the uid in the systemd service link. https://github.com/nemomobile/nemo-mobile-session/blob/master/rpm/nemo-mobile-session.spec#L53 - how the "USER" word gets substituted here?13:19
StskeepsSage: ^13:20
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sledgesStskeeps, git blame has your name on it ;P13:28
sledgesxavinux, good! you can also try DISPLAY=:0 python ./main.py13:31
ericcc_here   can   see  too  :)https://github.com/qtproject/qtdeclarative/graphs/contributors13:31
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Sagesure he disappares :D13:34
Sagehttps://github.com/nemomobile/nemo-mobile-session/blob/master/bin/start-user-session#L122 <- the real part where user session is started13:35
sledgesSage, talking about martyone? ;)13:36
Sagecalled at https://github.com/nemomobile/nemo-mobile-session/blob/master/services/start-user-session%40.service#L14 with USER based on the link13:36
Sagesledges: making notes so someone can paste later if he appears and I'm not here :)13:36
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sledgesSage, though known for a fact that a bug has crept in, martyone may have not localised it though13:39
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xavinuxsledges: added your suggestion to the post in blog13:48
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sledgesxavinux, have you actually tried if it works?14:01
xavinuxnot yet, dont have the VM here....14:04
xavinuxbut I trust in your knowledge14:04
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xavinuxI will try it later and tell you the results. Will login via SSH without the -Y option and then run DISPLAY=:0 python ./main.py to see if X starts14:10
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sledgesnot X, your app on VM14:20
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xavinuxyes the app right14:44
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sledgescool :)14:46
ericcc_what  happen  my  friend14:51
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ericcc_ the app right?you  mean  new app?15:00
xavinuxno only a simple window, I am learning Pyside.....15:02
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sledgesmartyone, it should be fixed now in latest15:43
sledgescoukd you rebuild pls?15:44
sledgesand if so, thank Sage afetrwards :)15:44
martyonesledges: yes I will, ok :)15:44
sledgesa nice bug you found! :) big thanks to you too15:44
AndIRCa big bug :-(15:46
Sfiet_Konstantinhello :)15:49
sledgeshi :)15:49
* sledges home time15:49
Sfiet_Konstantinsledges: o/15:49
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Sagemartyone: can you pastebin if you have any futher problems16:19
*** kavuri has joined #nemomobile16:23
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xavinuxBug 298 would like to help´,16:43
MerbotNemo bug 298 in x86-generic "meego-terminal is black under virtualbox, making installing hard" [Critical,New] https://bugs.nemomobile.org/show_bug.cgi?id=29816:43
xavinuxto find a solution16:46
martyonesledges, Sage: either I did not get the message "it should be fixed now in latest" right, or it is not yet in latest :)16:47
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Sagemartyone: can you pastebin the error you are getting?17:20
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xavinuxHow can I contribute to fixed Bug 599 Bug or Bug 59917:29
MerbotNemo bug 599 in .Other "invoker segfaults when using --type=q for duicontrolpanel on x86" [Critical,New] https://bugs.nemomobile.org/show_bug.cgi?id=59917:29
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martyoneSage: actually I do not get any such error - the user-session simply does not start. I was also not able to find any package changed recently. Also, /lib/systemd/system/graphical.target.wants/user-session@1000.service is still there.17:34
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Sagemartyone: was that done from release or rnd testing or rnd devel?17:48
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sledgesSage, it was done from releases18:40
sledgesnow I see your point, all that needs to be re-adjusted to rnd18:41
sledgesmartyone, here's how to do that: https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Nemo/Creating_Releases#Getting_the_build_script_and_configs18:46
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ajalkaneI'd like less than more, but what is the solution to that?21:55
ajalkaneProblem: nothing provides /usr/bin/less needed by zless-1.5-1.1.5.armv7hl21:55
ajalkaneThought I was smart trying to by-pass missing less package by doing "zypper in zless" :P21:56
sledgesajalkane, yeap, less is in mer-tools but looks a bit poorly atm: https://build.merproject.org/package/show?package=less&project=mer-tools%3Adevel22:01
sledgesworth raising that in #mer tbh22:01
ajalkanesledges: am I interpreting that page wrong, doesn't it say that latest_armv7hl (which I tried to install) is with "Succeed" status? Ie. what's the issue I should raise to Mer?22:04
sledgestrue, it's fine for your arch22:05
sledgesbut zless is still unhappy :)22:05
ajalkaneI don't really need zless, I tried "zypper se less" and zless was closest match22:06
sledgesdo you have mer-tools amongst your repos ?22:06
sledgeszypper lr -u22:06
sledges(or ssu lr -u )22:06
ajalkanenope, only mer-core and nemo-platform is listed22:07
ajalkaneSo I'll try adding mer-tools and that might fix it22:07
Aardsledges: I'm quite certain I didn't implement -u for lr :p22:08
sledgesAard, is it a dream, or did it work for me? :)22:08
ajalkaneI guess someone did because I sure as hell didn't implement it :P22:08
Aardsledges: listing urls is default-mode, you don't need an additional parameter for that22:09
sledgeslol then it just gets ignored i guess :)22:09
sledgesi carry on from inertion when i waffle between zypper and ssu :)22:09
ajalkaneNope... without -u it doesn't list URI22:09
sledgesajalkane, zypper or ssu ?22:09
sledgeswe're talking about ssu, ofc get confusing22:10
sledgesajalkane, so you are in a non-ssu system22:10
ajalkaneYes, I have the very basic Nemo installation22:10
Aardsledges: not really, the -u gets taken as device name, which does not exist, which results in _only_ the repositories listed which are available for all devices, which means it'll most likely list less repos than you have configured22:10
*** dm8tbr has quit IRC22:11
sledges8) ok I'll be careful in the future, thanks Aard22:11
Aardand yes, for zypper you need -u, for ssu I made it default as there's some magic going on with the urls, which usually makes it interesting to see them22:11
sledgesit surely is22:11
sledgesajalkane, ok then just zypper ar URI NAME22:11
Aardand that one should probably be ssu ar URI NAME :)22:12
sledges(meanwhile ssu ar NAME URI, /me slaps Aard around with a large .. Nemo fish!)22:12
*** dm8tbr has joined #nemomobile22:12
Aardsledges: nope, both is working, ssu is smart enough to figure out which one is the url :)22:12
sledges;D I'm again thinking I'm in a dream22:12
sledgeswell, lac of sleep past days, getting late too :D22:13
Aardsledges: it used to be different way round (because I thought it was more intuitive, and because you can add a repo without a url, if the url is already in the global configuration), but made it smarter in a later version22:13
sledgessmartversions ftw!22:13
Aardon a ssu-managed system you should never du zypper ar, as default configuration makes ssu remove all non-ssu-managed repositories22:14
ajalkaneWhat's the URL for mer-tools ? My googling abilities failed me.22:17
Aardajalkane: try 'ssu ar mer-tools', if you're lucky the url is already in the ssu-configuration (I'm not sure if it is on nemo side)22:17
ajalkaneI guess I'm out of luck: [root@n950 nemo]# ssu ar mer-tools22:18
ajalkaneRepository mer-tools does not contain valid URL, skipping and disabling.22:18
ajalkaneBut perhaps I fuxored it by doing "zypper ar https://github.com/mer-tools mer-tools" before that22:18
Aardno, that's not a repo url22:19
ajalkaneYeah it said it had disabled it after I tried "zypper se", but perhaps it's lingering there22:19
Morpog_PChttp://repo.merproject.org/obs/mer-tools:/stable/latest_i586/mer-tools:stable.repo   ??22:21
ajalkaneThought it's not being listed with "zypper repos" or "zypper lr -u". I just don't know enough of zypper to know what can go wrong.22:21
Aardajalkane: are you in rnd or release-mode?22:21
Aardjust checked, mer-tools should be configured in rnd-mode22:21
ajalkaneAard: This question unfortunately does not make any sense to me. I've just installed the Nemo image on N950 without any extra modifications.22:22
Aardssu s22:22
ajalkane[root@n950 nemo]# ssu s22:23
ajalkaneDevice registration status: not registered22:23
ajalkaneDevice model: N95022:23
ajalkaneDevice variant: N922:23
ajalkaneDevice UID: 35788104001958222:23
ajalkaneRelease: latest22:23
Morpog_PCshouldn't the URL then be:22:25
Morpog_PCnot sure if stable, devel or testing :)22:25
ajalkaneMorpog_PC: Well, mayhaps :). Your guess is better than mine, I'd say22:25
Aardajalkane: that means you're on 'release' mode, which probably means that you have pretty old stuff on your phone22:25
Morpog_PCWhy don't you guys do a new release for N9/N950 with latest stuff and SSU already configured?22:26
Aardssu re -r latest; ssu fl testing; zypper ref -f; zypper dup; ssu ar mer-tools22:26
AardMorpog_PC: we're pretty busy trying to make a phone :)22:27
Morpog_PCaard you wouldn't have to discuss so much on IRC then ;)22:28
ajalkaneAard: is this something I need to wr22:28
ajalkaneworry about: "Problem: gst-nokia-camera-0.57.0-1.2.Nemo.Adaptation.N9xx.armv7hl requires libgstphotography-0.10.so.0, but this requirement cannot be provided22:28
Aardwell, sage is the person with the power to make the nemo release, I only have that power somewhere else22:28
Morpog_PCcamera is broken in latest if i remember correct22:29
ajalkaneI don't really need the camera at the moment with Nemo, so I can live with that22:29
Aardajalkane: that's the part where I can't help you anymore, as it's been quite a while since I last time touched a nemo image, so not sure about the state. I can only help with the ssu part since I wrote it and know a little bit how it should work22:30
Morpog_PCThat I know such stuff tells me, that I hangout too much on IRC lately22:30
Aardthere's no 'too much hanging out in irc'22:31
*** niqt has quit IRC22:32
*** AndIRC has quit IRC22:33
ajalkaneWell, I just told it to ignore the broken package. Will probably end up with a broken installation. Exciting times22:34
Aardfixing a broken installation makes you learn more, so it's a good thing :p22:34
ajalkaneGood to have up-to-date nemo anyway22:35
Aardup2date would be 'devel', but that might be more broken22:35
ajalkaneOkay I probably don't want to be THAT up-to-date22:35
*** martyone has quit IRC22:38
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ajalkaneAh, this updating business is taking enough of time to keep me in suspense until tomorrow. Thanks all for your help!22:59
*** ajalkane has quit IRC22:59
*** AndIRC has quit IRC23:00
xavinuxa howto of Nemo vm installation http://xavinux.blogspot.com.ar/2013/06/installing-nemo-i486-vm_18.html23:01
xavinuxhope it is useful23:01
sledgesaja.. darn he escaped :D23:02
sledgesthis was the info for him (and Aard you can get up-to-speed): https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Nemo/Updating#SSU23:03
sledgesthe wiki has been shown some love for current situation23:03
sledgesand new nemo release is imminent, as soon as Sage pushes :devel to :testing promotions23:04
Aardah, the new qt-repo, I forgot23:04
sledgespretty nifty xavinux , keep up the good work23:05
sledgesnight y'allz!23:05
xavinux:) thanks sledges23:05
sledgesthanks to you too23:06
GentSirxavinux, that is useful. Perhaps you could get it added to the wiki23:06
sledgeswiki has already the text version of it under Nemo/Install. perhaps a new "tutorial with screenshots" article ;D23:07
sledgesbut rememebr, if something changes, text is way easier to update in the future than screenshots23:08
sledgesjust telling, what target audience the wiki should be at23:08
sledgesah!, you could add the link to "Here's a blog post with screenshots" to Nemo/Installing#VirtualBox ;)23:09
xavinuxyes you are right, but I think in trying to maintain blog updated too23:09
sledgesok, im off now lol23:09
xavinuxgood evening sledges23:09
GentSirThere's alway the option of redoing it setting it up on the terminal, those commands are not likely to change23:11
GentSirThere's a good primer on it here: http://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch07.html23:11
*** AndIRC has joined #nemomobile23:11
xavinuxyes GentSir23:11
GentSirJust an idea. I like your guide though, it's well made23:11
xavinuxthanks hope is useful,,,,,I will keep it updated23:12
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC23:13
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