Monday, 2013-06-17

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faenilSage, ping09:06
cybettefaenil: morning!09:21
cybettefaenil: glad the boarding pass thing got solved! sorry I wasn't around... was recovering from devaamo summit :P09:21
faenilcybette, np :) found a way in the end :)09:21
faenil2 or 3 people were there to help me already ;)09:22
cybetteyeah I saw the backlog, such a great community we have :)09:22
faeniljavispedro also linked to an article saying that the court stated that fine from Ryanair for "not printing the checking" is not illegal in Spain09:23
faenilis NOW* illegal09:23
faenil(which is 2011)09:23
cybetteyeah that's really stupid restriction09:24
faenilit seems like after 2 years it's legal in Finland though09:24
grythat left me with a thought along the lines of ... for "now printing the checking" is not illegal ...09:24
faenilgry, sorry made a mess09:25
faenilsummary: the fine for not printing the check-in is illegal in Spain since 201109:25
gryit's ok, I'm just a bit crazy :)09:25
cybetteit's monday , craziness is excusable09:25
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GentSirMonday is not fun day09:26
faenilcybette, did you recover in the end? :)09:26
cybetteGentSir: oh no now I hear the smurf song in my head09:26
* dm8tbr is still in recovery mode09:26
faenildm8tbr, hehehe, want to see the video of you dancing? :D09:26
cybettefaenil: more or less. although when Filip left this morning I was only half awake09:27
dm8tbrno thanks, I feel bad enough without that already09:27
faenildm8tbr, :D09:27
GentSirfaenil, share that with the world09:27
faenilGentSir, I was gently asked not to :D09:27
Sagefaenil: pong09:27
faenilSage, pm09:27
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cybettealthough smoinen(Matti) and Jarrrgh(Jari) had some cool moves in there09:28
GentSirIt's not too hard, you just have to look like you know what you're doing09:29
faenilcybette, definitely09:31
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Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#354 waiting for review at
Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#356 waiting for review at
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nodevelhello, just a quick heads up: TwimGo has been updated to Twitter API v1.1 So, it might not be necessary to remove it from Nemo afterall.10:22
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cos-hm, this would be nice hw to run nemo/sailfish on
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GentSirI really don't like that form factor10:49
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cos-could be smaller10:51
cos-something like psion 5mx would be really cool
GentSirYeah, I like that a lot more10:53
GentSirWhat I would love is something modern in the form factor of the n900 or the e7110:55
cos-i used to have 5mx back in the day.. mechanically really good, but sw was inferior to palm10:55
xavinuxHi, people, hope we have a good day!10:56
GentSirxavinux, thanks for the (indirect) help with net access with nemo in a vm10:57
xavinuxoh I happy to be useful, I am new to the project,10:58
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xavinuxit s ok GentSir :)10:58
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GentSirxavinux, what got you interested in mer/nemo/sailfish?11:10
xavinuxI work in an ISP from Argentina as a Linux Server admin, and I´m very interesting in Linux in mobile devices.11:11
GentSirA true Linux mobile device would be great. Android is close, but not close enough.11:12
xavinuxyes you are the Nokia N9 :)11:12
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GentSirI use an e71 daily still, I'd get an n900 if it was newer11:14
xavinuxI couldn t test the N900 :( only the N911:14
xavinuxand think it´s a great device11:14
GentSirI technically still own an n9, my best mate has been using it for the past year..11:15
GentSirI'll get it back eventually, I prefer having a real keyboard anyway11:16
xavinuxmy N9 was broken and unrepaired, but looking for another one now.....11:18
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sledgesxavinux, just create these two files and try to execute them:
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GentSirxavinux, where did you find the i486 image? I couldn't find it yesterday14:02
xavinuxGentSir: here
GentSirxavinux, thank you good sir14:05
xavinuxand here you can download i486 or i586 VMs isos
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GentSirFor some reason I could not find the i486 images in there...14:06
xavinuxseldge: thnks will try that!14:06
GentSirI already have the i58614:06
sledgesnp xavinux :)14:06
xavinuxyes but I installed it but didn t boot after installing in Hard Disk, sledges tell me that that ISO is broken...14:07
GentSirNemo just needs a little love14:07
sledgesSage, ^14:07
xavinuxbut i486 works fine14:07
GentSirI'm interested in it because the whole stack is open and known, unlike with sailfish14:07
GentSirI can develop with Nemo as a target, and easily port to sailfish UI14:08
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xavinuxyes would be great14:09
ericcc_good  man14:10
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martyonehi, any idea why my mic-created nemomobile images "stopped working" in qemu? The problem is GUI does not start. systemctl shows plymouth-lite-start.service failed. There are error messages about /dev/fb0 not existing. When I try .iso image from, it is OK.14:12
sledgesmartyone, plymouth is normal14:13
sledgesare you using the same .ks that was used to make that .iso ?14:14
martyoneyes, exactly the same ks, only I create raw images instead of iso14:14
sledgesdon't forget, that while making .ks, it pulls the latest packages' versions existing14:15
sledgesso if you update that .iso, there might be bug that breaks ui14:15
sledgesintroduced sometime after14:15
martyonesledges: yes I know14:16
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sledgesas for the "GUI does not start", check if Xorg is running (the whole user-session@1000.service that is)14:18
martyonesledges: user-session* does not seem to be running. beside that this line appears in dmesg: Cannot add dependency job for unit display-manager.service, ignoring: Unit display-manager.service failed to load: No such file or directory.14:25
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sledgesmartyone, which .iso are you referencing (and .ks to mic .raw)14:27
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sledgesmartyone, could you launch orig .iso and zypper dup that one instead?14:29
sledgesjust to see if anything breaks14:29
sledgesnot to forget, i think -vm- releases are "live CDs"14:30
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sledgesas they have different include pattern14:32
sledgesmartyone, substitute the pattern "@Nemo x86 VM" with "@Nemo x86 Generic" in your .ks and retry. It's just a speculation, because the problem may lie in a bug introduced thereafter14:33
sledgesas I assume you are baking it ".raw" on purpose14:33
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martyonesledges: ok, trying to change to Generic - will take a minute..14:35
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Sagesledges: o/14:50
sledgesSage, \o14:50
sledgesall smooth sailing on my side :) and you?14:51
sledgesneed your presence here though on tackling bits ;)14:52
sledgesthe x86 images basically14:52
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Sagesure, I'm trying to get promotion from rnd devel to testing so I can build new snapshots14:53
Sagealmost there :)14:53
sledgeswhat do you think is the issue martyone's having?14:53
xavinuxan IBM Netfinity 5000 Server, with two PII processors and 2 GB of RAM with three HDD of 18 GB SCSI could be useful in any way for this project?14:54
martyonesledges: it seems it makes no change :(14:58
sledgessorry to shoot in the dark martyone14:58
martyonesledges: :)14:58
sledgessurely virtualbox i486 works ;P14:59
sledges.iso -> installer -> virtual hdd14:59
sledgestested myself14:59
sledgesbut qemu .raw... hmmm :)14:59
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sledgesmartyone, at any rate, your .ks is building from 'latest', means 25th May:
sledgessomething must have crept in there :{15:01
sledgesunless it's a qemu+raw issue15:01
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sledgesand mer-latest is way way ahead15:03
Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#357 waiting for review at
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Sagexavinux: not really unfortunately. We need a bit more power to our machines.15:04
wowerquassel  is  broker?15:04
sledgesmartyone, hardcoded releases:
sledgesfor a laugh if you have lots of tea and biscuits :)15:05
xavinuxsage: ok thanks for your answer15:05
martyonesledges: trying15:06
sledgesmartyone, and if you make an .iso, you should be able to get an identical image ^_^15:07
sledgesobviously, if your mic-create cmdline is identical :P15:07
xavinuxSage: readed, thanks15:11
ericccnemo-i586-vm.iso   i  am  using15:11
sledgesericcc, dangers ahead ;)15:12
ericcc@sledges just  test15:13
sledgesericcc, ok for test, but if you want to install it to a virtual HDD, use nemo-i486-vm.iso15:14
martyonesledges: I have to leave for some time. thank you!15:15
ericccmy  pc  is  win7  6415:15
sledgescheers martyone , speak later15:15
*** martyone has quit IRC15:16
sledgesericcc, virtual box can run on any PC, that is OK15:16
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ericcc@sledges  how   xavinux install   sailfish ui  on  nemu:)15:17
sledgesask him ;)15:18
xavinuxhere I am ericc, how are you15:18
xavinuxI install virtualbox in Ubuntu 12.04, download image from here
xavinuxi486 iso15:19
ericccmy  is   i586.iso15:20
xavinuxno, that is broken15:20
xavinuxafter running installer-sehll to install iso to HDD will not reboot15:20
xavinuxgive a black screen15:20
ericccyep   the  black  screen15:21
xavinuxso I installed i486 and runs ok15:21
ericccthat is  right,  black  screen15:21
xavinuxthast ´s because of image i586 broken15:21
ericccso   i will change15:21
ericccthank you15:21
xavinuxI give 4 GB to HDD and 512 MB of RAM15:21
ericcconly  512 ram?15:22
ericcci make  1g ram15:22
xavinuxremember to enabler PAE/NX in -> System -> Processor -> extended specifications15:22
xavinuxyes I run it with 512 MB15:23
xavinuxwithout problem15:23
xavinuxthen you can access vai SSH to root console15:23
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ericccssh  i  love15:25
xavinuxalso do s great15:25
sledges+1 :)15:25
ericccthe  sailfish  just need put  F2 and it  will  open   root console15:26
ericccbut   nemu  can`t15:26
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sledgesericcc, HostKey(Alt)+F2,F3,F4,... don't work sadly :(15:32
sledgesjust use ssh15:32
sledgesor fingerterm ;)15:32
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Sfiet_Konstantinso AndIRC, what do you want to know ?16:38
AndIRCmy  phone van  run  irc16:38
* marxistvegan is interested to see this hybrid phone van16:38
AndIRChow   nemo run  irc  soft16:39
sledgesAndIRC, there's an app in nemo, called "IRC"16:40
AndIRCoh.the  sailfis can run irc?16:41
AndIRCok.i  go  to googl16:43
sledgesfor SailfishOS -- on #sailfish they should know the answer about IRC and its status ;)16:43
sledgesgoogle doesn't know much about sailfish/nemo internal composition, because it's changing every day \o/ :) and you have to run it yourself to find out16:44
sledgesit's all WIP16:44
AndIRCthe nemo  can run for win7?16:45
sledgesnemo is an operating system itself16:46
sledgesit can run on a VM (virtualbox/vmware) on win7, yes16:46
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sledgesyou're welcome :)16:48
xavinuxAndIRC: Look here how to install i586 Virtual Machine16:48
xavinuxdownload i486 iso from here:
xavinuxdo not use i585 iso better use i48516:49
AndIRCbtw.the nemo is so coll16:50
AndIRCso  fast  than android16:51
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valdur55I develope MelonJS based javascript games.  Can someone test it with nemo mobile?
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Sagelbt_away: Stskeeps: either one of you have admin rights for mer obs? and could try: osc review accept 357 -m ok18:00
Sagefor some reason osc give me the finger about rights atm. :)18:01
Sage$ obs-mer-community review accept 357 -m ok18:02
SageNo permission on review by user cibot18:02
SageNo permission on review by project nemo:testing:mw18:02
Sageand touching the webui for that will just stall everything :P18:02
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xavinuxsledges: there is a IRC app on the Nemo VM....  :)19:41
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Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#357 Rejected promotion request19:51
Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#358 waiting for review at
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Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#358 Accepted promotion request19:58
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Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#359 Rejected promotion request20:09
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Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#360 waiting for review at
mrichey everyone, does someone have a recent video of nemo ?20:16
*** namtab_ is now known as namtab20:18
mricnew snapshot soon?20:25
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ZogG_laptopmric: what changes exactly you want to find in video?20:34
*** mric has quit IRC20:34
ZogG_laptopgo to youtube and sort search by date20:34
ZogG_laptopthere is one pretty fresh that looks like the latest one20:34
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Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#361 waiting for review at
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Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#361 Accepted promotion request20:45
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HtheBanyone alive herre?21:25
*** fwhiffah_ has joined #nemomobile21:38
phaeronHtheB: don't ask to ask , just ask :)21:39
*** fwhiffah_ is now known as fwhiffahder_21:39
HtheBwell, it's actually a 'harmattan' question, but everyone is so silent21:40
HtheBthat I am desperate for asking help21:40
HtheBi want to compile something21:40
HtheBbut somehow, It doesnt want to21:40
phaeronI am sure if someone has an ability to help he'll do it21:40
HtheB      It's really strange. It says libsowatch is missing. But this file is created by itself21:41
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xavinuxgreat! I can make my first hello world window in Pyside and run it in a Nemo if I want to make this window appear in a Nokia N9....I have to save the .py and .qml files in a N9's directory and run it?22:53
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