Sunday, 2013-06-23

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xavinuxmoving through applications in Nemo:
xavinuxinstalling Nemo i486 VM in Virtualbox:
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Venemo_qwazix: I wrote about our ideas on the mailing list10:34
Venemo_qwazix: perhaps you could chime in and show some of that new design :)10:34
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qwazixVenemo_ I should, yeah, but I want to make a few more screens before that11:06
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qwazixVenemo_N9, [14:06] <qwazix> Venemo_ I should, yeah, but I want to make a few more screens before that11:25
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Venemo_N9qwazix, sure :)11:26
Venemo_N9qwazix, in that case, write about the idea of the new design language11:26
Venemo_N9just enough to make people feel that things are happening11:28
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diskreethello. I just loaded nemo-handset-armv7hl-n900-0.20121101.1.NEMO.2012-11-08.1-mmcblk0p.raw into a 4GB microSD and flashed an n900 to boot. this is looking quite promising, but I have a small problem with mobile connectivity as I can't input the pin code.12:32
diskreetI was wondering, is this a known issue with an easy fix? the device UI is locked in to landscape mode but the pin code widget is drawn as portrait into it.12:33
diskreetI only see the "Enter PIN code" text and first 3 buttons (1,2,3) but nothing else12:34
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diskreet^ here is a photo of the problem:
diskreetanother thing is that "zypper ref" doesn't seem to yield repository access. I guess I should change the default to something else?13:15
GentSirdiskreet, I suggest asking the cat to walk across the keyboard. May enter correct code.13:19
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diskreetcat already tried! unfortunately keyboard input doesn't work13:21
grysledges: SIM works after soldering a piece of thin wire instead of missing contact13:24
grybut in the latest version, year selector is 1993 and earlier only, I'm not seeing how to set year to 201313:25
diskreetwell, let's see if changing the repos to skeiron and doing an update would either provide a working pin app or get the screen rotation working :)13:25
diskreetI suppose that's where they've been migrated to.13:26
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phaerondiskreet: nemo was migrated to https://build.merproject.org13:41
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xavinuxHi people, hope we have a good day15:04
Sfiet_Konstantinhello xavinux15:19
Sfiet_Konstantinyou too15:19
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m4g0gis it current nemo version usable as default os for n900 or no?15:28
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* mike7b4_lenovo still missing a fresh nemo kickstart OR ready imagefor N900 hmm16:37
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diskreetm4g0g: exactly what I'm trying to figure out :) after a bit of searchimg I somehow ended up here and only later found
m4g0gis it usable for daily using?17:06
Venemo_I wouln't say that17:08
diskreetI've so far only installed the 2012-11-08.1 and let the system install any proposed updates. the service provider logo is showing on the top left with full bars but I can't make any calls ("Unable to find voice call provider with id:")17:09
diskreetbut I'm just about to try 2013-04-26.1 from the latter link17:09
diskreetwill comment after that17:10
diskreetthough ... hmmm. I wonder if I can even use maemo flasher 3.5 to flash that uImage in the same fashion I flashed the previous vmlinuz image?17:14
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sledgesgry congrats \o/ gry17:43
Venemo_diskreet: install info is in the wiki, it's pretty detailed :)17:46
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diskreetVenemo_: it certainly is! my mistake was starting from while on my quest to get something more recent than maemo on this temporary N900 I got from work18:05
diskreetpreviously I installed android only to find out calls don't work m)18:06
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diskreetVenemo_: there isn't a flashing guide for N900 on that page but given there isn't a moslo rpm for it I suppose it's not needed18:42
Venemo_diskreet: I don't know about N900, sorry18:43
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xavinuxdiskreet: there you can find a guide on flashing N90019:35
xavinuxInstalling Nemo Mobile on the N900 is relatively simple, in nearly all cases it is installed on the external MicroSD card, so that will be what this guide will be focusing on. .....19:37
diskreeteither I'm blind or the N900 section only contains the microsd stuff19:38
xavinuxyes in nearly all cases it is installed on the external MicroSD19:38
diskreete.g. no flashing instructions. but perhaps I'll write something if I get the uImage figured out19:40
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diskreetm4g0g: I just got the 2013-02-15.1 build (last one at to contain a vmlinuz image) installed and now at least calls, 3G and wlan seem to work. good enough for me :)20:24
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diskreetalso it's much faster than the one I initially installed from the 2012-11-08.1 image and upgraded20:26
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