Monday, 2013-06-24

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grysledges: :)02:31
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grymorning :)06:49
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niqthi Sage07:08
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* Guest17765 wanders in07:33
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Sageso who is up for testing some images? :)07:34
* w00t wanders out :p07:34
w00ti'll have to fetch my n950 and update it, i bet it'll take a while07:35
SageI'm cooking new (actually first?) release images thus I would like someone to test them :)07:36
w00twhere are you releasing from? testing?07:37
SageFrom release, an actual release :D07:39
Sagebasically it is what is in testing atm.07:40
w00tah, so we'll start using release, ok ;)07:41
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diskreetSage: I'm up for testing with an N900 the minute somebody confirms I should be able to flash an uImage in the same fashion as the previous vmlinuz image :)07:51
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neochapay_i have xorg error  What is wrong?
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anYcdiskreet: you mean replacing a vmlinuz by a uImage? I'm not sure about vmlinuz but I had problems before with different kernel formats and the bootloader08:35
anYcuboot afair08:35
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diskreetanYc: I mean that this was seemingly the last snapshot to contain a vmlinuz image while it's missing from and after09:25
diskreetI tried to load the uImage one with maemo flasher 3.5 (and writing the corresponding .raw to microSD) but all I got after the initial boot messages was a blank screen, in 3 successive attempts. the longest I waited for something to happen was about 15 minutes.09:27
diskreetI also have this problem that the display isn't backlit after flashing so it's hard to see what's going on09:28
sledgesneochapay_, version/device ?09:32
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anYcdiskreet: I'm not really familiar with this topic but I think vmlinuz is compressed while ulinux is not. maybe it's expecting a compressed image. got a problem with uboot the other way around. had to decompress the image before I was able to boot (
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neochapay_sledges:  PowerVR SGX54009:40
diskreetanYc: sounds reasonable. I think I'll change to linux for the flashing stuff going forward since it has nicer tools for troubleshooting.... (I've been working on a windows host for both flashing & SD writing because the SD reader on my linux box doesn't like the microSD->SD chassis I have for some reason.)09:43
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xavinuxHi people, have a nice day10:05
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xavinuxsledges: Hi, how are you10:18
sledgeshello xavinux, just back from long holiday weekend, trying to submerge into work :)10:25
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xavinuxyes I have read your mail todayabout Nemo UI :)10:26
xavinux'va been working on two new posts: "Nemo Mobile Structure" and "Nemo OS components functions" at Would like to know your opinion, when of course you have time to read them...10:31
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sledgesneochapay_, something's wrong with Xorg/video drivers and/or settings. I'm not familiar with friendlyARM, but surely you can find info on that, and reflect it on Mer10:35
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sledgesxavinux, very exhaustive, keep up the good work and direct noobs there :) (side note, you could make your blog have a side menu/margins, as the text is too lengthy-lines to read on a wide screen)10:38
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xavinuxwill correct that point, thanks for your opinion10:41
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xavinuxAlso have been working in Bugs; 18, 93 and 347 and leave comments in each one. Please, take a look at them when you are able, to know if it's ok what I do :)10:44
sledgeswill do as soon as I free up :) (might take a while ;)10:45
xavinuxnp, thanks :)10:51
sledgesand thanks to you ;)10:52
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Sage <- testing help needed11:59
Sagenote this is probalby the first nemo release that went through the whole process so feedback welcome11:59
SageNOTE: it is _static_ release you can reproduce it \o/ :)(11:59
stephgSage: will have a go this afternoon12:01
GentSirSage, is the bug in i586 that prevents it from connecting to the internet as a vm fixed? Or will I still have to use i486 if I want it to connect?12:07
gryhi, anyone with nemo have year setting problems?12:07
xavinuxGentSir: se there I explain how to connecti to Internet a VM12:09
SageGentSir: can you describe the bug a bit more in detail? filed bug about it?12:09
xavinuxyou must configure connman12:09
GentSirSage, I remember reading in here it was a bug that made it so i586 couldn't connect while i486 couldn't, I didn't test it myself. I'll download the new i586 image and see if I have any trouble though.12:10
xavinuxSage: I will test otday that image and tell results12:10
GentSirxavinux, Yes, I read that for i486 and it was useful12:11
xavinuxGentSir: aplly to i586 also12:11
GentSirI'll have the new image in 20-30 minutes, don't have the best connection here12:12
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sledgesSage, GentSir, i586 does not boot after installing it to hdd. i486 does. tested on same images. latest [today's] image untested12:37
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GentSirsledges, my apologies, I mixed up the issues12:38
sledgesno worries, and yes, a bug should have been filed, but it wasn't12:39
* sledges hides12:39
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GentSirYou're not offending me with that :)12:40
GentSirIf I can get fingerterm to work properly for me I'll install the image in virtualbox12:40
sledgeslol no, just trying to evade Sage's fury :D  whoever was affected by that bug could've filed one :))12:40
xavinuxsledges: although image didn't boot after install to HDD, internet connection must work if Virtualboxi network is set on "bridge"?12:41
xavinuxI have tersted that12:41
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sledgesxavinux, vm image is a live CD - functionality such as connectivity should work exactly in the same way as from the HDD installation12:42
SageI'm not using fingerterm for installation but ssh myself :)12:43
xavinuxalso do I12:43
Sage <- find SSH part12:43
Sageport forwarding that is12:43
GentSirThat is a far better option, I didn't even consider it12:44
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xavinuxSage: I've tested SSH without Port fowarding and have access via SSH to the VM ok12:46
GentSirxavinux, how did you ssh into the VM?12:46
GentSirIt's not something I do often12:46
xavinuxssh root@vm_ip12:47
xavinuxsee in my blog there is also an explanation12:47
GentSirYou are just all sorts of useful12:47
Sagessh -o port=4022 nemo@localhost12:48
xavinuxssh root@nemo_machine_ip_address12:48
GentSirxavinux, your blog has a .ar domain, are you from Argentina?12:49
xavinuxGentsir: yes I am12:49
mikhasI like it when people use their country domains!12:49
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GentSirxavinux, is English your second language then? Just asking because I like to use it more properly when non-native speakers are around :)12:50
Sage <- updated a bit12:50
mikhasOTOH, I am not sure I like the concept of TLD at all …12:50
xavinuxGentSir: I studied english languaje since I was 6 years old, try to practice it often :)12:51
xavinuxsage: why is it necessary to forwarding SSH port to 4022 to get connected?12:53
GentSirxavinux, Was just curious. I know many people learn it later and as such get confused with improper use and slang12:53
Sagexavinux: it is not mandatory if your device gets IP that can be accessed otherwise with ip12:54
Sagefor me at least that is required12:54
xavinuxsage: ok, thnaks :)12:56
Morpog_N9so will qmlmozbrowser added to default nemo image? have seen the packages in repository12:56
SageMorpog_N9: yes12:58
SageMorpog_N9: it was waiting for some other things but we should be able to merge it now12:58
Morpog_N9woot, so i contributed a bit to nemo :)12:59
GentSirxavinux, how do you ssh into the vm when it's in bridged mode?13:00
xavinuxGentSir: are you using Linux or Windows? If you are using Ubuntu for example. open a console and type: ssh root@nemo_machine_ip_address13:03
xavinuxif you are using Windows, you will need an SSH client, for example Putty13:03
GentSirxavinux, Linux, of course :) Trying to find the ip for the vm13:05
xavinuxin finger term type: ifconfig13:06
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GentSirI did13:07
xavinuxif you want to, you can configure a static IP with connman13:07
GentSirWhat's the root pass for nemo?13:09
GentSirI tried "nemo" and it didn't work13:09
grytry logging in as 'developer' with 'nemo' password, see if it works13:10
xavinuxnemo pass work for me13:10
grytry logging in as root with empty password13:11
xavinuxthen I 've changed it13:11
GentSirwhoops, it was a different machine13:11
gryahh that's better :)13:11
GentSirI will figure out how to do this. I feel like a noob not knowing how to ssh into a vm13:11
xavinuxdon't worry....:) command I give you must work13:12
xavinuxif it's asking for password you can access via ssh13:12
xavinuxtry nemo that is the default pass13:12
GentSirLet me try running as NAT to get an ip in13:13
GentSirNo, I accidentally connected to a different machine and tried nemo as the pass13:13
xavinuxah ok, so try againg in Bridge with pass to the vm13:14
xavinuxyou must get access13:14
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xavinuxin nat you will foward ports, in bridge is more simply to connect and get access to internet form the Nemo VM13:17
GentSirI can't figure out how to do it in Bridge. I'm just going to set up the port forwarding in NAT for ssh access, and leave Bridge enabled for the VM to connect to the internet.13:18
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xavinuxif you use bridge, you can't do NAT13:27
*** VDVsx has quit IRC13:27
xavinuxsee the screeshot in my blog to see how I configure it13:28
xavinuxthere is all the process13:28
GentSirIt's just taking a bit because I've got some other stuff I'm working on13:30
xavinuxok, np :)13:33
GentSirI don't really use VM's often, hence my ignorance13:35
xavinuxdon't worry, hope I can be useful13:36
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gryare you all like living with 1993 in latest version and being okay with it? or it is just me and everyone else found how to work around the broken year setting window?14:19
gryI have no clue where it saves the setting even14:20
Stskeepsgry: can you do a photo/screenshot of the issue/ what app is it in?14:20
grysettings > time and date > date > lets me pick date, month, and year, year is cycling between 1972 and 199314:21
GentSirI personally don't mind living in 199314:21
fk_lxGentSir: :-D14:22
GentSirYear I was born, so it couldn't have been too dreary14:22
gryi bet it saves all files in wrong year now14:22
Stskeepsare we still on MTF settings there?14:23
Stskeepsor is it qml14:23
w00twell, depending on how up to date his image is.. it should be qml14:23
Stskeepsok, and who wrote the time setting? :P14:23
w00tme, technically, but i disclaim all ownership over bugs14:24
sledgesI'll rephrase Stskeeps: who can git clone qmlsettings find and fix the bug and git push a PR ?14:25
w00tthe bug will be somewhere in qt-components, not settings14:25
w00t(DatePickerDialog is shared from components)14:25
Stskeepsgry: when you connect to a wifi it should pick up correct date and time - this doesn't happen?14:25
w00ti can't reproduce it here, earliest year i have is 2012, last year is 203314:26
sledgess/qmlsettings/affected project/ :)14:27
w00ti think i see the probable problem14:29
gryStskeeps: I just have wired internet (over usb) and it doesn't pick it up14:29
Stskeepsgry: ah, yeah, usb networking is fun14:30
w00tsetting some sane minimum/maximum in there will probably help14:30
gryno idea where that file is on the phone, '-bash: locate: command not found', zypper install locate → No provider of 'locate' found.. which package is it in?14:32
sledgesgry, great find!, for now as root: `date -s 24 Jun 15:31:19` until problem's sorted14:32
grydate: extra operand `15:31:19'14:32
gryTry `date --help' for more information.14:32
* sledges <error buzzer sounds>14:33
sledgesdate -s "24 Jun 15:31:19"14:33
sledgesdate -s "24 Jun 15:31:19 2013"14:33
sledgesofc :))14:33
gryi like -bash: man: command not found and it being absent in zypper too14:33
sledgesmobile OSs like Nemo is no man's land :)14:34
gry[root@localhost ~]# date -s "25 Jun 00:04:00 2013"14:34
grydate: invalid date `25 Jun 00:04:00 2013'14:34
sledgesregarding "man's" absence, see slide 12 and 13
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sledgesdate -s "24 Jun 2013 15:31:19"14:36
* sledges needs caffeine injection14:36
gryyup, excellent :)14:37
w00t(if someone files a bug and dumps my lines above, or better still, fixes it without my intervention, that'd be grand :-p)14:38
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gryI don't think I get the logic here, if current year is 2013 then why doesn't it default to 2013+20 like documented? I could see it using 1993 if current is 1973, but not really otherwise14:43
sledgesI don't think your current year was 2013 tbh14:43
sledgesbtw, does it work now after date -s ?14:44
grynow it is, I reopen setting window and it doesn't have it selected14:44
sledgesmaybe a reboot is needed?14:44
xavinuxwhat about of configuring ntp on Nemo to connect to an NTP Server and auto configure date and time form that Server?14:44
gryeverywhere in interface, yes; in settings window date picker, no14:44
specialgry: because when you're setting the date for the first time, the "current year" could be anything.14:44
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gryok, I'll assume it'll fix after phone reboot then; for the first case, year was 1973, so it defaulted to 1993 as max year; would setting max year to 2100 or replacing 20 with 120 make sense?14:48
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sledgesgry, try to think which solution would make most users/devs/testers happy in a long run14:52
*** discopig has left #nemomobile14:53
sledgesthere might be a Dr Who tester who wants to see how nemo behaves in the future, say 220014:53
sledgesso setting max year to 2100 would break that test case14:53
grythe original idea was to default to a small amount of years to select from, say, 2014:53
sledgesmeanwhile, would there be cases breaking +120 case?14:53
grythat original idea was rubbish, because after reboot I'm at 1970 again, and it'd need at least 4314:54
sledgesbut 15:44 < special> gry: because when you're setting the date for the first time, the "current year" could be anything.14:54
grywhich is where I'm lost as to what an ideal solution should be14:54
sledgesthere is no ideal solution (given this "to default to a small amount of years to select from" constraint)14:55
sledgesso that constraint should be questioned itself14:55
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grywouldn't a 2200 tester break with +120?14:56
w00ti'd say that a sensible fix is current_year + 100, honestly :)14:56
gry1970+120 = 209014:56
w00tif you want to test 2200, then you get to test it in 100 year increments first14:56
sledgesyup, 2200 test case is also least likely14:58
gryok, so I rebooted phone, I'm at 1970. I see 1990 in the list. I set it, close the dialog, reopen it, and read it. it does have 2010 - so I think that works14:58
sledgesso is the broken link above ;)15:00
gry? it works for me15:03
gryoh, I think I'll create a proper pull request too15:04
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grythanks all15:44
*** NIN101 has joined #nemomobile15:45
*** Xruxa has joined #nemomobile15:46
gryis nemo OS available in other languages at all? I could help with such things (and become more familiar with package structures meanwhile)15:47
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stephgSage, well it boots :)15:54
*** VDVsx has joined #nemomobile15:55
Sagestephg: good ;)15:57
Sagestephg: can you show output of "ssu s" on it?15:57
stephgyep one sec15:58
stephgDevice registration status: not registered15:59
stephgDevice model: N915:59
stephgDevice UID: 35792304478264915:59
stephgRelease: 0.20130620.0.115:59
Sagelast line? :)15:59
stephg(all I did after booting was a zypper ref; zypper dup)15:59
Sageah right16:00
* Sage is blind16:00
Sagestephg: zypper ref and zypper dup worked without errors?16:00
stephgyep, first time16:00
Sageok, you need to do ssu re latest to get updates in the future from releases16:01
stephgonly updates were some mesa things and some of the meego theme things16:01
stephgthink this is an important release insofar as I think the update on the older one became broken16:02
stephghacking around your instructions I still couldn't get it to upgrade properly16:02
stephgso this one is good :)16:02
Sagewell, I haven't had issues in updating myself :/16:02
stephgif you updated before the old repos went away I think it worked, it was updating from the last release *after* the repos that was hard (well that was my experience anyway)16:03
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ZogG_laptopgood morning/evening16:27
xavinuxgood morning ZogG_laptop16:34
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ericcchi  xavinux16:37
xavinuxhi ericcc, how are you...16:37
*** m4g0g has left #nemomobile16:38
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Morpog_PCericcc, still wrong channel :)16:53
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xavinuxSage: no Flight Mode in "Settings" on i586?17:04
sledgesxavinux, ask w00t . and if there is no, it doesn't mean there won't be ;)17:04
sledges(it's all a matter of porting flight-mode code from old meego-settings to this new qmlsettings)17:05
*** pcat has joined #nemomobile17:08
xavinuxsledges: in bug 18 I noticed that with i486 vm no "Flight Mode" appears in Settings options after installation was made to Hard Disk. Only "WIFI" option appears in Settings, and after Disable it, can still access to Websites from Browser.17:08
MerbotNemo bug 18 in Settings/ControlPanel "Flight mode control panel does not work" [Normal,New]
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sledgesxavinux, old meegotouch-controlpanel (=settings) is going away. latest image has switched to qmlsettings and this is the app to work on17:13
sledgesas you see, nemo is a constantly moving train :) very unlikely now that someone will be fixing the bug NEMO#18 since new settings app is out. Please test the today'ss fresh image instead.17:14
xavinuxok was understand17:15
sledgesthe new settings app has a wifi toggle button on the main screen17:16
sledgesonce other connectivity is working in Nemo (GSM/GPRS, Bluetooth, ...), there will be more items under the "Connectivity" in Settings17:17
sledgesI believe then the wifi toggle button will be reversed and renamed into "Flight mode"17:17
sledgesyou can close that bug as WONTFIX and add appropriate comment17:18
sledgesthanks :)17:18
sledgesor don't close it yet17:21
sledgesit can be closed when new settings have flight mode ;)17:21
sledgessame about NEMO#9317:22
xavinuxok so will wait to close them17:22
sledgesso basically they are not bugs anymore17:22
sledgesthey are tasks ;)17:22
xavinuxok so I will not close them17:23
sledgeslbt, can you make NEMO bugs 18 and 93 tasks? ;) or shall they be re-created as tasks since now we are having the new settings app rewritten from scratch?17:23
xavinuxbtw tell if the blog is looking better. I have made some changes as you suggested me :)17:23
xavinuxwhen you can..17:24
sledgesxavinux, I think blog design should be as wide as for example
sledgesyou could compress it even more (make it as wide as your widest image but not more than that)17:26
sledgesas narrow columns are easier to read (also works straight better for most mobile browsers ;)17:26
xavinuxok will correct that :)17:28
sledgesjust my opinion of what a blog can be though :)17:29
xavinuxsure, I will take your opinion :)17:30
xavinuxwill be off for a while...17:39
*** xavinux has quit IRC17:42
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vgradeevening all18:43
Stskeepsevening vggrade18:43
*** Mihanizat0r has joined #nemomobile18:43
vgradeHi Stskeeps18:44
vgradeany platforms left to test latest nemo image on?18:44
vgradeI can do Exopc, n950, n90018:44
*** rosenrot has quit IRC18:44
vgradeSage: what do you need?18:44
Stskeepshmm not sure if anybody tested exopc18:44
Stskeepsvgrade: btw - got a kickstart for exopc wayland anywhere?18:45
vgradeStskeeps: no I took april nemo and zyppered in18:46
*** M13 has quit IRC18:47
vgradeStskeeps: now we have new nemo probably time to make some proper kickstarts, w00t was asking about Pi also18:47
vgradeqt5 wayland nemo18:48
*** rosenrot has joined #nemomobile18:48
vgradeI'll try new nemo on Exo first18:49
*** libregeekingkid has joined #nemomobile18:49
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*** cristi has joined #nemomobile18:54
*** mike7b4_lenovo has joined #nemomobile18:56
mike7b4_lenovotrying create a fresh image using kickstartfile nemo-armv7hl-n900.ks from april gives:  "Failed to find package 'pattern:nemo-complete' : No package(s) available to install" any hint?18:58
vgrademike7b4_lenovo: new images and kickstarts are avaiable today . For testing19:01
mike7b4_lenovovgrade: yay I missed that :)19:03
*** Superpelican has quit IRC19:08
*** Superpelican has joined #nemomobile19:09
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Sagevgrade: exopc test would be nice yes19:16
*** rosenrot has quit IRC19:18
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vgradeSage: ui comes up from usb boot, installer-shell runs ok20:46
vgradenext boot, ran finger term ok20:46
vgradethen tried settings, connectivity20:47
*** libregeekingkid has quit IRC20:48
vgradeno wifi listed then when I tried to close settings, ui scrolling stopped working. A swipe causes screen to blank then come back to grid20:48
vgraderestarting user session does not restore ui scrolling20:51
*** stephg has quit IRC20:53
vgrademcompositor mallit complaining of libEGL warning : failed to create a pipe screen for i91521:00
vgradeso possibly  mesa related21:00
*** notmart has quit IRC21:05
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