Wednesday, 2013-06-26

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stephganyone else having trouble with the ux on the latest release08:40
stephg(by UX I mean everything, I have no X, no nadda, though the wifi is working)08:41
w00tstephg: check journalctl -f08:43
w00tNetweaver: there's no time like the present to get involved.. ;)08:43
stephgyeah X is hosed, no screens08:44
w00tstephg: what exact message are you getting08:45
w00tand what device is this08:45
stephgn9, very first error in my Xorg.log is Failed to load module "modesetting" (module does not exist, 0),08:46
stephgthen the same for fbdev08:46
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Netweaverw00t: Happy to keep my on N900 on the bleeding edge, daily and keep feeding back issues, if it helps, as I have another main phone when I'm in NL. My last night rnd/devel updated N900 box is running ok with X, just the Settings application is only showing connection settings for WIFI. it looks like all the rest is gone in the connectivity area. Also GSM functionality is gone. No connection to telco. Antenna with x. All since yest evening.08:49
diskreetspeaking of X's, how the heck do i end programs in the new build? the previous X icon is missing08:51
Netweaverdiskreet: nice intro to recent versions of Nemo :
diskreetalso if I'm asking stupid things and all this is documented somewhere, much obliged if you give a li....08:52
diskreetthanks (^_-)b08:52
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w00tNetweaver: mobile data settings need to make a comeback somehow, probably just a matter of someone writing the necessary UI for it in qmlsettings.. what happens if you start pinquery? (check journalctl -f while you run it)08:54
w00tstephg: hrm08:56
w00tstephg: can you please: journalctl > foo.log, and get foo.log out of your device and pastebinned somewherE?08:56
stephgw00t here you go:
* w00t looks09:04
Netweaverw00t: pinquery not found, also 'find pinquery' ... nothing. looks like some packages  got removed "magically"? PIN entry in app home screen also not doing anything. But it seems somehow the phone subsystem is working because i had a missed call notification while I didn't see the incoming call coming itself.09:04
w00tNetweaver: qmlpinquery09:04
w00tstephg: zypper search mesa (pastebin result)09:05
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stephgw00t, I have four installed09:05
w00tyeah, that's erm, bad on an n909:06
w00thow did that happen?09:06
stephgnot quite sure09:06
stephg(this n9 is beat up though)09:07
w00tzypper in ti-omap3-sgx, it should offer to remove the llvmpipe packages09:07
stephgcould be I did something daft but I've not had all that much time to mess it up09:07
w00t(does it?)09:07
stephgtrying that now and will reboot09:07
stephgit does yeah09:07
* stephg twiddles thumbs09:08
w00tif you ever see an update offering to install mesa llvmpipe related packages on an n9/n950/n900, something is almost certainly very wrong09:08
stephghmm still no X09:14
stephgw00t do I need xorg-x11-drv-fbdev-sgx09:14
stephgas well?09:14
w00tzypper search -t pattern09:16
sledges12:21 < Netweaver> it might even help a bit more if you would provide a thumb version of all binaries/repositories, as the latest u-boot from pali already sets all flags needed to be able to run thumb binaries. With the old, memory challenged N900 it might make a difference.09:18
sledges17:10 < sledges> Netweaver, gave a go: (should ask Stskeeps or Sage if that's going to be sane though)09:18
sledgesw00t, why would thumb need qemu?09:18
sledgeswhen talking only about a build for n90009:18
w00tsledges: actual compilation does not take place on hardware, but in qemu09:19
w00t(+ sb2 acceleration)09:19
sledgesah, on OBS09:19
sledgesso some of the HA packages might fail (e.g. GLES/EGL and family..)09:20
w00tbasically, there's a bunch of packages that segfault when compiling at the moment09:21
sledgesgot you09:23
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w00tstephg: sorry, didn't realise you replied09:58
stephgw00t, no worries09:58
w00tSage: what pattern is nokia-n950-support? and what pattern is right for n950 HW support? (stephg needs to reinstall it)09:59
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sledgesw00t, here's the definition of that pattern:
sledgesit should've gotten pulled in together with nemo-n950 pattern10:08
w00twell, it won't be marked as installed if everything isn't there10:08
sledgesstephg, please do ssu s10:09
w00tbut then, stephg: zypper install -t pattern nokia-n950-support10:09
stephgw00t, it did pull in xorg-x11-drv-fbdev-sgx by the looks of it10:10
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sledgesi'm worried about this one:
xavinuxhi people10:11
sledgeshya xavinux10:12
xavinuxwell thanks sledges10:12
w00to/ xavinux10:14
xavinuxupdating my blog with the last releases links and images for instalaltion....10:15
sledgesjust use the ~latest~ URLs ;)10:16
xavinuxyes I do10:18
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xavinux I have problem when installing i486 or i586 vm on virtualbox to Hard Disk: "ERROR : '/tmp/sysimage/di is not a subvolume" I found that image can be install to Hard Disk ok with the installer-shell, if I login via SSH and run it but not through the Fingerterm terminal. After installation via SSH i586 boots ok. Have /tmp/install.log logfiles10:27
* w00t doesn't know anything about x86 side of things, unfortunately10:27
xavinuxok :)10:27
xavinuxso I post in my blog the installation via SSH so as to be able to run the installer-shell script10:28
sledgesxavinux, I will update the wiki on that temporarily10:29
xavinuxand then everything runs ok10:29
sledgescould you file a bugreport please?10:29
sledgesthanks for the find!10:29
xavinuxwill be better if I find the reason... :)10:30
sledgesa workaround is better than nothing ;)10:30
xavinuxhave to investigate a little more, not have time, have to install a Red Hta Server in my work10:30
xavinux*Red Hat10:31
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sledgesxavinux, the solution might be to do PATH=$PATH:/sbin installer-shell10:35
sledgesor always login as root (not nemo) , be it VM virtual console or ssh10:37
xavinuxsledges: yes that was I prepare to my post. Login as root form a Linux terminal and run th installer-shell }10:38
sledgesthe problem is that /sbin is not in the path - could you confirm it?10:38
sledgesso you can login as root also from VM (HostKey+F2)10:38
sledgesit should work (no need to ssh) as long as you're logging in as root immediately10:38
sledges(not using su)10:39
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xavinuxyes, but think ssh terminal most confortable for work than the root terminal of Fingerterm. But I will test those options and tell you my results}10:40
sledgesim testing it now ;)10:42
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sledgesxavinux, also made a bugreport:
xavinuxsledges: ok, finish updating post and will made the bugreport10:56
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sledgesthe bugreport is already made, nw (bug 680)10:56
MerbotNemo bug 680 in Terminal "installer-shell fails under FingerTerm" [Normal,New]
sledgesthe wiki now shows quick ways to make it work10:57
sledges(yes, it is easier to work via ssh, but some people would like to just try nemo quickly, without setting up too much, so HostKey+F2 method is also now valid)10:57
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xavinux Nemo VM installation on virtualbox. Updated11:35
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sledgesgood work for those who love ssh! ;)11:39
Sfiet_Konstantinssh is everybody's friend11:39
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xavinuxafetr testing HostKey+F2) will add it too, but if installer-shell didnĀ“t work after running su comand in fingerterm, perhaps would'nt work  in root's Nemo terminal. But I will test it...11:41
xavinuxthanks sledges :)11:42
sledgesxavinux, i thought the same, but it's fingerterm's problem11:44
sledgesit works in hostkey (don't ask my why), if PATH change is prepended11:44
xavinuxI supose that too, because if it works via ssh and don't work with fingerterm, must be a problem of the app11:45
w00tfingerterm has the whle environment set up, ssh doesn't (yet, maybe it will someday)11:49
sledgesfingerterm has something more wrong there, because as nemo and su PATH /sbin installer-shell works via ssh, but exactly the same sequence doesnt work with fingerterm11:50
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xavinuxseldges: yes I test it and running installer-shell from HostKey runs and installs ok12:09
sledgeswith PATH ?12:11
sledges(when via su)12:11
xavinuxwithou PATH. login as root and run installer-shell12:13
xavinuxtesting as nemo user with su command....12:14
xavinuxfrom hostkey shell12:14
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sledgesthat one will need PATH12:24
sledges(just like ssh with user nemo instead of root will need PATH too)12:24
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xavinuxI goin as nemo and see installer-shell in /usr/sbin/12:25
xavinuxalthough I run PATH=$PATH:/sbin installer-shell give an error of too many arguments12:29
sledgesxavinux, as root ?12:30
xavinux"no disk large enough" disk is a 4GB size in virtualbox12:30
xavinuxas root all goes ok12:31
sledgesit has to be root12:31
sledgesjust if you login with nemo, then you must su12:31
xavinuxI  do it, but error is receive12:31
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xavinuxalso try "su nemo /usr/sbin/installer-shell " and after enter password error "no disk large enough" appears. Disk is a 4GB size in virtualbox12:37
sledgesxavinux, "su nemo" means you are running as user nemo - it's not root12:38
xavinuxyes that is12:38
xavinuxas root everything is ok12:39
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sledgesso no problem ;)12:40
xavinuxno, only when tryin with nemo user...12:40
xavinuxas root runs ok12:40
sledgesinstaller-shell requires superuser permissions12:40
sledgesit will always fail otherwise12:40
sledges(surely, you can try SUID etc ;))12:41
sledges(and even make an installer-shell app on desktop :D)12:41
xavinuxok. I will add later to the blog the option of running installer-shell from hostkey as root12:42
kimjuis there any known problems that I can expect to encounter if I were to try to set up nemo to run on a beagleboard?12:43
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sledgeskimju, there aren't any known problems, because recently so far only one person has tried it publicly12:50
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sledgesxmlich02 has hacked at home and launched nemo (very bare minimal version) on TI Sitara CPU (same chip for beagle)12:51
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sledgesa separate effort has been done in the past (with hardware acceleration and other proper stuff), don't know about results. you are welcome to play with its hardware adaptation repo, depending on how keen you are ;)12:53
sledgesping me if you're interested kimju12:53
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sledgesok let's break it down:12:57
kimjuwell, I need to setup a beagle for some demonstration and can spend some time doing it.. so might as well try to use nemo as a base. (only requirement is that this something is done on a beagle)12:57
sledgesBeagleBoard (Rev. C4) - OMAP353012:58
sledgesNokia N900 - OMAP343012:58
sledgesNokia N9/940 - OMAP363012:58
sledgessorry, don't know the status of nemo for the simple beagleboard12:59
sledgesBeagleBoard xM - TI DM373012:59
sledgesBeagleBone - TI Sitara (AM3xxx)13:00
sledgesfor xM is the repo I mentioned:
sledgesBeagleBone (Black) is the same AM335 SoC that xmlich02 did13:02
sledgesbut no repo available13:02
sledgesso which one is your beagle flavour kimju ? :)13:02
kimjuplain or xm, as I need the peripherals on those.13:02
sledgesthen I suggest to go with xM and try to make that repo work for you13:03
sledgesPS: xM also better, as it has 512 RAM (plain beagleboard has only 256 MB, which is not really enough for Nemo)13:04
sledgesprobably explains why there was never a repo for plain bb :D13:04
kimjuwe have few plain beagles laying around here, so might start with those while waiting for a xm. and we can always swap on sd, this doesn't need to be fast ;)13:05
kimjubut good to know that there is at least no known showstoppers, that is good enough for me for now.13:06
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sledgeserm.... plain bb will be tricky ;) don't forget, it is omap35xx, we have no exact HAs for that one (you should get your own uboot and kernel tailored for bb, so you can't reuse existing N9xx ones), so you'll end up building your own bb HA repo basically from scratch13:08
sledgesand if you want to swap out to SD, nemo will take many minutes to boot and run every time..13:08
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xavinuxsledges Bugs =509 and 680 can be closed? when we login as root installer-shell runs ok...13:10
sledgesif you want to play with nemo whilst waiting for xm (discover how nemo works etc), start with VM. if you want on physical hardware, i suggest pandaboard instead13:10
sledgesxavinux, 509 no, because it still needs PATH=$PATH:/sbin13:10
sledges680 no, becaue we still cannot do this via fingerterm ;)13:11
xavinuxok understand :)13:13
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xavinuxsladges: I will install the Mer platform SDK  on Kubuntu machine13:23
sledgesxavinux, have you blogged about how to do PySide on Nemo by the way? if you haven't, it would be nice ;)13:24
xavinuxok prepare my hello world Pyside program and blogged about it13:25
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sledgesbig thanks :)13:38
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diskreetyes xavinux, good stuff in the blog!13:43
xavinuxthnaksdiskreet, happy to be useful13:44
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Superpelicanlol, playing supertuxkart while running make, cpu load: 98% :P13:46
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HtheBanyone know how i can get the rootfs with 'dd' ?15:28
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xavinuxsledges:  I will install the Mer platform SDK on ubuntu machine. What I supose to be able to do once it is running?16:07
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sledgesxavinux, you can compile nemo apps and make changes to them! :)22:29
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