Thursday, 2013-06-27

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Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#372 waiting for review at
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xavinuxHi people, hope we have a nice day11:24
xavinux@SfietKonstantin Access via SSH to Nemo VM11:24
xavinux Installing Nemo VM through root Console. Updated11:24
sledgesnice clean blogs!11:29
xavinuxhi sledges!11:30
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sledgeshai xavinux :)11:30
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xavinuxpreparing th Pyside  post...11:34
sledges\o/ will tweet that dearly11:34
sledgeswhen I foundout that the whole Wazapp (Whatsapp client for N9) is PySide - and runs smoothly! means python can be used to build fast QML apps as well!11:35
dm8tbri thought it is a qt thing, not a qml thing11:35
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xavinuxis Python + Qt11:44
xavinuxQML is QT Metal Langage11:46
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xavinuxseldges: So the Mer SDK platform let me compile packages and modified .spec files and so on?12:01
xavinuxok. I will be installing it on these days on an Ubuntu 12.04. Will try to do a tutorial with screenshots of it12:05
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sledgesRT pls:
gry"to move forward from the12:18
grycurrent situation to one where Nemo looks nice and is a pleasure to use"12:18
gryI like that wording in some ways, I do12:18
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plundstrSage: here is the change for user session to easy transition for new targets12:32
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kaltsiplundstr: test12:45
plundstrkaltsi: it works :)12:46
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Netweaverall: in the latest UI of nemo, there is no visual notification (yet) for incoming SMS, or it's not working (yet). There is a vibration so we know a message has arrived. what's the status on that ?13:49
specialthat should be working, unless notifications as a whole were broken somewhere.13:52
specialdo you see notifications when plugging in USB and such?13:52
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sledgesNetweaver, sad news of thumb2 future on n900:
Netweaversledges: mmmmm, is the Thumb Maemo kernel doing so much 'easier' thing than what the Nemo kernel is doing? Because Thumb in Maemo CSSU works v nice.14:15
sledgesStskeeps, ^14:15
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sledgesspecial, i last time updated rnd devel nemo on n9 2 weeks ago, SMS would just make a sound and wake the phone up. no notifications. notifications for missed calls and usb cable plugs worked though14:22
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specialsledges: the sound is triggered by the notification, so there must be one..14:22
sledgesprobably is hidden by the lockscreen14:23
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specialcould be14:23
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sledgesbut this behaviour i remember for haly year already14:23
w00tno, notifications will float over14:23
w00tdid someone file a bug on it yet?14:23
Superpelicansledges:I've massively updated
sledgesw00t, it's filed as much as the lightgreen square on matrix is concerned (still a good reference for hunting/reflecting bugs on this overview PoV, well kept in sync with reality):
sledgesSuperpelican, great, will rt that14:32
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w00tsledges: having a bug to collect info would be good if you have some time, also would find e.g. journalctl output while you recieve that SMS useful, etc14:34
w00thaptics is now 'Y' btw14:34
w00tat least for n9/n95014:35
sledgesyippee :) even while typing?14:35
w00tno, nothing actually uses them yet (at least in the built-in software), but they're available for use14:35
sledgeskeyword please? :)14:36
w00tzypper in qt-mobility-haptics-ffmemless libdeclarative-feedback14:36
w00t and play with e.g. ThemeEffect and friends14:37
Superpelicansledges:Thanks for all the online publicity! ;)14:37
sledgeswelcome Superpelican , hope it picks up :)14:37
Superpelicansledges:Have you also already tweeted about vgrade and his Allwinner A10 work, he was the first to port Nemo/Mer to sunxi :)14:38
sledgesmust have slipped through my eyes :) I like photographs you see :))14:39
sledgesso does the world14:39
sledgeswell it seems like all this sunxi effort needs some centralisations14:40
sledgesas you remember, notmart and mdfe also have repos on obs14:40
Superpelicansledges:And for all the image lovers: ;)14:40
sledgesalso a bigger traction is gained when a tablet is in question ;)14:41
sledgesi don't see any pull around pandaboard :(14:41
Superpelicanthat's true of course14:41
Superpelicanwell there certainly is14:42
sledgesSuperpelican, i mean, gravity from interest after sage and me got that repo up ;)14:43
sledgess/from interest/from world's interest/14:43
Superpelicando you have a pandaboard then?14:43
sledgesI'm saying, that devboards attract companies, tablets/phone attract hobbyists14:44
SuperpelicanBut how's the PowerVR14:44
SuperpelicanIs it manageable?14:44
sledgesim currently working on accelerated video decoding on nemo panda14:46
Superpelican&& nice14:46
sledgesall manageable, but dead14:46
sledgesTI pulled the plug14:46
sledgesso we have what we have, won't get more14:46
sledgesthough even this much is practically sufficient14:46
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Superpelicanyeah, GLES accelerated UI is a pretty nice state14:47
sledgeswill run even better on a smaller display (that one is 1280x1024)14:48
sledgesthink LCD touchscreen, pretty embeddable into your kitchen cupboard door ;)14:48
SuperpelicanWell, I actually can't imagine having it running smoother than it already does14:48
sledgescapacitive multitouchscreen should make even the angrybirds port work, you can play while your dinner is cooking :)14:48
SuperpelicanBut I guess I'm just accustomed to severe lag ;)14:49
SuperpelicanHaving had a low end Android phone first14:49
sledgesand it's pandaboard, as old as n950 if not older14:49
Superpelicanand now the N90014:49
sledgesjoin the club - wildfire still on my table :)14:49
SuperpelicanMy definition of smooth is anything that runs smoother than the N900 ;)14:50
SuperpelicanI'd love to own a N914:50
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SuperpelicanI recently had the option to buy a second hand N914:50
Superpelican150 euro14:50
Superpelicanbut saving up for Jolla14:50
Superpelicanand unfortunately can't buy both :(14:51
sledgesgood plan :) well, now you have tablet to play on ;)14:51
SuperpelicanSo extremely patient for Jolla to come14:51
SuperpelicanWhen I bought my N900 in Dec 201214:51
SuperpelicanI could've also bought a N9 for 200 eur14:52
Superpelicanbut N900 was only 80 eur14:52
Superpelicansecond hand14:52
SuperpelicanBut buying a dead phone isn't a really great idea14:53
Superpelicandead as in, no support etc. of course14:53
sledgesmy cousin just bought ;)14:53
sledgeshe wanted something cheap and doesn't care about android apps14:54
SuperpelicanI'm probably the only one on the whole planet who bought a N900 in less than a half year ago ;)14:54
sledgesheh, I'm receiving mate's dead n900 tonight, will try to resurrect :)14:54
Superpelicanwhat's broken14:54
Superpelicanor don't you know yet?14:54
sledges(cousing bargained it for €100)14:55
sledgessometimes it boots up, very rarely though :)14:55
sledgesusb and lcd connectors we think14:55
Superpelicanprobably something's loose14:55
sledgesyup, loose cars and fast women14:55
Superpelicanloose as in loose wire14:56
sledgesunderstood ;)14:56
SuperpelicanI suspected that ;)14:56
Superpelicanbut you never know14:56
Netweaversledges: on the thumb : Currently the kernel errata is already implemented in the latest Pali uboot. Only the linker patch needs to be implmented to successfully compile for thumb. Unless again the Nemo kernel does more funky things than the Maemo kernel14:57
sledgesyet again, Stskeeps is the best person to talk about this14:57
sledgesyet again, he doesn't frequent tmo as much14:57
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sledgesso thanks for the link!14:58
Netweaveryou're welcome. I just wanted to keep you up-to-date too, as I'm not always on here too. Thumb on N900 surely made the device feel a lot faster, due to the overall reduced memory usage. And the theoretical 2 to 5% performance loss was made up by the lesser swapping.15:01
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NetweaverAnybody noticed that you can't add contacts? At least, you can add them but 'save' doesn't actually save them ?15:45
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xmlich02sledges, I am sorry, I was'nt here, regarding to this you can ping also my officemate imusil, my secondary irc nick is jmlich..16:30
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cybrNautdid i just say something?17:51
cybrNautsome strange shit happened with my connection.. not sure if I got through17:51
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mike7b4_lenovoanyone got nemo/mer running on beaglebone black? is there any kickstartfile, would be nice :)17:58
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Stskeeps - maybe somebody to involve in nemo?20:49
wmaronethat's slick20:52
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rcglooks cool21:05
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specialSage: very optimistic ping22:56
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