Thursday, 2013-07-11

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memleakHello! I have a NOKIA N900 and when I flashed the external MicroSD card with the following file: nemo-armv7hl-n900-mmcblk0p.raw.bz2 after following the installation guide I get "kernel panic - Not syncing: No init found"02:37
memleakI flashed it several different ways, the bzcat | dd method listed on the wiki, I used dc3dd after using bzip -d and no difference...02:38
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memleakI'm trying a different rootfs image: 0.20130218.0.1.NEMO.2013-02-15.102:41
memleakI think the wiki for the Nemo for N900 might be missing a few steps...02:42
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memleakthat doesn't work either... No init found, try passing init= option to the kernel...02:50
memleaki think i'm the only person with this issue, gotta be kidding me.. google has nothing :(02:52
memleakwow, putting the back of the cover on fixes it?....02:55
memleaktheres a surprise! heh!!!02:55
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xavinuxHi people, how are you10:25
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stephgis very quiet around here today isn't it10:45
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KaIRCthis channel is rarely busy10:48
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sledgeslooking at the logs, I blame it on the weather man :)10:56
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xavinuxHi sledges!11:12
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sledgesheya xavinux !11:28
sledgeshow are you?11:28
xavinuxvery well htnks, and you?11:32
sledgesgood good11:34
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Netweaver sage, all. I'm having issues getting my USB networking to work to my blank screen N900. The N900 port is in PC-suite mode, I'm connection from a Lubuntu 12.10 VMware machine. the usb0 networkcard is properly created. But after that, the connection doesn't work. I've followed everything in vain looking here:
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kavuriAnyone from Qt core? I have an issue with QSocketNotifier when used with opening a USB device (/dev/..). On the phone, I open the usb device using open and then setup QSocketNotifier to watch activity on the socket. On the host (PC), I issue a casual obex GET (using obexftp) on the usb interface. The activated() signal of QSocketNotifier gets invoked quite many times/sec and just goes into a loop11:54
kavuriI was expecting more of a single invocation whenever data is available..11:54
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sledgesNetweaver, are all IP addresses in place and are you sure they don't get reset?12:04
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NetweaverSledges: I'm even stopping network-manager before I try anything. Once bitten, twice shy ... This is the connect script I use:12:07
Netweaverstop network-manager12:08
Netweaver/sbin/ifconfig usb0 up
Netweaver/sbin/iptables -A POSTROUTING -t nat -s -j MASQUERADE12:08
Netweaver/sbin/iptables -P FORWARD ACCEPT12:08
Netweaverecho 1 | tee /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward12:08
NetweaverNAME_SERVER=`cat /etc/resolv.conf | grep "nameserver" | head -1`12:08
Netweaverecho "echo $NAME_SERVER > /etc/resolv.conf"12:08
Netweaverecho "route add default gw"12:08
Netweaverexport DATE=$(date) ; ssh root@ date -s \"$DATE\"12:08
sledgesbreak it down12:08
sledgescan you ping n900?12:08
sledgeswhat does ifconfig say?12:09
Netweaverthis is the relevant output of ifconfig:12:09
Netweaverusb0      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 4a:1f:9e:d9:ab:1912:09
Netweaver          inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
Netweaver          inet6 addr: fe80::481f:9eff:fed9:ab19/64 Scope:Link12:09
Netweaver          UP BROADCAST MULTICAST  MTU:1500  Metric:112:09
Netweaver          RX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:012:09
Netweaver          TX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:012:09
Netweaver          collisions:0 txqueuelen:100012:09
Netweaver          RX bytes:0 (0.0 B)  TX bytes:0 (0.0 B)12:09
sledgesblack screen n900 might be also usb net dead ..12:09
Netweaveron/off button still works, I see the normal shutdown text messages12:10
sledgesnet are you affected:
Netweavergrrrr, I saw that message but at the time I was still a happy camper :) Seems a reflash is in order ...12:11
sledgesjust had a wild thought12:12
NetweaverOh well, since I was on the RND/devel repo, that can happen when one goes bleeding edge :)12:12
sledgescan you not chroot to your sd card via sb2 arm target ;)12:12
sledgesto see what usb net version you have12:12
NetweaverI have no dev environment set up for Mer/Nemo. But I can get the uSD card connected to my lubuntu machine via card reader, so I can see into files, if it's just for verification...12:14
Netweaveris the zypper db human readable ?12:14
sledgesrpm db is somewhere /var/lib/rpm12:15
sledgesbut don't know how to read it12:15
sledgesthose are Berkeley DB files apparently12:20
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SageNetweaver: yes, rnd devel repo anything can happen as the stuff is pushed to that repo by developers13:07
Sagein general it should be ok but at times things might happen13:07
SageI'll check with my n950 it during hte weekend and promote working stuff to testing13:07
* Sage hopes he can really do that13:07
SageNetweaver: but the usb networking should really just work13:08
* Sage checks13:08
Sageyes, it is still the old version of usb-moded and should just work13:08
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Netweaverok, I'm happy to hold off the re-flashing and retry again, go over the settings I make13:13
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Netweaversh*t, too late, flashed already ...13:15
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sledgesjust assume that it was something else that broke :)13:20
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SageNetweaver: I updated my n950 just now to rnd/devel lets see how it goes :)13:57
NetweaverThanks, I'll do the same in a minute again ... Maybe I should hold of for a bit13:57
Sageok, so my n950 gets also black screen13:59
Sagelipstick isn't running at leats13:59
Netweaveroops wrong window :)14:00
Sageok I see the problem14:01
* Sage goes to check git trees14:02
w00tSage: what's up? need any info from me? (i pray i didn't break it :-P)14:03
Sagepekka broke it :)14:04
Sagesome systemd session stuff14:05
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NetweaverSage: FYI, with a freshed flashed N900 & (latest, 2 moths old image), my connection sequence works perfectly. So it's not my stupidity, in this case :D14:07
SageNetweaver: ok, will fix the devel today14:10
NetweaverSage: thanks, I will hold off for a while14:15
w00tSage: ooooops :)14:16
Sagew00t: we should cleanup the /etc/xdg/autostart btw14:18
w00tyes, I agree14:18
Sagelol, systemui build takes so freaking long :d14:22
Sagelipstick was like 15s this is minutes :P14:22
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Sagew00t: and
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xavinuxSage: hi, could you take a look to when you are able, to see if corrections I've made are ok...15:56
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MSameerlibqtsparql-tracker-extensions is listed as "should not be ported"21:12
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MSameerbut it's the only library that has qt friendly API for tracker live queries AFAICT21:12
specialI believe it was ported21:13
MSameerso the wiki is outdated ;)21:13
MSameerI fixed quillimagefilters-qt5 build :D21:13
specialis it part of qtsparql, or separate?21:13
MSameerspecial: it's separate21:14
specialhmm, might not have been then21:14
MSameernot sure how to find reviewers for that21:15
special no port21:15
MSameeri can try to port it at some point21:17
specialI think you're the last one who hasn't successfully dropped sparql, so :p21:17
MSameeris there another alternative?21:18
specialwell, for media tracker actually makes sense21:18
MSameertracker doesn't make sense for anything but there is no alternative :p21:18
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MSameeri guess i will give up on trying to port quill to qt521:39
MSameerit uses qundostack and friends21:39
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