Friday, 2013-07-12

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rikaneeqwazix and the rest on here:08:47
rikaneepretty much finalized Glacier by now.08:47
rikaneerequesting comments and suggestions, if any.08:47
Stskeepshave you guys thought about how you'd like to implement your component set yet?08:49
rikaneeStskeeps: we'll try to avoid making custom components, and we'll try to release two "themes" for Glacier.08:50
Stskeepssure, but i was thinking more like the qml components08:50
fk_lxrikanee: really nice work08:51
Stskeepsas the old harmattan ones aren't particularly nice for let's say, qt508:51
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rikaneeStskeeps: doesn't qt5 let us make our own component styles?08:51
Stskeepsthere's something like at least08:52
rikaneeah, wait, Stskeeps, you mean components like bars, views, etc?08:53
Stskeepsactual building blocks for implementing the ui :)08:54
rikaneeI guess we could start parting the UI out into blocks, then implementing them as glacier-qt-components08:54
rikaneewell, glacier-qt-components-alpha and glacier-qt-components-beta08:55
Stskeepswould make sense to build of qt quick controls probably08:55
rikaneeas qwazix wants the system to be themeable08:55
rikaneeStskeeps: can Qt use SVG for resources?08:58
Stskeepsi think there's something about it's not.. w00t, do you remember?08:58
rikaneemost, if not all the stuff in the UI is easily vectorizable, and should save us some space.08:58
rikaneeshould also allow DPI scaling to not suck.08:59
Stskeepsfirst thing you should do is get a sane components set, then rest of UI falls into place quite nicely :P09:01
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* w00t reads up09:03
w00tSVG is not fast to render09:04
w00tyou could look at doing what istr that darko did, using SVG for "source" material but converting to PNG for deployment09:05
w00tanother reason to be careful of Qt and SVG: Qt only supports a subset of SVG, and finding things that save that exact subset and never anything more can be a little challenging09:06
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fk_lxw00t: yes using SVG as source-only is the good way, even in SVG world there are incompatibilities like for example Inkscape SVG which is not a typical SVG etc.09:16
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sledgesrikanee, fascinating! A great way to start Fryday :)09:32
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NeeDforKillhi guys09:47
NeeDforKilli have question about nemo n9 can some one help me?09:48
sledgesfire away!09:48
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sledgeseveryone on this channel can help, just ask, if I don't know, someone else will and so on ;)09:50
sledgesNeeDforKill, ^09:50
NeeDforKillokay thank u, my question09:50
NeeDforKilli try to install nemo n909:50
NeeDforKilluse guide from wiki09:51
NeeDforKilllast time i use nemo-armv7hl-n950-0.20130411.1.NEMO.2013-04-26.109:51
NeeDforKillwhen, i flash kernele , it repatitioned emmc09:52
NeeDforKillwithout errors09:52
NeeDforKillthen i extract "sudo tar --numeric-owner -xf nemo-handset-armv7hl-n950-*.tar.bz2 -C /media/Alt_OS/"09:53
NeeDforKillall without errors09:53
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sledges(a calm before the storm :))09:53
NeeDforKillbut nemo not loading,09:54
NeeDforKilli try t ouse ubiboot09:54
NeeDforKilltoo, but meego,nitdroid loads, nemo no09:54
sledgesNeeDforKill, did you umount /media/Alt_OS elegantly?09:54
sledgesand/or with sync09:55
NeeDforKilllast time with "sudo umount /media/Alt_OS"09:55
kontioand when you reboot, does moslo say it found an OS and continues?09:55
kontioor where does it stop?09:55
xavinuxgood morning people09:55
NeeDforKillit say alternative os found press volume down button to load09:56
NeeDforKilli press09:56
NeeDforKillso and have black screen09:56
NeeDforKillwait 10 min09:56
sledgesplug usb cable and see dmesg09:56
sledgesdoes usb0 ethernet come up09:56
kontiodid you try (after waiting for 10min) if usb work ^?09:57
NeeDforKillokay now i have ubi installed ,who use it?09:57
sledgessince ubi boots everything else, i think problem is in nemo, not ubi09:58
NeeDforKilly, mb with last image?09:58
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sledgesNeeDforKill, let's try obvious first, as kontio said: plug usb cable between n9 and your host whilst in black screen09:58
NeeDforKill1 sec10:00
NeeDforKillyeah i plug usb10:00
NeeDforKillin off device10:00
NeeDforKillso  now i have10:00
NeeDforKillwelcome to n9 ubiboot ver  . 0.3.310:01
NeeDforKillhe based on Moslo ver.
sledgesboot nemo into "black screen"10:01
NeeDforKillmake it10:02
NeeDforKillwhat next?10:02
NeeDforKillplug usb?10:02
sledgesand on your host type ifconfig10:03
NeeDforKillno, phone make restart10:03
NeeDforKilllike a after pressing10:03
NeeDforKillphone not boot, he going to off10:03
sledgesit looks like your phone shuts itself off when you boot nemo10:03
sledgesyou can check:10:03
sledgesboot nemo10:03
sledgesafter 20 seconds press shortly power button10:04
sledgesif white LED comes on10:04
sledgesyour phone is off (no nemo booted)10:04
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NeeDforKilldo i need, do smth with "nemo-armv7hl-n950-vmlinuz-"?10:04
sledgesI would like to reflash it10:04
sledgeswait will give you quick and dirty hint10:04
NeeDforKillok i wait10:05
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sledgesat any rate, it would be best for you to try the newest image10:06
sledgesI will update wiki10:06
sledgescompletely forgot that this one is a -release- and not a -snapshot- ;)10:06
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sledgesso once Alt_OS mounts, wipe all of its contents, and then re-extract10:07
sledgesfrom new image10:07
NeeDforKillokay doing it now10:07
sledgesmake sure you issue `sync` afterwards10:07
sledgesi got into this healthy habit myself ;)10:07
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NeeDforKillcan i delete old nemo version without telnet?10:11
xavinuxif someone could please look at to see if changes are ok10:12
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sledgesNeeDforKill, delete it via exported Alt_OS10:12
sledgesno telnet involved10:13
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sledgesxavinux, sorry I'm not packaging expert to that extent. You should stand by for Sage as he'd started helping you10:21
sledgesi.e., I'm not understanding how systemd and ldconfig stuffs work10:22
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xavinuxsledges: it's ok, don't worry. I will wait till Sage or w00t can take a look at it10:23
xavinuxhow are you?10:23
*** NeeDforKill_ has joined #nemomobile10:23
sledgesI'm fine, just received this one yesterday:
* Sage is a bit busy but will review soon10:25
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sledgeshope not to snap too much, will start soldering to revive my n9 this weekend:
sledgesall good on your end?10:26
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xavinuxsage: thank you :)10:27
xavinuxsledges: congrats!10:28
xavinuxyou will have up and running your N9 again soon... :)10:28
sledgeswell too early to congrat, but let's keep fingers cross(compil)ed :)10:28
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xavinuxsage: thanks for your review. Are there others package to work on?10:35
NeeDforKill_sledges can't delete files or format alt_os10:35
sledgesNeeDforKill_, `sudo rm -r /media/Alt_OS/*`10:36
NeeDforKill_ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo rm -r /media/ubuntu/Alt_OS/ rm: cannot remove ‘/media/ubuntu/Alt_OS/’: Device or resource busy10:37
sledgesNeeDforKill_, add star10:38
NeeDforKill_yeah,ty folder clear, now extract new version10:39
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NeeDforKill_"sudo tar --numeric-owner -xf 1.tar.bz2 -C /media/ubuntu/Alt_OS/" right?10:41
sledgesoyes :)10:42
NeeDforKill_in ubi boot using stable or unstable kernel for nemo?10:43
sledgesdon't know about that one10:43
NeeDforKill_yeah, nemo booting10:45
NeeDforKill_thanks a lot \o/10:46
sledgesenjoy it as much as we do :)10:46
NeeDforKill_u need add last version in wiki10:46
sledgesespecially when the new UI will be in place ;)10:46
sledgesNeeDforKill_, already added :) thanks!10:46
NeeDforKill_thank u =)) it's concept?10:47
sledgesnot far from reality though ;)10:47
NeeDforKill_good luck with this beautiful interface ))10:47
NeeDforKill_i need add repos or smth from wiki to update nemo?10:48
sledgescheers :) all thanks to community10:48
sledgesdepends if you want to go bleeding edge ;)10:48
NeeDforKill_ssu what is this?10:49
sledgesseamless software update10:49
NeeDforKill_better for use now is?10:49
NeeDforKill_for updates10:49
sledgesit's coming from COBS/CSSU of N900 times (
sledgesssu should be already integrated into the latest release image you have10:49
ZogG_laptopmpone of updates few days ago leaded me to mess up X ( i mean after reboot i see only black screen)10:50
sledgesZogG_laptop, thanks, Sage sussed it out yesterday and fixed it10:50
ZogG_laptopi cn say it's on as it' not black as turned off but black screen when i know it's on10:50
sledgessystemd leftovers10:50
ZogG_laptopsledges: you got rid of systemd ?10:50
ZogG_laptoptell me please that yes :)10:50
sledgesnope :)10:50
sledgesleftovers from refactoring10:51
ZogG_laptopso what do you mean by leftovers?10:51
ZogG_laptopwhy do you still use it :(10:51
sledgessome packages did not adhere to new layout10:51
sledgesZogG_laptop, no main distros use init.d scripts anymore. Everyone moved to systemd, with exception to ubuntu, which moved to upstart instead...10:52
ZogG_laptopsledges: main distros?10:52
sledgesArch Linux10:52
ZogG_laptoptell me what are those?10:52
ZogG_laptopmer is not main10:52
ZogG_laptoparch is a mess10:52
ZogG_laptopwhat else?10:52
ZogG_laptopand suse maybe10:52
ZogG_laptopothers are just other distros based on those10:53
sledgesMer is main for interactive embedded devices ;)10:53
ZogG_laptopmine use openrc10:53
ZogG_laptopsledges: mer is new one10:53
sledgesI'm hardcore Arch user and Mer happened to follow along10:53
ZogG_laptopi tryed arch on laptp10:54
sledgessome people like Ford, some others like Audi :)10:54
ZogG_laptopgave up after few days10:54
ZogG_laptopit's a mess :)10:54
sledgesI used Gentoo, Arch was a salvation10:54
sledgesArch is for a command-line-happy user10:54
ZogG_laptopi'm gentoo and now as well funtoo user10:54
sledgeswhere you choose everything in your system from a-z10:54
ZogG_laptopwhy didn't you like gentoo?10:54
sledgestoo long to compile, I got an 8 years laptop, which is now breathing second life seamlessly with arch10:55
sledgespacman ftw too :)10:55
ZogG_laptopsledges: i had funtoo on n95010:55
sledgesbut again, it's all IMGO10:55
sledges(G - grumpy?) IMHO :D10:55
ZogG_laptopsledges: gentoo is really so logical10:56
ZogG_laptopand as well i cjhecked aor and it's mess10:56
ZogG_laptopbut again10:56
ZogG_laptopno images after the fix10:56
sledgesZogG_laptop, I'm not an expert of compile flags for my CPU and SoC, so when I tried arch, same packages were just running faster10:56
ZogG_laptopsledges: packages like?10:56
ZogG_laptopi'm not master either10:56
sledgesoverall system feel10:57
ZogG_laptopbut i do have proper use flags for me at least10:57
sledgesin gentoo it was just too easy to mess up, especially when I went all bleeding edge (unmask all ;D )10:57
sledgesbecame an intense bug reporter10:57
sledgeslol, but after 4 years of gentoo wanted something else to try. arch is the only one (linuxfromscratch is too much)10:58
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ZogG_laptopsledges: it was my first distro and i was noob(still noob :) )10:59
ZogG_laptopand i messed up10:59
ZogG_laptopbut there was nothing google and irc wouldb't fix10:59
ZogG_laptopjust need t know ask questuons10:59
ZogG_laptopyou learn a lot10:59
sledgesah, gentoo wikis went down10:59
sledgesi had to go through on this great depression :)10:59
sledgestheir wikis were top notch10:59
sledgesand then boom all went up in the air10:59
sledgesthat contributed to my wish to switch10:59
ZogG_laptophandbook and blogs is enuf11:00
ZogG_laptopwiki has mirrors11:00
sledgesarch wikis are miles ahead better than ubuntus e.g. imho11:00
ZogG_laptopthere is documentation out there as well11:00
sledgeswho reads docs? :) wiki was addressing one specific issue after another (especially hard11:00
sledgesware support)11:00
ZogG_laptoparch wiki is nice11:00
ZogG_laptopused it few times11:00
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sledgeshope gentoo wikis are back as they were in their golden times now11:00
ZogG_laptopthere is that book doc project it actually have a lot of info11:01
sledgesgood good11:02
NeeDforKill_zypper install -f -t pattern nemo-<DEVICE> i need write n9 or n950?11:02
sledgesNeeDforKill_, it should already be there(?)11:03
ZogG_laptopsledges: what's the DE used in nemo?11:03
sledgesDevelopment Environment?11:03
sledgesMer Platform SDK11:03
sledgesNeeDforKill_, don't rush with that, I might have mislead you11:04
* sledges off to a pub :)11:04
ZogG_laptopDesktop envirment(how to speel it right?)11:04
sledgesLipstick QML11:04
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NeeDforKill_anyway terminal say no thing to do11:06
NeeDforKill_:D after this command11:06
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xavinuxsage:  Are there others package to work on?11:44
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sledgesNeeDforKill, please use SSU section of that wiki15:35
sledgesif you want cutting edge or bleeding edge updates15:35
NeeDforKilli remember15:36
NeeDforKillso i have trouble with dual booting15:36
sledgesthe current image as is will surely say "Nothing to do"15:36
* sledges hides15:36
sledges:) what seems to be the problem officer?15:36
NeeDforKillwhere i can take  "he Harmattan kernel and the kernel command line" ?15:37
sledgesjuiceme, ^15:37
sledgesNeeDforKill, isn't ubiboot doing the job already?15:37
NeeDforKilli want make it without ubiboot15:38
sledgesI never tried this myself15:38
NeeDforKilli mean, i want make15:38
NeeDforKillfor loading nemo without flasher15:38
sledgesbut harmattan kernel and cmdline should be under nemo /boot-orig/ folder15:38
NeeDforKillpossible without ubiboot?15:38
sledgesdon't see why you want to go without ubiboot, but there's Dual Boot section in the Installing wiki15:39
NeeDforKillyeah,but where i can take harmattan kernak and cmdline?15:40
sledgesit's backed up in your nemo /boot-orig/ folder15:40
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xavinuxw00t: ping16:56
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NeeDforKillsledges one question pls19:26
*** furikku has quit IRC19:28
NeeDforKilli afk for 2 hours19:34
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lNeeDforKillafter update nokia n9 don't see sim card and not working dial22:38
lNeeDforKillit's normal? :D22:38
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juicemesledges, hi23:15
juicemeNeeDforKill, hi23:16
juicemeah he's gone...23:17
juicemelNeeDforKill, hiya :)23:18
juicemeYou maybe wanted to ask smthn about ubiboot...?23:19
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