Wednesday, 2013-07-17

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netweaverMorning all (CET)07:28
netweaverAll, Sage: I have same issue as needforkill on Sunday, no telephony.07:31
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Sagenetweaver: can you try if you can make a call with ofono-tests scripts?08:00
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faenilwazd, hey :) how you doing08:40
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Netweaver_Sage: list-modems returns a proper list (as far as I can see), dial-number crashes with DBUS exception in (line 651) in call_blocking. dbus.exceptions.DBusException: org.ofono.Error.NotAvailable: Operation currently not available. ofonod and voicecall-manager are running08:45
w00t__Aard: ^ didn't you say you were having trouble with cellular?08:47
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SageNetweaver_: can you pastebin the list-modems output for me? You can drop the personal info ;)08:53
Aardw00t__: yep, that's same thing I'm getting08:55
Aardofono is up and runnning, and cellular network connected08:55
Netweaver_Sage, sure, the moment I get my USB networking connecting and stable again ... never ending saga. Just as a general question, what Linux distro is easiest to work with to get an always stable USB networking connectivity? I've given up on Lubuntu 12.10, I'm happy to install any, just to get eyes-closed connectivity08:57
SageNetweaver_: distro that doesn't have networkmanager installed ;)08:58
SageNetweaver_: you just need to make networkmanager to ignore the usbX08:59
SageI have personally about 50 entries in my networkmanager of usb0 as it wants to do it always again and need to go to disable auto connect for each new id08:59
Netweaver_Sage: I saw this in the wiki: "Simplified version should work 99% of the machines and distributions, if you run into troubles, then use old more complicated instructions." I really what these 99% of distros are09:00
* Sage checks09:02
SageNetweaver_: well haven't used that myself09:03
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Netweaver_mmm, it looks my debian 7 VM is accepting it fine. But no guaranteed after one connection it will work again. Pastebin is coming up soon09:09
stephgNetweaver_, always had trouble with VMs and the USB networking09:11
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Netweaver_Sage: finally :
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Netweaver_Sage, FYI : pastebin of the output of dial-number :
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sledgesno problems with Arch Linux ;)09:53
Netweaver_sledges: tnx. if Debian 7 plays up on subsequent USB connects, I'll give Arch Linux a try09:54
sledgesArch Linux "is all about choice" - so you just choose to go without network manager :)09:54
sledgeseasy for me to say, when my workstation is wired-only, but in other cases I remember in networkmanager setting up static ip for usb0 devices09:55
sledgesdid the trick09:55
sledgesin ubuntu 10.04 iirc09:55
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mricI just saw Glacier UI it is amazing !!! Is it already released of just some ideas ?10:03
Netweaver_sledges: :) for now, I try to NOT disconnect to verify repeatability, as long as I have it, to help Sage if he needs something from me to check.10:03
w00t__modem is marked as not online? hm..10:04
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sledgesmric, hello! how have you been? :)10:05
mric_very good thanks, what about you ?10:06
sledgesmric, those are ideas currently in a photoshop/gimp state :)10:06
sledgesI hope we soon could have rudimentary navigation and theming ported to QML, then via testing and comments of how convenient it looks and feels, will be made just better and better!10:07
sledgesrikanee is the person to talk to ;)10:07
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mric_haah ok I was already dreaming :) it is so beautiful10:07
sledgesyes, I'm dreaming of it too :D10:07
sledgesso much that I made a wallpaper gallery (cut up existing screens ;) so you can see how10:08
sledgesthey look on n9/95010:08
mric_haah yeah good idea, and how do they look ?10:08
sledgesand was going to cutout icons too lol just for the sake of playing with it10:08
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mric_haha perfect will download them !10:10
mric_btw, do you know what is the difference between a snapshot (nemo image) and a release ?10:11
sledgesSage, I had the same question for you last week (in my head :) ^10:13
sledgesas I was updating this:
mric_yep exactly :)10:14
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mric_I guess the last image dated from 24-Jun-2013 ?10:16
sledgesjust go with the latest for now ignoring the bit :)10:16
Netweaver_all: any idea how to migrate the contacts from the maemo side into the Nemo side, in case we get the ofono back working? I have 400+ contacts and I don't like to retype all. It would ease full-time transition to Nemo if that effort was taken away10:18
mric_netweaver, the answer would very much interset me aswell :)10:19
sledgesif there isn't one, I think a python script could do it for now :)10:21
sledgesthis is how nemo glacier ui will look like on a phone:
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sledgesa bit weird looking into it and not seeing the 4x7 app grid like we are so much used in pretty much everywhere!10:24
roopethat glacier looks so good10:25
mric_looks very good, but meaybe I'm missing some status like battery level, signal strength, .... but still looks amazing10:26
sledgessailfish is missing that too ;P10:26
sledgesbut it's cleverly hidden10:26
faenilSage, where is the file containing the packages for "@Nemo x86 VM"? (I'm trying to understand the image creation process in nemo)10:26
sledgesI think glacier will have something similar10:26
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mric_or maybe like WP: you can to tap at the top and the status bar shows up10:27
sledgesfaenil, patterns are defined nicely. in your case:
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faenilsledges, thanks man, I was going crazy, looked everwhere on github10:29
sledgesbeen there done that faenil :))10:29
faenilbut that file should be somewhere else too...right?10:29
sledgesgood point :D no idea10:29
sledgesprobably around OBS10:29
faenilgets messy in no time10:32
rozhkovlbt: I guess there is a free space issue with
rikaneesledges: think of it as a new spin on the launcher.10:34
sledgesfaenil, there's a _pattern package. I think you can open it with osc
lbtrozhkov: looking - ty10:35
sledgesrikanee, no app grid = fresh wind alternatives for our sails, you mean? :)10:36
faenilsledges, not on github though :/10:37
sledgesgithub tracks individual projects. OBS puts it into a hierarchical sturcture I think. that's why OBS (and not github) is a tool for the release engineers10:39
sledgesthat's how tizen managed to keep it all locked down10:39
sledgessource open = you can download individual tarballs10:39
sledgesbut access to their OBS - only for chosen people (I applied two times - no response)10:39
sledgesas in addition to patterns, OBS contains the projects' metadata too (like Prefers: etc)10:40
roopebtw, is there any information whether sailfish os will be available for n95010:41
sledgesroope, you can try your luck (again) on #sailfishos10:42
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rikaneesledges: call it the icebreaker ;)10:42
mric_see you10:42
sledgeslaters mric_10:42
roopeheh, im new here so i got no information about how much that has been discussed before10:42
sledgesso, no dates so far. that's why it's cool to concentrate on nemo mobile in the meantime10:43
roopeim just so fed up with meego so i began to look alternatives10:43
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sledgesrikanee, lol, and no the iceberg :))10:43
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sledgesmeego left the principles of "mobile linux done right", and got shot in the head10:47
sledgeshere all of those principles were revived, and meego lives in new shapes now10:47
roopethe issue may also be in my phone, all my apps lost their network connectivity10:48
sledgesnemomobile is 100% opensource10:48
sledgesso no-one can shoot us anymore ;)10:48
roopeneed to flash today and see if it helps anything10:48
faenilit seems mic-creator-image has been replaced by mic create ?10:49
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Netweaver_Sledges: I fully believe you. I think if people want to be persuaded to move to Nemo, then at least the telephony + wifi + mobile data should work. And cut away extra work such as rek-eying contacts.10:56
rikaneehuh, phone calls are broken on Nemo?10:58
sledgeson :devel: anything can be broken anytime ;)10:59
Netweaver_Sage, all: when I do an online-modem command, then some things start working. Then I can do a dial-number and the status bar updates to show the correct signal strength & operator. The dialer still refuses to start though11:00
sledgessure on :testing: it had been working (at least surely worked earlier)11:00
sledgesyup, lots of stuffs to be done, but we had reports GSM+wifi+GPRS worked in the past, so these regressions won't be had to fix11:01
w00t__Netweaver_: refuses how?11:01
sledgessadly I broke my N9 :( need to fix asap11:02
sledgesNetweaver_, your pastebins were removed :}11:02
Netweaver_all, sorry I'm going into a meeting now. I'll be back. Real life ... :(11:04
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rozhkovlbt: can i try to trigger a new build for xulrunner?11:15
lbtrozhkov: I can't see a problem :(11:16
lbt(Also being distracted by other people !)11:16
lbttry a trigger, yes11:16
rozhkovok, one sec11:16
lbt100G for src - 89Gb free11:17
lbtI'll watch in case it unpacks in var or something dumb11:17
rozhkovlbt: fatal: cannot create directory at 'parser/htmlparser/tests/mochitest': No space left on device :(11:28
Netweaver_sledges: old pastbin re-created as, no expiration now..11:28
lbtrozhkov: gah - can you do it again and ping me when you trigger11:29
rozhkovsure, one sec11:30
* lbt is in about 5 meetings11:30
rozhkovlbt: ready, stady...11:31
rozhkovlbt: go11:31
lbtit unpacks to /var/tmp11:32
lbtonly 4Gb there - it shouldn't do that11:33
lbtthat then does a cross-fs move11:33
rozhkovoh, that's not efficient for big tarballs11:34
lbtI misread the date and rm'ed the wrong tmp file11:34
lbtthere's some old uncleaned up stuff11:34
lbtso sorry - could you do it again - now it's clean it should work11:35
lbtand we need to log a bug with islam I think11:35
rozhkovlbt: will try again. ty!11:35
lbtI was rushing to try and clean up before the tarball unpacked all the way :D11:36
sledgesNetweaver_, thanks, could you output voicecall-ui refusing to start?11:37
sledgesyou can do it from fingerterm: voicecall-ui11:37
sledges(iirc the app name)11:37
lbtrozhkov: how big is the unpacked src? there is 3.5Gb free11:38
rozhkovlbt: lemme check11:39
lbtfeel free to trigger again anyhow11:39
rozhkovlbt: 2.9G11:39
lbtand it seems to be doing 2 in parallel :)11:41
rozhkovyes, one for xulruneer.spec and one other for xulrunner-qt5.spec11:42
rozhkovfailed again :(11:43
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Netweaver__sledges: mmmm, maybe it was a timing issue. when started from the icon, progress indicator started spinning. and stopped without giving the dialer. Now via command line it starts fine and via icon it now also starts fine ...11:46
sledgesfaenil, amazing article, not so much the channel you posted it in ;D11:46
sledgesso Netweaver__ great success :)11:47
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lbtrozhkov: OK - I found what's happening in bs_service - hotfix applied - restarting service now11:47
Netweaver__sledges: so only the automatic 'online-modem' is not happening somewhere during the bootup11:48
lbtrozhkov: try again - should be OK now11:48
rozhkovlbt: trying...11:48
sledgesNetweaver__, very possible, because we had systemd overhaul recently11:49
sledgescan be that online-modem.service got lost (can't tell the exact name now)11:49
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Netweaver__sledges: where to request the check and correct? Nemo bug creation or it can go -in between- ?11:54
sledgesNetweaver__, since you're around, let's try adhoc here11:56
sledgesif still stuck, file a bug11:56
sledgesplease execute:11:56
sledgesrpm -qf /usr/bin/online-modem11:56
sledges(if that where the file is)11:56
Netweaver__no, it's in the ofono tests directory. anyway, it's in this rpm : ofono-tests-1.12-1.1.2.armv7hl11:58
sledgesok means nemo is no longer setting this property via dbus on boot: org.ofono.Modem'12:02
sledgesNetweaver__, are you on rnd repo? if so, are you on testing or devel?12:02
sledges`ssu -s` can tell12:02
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Netweaver__bleeding edge :)12:03
sledgesno wonder it bleeds then ;)12:04
Netweaver__he, someone has to test :)12:04
sledgesthat's the attitude!12:04
sledgesso people can come now and choose nemo:testing instead of devel, gsm+gprs+wifi should work there!12:05
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Netweaver__sure, I was on testing before. But more fun and more understanding what's going on when hitting bugs. One only really learns from errors and fixing them.12:10
sledgestoo true, thanks for finding this one!12:10
sledgestime to file a bug ;)12:10
sledgesunder Middleware/Other12:13
Netweaver__doing now12:14
sledgesawesomness :)12:14
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Netweaver__there you go :
MerbotNemo bug 691 in .Other "ofono modem is not set Online anymore at boot (rnd/devel)" [Major,New]12:20
sledgesadded a person in question :)12:21
sledgesi think  w00t__ should also be in the loop12:21
sledgesthanks Netweaver__12:21
sledges(why so many tails today__?)12:21
Netweaver__sledges: ur welcome. while I'm at it, should I file a few more? Both bugs and requests/tasks?12:21
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Netweaver__sledges: diff networks/VPNs I'm on and diff devices ...12:23
*** diego is now known as Guest9402612:23
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sledgessure, use the momentum :) report at will, as long as you specify under Severity, which is bug, and which is enhancement/task instead12:24
sledgesall c00l__ :))12:24
*** diego_ has joined #nemomobile12:24
lbtrozhkov:  looks better now (apart from the fails :) )12:27
*** Guest94026 has quit IRC12:28
rozhkovlbt: yep :) thanks!12:28
*** panda84kde has quit IRC12:28
sledgesanother great day :)12:29
rozhkovlbt: btw, could you check what's wrong with ? it builds successfully in another OBS with source service, but breaks in nemo12:29
phaeronoops my typo ?12:32
rozhkovlooks like that :)12:32
lbtphaeron: fyi I changed bs_service code to have a different workdir for space reasons12:34
rozhkovphaeron: ty!12:34
lbtit's hardcoded12:34
phaeronlbt: yeah it is :/ . thanks12:35
faenilsledges, :D12:35
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Netweaver__Sledges: 2nd one for today:
MerbotNemo bug 692 in Contacts/People "request for script to dump Maemo Contacts into Nemo People import format" [Enhancement,New]12:45
sledgesbril, a script or a proper mechanism altogether12:45
sledgesscript I think is a quick and dirty option (for impatient ones :)12:46
sledgessurely great to have a bug for that one12:46
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sledgescan maemo contacts be exported in any format you know?12:46
sledgessad that google exchange account has been disabled by google itself for new devices.....12:46
Netweaver__sledges: another one, trivial but annoying :
MerbotNemo bug 693 in .Other "rnd/devel : Settings application doesn't save the brightness value" [Normal,New]12:49
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sledgesgood stuff Netweaver__ :)12:59
sledgesdid you know that it's not that hard to recompile/fix/retest a package on a local host? ;)13:00
sledgesjust saying, for future reference :)13:00
Netweaver__sledges: I know, I've even been messing around in the N900 hardwareadaptation kernel when the issue with certain edge-spec uSD cards was on. I raised that Nemo bug, lots of nice fighting between Nemo (stskeeps) and latest uboot(Pali) and others on who to solve it. and I also ahd my fair shot, using OBS. Never done the local stuff for Nemo though. I did before did some programming on Maemo. But now real life gets sometimes in the middle. And th13:07
Netweaver__e new missus doesn't really like me to do much computer stuff in the evening, she rather has me playing with her. Who am I to reject that? :)13:07
sledges:D point well made Netweaver__13:08
sledgesno one should ever reject that....13:08
sledgeswell, but if one day you get tired of testing (during daytime presumable ;)13:09
sledgespoke me and I'll prop up a tl;dr wiki article how to locally build and fix bugs, as I go through it with you along13:09
Netweaver__sledges: surely, I love to get my hands dirty. Another feature/enhancement request :
MerbotNemo bug 694 in .Other "Request for user adjustable time before lockscreen appears. (and more)" [Enhancement,New]13:19
sledgesnice, good that these request won't go down the drain anymore :)13:20
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*** M13 has joined #nemomobile13:24
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xavinuxHi people :)13:25
sledgesxavinux :)13:26
Netweaver__sledges: you know if someone is already working on entering the settings for APR/3G data? Or should I create a task for it?13:27
Netweaver__hi xavinux :)13:27
sledgesNetweaver__, the repo is here, and hasn't been much movement:
sledgesI think task is in order, so devs can prioritise better13:28
xavinuxNetweaver__ Hi! :)13:28
Netweaver__sledges: Done :)
MerbotNemo bug 695 in .Other "Missing APR entry setting to enable 3G/GPRS data connection in qmlsettings" [Task,New]13:32
sledgesjolly spiffing chaps :))13:34
Netweaver__sledges: I was before (on Maemo) a bit put of of doing Qt development using the full Qt suite because the trouble with multiple Qt versions. The N900 target in Qt Studio came with only support for Qt 4.7. While lots of people were already doing stuff using 4.8. And trying to create the correct target/chroot/build environment having the latest Qt 4.8.2 (at the time) was v tiring. I bugged all Qt supoort channels to get help but nobody was reall13:40
Netweaver__y interested to upgrade this N900 target. Some people must have gotten it to work, in an easier GUI way, making the knowledge ramp-up less steep. If it already takes weeks to get the underlying dev infrastructure right, energy goes quickly down to do actual development and learning Qt/Qt Quick.13:40
*** NIN101 has quit IRC13:40
sledgeswell, I assure those things have matured since13:41
sledgeswhen I discovered Mer in January 2012, it already look promising, and kept getting better13:41
sledgesnow qt4 and qt5 can be developed side-by-side and run on a device simultaneously13:42
sledgesjust one example :)13:42
*** dazo_afk has joined #nemomobile13:42
*** dazo_afk is now known as dazo13:43
sledgesanother one: we've moved to the awesome ssu [kudos to Maemo!] on nemo13:45
phaeronit has nothing to do with maemo ssu13:46
sledges:{ i thought it did13:46
sledgesseamless software update isn't it13:46
phaeronname is similar but it is completely different tool :)13:47
sledgesso maemo ssu is something completely else?13:47
*** dazo has quit IRC13:47
*** Netweaver_ has joined #nemomobile13:49
*** dazo_afk has joined #nemomobile13:53
*** Netweaver__ has quit IRC13:53
*** dazo_afk is now known as dazo13:53
phaeronsledges: I haven't seen maemo ssu. but Aard wrote nemo ssu13:54
Stskeepssledges: only thing it has in common is name13:54
Stskeeps'nemo' ssu is rpm-based, zypper-based, maemo's old was a sad mix of GTK and apt-get13:54
Stskeepsssu stands for seamless software update, i believe13:55
sledgesok, we are getting to the bottom of this :)13:55
*** VDVsx has quit IRC13:57
sledgesim sure Aard was 'inspired' by the name's true origins ;)13:58
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Aardsledges: yep, that was the inspiration14:00
sledgesand carried the name forward :)14:01
Aardand originally it was called 'rndssu' -- only the repository url resolving we still have was general purpose, but used on static repo configuration. the main feature was a sanish process of registering devices for ssu-updates in a closed rnd environment14:01
*** xmlich02 has joined #nemomobile14:02
sledgesahah! swapping in and out ;)14:03
sledgeswell but for the rest of us it provides such functionality like flavours14:04
faenilSage, ping14:05
faenilSage, need some help with ssu in image creation process14:06
*** panda84kde has joined #nemomobile14:06
faenilI used sudo mic create livecd --record-pkgs=name --pkgmgr=zypp --arch=i486 nemo-i486-vm.ks --tokenmap=MER_RELEASE:latest,NEMO_RELEASE:latest,SSU_RELEASE_TYPE:rnd,FLAVOUR:devel14:06
faeniland ended up with no repos...14:06
*** diego_ has quit IRC14:06
Netweaver_Sledges: Say I wanna have a go a the qmlsettings application, how do I go about in a visual environment? I need the full Mer SDK together with the QT Creator? How do I link them up?14:08
Aardsledges: the 'flavours' part is from the originall url-resolving functionality, again rnd-background to be able to easily switch a device between different qa-levels14:08
*** martyone_ has joined #nemomobile14:08
Aardfaenil: the repositories should get created on first boot, the image itself should be without repos14:08
faenilAard, mm :/ when I do zypper ref14:09
faenilit says "no repos"14:09
Aardfaenil: which device?14:09
Aardand, tried 'ssu ur'?14:09
faenilAard, well, I did ssu re -r, then ssu fl devel, then ssu ur14:10
faenilbut I'd like to have an image which is ready from the beginning14:10
faeniljust like common nemo images14:10
Aardif ssu ur creates the repositories you're missing the package with the triggers creating the repos on the first boot. if ssu ur does not create the repos you're missing the ssu configuration14:10
faenilAard, I grabbed this, modified the boot params, and added few packages14:11
faenilthat's all14:11
Aardfaenil: so ssu ur creates the repos, they just were not there after boot?14:11
faenilAard, exactly14:11
faenilI used that ks, added few packages to it, and created the image with the command I pasted14:11
faenil(which could be wrong, but there's no guide about how to create an image for nemo starting from one .ks)14:12
Aarddid you build against release?14:13
faenilwhat do you mean?14:14
Aardwhich repos were you building against14:14
faenilwell, the command I used, plus that ks14:14
Netweaver_sledges: wiki still mentions COBS, which is old. Doesn't help if the wiki is not recent either, then people come back asking stupid beginners questions all the time :)
Aardfaenil: two things, check if /usr/lib/oneshot.d/ssu-update-repos exists, and then if there is something in /etc/oneshot.d/0/14:16
faenilyou mean with a clean install?14:17
faenil(now I already fixed it)14:17
Aardjust check it14:17
faenilok, I'll check on the working image14:17
faenilupdate-repos exists14:19
faenilbut there's no 0 folder14:19
faenilthere's /usr/lib/oneshot.d/00-initial-user-setup14:19
Aardthe 0 folder should be in /etc/oneshot.d14:19
faenilit's not :)14:20
faeniloh sorry14:20
*** VDVsx has joined #nemomobile14:22
faenilAard, is it supposed to be empty?14:22
*** Morpog_PC has joined #nemomobile14:25
Aardyes, links get created there for scripts to run during start14:26
*** Morpog_PC has quit IRC14:26
faenilAard, then everything seems ok? :/14:26
Aardso, now you could check on a fresh image (i.e., unflashed) if there's something there14:27
Aardoh, wait14:27
Aardso, on the image /usr/lib/oneshot.d/ssu-update-repos should be exist, and there should be a link from /etc/oneshot.d/0/ssu-update-repos to /usr/lib/oneshot.d/ssu-update-repos14:27
*** Morpog_PC has joined #nemomobile14:27
Aardthat should trigger the repo creaton on first boot14:27
faenilok I'll boot the livecd on a new image and check14:28
faenilon a new VM*14:28
faenilAard, 0 dir is empty, and zypper ref says no repos14:30
faenil(this is once the image booted)14:31
sledgesshouldn't there have been a --save flag in .ks to persist the repos ?14:31
*** Xruxa has quit IRC14:33
faenilssu repos say14:33
faenilEnabled repositories (global):14:33
faenil - mer-core      ...
faenil - nemo-platform ...
faenilEnabled repositories (user):14:33
faenilDisabled repositories (global, might be overridden by user config):14:33
faenilDisabled repositories (user):14:33
Aardfaenil: did you check on the raw image, before booting? oneshot removes scriptlets from etc after successful run14:33
sledgesthanks Netweaver_ , will update that page14:34
faenilhow do I extract the img?14:34
faenilit's the livecd14:34
faenilAard, I don't have a raw image, just livecd atm14:34
sledgesyou can fdisk the image, find starting sector for partition you need14:35
sledgesthen mount -o loop,offset=512*<starting sector> img.img /mnt/14:35
*** NIN101 has joined #nemomobile14:35
sledges(do the math beforehand ofc)14:35
faenilsledges, lol :D14:35
Aardsledges: and no, images with ssu-managed repositories should not use --save; ssu allows you to use different repositories for building the image and using the image -> repositories get created on first boot14:35
Netweaver_sledges: can QT Creator 5.1 integrate with the mer SDK? I'll go for Debian 7 as base OS, any objections?14:36
sledgesAard, got you14:36
Aardso, now it's interesting why the images did not get created, as so far everything seems to look ok14:36
sledgesNetweaver_, qt creator integrator - that's a harder challenge14:36
sledgesI'll add the instructions on how to compile a package locally14:36
sledgesbut just via command line14:37
sledgesSailfish OS SDK has what it takes to integrate qt creator properly14:37
faenilAard, which images? I created the livecd, and it got created...14:37
sledgesI think lbt mentioned once that Mer SDK will catch up on that soon14:37
Aardfaenil: you just said you don't have repos14:37
*** diego_ has joined #nemomobile14:37
faenilAard, yeah14:38
faenilwhen I start the livecd I created14:38
faenil(with the command above)14:38
Netweaver_sledges: so no github integration between QT Creator? Check in/check out? That's what I was hinting at before, there is never a stable environment. So QML applications can only be done using commandline?14:38
lbtsledges: mersdk and sailfish are really similar (barring branding)14:38
faenilzypper ref says there are no repos (though ssu lr reports those 2 global repos)14:38
faenilbut I created that liveCd myself, using mic create livecd and my custom .ks14:39
sledgesNetweaver_, with Qt Creator you can now import the code, probably set include paths to get autocomplete, and with more struggle - get it compiled. But Qt Designer (for QML) is the most challenging part - am I right lbt ?14:39
lbtNetweaver_: please edit the wiki to fix issues like cobs - it's a community wiki :)14:39
*** panda84kde has quit IRC14:40
lbtyes - Designer is ... not great14:40
faenilAard, don't know if you misunderstood14:41
lbtwe were at Qt Contributor summit last couple of days and all acknowledge Designer needs a re-write14:41
sledgesas long as Qt Creator is concerned, these bits would be relevant for you to setup Netweaver_:
*** jreznik_ has quit IRC14:42
*** jreznik_ has joined #nemomobile14:42
lbtfrankly don't waste your time on Designer14:42
faenilsledges, tried fdisk -lu but it doesn't show partitions :/14:42
lbtsledges: eek no14:42
*** jpetersen has quit IRC14:42
lbtthat page is way out of date14:42
lbtuse the Sailfish SDK14:43
lbtthen add a nemo target14:43
lbt"just works"14:43
sledgesNetweaver_, I see your frustration, but I always implied that best quickfixing is: github clone, mer sdk local compile, make changes to code, recompile, obtain rpm, push to device, test on device, repeat process14:43
sledgeswhen most hw-dependent cases require you to deploy anyhow (testing gprs or brightness settings ;P )14:44
lbtsledges: ^^ cycle is now achieved in one click on Sailfish SDK14:44
sledgeslbt, that's what I remember you saying back in the day - to have nemo target on sdk. Sorry to have missed that it has been already achieved! \o/14:44
sledgess/sdk/sailfish sdk/14:44
lbtinstall sailfish SDK and try it14:44
sledgesNetweaver_, ^14:44
faenilAard, you still there? :D14:45
Netweaver_sledges lbt: ok, re-downloading Sailfish SDK. last time I downloaded it I got nowhere ...14:45
lbtnow I'll stop talking here and go make it even better - ability to add 'provider' ... so nemo project can add regular targets to sailfish SDK14:45
Aardfaenil: half14:45
Netweaver_lbt: thanks ! :)14:46
*** phdeswer has quit IRC14:46
sledgesfaenil, is it tar.bz2/gz? ;)14:46
sledgesor .raw14:46
faenilsledges, man it's a livecd...and the live cd comes with two .img files inside it :P14:46
lbtNetweaver_: check the known issues page too - it should just work on debian. (and I know it's not a .deb :) )14:46
faenilokay guys I'll just create the raw image and see what happens :P14:48
*** jreznik_ has quit IRC14:49
faenilzypper in syslinux-extlinux  still requires to build raw images?14:54
Netweaver_lbt: I'm running the Debian 7 in a VMware VM. Will the VM as part of the Sailfish SDK still run in this setting?15:06
faenilAard, before finishing the image I get15:07
faenil/var/tmp/mic/imgcreate-suSw4W/install_root/tmp/ks-script-YQ_hVL: line 2: syntax error: unexpected end of file15:07
rozhkovphaeron: please create cutefox git repo in nemomobile-packages and hook it to nemo:devel:apps/cutefox and nemo:devel:apps/cutefox-qt515:11
lbtNetweaver_: unlikely15:12
lbtNetweaver_: SDK is cross platform (though it uses VirtualBox so can't always be concurrent with VMWare/KVM etc)15:13
lbtso ideally just run it on the host15:13
*** diego_ has quit IRC15:17
*** npm has joined #nemomobile15:18
*** faenil_ has joined #nemomobile15:19
*** faenil has quit IRC15:22
*** faenil_ is now known as faenil15:23
*** faenil_ has joined #nemomobile15:39
*** faenil has quit IRC15:42
*** faenil_ has quit IRC15:44
*** jreznik_ has joined #nemomobile15:46
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile15:51
faenilcrap! grr15:51
faenilAard, ping15:52
*** Morpog_ has joined #nemomobile15:53
Aardfaenil: I'll be back in a bit, need to buy some stuff15:53
faeniljust how do I mount .raw?15:53
faenilI made the raw image, but it doesn't let me mount do I check if there's the file you were talking about15:53
*** Morpog_PC has quit IRC15:55
sledgesfaenil, .raw should just mount. if it doesn't, .iso (livecd) mounts just fine too, bit more struggle:
sledgestested myself15:57
faenilalright thanks, though .raw gives error15:58
sledgessome weird problem with those raws :)15:59
faenilfailed to setup loop device: invalid argument15:59
*** xmlich02_ has joined #nemomobile16:00
sledgesneeds a fresh pair of eyes :)16:00
faenilsledges, :)16:03
*** Netweaver__ has joined #nemomobile16:07
Netweaver__lbt: what's the root password in the Mer SDK VM? Is there one?16:08
sledgesinherited from your root16:08
sledgessudo that is16:08
faenilAard, the image doesn't have ssu-repos file in the 0 folder16:09
faenilAard, t only has groupadd-user.later16:09
Netweaver__sledges lbt: I'm talking the Sailfish build Mer VM, the one installed as part of the Sailfish SDK16:10
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC16:10
*** Netweaver_ has quit IRC16:11
sledgesNetweaver__, nemo I think16:13
Netweaver__sledges: on the Sailfish Mer Build SDK ... ? I doubt that. Anyway I tried it, it's not 'nemo' :)16:14
sledgeson sailfish emulator is nemo iirc16:15
sledgesNetweaver__, there are more people on the ball on #sailfishos16:16
*** Netweaver has joined #nemomobile16:19
*** rcg has joined #nemomobile16:21
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile16:23
Netweaver__sledges: just joined, asking there too16:25
Aardfaenil: ok, that means that something during image build went wrong16:27
Aarddo you have full build log?16:27
faenilAard, yeah wait :)16:28
faenilAard, I don't understand the last error16:28
faenil/var/tmp/mic/imgcreate-DEE18J/install_root/tmp/ks-script-mbfvwB: line 2: syntax error: unexpected end of file16:28
faenilI don't have time to look at it because it disappears instantaneously16:28
Aardfaenil: that means that something with the script is broken. did you change the post script?16:29
*** Netweaver has joined #nemomobile16:30
lbtalso from console I think it's rootme for the build engine - won't work over ssh though16:31
faenilAard, and then I use  mic create livecd --record-pkgs=name --pkgmgr=zypp --arch=i486 nemo-i486-vm.ks --tokenmap=MER_RELEASE:latest,NEMO_RELEASE:latest,SSU_RELEASE_TYPE:rnd,FLAVOUR:devel16:31
faenilso unless the script goes crazy with the values I give it...16:31
Netweaver__lbt: my Sailfish Mer build VM does't receive an IP address it seems, I can't ping it or ssh into it. It boot up 'fine' with the Sailfish Mer splash screen though16:33
Aardfaenil: is there an %end after the %post --nochroot?16:33
Aardthough that should not influence the other bit16:34
lbtNetweaver__: is this inside vmware?16:34
Aardfaenil: right now I don't see a reason why that might blow up16:35
faenilAard, if only I could know the command that was used to create the livecd..16:35
faenilI'm sure it must be something about that16:35
faenilnow I'll try building with the .sh scripts16:36
Aardfaenil: I'm pretty ignorant about mic incantations nowadays16:36
faenil:) Sage is afk16:37
*** xmlich02_ has quit IRC16:41
Netweaver__lbt: yes, the Mer VM started nicely, inside it can ping itself fine. but from the QT creator machine to the MER VM I can't ping nor shh in.16:42
lbtdid you ssh to localhost -p2222 ?16:42
*** plfiorini has joined #nemomobile16:43
phaeronrozhkov: cutefox has an upstream ?16:43
sledgesfaenil, the command is on the top of .ks file16:43
faenilsledges, nope, -f is not even a recognized format16:44
faenilthat's outdated stuff16:44
sledgesbtw, have you downloaded pre-built livecd and compared it's relevant contents to yours?
sledgescrazy that something is now done different.. maybe to do with latest mer you're linking against? and/or rnd:devel bits16:46
faenilnot yet, I want to try building with the .sh files before doing that16:46
faeniland before that, I have to think about how to create a wayland only image :D16:46
*** Venemo_N9 has joined #nemomobile16:46
faenilVenemo_N9, o/16:47
Venemo_N9what's up?16:47
sledgeshey Venemo_N9 ! my n9 isn't up still.. :)16:48
faenilVenemo_N9, got wayland to run on i486 today :) made my day16:48
Venemo_N9faenil, congrats, you are awesome!16:50
faenilVenemo_N9, oh no it's all thanks to Stskeeps and the work of Jollaians on Nemo :)16:51
Netweaver__lbt: 'ssh -p 2222 root@localhost' doesn't work inside the Mer build VM nor in the Debian. Ping within the Mer BUild VM works fine16:51
Venemo_N9sledges, what do you mean?16:51
sledgesVenemo_N9, broke USB port :{16:52
lbtNetweaver__: from your debian host16:52
xavinux systemd and services managing in Nemo16:52
sledgesand looked into that SMD yesterday, looks spooky, even when I got a fine-tip soldering iron handy16:52
lbtthe build VM is accessed via NAT/ssh16:52
faenilxavinux, awesome, do you have anything for me related to the boot process? :)16:53
sledgesxavinux, nice! some text like "can be used to restart serivce, in this case we'll " is black on dark grey ;) hard to read :)16:53
Venemo_N9faenil, yes but it's still an achievent on your part having been able to run it16:53
Venemo_N9sledges, my condolences16:53
faenilVenemo_N9, :)16:53
sledgesVenemo_N9, thanks, we'll work it out.. :)16:55
Netweaver__lbt: from Debian host no ping. Also just before seeing/written over the Sailfish splash screen I see 'waiting for IP' and 3x "Device 'eth0' does not exist". But when going in via the console, it's nicely there and works fine. confused ...16:56
faenilanyone who can introduce me and point me to any document describing how boot process works on Nemo'16:59
Netweaver__lbt: name resolution also works fine from within the Mer Build VM. translates nicely to one of their server farm machines. But pinging an outside host doesn't work.17:00
sledgesfaenil, bootloader->kernel->systemd system->systemd user17:00
faenilsledges, alright, I guess I only care about the last two17:01
sledgesXorg is started SUID 1000 (or 100000 after recent change :)17:01
sledgesXorg is started by systemd user17:01
faenilI have to get rid of X and whatever is dependent on it :)17:01
lbtNetweaver__: I'm not astonished - nested VMs are not the easiest things to debug17:01
sledgesthe start of all that user bit is user-session@100000.service (can be wrong about UID or 100000 number of zeroes :))17:01
sledgesyou can do `systemctl dot` to give you dependency graph17:02
faenilyeah it's 100k17:02
xavinuxsledges: correct it :)17:02
sledgesthen you visualise it as png on your host PC via dot command17:02
lbtNetweaver__: if you can't connect to port 2222 on on the debian machine then it looks like vbox NAT is not right17:02
faenilsledges, awesome, doesn't look too hard from this POV :D17:03
Netweaver__lbt: ssh inside the Mer build VM is also fine17:03
sledgesfaenil, `systemctl dot | dot -Tsvg > systemd.svg`17:04
sledgesor the first part just do on vm, the second - on your host17:04
sledgesgood luck!17:04
* sledges home time17:04
*** xmlich02_ has joined #nemomobile17:04
sledgesor ...|dot -Tpng > systemd.png17:05
*** xmlich02_ has quit IRC17:05
sledgesto see "systemd system" output, perform that command under root17:05
sledgesto see "systemd user" bits - you need to execute as user and add --user parameter17:05
sledgesyou might struggle here and there because I can't remember exact sequence/setup, but you'll get there :)17:06
faenilok :D17:06
faenilI'll make my way through it, thanks a lot :)17:06
sledgeshope you'll enjoy nemo as we do :D isn't that right xavinux ? :))17:07
faenilsledges, it's not like I just started with nemo :D17:07
faenilI've always enjoyed it :D17:07
faenilI just have too long pause periods, and I end up forgetting stuff, or things change so fast, that I have to learn everything again every time :D17:08
xavinuxyes it isss!!! :))17:08
sledgesi know, just quoting xavinux's signature that i really liked :))17:08
sledgesnemo is always changing, some people get upset by certain decisions ;P17:08
*** jpetersen has joined #nemomobile17:10
*** faenil has quit IRC17:16
*** Netweaver has joined #nemomobile17:16
*** Netweaver__ has quit IRC17:19
Netweaverlbt: rebooted all VMs, now ssh -p 2222 localhost works, of course with permission denied (public key) error because I didn't specify the keyfile, just tried via password17:31
*** Vlad_on_the_road has joined #nemomobile17:32
Netweaverlbt: so far so good. still build not working : 13:32:26: The process "/home/user/SailfishOS/share/qtcreator/MerProject/mer-sdk-tools/MerSDK/SailfishOS-i486-x86/qmake" exited with code 1.17:33
NetweaverError while building/deploying project mediagallery (kit: MerSDK-SailfishOS-i486-x86)17:33
NetweaverWhen executing step 'qmake'17:33
Netweaverlbt: "Connection Error. 'Timeout waiting for reply from server.'"17:35
xavinuxNetweaver: if you want you can access via ssh through port 22 only setting ithe Virtualbox VM in bridge mode17:35
xavinuxIP will be given by DHCP17:35
Netweaverxavlinux: thanks but now the NAT seems to work fine, with the portfowarding for the SSH from 2222 to 2217:36
Netweaverstill qmake has an issue and I don't know where to look further17:36
NetweaverAnyway, enough for today. we'll continue tomorrow, following the qmake into the VM process :)17:39
xavinuxok, a question17:39
xavinuxping to it's ok?17:39
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile17:40
Netweaverfrom withing the Debian 7 host, all ok. From the Mer Build VM, name resoltion is fine but no pings returning17:41
faenilsledges, dot: command not found :D17:41
xavinuxI would give a try and configure the VM17:42
xavinuxin Bridge17:42
xavinuxtake a look here perhaps ti can be useful17:43
xavinuxDNS resolution works ok as you can resolved17:43
Netweavercorrection, they come through finally. pinging to (our intranet) is also arriving fine. so it's not a routing issue. And now even the pings a returning fast, ping time 33 ms on average17:44
xavinuxok now17:45
Netweaverit took seconds for the 1st pings to arrive. but when they arrive, they are fast and correct. no losses17:46
Netweaversome of the first 20 ping had ping times of 10000 ms ???17:47
Netweaverafter that they went down to 30 ms. Maybe the timeout can be increased for the qmake communication to the VM ?17:47
Netweaverlbt: something for you ^^ ? I'll be back tomorrow, thanks for thinking along :)17:49
*** faenil has quit IRC17:49
*** Netweaver has quit IRC17:53
*** netweaver_ has joined #nemomobile17:54
netweaver_Back mobile ...17:54
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile17:55
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Venemo_N9rikanee, ping18:53
*** rcg has quit IRC19:04
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specialdoes anybody want a little Qt/qml task?21:27
*** xmlich02 has joined #nemomobile21:27
specialI found sitting around, iirc it needs a bit of polishing and testing21:29
*** jreznik has quit IRC21:34
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