Friday, 2013-07-26

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dm8tbrgood moaning06:22
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sledgesNeeDforKill, when you update nemo, moslo does not get updated09:09
sledgesit's on your PC! :)09:09
sledgesif nemo boots (into blackscreen or anything), moslo did not break that; something else did09:09
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faenilwho do I have to bribe to get Sage to review the PRs? :D09:24
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Sagefaenil: I'm not the only one who can do that. Can you copy links of the ones you want me to look at.09:56
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faenilSage, sorry man then :)10:00
faenil<faenil> updated:
faenil<faenil> and
faenilSage, thanks, conflicts? :/10:02
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deztructor_Sage: check, pls. is now everything ok with qt4 nemo-qml-plugin-contextkit?10:08
faenilSage, updated
sledgesyes deztructor_ , all works greatly works again, thanks much!10:25
deztructor_sledges: not at all, sorry for it was broken, i missed it was still used because mentally moved to qt5 :) and compatibility with both qt versions can clutter code10:34
sledgeswell, deztructor_ you should thank to dimitris91 he sussed it out yesterday :)10:35
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Aardfaenil: I take lower bribes than sage for looking at pull requests :p10:48
faenilAard, yeah! o/10:48
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faenilmorning :)10:54
sledgesi think true morning is somewhere over Atlantic atm :))10:55
Sagedeztructor_: checking10:58
sledgesSage, .ks file is produced, so some confidence there10:58
Sagedeztructor_: seems ok10:59
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Hurriananyone on here?12:31
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Morpog_no, never12:31
Stskeepsi'm around.12:32
Hurrian"What comes next?"12:32
Hurriana /lot/ of the old Fremantle refreshed concepts were recycled into Glacier, if you look far back enough ;)12:33
HurrianStskeeps, all: I'll be pushing this onto my Github soon so work on Qt Components can start12:34
Stskeepsyou have all this in seperate-able pieces?12:35
Morpog_looks great Hurrian12:37
Morpog_the cancel/save dialog looks a bit out of place12:37
Morpog_too flat12:37
HurrianMorpog_: hmm, contemplating that myself12:38
Hurrianthe UI "layers" are flat, and the things on them have a slight gradient.12:38
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Morpog_why not making it two buttons with slight gradient?12:39
Morpog_or loose the gradient on the other stuff12:40
Morpog_so all is flat12:40
Hurrianhaving all the components flat feels cheap, imo12:40
Hurrianit's hard to describe, really12:41
Morpog_hmm, WP and sailfish is all flat too12:41
HurrianMorpog: WP is almost 100% type, and Sailfish has a nice background everywhere ;)12:41
Hurrianflat colored controls on black… not my cup of tea12:42
HurrianI'll go back and rework the Cancel/Save/etc buttons.12:42
Morpog_maybe first get some more opinions12:42
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Morpog_Hurrian, how dows the toggle loock swithed off?12:44
Morpog_because if just inverted, you cannot animate that properly12:45
HurrianMorpog_: silver bullet is in opposite position, "OFF" text is on the other side, background is dark greyish blue12:45
Morpog_silver bullet is flipped?12:46
HurrianMorpog_: The silver bullet is actually rectangular ;)12:46
Morpog_aah, well, then it works12:46
Morpog_but could look strange when the corners vanish12:46
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Morpog_active slider controll will leave screenspace on the right when at maximum?12:47
Hurriannah, the bubble moves up when at maximum, and produces a tactile "bump"12:48
Morpog_but where are you dragging it? at the bubble?12:48
Hurriannah, the bulbous portion of the blue slide12:49
Morpog_ah ok12:49
Hurriantouching the slide makes the bubble lift12:49
Morpog_sorry, if I sound picky :)12:49
HurrianMorpog_: no problem, we need to get the details ironed out :)12:49
Hurrianby the way, all bottom->top swipes open the notifications drawer.12:50
Morpog_like sailfish :)12:50
Hurrianswipes from all other edges minimize the app, BUT, to different screens12:50
Hurrianleft->right, app drawer12:51
Hurrianright->left, multitasking view12:51
Hurriantop->bottom: app drawer and close active app12:51
Hurriantakes more effort to swipe from top to bottom, so making it close the app makes sense12:51
Morpog_cool, should be configurable though12:51
HurrianMorpog_, good idea, for those used to how it works in Harmattan12:52
Morpog_and for left handed guys12:52
Morpog_so you can swap right to left and left to right12:53
Morpog_Hurrian, why not going with black faded background image for settings and menu pages?12:55
HurrianMorpog_: like Sailfish?13:00
Hurrianit looks cool, but I don't dig it in the event of some unfortunate image contrast problems13:01
Morpog_Hurrian, a bit, but darkened a lot13:02
HurrianMorpog_, Stskeeps:
faenilHurrian, awesome, congrats :)13:12
Hurrianthe background is "there", but it's not in-your-face13:13
faeniljust my 2 cents: save/cancel looks "different" than the rest13:13
faeniland I didn't get where is the current value while sliding with your finger13:13
Hurrian…and they're gone.13:13
Hurriansettings should be saved when you tap on them/exit the dialog13:13
Hurriansave/cancel dialogs would probably only show up in something that deals with files13:14
faenilHurrian, where is the current value while sliding? :)13:14
faenilI don't understand where that baloon is, relative to the finger13:14
Hurrianfaenil: beside your finger, where you can see it ;)13:15
faenilHurrian, ok ;)13:15
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Morpog_lol you beat me to it Hurrian, i should have read here, lol13:16
Hurrianoh, yeah, the fonts are in Source Sans now, no more Nokia Pure, so metrics should be semi-final, coming from that image13:18
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Morpog_that helvetica neue13:19
Morpog_used it for sailfish mockups and stuff, as it's used there. Need to get source sans13:19
HurrianMorpog_: hmm, don't think we need to be explaining the concept of a launcher ;)13:19
Morpog_lol, was just to get some thext on there ;)13:20
Hurriananyways, time to send some feelers out there to see whether they want a colored background on OLED devices13:20
Morpog_you aren't in settings al lthe time, so not that much energy savings or?13:21
faenilbbl ;)13:21
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HurrianMorpog_: I assumed the iceification was system-wide13:23
Morpog_ah ok, still I don't see that mich of energy saving13:25
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mhall119w00t: around today?15:26
fk_lxmhall119: seems they are just busy before Mer/Nemo 1st August release15:28
fk_lxmhall119: but keep on trying15:28
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faenilStskeeps, can you explain why here the version 2 is used? latest version is 0.2.115:48
faeniland why is it necessary to specify the version in the Provides :/15:48
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faenilor Aard ^15:50
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Stskeepsfaenil: tar_git sets the Version: based on tag?15:55
faenilStskeeps, yes, latest tag is 0.2.1 ;)15:55
faenilthat's why I don't see it's using version 2 :15:57
Stskeepsfaenil: that's for obsoleting an older package15:57
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Stskeepsdifferent one15:57
faenilso you say that you're version 0.2.1, yet you provide version > 2? :/15:58
faenilStskeeps, ohhhh it has a different name. I misread, thought it had the same name, that's where all problems came from...15:59
faenilStskeeps, all clear then ;)16:00
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faeniltrying to fix a 1990 TV :D18:25
* Stskeeps hands hammer18:31
faenilStskeeps, it's cool stuff, motorized base stand18:45
faenilI have memories with that thing :D (I was born in 1989 :D )18:45
faenilproblem is B&O used uncommon IR frequencies for remote control18:45
faeniland the 2 universal remotes I have can't control that TV :/18:46
* fk_lx remembers from his early childhood old Russian production color TV called Rubin, where there was no pilot and in order to change program you had to stand come to TV and move the knob18:53
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faenilanyone alive? o/22:52
Hurrianohai faenil22:57
faenilHurrian, o/ how you doing22:58
Hurrianfaenil, waiting for github to update the jekyll pages for Glacier22:58
Hurrianfaenil: saw the Qt Components overview for it?23:00
faenilthe one you posted today?23:00
faenillink again ;)23:00
Hurrianand there's where the notifications are ;)23:02
Hurrianbattery, networks, etc. just pull up.23:02
faenilHurrian, yeah I've seen it today already ;) very cool23:03
Hurrian<3 the polar clock23:03
faenileheh yeah it's nice :)23:03
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