Thursday, 2013-07-25

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No-onei'm looking for a maps (openstreetmap?) app that would have an option to download map for a region automatically for offline use later04:39
No-onepossibly wit vector format04:42
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gryit it runs meego kernel and then just shows black scren, is flashing the only thing i can do?07:11
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dimitris91hello there!07:19
dimitris91i'm trying to create an image for pandaboard07:20
dimitris91and it fails with the following messages :
dimitris91my guess is that it needs this package patterns-nemo-apps-0.4-6.8.Nemo.Apps.noarch.rpm07:22
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dm8tbrhmm are you maybe using the old meego obs urls in the KS?07:22
dimitris91no I'm using this url
dimitris91it's the kickstart file provided in the mer wiki for pandaboard07:24
dm8tbrjust checking07:24
dm8tbrI guess sledges should be able to help with this07:24
dimitris91if you look at the repository there is only patterns-nemo-apps-0.4-6.12.Nemo.Apps.noarch.rpm07:25
dm8tbrah, some index not up to date? or a fixed reference somewhere?07:27
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dimitris91I dont know07:28
dimitris91you see in the kickstart there is no direct reference07:28
dimitris91but it tries to install Nemo complete package and as it seems this one requires it07:29
* dm8tbr hasn't used kickstarter in a while :(07:30
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phakoran out of crowdfunding ideas? ;)07:33
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faenilSage, ping09:35
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sledgesdimitris91, I need to undust the pandaboard10:37
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sledgesapparently, all kickstarts are broken :(11:46
sledgesnot only pandaboard11:46
sledgesthanks dimitris for finding it11:46
sledgesrnd:devel nemo-complete pattern fails. rnd:testing works11:48
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fk_lxsledges: Dimitris already left (he is doing a practice on my university for 6 weeks), but I will tell him that you replied11:52
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NeeDforKillhi all11:53
sledgesfk_lx, awesome, small world. yup I see he'sn't around11:55
sledgestell him that switching to :testing works11:55
sledgesi will update .ks in wiki in 30 seconds ;)11:55
fk_lxgreat, he tried the testing .ks and it worked11:55
fk_lxbut I will tell him about the changes you've made11:55
fk_lxsledges: thanks once again and cya (going for lunch and to another city)11:56
fk_lxsledges: bye11:56
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sledgeshi NeeDforKill11:57
NeeDforKillwhen will be released new image11:58
NeeDforKilland fix moslo for n911:58
sledgesNeeDforKill, latest image is fairly recent (25 June)11:59
sledgesdon't know about next11:59
sledgeswhat's up with moslo? ;)11:59
NeeDforKillit load only one time with this command "sudo flasher -k usr/share/moslo/zImage-moslo -n usr/share/moslo/initrd-moslo -l -b"12:00
NeeDforKillnext time without command i have only reboots12:00
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NeeDforKillphone reboots, and don't see any green text from moslo12:00
sledgesNeeDforKill, that command is for single boot12:01
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sledgesyou need to execute it every time when you want to see "green text"12:01
NeeDforKilli know12:01
NeeDforKillthis command"sudo flasher -a <FIASCO_IMG> -k ./usr/share/moslo/zImage-moslo -f"12:01
NeeDforKillwhen i use this command12:02
NeeDforKilli don't see any green text12:02
NeeDforKilland moslo12:02
NeeDforKilland phone only rebooting12:02
NeeDforKillwith this old moslo working
NeeDforKillso i can say it's not working or i am stupid,but with this old moslo phone load nemo every time,and i see always green text from moslo12:04
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sledgesNeeDforKill, I'd be glad to help, buy my N9 is in repairs :(12:04
sledgeswhat I heard last worked is
sledgesconvenient multiboot manager12:05
NeeDforKillso u use nemo on950?12:05
sledgeslet's keep the old working moslo safe for time being, and use that. moslo doesn't change much overtime, and using old blobs is as good as new12:05
sledgesas long as it boots nemo lol12:06
sledgesI have only n9 :(12:06
sledgesapart from phone I like nemo on pandaboard and VMs12:06
NeeDforKillguys start port sailfish12:06
sledgeswe started12:07
sledgesno need to say how important that is ;)12:07
sledgesalways could do with extra pair of hands! ;P12:07
NeeDforKillglaicer looks good too12:08
NeeDforKillglacier ui*12:08
sledgesyes, that will be the second reward of the same effort we're on12:08
NeeDforKillwhat with ur n9?12:09
NeeDforKillafk 5 min12:10
sledgessnapped usb port internal pin plastic12:10
sledgeshave to solder carefully some evening soon12:10
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NeeDforKilli am back12:45
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sledgesgood! :)12:55
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Hurriansledges: ubiboot needs some love :313:04
sledgeslooks-wise? ;)13:04
Hurrianhmm, maybe ;)13:04
sledgesjuiceme is the man to talk to :)13:04
HurrianIIRC, it's stable on 1607 rev devices, but needs some work on other revs.13:04
sledgesdidn't know that, ok13:05
NeeDforKilli need use zypper up or zypper dup?13:11
sledgesit handles downgrades too, which happen between flavour/mer switches etc13:13
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NeeDforKillsledges so old moslo make dual boot automatically14:49
sledgesNeeDforKill, if it works better than new moslo - stick with it for now. I will note your findings that the latest moslo is broken to Aard14:58
sledgesI always used single boot myself, so not much of help14:58
sledgesall I know is that ubiboot worked for others (dual/triple booting, hope it will do quadbooting when sailfish is ported lol)14:58
NeeDforKillso how i can see nemo's files via usb mode14:59
NeeDforKillif i take mass storage i see Nokia n9 files14:59
NeeDforKillnot nemo15:00
sledgeswhen you see green moslo, plug usb cable15:00
NeeDforKillyeah. i know. but it;s working only on linux?15:00
NeeDforKillpossible to see this files under working phone15:00
sledgesyes, because it's ext315:00
sledgesnokia n9 files are on Windows FAT32 partition15:00
sledgesand it exports only user data15:01
sledgesnemo is a solid system, and moslo exports it for you to flash nemo15:01
sledgeswhen nemo is running, sdk mode works15:01
NeeDforKillmusic player working with mp3?15:01
sledgeson nemo there will also be MTP Mode workin (if not already)15:02
sledgesNeeDforKill, try ;)15:02
sledgesall depends if gstreamer ugly and bad plugins are in place :)15:02
* sledges doesn't like the sound of last one :D15:03
NeeDforKillokay  when nemo running how i can send files to nemo? sdk? mtp? or i need on  moslo load?15:03
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sledgeswhen nemo is running15:15
sledgesplug usb cable15:15
sledgesset yor ip15:15
*** xavinux has joined #nemomobile15:16
sledgeson your host15:17
sledgesnemo is static
NeeDforKillokay now i have error with dup15:21
NeeDforKillwhen i take devel rep15:21
NeeDforKill4 problems:15:21
NeeDforKillproblem:nothing provides needed by buteo-syncfw-qt5-msyncd-0.6.10-15.1.Nemo.armv7hl15:22
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NeeDforKillproblem:nothing provides needed by buteo-mtp-qt5-0.1.2-2.4.Nemo.armv7hl15:24
sledgesNeeDforKill, very likely; I recommend switch to testing15:24
NeeDforKilltesting have 6 mb update15:25
NeeDforKilldevel 344 package15:25
sledgesas nemo middlware is now under attack from jolla before Sdk Beta launch :)15:25
NeeDforKilllike 170 mb15:25
sledgesbut thanks for spotting this15:26
sledgesAard is the last one who did changes to buteo15:26
AardNeeDforKill: you don't have correct repositories on your device15:27
sledgesah :)15:27
NeeDforKillhow i can add?15:27
Aardthere should be some ssu data package for nemo, updating this first should help15:28
Sagesledges: hmmp15:28
Sagesledges: need to check the pattern for that15:28
sledgesNeeDforKill, zypper install nemo-ssu-repos-rnd ssu-vendor-data-nemo ssu-tools ssu15:29
sledgesNeeDforKill, zypper install nemo-ssu-repos-adaptation-common-rnd nemo-ssu-repos-adaptation-rnd15:29
Aardnemo-ssu-repos-adaptation-common-rnd nemo-ssu-repos-adaptation-rnd nemo-ssu-repos-rnd sholud probably not exist anymore15:29
sledgeswell, whichever's left15:29
sledgesim coming from
Aardthat mail was from years ago15:30
sledgesthere was no follow-up one after though ;)15:30
NeeDforKillzypper install nemo-ssu-repos-rnd nothing to do.15:31
* Sage ponders what is the problem atm.15:32
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SageNeeDforKill: can you pastie output of: ssu s; ssu lr;15:34
Sageto some pastebin type of thing15:34
NeeDforKillhandwork :D15:34
NeeDforKillone sec15:34
NeeDforKilli mean one min :D15:35
Sagehmmp, display on my n950 doesn't seem to turn on anymore. Maybe just lack of battery but it exports the alt_os partition to host at least still display blank :/15:35
sledgeselop's self-destruct mechanisms have kicked in for our N9XXs ://15:36
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sledgessomething tells me NeeDforKill is typing all by hand15:38
sledgesa picture instead maybe? :D15:39
SageNeeDforKill: you really need to get usb networking up as your keyboar will not like upcoming questions ;)15:41
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Sageah, now I see what is wrong with the devel15:44
Sageqmlpackagemanager requires old packagekit that isn't available in devel anymore15:44
* Sage updates the updating guide a bit15:48
NeeDforKillNow it turns out I can feel part of the nemo community? :D15:49
sledgessee how easy it was to start NeeDforKill ? ;)15:49
NeeDforKillso sage how about last moslo15:50
NeeDforKilli use old15:50
NeeDforKilland it working, last from wiki not  working on 915:51
NeeDforKillonly single boot via flasher15:51
Sagesledges: sent fix to patterns to fix the build issue in devel15:55
NeeDforKillokay,after "zypper install ssu-vendor-data-nemo" and "zypper ref" i got connection failed , couldn't resolve host ""15:55
sledgesNeeDforKill, one command at a time :)15:56
sledgesjust ping see if works first15:56
NeeDforKilli know15:56
NeeDforKill58 ping15:57
*** Martix has joined #nemomobile15:57
sledgesso it works..15:58
sledgesthen try just first command15:58
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NeeDforKilluse retry16:01
*** macmaN has joined #nemomobile16:01
NeeDforKillall repo have been refreshed16:01
NeeDforKillmb lag with my inet :D16:01
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NeeDforKillso now error with packagekit16:03
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile16:03
sledgesSage, same error when building n950 ks: repo problem: pattern:nemo-n950-.noarch requires pattern:nemo-complete, but this requirement cannot be provided, uninstallable providers: pattern:nemo-complete-.noarch[nemo-ux]16:04
sledgesprobably needs to propagate through obs..16:04
NeeDforKillhow i can connect to phone via telnet?16:05
sledgesNeeDforKill, when nemo is running, you ssh to it16:06
NeeDforKillwhat mode ineed use for this when connect usb?16:08
sledgessdk mode16:08
sledgesit is automatic16:09
Sagesledges: should be done now16:09
sledgesah, Sage your commit says [mw] but pattern is -app16:10
sledgesSage, still same error when using mic on host. mind we are dealing with another two from NeeDforKill (qt5+buteo, and packagekit from their zypper dup)16:12
Sagesledges: well for me it is fixed16:12
sledgesSage, are you using same cmdline
Sagesledges: tested with image not with mic16:14
Sagezypper install -t pattern -f nemo-n95016:14
*** Pat_o has quit IRC16:15
sledgesok, but im stuck with mic repo problems on pattern16:15
sledgesso probably other rootcause16:15
xavinuxHi people  :)16:19
sledgeshi xavinux , how have you been? :)16:23
xavinuxin a short holidays16:24
xavinuxwith my family...16:24
Sagesledges: try it again please and patebin that .ks file16:24
xavinuxaway from Servers, spammers and so no...:)16:24
Sagesledges: ah, found another thing16:26
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile16:27
sledgeswooh so many pests :)16:27
xavinuxyes they are :)16:29
sledgesxavinux, good a nice break!16:29
xavinuxhaw are you! that wayland is now running ne Nemo16:29
sledgesgetting there getting there :)16:29
sledgeswell PoF was already months ago16:30
sledgeson N95016:30
sledgesnow it's in a clean-up stage16:30
Sagesledges: ?16:30
sledgesfaenil does it16:30
Sagesledges: can you try that if it works for you16:30
Sageerr typo16:30
Sagesledges: this should work ;)16:31
NeeDforKillso have about error with packageKit-qt?16:32
NeeDforKillwhen i try to zypper dup16:32
SageNeeDforKill: zypper remove qmlpackagemanager; and then zypper dup again16:32
sledgesSage, nope, adding mer-qt doesn't solve
*** phdeswer has joined #nemomobile16:35
NeeDforKillnice now update starting16:35
Sagesledges: what does it say if you try to include only nemo-complete pattern instead of nemo-n950?16:35
sledgesWarning: repo problem: pattern:nemo-complete-.noarch requires pattern:nemo-ux, but this requirement cannot be provided, uninstallable providers: pattern:nemo-ux-.noarch[nemo-ux]16:36
*** crevetor has quit IRC16:36
* sledges tries to descend down the pattern path :)16:37
xavinuxgreat work faenil! :)16:37
sledgesWarning: repo problem: pattern:nemo-ux-.noarch requires lipstick-colorful-home, but this requirement cannot be provided, uninstallable providers: lipstick-colorful-home-0.2.9-26.1.Nemo.UX.MTF.armv7hl[nemo-ux]16:37
*** crevetor has joined #nemomobile16:38
MSameerdoes anybody know how to detect the headset connection in n9?16:39
sledgesWarning: repo problem: nothing provides nemo-qml-plugin-contextkit needed by lipstick-colorful-home-0.2.9-26.1.Nemo.UX.MTF.armv7hl,16:39
MSameerharmattan used to have a context property16:39
MSameerhow do we do that in nemo?16:39
*** rcg_ has quit IRC16:39
sledgesnemo-qml-plugin-contextkit is missing in devel Sage16:40
MSameerit's in nemo:devel:mw16:40
sledgesi know, but16:40
SagePackage 'nemo-qml-plugin-contextkit' is not available in your repositories. Cannot reinstall, upgrade, or downgrade.16:42
MSameerthat's really not something i even know how to investigate16:42
Sageit has been renamed to -qt516:42
MSameeri am trying to figure out why am I not getting any updates when i do zypper up16:43
MSameeroh crap16:44
MSameerssu fl devel solved it16:44
*** VDVsx has joined #nemomobile16:44
MSameerSage: maybe the spec file got dropped ?16:44
* sledges is looking into the same commit lol16:45
MSameeri have seen that yesterday too (or saw it in my dream)16:45
SageMSameer: yes it did. the thing is that someone shoul dhave obsoleted the non qt5 version at the same point so the package that was left there wouldn't be left on systems16:45
Sagedeztructor_: ping :)16:46
MSameershould i do zypper up on devel or should I fear and wait? ;)16:47
sledgesironic nickname lol :)16:47
MSameerwell, he deztructed our upgrade path now :P16:47
MSameer+import Sailfish.Silica.theme 1.016:48
MSameerwould that even work on nemo?!16:48
* sledges blinks16:48
SageMSameer: it is in example thing16:48
MSameerSage: yes but what's the point of providing an example that doesn't run16:49
SageMSameer: true16:49
MSameerI think this commit should be reverted16:49
* MSameer hides16:49
sledgesanyway, devel is devel :))16:49
sledgesa big pint from deztructor_16:50
Sagesledges: what depended on that?16:51
MSameersledges: devel is devel != devel should be broken :P16:51
sledgesnemo-qml-plugin-contextkit - lipstick-colorful-home - pattern:nemo-ux16:52
Sagesledges: oh well that is bad16:52
sledgesMSameer, that's where the pint comes in :))16:52
Sagew00t__: ^ is the qt5 lipstick working with xorg btw?16:52
SageI mean that we shouldn't break the xorg home yet by removing deps16:53
MSameerwhat a name: qtflyingbus :)16:56
sledgesnever seen that before MSameer ?16:56
NeeDforKillit's game16:56
MSameeryeah looks like a game16:56
MSameersledges: me too16:56
NeeDforKillsome times wi-fi goes off it's normal ? :D16:56
MSameeri think you need to disable power saving for wifi16:57
MSameerbut it works fine for me16:57
MSameerlet's see if it will continue working after i upgrade16:57
MSameeri have a very old release16:57
sledgesNeeDforKill, `iwconfig wlan0 power off`16:57
sledgesby power it means powersave lolrofl16:58
NeeDforKilli need write powersave or power?16:58
sledgespower :D16:58
*** kavuri has quit IRC16:58
sledgesMSameer, I played flying bus a year ago lol
sledgesmer can run anywere and that's amazing16:59
sledges even17:00
sledges shucks17:00
NeeDforKillwait for end update , and hope call functions and other not broke17:01
sledgesNeeDforKill, welcome to the latest and greatest minefield :)17:01
NeeDforKillHow can I increase the display How can I increase the backlight17:02
*** nodevel has quit IRC17:02
NeeDforKillto 1 min or 2 min17:02
NeeDforKillor better disable auto off backlight17:03
special'mcetool -Don' or other mcetool commands might help17:06
* sledges hometime17:06
NeeDforKillnice my phone not load,black screen17:08
*** panda84kde has quit IRC17:51
w00t__Sage: it is not17:52
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MSameerseems headset detection doesn't work on n918:26
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Sagew00t__: ok need to get those qt4 deps back then for now :/18:49
Sagedeztructor_: ^18:49
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nicky_I tried to install Nemo into VirtualBox following the instructions on the website, but when I try to boot from local disk it failed saying INT18: BOOT FAILURE19:17
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nicky_could someone help me )19:18
NeeDforKillokay i can say 100% "sudo flasher -a <FIASCO_IMG> -k ./usr/share/moslo/zImage-moslo -f" not working, cyclical reboot19:18
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NeeDforKillSage okay i can say 100% "sudo flasher -a <FIASCO_IMG> -k ./usr/share/moslo/zImage-moslo -f" not working, cyclical reboot19:20
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SageNeeDforKill: my n950 can' be flashed at all anymore because of some bizarre error and don't have n9 to try with atm. So can't really help. Maybe someone else here could check again those flashing instructions?20:17
NeeDforKillwith old moslo from this
NeeDforKillworking, and mosle create auto dual boot20:19
NeeDforKillbut i install all updates, and my phone not load20:19
NeeDforKillblack screen20:19
NeeDforKillso i think it's mb old moslo not working with last updates20:19
NeeDforKillSage and one  question about update20:22
mhall119anybody know rburchell's nick?20:22
fk_lxmhall119: w00teh or sth like that20:24
mhall119w00t: ?20:24
mhall119thanks fk_lx20:25
fk_lxmhall119: no problem20:25
NeeDforKillwhen i make dup and like all instals done20:25
NeeDforKilli see only landscape mode20:25
fk_lxmhall119: btw. impressive kickstart campaign20:26
fk_lxmhall119: congratulations20:26
NeeDforKillwithout taskbar on top. Sage it's normal?20:26
mhall119fk_lx: thanks :)20:26
* mhall119 would very much like to get some changes to the folderlistmodel back to you guys20:27
mhall119if there is anybody who can help with that20:28
fk_lxmhall119: he is also w00t according to this:
mhall119well we've said his nick enough times, if he's got a highlight or notification he should know we're looking for him by now :)20:32
mhall119but it's late in Norway, so I'll try him again tomorrow20:33
fk_lxmhall119: sure :D20:33
mhall119thanks again fk_lx20:34
fk_lxmhall119: no problem20:34
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deztructor_Sage: so, idea that we should get rid of qt4 is not working, ok, i will return it20:47
*** lizardo has quit IRC20:54
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Sagedeztructor_: we need to keep it for now on that package at least21:43
Sagedeztructor_: and dual hook the qt5 and qt4 versions21:43
*** Pat_o has quit IRC21:50
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deztructor_Sage: what do you think, should i bump version returning qt4 back or just rewrite previous version tag in git?22:15
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