Wednesday, 2013-07-24

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blue787Was sent here, any Jolla/open source folks02:59
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wmaronesent here by who?03:03
chriadamblue787: good afternoon03:06
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blue787Was sent here by @faenil from teitter03:14
blue787I'm under the name @nede7 from twitter03:14
blue787Very interested in open source and Jolla Sailfish especially03:15
wmaroneyou may want to join #sailfishos as it's specific to Sailfish03:16
chriadamblue787: are you interested in contributing to open source components in nemo (which are used in Sailfish?)03:16
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blue787Does the SDK provide guidance to the creation of apps ?03:29
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chriadamblue787: yes04:06
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sledgeshow's things faenil ?09:48
faenilgood good ;)09:48
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faenilsledges, do you know where are the env vars used to start all executables?10:07
sledgesfaenil, ^10:11
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sledgesbut e.g. connman.service:EnvironmentFile=-/etc/tracing/connman10:12
sledges.. :)10:12
faenilyeah well those are just added on top :)10:13
sledgeseh? :)10:13
sledgeswhich ones do you mean then?10:13
faenilnono it's ok10:13
faenilI meant when you have EnvFile they will override what's in sysconfig10:14
sledgesthing is10:14
sledgesif you don't have EnvFile, the environment is empty10:14
sledgesor minimal10:14
sledgesand I never knew where that default skeleton is ;)10:14
faenilactually I think it inherits those from the service which launched you10:14
faenilsomething like that10:14
sledgeshopefully :)10:15
faenillike .services in take the env variables from user-session@.service, afaik10:15
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faenilwe have a problem :(10:18
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faenilsledges, yeah10:22
faenilsledges, if I install mapplauncherd-qt5 it brings in mapplauncherd, which brings in X11 and all its stuff, and at launch both X11 and wayland try to start :(10:23
faenilw00t__, ^10:23
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faenilthat is a big problem :/10:27
sledgesit's all about dependencies isn't it10:27
sledgeseither in packaging, or mapplauncherd still depending on Xorg primitives..10:28
faenilsledges, mapplauncherd depends on X11, I told Stskeeps yesterday10:28
faenilso it brings in all the stuff10:29
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sledgeswhat was his comment? :)10:29
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faenilthat it only took in one component of x1110:30
faenilbut it pulled in server and everything10:30
faenilbut maybe it was something else10:30
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faenilok maybe I know, it was mapplauncherd, it was nemo-mobile-session, as I'm building the image using a local rpm package, and when I do "dup" it looks on the web repos and downgrades it to the x11 dependent package :(10:32
faenilit wasn't* mapplauncherd (which, still, depends on X11)10:32
sledgesok, so zypper dupping on live system is not recommended at this stage10:33
faenilyeah, not until Sage is back and accepts to bring all the changes in the official repo10:33
sledgeson holiday?10:34
faenilno idea10:34
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faenilsledges, I think I'd better go back to apps development, where you don't depend on anyone and do you stuff :D10:37
sledgesdepending on Sage is not critical at this point, or I don't get something10:41
faenilsledges, well there's no point in publishing a ks that breaks when you dup :P10:42
faenilI need packages to be in the official repo (unless I'm missing something)10:42
sledgeswell it's a no-dup .ks for now ;D10:42
sledgesand wait10:43
sledgeswhen you re-generate .ks10:43
sledgesyou get latest and greatest?10:43
faenilwhat do you mean10:43
sledgesok, so it's not so bad10:43
sledgesyou can publish with big fat red warning - NO ZYPPER DUP :D10:44
sledgesfor people to play with10:44
sledgesI believe next step is n9/950 .ks ?10:44
faenilor I can tell them to add my repo in the list, and it's done10:44
sledgesem, your repo can be already in .ks instead ;)10:44
faenilsledges, actually, at the moment not even qt5 components gallery works10:44
sledgesimportant the infrastructure starte10:47
faenilsledges, that started days ago :D10:47
sledgesgreat, let's fuel up collaboration so you are not alone10:48
faenilsledges, I'm trying :/10:48
sledgeshow do you imagine anyone could help now, and how would they contribute back? patching your .ks? a git repo is in order10:48
sledgesfixing directly in e.g. qmlgallery-qt5 - no problems either :)10:48
faenilnext thing is QtQuickControls10:49
sledgesright, that too10:49
sledgesso if you could outline the next roadmap10:49
sledgesand the final fantasy come true ;)10:49
sledgesan email to MLs would be great ;)10:49
faenilsledges, well this was on the ML thread I started already10:49
sledgesgiven the challenge that Sage is not around10:49
faenilanyway, lunch time ;)10:49
sledgesyup, follow up that awesome email ;)10:49
sledgesbuon appetito!10:50
faenilgrazie :) a dopo ;)10:50
sledgesa presto :)10:50
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faenilsledges, you gave me new energy o/11:31
sledgesjust driving forward the good effort, don't let that stagnate :)11:31
sledgesas it's our hope for glacier and sailfish on n9 and the family11:32
faenil:) well I'm not doing it much for n950/n9, I'm doing it for Nemo itself, as I want it to get to a good point, some day :D11:32
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sledgesabsolutely, nemo can run on anything :D11:33
sledgesand it will run wayland! what can be better? :))11:33
faenilI'm so disappointed the new Nexus7 has S4 Pro :(11:33
dm8tbrsledges: what's that glacier thing?11:33
faenilsledges, yeah! :D11:33
faenildm8tbr, new UI11:33
sledgesdm8tbr, seriously? :)11:33
* dm8tbr hasn't been following much recently11:33
dm8tbrI'm on vacation11:34
sledgeslol you first faenil :D11:34
dm8tbrI spend time outside under the evil daystar11:34
faenilsledges, first! o/11:34
sledgeswhich is the same thing, just without ability to comment11:34
sledgesHurrian, ^11:34
dm8tbrlooks cool11:34
sledges(nice to see your name ;))11:34
Hurriansledges: hehe, caused some confusion some time ago ;)11:35
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sledgesyes, like 10 seconds ago :D11:35
HurrianI'm now officially out of Internet Hiding11:35
* sledges wait now, where's rikanee :D11:35
sledgesyou're exposed now! omg! 8)11:36
Hurriansledges, all: i've been absolutely /inundated/ with uni work11:39
faenilHurrian, free now?11:40
sledgesyup, faenil also has rejoined us since recently only11:40
sledgesunderstandable :)11:40
Hurrianfaenil: semi-free, going to be reading up on some crap on the side ;)11:40
faenilHurrian, great, let's join forces, I feel a bit alone :D11:40
Hurrianwhich is why the Glacier guidelines website, while incredibly handsome, is sorely lacking.11:40
Hurrianwill also try to do updates to Glacier core apps mockups on weekends.11:41
faenilHurrian, I think most urgent work is on components11:41
Hurrianfaenil: yeah.11:41
* sledges loves components11:42
faenilsee what can be reused from QtQuickControls, and see what's missing/needs implementing11:42
faeniland which graphics are needed11:42
faenilI guess apps UIs can wait11:42
sledgesand tell me where I could chip in ;)11:42
HurrianI /need/ to put out at least the basic component set so those can be made.11:42
faenilHurrian, yep :)11:42
Hurrianbrb all, doing a reboot. this should be quick, I've got a SSD.11:43
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Hurrianand we're back!11:46
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[ol]blue787: Were you looking specifically for me?12:35
faenilsledges, I have [root@localhost ~]# cat /var/lib/environment/nemo/50-nemo-mobile-ui.conf12:43
faeniland that file is EnvFile of user-session@.service12:43
faenilbut still, if I run QmlComponentsGallery it asks for xcb12:44
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faenilmaybe Stskeeps knows something about that? ^12:53
faenilzephyr did it with this
faenilbut I just put the env variable inside the conf file instea12:53
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Sagesledges: faenil: o/13:00
sledgesyay \o/ :)13:00
sledgeswb Sage13:00
faenilSage, o/ how are you :)13:01
sledgesfaenil, I struggled with this env inheritance theory13:01
Sagebusy :)13:02
faenilsledges, I'm trying to make my way through it, but it's not working so far, it's not inheriting :P13:02
sledgesif you do `QT_QPA_PLATFORM=wayland QmlComponentsGallery`13:02
faenilSage, :)13:02
sledgesthen it works13:02
faenilsledges, well yeah, it segfaults actaully, but it works of course13:02
sledgesat least from my experience, it worked, so no env inheritancei n systemd or we do something wrong13:02
faenilsledges, there has to be something like that, you can't change all .desktop files just to add that env var13:03
sledgesyup, and .service :(13:03
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faenilyeah, no it can't be like that ;)13:03
sledgesyou can always check env: `set`13:03
w00t__how are you trying to run it?13:03
sledgesand see what has been inherited, what no13:03
faenilw00t__, just installed and tried to run it13:04
w00t__you still didn't answer how you're trying to run it13:04
faenilw00t__, ohhh right, special said something about ssh not inheriting, I already forgot that13:04
faenilw00t__, both ssh and icon click13:04
faenilQmlComponentsGallery5 via ssh13:04
faeniland click on the VM13:05
sledgesssh? :) fingerterm first ;P13:05
faenilsledges, special yesterday said that if you're running via ssh it won't directly check the env files13:05
w00t__yeah, it won't work over ssh.. and if you haven't set up your environment to boot into your compositor as a systemd user session, you won't have that environment either13:05
faenilw00t__, well I put lipstick.service symlink in the user-sess.wants folder13:06
faenilI guess that's enough13:06
w00t__well don't guess - does it boot to a UI or not? ;)13:06
faenilw00t__, yes it does, since 2 days at least xD13:06
faenilit boots to colorful home,13:06
w00t__okay, and if you do systemctl stop user-session@100000.service, it goes away?13:07
faenilcan't try now, something else screwed the setup (dup downgraded to x11 packages and x11 got installed)13:07
faenilw00t__, wait a min and I'll try13:08
Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#383 Accepted promotion request13:08
Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#382 Rejected promotion request13:09
w00t__I have to go out, so I probably won't be here soon13:10
faenilw00t__, ok, let's suppose it stops lipstick?13:10
faenil(i.e. that command works)13:10
w00t__then i would probably expect clicking icons to work assuming that var is in your /var/whatever/environment13:11
faenilok, but always not on ssh, right?13:11
w00t__ssh won't work13:12
w00t__Aard: we should probably look at ossing jolla-developer-mode sometime13:12
Aardparts of it, yes13:12
Aardit's on my todo list13:12
Aardas with other stuff on my todo-list related to opensourcing: it gets higher priority if somebody shows up and promises to spend time there :p13:13
w00t__i think faenil is volunteering all over the place right now, and it'd make his life easier, so ;)13:13
faenilw00t__, :)13:14
faeniland I will be for at least one more week (maybe 2)13:14
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faenilw00t__, I did "stop" and now the screen is frozen, so I guess it worked13:16
Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#381 Accepted promotion request13:16
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faenilfingerterm starts :O13:25
faenilit's landscape and y-inverted, but hey :D13:25
faenilw00t__, I thought y-inverted was not needed on VM xD13:25
* w00t__ has no idea13:26
w00t__I haven't had anything to do with the VM13:26
faenilw00t__, oh ok ;)13:26
faenilw00t__, Qmlgallery segfaults instead, but okay, we'll leave that out for the moment :)13:27
faenilsledges, do you know any other qt5 app I can preinstall on the image?13:27
sledgesgood you got 1 qt5 app ok!13:27
faenilotherwise it would just boot to black screen13:27
sledgeswill be easier to track the bug13:28
faenilapp icons are missing as well :D13:28
sledgesthat was my next question faenil :D13:28
sledgesicons and labels and homescreens?13:28
faenilsledges, basically all system icons (battery, signal) are missing on this home-qt5 it seems, w00t__ also explained yesterday why there are problems loading assets from the theme (it has somethind to do with theme inheritance)13:29
sledgesbut you should still be able to see labels13:29
sledgesand navigate homescreens13:29
faenilI see labels13:30
sledgeslike "No Apps Open"13:30
sledgesok great13:30
faeniland I can navigate13:30
sledgesqmlcalc is something i always check next :D13:30
sledgesdon't know if it has qt5 port though13:30
faenilsledges, anyway it's not mthemedaemon, it's not installed13:30
faenilthat was one of the things we got rid of (iirc)13:30
sledgesmaybe it is, because it is not installed? :D13:30
sledgesso who is serving icons now?13:30
faenilahaha that would be fun13:30
sledgesnemo-qml-plugins- ?13:31
faenilsledges, I don't know13:31
sledgesas it was a job of mthemedaemon13:31
faenillet's see if I find Robin's words from yesterday13:32
sledgesok, local theme provider, sounds lean and mean ;) good13:34
*** piggz has quit IRC13:35
sledgesfaenil, `zypper info qt-components-qt5`13:37
sledgeswhat's the version?13:37
faenilw00t__ updated it yesterday13:37
sledgesyup, it's latest13:38
faenilto make it less verbose13:38
sledgesso did things get less noisy as he promised?13:38
faenilwell, not fixed, just silenced :D13:38
faenilsledges, about the icons, I think it's a onelines, I'll look into it as I'm done with the packages stuff13:39
faenilSage, do you have 2-3 minutes to discuss some stuff? :D13:40
*** alterego_ is now known as alterego13:40
faenildamn I should have asked him when he replied :D13:42
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faenilfor future reference: turns out x86 VM needs  QT_COMPOSITOR_NEGATE_INVERTED_Y=1 to run Wayland clients properly :)14:09
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namefakegreetings! is there any news on xwayland for memo?15:03
namefakenemo that is.15:03
faenilcan anyone troubleshoot this tar_git error? ( w00t__ ? :D)
sledgesnamefake, we are work in progress of nemo on wayland first15:04
sledgesquite likely xwayland will happen soon after15:04
sledgesfaenil, change to HEAD for a moment?15:04
faenilsledges, that error is not due to my editing, I already branched that package a week ago, and it was the same ;)15:05
sledgesfaenil, isn't it because nemo-mobile-session != nemo-mobile-session-wayland ?15:06
faenilso what? (I repeat, if I only branch official package, no changes, I get the same)15:07
sledgesyou renamed it15:07
namefakethanks sledges15:07
faenilhere it is, just branched, no renaming no nothing15:08
sledgeshistorically with OBS such actions are quite sentitive at times ;) and I don't see any other differences15:08
sledgescrikey faenil :)15:08
faenilthis is the last obstacle...15:09
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sledges home:faenil > Repositories15:15
sledges nemo:devel:hw:x86:x86-common > Repositories15:15
sledgesbecause oneshot (project nemo:devel:mw)15:16
faenilwait wait wait...I didn't add that repo though :D15:17
faenilis that something like "include" directory for OBS?15:17
sledgesjust defaulted15:17
sledgesyou need to build against nemo:mw15:17
sledgesinstead of mer15:17
sledgesjust add that repo, remove mer on, and you're done15:18
sledgessomething like include and lib directory collection for OBS yes :))15:19
faenilsledges, then take into account that I have 3 packages, not just that one15:20
faenilI hope that taking out mer didn't break one of them15:20
sledgesyou won't be able to change repos per package anyhow15:20
sledgesit's per project15:20
sledgesno, mer is under nemo15:20
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*** jmlich has joined #nemomobile15:21
faeniloh ok15:21
*** namefake has quit IRC15:22
faenilany tar_git guy in heeeereeeeeee :D15:36
sledgesw00t__, ;)15:36
faeniltried tagging him :P15:36
faenilhe said he was going out15:37
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*** roope has joined #nemomobile15:47
sledgesfaenil, comment out oneshot references and see if it starts going through the pipes15:48
sledgesjust to check15:48
faenilahahah :)15:48
faenilsledges, that would require a git commit :P15:48
sledgesand remember `git push --force` - Man, that felt good!15:49
faenilahaha :D15:50
faenilsledges, should it be defined here?
sledgesit apparently is defined15:56
sledgessomewhere 8)15:56
faenilhow do you know it's defined?15:57
sledgesbecause original package is not failing15:57
faenilyeah but maybe if we trigger build it fails15:57
faenilsledges, google launch event is starting15:59
faenil"we're experiencing technical difficulties" ...16:01
sledgeslaunch fail then :)16:02
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*** Vlad_on_the_road has joined #nemomobile19:18
piggzfaenil: so, what new strides have been made today?19:21
*** rcg has joined #nemomobile19:21
faenilpiggz, I'm about to build the hopefully last image :)19:21
faenil(for VM)19:22
piggzfaenil: what is the best documentation on getting code/repositories, building rpms and testing on devices?19:23
faenilpiggz, I'm not sure there's an All-In-One guide19:25
faenilbut I can help you cover most of the needed stuff, taking into account that I haven't tested on device since January, and lots of stuff changed since then :D19:25
Sagefaenil: now I do :)19:56
faenilSage, great, I made my own online repos :D19:56
*** piggz has quit IRC19:56
faenilbut if you have some time we can avoid the temporary steps and update the official repos19:56
Sagefaenil: sure20:00
faenilSage, great20:00
faenilSage, so, there are changes needed in nemo-mobile-session (I created nemo-mobile-session-wayland)20:02
faeniland nemo-configs-x8620:02
faenilcolorful-home-qt5 changes have been merged already20:03
*** ljp_ has quit IRC20:03
*** lpotter-home has quit IRC20:03
*** lpotter has joined #nemomobile20:04
Sagefaenil: what are the changes to nemo-mobile-session ?20:04
Sagealso same question fro the neemo-configs-x86.20:05
faenilSage, I'll create PRs for those two repos ok? ;)20:06
faenil(I already created one for configs few days ago)20:06
*** lpotter has quit IRC20:08
* Sage ponders20:09
Sagefaenil: we probably need to do xorg and wayland subpackages for nemo-mobile-session20:13
Sagefaenil: yes, but that is fork of everything not subpackage20:14
Sage%package xorg20:14
SageRequires: xorg-launcher20:14
Sage%files xorg20:14
Sagethat link to oxrg.target20:15
Sage%package wayland20:15
faenilyeah I know, it was just to show that I made a different package20:15
faenilit was "I agree" :)20:15
faenildid it the dirty way20:15
Sageah, ok20:16
faenilas I don't know how that subpackage handling works :)20:16
faenilSage, so should I also create different conf files? (since one has one more env var)20:16
Sagethere is shown two subpackage vm and generic20:17
*** lpotter has joined #nemomobile20:18
faenilSage, ok, let me do that20:18
Sage +QT_QPA_PLATFORM=wayland   <- this should be in separate file e.g. conf/50-nemo-mobile-wayland.conf20:18
Sageand added to wayland package20:18
faenilWayland doesn't need any of the other vars? or does it need both files?20:18
*** ljp has joined #nemomobile20:18
Sagefaenil: make the wayland and xorg files require the main package so that comes from there20:19
Sagefor the x86 configs package I think that could be even merged as such. Not sure if that breaks xorg stuff at all20:20
faenilalright sir :)20:21
*** lpotter has quit IRC20:21
*** lpotter has joined #nemomobile20:22
faenilSage, it shouldn't break anything, as it's a new file in a new directory20:22
*** ljp has quit IRC20:22
*** ljp has joined #nemomobile20:23
faenilSage, also, I made a webhook for in my personal OBS20:23
faenilnot sure if I have permission to create a new package in Nemo MW on OBS, but I didn't dare :D20:23
faenilso, if you can do that as well :) or I can do that if I have permissions20:24
Sagefaenil: we should map it to x86 project, right?20:25
faenilwell it's VM stuff, should be x8620:26
SageI need to fix the resolving first though20:27
Sagegive me a moment20:27
faenilyeah no problem20:28
faenilI guess I have to delete my nemo-mobile-session-wayland, as it doesn't let me create a 2nd fork :/20:29
*** SfietKonstantin has quit IRC20:30
Aardfaenil: branches?20:30
faenilAard, ?20:31
faenilnope, on github I meant20:31
Aardyes, you can do branches in your fork there20:32
faenilAard, yeah but I didn't want a new branch, I wanted a different repo, fork of the same nemomobile repo20:33
*** louisdk has joined #nemomobile20:33
Aardfaenil: fork means you intend to merge it back in? in that case I don't see why it needs to be a fork20:35
faenilAard, let me sum up: there is nemo-mobile-session in nemomobile git, I forked it and renamed it to nemo-mobile-session-wayland few days I wanted to create another fork from nemo-mobile-session, but it doesn't let me because my account already has nemo-mobile-session-wayland which is a fork of nemo-mobile-session20:36
Aardstill, branches? :) I'd merge the wayland sessions as branch into nemo-mobile-session in nemos repository as well (and eventually merge it to master, when we drop X at some point)20:37
faenilyes, that's the way it's going to be made20:38
faenilbut I wanted to leave that wayland repo as well (just in case) even if it was useless20:38
faenilI don't see why I can't make 2 forks :P20:38
faenillet's suppose I want to fork LibreOffice and create FaenilOffice and AardOffice, I can't? :D20:38
Aardno, because my minions will hunt you if you name that AardOffice :p20:39
faenilahah :D20:39
*** Morpog_PC has quit IRC20:42
*** ljp_ has joined #nemomobile20:42
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faenilbb in 10minutes20:43
*** faenil has quit IRC20:45
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*** lizardo has quit IRC20:57
w00t__Aard: EmacsOffice?20:58
Aardw00t__: already have that. it's called 'org-mode' and 'LaTeX'20:59
w00t__but spreadsheets using lisp21:00
*** jluisn has quit IRC21:01
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile21:02
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*** faenil has joined #nemomobile21:09
faenilAard, LaTeX ftw21:09
faenil(back to crappy connection, yay!)21:09
faenilSage, do I need to specify a %package without name, or will it create a general one automatically? I think nemo-configs have no "general" package21:13
faenilplease tell me he's not gone xD21:16
w00t__I need to build something with qt4 but I don't have qt4 available #firstworldproblems21:16
*** jpetersen has quit IRC21:22
Sagefaenil: ;)21:22
*** Dam has quit IRC21:22
Sagefaenil: I don't understand your question21:23
faenilSage, \o/21:23
Sagefaenil: qt5-plugin-generic-vboxtouch21:23
Sagethat is now build in x86 rnd devel21:23
faenilSage, alright thanks :)21:24
faenilSage, I meant, I need a general package which the other two will "require"21:24
faenilis that general package created automatically, or do I need to add another %package section? in nemo-configs-x86 there are only -vm and -generic packages, no package which has stuff they share21:25
Sagefaenil: that generic package is already there21:26
Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#384 waiting for review at
Sagethe main package that is defined with Name:21:27
faenilSage, nemo-configs-x86 also has a "Name" but it doesn't have a nemo-configs-x86.rpm21:27
Sagefaenil: yes, that is a special case. if no %files section is defined the package will not be created21:28
faenilSage, ok thanks, that's what I wanted to hear :D21:29
Sageok, can I go now to sleep? ;)21:29
faenilcan I merge stuff myself once I'm done? lol21:29
w00t__the way it is supposed to work is, pull request sent, reviewed by someone, if accepted, => go ahead and merge+tag21:30
faenilw00t__, yeah, it was worth trying :P21:31
faenilSage, please comment the one you already accepted if possible21:32
*** NIN101 has quit IRC21:37
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faenil_by faenil_21:38
faenil_bye faenil21:38
*** faenil_ is now known as faenil21:38
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Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#384 Rejected promotion request21:45
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