Tuesday, 2013-07-23

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faenilmorning :)08:15
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rcgmorning :)08:19
faenilrcg, o/08:19
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faenilspecial, Stskeeps, so...systemd has spent all night trying to get maliit-server to run (remember the problem I was explaining yesterday?) so, again, something is not working here imho08:30
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faenilthat env variable is probably not set, in Nemo08:31
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faenilJul 23 08:30:00 localhost maliit-server[1193]: FATAL: Failed to load platform plugin "xcb". Available platforms are:08:36
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w00t__so QT_QPA_PLATFORM, then almost certainly not08:38
faenilI could add QT_QPA_PLATFORM=wayland there08:39
faenilw00t__, do you know where Sage is ? :D or can I edit and tag myself? :P08:39
faenilalso waiting on the other PR on nemo-configs-x8608:40
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faenilwhat about this08:59
faenilmaliit-server[288]: WARNING: bool MIMPluginManagerPrivate::loadPlugin(const QDir&, const QString&) Error loading plugin fr08:59
faenilom "/usr/lib/maliit/plugins/libmaliit-keyboard-plugin.so" "The shared library was not found."08:59
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faenilcoming from maliit-plugins-maliit-keyboard09:01
faenilshould I add that package? is that needed for the VM?09:01
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Netweaverall: could someone help me troubleshooting systemd services? Rather highlevel, seeing if all are properly started, errorlogs etc ? some initial pointers to a fully working config might be enough as a starter.09:35
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faenilfreaking connection...09:45
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sledgesmaliit is on-screen keyboard10:38
sledgesnot essential in vm, but might come in handy once you reference your wayland.ks onto more keyboardless devices ;)10:38
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faenilsledges, yeah maliit is the keyboard, maliit-plugins and maliit-framework are installed10:48
faenilI was wondering why maliit-plugins-maliit-keyboard wasn't10:48
faenil(and if it was something which needed fixing)10:48
sledgeshm that might be loosely coupled, as you can easily have other plugins replacing this instead10:51
sledgesso can be that it didn't get pulled10:51
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faenilthat doesn't really answer the question :D10:52
faenilactually it does10:53
faenilbut, well, should I pull it in for the wayland image? :D10:53
sledgesif it got removed, nothing complained, that is ;)10:53
sledgesyes, I see it as essential, if it doesn't have an alternative10:53
faenilok, thanks for the input :)10:54
faenilI just installed qt5 gallery and it doesn't even start :P10:54
faenil/usr/bin/single-instance not found10:55
faenilthat was part of mapplauncher maybe?10:55
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faenilnope, not part of mapplauncher10:57
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sledgesit is10:57
sledgesrpm -qf /usr/bin/single-instance10:58
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faenilI looked at mapplauncherd-qt5 :D hoping it was the direct port10:59
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sledgeshandy to have old vm running ;)11:00
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faenilslaine, I was about to switch on the n950 lol11:01
faeniloh crap, sorry man slaine :P11:01
faenilsledges, ahaha11:01
sledgesoh dear here he comes...11:01
sledgesI think i need to do "/nick sladges"11:02
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sledgeshmm, sleine sounds nicer though :))11:03
sledges(same pronunciation :)11:04
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faenilw00t__, what is the situation of mapplauncherd when it comes to Nemo Qt5?12:43
faenil(it requires x11 :( )12:44
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faenilqwazix, ping12:54
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faenilmric_, hey :)13:27
mric_faneil, hey,I just read that people were discussing maliit and maliit plug-in. Would it be possible to add a "dictionnary" like other os ?13:27
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faenilmric_, no idea, I don't know how maliit works13:28
mric_faenil, ok thanks anyway. I guess you don't know aswell about the possibilty to add new keyboards layout ?13:29
mric_sledges, Hey :)13:30
faenilmric_, I think on Nemo maliit uses .qml files for layouts13:30
mric_fanei, okay I will some more about it thx13:30
mric_!seen sledges13:37
Merbotmric_: sledges was last seen in #nemomobile 2 hours, 33 minutes, and 13 seconds ago: <sledges> (same pronunciation :)13:37
faenilit's very quiet these days, it's me making all the noise :P13:37
mric_faenil, haha okay just finished my exams so now I have time13:40
faenilmric_, same here, and it's sad to find it has become a very quiet place :(13:41
mric_faenil, i have a super basic knowledge in C,C++ and SQL. Do you have any idea how I could contribute to nemo ?13:41
faenilmric_, well I'm still a student as well :)13:42
faenilI'd head to nemo bugzilla and see if there's any bug which can be fixed without loosing mental sanity :D13:42
mric_faniel, I'm 3rd year mechanical eng but in first year had a C and C++ module for 6 months but that's all I know so defenitively don't have to expertise to solve a bug. I would to create the french layout of the keyboard though.13:45
faenilI see...I think you should start learning QML, it's easy ;)13:46
mric_faenil, I have just started my holidays ... should I really start learing again ;)13:47
faenilmric_, well, I started my holidays last week and I've been learning stuff so that I could contribute to nemo :D13:48
faenilbut hey, you don't have to do the same :D13:49
mric_faenil, I'm here on the chat because I don't like to be bored so I think I will try to learn qml13:49
faenilmric_, :D13:55
faenilmric_, using QML is fun, you'll see ;)13:55
faenilI'm here idling waiting for replies from Jolla guys instead...13:56
faeniliekku, not you, software guys :D13:57
faeniliekku, ahaha <313:57
iekkusad badger goes away13:57
iekkufaenil hates me :(13:57
* faenil hugs iekku, if she's not spikes-covered :D13:57
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* dm8tbr gives iekku a honeybadgercookie to console her13:58
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iekkudm8tbr, you have killed honeybadger?13:58
iekkuor what parts of it has been used for cookies?13:59
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dm8tbrno comes with a picture pressed into the cookie14:01
faeniliekku, how are you anyway :)14:01
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: reply14:07
* Sfiet_Konstantin is a jolla sw guy \o/14:07
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, hired? :D14:07
Sfiet_Konstantinbut for 2 month I'm a jolla sw guy :P14:07
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, then stfu14:08
faenillol :D14:08
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, jk ;) if you can answer my questions, I'm all ears :P14:08
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ericcchahha  much  answer14:10
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qwazixfaenil, pong14:14
faenilqwazix, are you working on QtQuickControls styiling by any chance?14:15
qwazixno, not yet. I want to define which controls we are going to use first, and make sure they work both with the clacier ui and breeze ui14:16
faenilqwazix, aren't we using QtQuickControls?14:17
qwazixwe are certainly going to, but AFAIK not yet14:17
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faenilqwazix, from your words it seems you're defining new controls14:17
qwazixwhile most of the controls will be just restyling of qcc, it's not 100%14:18
faenillet's just avoid building a new components set :D14:18
qwazixfor example we might want a special interaction like say the pulley menu, we'll need something for that14:18
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qwazix(we all agreed that we don't want pulley menu, I'm just sayin)14:19
Morpog_N9wouldn't it better for porting apps to be 100% compatible with silica components?14:20
faenilqwazix, so basically QtQuickComponents + other components, is that what you mean?14:20
faenilMorpog_N9, with Silica? I was trying to say it would be better to be Qt compliant more than Sailfish compliant14:21
qwazixfaenil, yeah in both counts. I'm thinking some kind like nokia extras components. There to help the developers14:22
Morpog_N9well, nemo has more in commom with sailfish than with android or ios qt ports, or?14:22
qwazixbut I haven't scrutinized the qcc very much to see how close is to what me and hurrian are thinking about the interactions14:23
faenilqwazix, like extra Nemo components14:23
faenilqwazix, okcool14:23
faenilMorpog_N9, yeah but still...I think it would be better to keep Nemo more world oriented than prettily tight to sailfish14:23
qwazixexcept this  http://doc-snapshot.qt-project.org/qt5-stable/qtquickcontrols/touch.html is there anything else like a qcc gallery for touch?14:24
qwazixbecause if it's only than we're gonna need quite a few more of them14:25
faenilqwazix, no idea, I've never used them, but I'd say that is all14:26
qwazixwe are missing buttonrow, switch, time/date picker, dialog, sheet, alert just on top of my head14:27
faenilwell maybe it's because qqc aren't finalized yet14:27
qwazixAnyway first thing I do, hopefully this week is to compile a list with everything we need14:28
qwazixWe just might try to create our nemo qqc and upstream them14:28
faenilqwazix, https://qt-project.org/groups/qt-contributors-summit-2013/wiki/QtQuickControls_CS_201314:28
faenilthey're still lagging behind :( I think we have to wait few months :(14:29
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qwazixI think we should make a set of qml components the old way (both themes are really simple anyway) and then wrap them around qqc when they are ready14:30
*** VDVsx has joined #nemomobile14:31
qwazixyeah I know14:31
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Sfiet_Konstantinqwazix: start with QtQuickComponents.extra14:32
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*** jussi has joined #nemomobile14:32
qwazixbut it looks like it's gonna take ages for qqc touch to finish, and I fear they will be restrictive14:32
Sfiet_Konstantinor nemocomponents14:32
Sfiet_Konstantinand then when upstreaming is done we can directly use qqc14:32
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faenilqwazix, that's what I fear as well :(14:32
Sfiet_Konstantinqwazix: they will be restrictive, I guess we have no choice except having a set of common qqc + extra for each platform14:32
faenilbut at the same time, we can't build a whole new components set14:32
qwazixfaenil, we can, if we want is another thing14:33
faenilof course, nothing is impossible, but given the current contributions to nemo14:34
faenilQQC are done before nemocomponents for sure14:34
qwazixone guy at tmo built a hildon components set by himself14:34
faenilnot saying you can't :)14:34
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qwazixI think that if we split it to three it's feasible to be done in a couple of weeks time.14:35
faenilqwazix, it took months to replace meegosettings with qmlsettings, and w00t__ had to do it in the end14:35
qwazixYeah, I know...14:35
qwazixI'm just hoping we can speed up a little bit14:36
Morpog_N9is that only code work or also graphical stuff?14:36
w00t__i really don't think you should underestimate the amount of work in building a UI and building a platform (+ apps) on top of that14:36
faenilalso graphicsl14:36
faenilw00t__, +114:36
qwazixw00t__, building a UI and platform and apps is too big yeah14:36
qwazixI'm just saying to build a new components set14:37
faenilqwazix, but you need all of that, don't you14:37
qwazixyeah, but we don't need to ditch everything we have now right away14:37
qwazixit's not optimal, but we can still support both com.nokia.meego and org.nemomobile.glacier for some time14:38
Morpog_N9got 3 weeks holiday starting this weekend. Could contribute some graphics, like icons or buttons and stuff.14:38
faenilqwazix, first of all, glacier is qt5, apps are qt414:38
qwazixfaenil, for the time being glacier is just a mockup14:39
faenilso either you port apps to qt5-components, and then rewrite them using glacier (double work)14:39
faenilor there's no middle way14:39
faenilqwazix, of course, but there's no point in making it qt4, so...14:39
faenilw00t__, isn't there a tar_git tutorial/guide out there? is it only jolla stuff? I'd like to avoid making syncronous requests to you (jollaians) as much as possible, given how busy you are :/14:40
qwazixtrue but is qtquick2.0 all that different? and why can't we provide both on nemo? BB does it, even fremantle has beta Qt5 support14:40
w00t__faenil: wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Nemo/Development14:41
faenilw00t__, read that already, and it says "talk to w00t__ or Sage" when it gets to the point14:41
w00t__porting apps isn't all that much hard work14:41
w00t__faenil: well, you asked me to set up a hook, and i asked you to ask me again on monday, and i never heard a reply from you so i assumed it was done already ;)14:42
w00t__er.. i asked you what it was on monday14:42
faenilw00t__, I already forgot I asked you lol14:43
w00t__you asked on friday, when i wasn't here14:43
*** ericcc has quit IRC14:43
faenilw00t__, anyway, I have a webhooks account14:43
faenilbut I miss training14:43
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qwazixMorpog_N9, thanks for the support, the first thing we have to do is fill up this site http://qwazix.github.io/nemomobile.github.com/14:45
w00t__i found it all pretty self-explanatory, so if you don't understand something i'm going to need specific questions i'm afraid14:45
qwazixwe have to change the whole iconography thing with http://play.qwazix.com/grog/?p=36414:45
faenilw00t__, I may be missing some text, I don't see anything like "how to go from a github repo to an .rpm using tar_git" :D14:46
w00t__you push to git, git sends a notification to webhook, webhook asks obs to build the configured project(s), you get an rpm14:47
faenilyes, this is how it works once tar_git is set...14:47
faenilhow to set it, is the question :D14:47
iekkufaenil, sorry, needed to get myself to bus from helsinki office14:47
iekkufaenil, tired as hell, waiting for my summer vacation14:48
faeniliekku, have a nice day ma'am :)14:48
faeniliekku, sorry for what ;)14:48
iekkufaenil, yep... the one i already had for this summer14:48
Morpog_N9qwazix, but you seem to have done all apps icons already14:49
qwazixIcons are done, yeah. But modifying that website to use them is quite some work14:50
qwazixBoth the images for the central menu and the top menu need to change, the how to make new icons tut must be revised14:51
qwazixAnd then we have to fill up the components/patterns page14:52
Morpog_N9will ping you on weekend qwazix, do you need my github account?14:55
qwazixMorpog_N9, better clone it and create a merge request. Not even my fork is the official one14:55
faenilw00t__, I see many _service: in OBS, I guess that's something which has to be set up somewhere...14:56
*** jreznik has quit IRC15:06
faenilw00t__, also that single-instance thing...15:07
faenildamn I hate to depend on others xD15:07
*** piggz has quit IRC15:17
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faenilalright, I got this https://build.merproject.org/package/files?package=qt5-plugin-generic-vboxtouch&project=home%3Afaenil15:36
faenilshould I expect my .rpm to land in the OBS repo sooner or later?15:37
faenilawesome I'd say http://repo.merproject.org/obs/home:/faenil/latest_i486/i486/15:39
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Sfiet_Konstantinhow do you compiled it ?15:54
*** kavuri has joined #nemomobile15:54
Sfiet_Konstantinwow, a targit !15:55
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faenilSfiet_Konstantin, yeah16:03
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MarianoJollaIcons design?16:18
*** stephg has quit IRC16:20
MarianoJollaSorry, there are new set of icons that needs to be done?16:21
faenilqwazix, ^16:22
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qwazixto repeat here in public what I said privately, we mostly need help in completing things17:02
qwazix The basic icons are there for example, but we will definitely need a set of smaller mono icons for notifications etc17:02
qwazix but the most difficult thing is identifying what is needed, and using a wiki or other means to document it and keep it under control17:02
faenilMarianoJolla, ^17:03
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piggzw00t__: i figured out why its failing.....the WindowContainer.qml component doesnt get ready state...it gets error state.  The reason it goes into error is becuase module QtQuick.Window is not installed.  What package is that in?17:19
piggzSfiet_Konstantin: vgrade ^17:19
*** kavuri has quit IRC17:20
w00t__piggz: zypper search window17:20
piggzgot it17:21
Sfiet_Konstantinpiggz: qt5-qtdeclarative-import-window217:21
piggzthat should maybe be fetched automatically then?17:21
*** Venemo_N9 has joined #nemomobile17:26
Sfiet_Konstantinpiggz maybe we need to patch qt in mer17:28
piggzthats certainly fixed wayland on my n950 anyway :)17:29
faenilpiggz, great :)17:30
piggzinstalling lipstik-colorful-home-qt5 now17:31
faenilpiggz, that package is already installed on my Wayland VM image though, so maybe it was a bug and it's been fixed :)17:31
w00t__the example should Require it if it uses it17:32
faenilw00t__, I don't have apps on the vm image, though it still gets installed, probably by qt-components-qt5?17:33
faeniloh no it's lipstick-colorful-home-qt5 which pulls it in ;)17:33
faenilthat's why I have it by default17:34
*** panda84kde has quit IRC17:34
piggzfaenil: how to start the lipstick service?17:34
faenilpiggz, have you installed colorful home?17:34
faenilthen EGL_PLATFORM=fbdev QT_QPA_EGLFS_DEPTH=16 lipstick -platform eglfs17:35
piggzfaenil: ooooooo17:36
faenilpiggz, ? :)17:36
piggzlanscape only?17:36
qwazixw00t__, faenil, Venemo_N9, is there any reason we'd want to keep or ditch the darko theme structure in our new themes?17:36
faenildon't know, I'm on vm XD17:36
faenilqwazix, no idea17:36
piggzfaenil: doe the message box stay on all the time too?17:36
w00t__qwazix: which structure?17:36
faenilpiggz, nope17:37
Venemo_N9qwazix, I haven't a clue17:37
qwazixw00t__, /theme_name/meegotouch/icons17:37
w00t__qwazix: i don't see any reason to change that myself17:37
piggzfaenil: does here :) says 'sdk mode in use'17:37
piggzfaenil: why doesnt the .service file start it on boot?17:38
*** shikamaru has joined #nemomobile17:38
piggzoh, the message has gone at last17:38
qwazixw00t__, good17:38
faenilpiggz,that's one of the things I fixed17:38
*** shikamaru has quit IRC17:38
*** shikamaru has joined #nemomobile17:38
Venemo_N9w00t__, qwazix, maybe remove meegotouch17:38
faenil(the boot at startup)17:38
faenilshikamaru, o/17:38
w00t__Venemo_N9: there is no meegotouch involved in theme loading17:38
faenilw00t__, he means in the path I believe :P17:39
Venemo_N9yeah, so why is there a folder called meegtotouch17:39
piggzfaenil: can you fix the font too? ;)17:39
shikamarufaenil: hello :)17:39
w00t__because it's a path name, and i can't justify the work time to go around and fix everything that may break when changing it17:39
faenilpiggz, don't think I'll spend time on that, actually :)17:39
shikamarujust installed nemo to replace meego on my n90017:40
w00t__but if you don't have any bigger problems to work on, knock yourself out17:40
piggzshit :)17:40
piggzi clicked on an app, and it loaded on my desktop :)17:41
faenilpiggz, on your desktop? XD17:41
piggzthat must be the qt4 x11 apps17:41
faenilshouldn't your x11 server be sleeping?17:41
piggzx11 on laptop :)17:42
faenilw00t__, can you tell me anything about17:42
faenillipstick[285]: QFSFileEngine::open: No file name specified17:42
faenilJul 23 09:01:51 localhost lipstick[285]: file:///usr/lib/qt5/qml/com/nokia/meego/Button.qml:80:5: QML BorderImage: Failed to get image from provider17:42
faenil: image://theme/meegotouch-button-background17:42
Stskeepsm force local theme something env17:43
faenilit's full of those, do you already know where's the problem and how to fix it? otherwise I'll research tomorrow if it's worth it17:43
*** Venemo_N9 has quit IRC17:43
*** Morpog_PC has joined #nemomobile17:44
w00t__the local theme provider isn't as smart as it could be about dealing with theme inheritance17:44
faenilStskeeps, in english? :D17:44
faenilw00t__, I see17:44
w00t__there's some fixes in silica i need to push back, but it's still going to be dumb until it walks the inheritance chain properly instead of hardcoding directories17:44
faenilI guess qt-components qt5 apps are not doable until this is fixed17:45
faenil(as they require all such images)17:45
*** Morpog_PC has quit IRC17:45
*** Morpog_PC has joined #nemomobile17:45
w00t__if you have a working dbus session it should kind of sort of work enough for it to not be a problem17:45
Stskeepsall caps17:46
w00t__Stskeeps: it's already using the local theme provider17:46
w00t__it falls back automatically17:46
w00t__there's two problems17:46
w00t__1) missing dbus session (can't read configured theme, and fails at guessing it)17:46
*** Martix has joined #nemomobile17:47
w00t__2) (less serious) nemo has two themes (and theme inheritance is rather busted)17:47
faenilStskeeps, I've seen n950's wayland config has that env variable, didn't know it wasn't n9xx related17:47
faenilw00t__, mmm ok...17:47
faenilw00t__, thought Jolla's n950 config has that env var :D17:47
w00t__faenil: it won't harm, but it's not really needed17:47
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC17:48
piggzfaenil: its a shame all the files are in a qrc, means i cant hack them on device17:49
faenilalso stuff like lipstick[285]: QInotifyFileSystemWatcherEngine::addPaths: inotify_add_watch failed: No such file or directory17:50
faeniland then full of Jul 23 09:01:51 localhost lipstick[285]: QFSFileEngine::open: No file name specified17:50
faenilw00t__, are those all for the same problem? ^17:51
faeniland this path looks fishy :D lipstick[285]: qrc:/qml/LauncherItemDelegate.qml:140:9: QML Image: Cannot open: qrc:/qml/:/images/icons/apps.png17:52
w00t__faenil: https://github.com/nemomobile/qt-components/commit/1f6bcfe12a2f15f8972bc64feffb1edc620a09e1 will be less noisy17:56
faenilw00t__, ehehe less noisy at least17:57
faenilw00t__, how am I supposed to start Qt5 apps? QT_QPA_PLATFORM=wayland?17:59
faenilI installed qt5 comp gallery but it doesn't run17:59
faenilsays missing platform bla bla bla17:59
w00t__depends entirely on if you're writing a compositor or a client, but probably18:00
faenilnormal apps18:00
faeniltake qt5 comp gallery, it doesn't run18:00
*** shikamaru has quit IRC18:00
faenilsays "no wayland connection" with that QT_QPA18:01
faenil(also, how should we handle that? is there already a file where I should add the env var for all execs to use that?)18:01
faenilw00t__, ^18:02
specialfor ssh or for GUI18:03
faenilspecial, let's say for GUI, I'm just trying to see if people will be able to do anything with this image once I release the ks18:04
faeniland first impact, "let's install qt5 components gallery" doesn't work...18:04
special/lib/systemd/system/user-session@.service, and the files from /var/lib/environment/ that it imports.18:04
faenilthen it's already defined there18:05
specialwhat platform does component gallery say is missing18:06
specialif it says xcb, the environment is wrong18:06
faenilxcb, because it's clearly not using that file from var/lib18:06
specialif it says wayland doesn't exist, install the qtwayland wayland_egl package18:06
*** araujo has quit IRC18:06
specialif it says no wayland connection, lipstick isn't running or somehow put the wayland socket in an unexpected place18:06
*** shikamaru has joined #nemomobile18:07
specialbut keep in mind that ssh sessions don't use the /var/lib/ stuff directly.18:07
faenil[root@localhost ~]# cat /var/lib/environment/nemo/50-nemo-mobile-ui.conf18:07
*** shikamaru is now known as Guest3143118:07
faeniland "QmlComponentsGallery5" isn't using that env var18:07
*** Guest31431 has quit IRC18:07
*** Guest31431 has joined #nemomobile18:07
*** Guest31431 is now known as shikamaru18:08
faenilspecial, ok, so it must be the ssh I'm calling it from18:08
shikamaruexcuse me, but how do you switch from the settings to the main menu ? I tried to swipe from bottom to top but most of the time it just make the list scroll (on n900)18:09
faenilspecial, if I do "QT_QPA_PLATFORM=wayland QmlComponentsGallery5" I still get no Wayland connection18:09
faeniland colorful home is running18:09
specialdoes /var/run/user/100000/wayland-0 exist?18:10
specialare you running that command as nemo?18:10
*** araujo has joined #nemomobile18:11
specialit won't work as root.18:11
faenilok great18:11
faenilspecial, ok, started, SEGFAULT  :)18:12
shikamarualso, how do I zoom given that n900 doesn’t have multitouch ? doing clockwise circles doesn’t work18:12
faenilshikamaru, if you're talking about qmlgallery, you can't zoom on n900 I guess18:12
shikamaruno, I’m talking about the browser18:12
faenilI guess doubletap should work there18:12
faenildon't know if there's any other way to zoom in the browser (apart from pinching)18:13
shikamarunope :s18:13
faenilwhy the hell does it SEGFAULTs now...18:13
shikamaruoh I found by accident :)18:13
faenilspecial, thanks anyway ;)18:13
shikamaruI think I have to hold my finger a long time, thanks anyway18:14
faenilshikamaru, oh ;)18:14
shikamaruah no it was double tap indeed18:14
faenilw00t__, updated with new components ;) segfault :P (same as before)18:16
w00t__well given that that single patch didn't address any segfault and i have no idea what is crashing or why, i'm not surprised :P18:16
faenilw00t__, it was segfaulting before as well, but it didn't segfault when I launched it with eglfs18:17
faenilthere were compositor and app fighting to paint on top, but it started at least xD18:18
faenilanyway, I'm leaving, have fun people18:19
*** faenil has quit IRC18:19
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Rafa_Hello this is Rephael Martinez from Twitter23:37
Rafa_What can I do to help SailfishOS to get on the N9?23:38
specialkind of a bad time, most people are in europe and europe is asleep23:39
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