Sunday, 2013-07-28

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cokemelothere are so many peoples up here05:41
cokemeloim just new here05:41
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faenilmorning o/10:14
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dm8tbrhmm, is there a way to prevent the screen from sleeping completely on nemo?10:26
dm8tbrI mean on a system level10:26
Stskeepsmcetool -Don -tdisabled or something liket hat10:27
faenildoes the "Obsoletes" in .spec only work if the package you're obsoleting is no longer in the repo?10:32
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faenilStskeeps, zypper dup doesn't replace the package with the new "obsoleting" one...though if I disable the repo where the old package is kept, dup offers the correct upgrade10:33
faenilin my case,
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faenilzypper dup doesn't offer to upgrade nemo-mobile-session to nemo-mobile-session-xorg10:34
faenil(unless I disable nemo:ux repo, which offers nemo-mobile-session)10:35
Stskeepsdoes your own package provide nemo-mobile-session..?10:35
faenilProvides:   nemo-mobile-session > 2110:35
faenilObsoletes:  nemo-mobile-session <= 2110:35
faeniland the system at the moment has Version: 21-14.1.Nemo.UX.MTF10:36
faenilso I'd expect it to offer upgrade to the new -xorg package, since it obsoletes <= 2110:36
faenilunless I have to add the "release" version too...though I haven't seen that in any other package10:42
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faenillet's see if it's the release version that counts10:55
faenilStskeeps, tried with Obsoletes: nemo-mobile-session <= 21-14...still nothing, any idea?11:08
faenil2013-07-28 14:12:39 <1> localhost(1947) [libsolv] job: weak erase nemo-mobile-session-common11:19
faenil2013-07-28 14:12:39 <1> localhost(1947) [libsolv]  - job Rule #7839:11:19
faenil2013-07-28 14:12:39 <1> localhost(1947) [libsolv]     !nemo-mobile-session-common-22.5-12.1.Nemo.i486 [9] (w1)11:19
faenilzypper log shows it's considering the update though...11:19
faenilwhat stops it from offering11:19
faenilmm I have an idea11:26
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faenilit offered upgrade on dup the first time, now no
Stskeepszypper ref'ed?12:09
faenilStskeeps, 2013-07-28 14:53:18 <1> localhost(581) [zypp] Keep NOT installed name nemo-mobile-session-common (U__u_(139)nemo-mobile-session-common-22.7-13.1.Nemo.i486(faenil))12:10
faenilit sees it, but doesn't want to offer the upgrade for some reason...12:10
faenilit's driving me nuts12:10
faenilw00t, ^12:16
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faenilStskeeps, if I disable the nemo:ux repo, then "dup" shows the correct upgrade....13:43
faenilyou know what, I'm done with this until I find someone who has few minutes to spend on helping me out14:08
faenilI won't waste days on packaging14:08
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Morpog_faenil, maybe not try on weekend?15:11
faenilMorpog_, that's a trap, if I ask on weekdays I hear "try on weekend, people are working" :D15:12
faenila TRAHP :D15:12
Morpog_looool :)15:12
Morpog_well, I'm sure they all are busy atm finalizing the beta SDK15:12
faenilMorpog_, I'm not only asking Jolla guys :D everyone can reply :D15:13
Morpog_and I did, I just can't help you at all :)15:13
faenilMorpog_, thanks anyway :)15:13
Morpog_and isn't 90% active in this channel Jolla guys anyways?15:14
faenilmost likely, but it's not like I can ask in #blabla :D15:14
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Stskeepswe're just all tired15:15
faenilStskeeps, indeed, I can imagine :P15:15
faenilI will never go into packaging thundra alone again :P15:18
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yunta(or working)15:40
faenilyunta, ehehe15:41
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fk_lxyeah, some Jolla guys work tough on weekends16:15
fk_lxbut it only means that the time to final product is getting more closer ;-)16:15
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faenilfk_lx, we all know 95% of them are working 7/7 :D16:23
fk_lxnah, I disagree16:23
fk_lxfor sure not 95%16:24
fk_lxanyway I have huge respect for those working 7/716:25
fk_lxtheir dedication to cause is outstanding16:26
fk_lxand I understand that16:26
fk_lxif you truly love your work and company then you are able to work after hours on weekends when that is really needed16:26
faenilyeah :)16:27
fk_lxand we all know that it is critical period16:27
fk_lxproduct launch on end this year16:27
fk_lxthis really requires a lot of sacrafice16:27
faenilproblems will keep arising16:27
faenilnot postponing requires a pact with the devil ehehe16:28
rcgdon't you mean more like 24/7 :D17:16
rcgon the more serious side, they are investing huge efforts and you really feel the spirit they are driven by17:18
faenilindeed :)17:18
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fk_lxme also feels that17:28
fk_lxdid some strange things in the past17:28
fk_lxlike putting 600 posters through the whole night ;-)17:28
fk_lxand then going to work in the morning17:28
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zmcHello all.  I'm looking for an armv7 nemo image.  Does anyone have one prebuilt or do I have to compile it myself?18:03
fk_lxzmc: I think it depends where you wanna run that image18:06
zmcfk_lx : I'm looking on running it on the nexus4.  I already have a kernel that I built from source that gives me a framebuffer device, and I have a hacky but functional hardware uart for debugging.18:07
fk_lxbut if you want to run nemo on N4 then I guess you also need libhybris, because N4 is Android hardware18:08
zmcI found a blog post by Marko Saukko who got something to run at some point but the post is short on details.18:08
zmcwhy libhybris?18:09
zmcCan't I just point X at /dev/graphics/fb0 and get an unaccelerated framebuffer and call it a day?18:09
Stskeepsbecause you're not interested in a slideshow experience of your UI18:10
Stskeepsso you want to have opengl es18:10
Stskeepsnemo uses opengl es extensively18:12
faenilbye bye people, going to the Ham Festival! o/18:17
zmchmm the information I just found says that libhybris still doesn't do full X11. Has anyone sucessfully used it with nemo?18:17
faenilhave fun18:17
Stskeepszmc: it'll work with the effort that's going towards qt5+wayland18:18
fk_lxfaenil: have fun too and don't eat too much ham18:19
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zmcStskeeps : I'm a bit of a wayland hater but if it will run, I can live with it. :D  Has anyone gotten nemo working on that stack at all?18:20
fk_lxzmc: wayland hater? wayland is the future unless you want to use Mir and Ubuntu18:21
Stskeepszmc: sure18:22
zmcfk_lx : I've been through it all.  I know it's whats happening, I just don't like it.  If I'm going to chip in on either side, I prefer wayland to mir.18:23
zmcSo hybris and wayland it is. Is there an experimental image, or am I going to have to get the MerSDK and start hacking one out myself.  I have the SailfishSDK vm, I don't know if I can resuse/repurpose that build environment.18:25
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Stskeepsi'd recommend grabbing mer platform sdk18:37
zmcStskeeps : Okay, I'll get that now then.  Are the instructions on the wiki up to date?18:40
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zmcStskeeps : looks like the wiki should point to download mer-latest-sdk-rolling-chroot.ks instead of mer-next...19:52
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zmcalso mic fails because it's looking for which no longer exists19:53
zmcthat's referenced in mer-latest-sdk-rolling-chroot.ks19:54
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zmcOkay, found the workaround at
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fk_lxzmc: yep, that works :-)20:12
zmcI updated the wiki to include the hosts entry work around, and the change in filename for the kickstart file.  The vm kickstart URL is still wrong, as there is no "latest" or "next" version of those files.20:16
zmcThat should stop everyone that reads the wiki from coming in here and asking the same question every few days. :D20:17
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fk_lxzmc: thanks for updating wiki20:19
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zmcIs armv7tnhl a valid arch for the snapdragon s4 pro?22:24
zmcnvm, was using the wrong kickstart file.22:28
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