Monday, 2013-07-29

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* dm8tbr ponders what would be a energy efficient way to deliver instant push notifications to Nemo/Sailfish06:49
Stskeepsdimitris91: pigeon06:49
Stskeepser, dm8tbr: pigeon06:49
iekkunemo bug triage starting soon06:54
dm8tbrhmm need to look at that, never heard of06:56
dm8tbrStskeeps: umm, have a link. My google-fu seems b0rken this morning. I only came up with iOS and some outdated twitter code.06:59
* dm8tbr heads to #mer-meeting06:59
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chriadamo/ faenil09:51
faenilif there's anyone who can review my PRs, please09:54
faenilthey're blocking the release of Wayland VM image09:54
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dm8tbrStskeeps: so was 'pigeon' a RFC2549 joke or a serious pointer?10:18
Stskeepsdm8tbr: a joke, sorry :)10:18
Stskeepsi should have used ;)10:18
fk_lxjoke? I use pigeons every day10:18
Stskeepsit would make a great name for such a framework though10:18
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dm8tbrStskeeps: there is an ios framework/service, that confused me10:19
dm8tbrI'll likely look into XMPP + libOTR10:19
dm8tbrjust need to figure out how to route messages from telepathy to some daemon instead of the message app10:20
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xavinuxhi people10:49
Hurrianjuiceme: heads up, I'm going to be reusing Ubiboot code in an open-source bootloader for Android devices10:51
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faenilxavinux, hey10:57
faenilHurrian, I had problems with ubiboot on my n950 until June update10:57
faenilHurrian, I'm saying that since I read you had problems on your n9/n95010:58
Hurrianfaenil: kexec's the problem11:04
faenilHurrian, mm11:04
HurrianLinux initializes too many devices on the phone11:04
Hurrianit's why u-boot works fine on the N900 - it doesn't turn on many devices11:04
Hurrianactually, iirc pali had some trouble with eMMC/MMC on the N900 - Linux didn't expect eMMC to already be initialized or something11:05
Hurrianso multiply that problem by how many devices Linux runs through, and you kinda understand why it's not a silver bullet ;)11:05
HurrianI'm going to strip out the kexec logic, and instead chroot() into btrfs subvolumes.11:06
Hurrianand then open-source it.11:06
Hurrianbecause every other multi-boot solution on Androids are either a) closed or b) device-specific11:06
faeniloh, I see11:06
faenilStskeeps, you knew about this, didn't you :P
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faenilThat is the problem I had with packaging, no .spec issues, no nothing, zypper dup wasn't updating with packages from my repo because of vendor check...11:50
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Stskeepsah, right11:52
faenillearned it the hard way xD11:53
faenilguys from opensuse devel channel helped11:53
faenilStskeeps, is there anything I can do to speed up the review process? apart from bothering people here and there xD11:56
Stskeepsreviews take the time it takes11:57
faenilStskeeps, well it's that there's no maintainer outside of jolla guys11:57
faeniland they're very busy, as we all know11:57
Stskeeps:nod: i don't have rights from what i know11:58
faenilno way I'm doing images for the other platforms if it takes 5 days for each PR to be reviewed, that's for sure :P11:59
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Stskeepsfaenil: bottom looks broken12:01
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faenilStskeeps, yeah some editor screwed the newlines, but it's fixed in the commit coming after that12:03
faenilin the same PR12:04
Stskeepsok, - a hint of advice, git squash :)12:04
faenilStskeeps, you want me to merge commits?12:05
Stskeepsnop, just for future reference12:05
Stskeepsa good-looking merge request is good style :)12:06
Stskeepsfaenil: sage's on the other side of the world right now but he should be the one approving since he did the second comment12:06
faenilStskeeps, I didn't get your advice12:07
faenilgit squash is to merge more commits into one12:07
Stskeepsand that way you can fix things like the (oops, screwed up one file, fixed it later)12:08
faenilStskeeps, that only works if the next commit only includes the fix for that file12:09
faenilin my case, it includes more iirc12:09
Stskeepsor you checkout the commit and git commit --amend12:09
Stskeepsand cherry-pick in your changes12:09
w00tgit rebase -i is also useful12:10
faenilw00t, how can that help?12:10
faenilStskeeps, I checkout that commit, then amend, and then what happens to the next commit?12:10
Stskeepsfaenil: otherwise it all looks quite good12:10
Stskeepsfaenil: you cherry-pick it on top12:10
faenilStskeeps, ok thanks12:10
Stskeepsshould even out nicely12:11
w00tyou can use it to reorder your commits, merge them, etc12:11
faenilI have to play with git some more :/12:11
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faenillet's fix that12:29
faenilStskeeps, checked out that commit, changed the yaml and spec files, now git push says everything uptodate12:37
faenil(also did git commint --amend before trying to push ofc)12:37
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faenilback :)14:03
faenilStskeeps, I checked out commit, amended, cherrypicked the rest on top, but the checkout put me on a "detached from blabla" I'm not on the branch the PR was created from14:04
w00tfaenil: give a read14:06
faenilw00t, yeah I was about to, thanks ;)14:06
faenilw00t, I stopped as I noticed that webpage doesn't use cherrypicking for that14:07
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faenilw00t, rebased, though now the Merge commit was splitted into the two commits that the merge was made for14:41
w00turm.. you have commits from marko in there, and it implies there's a merge conflict (We can’t automatically merge this pull request), i'm not sure what you did, but i think it needs a bit more of it.. :p14:43
faenilw00t, ok so this was the situation, I forked the project, made my branch for the wayland update, and made 2 commits14:44
faenilthen Marko committed on the upstream14:44
faeniland I kept doing my work14:45
w00tat which point you should have used 'git pull --rebase'14:45
faenilw00t, I didn't notice the commits14:45
w00tyou can't alter history that happened before his commits, so you need to move your commits after his (using rebase)14:45
faenilw00t, alright so I can just remove his commits from my PR?14:46
w00ttry git pull --rebase14:46
w00thopefully it'll end out with your commits on top of the latest upstream14:47
faenilIf you wish to set tracking information for this branch you can do so with:14:47
faenil    git branch --set-upstream-to=<remote>/<branch> wayland_vm_configs14:47
faenilI guess I had to do that when I forked14:47
w00tyes, or you can tell git pull where to pull from14:47
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faenilw00t, how is this
w00tlooking better15:10
faenilw00t, :) can you merge?15:11
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w00tI don't know much at all about configs, so I don't feel comfortable reviewing it, sorry - best bets would be Aard/sage/stskeeps15:12
* Stskeeps takes a look nw15:13
faenilw00t, Aard already reviewed15:13
Stskeepsw00t: feel free to merge15:14
faenilthough it seems I can't merge :|15:14
faenilone day I could merge as well, or am I misremembering?15:14
w00tnot everyone has access to everything - configs being one example15:15
w00tpushed and tagged15:15
faenilw00t, ok ;)15:15
faenilthanks :)15:15
faenilw00t, can do this one as well?
faenilthank you :)15:17
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faenillet's test the final ks :)15:25
faenilw00t, before I forget, I noticed if I set resolution in VM to be landscape, the homescreen is still portrait, just rotated to the left15:26
faenilAs I expected, the tar_git issue also hit the official package15:28
Stskeepsphaeron: something you've seen before15:29
faenilStskeeps, if you look at this
faenilthey redefine macros (which is what I did for testing)15:31
faenilso someone definitely knows what changed since last time nemo-mobile-session was built15:32
phaeronStskeeps: looking15:32
phaeronyeah sec15:32
faenilphaeron, let me know as well :)15:32
Stskeepsphaeron: thanks15:33
phaerontar_git uses rpmspec to parse the spec file , which fails because the macros are not available on the server15:34
phaeronso I just copy the macro file there15:34
faenilphaeron, where did you copy the macro file?15:36
Stskeepsphaeron: tricky one to solve actually15:37
Stskeepsas you never know what is in target15:37
phaeronStskeeps: /etc/rpm/macros.oneshot15:39
phaeronfrom the oneshot package15:39
faenilStskeeps, don't packages end up in the repo once they're built in OBS? or is it different for official stuff?15:42
faenildone :) maybe workers were busy15:43
faenilgithub is under DDOS15:45
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faenilfor anyone who can review, there are 2 oneliner fixes for the patterns packages16:47
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faenilWayland VM image builds and boots \o/17:04
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faenilMorpog_, though the pointer doesn't work that good, and you can't leave the lockscreen eheh17:13
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faenilplfiorini_, ciao :)17:26
aknightfaenil: i might know why the pointer is flaky17:27
faenilaknight, great17:28
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aknightfaenil: can you rebuild eglfs with an extra define?17:29
plfiorini_ciao faenil17:29
faenilaknight, sure, if it doesn't have anything special :D never built eglfs17:30
aknightqmake "DEFINES+=QT_NO_EVDEV" && make && make install17:31
aknightthen eglfs will not have input support17:31
aknightand you can load a different plugin17:31
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*** plfiorini_ is now known as plfiorini17:32
aknightfor example, that one17:32
faenilaknight, ahm, the VM image I built is already using vboxtouch17:32
faeniland that's the weird pointer issues I'm talking about17:32
aknightfaenil: good17:32
aknightbut my guess is that eglfs is also opening the mouse device17:33
faenilso make install on the target, and then copy the .so over17:33
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faenilsb2 target*17:34
aknightyes that should work17:34
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faenillet's see17:35
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aknightfaenil: i assume the compositor is using QT_QPA_PLATFORM=eglfs, correct?17:35
*** plfiorini has joined #nemomobile17:35
aknightfaenil: you mean there is nothing wrong with the pointer, only that it looks strange?17:38
faenilaknight, no I mean that it works bad17:38
Stskeepsfaenil: define bad17:38
faenilStskeeps, not easy, as I don't understand what's wrong17:39
Stskeepsfaenil: also.. do you have vbox modules installed?17:39
faenilStskeeps, yep otherwise it wouldn't even load17:39
faenilI see the circle just like in the sailfish emulator17:39
Stskeepsdoes it work in sailfish emul?17:39
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faenilStskeeps, I think I didn't notice anything, let me try again17:40
*** nodevel has joined #nemomobile17:40
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faenilStskeeps, looks okay on the emulator17:41
Stskeepsfaenil: ok17:41
Stskeepsfaenil: you'll want to check the environment files for anything you're missing17:42
faenilaknight, I have to rebuild the sb2 target, it will take a while :)17:46
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faenilStskeeps, only libsb2 needs to be added, right?17:46
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faenilaknight, I'm using "-platform eglfs" but that's the same, right?17:54
aknightfaenil: yes17:54
faenilotoh, Jolla uses QT_QPA_EVDEV_MOUSE_PARAMETERS=/dev/nomouse17:54
faenilmaybe that makes the difference17:55
aknightthat sounds like it17:55
*** nsuffys has joined #nemomobile17:55
aknightthat makes eglfs not open the mouse17:55
aknightdoes that help?17:55
faenilaknight, awesome :)17:59
aknightfaenil: sorry for the wild goose chase :) i forgot about that env var18:00
faenilthough that will need a new PR on github, argh XD18:00
faenilaknight, oh no problem, thanks for helping me out!18:00
Morpog_haha, admit it, u love it faenil :)18:00
faenilMorpog_, oh yeah18:02
faenilaknight, that also fixed the lockscreen issue :) thanks a lot18:02
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: go to #mer-meeting18:03
Morpog_is that just the homescreen now?18:03
faenilMorpog_, ?18:03
Morpog_core apps availavle or just homescreen?18:04
Stskeepsnemo wayland :)18:04
faenilMorpog_, just homescreen, apps are still qt418:05
faenilyeah, Nemo Wayland \o/18:05
specialI have a mostly-complete port of qmlmessages to qt5 in a branch somewhere18:05
faenilspecial, great :)18:06
Sfiet_Konstantinspecial: awesome :)18:07
faenilso it just needs a webhook into official repos18:07
specialwell, the first question would be how porting applications is being handled18:08
faenilStskeeps, I am also using EGL_DRIVER=gallium, is that needed?18:08
faenilspecial, I guess it's not being handled at all, at the moment18:09
specialare the qt4 ones being replaced with qt5 (this would be my suggestion.)18:09
Stskeepsfaenil: yesw18:09
Sfiet_Konstantinspecial: if we get the new UI, either we create new apps, with consistent naming (nemo-dialer, nemo-messages ?)18:10
Sfiet_Konstantinor we port the existing ones, first to Qt5, then to glacier ?18:10
faenilStskeeps, ok thx18:10
aknightEGL_DRIVER=egl_gallium, no?18:10
Sfiet_Konstantin(or we do both, porting, and renaming ?)18:10
faenilaknight, yeah18:10
Stskeepsaknight: hmm18:10
Stskeepsaknight: you might be right18:10
faenilspecial, yeah that's the first problem, I don't know if it's worth porting apps before we have QtQuickControls and glacier components18:11
faenilStskeeps, yeah he's right I just wrote it like that18:11
specialpersonally, I think you should bite off smaller pieces than that18:11
faenilspecial, like?18:11
*** Khertan_n9____ has joined #nemomobile18:12
faenilcomponents is the next step, as I see it :)18:12
specialif the current applications are ported to qt5 and then to glacier, you have three distinct steps of work and each application can proceed mostly-independently18:12
specialas opposed to having to write an entire platform worth of applications from-scratch(-ish) on top of a new style and toolkit18:12
faenilspecial, porting to glacier means using QQC18:13
faenilat least that's the way we decided to go, use QQC and implement the remaining controls18:13
specialmy point is, it's better if you can port everything one piece at a time, instead of trying to rewrite it all at once.18:13
specialbecause the actual developer time to do that work is limited18:14
faenilspecial, so you say port to qt5-components first, and then to QQC?18:14
faenilyeah, but I see no point in porting to qt5-components first, if you still have to rewrite the whole UI later18:14
specialbecause then you have something that works under wayland now.18:14
specialand then when you do start having glacier applications, there's actually a system to use them on18:15
faenilisn't "the system" already there? qt5 mw18:15
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: yep, but maybe it is better to do a smooth transition18:16
specialyou're underestimating the effort required to write the toolkit and style, and to write all new applications18:16
Sfiet_Konstantinyou won't get all the apps working directly18:16
Sfiet_Konstantinmaybe there should be a smooth transition to glacier, with 2 toolkits existing at a time during the transition18:16
faenilspecial, from what you say it seems we also have to reimplement the logic, which is not true (right?)...we just have to remake the UI18:16
Sfiet_Konstantinwith hybrid apps, while some components are being ported to QQC18:16
faeniland it's not like Nemo apps have complex UIs18:16
specialjust the UI. It will take a lot more time than you're expecting.18:17
faenilspecial, is there any particular reason?18:17
Morpog_Sfiet_Konstantin, disadvantage in this is that it could stay a long time as a mix between 2 worlds. Not sure if that attracts more users/devs.18:17
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, my fear is that if we don't push QQC a lot now, it will never happen, we will stay on qt5 components and glacier will never happen18:18
faenilthat's what I think :D18:18
*** nsuffys has quit IRC18:18
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: maybe, but if you break Nemo and nothing works anymore, I'm not sure that this is better18:18
specialand my point is that if you try to push wayland, QQC, glacier, and new applications all at once, with the latter three not even having a prototype, it will never happen18:18
Sfiet_Konstantinspecial: +118:19
faenilspecial, well, prototypes don't come off trees18:20
specialfwiw, porting the QML applications to qt5 is trivial18:20
Stskeepsi think first a solid basis to work on top of, then qt5 apps and alongside that, components/homescreen work should work18:21
Stskeepsand moving things to proper style18:21
Stskeepsso there's enough to test with18:21
faenilStskeeps, so you agree with porting to Qt4 components first18:21
faenil(well Qt4 components ported to Qt5)18:21
Stskeepsmoving from qtquick1 to qtquick2 isn't rocket science, at least18:21
Stskeepsthen you'll have a working set of apps quicker, and then alignment can happen, new apps can be done with component sets18:22
Stskeepshaving a solid basis is what is hard18:22
faenilyeah I agree, I just don't see a big value in having qt5 apps working, if they still have to be rewritten18:23
Stskeepsthat way you can keep people interested, without having to block on a component set18:23
Stskeepsfaenil: it matters, trust me on that :)18:23
specialit definitely matters18:23
faenilalright, guess I have to surrender, I won't see QQC before I have to disappear again and go back to uni :D18:24
Stskeepsdoesn't mean you can't start the work :)18:24
Stskeepsthink booting into a fancy homescreen, everything looks nice, you click an application, it looks awesome18:24
Stskeeps.. you press something18:24
Stskeepsand you realize it's a screenshot/photoshop18:25
Stskeepswait, that was ubuntu touch..18:25
Stskeepsso, working apps really help18:25
faenilStskeeps, I'll start the work of course, as I'm doing already :)18:25
Stskeepsbecause you can do more as a daily usage18:25
faenilI just hate Qt4 components so much, god, I hoped I was close to getting rid of that graphics style xD18:26
Stskeepsnod, in due time18:26
Stskeepsnothing stops anybody to make qt components-less images18:26
faenildon't even tempt me xD18:26
Khertan_n9____hi all18:27
Stskeepslo Khertan_n9____18:28
faenilanyway, back to work18:28
Khertan_n9____So still in progress of changes most important parts of the platform ...18:30
Khertan_n9____i like box18:30
Khertan_n9____i likehow that projects evolve18:31
Khertan_n9____faenil: stupid n9 backkey near enter and autocompletion18:31
faenilahahha :D18:31
Khertan_n9____so a part of the plan is currently to write a new set of qt components ?18:33
Khertan_n9____glacier ...18:33
faenilyeah we were thinking about using QtQuickControls and implementing the new needed controls, but it's open to opinions, as usual18:33
faenilKhertan_n9____, at the moment, we just decided we will first port all apps to Qt5 using Qt4-components18:34
faenilthen we'll think about QQC and its styling18:34
Khertan_n9____seems better than demoing something without any apps :p18:35
Khertan_n9____i still need to found a way to use python with qt518:36
Khertan_n9____PySide not available, PyQt ... hum ... hum ... PyQt ...18:36
Khertan_n9____i m playing with the thp toy : pyotherside ...18:37
faenilKhertan_n9____, well, if you want to wait for all apps to be ported before demoing, you're done18:38
Khertan_n9____faenil, indeed18:39
Khertan_n9____i ve tryed the last image for n950, app needs some works :p18:40
faenilKhertan_n9____, someone has to give blood for that to happen :P18:42
Khertan_n9____yep, python blood are accepted ?18:42
faenilKhertan_n9____, it's about porting here :D do you want to rewrite QML ?18:44
Khertan_n9____hum even the mail client look like unfinished18:45
Khertan_n9____don't want to troll, that's a real question, look like not working well on my n95018:48
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faenilw00t, special, when you have few moments, I updated the env vars18:53
faenilwith the fixes for the pointer issue, and few more18:53
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faenilspecial, I gave a look at your port, you deleted qt4 and added qt5 stuff, is that the recommended way?21:04
specialfaenil: it depends on what we're doing with them.21:04
faenilI'd say it was better to keep Qt4 code and ifdef what's needed to have a source which can build on both qt4 and qt521:04
specialthat means duplicating all QML21:04
faenilbut splitting into branches means not updating the qt4 version anymore :P21:05
faenilwhich is ok, if that's what we want21:05
specialis there a reason to have a Qt4 version anymore?21:05
specialQt5 will run on X11 just as happily.21:05
faenilspecial, will?21:06
faenilthen why did we have to port Nemo to wayland before converting stuff to qt5?21:07
faenilI remember there was a reason Qt5 needed wayland21:07
specialthere are still qt4 dependencies with the X11 stack21:07
specialso you can't get rid of it entirely21:08
specialbut qt5 everything should be perfectly fine.21:08
faenilso the problem was X11 having Qt4 dependencies?21:08
faenil(more viceversa)21:09
specialwell, I just mean that Qt4 can't be removed entirely21:09
faenilok, I just thought there were other reasons21:10
specialinstall qt-components-qt5-gallery and try it yourself :p21:10
faenilso we could have ported everything to qt5 before investigating the wayland stuff21:10
specialit does lack meego graphicssystem, which could have some impact.21:10
faenilspecial, oh btw, qt5 comp gallery segfaults on Nemo Wayland21:10
faenilspecial, is there any streamlined process for porting to qt5 and testing on Nemo?21:13
faenilor is it : edit, mb, scp ?21:14
specialhow much more streamlined do you want?21:14
faenilspecial, don't know, QtCreator plugin :P not for me, but to attract contributors21:15
faenil(I will write a wiki articles tomorrow or one of these days on how to help porting stuff to Qt5)21:15
specialI don't expect qt5 porting to be hard at all.21:16
specialit's just applications, the middleware is all ported21:16
Aardfaenil: currently lipstick is either qt4/x11 or qt5/wayland21:16
specialcolorful-home is ported too21:16
faenilspecial, not at all...I meant to make the whole process less frightening to people who have never contributed yet21:16
faenilspecial, colorful is what I'm using on Nemo Wayland21:17
specialpeople who have never contributed are unlikely to want to start for the thrill of qt5 porting :p21:17
faenilAard, yeah sure21:17
aknightfaenil: i think the sailfish sdk provides a pretty good "streamline"21:17
faenilspecial, well, you know, since it shouldn't be too hard...21:17
faenilbut anyway :P21:17
faenilaknight, yeah I wanted to point special on something like that :P I haven't tried using the sdk with Nemo yet21:18
specialthe SDK is a good start, I have no idea what would need to happen to apply it to nemo21:18
aknightfaenil: personally i prefer using a good old sysroot, cross compiler, and remote linux support on qt creator21:18
specialI use the mer sdk + mb + scp21:18
faenilaknight, well personally I always prefer cmd :D21:18
faenilspecial, ok ;)21:19
faenilaknight, can you say more about that?21:19
faenilspecial, is there any reason why you got rid of the qml.qrc?21:19
aknight1) create sysroot/disk image 2) cross compile qt with it specifies as sysroot 3) add that qt version to qt creator21:20
faenilspecial, to be able to edit qml on the target?21:20
aknightthat's the "standard" embedded linux way21:20
specialfaenil: not in particular, just that QML as resources is annoying for development and there's no good reason to be doing it21:20
aknightbut you could also add mb as a build step if you wanted to21:20
aknightbut that's what the creator plugin does for you (among other things)21:21
faenilaknight, ok...with 1) you mean sb2 target right?21:21
aknightfaenil: no.21:21
aknightor do i21:21
aknightwell not really21:22
aknighti mean i would take a ks and make an image with it21:22
aknightjust in mer sdk21:22
aknightand you don't really need to compile qt with that sysroot21:22
aknightbecause you could grab qt from the package manager21:22
aknightbut normally i would21:23
faenilyeah, well you take ks and make an image when you want to create an sb2 target21:23
faenilI see21:23
aknightbut when you introduce more dependencies than qt, the package manager makes sense21:23
aknightthe problem is then you need to bootstrap your host tools if you want to use a vanilla cross-compiler21:24
aknightso basically build qmake + friends for your host21:24
aknightand configure them to look at your sysroot locations21:24
faenilaknight, isn't that included in the packages you download in the mer sdk sb2 target?21:25
aknightpersonally i find that workflow quite nice. but then you also have the issue of making sure your cross compiler matches the glibc/gcc on the image21:25
faenilaknight, I don't know if I'm misunderstanding, but this all looks like the normal sb2 target setup21:26
aknightfaenil: well your host cross compiler runs anywhere (e.g. mac/windows) and just produces code for your target21:26
aknightso it doesn't require mer sdk/sb221:26
faeniloh ok21:27
aknightso that whole workflow already works in qtc21:27
faenilthanks :)21:27
aknightwell i still think the mer qtc plugin is the way to go21:28
aknightjust giving some background on how things are done more generically21:28
faenilaknight, yeah thanks21:30
faenilaknight, but is there a generic mer qtc plugin? or do you mean the one in sailfish sdk?21:31
aknightfaenil: i meant the one in the sailfish sdk, although you can build it separately21:31
faenilmaybe in a few days the beta sdk will be out, and I'll give that a look and see if it helps people contribute :D21:32
faenilI guess using the green button instead of writing "mb" in the console is more appealing to a lot of people :)21:32
aknight <- if you haven't seen this yet21:32
aknightyes, definitely21:33
faenilaknight, no I've never read it yet, will do ;)21:33
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