Tuesday, 2013-07-30

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faenilspecial, how can I start a wayland client from ssh?09:35
StskeepsEGL_PLATFORM=wayland EGL_DRIVER=gallium QT_QPA_PLATFORM=wayland foo09:36
faenilStskeeps, tried already, I get "no wayland connectioN"09:38
Stskeepsas nemo user?09:38
faenilahmm, nope, was root09:38
Stskeepswell then09:38
faenilStskeeps, mind explaining why it fails as root?09:39
w00tbecause the wayland connection is restricted to a single user (it's in /run)09:39
faenilw00t, I see, thank you09:39
w00tand generally speaking you shouldn't be lauching things as root anyway (can screw up ownership permissions and stuff)09:39
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faenilyeah true, I connect as root via ssh to install stuff, and then forget to go back to nemo09:40
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faenilguess I have to investigate the issue then, both fingerterm QQ2 and qt5-components-gallery crash with SEGFAULT09:42
faenilwhich is 100% QQ2 apps I've tried :D09:45
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w00tgot a backtrace yet?09:46
faenilw00t, 0x6f3854c1 in QOpenGLContext::makeCurrent(QSurface*) () from /usr/lib/libQt5Gui.so.509:46
faenilfrom QGuiApp::exec()09:47
w00twhat's the rest of the call stack? (just pastebin somewhere)09:47
faenilw00t, https://pastee.org/bfguy09:50
faenilno debug symbols atm09:50
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faenilcould have something to do with https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-31836 ?09:56
faenilthough I guess Jolla is also using GL without problems09:57
faenilStskeeps, didn't help09:58
faenilexactly same issue09:58
Stskeepsbecome a farmer?09:58
Stskeeps(sorry, that's not helping..)09:58
Stskeepsfaenil: http://qtl.me/minimer3.tar.gz09:59
Stskeepsuntar, qmlscene main.qml09:59
Stskeepsdoes that work/09:59
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faenilStskeeps, which package has qmlscene?10:04
Stskeeps /usr/lib/qt5/bin/qmlscene ?10:04
faenilonly qmlviewer10:05
Stskeepsok, zypper in *qmlscene*10:05
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faenilStskeeps, works10:05
faenilStskeeps, w00t fingerterm works as well now...must be some package I just installed10:07
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faenilmesa-llvmpipe-libwayland-egl, qt5-plugin-imageformat-jpeg, qt5-qtwayland-wayland_egl, qt5-qtwayland-wayland_egl-examples10:09
faenilI guess those packages should be included in the patterns?10:09
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Stskeepsprobably yesss10:12
faenileh, quite a nice hole10:13
w00tthe example package should not be in the pattern10:14
w00tthe rest probably10:14
faenilw00t, yea10:14
faenilbbl, going to buy a hoe to hoe the ground10:20
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faenilw00t, ignore that, just referring to Stskeeps comment :P10:22
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faenilspecial, is your QQ2 branch of fingerterm the most updated QQ2 port?11:18
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plundstr_Sage: https://github.com/nemomobile/mapplauncherd-qt/pull/2 and https://github.com/nemomobile/mapplauncherd/pull/911:23
faenilplundstr_, last commit in number 2 doesn't have the [] tag11:24
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plundstr_faenil: yeah, it's not needed11:25
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plundstr_[] stuff goes to .changes file and that ab5e.. belongs to same comment as f07...11:26
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faenilplundstr_, yeah ok11:34
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faenilStskeeps, nitpick, it looks like the clicking coords of vboxtouch are the ones at bottom centre of the circle, not at the centre of it (as one would expect with that graphics)11:38
faenilthis results in inaccurate typing when using vkb11:39
faenilor any control which requires precision11:39
aknightfaenil: where on the cursor is the hotspot?11:39
aknightbottom-right of the whole circle?11:40
faenilaknight, bottom-centre11:40
aknightfaenil: ah now i get it :)11:40
faenilit's...unusual :)11:41
faenil(given the circle has a + in the centre :D)11:42
aknightfaenil: agreed. if you ask me that cursor is just bad anyway11:42
faenilaknight, :)11:43
aknighti mean, it could be simpler11:43
aknightdoesn't look there is a hotspot specified in that xpm11:46
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aknightfaenil: https://github.com/nemomobile/qt5-plugin-generic-vboxtouch/blob/master/vboxtouch/circle.xpm11:46
aknightchange "48 48 37 1" => "48 48 37 1 24 24"11:46
faenilaknight, so this way you specify the hotspot11:52
faenilyeah, just read xpm format11:54
faenilaknight, though this specifies the hotspot https://github.com/nemomobile/qt5-plugin-generic-vboxtouch/blob/master/vboxtouch/circle-mask.xbm11:55
aknightfaenil: indeed11:55
aknightmy bad11:55
faenilso, is the change in the xpm needed as well?11:56
aknightfaenil: i don't think it's used11:56
aknightthe xbm one looks right, so there is something else off11:56
faenilaknight, though it works ok in Sailfish emulator11:59
faenilmaybe it's some other env var missing? or Jolla has a more updated version of the plugin?12:00
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faenilafter rebooting, hotspot went back to centre :O12:09
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faeniloww can't update Sailfish emulator :( authentication requires13:30
faenilahaha awesome13:32
faenilDisabled repositories (user):13:32
faenil - home ... https://download.jollamobile.com/home:/honeybadger/latest_i486/13:32
faeniliekku, do you know anything about that? :D13:32
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faenilw00t, what do you know about Nemo and QClipboard?14:08
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locusfI have a N9 16GB Black, flashed to moslo but my partitions are off on what they should be14:21
locusfas in here: https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Nemo/Installing#FATAL:_Re-partitioning_failed.21_You_might_be_in_trouble.2114:21
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aknightfaenil: what do you know about QClipboard?14:43
faenilaknight, well, I'm getting mimeData() == null, which means QClipboard::Clipboard is unsupported on my platform (Nemo Wayland)14:44
faenilwanted to know if there was a fix for that, or if it's unimplemented on Nemo14:44
aknightfaenil: well i don't think either platform plugin (eglfs/wayland) has implemented platform clipboard14:45
aknightso feel free14:45
faenilno way :D but thanks for the reply14:45
faenilI've seen there is a QWaylandClipboard in qtwayland package14:45
faenilso I thought that was done14:45
aknighthmm perhaps. i'll check14:45
faenilaknight, used here as well14:45
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aknightfaenil: indeed, there is clipboard support. so *something* should be working. i don't know exactly what :)14:48
faenilehehe any idea who could know about that?14:48
aknightnormally i ping jlind or nezticle in #qt-lighthouse, but they probably aren't around14:49
aknightand you can git blame to see who wrote it of course14:49
faenilyeah, ok thank you14:50
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iekkufaenil, haha, looks more like Aard than me14:52
faeniliekku, :)14:52
Aardiekku: who looks more like me?14:53
iekkuAard, the directory faenil was talking about14:53
faenil<faenil> oww can't update Sailfish emulator :( authentication requires14:54
faenil<faenil> required*14:54
faenil<faenil> ahaha awesome14:54
faenil<faenil> Disabled repositories (user):14:54
faenil<faenil>  - home ... https://download.jollamobile.com/home:/honeybadger/latest_i486/14:54
faenil<faenil> iekku, do you know anything about that? :D14:54
Aardah, yep, I put that example there14:55
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faenilif anyone knows anything about clipboard integration in Wayland, please ping me :)16:29
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mhall119w00t: ping?17:07
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locusfwho was the one in here that did the Sailfish SDK target for Nemo?18:11
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faenilspecial, did you know about this? http://www.kdab.com/automated-porting-from-qt-4-to-qt-5/18:44
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specialfaenil: eh, qt4 to qt5 is pretty easy porting.19:19
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faenilspecial, yes, but boring at the same time :P19:20
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Venemo_N9fuck, this is starting to get really annoying19:26
Stskeepslaptop troubles?19:27
Venemo_N9Stskeeps, can't get it to boot any linux system so far19:28
StskeepsVenemo_N9: what model?19:28
Venemo_N9asus ux31a, and it's supposed to have the same hw as the previous model (ux21a)19:28
Stskeepshttps://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/ASUS_Zenbook_Prime_UX31A  - UEFI and GPT sounds fin19:30
Venemo_N9basically I want to boot into clonezilla and clone back my previous image19:30
Venemo_N9but it can't boot19:30
Stskeepswas the ux21a gpt and uefi too?19:31
Venemo_N9yes it was19:32
Venemo_N9and it worked like a charm19:36
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Venemo_N9next attempt will be a fedora live usb19:45
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faenilspecial, how can I make sure I have all the BuildRequires?20:11
Venemo_N9ok, I made it20:12
faenilVenemo_N9, \o/20:13
Venemo_N9now I'll just run through clonezilla and see what happens20:14
specialfaenil: easiest way is to just build it on OBS. You can do a local OBS build too, technically, but it's a bit hard with the git hooks these days20:14
faenilspecial, set up webhook and let it do the rest?20:15
Venemo_N9interesting how dd can make a better bootable drive than those windows based shits20:15
Venemo_N9Stskeeps, you know what the trick is?20:23
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Venemo_N9Stskeeps, I simply had to use dd for making the boot image, that simply20:49
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faenilWe have one more app ported to Qt5 :)21:30
faenilspecial, https://github.com/faenil/qmlcalc/commit/d4e1522c8ba6edf1494f69f99cf64c7b5a9c5a3021:30
faenilcan you create a qt5 (or qt4) branch in the official repo so I can make the PR?21:30
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faenilor w00t ^21:38
w00tjust do it against master, there's not really any sense having two versions of apps - unless you can think of one?21:40
faenilw00t, ahm, will the QtQuick2 version work on x11 Nemo?21:42
w00tdoesn't matter all that much21:42
faenilalright xD21:42
w00tthere's not enough people working on it to maintain two stacks, so just make the jump, problems can be fixed up along the way21:43
faenilagree, ok21:43
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