Thursday, 2013-08-01

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Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#387 Rejected promotion request07:16
Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#388 waiting for review at
plundstr_phaeron: sage: Had to make old style promotion because bme does not have git07:24
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Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#388 Accepted promotion request07:46
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Guest36005Hi, all. Are there any working Nemo image for virtualbox? I download nemo-i586-vm and nemo-i486-vm from , but after boot in virtualbox, I got black X screen only.09:07
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sledgesGuest36005, grep flags /proc/cpuinfo | grep -i ssse09:20
sledgesalso don't forget System->Processor->Extended Features: Check 'Enable PAE/NX'09:21
sledges(i'm talking from )09:21
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Guest36005sledges: thank you, I'll check09:30
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sledgeshave fun :)09:33
lbtwho broke nemo ?09:36
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sledgesbuys a pint for everyone09:38
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Guest36005sledges: oh, the 486 image run successful on my athlon machine09:39
sledgesgood, 486 is always an option for now when going vm09:40
Anssi^how can i add nameserver in mer, just add it resolv.conf?09:41
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faenilmorning :)09:43
Khertan_n9hello, Which qml components are available today on Nemo ?09:43
faenilKhertan_n9, what do you mean? components sets?09:45
faenilKhertan_n9, only, ported to Qt509:46
Guest36005faenil: I know that you are working on a wayland version nemo, are there any image for download?09:46
Khertan_n9faenil: it s already a good things09:47
faenilGuest36005, not yet, but I can give you my current ks file so that you can create your image, which doesn't have apps, it just boots into Wayland with the Qt5 homescreen09:47
faenil(which is in very early stages)09:47
Khertan_n9image from June for n950 still use qt4 right ?09:48
Guest36005faenil: great, this is what I want09:48
faenilKhertan_n9, yes only wayland work on Nemo is the one I'm doing at the moment afaik, which is on VM, as suggested by Stskeeps, as we avoid adaptation issues there09:48
faenilGuest36005, alright :) do you have a nickname? or are you guest? :D09:49
Guest36005I'm a guest :p09:49
faenilGuest36005, twitter handle? something? :D09:49
faeniljust to know who I am talking to, you know :)09:49
Guest36005faenil: email is fine: i90091e@gmail.com09:50
Sfiet_Konstantinhello Guest36005, please don't send emails like that09:50
Sfiet_Konstantinyou are going to be spammed09:50
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faenilGuest36005, I don't want to name you by your email :D but doesn't matter, I'll call you "guest" :P09:50
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Guest36005Sfiet_Konstantin: oh, I rarely use irc09:52
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Sfiet_KonstantinGuest36005: but this chan is logged09:52
Sfiet_Konstantinand spammer bots might grab your email from the logs, and spam09:52
Khertan_n9_faenil, thx i ask as i m porting my apps to different platform without pyside :p09:52
sledgesif dm8tbr is in a good mood today, he can delete your email off logs ;)09:53
Sfiet_KonstantinKhertan_n9_: :D09:53
Guest36005Sfiet_Konstantin: what? I get it. ...09:53
Sfiet_KonstantinKhertan_n9_: is the otherside thing working ?09:53
faenilKhertan_n9_, :)09:53
Sfiet_Konstantindm8tbr: ^ delete email from log ?09:53
Guest36005sledges: thank you very much09:53
Sfiet_Konstantinin general, a rule is to never give email in IRC09:53
sledgesGuest36005, no promises, as I said, depends if dm8tbr had his coffee yet :D09:55
Khertan_n9_Sfiet_Konstantin, mine version of pyotherside, yes, khtnotes almost ported, 3s to boot, and way faster without any optimization, and none freeze of the ui :)09:55
Guest36005Sfiet_Konstantin: yes, I got it now. Hope dm8tbr delete my email from log09:55
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Sfiet_KonstantinKhertan_n9_: great ! awesome09:55
Sfiet_Konstantindo yo know if thp / you are gonna import pyotherside in mer or nemo ?09:56
Khertan_n9__Sfiet_Konstantin, to the thp version i added threaded python call, with result given by a signal to qt09:56
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faenilGuest36005, anyway, check PM ;)09:56
Guest36005faenil: thank you very much09:57
faenilnp, let me know if you have any issues ;)09:57
faenilGuest36005, what do you plan doing with the Wayland image?09:57
Guest36005faenil: I will try it now09:57
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faenilGuest36005, if you happen to have some free time, we need help porting QML apps from Nemo Qt4 to Qt5/QtQuick209:58
Khertan_n9___import ? currently it's not a qml extension ...09:58
Guest36005faenil: we want to run our embedded application on mer09:58
faenilGuest36005, oh ok ;)09:58
Khertan_n9___Sfiet_Konstantin, it s run on my mer n950 image09:59
Guest36005faenil: ;)09:59
Khertan_n9___Sfiet_Konstantin, (n950 still use qt4 and x11)09:59
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Khertan_n9___Sfiet_Konstantin, i m not a c expert so code should probably be cleaned a bit10:00
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Khertan_n9___(sorry for the unstable connexion)10:01
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faenilsledgeSim, o(10:03
sledgeSimlooks like a one eyed sad monster :D10:03
Sfiet_Konstantinhello Venemo_10:05
Sfiet_KonstantinsledgeSim: where are you ? in a sim card ?10:05
faenilsledgeSim, (o)10:05
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sledgeSimlol Sfiet_Konstantin10:06
sledgeSimyou see friends call me Sim ;)10:06
sledgeSimand doing some nickname unifications across accounts10:07
Venemo_hey Sfiet_Konstantin  :)10:07
faenilThat's our current target :D10:07
Sfiet_KonstantinVenemo_: o/10:07
Venemo_hello jukkaeklund how are you? :)10:07
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: hum vm image ?10:07
Sfiet_Konstantinwell, I should'nt be doing that10:07
Sfiet_KonstantinI have work :/10:08
Khertan_n9____faenil, is there simple apps to port, never look yet at qt510:08
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Sfiet_KonstantinKhertan_n9____: well, in (very) short, Qt 5 port is more about doing QtQuick 1.1 -> QtQuick 2.0 :D10:09
faenilKhertan_n9____, I don't how complex the apps are, I only coded qmlgallery with help from special10:09
sledgeSimand you also ported qmlcalc - a good point of reference10:09
faenilyeah but anyway Qt5 should be easily doable, apart from corner cases10:09
faenilsledgeSim, yeah10:09
Khertan_n9____Sfiet_Konstantin, yep that s the most time eating  qml10:10
faenilKhertan_n9____, ^ that's qml calc I ported10:10
Khertan_n9____ok ... is there a list of apps to port ?10:10
Khertan_n9____faenil, thx i ll have an example to tests the tool chain10:11
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil, Khertan_n9____did you ever thought about writing a script like10:12
Khertan_n9____script like ?10:12
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, there is also a tool from KDAB doing automated port :)10:12
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, check this out
dm8tbrGuest36005: looking10:15
dm8tbrGuest36005: ah, that's on mer infra, will take care of that later10:17
Guest36005dm8tbr: thank you :D10:20
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faenilWant to know more about the current status of Nemo Wayland (and Glacier UI)? Read more here :)
HurrianSfiet_Konstantin: good point - learning to get used to Qt5 before doing Home.10:45
Sfiet_KonstantinHurrian: :)10:46
Sfiet_KonstantinQt 5 is not hard10:46
Sfiet_Konstantinit is actually totally awesome10:46
faeniljoin the mailing list and contribute people :)10:48
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HurrianSfiet_Konstantin: actually, this'll be my first "big project" I'll contribute to ;)10:52
diorahmanHi faenil do you have blog post on getting started working with nemo vm?10:52
Sfiet_KonstantinHurrian: welcome !10:52
Sfiet_Konstantinawesome actually10:52
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: WE WANT BLOG POSTS !10:52
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: go setup one wordpress !10:52
sledgeSimxavinux has10:53
diorahmanI do really want to get started on it10:53
HurrianI feel incredibly tempted to fix the 3.5 kernel though - it's a pretty complete HW adaptation with a few major niggles10:53
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Sfiet_KonstantinHurrian: what are your favourite topics ?10:54
Sfiet_Konstantinmore GUI or low level ?10:54
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Sfiet_Konstantinthere is task for everybody in nemo, but better pick something that suits you :)10:54
sledgeSimoh no he removed it :(10:55
sledgeSimdiorahman, this one for now only
*** KaIRC has joined #nemomobile10:55
sledgeSimuntil we resurrect the blog post :)10:55
HurrianSfiet_Konstanin: I do UI design, but writing them's a new thing for me. previously (and semi-currently), I hop around the kernel.10:55
HurrianI'll try doing some of both here and there, and then decide.10:56
sledgeSims/.../oh no he removed it /10:56
faenildiorahman, the one on wiki is pretty complete ;)10:56
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faenildiorahman, though for Nemo Wayland you need to build the image yourself using the ks file I can provide10:56
diorahmanfaenil I'll try it out thanks10:56
faenildiorahman, so you want the ks?10:56
Sfiet_KonstantinHurrian: awesome10:57
Sfiet_Konstantinthat's what we need actually !10:57
diorahmanfaenil yes please10:57
Sfiet_KonstantinHurrian: do you know Qt ?10:57
Sfiet_Konstantinbetter start with some Qt on desktop (grab Qt SDK from or apt-get install qt-creator)10:57
Sfiet_Konstantinand some QML10:58
Sfiet_Konstantinafter that, we can go simu10:58
faenilbrb ppl10:58
HurrianSfiet_Konstantin: total Qt noob. Going to install Qt Creator along with a fresh Mer SDK.10:58
HurrianIIRC, MAG said that QML's a "designer's language", so I'm going to try that out as well.10:59
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diorahmanSfiet_Konstantin do you have something for me to work on?10:59
Sfiet_KonstantinHurrian: yes, please try QML10:59
Sfiet_KonstantinNemo (and Sailfish) UI is written with QML11:00
Sfiet_Konstantinnothing else11:00
Sfiet_KonstantinHurrian: do you know C++11:00
Sfiet_Konstantindiorahman: well, I don't but Nemo have :)11:00
Sfiet_Konstantindiorahman: what do you like ? :)11:00
diorahmanApplication development11:01
HurrianSfiet_Konstantin: only C. zero experience with C++'s fancy new features.11:01
diorahmanBut I want to dive down the system :-)11:01
Sfiet_KonstantinHurrian: it is not fancy and new, just different11:02
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: wb11:02
Sfiet_KonstantinHurrian: hum don't know ... maybe you should start with C++, or QML11:02
Sfiet_Konstantinsince basic QML don't need C++ knowledge11:02
Sfiet_Konstantindiorahman: know C++ / QML ?11:02
faenilHurrian, I'd avoid studying stuff related to QtWidgets, as that's going away11:03
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diorahmanSfiet_Konstantin yes11:03
Hurrianmmm. So, QML and QtQuickComponents?11:03
diorahmanfaenil the link is broken?11:03
Sfiet_Konstantindiorahman: awesome :)11:04
Sfiet_Konstantindiorahman: Qt 5 ?11:04
Sfiet_Konstantindiorahman: the best might be to start porting all the nemo apps to Qt511:04
Sfiet_Konstantinand then, we are gonna organize11:04
Sfiet_Konstantinthanks to faenil's work, the Qt 5 + WL virtualbox image is working nicely11:04
faenildiorahman, you have a new one ;)11:04
Sfiet_Konstantinthat serves as a basis11:04
kulveis there already a Digg Reader for Nemo/Sailfish? That's something I'm going to need when the phones hit the shelves :)11:04
Sfiet_Konstantinkulve: feel free to dev one11:04
kulveI was just suggesting something to develop, if one is interested in application development :)11:05
Sfiet_Konstantindiorahman: all these musicshelf, qmlfilemuncher etc. need to be first ported to Qt511:05
Sfiet_Konstantinwe will give them love after, when glacier components are out11:05
diorahmanI got a free n9 from nokia
diorahmanNeed to work on the new vm first?11:06
diorahmanfaenil allright I'm on mobile right now. Will do after I meet my workstation11:08
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faenildiorahman, alright11:09
*** jukkaeklund_ has quit IRC11:09
diorahmanfaenil thx! I'll ask so many questions! Please bear with me haha11:13
*** kavuri has joined #nemomobile11:13
faenildiorahman, don't worry, ask Stskeeps w00t or special how many questions I ask them :D11:13
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: that's called transition of knowledge11:15
Sfiet_Konstantinsuddenly you are replying instead of asking11:16
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, :)11:16
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*** kavuri has joined #nemomobile11:57
faenilso, anyone who wants to start porting core apps to qt5? :)11:58
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: I want12:00
Sfiet_Konstantinbut will is not enogh12:00
Sfiet_Konstantinthe second important factor is time :P12:00
Sfiet_Konstantinmaybe tonidhg12:00
Sfiet_Konstantinor maybe i'm gonna do some slides12:00
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*** kjokinie has joined #nemomobile12:18
faenilspecial, is qmlmessages port done, or does it need work?12:19
faenil(I'm writing a matrix on wiki to show current status)12:19
*** kjokinie has quit IRC12:20
*** kjokinie has joined #nemomobile12:23
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sledgeSimstrange, i just mic cr a standard i486-vm and when launching it and zypper dup offered more updated packages12:43
sledgeSim(all .ks and env is latest rnd:devel)12:43
sledgeSimbtw, qmlcalc and fingerterm et al already ported apps no longer work on old nemo if zypper dupped ;)12:47
faenilsledgeSim, I see, we decided to take the leap ( special, w00t ^ )12:48
sledgeSimyup ;) nemo has entered transitory period ;)12:49
* sledgeSim will try to port flicker-qml to qt512:52
sledgeSimflickr lol12:52
*** Morpog_PC has joined #nemomobile12:54
sledgeSimhm nemo is not upstream there..12:55
sledgeSimand is a year old lol12:56
locusfis there a wayland image for Nemo now?12:56
sledgeSimyes, using it now12:56
sledgeSimbut available only directly from faenil for the time being ;)12:56
* sledgeSim takes qmlcalendar ; wish me luck12:57
locusfif you guys need any testing help, I've got an N9 as my devel device12:57
* sledgeSim (mushroom cloud)12:57
sledgeSimlocusf, wayland is only for vm atm12:57
sledgeSimn9(50) wayland has been hacked together, but needs stabilising/optimising12:58
sledgeSimwill be glad if you can help12:58
faenilbbl, lunch12:58
locusfand vm too if needed :)12:58
locusfif its just the two of you I guess all help will be needed :D12:59
sledgeSimit's a handful of us, and still way more on todo list ;)12:59
sledgeSimextra pair of hands always handy lol12:59
*** kjokinie has quit IRC13:07
*** Venemo_ has quit IRC13:07
*** nahka has joined #nemomobile13:08
*** xhaakon has quit IRC13:18
locusfdownloading vm13:18
locusf <- from here I mean13:20
sledgeSimi486 is compatible with more PC hosts13:22
*** kjokinie has joined #nemomobile13:22
*** jreznik has quit IRC13:24
locusf/tmp/sysimage/di is not a subvolume, while installing13:24
*** Venemo_ has joined #nemomobile13:24
sledgeSimlocusf, are you doing this via ssh?13:26
sledgeSimiirc best is HostKey+F2 root:nemo and install it from there13:26
locusfsledgeSim: nope, via Virtualbox GUI and fingerterm13:26
sledgeSim ;)13:27
MerbotNemo bug 680 in Terminal "installer-shell fails under FingerTerm" [Major,New]13:27
sledgeSimthanks for reminding, will add this to wiki13:27
locusfits already there13:27
locusfI'm just daft :p13:27
sledgeSimfalse alarm ;P13:27
sledgeSimi like their last song by daft punk though13:28
*** jreznik has joined #nemomobile13:28
*** mattaustin has quit IRC13:37
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*** Khertan_n9____ has joined #nemomobile13:41
faenilback :)13:47
Morpog_PCfaenil, does it feel more fluid in virtualbox, now that its running on wayland?13:50
faenilMorpog_PC, I can't say :/ I think it's not a big boost because it's not using direct rendering yet, but it's not bad13:51
Morpog_PCcould give a hint how it will run later on real HW like N913:51
faenillocusf, the released vm image isn't wayland13:51
*** mikhas has joined #nemomobile13:51
*** ericcc has joined #nemomobile13:52
sledgeSimMorpog_PC: [qt5 port] 10:54 < Khertan_n9_> Sfiet_Konstantin, mine version of pyotherside, yes, khtnotes almost ported, 3s to boot, and way faster without any optimization, and none freeze of the ui :)13:53
faenilMorpog_PC, well w00t himself said that the n9/n950 module is still WIP, so don't expect high performance there13:53
sledgeSimthat's qt5 alone already boosts13:53
locusffaenil: yes I figured as much13:53
faenillocusf, ok13:54
Morpog_PCwtf 3second to boot? sounds like miracles compared to harmattan boot time :D13:54
*** kjokinie has joined #nemomobile13:54
sledgeSimi think he meant an app13:54
faenilMorpog_PC, Sfiet_Konstantin was probably referring to a barebone system13:54
faeniloh yeah maybe13:54
faenilI also remember him saying the system booted in 3 secs though13:55
Morpog_PCwell 3s wouldn't be impressive then13:55
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: 613:55
Sfiet_Konstantinon the iconia tab13:55
Sfiet_Konstantinactually 6 was the fastest13:55
Sfiet_KonstantinI got 10s in average13:55
Morpog_PCwith or without POST?13:55
Sfiet_KonstantinPOST ?13:55
Morpog_PCpower on self test13:55
Morpog_PCchecking ram, init stuff, etc.13:56
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, ok13:56
Sfiet_KonstantinI don't know if it checked ram etc13:56
Sfiet_Konstantinbut from the button press13:56
Sfiet_Konstantinto the locked homescreen13:56
Morpog_PCthats with POST13:56
Sfiet_Konstantinit was 6-10s13:56
Morpog_PCis that still a legacy bios or uefi?13:57
Sfiet_Konstantinbut beware it is an iconia tab, x86 GPU13:57
sledgeSimour company used to do subsecond boots13:57
sledgeSimto qt framebuffer13:57
Morpog_PCthen it's impressive13:57
Sfiet_KonstantinsledgeSim: :O13:57
Sfiet_Konstantinwell, any daemons, themes etc13:57
Sfiet_Konstantinthis one is fast14:00
Morpog_PCunbelievable :)14:00
sledgeSimbut who needs fast boot on a mobile phone?14:00
sledgeSimyou don't restart it ;)14:00
Morpog_PCwell from time to time I do14:00
Morpog_PCit doesn't need to be that fast, but please not as ages taking as on harmattan :)14:01
sledgeSimfair point :)14:01
HurrianMorpog_PC: Nemo comes pretty close ;)14:01
Sfiet_Konstantinhow fast is nemo ?14:02
Superpelicanwell N900 needs to be restarted pretty often14:02
Superpelicanor use Optimize N90014:02
Superpelicanbut yeah14:02
Superpelicanthat's mostly because Opera Mobile eats a lot of RAM14:03
faenilDear people14:03
HurrianSfiet_Konstantin: typical boot times on the N9 run at about 8 seconds14:03
Superpelicanwhen only using MicroB I can use it for ages without Optimize N900 or reboots14:03
faenilAnyone who wants to start porting nemo core apps to Qt5?14:04
* Superpelican wishes for the 101st time he had a N914:04
sledgeSimim on qmlcalendar faenil14:04
faenilsledgeSim, great14:05
* faenil updates matrix14:05
Morpog_PCfaenil, I would try, but I'm sure I would need to ask you so much stuff, that you could do it by yourself faster :)14:05
locusfhow do I test Qt5?14:05
*** VDVsx has quit IRC14:05
locusfso that I could see that it works14:05
locusfI have some experience with QML/Qt14:06
Hurrianoh, yeah, what does anyone here suggest for a bootscreen?14:06
sledgeSimfaenil, are you using [Show RichTextEditor] for editing matrices? ;)14:06
Hurrianlittle tidbit, but not having one kinda makes it look like it's doing nothing14:06
faenilsledgeSim, nope :D14:06
sledgeSimHurrian, same like shutdown screen ?14:06
HurriansledgeSim: how's that drawn?14:07
Morpog_PCmaybe a bit animated14:07
faenilWe already have that Nemo bootscreen?14:07
faenillocusf, you want to start with Wayland Nemo?14:07
sledgeSimit's from withing lipstick qml (shutdown screen)14:08
sledgeSimi never got round to make it orientation aware ;)14:08
sledgeSimso icons are rotating as it starts shutting :)14:08
sledgeSimHurrian, ^14:08
sledgeSimbut boot (splash) screen is a .service, it comes way before graphics is initialised14:09
sledgeSimand shows a simple graphics file instead14:09
sledgeSimwhich due to hw bug on n9(50) becomes palette-distorted yellow14:09
sledgeSimi think the bug can be fixed14:10
HurrianI assume SGX driver doesn't do kernel mode setting?14:10
*** Martix_ has quit IRC14:10
locusffaenil: yeah, that too but if Qt5 porting is more needed then I could do that as well14:10
faenillocusf, well, I think you should test the port on Nemo Wayland VM :)14:11
HurriansledgeSim: didn't Nemo use Plymouth before?14:11
sledgeSimHurrian, yes service is called plymouth14:11
sledgeSimlocusf, i currently got two VMs open - one simple nemo, the other wayland14:11
sledgeSimand just built qmlcalendar locally14:12
HurriansledgeSim: and it's broken on the current nemo images, or simply removed?14:12
sledgeSimthen modifying that source code starts, rebuilds, and when all done, it should stop working on plain nemo vm14:12
sledgeSimand start working on wayland vm, after deploying :)14:12
locusfsledgeSim: ok, are you using Qt creator or just manually?14:12
sledgeSimlocusf, qtcreator does not work with nemo apps :(14:13
sledgeSimim using command line compile14:13
sledgeSimmore than enough14:13
sledgeSimtool called mb14:13
sledgeSimfrom Mer Platform SDK14:13
sledgeSimcan guide you how to setup dev env14:13
sledgeSimHurrian, it's still used14:13
sledgeSimin wayland vm image i still see the splash logo14:14
locusfI was just using Qt Creator to see whats to be done with qmlmaps, it works ok when using N9 running nemo14:14
Hurrianmmm. but it's missing on n9. must be a bug.14:14
sledgeSimyes, it has been disabled on phones, you are right14:14
sledgeSimi think because of that yellow distortion14:14
sledgeSimcan be placed back anytime (got disabled not too many months ago)14:15
sledgeSimfunny enough it does not distort on the very first boot iirc14:15
sledgeSimdue to (oneshot~iirc) hacks they do (in .ks)14:15
*** ericcc_ has joined #nemomobile14:15
sledgeSimjust check for plymouth in n950 .ks14:15
sledgeSimhopefully still there, if not, i have backups14:16
faenillocusf, but N9 is running x11 nemo14:17
*** fk_lx has joined #nemomobile14:18
locusffaenil: yes I know, I was just playing with the Qt4 version of qmlmaps14:18
faenillocusf, oh ok ;)14:18
*** ericcc has quit IRC14:19
*** Guest36005 has quit IRC14:19
*** VDVsx has joined #nemomobile14:20
faenilgosh, I hate writing, I have to write the setup process for Nemo Wayland VM image XD14:24
faenillocusf, just let me know when you want to make the jump :)14:28
locusfok lets do it now14:28
locusfI was just playing to figure out if Qt creator can use Nemo VM as remote target14:28
locusfit can if the compiler builds 32-bit executables14:28
faenillocusf, well it's ok to do it later as well, when the public tutorial is ready ;) your wish14:29
locusfwell ok I'll wait for the public tutorial, no rush14:29
sledgeSimlocusf, if you read #mer, you'll see my last suffering with images as targets :P14:31
sledgeSimcreating target from scratch proved to be way more painless14:32
*** Martix_ has joined #nemomobile14:32
locusfah ok14:32
*** Khertan_n9_____ has joined #nemomobile14:36
*** Khertan_n9____ has quit IRC14:36
*** Khertan_n9_____ has quit IRC14:38
*** Khertan_n9_____ has joined #nemomobile14:38
rcgSage, I filed a sr today but it seems to be stuck for some reason14:41
rcgah, nevermind14:41
rcgit's waiting for other build jobs14:41
*** MoritzJT has joined #nemomobile14:42
rcgstrange it shows succeeded, though14:42
juicemeHurrian, hi :)14:43
*** Khertan has joined #nemomobile14:44
juicemeHurrian, Yes, go for it. What kind of boot loadear are you thinkin of?14:44
*** MoritzJT has quit IRC14:44
*** MoritzJT has joined #nemomobile14:44
Morpog_PCgeez faenil, why are you retweeting such old stuff? :)14:46
faenilMorpog_PC, debexpert tricked me14:47
faenilhe RTed it now, and I thought it was something new lol14:47
faenilI unRTed and RTed again XD14:47
faenilthen realized the fact, lol14:47
faenil(and was also looking forward to watching Mark's video, lol)14:47
cybettefaenil: marc's mwc tweet?14:48
faenilcybette, yup xD14:48
*** Guest36005 has joined #nemomobile14:48
cybettewell it was a good discussion14:49
cybettethey did it again in May in GMIC14:49
Morpog_PCi knda found it funny how Marc Shuttleworth tried to ignore Marc Dillon there ;)14:49
cybettedifferent people from FF and Ubuntu but still Marc14:49
cybetteMorpog_PC: haha it was so blatant14:50
juicemehey, a friend who's been trying out Nemo asked me why some time ago it started failing on "zypper up", and apparently it's trying to access some repository on "", is that possible?14:50
juicemeI thought there should be nothing at all there any more...14:50
Morpog_PCwell, he uses an old image then14:50
juicemeis there any way of updating the image, other than scrapping the current and loading a new one?14:51
juicemeI mean, setting some repos for zypper etc...?14:51
Morpog_PCyes, but I can't tell you. Have seen sledges or sage guiding people through the process.14:52
*** sardini has quit IRC14:52
Morpog_PCWas kinda complex.14:52
juicemeah, ok. What's the current recommended image?14:52
Morpog_PClatest one I guess? Heard cam is broken there though.14:53
sledgeSimjuiceme, will give you link soon14:54
juicemedoes contacts work on it? that was broken on some image I tried sometime back...14:54
juicemesledgeSim, thx14:54
*** phdeswer has quit IRC14:56
*** stroughtonsmith has quit IRC14:56
sledgeSimbut it has been a long time ago, if anything fails, they'll have to reflash to latest image im afraid14:57
faenilwhat about just adding new repos with zypper ar?14:57
juicemesledgeSim, I'll pass the avice, thanks.14:58
Morpog_PCWasn't there stuff to configure for SSU feanil?14:58
Morpog_PCah, yep I was right after reading the link sledgeSim posted :)14:59
*** MoritzJT has quit IRC15:00
*** jreznik has quit IRC15:05
*** Guest36005 has quit IRC15:07
*** Guest36005 has joined #nemomobile15:07
*** jreznik has joined #nemomobile15:07
*** Netweaver has quit IRC15:08
*** ericcc_ has quit IRC15:17
*** ericcc has joined #nemomobile15:17
*** Guest36005 has quit IRC15:22
*** slaine has quit IRC15:25
*** Xruxa has quit IRC15:34
*** Martix_ is now known as Martix15:38
faenillocusf, you ready? :)15:47
*** Khertan_n9_____ has quit IRC15:48
*** Khertan_n9_____ has joined #nemomobile15:49
*** Khertan_n9______ has joined #nemomobile15:50
*** NIN101 has joined #nemomobile15:50
locusffaenil: sure15:51
faenillocusf, tutorial coming in a few minutes15:51
faenilyou'll be the first public tester :D so I need all your feedback and critics :P15:51
locusflol :D15:52
*** NIN101 has quit IRC15:53
*** NIN101 has joined #nemomobile15:54
locusfok, will first setup Mer SDK, had a Nemo VM though16:01
locusfhmm I have a Mer SDK from Sailfish, is that ok?16:01
faenilwell, SailfishSDK uses a MerSDK inside a VM...16:03
faenillocusf, also, the Nemo VM you had is not useful to our task, you need a new one16:03
locusffaenil: ok, from the mic output vm?16:05
faenillocusf, you could probably reuse the SDK from Sailfish SDK, but I recommend installing a new SDK, without using a VM like sailfish does16:05
faeniljust follow the guides as if you didn't have sailfish sdk ;)16:06
locusffaenil: ok16:06
locusfok :)16:06
*** rcg has quit IRC16:10
faenillocusf, let me know whatever you think is missing in the tutorials (details etc), as you go on ;)16:11
locusffaenil: sure16:11
faenilthanks :)16:11
locusffaenil: mersdk@localhost:~$ sudo mic create raw --record-pkgs=name --pkgmgr=zypp --arch=i486 nemo-i486-vm-wayland.ks --tokenmap=MER_RELEASE:latest,NEMO_RELEASE:latest,SSU_RELEASE_TYPE:rnd,FLAVOUR:devel16:14
locusfmic 0.13 (Mer 0.2011 Mer)16:14
locusfmic create(cr) raw: no such option: --tokenmap16:14
sledgeSimlocusf, perform zypper ref; zypper dup on your mer sdk16:15
locusfah ok16:15
locusf <- I was doing as this16:17
locusfso the image might be a tad old :p16:17
sledgeSimfaenil's tut pointing to ;)16:18
*** Venemo_ has quit IRC16:19
faenillocusf, no wait16:19
faenilthat's the command I use16:19
sledgeSimfaenil, his mer sdk wasn't done up16:20
faenilsledgeSim, but he just downloaded latest mersdk (right locusf ?)16:20
locusflatest VirtualBox MerSDK16:20
locusflatest as in old MerSDK :p16:20
faenillocusf, where did you get it from?16:21
locusfyou guys need to update that image :p16:22
faenillocusf, I don't remember linking to that image...16:22
locusffaenil: yup I had it open from earlier16:22
faenillocusf, oh ok...please follow the tutorial XD16:23
sledgeSimported: clean up needed ;)
locusffaenil: yeah will do16:23
locusffaenil: Error <creator>: Command 'extlinux' is not available.16:23
faenillocusf, while doing what16:24
locusffaenil: sudo mic create raw16:24
faenilwhich mer sdk are you using?16:24
sledgeSimlocusf, faenil
MerbotMer bug 576 in SDK "mic fails because of missing extlinux" [Normal,New]16:25
locusf <- tl; dr; version16:25
sledgeSimso zypper install syslinux-extlinux16:26
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC16:26
faenillocusf, let me know if zypper install fixes it, so I can add it to the tutorial ;)16:27
faenilyeah wait16:28
locusfI probably need a couple of zypper ar16:28
sledgeSimyou need mer-tools repo16:28
faenilsledgeSim, he needs that dns fix16:29
sledgeSimecho | sudo tee -a /etc/hosts16:29
locusfgot it16:29
sledgeSimthen zypper ar mer-tools16:30
faenilhave to add all this temporary workarounds16:30
sledgeSimfor your tutorial faenil ;)16:30
sledgeSimyes :(16:30
locusfhmm my rootfs needs more space16:30
locusf54G /srv/mer/ w t f16:31
sledgeSimdf -h /tmp/16:31
sledgeSimalso check from withing mersdk16:32
sledgeSimdf -h /parentroot/srv/mer16:32
*** ericcc has quit IRC16:32
*** ericcc has joined #nemomobile16:33
locusfyeah its mer sdk but why it mirrored my home here I have no idea16:33
Stskeepsyou might want to --one-filesystem-only16:34
locusfStskeeps: on what?16:34
locusfoh noes16:36
locusf^Croot@locusf-desktop:/srv# rm -rf mer16:36
locusfbash: /bin/rm: No such file or directory16:36
locusfroot@locusf-desktop:/srv# cd16:36
locusfroot@locusf-desktop:~# ls /bi16:36
locusfbash: /bin/ls: No such file or directory16:36
locusfBecause of this you *MUST* 'umount' the SDK before deleting it - if you don't then you *WILL* lose data.16:36
locusfhmm I wish I read that earlier16:36
locusfmy thoughts exactly16:37
* sledgeSim copies the big fat warning up to the tl;dr; section...16:38
faenilsledgeSim, yep16:38
locusfI have a local mirror for ubuntu, bbl16:38
sledgeSimgood it wasn't your main devel station16:38
faenillocusf, hope you didn't lose important date16:38
sledgeSimlocusf, as you said at beginning, you want to test :)16:39
sledgeSimi think that was an ultimate test taking its toll..16:39
locusfjust my rootfs16:39
sledgeSimare you sure?16:40
*** mikhas has quit IRC16:41
locusfwell I basically lost somethin rm:ing /srv/mer16:41
faeniltiny details about Mer SDK, it can eat your hdd if you screw something :D16:41
sledgeSimrm -rf mer basically is rm -rf /16:42
locusfas we say in Finland, "oho"16:43
faenillocusf, you thought you were smarter than the system, you went the tl;dr way :D16:44
locusfI have backups16:45
sledgeSimgood boy :)16:45
faenilyeah, good boy :)16:45
locusfunless they were removed as well16:45
faeniloh, ehm..16:45
locusfas it was /16:45
*** plfiorini has joined #nemomobile16:45
locusffinger crossed16:45
sledgeSimbad boy :)16:45
faenilsledgeSim, lol16:46
locusfI was fast to ctrl-c16:46
faenillocusf, oh ok,16:46
faenilI was just saying that it was strange it deleted everything so fast16:47
locusfssd :)16:47
faenilouch :D16:47
locusfreinstall complete16:48
locusfnow zfs and home remount16:48
faenillocusf, so you had the backups? :)16:48
locusfyes yes16:48
faeniloh, great ;)16:48
locusfon an iscsi ddrive on other comp16:48
faenilsledgeSim, good boy there ^16:49
faenillocusf, how often do you make backups?16:49
locusfevery 6h16:49
locusfor 416:49
faenilow :)16:49
sledgeSimvery nice16:50
sledgeSimso that drive wasn't mounted?16:50
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile16:53
*** norayr has quit IRC16:57
*** ericcc has quit IRC16:58
*** nodevel has joined #nemomobile17:03
*** Martix has quit IRC17:05
*** Martix_ has joined #nemomobile17:05
locusfok back everything seems to be in order17:09
sledgeSim\o/ well done sir17:10
sledgeSimpraiseworthy backup management :)17:10
*** Martix_ has quit IRC17:12
faenillocusf, \o/17:13
locusfat least /home wise17:13
faeniloh :D17:13
locusfand / wise17:14
locusfreinstall doesn't take long with local 1Gbps mirror17:14
sledgeSimok deleted that old tag17:22
sledgeSimadded new tag 0.2.217:22
sledgeSimand pushed one more commit17:22
sledgeSimgit push --tags17:22
sledgeSimdoes not trigger :(17:22
locusfok back in testing :p17:29
faenillocusf, \o/17:29
Sfiet_KonstantinKhertan: yeah, seen it17:29
Sfiet_Konstantinreally nice :)17:29
locusfbut what if my rootfs fills up again?17:29
locusf(19:34:10) [ Stskeeps] you might want to --one-filesystem-only17:30
locusfwhere will this go?17:30
Stskeepsin du,   -x, --one-file-system    skip directories on different file systems17:30
KhertanSfiet_Konstantin: most of the works on pyotherside was done by thp17:32
KhertanSfiet_Konstantin: i just add threading and exception managment17:32
faenilKhertan, the tutorial for Nemo Wayland is up, locusf is testing right now :)17:33
Khertanfaenil: nice i will test it tomorrow ... thx17:33
faenilKhertan, np ;) let me know if you have any issue, and give feedback for the tutorial as you read through it, thank you :D17:34
faenilread it through*17:34
*** fwhiffahder has joined #nemomobile17:34
faenilwhatever :D17:34
Khertanfaenil: of course i ll report if i have any issue or advice about it17:35
faenilKhertan, thank you :)17:35
Sfiet_KonstantinKhertan: still something :)17:35
Khertanfaenil did u think this could run with 1gb of ram only ?17:38
faenilKhertan, no idea, Stskeeps may know better17:38
Khertanfaenil: ill try :p17:39
locusffaenil: booting VM17:50
locusffingerterm opn17:50
faenillocusf, ok, good :)17:51
faenilnext step: sb2 target :)17:51
locusffaenil: add sudo to those zypper commands17:51
faenilthere's no sudo?17:51
locusfyeah no sudo17:51
faenillocusf, oh you want me to add "zypper install sudo"?17:52
*** phdeswer has joined #nemomobile17:52
locusffaenil: nope, just prepend sudo to those zypper ar and zypper install syslinux-extlinux17:53
sledgeSimwayland vm used ~660MB ram after fingerterm17:53
faenillocusf, right17:54
faenildone ;)17:55
faenilw00t, special ping17:55
faenilquick question17:55
locusfsb2-init -L --sysroot=/ -C --sysroot=/ -m sdk-build -n -N nemo-i486-vm-wayland /opt/cross/bin/i486-meego-linux-gnu-gcc17:55
locusfbash: sb2-init: command not found17:55
sledgeSimlocusf, in mer sdk17:56
StskeepssledgeSim: free -m?17:56
sledgeSimStskeeps, `free`17:56
Stskeepswell, show me output of free -m17:57
faenilahah :)17:57
sledgeSimlol divide by 1024 :))17:57
* sledgeSim hometime17:58
Stskeepsthere's multiple values, i'm interested in a specific one.17:58
sledgeSim(now shows 812 used after launching and killing qmlcalendar)17:58
faenillocusf, are you doing sb2-init inside mer sdk?17:59
locusffaenil: yes17:59
faenilStskeeps, ^17:59
faenil(could be some other package missing)17:59
Stskeepslocusf: zypper in -t pattern Mer-SB2-armv7hl17:59
Stskeepsor -i486,17:59
locusfok guessed so17:59
faenilStskeeps, I think -i486 isn't in public mer yet18:00
Stskeepsanyway, zypper in scratchbox218:00
Stskeeps-/+ buffers/cache:        13518:00
Stskeepsis value you want18:00
Stskeepsfor comparison purposes, sailfish is 179 with components gallery open on vm18:01
*** Superpelican has quit IRC18:02
faenillocusf, did it find -i486 pattern?18:02
*** Superpelican has joined #nemomobile18:02
locusffaenil: yes I found that pattern18:04
locusfI was looking into building a test rootfs for armv7hl :)18:05
KhertansledgeSim: thx for the vm size information18:05
locusfjust for interest18:05
*** Venemo_ has joined #nemomobile18:05
faenillocusf, alright, maybe the -i486 was was missing when I set it up :)18:05
locusffaenil: ok18:06
*** sardini has joined #nemomobile18:06
Morpog_PChmmm, still 2gb of ram would be nice :)18:07
Morpog_PCfor extended multitasking and browser tabs18:08
*** fk_lx has quit IRC18:09
faenillocusf, added pattern installation ;)18:09
locusfwhere is the obs serving
Morpog_PCstill impressive that only 135mb is used18:10
Morpog_PCor 179 on sailfish18:10
faenillocusf, what do you mean by "where is" ?18:10
specialfaenil: pong18:11
faenilspecial, wanted to know if there was any other work in progress Qt5 port by other people18:11
faenilre: Nemo core apps18:11
Superpelican2GB RAM?18:12
SuperpelicanAs long as it has more than 256 mb, I'm happy18:12
faenilStskeeps, what about with Alien Dalvik open?18:12
faenilSuperpelican, Android support requires much more, afaik18:12
specialfaenil: none that I'm aware of18:13
faenilspecial, alright, thanks18:13
Morpog_PCoh for that the 2gb of ram would be super good18:13
SuperpelicanDisclaimer:I'm a victim of the N900's low RAM ;)18:13
Superpelicanand before my N900, I had a low end Android phone ;)18:13
Morpog_PCnokia has a history of using too less ram in it's devices :)18:14
SuperpelicanI'm accustomed to lag and freezes18:14
locusffaenil: what OBS serves to that directory?18:15
*** rcg has joined #nemomobile18:15
faenilMer OBS? there's only one OBS afaik18:15
SuperpelicanI can tell you, you don't want to own a low end Android phone18:15
*** panda84kde has quit IRC18:15
faenilrcg, o/18:15
rcghey faenil \o/18:16
rcghow's it going?18:16
*** asterismo has quit IRC18:16
rcgSage, with respect to:
rcglooks like it is finally stuck18:16
rcgshould i just try to re-submit it?18:17
*** asterismo has joined #nemomobile18:17
locusffaenil: testing armv7hl :)18:22
faenillocusf, woot?18:22
faenilwhere do you test armv7hl on?18:22
faenilrcg, good, good :) Wayland nemo image is ready :) no apps yet18:23
*** Superpelican has quit IRC18:23
locusffaenil: my n918:23
faenillocusf, using wayland?18:24
locusffaenil: yes18:24
locusffaenil: isn't this a first try then :) ?18:24
locusfprobably not but still18:24
faenillocusf, :)18:24
rcgfaenil, yay cool :D18:25
rcgthat sounds like great news18:25
rcgso, wayland image means qt5 only as well?18:25
faenilfew people tested the WIP wayland stuff on n950, but since it's not stable, Stskeeps recommended starting from VM, as it has stable hw adaptation18:25
faenilrcg, kind of qt4-free, tracker and contextkit still require Qt418:25
faenilso it has few libqt* packages, 3-4 packages18:26
rcgfaenil, aye, ic, but those are non gui libs?18:26
rcgso gui-wise qt5 only?18:26
faenilrcg, actually tracker depends on Qt4Gui, for some reason ;)18:28
rcgheh alright :D18:28
faenilcore, dbus, gui, network, xml, those are the Qt4 libs left18:28
faenilmlite, sensorfw, tracker, contextkit, are the qt4 dependent packages18:29
rcgaye ic18:29
faenilrcg, but yeah, real UI is all Qt5 ;)18:29
faenilthe image boots to Wayland compositor with lipstick-colorful-home-qt518:30
*** fwhiffahder has quit IRC18:31
faenilrcg, feel like porting core nemo apps to Qt5? :D18:32
rcgfaenil, :D18:33
rcgwell, am super busy with my studies and work atm xD18:33
faenilrcg, I see :)18:33
locusffaenil: got a black screen for a while18:36
locusfbut nothing else18:36
faenillocusf, you mean when starting your app?18:37
locusffaenil: nah, your wayland image (I modified the ks to have armv7hl and removed virtualbox packages)18:37
locusfon N9 that is18:37
*** kjokinie has quit IRC18:37
locusfcopied kernel from old nemo18:37
*** piiramar has quit IRC18:38
faenillol :D you should have told me you modified the ks :D18:38
faenilno that won't work18:38
*** kjokinie has joined #nemomobile18:38
locusfah :/18:38
faenillocusf, not sure what's missing, I haven't investigated making a n9 wayland image yet18:39
faenilconfigs and env vars for sure18:39
faenilgo back to good boy mode :P or start hacking and create a ks for the n9, which is even better ;)18:40
locusfI have a ks18:41
*** piiramar has joined #nemomobile18:41
locusfit just doesn't boot :p18:41
locusfits image I mean18:41
Morpog_PCthere are lots of x86 related things in there locusf18:46
Morpog_PCeven HW adaption repo is wrong18:46
Morpog_PCoh I see you replaced that one18:46
locusfI need the n950-n9 repo as well18:47
Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#389 Rejected promotion request18:47
rcgalright, re-submission solved the problem18:47
Morpog_PCi think for waland n9 tehre was a special repo somewhere18:47
faenillocusf, the packages you're installing in the image don't include N950 wayland configurations, no wonder it's not working18:48
locusfhmm yep18:49
faenillocusf, the packages installed by that ks only have configurations for the x86 VM, because that's what I've done so far18:49
faenilif you want to have some fun feel free to create wayland configurations for the n950 adaptation18:50
faeniland update the ks ;)18:50
faenillocusf, someone will have to do that sooner or later :)18:51
locusfI guess I'll help out with Qt5 porting :p18:51
faenillocusf, if you know something about systemd and rpm packaging, it's not difficult18:51
faenilI didn't, so it took few days18:52
locusfI know some rpm but nothing about systemd18:52
faenillocusf, let me show you what I did for x86, it's small stuff, if you know what to edit :)18:53
faenilknowing what to change is the tricky part xD18:53
faeniland then some time spent trying to get rid of useless stuff from Nemo's patterns, and adding wayland stuff18:55
faenilbut that's done and can be reused for the n950 image18:55
faenil(just need to add few hw adaptation files probably)18:55
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locusfhow do I list sb2 targets?19:00
faenilStskeeps, *BLIN BLIN* just did zypper dup, and wayland image broke, "/usr/bin/lipstick: error while loading shared libraries: cannot dynamically load executable"19:01
faenilw00t, special ^19:01
Morpog_PCSDK update!19:02
Morpog_PCDavid Greaves ‏@lbt_ 56s19:02
Morpog_PCRide the wave: #SailfishOS SDK Alpha-Qt5 update with Qt5, QtQuick2 and Wayland. Plus updateability!  #unlikesdk19:02
faenilyup :D19:04
locusfanother alpha :/19:04
Morpog_PCjust names :)19:05
locusfyeah :)19:05
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faenildamnit, who broke Wayland VM!? XD19:07
lbtlocusf: yeah - essentially we don't want to nail the API just yet19:08
locusfah of course19:08
*** ljp__ has quit IRC19:09
* lbt snuck in some nemo-relevant goodness too19:10
*** ljp_ has quit IRC19:10
faenillbt, was breaking lipstick-colorful-home-qt5 part of the deal? lol19:10
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lbt  Existing SailfishOS Alpha SDK installations must be removed by running the "SDKMaintenanceTool" found in the installation directory.19:19
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faenilw00t, let's bring it here20:52
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faenil/usr/bin/lipstick: error while loading20:54
faenilshared libraries: cannot dynamically load executable20:54
*** jake9xx has joined #nemomobile20:55
w00tfaenil: i have as much clue as you do what that means, and i don't have your environment to test - and the ones I have work. so, it's kind of up to you to figure out20:55
faenilw00t, great, that is awesome news :D20:56
w00ti'd suggest looking at the output of 'ls', 'file' and 'ldd', and other typical sorts of debug tooling and seeing what comes out20:56
faenilw00t, well, it wasn't broken until 2-days-ago-zypper-dup :D20:56
faenilw00t, yeah I'll give it a look tomorrow20:56
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NeeDforKillhi all22:01
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HurrianHey guys. Trying to set up a cross-build environment in sb2. When I go to install some packages, it errors out on "unable to read /etc/boardname"23:29
HurrianAny clues?23:29
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