Wednesday, 2013-08-07

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filip_n9Hurrian - 3.5 works on N904:55
filip_n9A drivers are missing - I've made a spreadsheet with  with04:58
filip_n9the list what to do04:58
filip_n9I'm using ubiboot-02 - let me know if I can help with your problem05:00
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PMGspiiroin, w00t, and others: will merge timed pull req in a hour or so if no objections:
PMGAnd thanks for the help & comments!06:25
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WWDrakeyHello everybody! We at Nomovok are starting to develop an OSS software platform based on Nemo Mobile, and some of the stuff we'll be doing could probably benefit Nemo itself.08:26
WWDrakeyWe'll be doing stuff like updating apps to Qt 5, fixing bugs in various applications, creating a new homescreen, figuring out a GUI Toolkit for theming/widgets etc.08:26
WWDrakeyAnyway, I'd like to have a bit of a chat with somebody about which portions of that work should be upstreamed, how it should be handled, who to contact for info on various aspects etc.08:27
WWDrakeySo... any volunteers? :)08:27
fk_lxWWDrakey: wow, great news!08:27
veskuhw00t, Sage ^^08:28
StskeepsWWDrakey: you might want to participate in the existing glacier UI effort and surround it around qt quick components08:28
faenilwait, what is that, a dream? :D08:28
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WWDrakeyStskeeps: What kind of documentation do you have for the plans with Glacier UI, anybody who could walk me through how you're thinking of proceeding with that?08:30
Stskeepsi guess faenil can point you to the right places?08:31
WWDrakeythat would be great08:31
Stskeepsjust on what's been going on in community already08:32
veskuhWWDrakey, definitely all the bug fixes to middleware and Mer core would be best done to upstream also. For the apps  that have not been ported to Qt5 I think upgrades would be appreciated.08:32
veskuhWWDrakey, the homescreen and toolkit is stuff that probably needs a bi tmore discussion. I hope your plan around that is to base it also to lipstick08:33
SfietKonstantinwonderful !08:34
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WWDrakeyYeah, we were thinking of going with Lipstick for the homescreen, and the toolkit stuff is still a bit open. For that I first want to get a good picture of what would be a nice and clean approach.08:35
StskeepsWWDrakey: also note that there's a push towards wayland, with effort going on, with already a virtualbox VM08:35
SfietKonstantinWWDrakey: faenil can point you on the VirtualBox VM kickstart fime08:35
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WWDrakeyYeah, I noticed the Wayland VM and the push in that direction, should fit nicely into what we were also thinking actually.08:36
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veskuh"Ready" toolkit alternatives are qt quick controls from Qt, and the MeeGo Components that mostly w00t has been maintaining. The latter we know suits mobile, the first one I wouldn't know.08:39
Stskeepsqt quick controls is also used in qt for tizen, at least08:40
Stskeepsthough tizen is more widget-y08:40
veskuhYeah, and I think they have plans to support more and more touch features, so depending on HW it might be good for you or not.08:40
Stskeeps , there's more than this though08:40
WWDrakeyYeah, I'm still a bit on the fence on whether to start building on the Qt5 versions of the Harmattan components, or trying to move to the Qt Quick Controls and start modifying them for touch use.08:42
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WWDrakeyOn the long run the Controls might be the better choice, but I don't have a good understanding yet of how much work it would be to try and jump over to start using those.08:43
veskuhYeah, I'd prototype with some simple apps.08:44
WWDrakeyAny idea which way Glacier will be going?08:45
w00tWWDrakey: so far the initial work has been to port to qt5 first08:45
faenilsorry was having breakfast, back now :)08:45
w00twith the possibility of looking at porting to controls later, once there's some more work in place08:45
w00tthe theory being that we have something that works now08:45
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w00tfaenil has been driving most of the UI ports, myself (jolla hat on) and the other jolla folks did most/all of the middleware some time ago08:46
faenilas everyone said, currently we have a working Wayland VM image for Nemo08:47
w00tWWDrakey: i would suggest that you want to use lipstick, it offers quite a lot of useful bits and pieces you'll want for homescreens, and ties in with the rest of nemo's middleware for things like USB mode selection, volume control, notifications, ...08:47
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faenilI wrote a guide, you can find it here
faenilthat should guide you through the process of building the image and setting up the VM image and an SB2 target08:48
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faenilabout the GlacierUI effort, we had a chat with guys in here08:50
faeniland thought it was better to first port all core apps to Qt5/QtQuick2 leaving components unchanged (i.e. still using qtcomponents-qt5)08:51
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faenilonce all apps are ported and "as functional as possible"08:52
faenilwe will start moving to QtQuickControls08:53
faenilabout that: we decided we would go with QtQuickControls + custom controls needed to put Glacier UI into place08:53
faenilto realize GlacierUI, that is08:53
faenilHurrian and qwazix, and Morpog_ are the graphics assets guys at the moment, so they will take care of the styling assets for the QtQuickControls08:54
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faenil(if there are no changes to the plans)08:54
faenilonce custom components are ready and QQC are styled, we will move qtcomponents-qt5 apps to Glacier QQC08:55
faeniland create the new homescreen08:55
faenil(still using liblipstick, of course)08:55
faenilso, this is the plan :)08:56
WWDrakeyOkay, that's pretty clear and straightforward.08:57
faenilgreat :)08:57
faenilso about current status:08:57
faenilwe're porting apps to Qt5/QtQuick208:57
faenilI wrote a small tutorial and a "current status matrix", you can find it here08:57
faenilwe'll try to keep that as updated as possible08:58
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faenilbut if you have anything to discuss about, or any new idea or feedback or opinion, we're all ears :)09:00
WWDrakeyWe're pretty much doing the same kind of work here right now, with regard to the Qt5/QtQuick2 porting... I think we have some kind of Qt5 versions of qmlcontacts and qmlmessages already and some minor fixes to libraries (related to that porting work).09:01
faenilawesome :) do you think you'll create PRs?09:01
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w00t(please do create pull requests)09:07
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WWDrakeyOkay, faenil patiently walked me through your process for those - I think the answer is "yes". ;)09:12
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faenilgreat :)09:12
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Morpog_that Nomovok guys did interesting work :)09:17
Morpog_STE -->09:17
Morpog_MeeGo integration for STE 8500 hardware09:17
niqtfaenil can i use sailfish sdk to make a porting to qt5?09:19
faenilniqt, well, nothing is impossible, but I haven't tried it09:19
niqtfaenil now i know that your sponsor is adidas09:21
faenilwish I had a sponsor xD09:21
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sledgeSimgood morning, what an amazing news WWDrakey \o/09:22
WWDrakeyEheh, thanks. :)09:22
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faenilsledgeSim, morning o/09:23
sledgeSimfinished porting qmlcalendar yesterday o/ faenil o7 :D09:23
sledgeSimlooking into local theme provider inheritance bug now09:23
faenilsledgeSim, I receive emails for all changes in nemomobile repos ;)09:23
faenilgreat, <309:23
sledgeSimand #mer-boss is a dead giveaway too what community and jolla is up to :D09:24
sledgeSimincluding who's buying the next pint for broken builds :D09:25
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sledgeSimWWDrakey, more info and (most important) screenshots on glacier:
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sledgeSimHurrian, how about renaming "Digianalog clock" to something else, e.g. "Digilog clock"? :)09:40
sledgeSimhard to read the former09:40
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sledgeSimw00t, when mb building qt-components-qt5 : /usr/lib/qt5/bin/moc: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory09:50
sledgeSimlrwxrwxrwx 1 simonas root        22 Aug  1 13:38 /usr/lib/ ->
sledgeSimunder sb209:50
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Stskeepsi486 or arm?09:51
Stskeepsis libsb2 installed in target?09:51
sledgeSimbut merdsk hasn't got fontconfig09:51
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sledgeSimnow worked, after zypper in fontconfig under mersdk09:52
sledgeSimfalse alarm09:52
* sledgeSim hides09:52
sledgeSimbut now another problem09:52
sledgeSimbuild finishes with Exit reason and status: signal 11 (core dumped)09:52
sledgeSim(same for libsolv )09:52
sledgeSimfull output:
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sledgeSimwill try to stick with osc build for now..09:54
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Hurrianfilip filip_n9: could you share your kernel builds? maybe my toolchain's broken.10:28
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Hurrianalso, what hwrev's your N9?10:28
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*** filip_ has joined #nemomobile10:34
filip_HW rev is infamous 160310:36
Hurrianfilip_: ah. no dice on 1507 building with instructions on the wiki.10:37
Hurrianmind sending me your zImage and lib/modules?10:37
filip_I'll try to gather everything needed and put it on dropbox - that is OK?10:37
HurrianSure thing. I wanna see if it's my device, kernel, or toolchain that's a lemon.10:38
sledgeSimfaenil, quick'n'dirty temp workaround for themes: `cd /usr/share/themes; cp -r base blanco`10:38
sledgeSimand you get the toolbar for free :)10:39
faenilsledgeSim, yeeea :D10:40
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filip_Hurrian, compiled 3.5.3 image and modules
Hurrianfilip_: much appreciated. time to go test this out.10:52
filip_couple of configuration options changed but code is the same as on github10:52
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alteregoPlexyDesk sounds interesting.11:23
*** stroughtonsmith has joined #nemomobile11:23
alteregoApparently that project has been around for at least 2 years.11:23
alteregoThinking of sticking it on Mer RPi11:24
alteregoThough I'm guessing it's not as good as a wayland compositor. And no mention of QML 211:25
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alteregoNew it sounded familiar, they have it running on an N80011:26
alteregoErm, knew ..11:26
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w00talterego: there is a wayland homescreen now, iirc vgrade has tried it out on pi11:30
alteregoCool, I'll check it out.11:31
alteregoI think I'm basically after a widget canvas, but having full compositing would be extremely handy.11:32
w00tdid I ever show you
w00tI intended to hook that up to lipstick once it figured out wayland but just never got around to it11:34
alteregoI'm not sure, did you do a video?11:34
w00ta few11:34
alteregoThen yes, I probably did at some point :)11:34
alteregoActually I don't think I have seen that, that looks quite similar to what I'm thinking.11:35
alteregoThanks :)11:36
Superpelicanw00t:Was the demo in the video run on a RPi?11:42
w00tSuperpelican: no11:42
SuperpelicanI suspected so ;)11:42
Superpelicanis very smooth11:42
w00tI don't have any reason to doubt that it would still be smooth :)11:42
alteregovgrade got some nice results:
w00tI should try it, someday, when I find spare time (hah)11:43
rcgw00t, looks nice :)11:43
alteregoAnd everyone elses RPi demos seem pretty performant :)11:43
Superpelicanw00t:But could the RPi run that demo so fast and smooth?11:43
alteregoSuperpelican: I'll let you know when I try it out :P11:45
Superpelicanok thanks :)11:45
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faenilQtQuick2 Fingerterm is up for grabs people!14:17
faenilworking on Nemo X11 and Nemo Wayland14:18
faenilcurrently in fixed orientation only (landscape on n9/n950)14:18
rcghuzza :)14:20
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Morpog_btw, is there a TRIM tool included in Mer or Nemomobile?14:47
Morpog_or does it by default TRIM with every file delete like on Windows?14:48
*** jreznik has quit IRC14:49
*** jreznik has joined #nemomobile14:53
Morpog_ok doesn't look like it does :(14:54
Morpog_[root@SailfishEmul ~]# fstrim /14:54
Morpog_fstrim: /: FITRIM ioctl failed: Operation not supported14:54
sledgeSimMorpog_, sudo hdparm -I /dev/sda | grep "TRIM supported"14:55
sledgeSimwhichever devnode that i14:55
sledgeSimand afterwards it might be down to the kernel14:55
*** LjL-Alps has quit IRC14:55
Morpog_kernel supports trim since 2.6.3314:56
sledgeSimfor any/all SSDs?14:57
sledgeSimalso what does the first column of `du -sh /` output say?14:58
Morpog_sledgeSim, I think so, TRIM is an ATA standard15:02
Morpog_du: cannot access `/proc/497/task/497/fd/4': No such file or directory15:03
*** Vlad_on_the_road has quit IRC15:04
sledgeSimbasically, you need to be certain that / is physically your root dev SSD node15:04
sledgeSimmount | grep " / "15:05
Morpog_/dev/root on / type ext4 (rw,noatime,data=ordered)15:06
Morpog_hmm, no discard option there15:06
sledgeSim/dev/root -- that's where my knowledge ends ;)15:07
sledgeSimbut still it's not directly your SSD ;)15:07
Morpog_ahh, thats what you wanted to say15:07
Morpog_of course, it's the sailfishos vm15:07
Morpog_just wanted to check if it's configured to use TRIM at all15:08
sledgeSimso fstrim is there - when physical hardware is connected which supports trim - it will15:08
sledgeSimwith best hopes :)15:08
Morpog_and when it's mounted with discard option (or done manually by a job with fstrim)15:12
*** xhaakon has joined #nemomobile15:13
sledgeSimspooky option that one :D15:13
Morpog_what a pitty that N9 kernel is 2.6.3215:13
sledgeSimall hopes on filip's and Hurrian's effort15:13
Morpog_TRIM did magic on android 4.315:13
*** danielcbit has joined #nemomobile15:17
sledgeSimthat's good to know Morpog_15:18
Morpog_could help our N9s too, or future Nemo devices with more up to date kernels :)15:19
sledgeSimdepends on device15:21
sledgeSimjolla will be 3.x kernel15:21
sledgeSimso is pandaboard already15:21
sledgeSimpanda is an old animal; you'd expect any newer device than that to have good enough kernels15:21
Morpog_so you could try fstrim / on there? :)15:21
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*** Frye has joined #nemomobile15:26
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*** rcg has joined #nemomobile15:29
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*** filip_ has joined #nemomobile15:32
SfietKonstantinwhat is the latest 3.X kernel ?15:39
*** Frye has quit IRC15:41
SfietKonstantinsledgeSim: do yo know what new stuff kappened from 3.6 to 3.10 ?15:41
SfietKonstantinemulo uses 3.615:42
Morpog_3.10.5 to be exact :)15:42
kulveI'm running old 3.10.415:42
*** asterismo has quit IRC15:42
Morpog_3.10.5 is long term15:42
SfietKonstantingood new, sailfish emulo image is displaying something on the iconia15:43
Morpog_3.6 is EOL :(15:43
SfietKonstantinbad news: it is just some pixels15:43
*** asterismo has joined #nemomobile15:43
SfietKonstantinwell, some pixel noise15:43
SfietKonstantinhum, libdrm radeon not installed15:49
Morpog_hmm fingerterm works on sailfishos too, just the landscape only bugs it :)15:50
SfietKonstantinnot enough :/15:50
faenilMorpog_, ?15:54
faenilit starts in portrait here15:54
Morpog_well, it's landscape but emulator is portrait15:55
faenilon Nemo wayland VM it starts in portrait15:55
Morpog_its still called fingerterm, not fingerterm-qt5 or something?15:55
faenilyeah fingerterm15:56
faenilversion 1.1.015:56
faenilMorpog_, are you sure you have version 1.1.0?15:57
faenilbecause that bug is the qq1 version15:57
faenilzypper se fingerterm15:58
*** slaine has quit IRC15:58
Morpog_zypper se doesn't show version15:59
faenilzypper info15:59
faenilI'm sure you have 1.0.615:59
Morpog_yes you are right :)15:59
faenileheh :) because Sailfish emul is using stable repositories15:59
Morpog_hmm, thought I already added nemo repo15:59
faenilwhile qq2 fingerterm is on devel16:00
Morpog_aaah, my fault, lol16:00
Morpog_I need devel16:00
faenildon't use ssu to change to devel16:00
faeniljust add nemo's devel and see if that helps16:00
faenilnemo:devel:mw that is16:00
Morpog_wouldn't even have the idea to use ssu16:00
Morpog_alias already exists if I try to add it16:02
faenilthen zypper install --from=REPONAME fingerterm ;)16:02
Morpog_not a good idea to delte repo and readd?16:03
faenilwhy? shouldn't be needed16:03
Morpog_the stable repo should be pretty useless anyway or?16:03
faeniluse that command ;)16:03
faenilyou have Jolla repos there16:04
Morpog_ah ok, thought those are seperated16:04
faenilthey are separated..16:04
SfietKonstantinforgot linux-firmware :/16:04
faenilI meant that you need jolla stable repos for the emul16:05
Morpog_Repository '' not found by its alias, number, or URI.16:05
faeniladd repo (nemo MW, not apps)16:06
faenilthen zypper ref16:06
faenilthen zypper install --from=nemo-mw fingerterm16:06
Morpog_it's on MW?16:06
faenilyeah, the one on apps s 1.0.516:06
faenildon't ask me why there are two :D16:06
SfietKonstantinthat souds bad16:06
*** rcg has quit IRC16:07
Morpog_zypper in fingerterm was enough after I added the repo16:08
Morpog_it upgraded the old one16:08
faenilstrange, but ok16:08
faenilmaybe it was already coming from that repo16:08
Morpog_now works in portrait :)16:09
Morpog_some key are too small for the symbols16:09
faenilI know, I don't care about that at the moment :)16:09
Morpog_like pgdn or tabulator16:09
faenilgestures/select/scroll will only work if keyboard is OFF and you have to perform them in the keyboard16:10
faenilthough this is only a VM bug, it should be vboxtouch's fault16:10
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sledgeSimi have a suspicion that local theme provider does not know how to serve .jpg and .png files. only .svgs get served <- w00t17:17
sledgeSima decoder package missing i believe17:18
sledgeSimor a connection to it17:18
w00tsearch for qt5 plugins, there are a few for image formats17:18
sledgeSimok this is in qt5-plugin-imageformat-jpeg17:19
sledgeSimI'll overwrite a non-served jpg with a random .svg in theme to prove my theory17:19
*** lpotter has joined #nemomobile17:21
sledgeSimok, it looks like it know how to serve SVGs, and only from the "icons" folder. whatever is in "images" is ignored17:25
* sledgeSim hometime, see you again soon17:25
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