Tuesday, 2013-08-06

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taixzoHello everyone!03:56
taixzoI am trying to install nemo on my N9. It displayed a message: "FATAL: Re-partitioning failed! You might be in trouble!"03:57
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taixzoI checked the log over telnet. It says: "Error: The FATs don't match.  If you don't know what this means, then select cancel, run scandisk on the file system, and then come back."03:57
taixzoBut there doesn't seem to be a scandisk.03:58
taixzoWhat do I do?03:58
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taixzoIs anyone actually *in* this channel, or is everyone just idling?04:17
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kulvetaixzo: you started asking questions at seven in the morning04:57
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KhertanMorning !06:56
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Khertanwhile using the sailfish sdk i got a qt5 problem, maybe you can help me :  erreur : Python.h: No such file or directory ... and python-devel is installed in mer vm, Python.h is in /usr/include/python2.7 and i use in the .pro QMAKE_CXXFLAGS += $$system(python$${PYTHON_VERSION}-config --includes) ... any idea ?06:57
dm8tbrmore of a #sailfishos question, isn't it?06:59
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Khertandm8tbr: hum ... more qt5 / mer in fact :)07:00
Khertandm8tbr: but true that their sdk ... didn't got such problem with qt5 from qt-project on desktop07:01
Khertandm8tbr: thx you give me the idea to try :)07:01
fk_lxKhertan: probably there is solution, especially if you have Python.h and qmake does not see it07:02
Khertanfk_lx: surely .... probably a wrong conf in .pro07:03
fk_lxKhertan: yep07:04
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fk_lxKhertan: maybe instead of writing QMAKE_CXXFLAGS += $$system(python$${PYTHON_VERSION}-config --includes) ?07:22
fk_lxKhertan: do sth like that:07:22
fk_lxKhertan: maybe instead of writing QMAKE_CXXFLAGS += $$system(python-config --includes) ?07:23
fk_lxI meant07:23
fk_lxQMAKE_CXXFLAGS += $$system(python-config --includes)07:23
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fk_lxKhertan: anyway these are my loose thoughts, don't know if it will work07:25
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Khertanfk_lx: even putting hardcoded path /usr/include/python2.707:45
Khertandidn't works07:46
Khertanfk_lx: thx anyway07:46
fk_lxKhertan: no problem, just wanted to at least try to help ;-)07:47
fk_lxfk_lx: seeing your tweet07:47
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fk_lxgithub is down again ;-)07:48
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Khertanfk_lx: could not be worse than gitorious :)07:52
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fk_lxKhertan: :-)07:55
phako*scratches head*07:57
phakodid you do anything regarding battery life?07:57
phakothe phone is up the third day now :)07:57
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Khertanfk_lx: it s up now08:01
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Aardfaenil: did you do anything more on fingerterm?08:06
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fk_lxKhertan: yep, notice08:28
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Khertang++ -c -m32 -pipe -O2 -g -pipe -Wall -Wp,-D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 -fexceptions -fstack-protector --param=ssp-buffer-size=4 -Wformat -Wformat-security -m32 -march=core2 -mssse3 -mtune=atom -mfpmath=sse -fasynchronous-unwind-tables -fno-omit-frame-pointer -Wall -W -D_REENTRANT -fPIE -DDEPLOYMENT_PATH="\""/usr/share/ownNotesForSailfish/"\"" -DQT_QML_DEBUG -DQT_DECLARATIVE_DEBUG -DQT_QUICK_LIB -DQT_QML_LIB -DQT_NETWORK_LIB -DQT_GUI_LIB -DQ08:35
Khertanarg ... and still fatal error: Python.h: No such file or directory08:35
Khertani didn't understand whats the problem here08:35
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fk_lxquick and very dirty workaround would be creating symlink in place where he looks for Python.h08:37
fk_lxbut that is very, very dirty08:37
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Khertanfk_lx: symlink where ?08:42
Khertanoh in the project08:42
Khertanthat s silly .... indeed08:42
fk_lxKhertan: yeah I agree it's silly, but might be solution if you want to test application quickly for some reason08:43
Khertanfk_lx: lol ... didn't works08:43
Khertansame error08:43
faenilmorning people o/08:44
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faenilAard, morning o/ well I fixed the crashed to the clipboard stuff, and I was looking for people who could tell me more about the current status of QtWayland clipboard support08:45
faenilturns out it should be there but it's outdated or something08:46
faenilso it currently doesn't work08:46
faenilAard, this is what I found https://codereview.qt-project.org/#change,5151908:49
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fk_lxKhertan: heh, maybe putting the path after #include in the source file? ;-)08:53
faenilAard, so: 1) publish it without copypaste support, or 2) don't publish it until qtwayland issues are fixed08:53
Aardfaenil: publish without copypaste support, and implement it later would be better, as there are known breakages of the old one08:54
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faenilalright, I'll look into finishing this thing then08:55
Aardfaenil: if you have an arm binary I can volunteer for testing :p08:56
faenilAard, I think I only did i486 mb builds so far :) I'll let you know once I'm done, I'll set up a webhook ;)08:57
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Khertanfk_lx: oh god... there is a /src/mer/targets/SailfishOS-i486-x86/usr/include/python2.7 empty09:01
Khertanthat the path use09:01
Khertansymlinked /usr/include/python2.7 and now it s works09:01
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dm8tbrthat sounds wrong09:17
dm8tbrvery wrong09:17
fk_lxdm8tbr: yah I know09:18
fk_lxdm8tbr: that is why I wrote it is very, very dirty09:18
fk_lxdm8tbr: the clean solution would be doing it right in .pro file09:19
dm8tbrthe _right_ thing would be to install python-devel in the target and not the OS09:19
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dm8tbrin this case it's probably the same thing, as I suspect both are mer-i486 based, but in a different setting it would blow up badly09:20
fk_lxdm8tbr: whatever, just gave the tip how to solve the problem dirty way09:20
dm8tbrsure, just saying why this is a bad idea09:21
fk_lxdm8tbr: but I agree that you are right09:21
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fk_lxdm8tbr: anyway it shows that for average persons some of the things are unclear, if they choose the dirty way09:24
dm8tbrand a lot of people are too lazy to figure things out and will just bash them until something works09:25
* dm8tbr ponders to again put a "sudo rm -rf /" somewhere in his bash snippets09:25
fk_lxdm8tbr: I doesn't supprise me to much, we live in times where most of people want to show sth quickly on Twitter - screenshot of working app etc.09:26
* dm8tbr doesn't have to care about those09:26
fk_lxdm8tbr: only pointing how life has changed09:26
dm8tbrthey can go hexediting on xda-ph0rumz09:26
faenilwhat if my app creates files in .local/share? should the .spec take care of that so that they're deleted when the app is uninstalled? I can't find any example that does it09:27
fk_lxdm8tbr: there is a better solution, quit all those "Who will first give the answer?" instead "Who will give the best answer?"09:29
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faenil...and another one is done10:18
faenilw00t, special ^10:19
faenillet's go back to fingerterm now10:21
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sledgeSimlet's go back to work now :{ :)10:22
faenilsledgeSim, :(10:22
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faenilphaeron, ping11:42
phaeronfaenil: pong11:42
faenilphaeron, always getting "listed more than once" error when trying to modify repos of my home project on OBS11:42
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faenilit was very hard to delete the (only) i486 repo, and now it doesn't let me add anything back11:43
phaeronhmm , how are you trying to delete repos ?11:43
faenilfrom the web UI11:43
phaeronmight be a jasvascript bug , try osc meta prj -e <prjname>11:44
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faenilphaeron, does "Set apiurl = https://api.pub.meego.com" still apply?11:52
faenilit's in the wiki11:52
phaeronfaenil: of course not :)12:01
faenilphaeron, :)12:01
phaeronfaenil: https://api.merproject.org12:01
faenilyeah fixed it in the meanwhile ;)12:02
phaeronosc -A https://api.merproject.org meta prj -e <prjname>12:02
faenilI'll update the wiki as well12:02
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faenilphaeron, I'm done already, deleted all repos and readded new ones via WebUI12:02
faenilso yeah, it was a bug of the webUI :)12:02
faenilwiki updated12:03
phaeronyeah , obs 2.4 works better with the new ruby on rails. but forward porting our patches wants some effort12:04
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slaineI'm assuming that Wayland+Qt5 on the n900 is a no go ?13:59
slaineOr is that part of the target aslo13:59
Morpog_PCThere are old POC of wayland on N90014:00
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Morpog_PCslaine, http://blip.tv/carsten-munk/wayland-simple-egl-simple-shm-on-top-of-wayland-compositor-on-a-n900-541945914:01
slaineMorpog_PC: yeah, I recall, but I also seem to recall Stskeeps thinking it was simply too slow to use usable14:08
slainehence the question. I'm fortunately enough to have an n950 though to help out.14:08
Morpog_PCwell, they got more knowledge now. Maybe someone of Jolla can enlighten us :)14:09
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faenilthey almost realized my idea...15:28
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sledgeSimso your idea got almost patented :)15:38
sledgeSimwhy mb tool cannot handle pkgconfig(qdeclarative5-boostable) is needed by qmlcalendar-0.3-1.i38615:39
sledgeSim? meanwhile OBS is happy15:39
w00tsledgeSim: "cannot handle" is very vague15:41
w00twhat happens?15:41
sledgeSimFailed build dependencies:15:41
sledgeSimpkgconfig(qdeclarative5-boostable) is needed by qmlcalendar-0.3-1.i38615:41
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w00tcheck the repositories of your sb2 target15:41
faenilsledgeSim, yeah :( I tried telling that multiple time to Jollaians....seems like it wasn't considered good enough15:42
sledgeSimw00t, ok, probably nemo:mw needs to go in15:42
w00teither they're out of date or they don't contain whatever that package lives in15:42
faenilsledgeSim, yeah add nemo:devel:mw to the repos15:42
sledgeSimroger that folks :) thanks!15:42
sledgeSimw00t, wb :)15:42
w00ttip: if you install ssu and nemo's ssu vendor data, you'll probably end up with a full set of nemo repos15:43
w00t(do with caution, i have not tested this theory)15:43
sledgeSimw00t, will 'local theme provider' have some love shown from silica pretty please?15:44
w00tI applied the one fix it was lacking15:45
w00tthe missing part now is theme inheritance15:45
w00twe haven't done that as we don't need it15:45
faenilw00t, we don't get ToolBars at the moment15:46
faenilso UIs are screwed15:46
faenillayout isn't done correctly when Toolbars are used15:46
w00tyes, because as I just said, theme inheritance doesn't work15:46
w00tsomeone needs to write the code to make that work15:46
faenilyeah I was just pointing out what I noticed15:46
w00tor alternatively remove darko and use nemo-theme-default15:47
Morpog_PCsomeoneā„¢ :)15:47
sledgeSimw00t, and the tar_git pest: http://www.merproject.org/logs/%23nemomobile/%23nemomobile.2013-08-02.log.html#t2013-08-02T14:24:0515:48
sledgeSimneeds your attention :)15:48
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sledgeSimcosmetic stuff, but bit annoying15:48
Morpog_PCfaenil, why not remove darko as w00t suggests when the big goal is to port to QQ2 later?15:50
sledgeSimi'll check theme inheritance asap15:50
faenilMorpog_PC, because I don't know anything about themes in Nemo15:50
w00tsledgeSim: https://github.com/nemomobile/qt-components/blob/qtquick2/src/meego/themedaemon/mlocalthemedaemonclient.cpp#L7515:50
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w00tsledgeSim: there should also be parsing of index.theme in there checking for X-MeeGoTouch-Metatheme X-Inherits15:51
sledgeSimok, brilliant15:52
faenilso it's done, mostly :)15:52
faeniljust needs to tinker a bit15:52
w00tdo it in a loop until you get to a theme that doesn't inherit anything15:52
sledgeSimthanks w00t15:53
faenilI'm wondering if it's worth passing to qtcomponents to get orientation handling in fingerterm15:55
faenilw00t, any opinion? ^15:55
w00tfaenil: i'd just stick to porting for now as you've already quite a long todo, but one day perhaps15:56
faenilwell, adding PageStackWindow in the main file should do the trick already15:56
faenilnot porting everything to qtcomponents :D just what's needed15:56
faenilas it is now, it won't work on device, as it only starts in landscape (tested by Aard)15:57
faenilas it is now = current qtquick2 port15:57
faenilit starts in portrait in the VM just for luck15:57
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sledgeSimerm i'd gone terribly wrong somewhere: error: 'class QScopedPointer<QQuickView>' has no member named 'setSource'15:59
faenilsledgeSim, are you using mdeclarativecache?15:59
sledgeSimHAS_BOOSTER is defined16:00
sledgeSimI'll try qmlnotes approach (without QScopedPointers)16:02
faenilsledgeSim, no wait16:03
faeniltry view->setSource16:04
faenilnot .setSource16:04
sledgeSimouch :D16:04
sledgeSimi knew it would be that simple :D16:04
faenilqscopedPOINTER :D16:04
faenilthey implemented "->" operator so that it would behave like a pointer ;)16:05
* sledgeSim no comments16:05
sledgeSimworked, compiled, done; thanks boss! :D16:06
faenilw00t, any idea why setResizeMode(rootObjToView) would set the root obj to 0,0 ?16:06
w00tnot sure16:07
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filip_Hi, does anybody have any experience with 3.5 kernel on N9?16:23
filip_I complied it without problems but wl12xx driver misses firmware files16:23
filip_wl1271-nvs.bin and wl127x-fw-4-sr.bin are now expected to be in /lib/firmware/ti-connectivity16:23
filip_I copied wl1271-nvs bin there and used wl127x-fw-4-sr.bin from linux-firmware.git16:24
filip_That fails with WARNING FEM index from FW out of bounds16:24
sledgeSimHurrian, ^16:24
faenilfilip_, Hurrian is playing it atm afaik16:24
filip_OK, I'll wait for a word from him16:24
filip_But, I saw he had trouble booting - I'm not sure has he managed to get past that16:25
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aknightfaenil: let's move here17:50
aknightyou can check what /dev/input devices you have17:51
faenilon VM?17:51
aknightyou might have an evdev for your accelerometer17:51
aknightyour device17:51
faeniloh wait, let me switch it on :D17:52
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faenilaknight, what do you want me to check?17:55
aknightfaenil: do you have lsinput installed?17:56
aknightwell you can install it17:57
aknightor you can simply cat each /dev/input/eventX and see which one responds to rotation17:57
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faenilaknight, which package is it in? (sorry was afk)18:14
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Hurrianfilip_ : it just bombs out on my N9.21:47
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Hurriananyone got it running on an n9 (not n950) ?21:49
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w00tHurrian: the 3.5 kernel? i don't think i ever really heard of anyone outside the people working on it doing much with it22:58
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Hurrianmmm. looking for confirmation that it works on the N9, because from what I'm seeing, the board config files are only for N95023:00
w00tif not out of the box, it can be massaged to do so i would say, as the current adaptation kernel is shared between both23:04
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