Monday, 2013-08-05

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iekku_no nemo triage today, there wasn't new bugs yesterday02:35
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phakogot some issues while upgrading:
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phakomanual upgrade of ssu-vendor-data-nemo fixed it07:43
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SuperpelicansledgeSim:Are you involved with the transition of Nemo to Qt5/Wayland?08:27
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phakoI'm getting a warning/error during installation of timed:
PMGphako: does the timed error happen during image creation or regular rpm install?08:39
PMGphako: I created a pull request that fixes this issue during image creation:
phakoduring zypper dup08:40
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sledgeSimSuperpelican, what is the question? :)09:31
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SuperpelicansledgeSim:What's the state of the transition to Qt5/Wayland of Nemo10:12
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sledgeSimPoC of Nemo+Wayland on N950 is ready10:13
sledgeSimNemo+Wayland i486 VM10:13
sledgeSimonto which we are porting Qt5 apps to10:13
sledgeSims/i486 VM/i486 VM is ready/10:13
sledgeSimapps status:
Superpelicanah thanks10:13
sledgeSimSuperpelican, more of Wayland status on ARM:
Superpelicanunfortunately I don't own a N9 or N95010:15
sledgeSimlots of work ahead10:15
sledgeSimquite a lot of it can be done on VM too10:15
Superpelicanand my N900 is partly broken10:15
sledgeSimmy n9 is broken, but doing what I can on vm for now10:16
Superpelicanit can't boot from SD anymore :(10:16
Superpelicanthe rest of it works though10:16
Superpelicanthe magnet detecting sensor is broken10:17
Superpelicanso it always thinks it's backcover is removed10:17
SuperpelicansledgeSim:I've tried lots of magnets10:18
Superpelicanquite powerful ones too10:18
Superpelicanbut it doesn't work10:18
SuperpelicansledgeSim:But I am porting Nemo to my tablet10:18
sledgeSimsounds like fun10:18
SuperpelicanRPM packaging is getting *really* annoying10:19
Superpelicanthe kernel-adaptation build just failed again10:19
sledgeSimin your .spec: chmod 644 %{buildroot}/%{_prefix}/src/kernels/%{kernel_version_build}/include/linux/timed_output.h10:22
sledgeSimrepeat 9 times (one for each file)10:22
sledgeSimin the >> install post section10:22
Superpelicanit said the last time10:23
Superpelicanthat there was a threshold of 1000 points10:23
SuperpelicanI had 1850 points10:23
Superpelicanand I've already fixed lots of them10:24
Superpelicannow the whole threshold warning is gone10:24
sledgeSimyes, i speak of errors10:25
sledgeSimnot warnings10:25
SuperpelicansledgeSim:If I do chmod -x path/to/*10:32
Superpelicanwill the directories in path/to also lose their x perm?10:32
Superpelicanwhich is necessary to open them?10:33
Superpelicanor does that only apply to files?10:33
sledgeSimto everything what your shell expands the *10:34
SuperpelicansledgeSim:If I put it in the .spec ?10:34
sledgeSimso most cases, directories will suffer too10:34
Superpelicanthen I'll need to do it manually for all the files10:34
sledgeSimI's just 9 lines, c'mon ;)10:34
sledgeSimyou just got rid of 850 warning points ;)10:35
SuperpelicansledgeSim:But I lost those 850 warning points with the * wild card10:36
Superpelicanthat was a dir with only files in it10:36
sledgeSimyup, then I think you should abandon the project altogether :)10:36
sledgeSimyou can go extra hacky: find -type f -exec chmod -x {} \;10:37
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SuperpelicansledgeSim:And putting those "chmod -x"s in %prep would be ok?10:41
SuperpelicanI put them there10:42
Superpelicanbecause I saw there was already a chmod -x there10:42
Superpelicanso I thought it'd be ok10:42
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sledgeSimsage's pandaboard chmod -x hack is in %install # >> install post10:43
sledgeSimi'll show you the proper template10:43
sledgeSimalso look at all other kernel adaptations out there10:43
sledgeSimthis is part of learning process10:43
SuperpelicansledgeSim:my .spec is based on vgrade's10:44
Superpelicanfrom his kernel-adaptation-sunxi project10:44
Superpelicanand he had already added a chmod -x in %prep10:44
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sledgeSimas long as it will do the job and your maintainer will "ok" it, go with it10:45
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SuperpelicansledgeSim:Should I worry about the non-executable script warnings?10:46
Superpelicanshould I chmod +x them10:46
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sledgeSimit's up to you, how scrupulous you are. my advice: as long as it works, don't touch it10:48
SuperpelicansledgeSim:But what if I suddenly get weird untrackable behaviour during runtime10:48
Superpelicanbecause the kernel can't execute the scripts?10:49
sledgeSimthen you start fixing them10:49
sledgeSimonce I fixed all possible warnings and glitches, optimised and so on, and introduced a bug which was impossible to find for a long time10:49
SuperpelicansledgeSim:Are the scripts in scripts/ only compile/link/package time scripts?10:50
sledgeSimno idea10:50
sledgeSimstep at a time10:50
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SuperpelicansledgeSim:Build finally succeeded! :D11:01
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jmlichHi guys, is there some porting guide for migration from qt4 to qt5 ?14:55
jmlichThe looks quite good so far.14:56
jmlichHowever, I was wondering if there is something better14:56
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shmerlHi. Is Nemo port to Nexus 7 in the working state at present? Notes on Mer wiki are somewhat vague and there aren't installation instructions there.17:02
shmerlPlasma Active there is too buggy, so I wanted to test Nemo on it.17:04
sledgeSimkulve and rcg were working on n717:04
sledgeSimshmerl, nemo is far from daily use as well17:05
shmerlRight, on hw adaptation. That's what's used in PA image.17:05
shmerlI see. PA is just a pain to use atm.17:05
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shmerlNetwork configuration is broken, and the last workaround with an applet isn't there anymore.17:06
kulvenemo is missing quite a lot as well. Apps etc.17:06
shmerlPlus it doesn't support external keyboard.17:06
sledgeSimah ok, network config is pretty sad even for development17:06
shmerl(some Xorg configuration is missing may be)17:06
kulveshmerl: there's about 3 persons interested in the n7 so it hasn't made much progress17:06
shmerlThe only way I managed to connect it was using USB ethernet card17:06
shmerlkulve: I see.17:07
kulveand I felt that the HA is working quite well, but the UI is lacking17:07
shmerlkulve: If you need some help with testing Nemo on N7 - let me know.17:07
sledgeSimhow will it be with wayland on n7 ?17:08
shmerlOr bug fixing for it.17:08
kulveit's not about testing, it's about implementing17:08
sledgeSimwhen we transition to nemo glacier UI17:08
shmerlTegra hw adaptation has libEGL, right?17:08
shmerlShould it be enough for Wayland?17:08
Stskeepswayland on n7 with libhybris works at least; though the x11 adaptation is also really good17:08
shmerlOr it needs something more?17:08
shmerlStskeeps: Doesn't Nvidia release glibc EGL for it?17:09
kulveshmerl: it does17:09
Stskeepssure, but libEGL is usually tied to a certain windowing system17:09
kulvebut it seems that nemo want to use android17:09
Stskeeps(well, the irony is that it abstracts..)17:09
shmerlAh, so this one is X11 only?17:09
shmerlSounds weird, right.17:09
shmerlI thought EGL is rather generic17:10
kulven7 ships with android, so those binaries are also available17:10
shmerlI mean Linux4Tegra releases.17:10
Stskeepsit is, but you still have to pass a window somewhere and no standard way to say "EGL_PLATFORM" = x11,fbdev,etc17:10
shmerlSo if you want to use Wayland you need specially tailored EGL release?17:11
Stskeepspretty much17:11
shmerlThat sucks17:11
Stskeepslibhybris gets around that by practically being a wrapper around android libEGL17:11
shmerlThere was some movement to enable Tegra 3 support in Linux upstream. Shouldn't that enable Wayland EGL without libhybris?17:12
Stskeepsyou still need a egl driver :)17:12
shmerlI thought they wanted to open source the whole thing.17:13
shmerlSince Nvidia doesn't prioritize Tegra anymore.17:13
Stskeeps(they don't?)17:13
shmerlThey move to new technology matching their desktop chips17:13
kulvethat's still tegra17:13
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shmerlKind of still "tegra" but different chips.17:14
shmerlMuch closer to their desktop ones.17:14
shmerlSo older drivers will be useless for them as far as I understood17:14
kulveevery tegraX needs their own drivers anyway17:15
Stskeepsthat said, it should be possible to get an awesome ui on n7 with x1117:15
shmerlThat's why the became so "kind" as to open stuff17:15
shmerlStskeeps: Possible yes, but there was hope X11 related bugs won't be in the Wayland versions, but there would be new bugs, hehe.17:16
Stskeepsprobably yes17:16
kulvenemo ks files include support for n7 and it's relatively easy to build the rootfs from there. I just did it during the weekend. Didn't test much but at least it booted to nemo UI17:16
shmerlkulve: Does it support rotation there? PA doesn't support it by design yet.17:17
shmerlWhich is very annoying for e-readers/17:17
shmerlThat's basically what I wanted to use it for mostly.17:17
kulvenot properly at least. There's some sort of half-made driver for that17:17
shmerlPlus e-reader in PA is crashing on zoom all the time.17:18
shmerlI only managed to use Nemo's fbreader in PA>17:18
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shmerlAh, that's interesting.17:19
kulvethere are lot of good in n7+nemo but it's just not for end users. Maybe that changes when sailfish hits the shops and some of its apps could be used in nemo as well17:22
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shmerlkulve: Well, if it works better than PA, it might be an improvement for some practical purposes :)17:23
kulvesome things works better, some don't :)17:23
shmerlThe installation should be similar to PA I guess, except that you need to prepare Nemo image first, right?17:24
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shmerlDid you publish prebuilt images anywhere? I'll make one if they aren't available.17:26
kulveI didn't, too big for me to share17:26
kulveI can give you the .ks though, if you have the sdk17:26
shmerlAh, OK. Thanks, I have.17:26
kulvebuilding it from nemo's yamls sucks a bit as the sdk seems to still have too old mer-kickstarter17:26
shmerlYou can link that on the installation Wiki somewhere if you want17:26
kulvesudo mic create fs nemo-armv7hl-nexus7-rnd-20130805.ks -o . --tokenmap=MER_RELEASE:latest,NEMO_RELEASE:latest,FLAVOUR:devel --arch armv7hl --pkgmgr=zypp17:28
shmerlThat's within the base Mer SDK, right?17:29
kulveif you get it booted up, I'll probably need to repatch the qt-mobility again..17:31
shmerlOK, I'll give it a try somewhat later.17:31
shmerlIf that works we can add that to the wiki as an installation step :)17:32
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shmerlStskeeps: About Nvidia plans for new mobile GPU:
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SaziusHello! - I was thinking of doing something useful with my N950, and wondering what is the status of GPS support on Nemo?17:53
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SaziusThe status page talks about some driver already being present, or am I misunderstanding?
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Sazius... or is this wrong channel to ask?18:19
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sledgeSimhi Sazius, welcome18:38
sledgeSimthe status page says there are still quite a bit of unknowns down the gps stack that need to be reverse engineered18:39
SaziussledgeSim: thanks!18:39
SaziussledgeSim: ah, sadly GPS in one of the few features that I'd really want to have... and I don't have the skills to help with such low-level stuff :/18:40
sledgeSimim helping elsewhere i have skills, while waiting for jolla phone with gps :)18:42
Saziusheh :)18:42
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SaziusI just have an N950 lying around and want to use it for something :)18:43
SaziusGPS/openstreetmap device was one idea... I guess I have to rethink that :)18:44
sledgeSimyou can code on harmattan18:45
* sledgeSim *cough*cough*18:45
* sledgeSim hides18:45
shmerlI wish I had an extra n950 lying around :) So far I'm using that for everyday purposes and stuck with Harmattan. I'll put Nemo on it after getting Jolla's device.18:45
Saziuswell, actually my real phone right now is an old android I got second hand :-)18:47
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Saziusbut Nemo on N950 is otherwise more or less usable? e.g. web browsing over Wifi?18:56
SaziusI don't have an extra SIM so GSM/SMS isn't very crucial for me :-)18:56
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gryfrom persoonal experience, a zilion times yes (just wish urls were easier to open from fingerterm)18:58
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shmerlgry: I saw it got some e-mail icon. Is there a working e-mail client already?19:01
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Saziusgry: ah, thanks! I guess I should just try it out and see myself :-)19:04
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