Sunday, 2013-08-04

Artoxhave a good night people00:00
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faenilmorning o/08:58
faenillocusf, hey how you doing :)09:00
locusfand you?09:01
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faenillocusf, good ;)09:06
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faenildoes anyone happen to know the current status of ngfd?10:21
faenilit doesn't seem to be running correctly on Nemo Wayland10:21
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faenilw00t, debugging a problem I found out we're missing qt5 ffmemless plugin in Nemo (it's in Jolla repos in the emulator), can you create the package on OBS so that I can make the webhook?10:53
w00tfaenil: wrong way around: you create the webhook and trigger it, and it creates the package on OBS10:59
w00tno manual intervention required10:59
faenilw00t, oh :) I thought empty package creation on OBS was needed10:59
faenilgreat then, I'll just create the webhook11:00
faenilw00t, does it take the .spec file with the same name as the package name?11:00
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faenilw00t, what about :testing repo? do I have to care about it?11:06
Hurrianjuiceme: how's your sabretsq kernel? I tried building 3.5.3 from the latest git source, and it doesn't boot under Ubiboot.11:08
w00tfaenil: just work on devel, from time to time, things are synced up to testing to provide some level of stability11:12
faenilnothing, qt5 ffmemless wasn't the issue it seems...11:12
faenilw00t, alright11:12
faenilcan't get nfgd service to work...thought "ERROR: can't find ffmemless plugin file" was the issue, but there is the same error on sailfish emul11:13
faenilyet ngfd service starts successfully there11:13
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w00trun with ngfd -v -v -v -v11:15
faenilw00t, oh so this is what the level variable was for in the code :D11:15
faenilw00t, it seems like ffmemless is option in Sailfish emul, and mandatory on nemo wayland11:19
faenilon sailfish emul last errors are11:19
faenil[0.088] ERROR: core: unable to load plugin 'ffmemless'11:19
faenil[0.089] INFO: core: optional plugin ffmemless not loaded.11:19
faenilwhile on Nemo, [1.4294966457] ERROR: core: unable to load plugin 'ffmemless'11:20
faenilis the last one11:20
faenilotoh, on sailfish it ends with [0.108] ERROR: core: input 'dbus' failed to initialize11:22
w00tdid you remember to stop the existing instance first? :)11:24
faenilw00t, no I didn't :) now the difference is more visible, on Sailfish it doesn't crash :D on Nemo it ends with the same error11:26
faenilit really seems Jolla is using modified sourcecode in which ffmemless has been set as optional plugin11:26
w00tplugins are configured (so to be clearer: no, there is no difference in source code, only different configuration)11:28
faenilw00t, yeah the .ini file I guess11:29
faenilwhich specifies plugins11:29
* faenil is giving a look at ngfd's sourcecode11:31
faenilright...g_key_file_get_string_list (keyfile, "general", "plugins-optional"11:32
faenilit looks for plugins-optional in the .ini11:32
faenilw00t, why hasn't that been applied to the official repo?11:32
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w00troot cause: simply because we don't use that configuration11:35
faenilw00t, so we need a separate package for VM?11:35
w00tno, just patch it11:35
faenilw00t, oh you meant because you don't use that repo11:36
w00twe don't use the configuration files in that repository11:36
w00tif you'd do a diff between the sailfish ngf configuration and the ones in that repository, you'd notice they are different11:36
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faenilw00t, actually it's exactly the same apart from that ffmemless optional stuff11:37
w00tthere are more differences that have not been released yet11:37
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w00t(pulley menus play through it now)11:38
Hurrianby the way, anyone had their N9/50's rtc reset after a kernel panic?11:38
faeniland I guess they include 3rd party or proprietary stuff which can't be backported11:38
w00tit just hasn't gone through QA/release cycle yet11:38
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w00tit will most likely be in the next SDK release11:38
w00tbut it's nothing of interest to you anyway11:38
faenilw00t, you're misunderstanding11:39
faenilmy question is, why is jolla using different configs, instead of staying as close as possible to Nemo (which would avoid such situations :P)11:40
w00tbecause the configurations are (increasingly) UI-specific11:40
faenilyeah, that's what I meant with "proprietary stuff"11:40
w00twe have custom effects that apply to our UI (pulley menus, which nemo does not have), we may want our own haptic effects11:40
faenilok it's clear now thanks11:40
faenilyes, clear thanks11:41
w00tit's not that they are proprietary, it's that they don't or shouldn't apply to nemo11:41
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faenilw00t, why wasn't the "optional" suffix required so far?11:46
w00tbecause there wasn't a VM before :)11:46
faenilnfgd wasn't used in Nemo VMs? :)11:46
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faenilw00t, any ETA for the theme fix sledgeSim also asked about?13:02
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faenilbecause, well, we're missing's difficult to port apps with missing components :/13:15
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faenilw00t, special
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faenilw00t, special: another one
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faenildid anyone ever try using LocalStorage.openDatabaseSync in a .js file?16:27
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Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: worth asking on #qt ?17:03
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, fixed already, there was a package missing in Nemo, but js wouldn't say anything about it :P17:04
faenilno warning, no error17:04
Sfiet_Konstantinyes, debugging in js is painfully painful17:04
Sfiet_Konstantinthere are sometimes just silent drops17:04
Sfiet_Konstantin(it depends on where you are using the js function, but on some bindings, it is silent)17:05
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piggz_faenil: i tried using localstorage once, then quicky wrapped QSettings and used that instead ;)17:48
faenilpiggz_, I'm porting nemo apps :) don't want to rewrite it ;)17:49
faenilanyway, it's not for settings, it really needs a db ;)17:49
piggz_faenil: shouldnt you be working on making lipstick work? :D17:52
faenilpiggz_, like what?17:53
faenilanyway, we need to port apps to Qt517:53
faenilnow, if only I'd understand why it works ok without the booster, but doesn't work properlty when started with qtcomponents-qt5 booster...17:56
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Morpogfaenil, have you seen this?
piggz_faenil: what app is it?17:59
faenilevery time I spend few minutes porting to Qt5, and hours debugging weird problems like this18:01
faeniland with all the theme issues we have it's difficult to understand where the problem is18:03
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Jonni faenil: how does your invoker commandline look like?19:34
faenilinvoker --single-instance --type=qtcomponents-qt5 /usr/bin/blabla19:34
faenilI think it's a problem with the database it creates19:35
faenilbecause using booster, the app gets a new folder inside /home/nemo/.local/ all the times it's run19:35
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Jonni --type=silica-qt519:35
Jonnimaybe that will work better :)19:36
faenilJonni, we're on nemo here :D19:36
Jonniah, sorry, my crosseyes :)19:36
specialwhat exactly isn't working?19:37
specialah.. hm, is it not setting QApplication:: applicationName or one of those, and choosing a different location because of the booster process name?19:38
faenilspecial, yeah it's using booster process to name a new folder every time19:39
faenildo I need applicationName?19:39
faenilok, let's see, thank you19:40
specialthat problem should be revisited with Qt5 to see if there's any better solution now..19:40
specialharmattan used a really nasty Qt patch19:40
specialbut it's only the default applicationName/etc, if you set one manually it should be fine.19:41
faenilspecial, set appname, but it's still using custom folder19:43
specialthen look into how it picks the name of that folder and override it19:43
specialcould be organization name too, or something like that.19:44
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faenildoesn't really seem to be choosing it :D
speciallook into how the db code is picking its path and change that19:57
specialit's probably using something like organizationName + applicationName19:57
specialor something else you can trivially override in your code19:57
faenilok ;)19:59
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faenilyet, it's avoiding my organization and application name, so I have to check if Mer has some special patch for that20:13
specialit doesn't20:14
specialall you need to do is QCoreApplication::setApplicationName and setOrganizationName and it should be fine20:14
specialdo that early, before initializing the QML engine20:14
special..which could, I suppose, be a problem if the pre-created QQuickView initializes that engine. hmm.20:14
faenilwell, I'm setting that between qApplication and qQuickView20:15
faenillet's ee20:15
specialit won't help, this one is a more serious bug20:16
specialthe engine is created before the booster ever calls into your code, and it's evaluating the paths only then20:17
specialworkaround is to use the qtquick2 booster instead of qtcomponents-qt520:17
specialthat one shouldn't initialize the engine before you get a chance to set the names20:18
faenilI'm so lucky with bugs :D20:18
specialQQmlEngine::setOfflineStoragePath might be another workaroun20:20
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faenilI'm setting appname and orgname right after qApp, and it doesn't help with qtquick2 booster either20:21
faenilspecial, QQmlEngine did it (as expected)...but qtquick2 booster didn't help20:24
faenilthis needs a fix though, or a big warning20:34
faenilmost likely applies to silica booster as well20:34
specialit needs to be fixed, yes20:34
faenilspecial, also, sometimes I swipe to send app to background, and it's closed20:35
faenilI don't understand when it happens, seems random20:36
specialwith colorful-home?20:36
specialif it supports swipe-down-to-close or something, a bug in that could be why20:36
specialor they could just be crashing.20:36
faenilthis is what happens20:37
faenilfile:///usr/lib/qt5/qml/com/nokia/meego/ScrollDecorator.qml:173:9: QML Image: Failed to get image from provider: image://theme/meegotouch-positionindicator-background20:37
faenilDetectable autorepeat not supported.20:37
faenilinvoker: error: Can't send signal 11 to application [1653]: No such process20:37
faenilSegmentation fault20:37
specialso, crashing.20:37
faenilwhen sent to background20:38
faenildamn, now it's always crashing, can't reproduce normal behaviour, lol20:39
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faenilspecial, got it, here's the other case20:40
faenilDetectable autorepeat not supported.20:40
faenilThe wayland connection broke (error 11). Did the wayland compositor die?20:40
faenilQSocketNotifier: Invalid socket 6 and type 'Read', disabling...20:40
faenilThe wayland connection broke (error 32). Did the wayland compositor die?20:40
faenilprobably a bug in the QML compositor, on in lipstick lib itself20:41
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faenilspecial, any idea why after db.changeVersion21:16
faenilthe version is still the old one?21:16
faenilold qmlnotes db code isn't working anymore21:17
faenilas it seems the version changes in different times compared to Qt421:17
faeniland the db code that was there relies on this timing21:17
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