Saturday, 2013-08-03

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Hurrianany ex-Nokians here who can tell me what exactly the dfl61 sound SOC drivers in the Harmattan kernel are for?07:53
Hurrianit seems that they're largely a duplicate of TI's drivers, with bindings added for device tree to recognize the devices on the N9.07:54
Hurrian…which is what the sound SOC driver for the N900 (currently in Mainline) does, with less code07:55
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StskeepsHurrian: dfl sounds like device family08:27
Hurrianyep, device family 61 (N9/50?)08:28
Hurrianwondering if I can simply reuse TI's driver with the N9 device tree bindings instead of including the old driver code from 2.6.3208:29
AardHurrian: are you looking into the kernel porting?08:31
HurrianAard: yep.08:31
Aardnice. you have the links to the bugs in bugzilla?08:31
Hurriannope, haven't looked at Bugzilla yet.08:32
Aardok. did you find the 3.5 kernel tree we started?08:33
HurrianOn github? yeah, working upon that code.08:33
Aardthat's the todo-list we had when we stopped working on the 3.5 tree08:36
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HurrianAard: got it. I'll start poking around and see what's the easiest bug to fix, for now.08:38
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Hurrianalright, so, looks like volume buttons are hooked up to TWL4030. brb, going to poke around.08:40
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HurrianAard: oh, hey, found the volume up/down config buttons for N9.09:08
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Hurrianlooks like the problem's related to the missing board configs for rm680 and rm696 peripherals, camera, etc.09:08
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diorahmandoes nemo use webkit2?09:36
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niqtping faenil09:46
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faenilvgrade, did you get any information about that weird launcher behaviour by any chance?11:19
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vgradefaenil: not there as yet11:22
faenilvgrade, alright11:22
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faenildoes anyone have any idea why an app could start when using "invoker bla bla" from terminal, but not when tapping on the icon in the launcher?11:37
faenilthere isn't even anything logged to journalctl when you tap on the icon11:37
Aardstuff in desktop file wrong?11:38
faenilAard, like? if I take the same Exec string, and put it in terminal, the app starts11:38
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faenilI mean, it doesn't make any sense to me, I'm starting to think there's systemd involved in some way11:40
faenilthough in that case I should see something in journalctl11:40
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faenilAard, even if I replace the Exec string with another one from another working desktop file, nothing happens11:42
faenilso it has to be something from the outside preventing that .desktop file to be executed11:42
faenilor something like that11:42
vgradefaenil: nemo user11:43
faenilvgrade, ?11:44
vgradewho owns .desktop11:44
faenilMorpog_PC, yeah, that could be it, wonder how that can be screwed though11:44
faenillet's see11:44
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faenilvgrade, they're all owned by root11:45
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faeniland they all have -rw-r--r--11:48
vgrade do any of the .desktop files work11:48
faenilyep all of them11:49
vgradeexcept your new one11:49
Morpog_PCand your own one which doesn't work?11:49
faenilMorpog_PC, all same permissions and owner11:51
faenilvgrade, correct11:51
Morpog_PCso no permissions problem11:51
faenilvgrade, I hear the fan spinning, so something happens11:51
faenilbut I don't know what, because nothing is logged to journalctl11:51
Morpog_PCbut it doesn't make sense if you exhange the exec string from another working desktop file11:52
Morpog_PChow a bout copy a working desktop file and exchange there the exec string with your app11:52
Morpog_PCmaybe some text editor problem?11:53
Morpog_PCtext encoding/codepage?11:54
Morpog_PCjust guessing into the blue here :)11:55
faenilMorpog_PC, ?11:58
faenilcopy a working desktop file and rename?11:59
Morpog_PCrename while copy would be better ;)11:59
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faenilit's a problem with X-Maemo-Method12:21
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faenilhow to debug dbus without x11?12:33
faenildbus-monitor seems to require x1112:33
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LjLmight there be some obvious reason why, after dd'ing the latest N900 "release" image to a microSD card, U-Boot tries to start it when i do "run sdboot", but after a short while (the Nemo logo screen comes up), there's some kernel panic?13:10
LjLat least i think it's a kernel panic13:10
teveLjL: is the back cover closed?13:11
LjLteve: yes13:12
LjLit's possible it's a problem with the SD card itself, since it was a card that failed to work with flashing another device (a Nook Color)13:12
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LjLit booted now O.o no idea what changed. probably the SD card being random.13:59
LjLis it typically *very* slow on the N900?13:59
LjLwell, it booted (not even too slowly), but now it's being slow to respond to my touches. also, i don't understand how to exit apps without hitting the Power button :P14:03
dm8tbrI'd leave it to settle for a while14:06
dm8tbrand then reboot it still one or two more times14:06
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faenilany way to debug dbus?14:52
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rcgfaenil, dbus-monitor?15:01
rcgat least i think it was -monitor :)15:02
faenilrcg, yeah fixed, DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=unix:path=/run/user/%I/dbus/user_bus_socket is needed now to run it (on Wayland)15:06
rcgaye, great :)15:07
faenilwriting here so that next one will not waste time on it :)15:08
rcghehe, nice :)15:08
faenilrcg, do you know how X-Maemo-service and -method stuff works for libcontentaction?15:09
faenilor I'll go study on the web :D15:09
rcgfaenil, nope, sorry15:09
faenilok np ;)15:09
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faenilspecial, ping19:01
ajalkaneI have trouble using a daemon in nemo using systemd. I've tried to use contactsd as an example. If I try to install (I'm ssh'd into the machine) as root I get errors such as "Failed to get D-Bus connection: Unable to autolaunch a dbus-daemon without a $DISPLAY for X11" and my daemon is not started. Here's the full output from zypper in:19:06
ajalkaneAs a test I tried also to run (ssh'd in) as nemo user the binary directory, errors ensue:19:07
ajalkaneIf I run the binary from the device (N950 in FingerTerm) it starts19:07
ajalkaneAnyone can help me here?19:07
faenil DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=unix:path=/run/user/100000/dbus/user_bus_socket19:07
faeniladd that when running from ssh19:08
ajalkaneDisclaimer: My installed Nemo image is nemo-armv7hl-n950-0.20130411.1.NEMO.2013-04-26.1.tar.bz219:08
ajalkanefaenil: Did I understand earlier discussion correctly that this is Wayland related? My Nemo version is still X based I think19:08
ajalkaneAnd indeed same problems if I try ssh'd in device to run "[nemo@n950 ~]$ DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=unix:path=/run/user/100000/dbus/user_bus_socket /opt/profilematic/bin/profilematicd"19:11
faenilajalkane, oh alright sorry then19:12
faenildon't know then19:12
ajalkaneok thanks anyway. If anyone has any idea about this problem or can help me, ping me when I'm around or throw e-mail towards me. I'm giving up on it for now.19:14
faenilajalkane, np19:18
faenil\o/ voicecall-ui ported to QQ219:18
faenilnow leaving, cya people! :)19:18
sledgeSimawesum faenil19:23
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LjL-Alpswow, must say Nemo feels quite different from Maemo, for being genetically related to it22:49
wmaroneit's indirectly related, at best22:50
LjL-Alpsit's very slow here on my N900. i wonder if it's the SD card's fault22:52
wmaronenemo is a little heavy for the N900's 256MB of RAM22:53
LjL-Alpshmm, i see22:53
* LjL-Alps goes to check "free"22:54
LjL-Alpsby the way, is there anywhere i can read about the interface and environment basics? it took me a while just to find out how to leave an app (and even then, i don't know whether it gets closed :P)22:54
wmaronedunno, Nemo is mostly the middleware and less the UI that you see22:55
LjL-Alpswmarone: ah i'm sure your diagnosis was accurate, i've got a ridiculously small amount of memory free, or even cached22:55
LjL-Alpswmarone: oh? then i have it all wrong i guess. i thought Mer was the middleware, and Nemo Mobile the interface, roughly speaking22:55
wmaroneMer is the platform that provides everything above the kernel up to Xorg (or soon, Wayland)22:56
wmaronelibraries, toolkits, etc.22:56
wmaroneNemo goes on top of that, and then you have your UI and other features. what you see is one example, Sailfish is another22:56
wmaroneI can't get too specific, I'm a bit behind on the details as of late22:57
LjL-Alpsah... i thought Sailfish was running directly on Mer. what is the one i'm seeing called, then?22:57
wmaroneI'm not sure it really has a name22:57
wmaroneother than "nemomobile"22:58
LjL-Alpswait, do you mean "Nemo" is one thing and "Nemo Mobile" another?22:58
wmaronelike I said, I'm behind on the details22:58
wmaronebut Sailfish, for instance, replaces the UI you see entirely22:59
LjL-Alpsi think Sailfish can't be used on current phones though, is that right?22:59
wmaronemostly because there are no ARM builds yet, IIRC22:59
wmaroneand it is only available under a proprietary license at this time22:59
LjL-Alpsi thought everything under the Mer umbrella was very free23:00
wmaroneMer and Nemomobile could, however23:00
LjL-Alpsthis one for the N900 is completely free at least, i think23:00
wmaroneit is23:00
wmaroneit's been ported to many devices, usually a matter of adapting a kernel and configuring some details for the hardware23:01
LjL-Alpswell it looks promising. i'm not sure i *like* it, compared to Maemo, as from a first impression, Maemo feels more "linuxy"... but that, while a plus for me, is probably a minus in general :P23:01
LjL-Alpshm i thought it was only available for N900/N950/N9 though23:01
wmaronemy only experience with Maemo was maemo 523:01
wmaroneand while it was linuxy, there is always room for improvements in the UI you present23:02
LjL-Alpsyeah, that's the last Maemo (that i know of)23:02
wmaroneso long as the linuxy bits can be reached23:02
wmaronethe N9/N950 could be described as running Maemo 623:02
wmarone"official" builds of Nemomobile are available for the N900 and N950. there are unofficial ports to the N9, Nexus 7, and a few other devices23:03
LjL-Alpswmarone: well, the linuxy bits can be reached in Android too, but... i was talking more from a UI point of view, Android and Nemo Mobile feel modelled after an iPhone, while Maemo feels modelled after a mini version of a Debian desktop, or something like this23:03
wmaroneI worked on a Nook Color port some years ago, and the Acer W51023:03
LjL-Alpsnook color?23:03
LjL-Alpsi have a nook color!23:03
wmaroneI gave mine away a while back23:03
LjL-Alpswell, someone in my family does, anyway :P23:03
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wmaroneI got it pretty far, but found no one else who was willing to participate23:04
wmaroneLjL-Alps: I would say that maemo 5 had a geeky clunkiness to it23:04
wmaronenothing anyone who was interested in the platform would complain about23:05
wmaronebut unsuitable for anyone else23:05
LjL-Alpswmarone: i suppose i agree. i like it, but i'd have a hard time explainig how it works to others... still, i've only had it for a few days (bought a used N900 a few days ago), so i'm still forming an opinion on everything23:06
LjL-Alpsi previously have (and still have as my main phone) an Android phone23:06
wmaroneadmittedly I'm biased, I'm not much of an Android fan23:06
wmaroneeven though I owned a Nook Color (rooted, running CM7) and a Nexus 723:06
wmaronebut my phones went N900->N9 + Geeksphone Peak23:07
wmaroneand now I'm in on the Ubuntu Edge (not gonna happen) and waiting to order a Jolla handset23:07
wmaroneand hoping that it's possible for a keyboard "other half"23:08
LjL-Alpswmarone, i really really want a phone with a keyboard, since i hate using the virtual ones. and i'd really really like a 100% free device, which Android is unlikely to ever be (even though i don't mind Android itself, technically). so i bought an N900 just because i could...23:17
wmaronethough even the N900 is not 100% free23:17
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LjL-Alpsi shun the Ubuntu Edge on the other hand - i shun most things Ubuntu lately, even though i'm currently typing on Ubuntu, and have been an Ubuntu member for years23:18
LjL-Alpswmarone: the N900 is very nonfree with Maemo :( that's part of why Nemo got me excited23:18
wmaroneand even Nemo has to deal with binary GPU drivers, possibly others depending on hardware23:18
LjL-Alpsoh, i thought it managed to do without on the N90023:20
wmaroneno, the UI would be too slow23:20
LjL-Alpsstill, i see it has no camera support by default, nor can it tell me how much battery juice i have left23:20
LjL-Alpsso i guess a few binary drivers are missing23:20
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LjL-Alpsseriously though... why does everything seem to *absolutely need* 3D GPU's for displaying?23:21
LjL-Alpsi remember a time when GUIs rendered fine using very simple graphics cards ;(23:21
wmaronehardware acceleration23:22
wmaronerather than having slow, low power CPUs handle it23:22
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Artox<LjL-Alps> seriously though... why does everything seem to *absolutely need* 3D GPU's for displaying?23:32
ArtoxI only jsut noticed this conversation23:32
Artoxthe QT Phone UI by Trolltech did not need harware acceleration23:33
Artoxits fast enough without it23:33
Artoxjust bare framebuffer23:33
Artoxit was ccalled qtopia nad the only leftover I know is qtmoko23:33
HurrianArtox: ARM CPUs aren't particularly known for having cycles to spare23:34
Hurrianneeding/notneeding a GPU is all in the drawing API23:35
Artoxor in complexity of the UI?23:35
Hurrianiirc Qt can accomodate to either draw things on the GPU or rasterize them on CPU23:35
ArtoxI can only say that all teh animations it has (which seems to be just scrolling) is working pretty fine23:38
LjL-AlpsArtox: i've used Qtopia, with the Familiar distribution on an iPaq 3630, and then later with a Zaurus SL-C86023:39
LjL-Alpshmm, apparently my Android hotspot doesn't play nice with the N900's wifi under Nemo... connection keeps coming and going :\23:41
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