Monday, 2013-08-12

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iekkunemo bug triage07:00
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locusfhow can I add my ssh-keys to mer sdk?07:52
dm8tbrwasn't it so, that it pulls in your .ssh directory magically?07:56
locusfI don't know but it still asks for my passphrase even if I have entered it via ssh-add gui07:57
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sledgeSimlocusf, has been merged into
locusfsledgeSim: oh ok11:17
sledgeSimsafe to remove, just go like this:
locusfroger that11:18
sledgeSimwhat's the vector, Victor?11:18
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gryIs there a known way to stop time from reseting on each restart? And is there a known way to disable screen lock, i.e. the thing I need to drag off the screen before using anything (I'm fine with it being either black or useful)?11:28
sledgeSimgry, disable screen lock: `mcetool -Don`11:30
sledgeSim(Demo on)11:30
grythanks. does this persist after restart?11:30
sledgeSimno it doesn't11:30
sledgeSimmaybe playing around with hwclock could help you save time between reboots? i never tried that one though11:32
gryhm. did that, pressed the power button twice, screen lock is still there.11:32
sledgeSimdon't press the  buton :))11:32
sledgeSimi.e. it won't time out11:32
gryah. I thought of making screen black, putting thte phone into a pocket, and pressing that button again each time I need it again — so it re-opens in whatever state I left it.11:33
gry(if i leave a terminal open, it'd reopen on that, etc)11:33
sledgeSimgot you, then you need to hack lipstick-colorful-home :)11:33
sledgeSimand hope that it has been flagged, but I doubt it11:33
grythought that's a wayland thing that breaks everything else, or did I misunderstand11:34
sledgeSimare you using wayland image? 8)11:34
sledgeSimit's quite unusable atm11:34
gryI thought I saw it in packages and it depended on wayland, but I may be wrong, I'll check again11:35
sledgeSimyou are using it atm11:36
sledgeSimif you try to update rnd:devel flavour of nemo, you will unleash a can of worms11:36
sledgeSimbut if you are using testing repo, lipstick-colorful-home is fine in there11:36
sledgeSimyou can patch it for your own peace of mind11:37
sledgeSimto get rid of lockscreen11:37
grywhat change in appearance should lipstick-colorful-home make? I have it installed but I don't know what it does (and I checked, it doesn't depend on wayland, I remembered wrong)11:38
sledgeSimjust grep through QML files11:38
sledgeSimand look for lockscreen11:38
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gry <-- I don't know which of these is meant to be qml files for lipstick11:44
sledgeSimnot the lisptick11:44
sledgeSimnot the lipstick package11:44
sledgeSimthe lipstick-colorful-home package11:44
gryafter search for lipstick doesn't return anything else, I don't know where the package puts its files11:44
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sledgeSimyou can always see the package's files by looking into its RPM on OBS11:47
spiiroingry: you can make the powerkey skip the unlock screen, with something like # cat /etc/mce/90powerkeyhack.ini11:50
spiiroin(needs mce restart also)11:50
sledgeSimyay \o/ hacky11:51
spiiroinoverrides the defaults in mce.ini (that has brief explanations too)11:51
gryexcellent, that did it, I assume it's in /etc/mce/90powerkeyhack.ini instead of mce.ini to not be overriden by next update?11:56
spiiroingry: exactly11:56
spiirointhe files are processed in alnum order, and the later ones can override stuff in earlier files11:57
grypreviously I had to move the screen lock away, then switch to the open windows list, and select the window there - even if it was a phone call. but it brought itself on top when screen lock was off. I'll see how it works now, I think it should work better11:59
sledgeSimthat would be great if you could file an enhancement in nemo's bugzilla gry12:00
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faenilhello people o/12:38
sledgeSim\o yoohoo12:42
iekkuahoy faenil12:43
faeniliekku, hey ms :)12:44
faenilyep, sorry :)12:44
faenilma'am :P12:44
faeniliekku, how's your summer going?12:45
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sledgeSimw00t, please kick
w00twill take a look12:49
sledgeSimi think it causes blocked on my local
sledgeSimobs had outage ~half hour ago12:49
sledgeSimthose builds which started then, got stuck12:50
w00tah.. ehh..12:50
w00tthis almost looks like a new mer release12:50
sledgeSimah could well be12:51
w00tobs is quite busy (, so it'll take a while to unblock12:51
sledgeSimyowzer :D12:51
* sledgeSim goes back to work work :))12:51
* w00t wonders what the heck is up with armv7hl latest12:51
w00tlbt: ^ doesn't look normal right? (all armv7hl latest failed)12:52
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lbtw00t: we had an OOM in OBS12:52
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iekkufaenil, still waiting for the next one :P12:54
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faenilDidn't know about this evil bug...and it's been set as "Low" priority...-.- from ages...16:43
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locusffaenil: how do I terminate an app in the Wayland VM?17:07
sledgeSimkillall appname17:07
* sledgeSim #IamTheFirstOne :DD17:08
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locusfok so there is no civilized way like swiping out :p17:09
sledgeSimthere is :))17:09
sledgeSimCarsten managed to do it smoothly somehow:
sledgeSimon arm17:10
sledgeSimbut on vm input (edge swipes) is really flaky17:10
sledgeSimhopefully new qtwayland update from upstream will fix it17:10
Morpog_It's really a pain to see stskeeps pressing stuff like 100 times till it get recoginzed as touch :)17:12
sledgeSimMorpog_, only launcher screen has that problem17:12
sledgeSimwhen calc is up, it registers touches right away17:12
Morpog_that one touch fire would make a nice low cost sailfishos device :)17:12
Morpog_sledgeSim, so more a bug and not a fat finger problem ,)17:13
sledgeSimbit of both lol, but he is good at marketing :D17:14
faenillocusf, swipe out, and then click and hold17:16
faeniland "close all"17:16
sledgeSimfaenil, is exactly what is in that video17:16
faenilsledgeSim, actually swipe out works great here on VM17:16
sledgeSimthough got that to work on vm only once :}17:16
sledgeSimsame about unlocking and launching apps - the input seems to work only when i hecticly pressing all mouse buttons it has :D17:17
sledgeSimmaybe my vm problem? locusf ? ;)17:17
Morpog_why are't you porters using the new icons yet? :) would look great on videos17:17
faenilMorpog_, because I don't know how to use the new icons ;)17:18
faenilmaybe if someone would complete the Qt5 porting tutorial...17:18
Morpog_well, contact hurrian and qwazix17:18
* faenil pew-pews Morpog_ 17:18
Morpog_wtf, lol
faenilMorpog_, :D17:19
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Morpog_a lot of apps don't seem to have icons at all?17:20
locusfsledgeSim: prolly17:20
faenilguys, just start the gesture very close to the edge17:20
faeniland it works17:20
faenil100% :)17:20
Morpog_like in sailfish emulator17:21
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faenilMorpog_, yes I knew about the new icons17:28
Morpog_hmm, seems they need to get made doneby qwazix and put to download anywhere17:29
Morpog_or are we using the ones from hurrian in glacier UI seen?17:29
qwazixMorpog_, faenil, if you'd like to use the new icons I can provide sources17:29
faenilno problem for hurry we still have a lot to do17:30
Morpog_faenil, yeah, but why tiouch stuff 2 times, add new stuff when you are already porting and repacking17:30
faenilMorpog_, aren't those icons replacing the old ones? I don't think you have to modify the app to use the new icon, just replace old icon image17:31
Morpog_Also whats the size of icons? still 80x80 or like in sailfishos where they are 90x90 now?17:31
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faenilMorpog_, no idea, the homescreen work hasn't even been started yet17:32
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qwazixI remember that I have already published sources
qwazixs/I remember/I just remembered/17:36
Morpog_would be better to have them all separate with svg and png format17:37
sledgeSimqwazix, so we'll have two themes - breeze and glacier ?17:39
Morpog_thats what I also find irritating17:39
Morpog_what will be final UI, what will be final icons?17:39
locusfI'm porting qmlmusicplayer, why can't I register the models to the contextProperty in main.cpp but everything else works17:40
w00tlocusf: what happens when you try?17:40
locusfin qml: ReferenceError: info is not defined17:41
w00tare you setting the properties before setSource?17:41
locusf>ew->rootContext()->setContextProperty("context", &context); wi17:41
locusfhmm interesting linebreak17:42
w00tehh.. "context" and "info" aren't the same thing17:42
locusfwiew->rootContext()->setContextProperty("albumModel", context.contentProvider()->createModel());17:42
locusfits a delegate17:42
locusfwhich prints the error of not defined17:42
locusfwith tracksModel it should work17:44
w00tComponent.onCompleted: console.log(tracksModel)17:47
w00ti'd be willing to bet that it's a problem with the model, not a problem with the context property17:47
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locusfI get nothing as output17:52
faenilw00t, qmlmessages uses the same dbus method17:53
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faenilw00t, and, voicecall-ui-prestart starts at boot17:54
faenilare you sure that dbus service isn't enough to start the app at boot?17:55
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile17:55
w00tfaenil: messages is different, it can safely start on demand17:55
w00twhen you get a phonecall, you want to have the phone application already running and ready to display UI17:55
w00tstartup isn't instant, and every ms counts in the phone case because it requires instant feedback17:55
faenilw00t, but it starts...I mean, it's up at boot17:55
w00tyou're removing the service file that starts it up17:56
faenilyes but look at the dbus service17:56
faenilit's got the exec line needed for startup17:56
w00tthat does not start it up on startup17:56
w00tthat starts it up whenever something tries to access that dbus service17:56
qwazixsledgeSim, Morpog_, we'll have glacier UI. I would love if we could make it themeable enough to make Breeze as a theme later17:57
qwazixBut I think we should use the breeze icons for both themes.17:57
locusfhmm scratch that, it does print out the model id17:58
locusfso the object does exist17:58
w00tif you want to start on activation: you want a dbus activation service (which messages has), if you want to start on startup: you want a systemd service file (which phone had, and you removed)17:59
sledgeSimqwazix, could you explain?17:59
sledgeSimone set of icons is easier to maintain?17:59
w00tfaenil: make sense?18:00
faenilw00t, indeed, sorry I'm quite in a hurry :)18:02
faenilI thought I checked that already, and saw it running at boot18:02
qwazixsledgeSim, icons are tied with the apps, they provide a kind of identification18:03
faenilw00t, I'll fix that when I'm back, sorry and thanks ;)18:03
qwazixthey are also usually being used inside the apps, in about screens, on the app's website etc,18:04
ZogG_laptopfaenil: qwazix sup18:04
qwazixhaving multiple of them is not a sane marketing strategy IMO18:04
qwazixZogG_laptop, fine how about you?18:04
ZogG_laptopqwazix: not bad18:04
ZogG_laptopqwazix: i wonder about glacier UI, is you the right person to ask?18:05
ZogG_laptopor would it be Hurrian ?18:05
ZogG_laptopor both?18:05
qwazixhurrian made it, but we've discussed it extensively so go ahead and ask18:05
faenilZogG_laptop, hey, sorry I'm in a hurry, about to leave18:05
ZogG_laptopfaenil: good night for you then :)18:05
ZogG_laptopI wonder if Glacier would be phone only oriented?18:06
faenilZogG_laptop, thanks ;)18:06
ZogG_laptopor tablet version/support is planned18:06
faenilsee you people :)18:06
ZogG_laptopas well as why not work together (afaik there is something with lipstick or something like that)18:06
qwazixZogG_laptop, we haven't thought very much about tablet, but the homescreen works on tablet as well18:07
ZogG_laptopand as well how does it depends on nemo?18:07
*** Vlad_on_the_road has joined #nemomobile18:07
ZogG_laptopi just wonder if i take some system with wayland and qt5 and compile and build it there.18:07
qwazixMy idea is to create a "responsive" UI that scales up to about anything, but that isn't the easiest thing in the world18:08
ZogG_laptopqwazix: scales — not always the best UX18:08
qwazixZogG_laptop, for now there's nothing to compile yet, it's just a bunch of graphics, but technically it should be easy to port to any distro that ships with qt18:09
*** notmart_ has quit IRC18:09
qwazixThere will be some level of tie in with Mlite for notifications and such, but that can be stripped out18:10
*** Pat_o has quit IRC18:11
*** phdeswer_ has joined #nemomobile18:13
qwazixmlite is what's left of meegotouch18:13
ZogG_laptopqwazix: oh, have no idea18:13
ZogG_laptopbut sounds promising18:13
ZogG_laptopqwazix: is there any repo or way to tack the development?18:14
qwazixfor now there's my repo on github ( and hurrian's (don't remember exact link, but you can find his tweet announcing it)18:16
qwazixand also there's the qtquick2 ports of existing apps18:16
qwazix(with old UI for time being)18:16
*** jonwil has quit IRC18:17
ZogG_laptopwhat's Hurrian's nick on twiitter?18:22
ZogG_laptopor he doesn't have one?18:23
qwazix@imblying I think18:26
qwazixZogG_laptop, I'm going to watch a movie, cya later18:27
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sledgeSimthanks for answering that bit about icons qwazix20:44
w00tsledgeSim: you should be able to insert the icons into nemo-theme-default (and remove the darko equivilents) fairly easily right, now you understand themes? or do you need advice on that20:46
sledgeSimw00t, nope I got surprised that glacier UI's uniformity will be lessened by swapping out its icons for breeze icons20:54
sledgeSim*app icons20:54
sledgeSim18:57 < qwazix> But I think we should use the breeze icons for both themes.20:54
w00tso use n-t-d as the base theme20:56
*** Vlad_on_the_road has quit IRC21:00
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sledgeSimi like glacier icons the way they blend onto the blurred background picture -- they have embossed circle effect (look at twitter/fb icons) as if you could touch them (and you can lol)21:01
*** plfiorini has quit IRC21:02
sledgeSimprobably just need to wait till we have a playable prototype and see how looks these on top of glacier21:03
*** vishap has quit IRC21:04
*** sdjayna has quit IRC21:14
*** ajalkane has quit IRC21:15
sledgeSimy/n/maybe? :))21:17
*** sdjayna has joined #nemomobile21:18
w00tsledgeSim: first step is to just get the icons in at all I think :)21:19
qwazixsledgeSim, we can put the little shadow around the icons, no problem in that21:21
*** Khertan_n9 has quit IRC21:22
qwazixand we can sure mix and match, Hurrian's documents icon for example is better than mine21:22
sledgeSimi noticed Hurrian is using the same emboss (3d look'n'feel) for all icons' background21:23
sledgeSimi do like flat, but this is done not too much and not too less :)21:24
qwazixsledgeSim, that effect can be done while rendering the icons, it does not have to be baked in21:24
qwazixand it doesn't affect the recognizability of the icons at all21:25
w00tbaking it in, if at all better, is helpful21:25
w00tremember that the less work you do at render time, the better21:25
sledgeSimgeneratability? :)21:26
qwazixw00t, we can pre-render it21:27
sledgeSimyes qwazix, that's where i'm pondering. do glacier's icons looks better, or are they simply shaded to blend into the overall theme? then surely breeze icons will as well be 'shaded in' :)21:27
sledgeSima discussion like the clock icon21:27
sledgeSimactually represents (or will represent, according to what Hurrian last week) the app's clock appearance21:28
qwazixBoth iconsets use the same guidelines, we can decide per-app21:28
*** piggz has quit IRC21:28
sledgeSimok got you :)21:28
qwazixand the shadow/emboss is a non issue, we can have one set with and one without even21:29
qwazix(I just want to make sure that if we later make a light theme for lcd screens icons would still look good)21:29
qwazixDark themes like harmattan and glacier look very good on amoled screens, but on cheapish LCD's (not like the HTC one or L920) they don't look so good21:30
sledgeSimi see21:30
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC21:30
sledgeSimsame thing we talked about how dark/black the background should be21:32
qwazixafter a quick look I would take clock and documents from glacier and everything else from breeze21:33
qwazix(I also object to the slotmachine datepicker but that's another thing)21:37
sledgeSimso emboss background (for e.g. facebook app) would go on amoled screen21:38
sledgeSimand current breeze's background could fit the light theme flavour?21:38
sledgeSimgood stuff :)21:39
qwazixI have tested the breeze icons on dark background and they work ok21:39
* sledgeSim loving the breeze's packages app rope :D21:40
qwazix(except maybe the terminal that needs a light border)21:40
qwazixthanks, I like that icon too, but my favorite is irc21:40
sledgeSima light green border maybe? ;)21:40
qwazixyeah that could work21:41
sledgeSimmatricy looks ftw :)21:42
* sledgeSim off sleep, niters!21:42
sledgeSimwatch out for shooting stars and clear skies now ;)21:43
sledgeSimand hey, it -is- a cloudless sky in UK tonight, when you need it (never happened before ;))21:43
*** faenil has quit IRC21:44
Morpog_qwazix, maybe get it done together with hurrian and then produce a SVG per icon and put them in nemo repo. Blog post about it that every porter can use them already and voila.21:54
Morpog_maybe even export all PNG's already. I guess 80x80 is still valid atm.21:54
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