Tuesday, 2013-08-13

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lbt_looks like that problem in nemo:devel:mw is still there08:33
lbt_any other build-fail issues08:34
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Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#397 waiting for review at https://build.merproject.org//request/show/39711:09
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locusfphew, this is gonna take a while to port, heliumreborn15:17
sledgeSim:D too true15:18
veskuhlocusf, you might just want package Snowshoe15:22
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SuperpelicanI'm on here anyway15:36
sledgeSimveskuh, locusf I saw some movement on mozembed (cutefox) as well ; i'd go for a working qt5 browser whichever gets there first :)15:37
sledgeSimgry, any comments ^ ? :)15:37
SuperpelicansledgeSim:But continuing on "why not use Silica?"15:38
SuperpelicansledgeSim:I noticed while reading the comments on http://play.qwazix.com/grog/?p=34415:38
SuperpelicansledgeSim:people seem to be scared of using Silica components15:38
Superpelicanbecause of the UI being closed15:38
sledgeSimabsolutely fair point15:39
SuperpelicansledgeSim:especially hurrian's comment "But assuming that Jolla’s Sailfish UI isn’t opened/core parts are closed/we have a repeat of Maemo, it’d be nice to have an in-house UI free from restrictions."15:39
Superpelicansounds a bit worried15:39
veskuhsledgeSim, yeah, mozembed should work nicely. It would probably use too much memory for N900 but if N9 is minimum nowadays then that fine.15:39
Superpelicanabout Silica components15:39
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sledgeSimSuperpelican, correct15:40
Superpelicanthe Silica components are already open source15:40
SuperpelicanIIRC BSD licensed15:40
SuperpelicansledgeSim:And even if Jolla would make them closed source in the future15:41
Superpelican(which is highly unlikely)15:41
SuperpelicansledgeSim:Nemo could always fork them then15:41
Superpelicanthen Nemo/Sailfish would be fragmented after all15:41
Superpelicannot if the Silica components remain open15:41
Superpelicansounds like a nice deal to me15:42
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sledgeSimveskuh, im more worried about wayland on n900 than other considerations15:42
faenilholy crap, 9h of travelling15:43
sledgeSimfaenil, wru? :)15:43
faenilsledgeSim, north Italy15:43
sledgeSim\o/ i studied there 4 years :D15:43
sledgeSimgoood place :)15:43
faenil3h real travelling, 9h waiting for trains and buses xD15:43
faeniloh cool :)15:43
sledgeSim:D yesss15:43
sledgeSimtrenitalia :D15:43
faenilnah this time it wasn't their fault15:43
sledgeSimcome no? :))15:44
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sledgeSimSuperpelican, silica components is open, sailfish ui is not, i don't know to what extent the former is open, and all this uncertainy makes us feel going ahead with glacier components15:44
faenilI just had to take 8 means of transport (5 buses, 2 trains, plane)15:44
faenilso, well, there was some overhead :D15:45
sledgeSimbut discussing+considering sailfish-nemo/glacier portability is still a priority15:45
sledgeSimit has not been discussed, so feel free to write on ml, Superpelican15:45
SuperpelicansledgeSim:Which ML15:45
sledgeSimmer-general [Nemo]15:45
SuperpelicanI'm currently only on SailfishDevel15:45
SuperpelicansledgeSim:So there's no seperate Nemo ML?15:46
sledgeSimno need15:46
sledgeSimprefix subject with [Nemo]15:46
sledgeSimeveryone's happy15:46
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SuperpelicansledgeSim:So I should send an empty email to "mer-general+subscribe@lists.merproject.org"?15:47
Superpelicanor subscribe@lists.merproject.org?15:47
faenillocusf, see https://twitter.com/ZetaSagittarii/status/36689598794552115215:47
SuperpelicansledgeSim:the "mer-general+" looks a bit weird to me15:48
Superpelicanisn't that an error?15:48
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sledgeSimSuperpelican, I'd write them about portability sailfish->glacier15:50
sledgeSimas I doubt we'll solely use silica-components15:50
sledgeSimmaybe some hierrarchical inheritance is possible though?15:51
sledgeSimi remember Venemo telling me that such porting will be very easy15:51
alteregoHas anyone started developing the UI?15:51
sledgeSimlet's see what ml answers15:51
sledgeSimalterego, no15:51
sledgeSimwaiting for apps port phase to end-ish15:51
sledgeSimand my PRs for qt-components theming bug15:51
SuperpelicansledgeSim:Ok, then I'll just port my app to QtQuick controls15:52
sledgeSimSuperpelican, sounds like a plan too15:52
SuperpelicansledgeSim:My app only uses basic controls15:52
SuperpelicansledgeSim:And I need to port to QtQuick2 Controls anyway15:52
sledgeSimbut what happens if someone writes an app with pulley menu15:52
SuperpelicansledgeSim:for desktop15:52
sledgeSimwhat will glacier do15:52
sledgeSimand such stuff15:52
sledgeSimi think it's important, merging two ecosystems ;)15:52
ArcherN9Trying to understand what the discussion is about .... new here.15:53
SuperpelicanI tink Nemo won't grow without15:53
Superpelicanwe need to collaborate as much as possible IMO15:54
Superpelicanand keep in mind15:54
Superpelicanthat much people don't have a huge amount of time15:54
Superpelicanso if porting an app from Sailfish -> Nemo15:54
Superpelicanis too much work15:55
Superpelicanthey simply won't do it15:55
ArcherN9Why would we port a sailfish app to nemo?15:55
SuperpelicanArcherN9:I'm talking about third party apps15:55
SuperpelicanArcherN9:not Jolla core apps15:55
SuperpelicanArcherN9:For example I've written an app for Sailfish15:55
SuperpelicanArcherN9:But Nemo15:55
Superpelicancould use it just as well15:55
ArcherN9ohkay... hmmm15:56
SuperpelicanI mean15:56
SuperpelicanNemo is pretty useless15:56
Superpelicanwithout additional apps15:56
ArcherN9Porting to nemo from sailfish would be in the event when a lotta devs really start developing for sailfish.15:57
sledgeSimand make it so easy, that a sailfish app can be ported to nemo even by a non-author of that app15:57
ArcherN9thats true for any platform.15:57
sledgeSimArcherN9, what I said enables porting any existing app easier by anyone else (a nemo fan base, which is smaller than that of sailfish)15:57
sledgeSimif porting is designed+done right15:58
Superpelicanwhat I'm trying to say15:58
SuperpelicanNemo will need to make it as attractive as possible15:58
sledgeSimthat's why i ask Superpelican to write to ml15:58
Superpelicanto port a Sailfish app to Nemo15:58
sledgeSimbecause Venemo is not here atm15:58
sledgeSimand he knows very well about porting across components sets15:58
sledgeSim(Timur Kristóf)15:59
ArcherN9"write to ml" ---?15:59
sledgeSimmailing list15:59
SuperpelicanMer General15:59
sledgeSimwith [Nemo] prefixed subject ;)15:59
ArcherN9okay :P16:00
sledgeSimArcherN9, are you aware of the current Nemo's roadmap16:01
sledgeSim^ also why at this stage we can start planning such aspects as porting16:01
ArcherN9Slightly. I've been reading the docs on wiki and what not.16:01
ArcherN9New to coding on Qt.16:01
sledgeSimhumm, here's a read of what's actually happening:16:01
ArcherN9That is gonna take a while to read. :)16:02
sledgeSimi was about to suggest to read parent-posts too :D16:02
sledgeSimgrab a cuppa and a cake :D16:02
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ArcherN9So the email states that only a couple of apps have been ported..16:07
ArcherN9the wiki states otherwise.16:07
ArcherN9I'd take wiki's word, as that seems more updated.16:07
ArcherN9we're still on phase 2 eh :D16:07
ArcherN9I surely want to help.. but, I've completely new to QML. Haven't even seen a single line of code -_-'16:07
SuperpelicanArcherN9:It's not that hard16:08
ArcherN9I hope so, being a geeky dev would be a waste then :P16:09
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SuperpelicanArcherN9:But if I can give you one tip16:09
SuperpelicanArcherN9:(I'm a beginner too)16:09
sledgeSimArcherN9, email's 2 weeks old, wiki is 2 hours old :)16:09
ArcherN9heh .. thought so :)16:09
Superpelican(I learned a bit of Python, was introduced to OOP with Python, moved onto C++ and then wanted to do something more interesting)16:09
sledgeSimbut you get the roadmap now16:09
Superpelican(and therefore started writing a Sailfish app)16:10
sledgeSimwe're ending phase 116:10
SuperpelicanArcherN9:Don't go look at code *before* you've followed a good tutorial16:10
SuperpelicanArcherN9:It'll only make you confused16:10
Superpelicanand scare you16:10
Superpelicanat first16:10
Superpelicanit looks very cryptic16:10
Superpelicanbut as you start to learn the basics16:11
Superpelicaneverything becomes clear16:11
Superpelicanand you understand the logi16:11
ArcherN9cryptic? o_O16:11
Superpelicanbehind what once looked so cryptic to you16:11
ArcherN9okay, I really ought to start looking for some good tuts16:11
sledgeSimSuperpelican, cryptic c++ or qml?16:11
SuperpelicanArcherN9:Well QML16:11
Superpelicanand lots of other languages16:11
SuperpelicanQML of course16:11
sledgeSimfyi: twitter app is written in qml16:11
sledgeSimall login in .js16:12
Superpelicanlooks much much less cryptic16:12
sledgeSimand many others16:12
SuperpelicanArcherN9:but with what do you want to start?16:12
SuperpelicanQML or some other more traditional language16:12
ArcherN9I'd want to do something with HTML5 and JS.. if there's something related to that.16:12
Superpelicanif you want to learn the generic programming basics16:12
SuperpelicanI can recommend Python16:13
SuperpelicanArcherN9:Well then I'd start learning some basic JS16:13
sledgeSimyou can write qml apps with python \o/16:13
sledgeSimthat's how i did my first one16:13
ArcherN9I've been developing with HTML 5 and Js/jQuery for a while now.16:13
SuperpelicanI don't think that's really beginner friendly16:13
Superpelicanwith the current state of PyOtherSide16:13
Superpelicanso you're not new to coding16:13
ArcherN9completely comfortable with it :)16:13
ArcherN9been coding and shit for 6 years ;P16:14
Superpelicanthat changes everything16:14
ArcherN9I'm a computers major.16:14
Superpelicanif you already know JS16:15
Superpelicanthen I'd start learning QML straightaway16:15
Superpelicanand the nice thing is16:15
ArcherN9cool ^_^16:15
sledgeSimit's opensrouce :D16:15
Superpelicanyou can already use your JS skills16:15
*** Vlad_on_the_road has joined #nemomobile16:15
Superpelicanwith QML16:15
Superpelicanto create completely functional apps16:15
sledgeSim"learning+coding by example" heaven16:15
SuperpelicanArcherN9:I'd start with the basic concepts of QML16:17
Superpelicanjust plain QML16:17
Superpelicanand when you understand that16:17
ArcherN9Learning + coding by Example... gonna google that now :)16:17
Superpelicanmove on to components16:17
sledgeSimwhat, story of my life? :D16:18
ArcherN9That's gonna take a while .. I hope glacier doesn't finish by then :P16:18
SuperpelicanArcherN9:It basically means learning coding by reading code written by others16:18
sledgeSimand modifying it :)16:18
Superpelicanafter you understand the basics of course16:18
sledgeSimgreat fun16:18
ArcherN9I know the feeling of modifying code ^_^16:18
ArcherN9uber fun.16:18
*** veskuh has quit IRC16:19
Superpelicanmight be intersting16:19
Superpelicanit's a nice introduction16:20
sledgeSimi'd start with: download latest stable nemo image (x11) on a device of your choosing, check out all its apps, find ones you like, recompile/modify them, maybe fix a bug, jog on :D16:20
ArcherN9"Might be"?16:20
ArcherN9WILL BE ! :D16:21
ArcherN9The only way to learn QML from basics16:21
ArcherN9I'm done installing mer SDK.16:21
ArcherN9trying to download nemo wayland for a VM.16:21
sledgeSimgoood :)16:21
sledgeSimwayland = even better :D but, you won't get as many apps there ;)16:21
ArcherN9Nemo runs on droid phones?16:22
sledgeSimalthough development-wise wayland qt5 dev env is a way to go now, as nemo is a bit hick-up-y on x11/qt4 apps since it has taken a leap wew16:22
sledgeSims/wew// :D16:22
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC16:22
sledgeSimwe have nemo-x11-qt4 on nexus 7, but hard to get hold of maintainer16:22
sledgeSimnemo-wayland-qt5 has been put by Stskeeps on Alcatel cheap droid phone recently16:23
sledgeSimhe's still not shared the instructions with us :P16:23
ArcherN9I don't have a droid phone.. though their ultra cheap where I live.16:23
ArcherN9Will actually buy one if it's possible :D16:24
sledgeSimArcherN9, droid (=motorola) or (=android)? :))16:24
ArcherN9I' slightly scared to run nemo on N9 :P16:24
ArcherN9droid = android :P16:24
sledgeSimok lol16:24
sledgeSimi run nemo on n916:24
sledgeSimbut there's no wayland image for it yet..16:24
ArcherN9So I heard.16:24
ArcherN9I'm scared to run X11/qt4 :P16:25
sledgeSimit runs fine16:25
ArcherN9Running is not what I'm scared of.16:25
sledgeSimget scared when you'll try to checkout an app from github ;)16:25
ArcherN9It's the bricking of the device.16:25
*** gabriel9 has joined #nemomobile16:25
ArcherN9hahaha.. naah, code doesn't scare me.16:25
sledgeSimhaven't heard of bricking it16:25
ArcherN9losing my N9 does.16:25
sledgeSimif nemo borks, just reflash it16:26
sledgeSimif bootloader borks, just reflash the whole phone16:26
sledgeSimbut that happened few times in the past16:26
sledgeSimwhat im saying is16:26
sledgeSimyou should be afraid of code16:26
sledgeSimbecaues most of apps on github are now in qt5 state16:26
sledgeSimand qt4 branches are not maintained16:26
sledgeSimthis includes nemo components16:27
sledgeSimyou'll end up backtracking to a x11/qt4 github commit16:27
sledgeSimextra pain, but you get to check out all of the many apps for free first in x11/qt4 images (exists for vm too, if you don't want to go n9)16:28
ArcherN9Yea, gonna use em on VM.16:28
ArcherN9will run N9 on nemo only when I'm confident I understand the technicalities of it all.16:29
ArcherN9Can I mount .vdi image located in my chroot ... on my host linux?16:30
sledgeSimgo to your linux host16:30
sledgeSimchroot is on your host somewhere16:31
sledgeSimand chroot mounts your home dir inside16:31
sledgeSimall is on your linux host, just need to figure out paths16:31
ArcherN9so I should be able to find the vdi on /srv/mer/sdks/sdk/mic-output16:32
ArcherN9or something16:32
locusffaenil: ok, I was already underway :p16:32
faenillocusf, well feel free to complete the work if you want to do that, just warn the guy when you're done ;)16:33
locusffaenil: sure16:34
ArcherN9Okay so.. This is what I understand ... I installed Mer SDK.. which helped me build a vdi for nemo-wayland... Which I'll mount on my vbox using linux host. Now, I'll download Qt SDK on linux hosts, hook up github...16:34
ArcherN9create RPMs and install on vbox..16:34
ArcherN9or did I miss something?16:34
faenillocusf, he'll be back saturday he said16:36
faenilno internet connection til then16:36
faenilArcherN9, are you using nemo-wayland .ks?16:36
locusffaenil: lol, so he's probably finished by now and he'll see my pull request and pull his hairs out :p16:37
faenillocusf, I don't know, this is what he said https://twitter.com/ZetaSagittarii/status/36689598794552115216:38
sledgeSimArcherN9, no need to download qt sdk16:39
locusffaenil: yeah I read16:39
faenil"can't go further" means he hasn't finished yet...but I don't know :/16:39
sledgeSimyou can incorporate a chosen nemo app as qt project into qtcreator with some effort16:40
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile16:40
ArcherN9using https://raw.github.com/faenil/NemoWaylandKickstart/master/nemo-i486-vm-wayland.ks16:40
faenilyeah ok :D16:40
sledgeSimbut it's not worth it, because you wont be able to ise qtdesigner :(16:41
faenilso, let me have feedback so that I can make it better :)16:41
ArcherN9I'm pretty sure I'm dong a monkey copy thing here.. lol16:41
ArcherN9but trying hard to make sense of all commands.16:41
faenilyes sure, I meant about the tutorial16:41
sledgeSimso compiling qt app is now only via cmdline via mb tool in mersdk16:41
faenilI hope modifying the .ks won't be needed16:41
ArcherN9I hope so too.16:42
sledgeSimso, devel cycle is: modify code, recompile, put rpm on device, install that rpm, launch app, see changes, back to beginning16:42
sledgeSimthere many shortcuts to speed things up though16:43
ArcherN9so I should download Qt creator just16:45
sledgeSimeven that is not needed16:45
sledgeSimmb tool will do magics16:45
*** kavuri has joined #nemomobile16:45
sledgeSimjust follow tutorial16:45
sledgeSim(which never mentions qtsdk ;)16:46
faenilw00t, ping16:46
faenilArcherN9, please don't make my work vain :D https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Nemo/Qt5PortingCoreApps16:47
faenilreport what's not clear so that I can improve it16:47
faenilthanks :D16:47
ArcherN9lol faenil.. I've already checked that out16:47
ArcherN9Haven't run into anything that's not clear.16:47
ArcherN9it's pretty well laid out :)16:47
faenilArcherN9, ok, so, you don't need anything else :D16:47
faenilArcherN9, great thank you :) sledgeSim contributed as well16:48
* faenil locusf is on a porting spree! :D16:48
*** vishap has quit IRC16:48
* ArcherN9 off to Dinner.16:52
locusf4 PR's in 2 days16:54
*** Martix has joined #nemomobile16:59
*** VDVsx has joined #nemomobile17:01
locusfWhen porting from QDeclarativeView to QQuickView, note that QDeclarativeItem inherited from QGraphicsView. In contrast, QQuickView inherits from QQuickWindow and uses the QWindow infrastructure introduced in Qt 5; any QGraphicsView-specific functionality is no longer available. <- Has anyone worked around this issue?17:02
*** LjL-Alps has joined #nemomobile17:04
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC17:05
*** qwazix_ has joined #nemomobile17:05
*** qwazix_ has quit IRC17:06
*** Martix has quit IRC17:06
speciallocusf: why is that an issue?17:14
Superpelicanspecial:Well maybe some apps use QGraphicsView directly17:20
Superpelicanspecial:For drawing17:20
Superpelicanspecial:don't know though17:21
SuperpelicanI'm not an expert17:21
specialthen change them to use scenegraph or QQuickPaintedItem.17:21
ArcherN9what's PRs?17:25
ArcherN9public resources? :P17:26
*** panda84kde has quit IRC17:26
locusfspecial: eg. in heliumreborn there are is eg: m_browserView = m_mainView->rootObject();17:32
specialQQuickView has a rootObject() method17:33
specialshould be a QQuickItem instead of a QGraphicsItem.17:33
locusfand m_browserView is GraphicsObject and QQuickView's root object is not compatible with it17:33
specialor QGraphicsObject17:33
specialyou do not use any of QDeclarative* or QGraphics* with qtquick217:33
locusfI'm not, its just how it used to be and I mistyped :p17:33
locusfand I'm not talking clearly :p17:37
*** Superpelican has quit IRC17:38
specialso what's the problem? QGraphicsObject should be replaced with QQuickItem and any problems arising from that should be solved.17:39
*** Vlad_on_the_road has quit IRC17:48
*** asterismo has joined #nemomobile18:09
*** asterismo has quit IRC18:12
*** kavuri has quit IRC18:15
*** asterismo has joined #nemomobile18:27
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*** mhall119 has quit IRC18:42
*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile18:43
*** piggz has joined #nemomobile18:47
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #nemomobile18:48
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #nemomobile18:48
*** mhall119 has joined #nemomobile18:51
faenilspecial, isn't there a way to forward all mouse events from a mousearea to another one?18:53
faenilaccepted = false isn't enough, obviously18:55
specialif you don't accept the press event, all further events (ignoring composed events like onClicked/onDoubleClicked for the moment) aren't delivered to that mousearea18:58
faenilyes, that is the explanation why accepted=false isn't enough :D18:58
specialsee http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.0/qtquick/qml-qtquick2-mousearea.html#propagateComposedEvents-prop also18:59
*** ivanph has quit IRC19:00
faenilspecial, that only works with accepted = false19:00
faenili.e. we're back to start19:01
faenilalso, it's just for propagating "more" events19:01
*** furikku_ has quit IRC19:02
specialwhat do you want, then?19:02
faenilspecial, just make so that 2 mouseareas get the same events, so that I can handle those differently in one mouse area or in the other19:03
specialyou can't19:05
faenilusing accepted = false the first one only gets the Pressed event, the other mouse area gets everything instead19:06
faenilso let's suppose you want to create an interactive keyboard, like BB10's19:06
*** special has quit IRC19:06
faenilyou have keys which are separate qml elements like buttons19:06
faenillol XD19:06
*** special has joined #nemomobile19:07
faenilbuffer overflow? :D19:07
*** ArcherN9 has quit IRC19:08
*** wmarone has quit IRC19:09
*** wmarone has joined #nemomobile19:09
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC19:10
faenilspecial, you still there?19:10
*** special has quit IRC19:13
faenilmm :)19:14
*** special has joined #nemomobile19:14
faenilspecial, so :D19:18
faenil<faenil> so let's suppose you want to create an interactive keyboard, like BB10's19:19
faenil<faenil> you have keys which are separate qml elements like buttons19:19
*** special has quit IRC19:20
faeniland you have an upper layer which handles gestures you make on the keyboard like swipes19:20
faeniloh crap! XD19:20
*** special has joined #nemomobile19:20
specialcome on, freenode.19:20
specialwhy do you need this for a keyboard?19:21
faenilspecial, you have a keyboard and you have a layer which handles gestures you do on the keyboard, like swipes to switch between input languages19:22
faenilor open/close keyboard19:22
faenilor switch to symbols page with a swipe19:23
faenillots of useful stuff19:23
specialthere are a variety of ways to handle that19:24
specialbut you might be interested in looking at the source for nemo-keyboard19:24
faenilI'm looking for a way to realize that in QML, without writing a single custom qquickitem which handles both keys and gestures19:24
specialit's QML. It uses a single MouseArea over the keyboard, which handles presses and gestures19:24
*** plazmatics has joined #nemomobile19:24
specialthat has some benefits over what you're thinking, including that it's possible to drag your finger between keys and use the key you release on19:25
faenilhow can you both handle gesture and deliver the event to the keys underneath...19:25
specialthe keys don't have mouse areas19:25
specialthat mouse area handles keys too.19:25
*** Ketil has joined #nemomobile19:25
faenilok, so no way to make it without making only one item?19:25
specialnot without other disadvantages at least19:26
special(exaggerate 'moment' based on how ridiculously slow gitorious is)19:26
faenilI'm checking out nemo-keyboard19:27
faenilyes I'm reading it :)19:27
faenilbut, well, if it uses only one area to handle both it's okay, I know how to do it19:28
*** ketil_k has quit IRC19:28
*** fk_lx has joined #nemomobile19:28
faenilspecial, yeah what nemo-keyboard does is what I hoped could be avoided19:29
*** jreznik_ has joined #nemomobile19:30
*** jreznik has quit IRC19:32
specialfor something like a keyboard with any kind of gestures or inter-key behavior, handling it all in one place makes more sense.19:32
*** Vlad_on_the_road has quit IRC19:33
faenilspecial, what do you know about performance overhead of childAt?19:33
specialnotable, but not worse than what's already happening to deliver touch events to the scene19:33
faenilspecial, yeah that's what I fear :/19:37
faenilspecial, too much perf overhead, if you say it's comparable, then it's bad news, it means it's considerable :P19:45
specialdon't invent performance problems before you have them19:45
faenilspecial, or you meant comparable to what it would cost without using childAt (and letting qml do it)?19:45
faenilspecial, well, you try to avoid obvious performance problems before implementing stuff :D19:46
specialone MouseArea with 100 children + childAt is not more expensive than 100 MouseAreas.19:46
*** Superpelican has joined #nemomobile19:46
faenil(you as in general you)19:46
faenilspecial, yeah, can't deny that :D19:47
*** ajalkane has joined #nemomobile19:47
*** Vlad_on_the_road has joined #nemomobile19:47
faenilspecial, I hoped I could use something like19:47
faenilonPressed: otherArea.pressed( ... )19:48
specialcould be possible by virtue of QML not protecting signals well, but I don't really think it'd be a great idea.19:48
faenilbut then I found https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-2447719:49
faeniland my idea collapsed19:49
*** Superpelican has quit IRC19:49
aknightheh special case19:49
faenilspecial, actually, from that bugreport I'd say it's a "wanted" feature19:49
aknightthat is just name collision19:49
faenilaknight, yeah sure19:49
aknightmake your signal forwarding from C++19:49
faenilaknight, yeah that was my workaround :)19:50
aknightproblem sol-er-worked around19:50
specialfaenil: you'd end up with a MouseArea that sometimes is a real MouseArea, but sometimes only has whatever subset of behavior is called explicitly19:50
faenilyes, yes19:50
faenilspecial, yeah well tailored to your needs19:50
specialthat seems unintuitive.19:50
faenilless code, less logic, not that unintuitive to me19:52
faenilbut, well, if it screws up mousearea behaviour then it doens't make sense19:52
*** asterismo has quit IRC19:52
specialall of the properties of the second MouseArea would be wrong, for example19:53
faenilaknight, will qtquick ever have "input-invisible" property on mouseareas? :D19:55
faenilthey received everything, and let everything through19:55
faenilI don't see how that should screw everything up :/19:55
aknightfaenil: send in your patch19:55
aknightand mark it as revision 219:55
*** jpetersen_ has joined #nemomobile19:55
aknightyou'll want some test cases to go with it :)19:55
faenilaknight, my sentences were more of a theoretical provocation19:56
faenilas I'm sure there are reasons why it hasn't been done yet19:56
specialdeveloper time as a finite resource? :p19:56
specialit sounds like a reasonably useful idea19:57
faenilok :)19:57
faenilI thought there were like architectural limitations of qtquick maybe19:57
aknightfaenil: how about a custom item that monitors mouse events but doesn't do anything to them? or does it need to accept them so that they keep coming?19:58
faenilnothing is impossibleread a bit up to know more about my question :D19:58
aknightsounds like functionality you could prototype rather easily... and then add to MouseArea if it feels right19:58
*** jpetersen has quit IRC19:59
*** piggz has quit IRC20:00
*** piggz has joined #nemomobile20:00
faenilaknight, how would you do what I had in mind?20:00
faenilwithout reinventing the wheel :)20:01
aknightfaenil: probably with a mousearea and an event filter...20:01
aknightfaenil: and pass through the events but fire off another signal20:02
aknightor the same one, why not?20:02
faenilaknight, what do you mean20:02
aknightfaenil: well actually it might be easier to just subclassing a qquickitem and implement event handlers for the mouse events20:03
aknightignore them all, but emit a signal when the occur20:03
faenilyeah, still one item20:03
faenilcustom item20:03
faenilbut what about with no custom items, is there a reasonable way?20:04
aknightfaenil: just a fancy event filter?20:04
aknightnot exactly sure what you can't do that you are trying to do...20:04
*** piggz has quit IRC20:04
*** jreznik_ has quit IRC20:05
faenilreusing as much of fingerterm's code as possible xD (cc: special )20:05
*** jreznik_ has joined #nemomobile20:05
*** asterismo has joined #nemomobile20:06
faenilthat app is a bit screwed app20:07
faenildidn't know why it worked like that on x11 (Mouse events would fall throught the upper mousearea, without refusing the events)20:08
faenilbut on wayland, restyling is needed :/20:08
faeniland I didn't want to reimplment everything20:08
*** Ketil has quit IRC20:09
*** piggz has joined #nemomobile20:17
faenilspecial, alright, I guess it needs rewriting20:23
*** piggz has quit IRC20:32
faenilspecial, anyway, how is stuff inside the company nowadays? :)20:35
specialbusy, very busy20:37
faenilaknight, can I just draw in OpenGL in the paint() or is the SG Api the only choice in Qt5?20:37
faenilspecial, didn't get any better after sdk release?20:38
aknightfaenil: what are you trying to paint to?20:38
specialfaenil: it will get better when we've taken over the world, not before20:39
faenilit's a Qt4 app at the moment (my thesis)20:39
faenilI draw with raw OpenGL in a QDeclItem20:39
faenilspecial, wish you guys all the best :D20:39
aknightfaenil: if not using the sg, you can use the qopenglcontext stuff still. qtbase/examples/gui/openglwindow20:40
faenilaknight, ok...how relevant is the performance hit if I don't convert to SG yet? (lack of time :/ )20:41
aknightfaenil: depends on what you are doing...20:41
aknightdon't switch if you don't need to... especially if it's your thesis :)20:42
*** faenil has quit IRC20:47
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile20:47
faenilaknight, nah it's not my master thesis, it's my bachelor thesis, from last year, I'm just updating it once in a while ;)20:49
*** NIN101 has quit IRC20:50
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*** arcean has joined #nemomobile21:02
faenilaknight, did you see any update about clipboard situation in qtwayland?21:02
faenilI've seen you've pushed few commits from upstream, hence asking21:02
*** w00t has quit IRC21:07
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