Tuesday, 2013-08-20

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spiiroinw00t: gry: dsme uses rtc interrupts to wake up from suspend. for this purpose it needs to keep the rtc dev opened. which means once dsme is running only dsme can set tod in rtc - which should happen whenever system time is changed (immediately if timed is involved, with some delay if not).05:35
spiiroin^ one might try to stop dsme, then use hwclock, reboot and check if the system time survives or not05:37
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faenilw00t, gconftool-2 is used in the ks for n950, but for setting target name, not the theme http://releases.nemomobile.org/releases/latest/images/nemo-armv7hl-n950/nemo-armv7hl-n950.ks09:08
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dimitris91I'm trying to port nemo to zedboard and I partly succeed10:24
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dimitris91the problem is that the /boot partition doesn't get mounted automatically10:24
dimitris91but I can manually mount it and then the booting process continues and I can normally login to the system10:25
dimitris91this is what I get as output: "http://pastie.org/8252610"10:25
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sledgeSimfaenil, probably gconftool initialises system-wide db (under /etc) if run as root, at that time10:35
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sledgeSimdimitris91, /etc/fstab?10:37
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dimitris91sledgeSim, http://pastie.org/825299910:38
dimitris91I have already changed it a little10:38
dimitris91check the second line10:39
dimitris91but still the same prooblem10:39
sledgeSimjust hard copy the contents of boot to your /10:40
sledgeSimand see if it boots then10:40
sledgeSim(including the /boot/ folder ofc :)10:40
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dimitris91no difference, just the same behaviour10:53
sledgeSimit means the mount is not the problem10:53
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locusfdoes lipstick-qt5 support eglfs yet?11:24
faenillocusf, colorful home runs as eglfs11:24
Superpelicanwhat's eglfs?11:25
locusffaenil: ok11:25
faenilegl fullscreen11:25
Superpelicanthat makes more sense11:26
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faenilw00t, ping11:26
locusftrying to run colorful home as eglfs on N9 then11:27
faenillocusf, if you read wayland wiki it's already set as eglfs11:28
faenilQT_QPA_EGLFS_DEPTH=16 WSEGL_DEBUG=5 QT_COMPOSITOR_NEGATE_INVERTED_Y=1 ./qml-compositor -platform eglfs11:28
faenilit's qmlcompositor, but it does the same for lipstick ;)11:28
sledgeSimlocusf, talking about wayland on n9?11:29
locusfsledgeSim: yes11:29
faenilanyway, I'll try building a n950 image this evening I think11:29
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locusfoh cool11:29
locusffaenil: yes I noticed11:29
sledgeSimread the irc excerpts: https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Adaptation/N9-N950/Wayland11:30
locusfread many times :)11:30
faenillocusf, the booster type was correct on mediaplayer (remember I changed it yesterday evening?)11:33
faenilthough if I revert the change, mediaplayer doesn't start on VM, "cannot dynamically load executable"11:33
locusffaenil: yes I remember11:33
locusfoh :/11:34
locusffaenil: ah you mean incorrect?11:35
faenillocusf, no, your type was correct11:35
locusffaenil: really?11:35
faenilbut it didn't start, so I changed it thinking it was wrong11:35
faenilbut I didn't notice now it starts without booster11:36
faenil(at least it starts though :) )11:37
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w00tfaenil: pong11:47
faenilw00t, quick thing, I modified booster type yesterday, but I was wrong, old type was correct, but with old type it didn't start (cannot dynamically load executable)...can you (or can I?) revert the commit? or should we leave it until solution to the other error is found?11:48
w00t"Project WARNING: qdeclarative5-boostable not available; startup times will be slower"11:50
w00tthat's why it isn't working when trying to use the booster11:50
w00tmissing dependency perhaps11:52
w00tcheck qdeclarative5-boostable PkgConfigBR and Requires mapplauncherd-booster-qtcomponents-qt5 in packaging11:52
faenilok I'll add that11:54
faenil w00t , Requires mapplauncherd-booster-qtcomponents-qt5 is missing in many apps11:56
locusfgot lipstick to work on eglfs11:56
locusfnow I just need a test qt5 program11:56
w00tfaenil: probably good to add it11:56
locusfthe screen flickers a lot11:56
w00tlocusf: flickering may indicate more than one thing trying to use eglfs at once11:56
w00tor multiple windows from one application with eglfs11:57
faenilyeah, more than one thing running on eglfs, agree11:57
faenilw00t, https://github.com/nemomobile/qmlpinquery/pull/712:01
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locusfw00t: there shouldn't be, just lipstick12:04
locusfah Xorg12:04
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locusfkilled it and now everything works ok12:05
locusfmy music player works just fine12:05
locusfgallery doesn't12:05
faenillocusf, ? gallery does here12:06
locusffaenil: on N9 it doesn't12:07
faenilah ok, on n912:07
faenilno idea12:08
faenilprobably due to n9 unstable driver?12:09
faenillet's try w00t ?12:11
w00tfaenil: moment12:12
locusfalso fingerterm and qmlmaps don't work12:12
locusf/usr/bin/meego-handset-maps: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libQt5Qml.so.5: undefined symbol: _ZNK18QAbstractListModel5flagsERK11QModelIndex12:12
locusf/usr/bin/fingerterm: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libQt5Qml.so.5: undefined symbol: _ZNK18QAbstractListModel5flagsERK11QModelIndex12:12
faenilat least it's the same issue :D12:12
w00tfaenil: you're changing the spec, but not the yaml12:12
Stskeepsadd mer:qt repo12:13
faenilw00t, are we still using the yaml? :/12:13
Stskeeps :devel12:13
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w00tfaenil: if it's there (and for most stuff it is), use it12:13
locusfStskeeps: I've got it12:13
faenilw00t, crap, ok12:13
faenilno need to tag new releases this time though :)12:14
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w00tlocusf: as in you fixed it?12:18
locusfw00t: nope12:18
w00tlocusf: ssu lr12:19
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faenilnow comes the big question12:19
faenillocusf, is qmlmediaplayer using Qtcomponents at least?12:19
w00t(to some degree)12:21
faenilok good, because it's also missing qt-components-qt5 requires12:21
faenilso I started doubting about that12:21
locusfw00t: http://pastie.org/825329212:22
w00tlocusf: I don't see the qt devel repo there12:23
locusffaenil: sorry about missing the requirements on mapplauncherd-booster12:23
locusfw00t: yes I know but I have zypper ar12:23
faenillocusf, qt-components-qt5 missing as well12:23
faenillocusf, but no problem :)12:23
w00twell, something has gone wrong, anyway as that is hinting that the qt those packages are built against does not match the qt on your device12:24
locusfw00t: http://pastie.org/825329812:24
w00tcheck rpm -q for them12:24
sledgeSimlocusf, did you do zypper ref & dup after adding mer qt devel ?12:26
locusfsledgeSim: no :), I'm doing it now12:27
* sledgeSim facepalm12:27
locusfyup ::)12:27
* sledgeSim wonders how exploded nemo on n9 will be now that you do dup ;)12:27
sledgeSimyou can do only `zypper dup --from=mer-qt-devel`12:28
sledgeSimbit safer12:28
locusfwell I'm resetting it after this12:28
locusfkeeping this installation on as long as possible for testing12:29
sledgeSimfair enough :)12:29
faenillocusf, the yaml doesn't have Qt5Widgets buildrequire12:29
sledgeSimjust i hope nothing will break your graphics setup after you reboot, n9 hasn't been tested for a while12:29
faenillocusf, should I add that?12:29
locusffaenil: on what?12:29
locusffaenil: doesn't it work without it?12:30
faenillocusf, I just saw that spec has Qt5Widget, yaml doesn't12:30
locusfsledgeSim: oh its a mushroom cloud12:30
faenilso it's currently built with Qt5Widgets12:30
locusffaenil: its legacy12:30
locusffaenil: I forgot to specify after12:30
faenillocusf, ok12:30
locusfnow fingerterm et al work12:46
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faenilgreat :)12:50
locusfmusic player doesn't play the tunes, but thats probably to be expected12:51
faenilouch :(12:51
locusfyup :/12:51
faenilw00t, another issue which arose while you were away, apps using boosters use temporary folders in ./local/share instaed of their own folders12:52
faenilbecause the path of the offlineStorage folder is cached in the booster12:52
sledgeSimlocusf, how is it performance wise? any other graphics glitches?12:52
faenillocusf, have you tested the part of mediaplayer which requires databases?12:54
w00tfaenil: I heard about it, hopefully someone will have some time to poke it soon12:55
faenilw00t, so not worth adding fixed like this https://github.com/nemomobile/qmlnotes/blob/master/main.cpp#L85 ?12:56
w00tfaenil: if it's needed, add it for now12:56
faenilin any case, it shouldn't hurt after the booster is fixed12:57
locusffaenil: yes it picks up the tracks12:57
locusfsledgeSim: some glitche in the middle of the screen12:57
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faenillocusf, I mean like artworks12:58
locusffaenil: ah no12:58
*** amccarthy has quit IRC12:58
faenillocusf, as it is now it will always use a different folder for the database12:58
locusffaenil: there are none in that folder12:58
locusffaenil: oh?12:58
faenillocusf, see https://github.com/nemomobile/qmlnotes/blob/master/main.cpp#L8512:58
locusffaenil: I don't know about taht12:59
*** n9mx has left #nemomobile12:59
faenillocusf, yeah well that was a fix I used when porting qmlnotes12:59
faenilas it wouldn't work properly if it couldn't read the db12:59
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locusfoh ok13:02
freemangordonhi, where I can find nemo kernel adaptation for n900?13:02
sledgeSimfreemangordon, here: https://build.merproject.org/package/files?package=kernel-adaptation-n900&project=nemo%3Adevel%3Ahw%3Ati%3Aomap3%3An90013:04
sledgeSimw00t, under x11/qt4 nemo vm image, ~/.gconf is empty too, gconftool-2 returns darko for theme name under nemo user13:05
sledgeSimdon't know how to test mlite there though13:05
sledgeSimi.e. is there a shortcut to test mlite, or will i need to code? :D13:06
freemangordonsledgeSim: thanks13:06
w00tsledgeSim: from some quick digging last night it looks like it simply isn't being set anywhere, so.. I'll take a look at fixing the packaging to set the key and everything may work out ok, we'll see13:06
sledgeSimw00t, to set the key under /etc/gconf?13:06
sledgeSimthat's what i did manually, mlite still fails13:07
sledgeSimgconftool-2 --direct --config-source $Config_Src   -s -t string /meegotouch/theme/name darko13:08
faenillocusf, in particular, this file creates a folder in that temporary folder13:08
faenilnext time you start the app, it won't find the files13:08
sledgeSimyou can delete /etc/gconf/gconf.xml.defaults before running gconf and db will be recreated, with only theme name in it. still mlite doesn't pick it up under nemo user (gconftool-2 -g does)13:09
faenilsledgeSim, I set the theme name to darko and it worked13:09
sledgeSimfaenil, via what?13:09
faenilsledgeSim, gconftool-2 --type string --set /meegotouch/theme/name "darko"13:10
sledgeSimunder which user?13:10
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* sledgeSim blinks13:10
sledgeSimdidnt work for me :))13:10
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*** nodevel has joined #nemomobile13:11
sledgeSimargh shiver me timbers! :D13:11
sledgeSimit worked now13:11
locusfuploading to youtube13:13
sledgeSimok, facepalm myself, I was setting config_src under user nemo. bad gconf tool returns roots db even under nemo `gconftool-2 --get-default-source`13:13
faenilthe youtuber :)13:13
sledgeSimbut probably thats what it means by 'default' source ;)13:13
sledgeSimw00t, all works now wrt mlite13:14
sledgeSimwe just need to figure out what to do about fresh install and default theme name (as that has to be under $HOME)13:15
sledgeSimsince it sitting under /etc is not being picked up by mlite13:15
w00tsledgeSim: just leave it to me :)13:15
w00ti'll take a look at it tonight13:15
sledgeSimthanks faenil :)13:15
faenilsledgeSim, np o/13:15
sledgeSimgood, just saying that we're on the same page13:15
w00tsledgeSim: or actually if you want, i'll send you the packaging and you can take a look at massaging it in?13:15
w00tthen i can try take a look at systemsettings instead13:15
* faenil likes, systemsettings :P13:16
sledgeSimok, let's share the effort w00t13:16
faenilw00t, locusf just for the records, I didn't change the temporary musicplayer path in the end, to avoid screwing things as I don't have time to test it at the moment13:19
locusffaenil: ok13:19
faenillocusf, if you have time to test it, just add view->engine()->setOfflineStoragePath(QStandardPaths::writableLocation(QStandardPaths::DataLocation));13:20
faeniland that all the files end in the same folder13:20
faenilafter restarting the app13:20
faenil(and all features work)13:20
faeniltime to study, see you in the evening people13:21
faenilif you need me just ping me and I'll reply sooner or later :)13:21
faenilHurrian, qwazix whenever you can, we need sizes and behaviours for components ;) (like: when button is pressed text is white bold, bla bla)13:22
Hurriano hai faenil13:22
faenilHurrian, o/13:23
Hurrianfaenil: text color shouldn't change in an active state - it's there just for a while13:23
faenilHurrian, it was just an example13:23
faenilwe have to write those things down13:23
faenilwe can't keep running after one another13:23
Hurrianlemme think of all the ways someone can interact with components.13:25
Hurrianfaenil: saw the Maps UI?13:25
*** VDVsx has quit IRC13:25
*** freemangordon has quit IRC13:26
faenilHurrian, replied on twitter, remember? :)13:31
Hurrianah, right13:31
Hurrianwhoops, inconsistency alert, no button backgrounds for call/nav :/13:33
*** norayr has joined #nemomobile13:36
*** VDVsx has joined #nemomobile13:37
*** n9mx has joined #nemomobile13:40
Hurrianfaenil: I'll practice with a few more mockups of core apps, then I'll see what common controls I end up using13:44
HurrianI'm assuming people won't like a real rotary dialer app?13:47
*** n9mx has quit IRC13:47
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*** jpetersen has joined #nemomobile13:56
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w00tlocusf: not a bad start..14:04
locusfsorry for the shaky camera (Galaxy Note)14:04
locusfw00t: thanks14:09
locusfI don't know why the screen is landscape only14:09
w00tnext step, reproducible images? ;p14:09
w00tthe N9 (and N950) are default-landscape devices14:09
locusfah ok14:10
w00tthere's a gconf key that you can set that will probably help somewhat14:10
locusfdon't know about reproducibility :)14:10
locusfI don't dare to reboot that14:10
*** kjokinie has left #nemomobile14:14
*** jpetersen has quit IRC14:15
sledgeSimlocusf, sensational for marketting! :)14:19
sledgeSimand i just coloured almost everything green (lots of love from Nomovok today): https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Nemo/Qt5PortingCoreApps14:20
locusfsledgeSim: heheh :)14:21
*** phdeswer has quit IRC14:21
locusfbtw cutefox-qt5 doesn't work14:22
sledgeSimand on vm?14:23
locusfnot there either, the plain cutefox (from nemomobile-packages) works14:24
veskuhlocusf, sometimes cleaning .mozilla from ~/ has helped if launching fails14:25
* faenil *speaking from the other side of the moon*: cutefox-qt5 works on VM14:25
faenilit's just that if you hit CTRL+C the window is closed, but the app is not, you have to "kill" it to be able to restart it14:25
locusfveskuh: even in the event of a segfault?14:26
*** LjL-Alps has quit IRC14:26
veskuhlocusf, yeah.14:27
locusfveskuh: ok14:27
veskuhlocusf, I've also seen the same what faenil is saying14:27
veskuhlocusf, also sometimes having wrong version of qtmozembed-qt5 or xulrunner-qt5 may lead to crash14:28
locusfveskuh: ah ok14:29
*** jreznik has quit IRC14:30
*** jreznik has joined #nemomobile14:31
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*** drachensun has joined #nemomobile14:55
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Stskeepsfaenil: ping15:43
faenilStskeeps, pong15:44
Stskeepsfaenil: did you talk to the qt on tizen guys?15:44
Stskeepswith regards to components15:44
faenilStskeeps, nope, I talked to jpnurmi about styling qtquickcontrols15:44
Stskeepsfaenil: ah, they'd be interested for sure - lemme just /msg some mails15:45
Superpelican(jpnurmi @ #qt-quick)15:45
* Superpelican plays Mer bot15:45
faenilStskeeps, ok, didn't think they would since they're mostly done :)15:46
Stskeepsfaenil: spoke to jstaniek today; fairly sure they're happy to work together15:46
*** phdeswer_ has joined #nemomobile15:46
faenilStskeeps, to share new components?15:47
*** WWDrakey has left #nemomobile15:50
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SuperpelicanMorpog_N9:what!? ;)15:59
Superpelicananother nick15:59
*** nodevel has joined #nemomobile15:59
*** jreznik has quit IRC16:05
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*** Morpog_N9 has joined #nemomobile16:07
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SuperpelicanMorpog_Mobile:Are you trolling me ;)?16:26
*** gabriel9 has joined #nemomobile16:32
*** nodevel has quit IRC16:34
*** M13 has joined #nemomobile16:35
Morpog_MobileSuperpelican, no I just setup my tablet again16:39
Morpog_MobileMy sister occupies mc, as she cuts her holiday movie16:39
Superpelicanwhat's mc?16:40
Superpelicanmy computer?16:40
Morpog_Mobilemy pc16:40
Morpog_MobileDamn android vkb16:40
SuperpelicanI thought you used Windows?16:40
Morpog_MobileOn nexus 7?16:40
Superpelicaneh no16:41
*** rcg has quit IRC16:41
Superpelicanon your pc16:41
Morpog_MobileLookup the word occupy plz ;)16:41
Superpelicando you really run Android on the N7?16:41
Superpelicanor Ubuntu ?16:41
Morpog_MobileYeah :(16:41
Superpelicanat least it's high end16:42
Morpog_MobileI will put nemomobile on it sooner or later16:42
SuperpelicanHave to leave now though :(16:42
*** M13 has quit IRC16:47
*** Superpelican has quit IRC16:48
*** norayr has quit IRC16:48
*** zetaz has joined #nemomobile16:49
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC16:54
*** danielcbit has quit IRC17:07
*** LjL-Alps has joined #nemomobile17:08
*** arcean has joined #nemomobile17:10
*** ivanph1 has joined #nemomobile17:18
*** ivanph has quit IRC17:18
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*** ivanph1 has quit IRC17:23
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*** plfiorini has joined #nemomobile17:35
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*** marxistvegan has joined #nemomobile17:41
marxistveganhey all I am back with successes and failures17:41
marxistveganthe success is that i got ubiboot working17:41
marxistveganthe failure is harmattan stopped so I decided to try to flash all from the start but I keep getting downgrade not allowed using the ROW 16GB black version of the firmware17:42
marxistvegananyone know how i can fully identifiy which device i have (was bought in the US but clearly was not from there as the power cord was European and instructions in english and arabic)17:43
marxistveganThis is the nokia n9 for the record17:43
*** zmc has quit IRC17:43
*** piggz has joined #nemomobile17:46
qwazixmarxistvegan, I have no idea how, if you cannot boot into harmattan, but if you still can, you can  find the variant when looking at the firmware version number17:46
qwazixlast three digits are the variant (PR001 is northern europe)17:47
marxistveganhmmm i will see what i can do about the variant17:47
*** zmc has joined #nemomobile17:48
*** jpetersen has joined #nemomobile17:49
marxistveganqwazix: i wish they would print that info some where in the box17:53
*** panda84kde has quit IRC17:54
qwazixmarxistvegan, it wouldn't do very much good, as it's something one can change (well in some cases)17:54
qwazixIf you can't find it, I suggest to start trying to flash increasingly bigger numbers until you make it17:55
marxistvegani am on 001 now that is not working i am downloading the turkish one which I think is 002 or 00317:55
qwazixno, don't do that17:56
qwazixif you are on 001 you should stay on that17:56
marxistveganwell but that is the one that does not work when I try to reflash the device back to stock17:56
marxistveganit keeps saying it cannot downgrade17:57
qwazixIf you go 002 you'll never be able to go back to 001 unless Nokia releases pr1.4 (unlikely)17:57
marxistveganoh really17:57
qwazixare you sure you have the right firmware file?17:57
marxistveganany idea how I force 001 to work17:57
marxistveganthat is what i am not sure about17:57
*** gabriel9 has joined #nemomobile17:57
marxistveganI am also not sure how to confirm the firmware I should have17:57
qwazixIt shouldn't complain when trying to flash the same number17:57
marxistveganI downloaded http://skeiron.org/firmware/N9/40.2012.21.3/17:58
marxistveganthe first one17:58
marxistvegan059H2C5_RM-696 NDT 16GB ROW BLACK.tar.gz17:58
marxistvegani am going off of what I saw originally on the device when I got it, the maps were preloaded with England and the middle east countries which gives me the hint that it is a middle east phone17:59
marxistveganqwazix: I am open to suggestions17:59
qwazixmarxistvegan, just a minute18:00
qwazixmarxistvegan, take out your sim-tray18:01
qwazixthere's a sticker on it18:02
qwazixwhat's the number left of "16GB"18:02
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC18:03
qwazixthat should be the firmware variant, but I can't find it anywhere18:03
*** asterismo has quit IRC18:04
qwazixare you sure it's not 059j217?18:05
marxistveganoh i am sorry18:05
marxistvegantypo on my part18:05
marxistveganyou are correct 059J21718:05
qwazixIf it is, then you should download MEA1_MEA2_BLACK18:05
qwazix*If it is, then you should download MEA1_MEA2_BLACK_16GB.tar.gz18:06
marxistveganok i am downloading that now18:06
marxistveganwhich variant is MEA?18:06
*** plfiorini has quit IRC18:06
*** plfiorini_ has joined #nemomobile18:06
qwazix(you can see your code left of the filename)18:06
qwazixI don't know, you'll know once you untar the package18:07
marxistveganooh yeah how about that18:07
marxistveganha this is true18:07
marxistveganwell it will be nice to have a functioning phone again18:07
marxistveganqwazix: thank you for the help18:08
qwazixyou're welcome18:08
marxistveganthis should solve the problems I have run into18:08
*** plfiorini_ has quit IRC18:09
*** plfiorini_ has joined #nemomobile18:09
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile18:12
*** danielcbit has joined #nemomobile18:12
*** asterismo has joined #nemomobile18:16
marxistveganqwazix: oddly that version is taking well over an hour to download but that is fine I am off to lunch18:21
qwazixbon appetit!18:21
*** mikhas has quit IRC18:23
*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile18:27
locusfw00t: re accounts http://pastie.org/825421818:28
w00tyou need a working dbus user session18:33
locusfdbus requires x atm18:34
locusfand its dead now18:34
speciallocusf: don't run as root18:38
w00tdbus doesn't require X18:38
w00tyou can automatically find a dbus session if X is running, but that isn't a requirement18:38
*** ivanph has joined #nemomobile18:44
locusffaenil: sorry, can't help with the image today18:47
faenillocusf, what image?18:48
faenilw00t, ag-tool returns "No providers available" (don't know if this helps, just thought you needed the output :) )18:51
*** special has quit IRC18:51
w00tfaenil: you'd need to install the right stuff for it18:52
*** special has joined #nemomobile18:52
*** special has quit IRC18:52
*** special has joined #nemomobile18:52
faenilyeah I have nothing for sure18:52
*** special has quit IRC18:52
w00tbut my meaning was that you'd be able to get stuff without having an accounts ui as such18:52
*** special has joined #nemomobile18:53
faenilI was not following the discussion with locusf, just hoped the output would have been useful ;)18:53
locusffaenil: n950 wayland image18:55
faenillocusf, no problem ;) I'll study some more and then get to it18:55
locusfok, have fun :)18:55
faenilI hope I will :)18:56
faenilbe back later guys18:57
faenil^ a nice way to say Qwerty other half isn't coming in the first phone18:59
*** sledges has joined #nemomobile19:02
*** sledges has quit IRC19:02
*** sledges has joined #nemomobile19:02
*** arcean has quit IRC19:03
*** Vlad_on_the_road has joined #nemomobile19:05
*** furikku has quit IRC19:05
*** keithzg has quit IRC19:19
*** ari_ has joined #nemomobile19:20
*** lpotter has quit IRC19:21
*** lpotter has joined #nemomobile19:22
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*** Martix has joined #nemomobile19:33
*** kostaja has quit IRC19:40
zetazfaenil: the good point of the other half is that they can release after the phone, we don't need to wait for the second phone to benefit from it. I just hope they will release it not long after...19:45
* w00t hums along and hacks on systemsettings19:49
*** jpetersen_ has joined #nemomobile19:56
drachensunstskeeps: I got the mer logo working under a window in the compositor19:57
Stskeepsdrachensun: \o/19:57
Stskeepsdrachensun: what was the problem?19:57
drachensunI think it was just a package config issue19:57
*** jpetersen has quit IRC19:57
drachensunI removed qt5-qtwayland-wayland_egl19:58
drachensunand the no_egl version19:58
Stskeepsno-egl is probably the reason why stuff broke19:58
drachensunoriginally to try the one in merqt19:58
drachensunwhen that didn't have wayland19:58
drachensunI put just qt5-qtwayland-wayland_egl back from my original repo19:58
drachensunand viola19:58
Stskeepscongratulations :)19:59
drachensunthanks, you deserve most of the credit :)19:59
drachensunso how do I fire this up and use it?20:00
*** ari_ has quit IRC20:04
drachensunI used the A10 mer image, it start up Xorg then start lipstick, not sure what I need here20:06
drachensunis it wayland-brcm?20:11
*** marxistvegan has left #nemomobile20:12
*** ajalkane has joined #nemomobile20:15
Stskeepsdrachensun: i think you should first work on reproducability, like what headers was used, what configure settings, packages installed, etc20:17
Stskeepsand then it gets easier making an image20:17
drachensunok, but my goal is to have something usable, seems like I'm pretty close to being able to fire up and actual usable desktop right?20:19
drachensunfigure I should finish getting to that before I stop and document20:19
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC20:22
Stskeepsnah, document now -- qml compositor was actually a full environment20:24
Stskeepsrest is image integration20:25
Stskeepsbbl sleep20:25
drachensunI just watched vgrade rpi video, I think I see what you mean20:26
drachensunthanks for the help20:26
faenilphew, I'm back20:31
faenilzetaz, false, it depends if the "hw-extension" other halves will require a different/improved connection20:32
*** Venemo_ has joined #nemomobile20:34
faenilwhich is what I fear :(20:36
faenilbut I guess qwerty kb can also work with nfc or whatever, doesn't require good connection :)20:37
*** asterismo has quit IRC20:38
zetazfaenil: you're right, but if the connection first-other half is something that change at each device, then it is already dead... I hope they have design a good interface here, even if they can't release the other halves yet as the device is already a lot of work.20:39
zetazfaenil : HeliumReborn just started to work !20:39
faenilzetaz, the problem is designing a proprietary interface requires a lot of time20:39
faenilso either they don't require such a special interface20:39
faenilor they will have to wait after first model to work on that20:39
zetazit doesn't load the page yet, and throws a lot of errors, but it is starting to run !20:40
faenil(my 2 cents)20:40
faenilzetaz, ok :)20:40
M4rtinKone way or the other, our 3D printer is standing by :D20:40
zetazwhy designing a proprietary interface... USB and HDMI are standards, something for power and you're done, the only proprietary part would then be the connector between the two halves20:41
zetazthen the qwerty other half only has to provide a USB keyboard profile, and it becomes plug and play, no more soft two write...20:42
M4rtinKyep, I would expect a USB or SPI over a couple of pins designed fir robust interconnection to the OH20:42
zetazmy 2 cents ;)20:42
M4rtinK+points for configurable pins :)20:43
zetazM4rtinK: yes, triggering a xenon flash and synchronizing it with the photo is probably not something one would do through USB.20:44
M4rtinKif you can switch from USB/SPI to GPIO, would be nice for less sophisticated OHs (custom LEDs of flashlights)20:44
faenilzetaz, is there a mobile soc with double usb connector? ;)20:44
M4rtinKsuch "simple" OHs could be identified using a NFC tag20:44
*** Venemo_ has quit IRC20:45
zetazBut as everytime I think of something in software, Jolla does 10 times better, I don't fear ;)20:45
specialzetaz: well now I'm feeling pressured20:45
M4rtinKso the device can automatically switch to the correct connector (and system) profile20:45
zetazfaenil: the poor STM32 I have on my table has 2 USB, so I think the dual cores with HDMI and the like can have 2 also20:46
faenilzetaz, ok ;) I'm just guessing it might not be easily available since it's not widespread20:47
zetazthe other way is like on the rasberry pi where they are muxes trough an external component (If I remember correctly)20:47
M4rtinKwell, the PRi model B has 2 USB ports + the Ethernet interface is hooked-up using an internal USB port (!)20:47
zetazspecial : you work for Jolla ?20:47
faenilhonestly, what I care about is the Xenon flash ( w00t special Stskeeps who else? :D )20:47
faenilzetaz, indeed he does :D20:48
M4rtinKthp ? :)20:48
faenilthp, right :)20:48
M4rtinKand Sfiet_Konstantin IIRC20:48
M4rtinKhi, BTW :)20:48
faenilno he's an intern, not employee :)20:48
faenilhi o/20:48
w00tzetaz: a lot of us here do (but this channel isn't strictly jolla related, just another one circling the universe :p)20:48
zetazsorry, I still haven't been introduce to everyone in the familly :D20:48
zetazThese channels are so open, that at the end, I know the names, but not who works for who !20:49
faenilok I'd better get to the n9/n950 wayland image before I run out of time! :)20:49
w00tas it should be ;)20:49
w00tfaenil: yes! :)20:49
w00tthen I can put my n950 to use again20:49
faenilw00t, one day we will also have patterns :D20:50
zetazanyway, thanks for what you are all doing ! I don't want to put the pressure on you in Jolla, so far you're doing much than my expectations ;)20:50
*** asterismo has joined #nemomobile20:51
M4rtinKfaenil: looking forward to more real hardware for testing  Qt5 apps (and thp's PyOtherSide in my case) :)20:51
* w00t looks forward to just burning most of the broken qt4 packages from OBS20:52
*** arcean has joined #nemomobile20:53
*** NIN101 has quit IRC20:55
w00twe haven't really had the time/effort available to keep them building20:56
w00t(said with jolla hat on)20:56
zetazTalking of hardware, x86 is supported, but not x86_64. x86 is at least needed for the virtual machines (and it also works natively on my tablet PC), but as the main target of Mer/Nemo is mobiles devices, is there interest to add x86_64 architecture in the future (as it is probably more work than just changing a compil flag) ?20:57
Aardw00t: I still occasionally get the doublewebhooked qt4-package getting updated on jolla obs. it always feels so good to delete it :)20:58
w00tAard: ;)21:00
faenilw00t, advice against qt5-qtwayland-wayland_egl ? needed or not? it's needed on vm, but I don't know if it's one of the packages replaces by the ti wsegl21:02
w00tit's needed21:03
Aardfaenil: check the config package I did, iirc I added some dependencies there21:04
faenilAard, this you mean? https://github.com/nemomobile/nemo-configs-n950-n921:04
faenilw00t, ok21:04
Aardand the old config package needs to merged in there (iirc there are several packages we can merge in there)21:05
*** notmart has quit IRC21:05
faenilAard, I don't know how those prj xml works and what they are for21:06
Aarddidn't I explaine the magic some time ago? :p21:06
faenilAard,just explained how they're hooked to obs, but not what they're for :)21:07
specialfaenil: once there are working wayland images, I'm going to try to look at getting one going for nexus7 as well21:07
Aardfaenil: the prjconf, or the patterns?21:08
faenilspecial, great :)21:08
faenilAard, the prjconf21:08
faenilthe patterns in that package are the X11 ones, so not useful21:08
Aardfaenil: they're used to autogenerate the prjconf ('osc meta prjconf <projectname>') in obs projects21:08
faenilstill includes pulseaudio-x11 and x11 stuff21:08
faenilAard, ok, I should look up the obj prjconf then :P21:11
faenilwhat is the replacement for pulseaudio-module-x11? (and all the n900 modules?)21:14
faenilif there is any :/21:17
specialx11 can just be removed, I imagine21:17
specialwhich n900 modules?21:18
*** Venemo_ has joined #nemomobile21:18
faenilspecial, https://github.com/nemomobile/nemo-patterns/blob/patterns-n950/nokia-n950-support.yaml21:18
faenilgst nokiasrc could be x11 dependent too?21:18
specialshouldn't be21:18
faenilyou can find all the pulseaudio modules and x11 stuff in that link21:19
specialdo any of the others depend on x11?21:19
*** amccarthy has joined #nemomobile21:20
specialthe n900 ones are probably still wanted.21:20
faenilI don't know, too lazy to go get the n950 before creating the image xD21:20
*** Vlad_on_the_road has quit IRC21:20
faenilguess I have to get the n950 :P21:23
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #nemomobile21:25
faenilcan't wait for it to update though21:26
faenilI hope few months old packages won't change the results :) it's hw adapt after all21:26
w00tprobably not21:28
w00tthe hardware adaptation is kind of stagnant21:28
*** gabriel9 has joined #nemomobile21:32
faenilAard, there's no webhook for nemo-configs-n950-n9 ?21:35
*** Venemo has joined #nemomobile21:36
Aardfaenil: yes, intentional. it's not useful for nemo without additional work, and even might break stuff without merging the other bits in -> I didn't hook it up on nemo side yet21:36
faenilAard, ok, I guess I need a local repo for that one then21:37
Aardfaenil: btw, most of the n9xx related packages are not yet gitpackaged21:39
faenilAard, all these hacks not needed anymore? https://build.merproject.org/package/files?package=nokia-n950-configs&project=nemo%3Adevel%3Ahw%3Ati%3Aomap3%3An950-n921:39
faenillike what21:39
w00tmeegotouch-n950 can probably go21:39
w00tbut on the whole it's probably safer to leave stuff and just change what you need, in case someone wants to hack it to do x/whatever21:40
Aarddrop it while you move everything to git packaging :p21:41
faenilwhile *I* move everything to git packaging? :D21:41
faenilw00t, ok ;)21:41
Aardit's a valuable experience. you'll be able to tell your grandchildren about it :p21:41
faenilAard, yes but it will take a while, hacking time is finished, I will be hacking only in evenings, when possible :)21:42
faenilAard, anyway which packages are you referring to? transfer your n950 knowledge to me :P21:42
Aardwell, everything in n9xx-common and n950 repos21:43
faenilAard, well, those are already packages21:43
Aardnot in git21:43
*** arcean has quit IRC21:43
faenilohhh come on, that really is extra work which can be avoided :D21:43
Aardunless someone sneakily packaged it while I was not looking :p21:44
Aardit makes working with them a lot easier21:44
AardI'll buy you icecream if you do it :p21:45
*** Venemo has quit IRC21:45
faenilAard, icecream :Q___21:46
faenilAard, why do you want to do that? it's not like we're going to update those packages...21:49
Aardsome of them we might at some point, some of them might not be needed, or should be moved somewhere else21:50
Aardsome might be useful in a different adaptation as well, with webhooks we could just configure them to build in multiple projects21:50
faenilok, you'll be my packaging tutor then :P21:50
Aardat some point we should have no packages in nemo not coming from git packaging21:51
faenilfor tonight I'll just try the first image w00t's way, change only what's needed to make it work21:52
Aardyou want to bring up a n9 wayland image tonight?21:52
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC21:53
*** araujo has quit IRC21:53
faenilAard, well, if it works at first attempt, lol21:54
faenilit's late already, I'll just try to build the first image and see if I get it to boot21:54
*** araujo has joined #nemomobile21:55
faenilAard, if you know it can't be done because there's something missing say it now :P21:55
*** ajalkane has quit IRC21:55
Aardfaenil: everything should be in the conf, main thing is that you should make sure that the framebuffer gets kicked into 32bpp mode (which iirc the config package should take care off)21:55
faenilyes there should be fbset service to do that21:58
faenilanyway packages downloading takes ages, I'll try it tomorrow evening, or after lunch if I have some time21:59
faenilgood night people21:59
*** zetaz has left #nemomobile22:00
*** Venemo_ has quit IRC22:02
*** faenil has quit IRC22:05
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*** marxistvegan has joined #nemomobile22:31
*** cxl000 has quit IRC22:32
marxistveganhey all just wanted to touch base thanks to qwazix help earlier I flashed the n9 and now have ubiboot running with nitdroid, harmattan and nemo...only test harmattan so far22:32
*** phdeswer_ has quit IRC22:42
*** niqt has quit IRC22:42
*** special has quit IRC22:50
*** special has joined #nemomobile22:50
detroutyou can do that?23:33
detrouttri boot an N9?23:33

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