Monday, 2013-08-19

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drachensunso I've dug in a little more, but I'm still stumped as to getting test_egl to work04:42
drachensunI added some debug, the actual error is EGL_BAD_PARAMETER04:42
drachensunif that makes any difference04:42
drachensunI've got the kernel modules loaded04:46
drachensunI verified I'm using the same pvrsrvctl program as Android to init, it seems to start with no errors04:47
drachensunI checked the libraries, everything from Android is in /system04:47
drachensunalso I noticed that Android permissions were different, they had set the /dev/pvrsrvkm to 777 so I did that as well04:48
drachensunand added graphics with fb0-7 pointed back to the /dev originals04:48
drachensunis there anything else I should try?04:49
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Stskeepsstrace perhaps04:57
Stskeeps(just woke up, son on my arm, bit difficult to type05:01
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drachensunall help is appreciated05:03
drachensunI'm not seeing an strace package05:03
drachensunis it in another package?05:03
Stskeepszypper ar mer-tools05:05
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drachensunhot off the presses05:16
drachensunaccess("/system/lib/egl/", R_OK) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)05:17
drachensunthat doesn't look right05:17
drachensunthey are in the /system/lib instead of /system/lib/egl, ok can find taht05:19
Stskeepsmaybe init*rc sets up some kind of link05:20
drachensunyeah there is a v2 in the actual file and its calling without it05:21
drachensunand its POWERVR so my earlier greps of the android config wouldn't have seen it05:21
drachensunvery tricky05:21
drachensunwell now we got a segfault05:25
drachensunI guess thats progress05:25
Stskeepsit is05:25
drachensundifferent error05:25
Stskeepsit's an android built that was patched with the libhybris patch, right?05:25
drachensunso these libraries might not have been where they should have been when I extracted the headers for libhybris05:26
drachensunwould that make a difference?05:26
Stskeepsshouldn't matter05:26
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drachensunso this is where it dies05:55
drachensunreal_display = (*_eglGetDisplay)(EGL_DEFAULT_DISPLAY);05:55
drachensunline 182 egl/egl.c05:55
drachensundoes that mean its failing to find that function in the Android library?05:56
Stskeepsgdb backtrace says what?06:02
Stskeepsbtw: you're probably first one doing allwinner+modern sgx06:02
drachensunyeah,  I guess problems shouldn't be a suprise06:08
drachensunI'm ashamed to admit its been awhile since I've used gdb, gotta break out the google06:09
Stskeepsgdb test_egl should do the trick06:11
drachensun(gdb) bt06:11
drachensun#0  0x00000000 in ?? ()06:11
drachensun#1  0xb6cb2340 in ?? ()06:11
drachensun#2  0xb6cb2340 in ?? ()06:11
drachensunBacktrace stopped: previous frame identical to this frame (corrupt stack?)06:11
drachensunI was thinking I was doing something wrong with that output...06:12
drachensunI need to rebuild the tests with debug symbols I think right?06:15
Stskeepsnot worst idea in the world06:16
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timohaanyone knows something about   (I try get it compiled)06:29
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drachensunwell I think the default is built with -g06:34
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drachensunso shouldn't I be getting more than just the raw hex?06:35
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Stskeepstimoha: find packaging in OBS06:39
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rozhkov_timoha: binaries can be found here -
timohaokay, thank you06:44
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drachensunok, sorry for the newb questions, to build with debug its just ./configure --enable-debug right?07:08
drachensunI'm still not getting any symbols in gdb07:10
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drachensunis that becuase this happen internally in the powervr egl library?07:11
Stskeepspossibly, if so, copy utils/load-sym*.py to your device07:12
Stskeepssource ~/load-sym-files.py07:12
Stskeepsand load-sym-files /symbols07:12
Stskeepswhere /symbols is symbols folder from your android build07:13
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timohaany ideas, when I try compile cutefox:09:28
timohag++  -o ../qmlMozEmbedTestQt5 ../mainqt5.o ../qrc_qmlMozEmbedTestQt5.o   -L../ -lcommon -lqt5embedwidget -lQt5Quick -lQt5Qml -lQt5Network -lQt5DBus -lQt5Gui -lQt5Core -lGLESv2 -lpthread09:28
timoha/usr/lib/gcc/i586-meego-linux/4.6.4/../../../ undefined reference to `v8::ObjectTemplate::SetAccessor(v8::Handle<v8::String>, v8::Handle<v8::Value> (*)(v8::Local<v8::String>, v8::AccessorInfo const&), void (*)(v8::Local<v8::String>, v8::Local<v8::Value>, v8::AccessorInfo const&), v8::Handle<v8::Value>, v8::AccessControl, v8::PropertyAttribute, v8::Handle<v8::AccessorSignature>)'09:28
timohaI just switched to qt 5.1 so can be old dependency broken :)09:28
timohaI think, I may find the problem, but not sure yet09:30
faeniltimoha, just in case you don't know it, cutefox-qt5 is already available in the repos09:32
timohayes, but I need to compile this :)09:32
timohasolved the problem, my faulty, I just switched from qt 5.0.2 to 5.1, and there was some dep conflicts with v809:38
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* faenil dreams of a Nemo hackweek...4-5 people, 24/7 hacking Nemo...and it would get so much better :)15:36
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locusfnot a bad dream :)15:43
rcgfaenil, it's so darn tempting but my family and my other work have much higher priority15:45
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rcgat least for my other work i can add "right now" :D15:46
faenilrcg, heh yeah I can understand15:46
Aardfamilies can be sent on vacation15:46
* faenil sees a self biography note in Aard's words15:47
alteregoAard: tried that, didn't work.15:47
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Aardalterego: there's always that fallback option with that axe15:48
alteregoHeh, not sure there's much point in that15:48
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faenilme me! I guess Guest58502 is special!16:06
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fk_lxfaenil: turn your dreams in reality16:07
fk_lxfaenil: I would gladly attend such event and do some practical stuff16:07
faenilfk_lx, I will ;) if all goes well, in November :)16:07
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fk_lxseems like a far away date16:13
fk_lxsummers are better for whole week hackathons16:14
faenilfk_lx, summer is finished16:16
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faeniltime to make something out of this day16:22
faenilStskeeps, do you know anything about font packaging?16:22
*** zetaz has joined #nemomobile16:22
Stskeepsinstall ttf somewhere?16:22
faenilwhat about X11 catalogue, fontconfig?16:22
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Stskeepscheck droid sans fonts?16:24
faenildid that already16:26
faenilhence asking16:26
faenildroid Provides stuff like scalable-font-zh-TW16:27
faeniland also has .conf files16:27
faenilwhich liberation for example doesn't have (for fontconfig)16:27
faenilalso one uses mkfontdir and mkfontscale, the other doesn't...16:27
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faenilso it's not clear what I should do for opensans...16:28
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faenilStskeeps, F+++ yeah :D
faenilsource package :D16:38
faenilfontconfig file looks too simple, but we'll see :) at least we have a known-to-be-working spec .D16:39
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faenilStskeeps, was wondering, should I move to mb2? what's the difference with mb?16:53
Stskeepswell, i'm not using mb2 yet, it's a personal preference16:54
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faenilI was building the font spec, but it's looking for tar.bz2 package, while the Source0 is a .zip file16:55
Stskeepsah.. not sure mb2 handles that16:56
Stskeepsor mb16:56
faenilmb doesn't it seems16:56
faenilno problem I'll just recompress it16:57
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SuperpelicanMorpog_PC:I'll open a query17:09
Superpelicanbecause this isn't really Nemo related17:09
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Morpog_PCnow that would be an amazing mer lookalike nemo bootscreen:
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Stskeepsand not impossible, even17:54
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faenilw00t, welcome back!18:13
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marxistveganhey all I am having a little trouble with the nemo install  for the N9 anyone around?18:19
faenilwrite problem -> wait for replies :)18:20
marxistveganTrying to figure out what is the FIASCO  IMG18:20
drachensun stskeeps:  I found two files named symbols and one folder, the folder is 1.2 Gb it looks like, is that what you would expect?18:21
Stskeepsdrachensun: pretty much, if you can nfs mount it or the likes, may be saner18:22
faenilmarxistvegan, the wiki doesn't say where to get it from?18:22
marxistveganfaenil: it says it is mentioned in the recovery instructions but it is not clearly mentioned as I am not certain which it is18:23
drachensunok, just wanted to make sure, I can mount it from an SD card18:24
marxistveganfaenil: this page
marxistveganer section of the page is where the fiasco image is supposed to be found, but what does fiasco stand for?18:26
faenilmarxistvegan, not 100% sure what they mean there, as I've always used n950 dual boot method18:29
faenilbut fiasco image is a type of image18:29
faenilthey could be referring to the .bin found here
marxistveganfaenil: hmmm that could be it I will download that and try18:30
marxistveganI made an attempt yesterday and used the recovery image and realized that was not the correct one to use as the phone would not boot18:31
faenilmarxistvegan, which one did you use?18:31
faenilit could also be that they're referring to the full n9 firmware image18:32
marxistveganfaenil: this one DFL61_HARMATTAN_40.2012.21-3_PR_LEGACY_001-OEM1-958_ARM.bin18:33
faenilthat could be correct (as this is the only one referenced in the recovery section)18:33
marxistveganfaenil: then i must be doing something wrong with the zimage-moslo in that command18:34
faenilmarxistvegan, I confirm that you should be using DFL61 image for that command18:37
marxistveganfaenil: ok i will try that again then18:38
faenilbut I have no experience with n9, I have always only installed it on the n95018:38
marxistveganfaenil: so I am on the reboot part of those instructions18:40
marxistveganand I unplugged the usb and reconnected it quickly18:40
marxistveganjust waiting on the screen to do its thing18:40
marxistveganthe light goes solid and blinks a number of times18:41
marxistveganthen reboots with the USB symbol in the top right but still shows nokia18:41
*** danielcbit has quit IRC18:42
faenildid flasher succeed?18:42
locusfyou probably need a good dualboot kernel18:42
marxistveganyes it said success at the end18:42
marxistveganlocusf: hhmmm how do I do that part?18:42
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC18:43
marxistveganlocusf: is that the openmode kernel?18:43
locusfmarxistvegan: yes18:44
marxistveganlocusf: how do I install that?18:45
locusfmarxistvegan: follow the guide18:46
locusfmarxistvegan: are you trying to dualboot nemo?18:46
marxistveganlocusf: at the moment yes18:47
marxistveganbut I figure i would ideally like nemo/firefoxOS18:47
marxistveganas the dualboot but starting with harmattan and nemo18:47
locusfmarxistvegan: ok18:49
marxistveganlocusf: where is the guide for that I am not seeing it18:52
*** Superpelican has quit IRC18:56
marxistveganlocusf: does this seem right "sudo flasher -a DFL61_HARMATTAN_40.2012.21-3_PR_LEGACY_001-OEM1-958_ARM.bin -k zImage-kernel-moslo-n9 -f"18:56
locusfmarxistvegan: yes18:57
marxistveganlocusf: i think that is working18:58
marxistveganlocusf: i am getting ERR: Re-partioning failed! No partition created19:02
locusfmarxistvegan: tough luck :/, don't know what to do about that19:04
marxistveganhmm after i unplugged the USB it continues to boot to harmattan19:04
marxistveganoh wait19:05
*** nodevel has quit IRC19:05
marxistveganlocusf: is nemo fully functional replacement of harmattan?19:06
locusfmarxistvegan: it tries to be :)19:06
marxistveganlocusf: the singleboot is not recommended in the guide...but i spose it is worth trying at this point19:06
*** piggz has joined #nemomobile19:09
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faenilyess theme inheritance is finally fixed :)19:19
w00tfaenil: please review and make sure you are happy19:21
faenilw00t, what bothers me is on-device behaviour (we don't have device wayland image yet) :/ but yeah, I'll do what I can19:22
locusfah yes, I forgot to fix the -platform wayland19:22
w00tas close to perfect as possible is OK for now, further fixing is always possible after that (I guess device images are next steps)19:22
locusfw00t: is the -platform wayland a problem in your opinion?19:23
faenillocusf, yes it's not needed19:23
faenilit's already set in the env19:23
w00tyes, just drop it and assume the environment will do the right thing19:23
locusfok, its alright in qmlgallery19:24
faenillocusf, see
locusffaenil: ok19:24
faenilw00t, it seems mb doesn't resolve global defines in the package name, is that known?19:25
w00tyeah, it can't really handle them at present19:26
locusffixed the launcher of qmlfilemuncher19:28
*** Vlad_on_the_road has joined #nemomobile19:30
w00tlocusf: nemo-qml-plugin-folderlistmodel failed to build, can you take a look?19:32
*** kostaja has quit IRC19:32
locusfw00t: yes, its the late removal of Qt5Quick19:33
w00twhat error does it give?19:34
w00t(sorry, I honestly did not expect that to give trouble..)19:35
locusfProject ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: quick gui19:35
w00tah.. forgot to remove it from the .pro19:36
w00tshould be ok once that goes away I'd think19:36
locusfah yes19:36
w00ti'll remove it19:37
* w00t crosses fingers19:42
w00tok, passing now19:43
w00tfaenil: didn't you have a wiki overview of porting btw?19:43
faenilw00t, yup19:44
faenilwill update that in a few mins19:44
w00tlocusf: re: accounts, you could try poke accounts via ag-tool (command line tool)19:46
*** louisdk has joined #nemomobile19:46
w00ti'll see how feasible poking settings is this week, but i'm going to be a bit backlogged for the next days at least after holiday19:47
faenillocusf, what happened to my comments on qmlgallery? :O19:47
locusffaenil: I dunno19:47
faenilcan you still see them?19:47
locusffaenil: nope19:47
locusffaenil: but I got the email19:47
*** shmerl has joined #nemomobile19:49
locusffaenil: so do you want me to fix the include as forward decl?19:49
faenillocusf, I was just curious19:49
faenilI think forward declaration is always better, when possible19:49
shmerlHi. I was trying to build Nemo for Nexus 7, but I got a problem installing mic in the Mer SDK. Any idea how to get python 2.7 installed there? It doesn't even appear to be available in the repos.19:49
locusffaenil: ok19:50
faenilw00t, just out of curiosity, what considerations can you make about ?19:51
shmerlI get this:
*** xmlich02 has quit IRC19:52
w00tshmerl: should be available from mer-core..19:53
w00tfaenil: keeping them if possible is better19:53
faenilw00t, ok, thank you19:54
shmerlHm. mer-core is configured for me as this: baseurl=
locusfok, I'll keep them then19:54
w00tshmerl: is there19:54
faenilw00t, keep forw declaration you mean right?19:54
w00tfaenil: yes19:55
faenillocusf, anyway it's just a nitpick, if you can fix that right away, otherwise I don't think it's that big of an issue19:55
shmerlAh, I see. It's there but installing it breaks other packages.19:55
w00tthe advantage of a forward declaration is that it doesn't need to process the include, so less parsing (and opening of that header, and all the headers from it..)19:55
shmerlWhat's the right way to install it?19:55
faeniland recompiling when the included headers change...etc etc19:55
locusffaenil: fixed19:56
faenillocusf, great thanks ;)19:56
locusffaenil: np :)19:56
w00tshmerl: actually, it looks like it's just complaining about the build counts19:56
w00tshmerl: solution 1 may be safe19:56
faenillocusf, ok I'd say my previous comments just disappeared into the void :D19:56
faenilanyway doesn't matter19:57
locusffaenil: yeah19:57
shmerlI see. Thanks.19:57
locusfsome github wizardry19:57
shmerlDowngrading them means both packages are in the repo? Or I have to manually get rpms somewhere?19:58
w00tshmerl: just say '1', and it will hopefully sort it out for youy19:59
w00tfaenil (and anyone else interested): i'd like to propose (after the porting dust settles..) merging the apps repos into one tree, to easier share parts instead of fiddling around with specific 'api' exports like we have in gallery/contacts/etc at the moment - should also make making changes that affect the whole tree at once a bit easier - any objections?19:59
shmerlAh, thanks.19:59
faenilw00t, can you elaborate more about why that needs to be done?20:00
w00tfaenil: there's no specific need, other than making life easier20:00
faenilyeah why does it make life easier :)20:01
w00twhen making 'api changes', you'd be able to make them to a single repository/pull request, instead of one to e.g. qmlgallery, and one to every application using it (e.g. qmlcontacts)20:01
w00teasier sharing/reuse of logic and components, other resources..20:01
faenilw00t, is API replicated at the moment?20:02
w00tnot exactly20:02
w00tit's installed by qmlgallery and used by contacts20:02
w00tit's a bit awkward, basically20:02
faenilohhh ok I got what you meant now20:02
faenildon't know, I liked separate repos more, but it's ok to merge them20:03
w00tthey'll still keep their history (I researched how to do such merging in a non-destructive way..) so there's no real downside other than that i'll have to do a bit of packaging mangling to get everything to build ok20:04
shmerlHm. mic failed like this:20:15
shmerlError <creator>: Package installation failed: <creator>URLGrabber error:
shmerlThat URL is indeed invalid.20:15
faenilw00t, gallery failed but only on armv7hl, weird issue20:15
w00tshmerl: try again20:17
w00tsometimes you may try to build just at the wrong time (as someone makes a release)20:17
w00tfaenil: i'm going to assume act of god and ask it to rebuild20:17
shmerlI see. There is libqofono-qt5-0.36-25.1.Nemo.armv7hl.rpm there indeed.20:18
faenilw00t, roger20:18
w00tfaenil: what theme issues now20:19
*** asterismo has quit IRC20:19
faenilw00t, same, nemo-theme-default PR wasn't accepted, so I don't have that one20:19
*** asterismo has joined #nemomobile20:19
w00tfaenil: hrm20:20
w00ti'd still expect most of it to work after the qt-components fixes20:20
w00tgive it a shot20:20
*** ajalkane has joined #nemomobile20:21
faenilw00t, qmlcomponentsgallery is still messed up, so I'd say qt-components fix wasn't enough in my case :/20:22
w00tfaenil: what shows in journal20:23
w00talternatively, do you have a recent VM?20:23
faenilw00t, VM is all up to date20:23
w00tno, as in, an image for me :)20:23
w00tI don't have it20:23
faeniloh :D20:23
faenilks will do?20:24
faeniluploading an image with this adsl will take ages20:24
w00tcan try, but it's been over a year since i built an image, so ymmv20:24
locusfnice and lime :)20:24
w00tlocusf: yeah, now i made you have to get back to work, huh? ;)20:24
locusfw00t: heheh :)20:25
w00tgood work20:25
w00tfaenil: did i see some backscroll about the fonts issue btw?20:26
w00tlocusf: music player build failed20:27
faenilI was about to say musicplayer doesn't start on VM :D20:27
w00toh, hold on20:27
w00tit only failed on one architecture20:27
locusfarmv7hl again20:27
w00tarmv7hl seems to be a bit flaky20:27
locusfsame as qmlgallery20:28
*** Vlad_on_the_road has quit IRC20:28
faenilw00t, we decided we'll use OpenSans for glacier UI (if that's what you were referring to)20:29
w00tfaenil: not sure20:29
w00tI think I saw something about fonts, that's all I know20:29
w00tI was on 3g and walking fast at the time ;)20:29
shmerlGood, it got built now.20:29
faenilw00t, was it today?20:29
w00tfaenil: no20:30
w00t1-x days ago20:30
faenilw00t, okay then yeah we were just talking about which font to use20:30
w00twhere x is a number smaller than 720:30
w00tI think20:30
faeniland since Source Sans doesn't have semibold and doesn't support cyrillic (iirc)20:30
faenilwe'll use OpenSans which does both20:30
w00ti thought it was packaging related, but okay20:31
faenilw00t, okay then it was me asking how to package a font, because liberation/droid/blabla all do it in a different way20:31
faenilone uses mkfontdir and mkfontscale,20:31
faenilthe other uses x11 catalogue20:31
faenilone has fontconfig files, the other doesnt'20:32
w00tI was hoping this was something related to the disgusting fonts with qt520:32
faeniletc etc :)20:32
w00tI had somewhat of a look into that but still haven't found out what is going on other than the font choices seem totally wrong20:32
faenilbut yeah the top of the "o" is cut on VM20:32
faenilfont choice is wrong? didn't know that20:33
w00twell.. it's picking a serif font where it should be a sans, unless that doesn't show on emulator, but i seem to recall seeing a screenshot demonstrating the same problem20:33
faenillocusf, why is qmlmediaplayer in /opt/qmlmediaplayer/bin/ ?20:34
faenilw00t, don't know, font is different from x11 for sure20:34
w00tfaenil: media player's codebase was 'inherited'20:35
w00tthat's the sort of inconsistency that will be a lot easier to spot (and fix up) once everything is in one tree20:35
*** arcean has joined #nemomobile20:37
faenilhere's why it wasn't running on vm :)20:40
faenillocusf, for future reference:
locusffaenil: it was like that to begin with20:41
*** piggz has quit IRC20:41
faenillocusf, ?20:41
*** piggz has joined #nemomobile20:42
locusffaenil: it was like that before I even ported it20:42
faenillocusf, I don't think so :D20:43
locusffaenil: ok, noted20:43
faenilthat is Qt5 stuff20:43
locusffaenil: ah I meant the /opt20:43
faenileheh :P20:45
faenilw00t, that is something which should be fixed though, the booster type is different from the package name, so people mistype it20:46
locusfgoing to sleep, good night20:47
faenillocusf, good night, and thanks for the contributions :)20:48
faenilw00t, I'll try with the manual hack (cp -r base blanco) because nothing is fixed so far20:51
w00tdoesn't make a lot of sense, honestly, but i'll see what happens when/if I get this VM working20:51
faenilI can give you journal if that's what you need20:52
faenilw00t, oh look20:53
faenilAug 19 23:52:51 localhost lipstick[297]: MLocalThemeDaemonClient::MLocalThemeDaemonClient(const QString&, QObject*) Theme:  "blanco"20:53
faenilAug 19 23:52:51 localhost lipstick[297]: MLocalThemeDaemonClient::MLocalThemeDaemonClient(const QString&, QObject*) Theme "blanco"  is invalid20:53
w00tany errors about dbus?20:54
faenilAug 19 23:52:48 localhost lipstick[297]: No plugin configuration set in /usr/share/lipstick/devicelock/devicelock.conf20:55
faenilAug 19 23:52:48 localhost lipstick[297]: Method "GetAll" with signature "s" on interface "org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties" doesn't exist20:55
drachensunok, so I've got a nemomobile rootfs here and say I wan't to abandon my efforts with libhybris for the moment and just run wayland without HW acceleration, is that possible?  how do I try that?20:57
drachensunsay I want, I don't know where that ' came from20:57
faenilw00t, anyway, here's journal at boot20:58
w00tdrachensun: qtquick2 required working gles, so, not really20:58
w00tfaenil: Aug 19 23:52:30 localhost systemd[234]: Failed to open private bus connection: Failed to connect to socket /run/user/100000/dbus/user_bus_socket: No s20:59
w00tuch file or directory20:59
w00tlittle concerning20:59
drachensunw00t: Ok, I guess I'm stuck with X, thanks for the info20:59
faenilw00t, :/21:00
w00tdrachensun: if you poke #libhybris on freenode (iirc) and/or stskeeps, they may be able to help point you in the right direction21:00
faeniland that file really doesn't exist21:01
faenilsledgeSim, o/21:01
sledgeSimMThemeDaemon has blanco hardcoded21:01
*** ajalkane has quit IRC21:01
sledgeSimdarko via dbus is still not passable because of mlite breakage21:01
sledgeSimbest is to cp -r darko blanco21:02
sledgeSimfor now21:02
sledgeSimtoget full blown theme21:02
faenilsledgeSim, please add that to the wiki, I was going mad :D21:02
*** NIN101 has quit IRC21:02
sledgeSimand i was going on holiday :P sorry21:02
faenilsledgeSim, you win :D21:02
sledgeSimwill do, btw, qt components got merged only few hours ago :)21:03
w00tmlite isn't broken21:03
sledgeSimim setting up dev env now here in spain on my netbook lol21:03
faenilsledgeSim, yeah well I thought that PR had THE fix :D21:03
sledgeSimyes, w00t the dbus infrastructure within wayland vm is21:03
w00tyeah, ok - just making sure we're on the same page21:03
w00tby the sounds of that, something dbus-related is missing from the session setup indeed21:03
shmerlOK, Nemo got installed on Nexus 7 using this ks from kulve:
faenilyay for dbus infra withing wayland :D21:04
shmerlBut it doesn't really come up with the interface.21:04
shmerlJust "reached target Graphical Interface" message and that's it.21:04
sledgeSimdbus is there from your ks faenil , but something is not creating all needed ~/.gconf/...21:04
* w00t glares at the VM21:05
faenilsledgeSim, no idea what's missing sorry21:06
w00tok, doesn't look like I can get this working with vmware..21:07
faenilmm Sailfish VM works on vmware? :P21:07
w00tI have no idea, I don't use it21:08
* w00t doesn't understand why it won't work..21:08
*** arcean has quit IRC21:09
faenilw00t, well, don't know how you can do the same as the VBoxManage command in the wiki21:10
faenilbut that VBoxManage command is top priority, won't run without that (it's probably run by a script in sailfish sdk21:10
marxistveganhey I am back...I had to run and do  a number of I am not having any success with the single boot on the N9 has anyone succeeded with it?21:15
faenilyou have to look for someone running nemo on n9 :)21:15
faenilbut I think it's rare to find someone using the single boot :)21:16
marxistveganfaenil: even the dual boot is not working to my advantage :(21:16
faenilthen you might have more luck :)21:16
sledgeSimmarxistvegan, tried single non-persistent boot with that kernel ling you got given today?21:17
marxistvegansledgeSim: no i have not tried that yet21:18
sledgeSimor is it still the re-partitionong problem ? (there is an n9 install troubleshooting section in wiki -- applicable?)21:18
marxistvegani just deleted the nitdroid i had installed thinking that may have botched things21:18
sledgeSimcould well be21:21
sledgeSimif you don't care you can just reflash your n9 to an orig state21:21
sledgeSimor give a shot to ubiboot before that:
drachensunok I think maybe I should be setting up a softfloat rootfs for nemomobile, maybe that was the problem21:22
drachensunis there a recent kickstart file for an arm softfloat setup?21:22
sledgeSimdrachensun, which platform?21:22
sledgeSimout of interest :}21:22
marxistvegansledgeSim: trying now21:22
faenilsledgeSim, are you sure dbus isn't working on the vm? it seems strange that almost everything else is working21:22
sledgeSimfaenil, i said dbus is perfect on it ;P21:22
sledgeSimit's the gconf that is not creating settings db under $HOME21:23
drachensunsledgeSim: I was using
*** shmerl has left #nemomobile21:23
marxistvegansledgeSim: i keep getting the repartitiion error21:23
sledgeSimdrachensun, yes, but what is your real hw?21:23
faenilsledgeSim, ok :) but user_bus_socket doesn't exist atm :/21:23
drachensunsledgeSim: ah ok, its an allwinner A31 tablet21:23
sledgeSimmarxistvegan, then you need to telnet in ;)21:23
sledgeSimfaenil, ?21:23
marxistvegansledgeSim: trying that now but telnet keeps freezing21:24
faenilsledgeSim, nothing, ignore that, I was checking as root21:24
marxistveganliterally right before hitting enter21:24
faenilnemo*, not root21:24
gryi can't see a 'hwclock' package; clock keeps resetting after each restart for some reason21:25
w00tgry: what hardware? try talk to PMG anyway during european daytime, he'll likely have an idea21:26
grynokia n95021:26
*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile21:26
sledgeSimdrachensun, you'll have to build an armv7l flavour yourself (just take .ks from there and adapt to armv7l)21:27
sledgeSim(by simply replacing)21:27
w00tgry: I seem to recall that dsme is involved in RTC setting somehow21:27
drachensunsledgeSim: Ok thanks21:27
marxistvegansledgeSim: I am looking at the instructions for the nokia 16gb which i have and i am not sure how to delete the partition and create the new one21:27
gryi don't yet know what dsme or rtc are21:27
faenilsledgeSim, w00t do you have any idea what should create what's missing in gconf?21:28
w00tfaenil: no21:28
w00tmy suspicion is that that entry from journal was related21:29
w00tbut I don't know that for sure21:29
faenilw00t, though dbus works21:29
faenilit's used in other apps21:29
w00tyes, but something is obviously failing to connect, else it wouldn't tell you that ;)21:30
faenilvoicecall, for example21:30
w00tso it could be down to timing, or who knows21:30
w00tor i could be barking up the wrong tree too21:30
faenilw00t, user_bus_socket is not available for nemo user, if that means something21:32
w00tls -alh /run/user/100000/dbus/user_bus_socket21:33
faenilshows in nemo as well21:33
faenilsrw-r--r-- 1 nemo nemo 0 2013-08-19 23:52 /run/user/100000/dbus/user_bus_socket21:33
w00tso it is available (owner is correct, has u+rw)21:34
faenilw00t, don't know what I did, ignore21:34
faenilyes it's available21:34
drachensunsledgeSim: Working like a charm21:35
faenilw00t, anyway font looks serif on VM21:36
*** marxistvegan has quit IRC21:37
faenilsledgeSim, can you check if Sailfish VM has those files?21:38
sledgeSimdrachensun, good stuff21:38
sledgeSimyes iirc21:38
sledgeSimthe prob is: `gconftool2 -g /meego/theme/name` works fine21:38
*** marxistvegan has joined #nemomobile21:38
sledgeSimbut mlite doesn't :(21:39
sledgeSim(but gconftool2 falls back to /etc/gconf/...defaults when it oesn't find things under $HOME)21:39
faenilwhile mlite doesn't21:39
w00tps aux | grep gconf21:41
faenilsledgeSim, No value set for `/meego/theme/name' here21:41
*** zetaz has left #nemomobile21:41
faenilw00t, nemo       358  0.0  0.3   6892  1808 ?        S    Aug19   0:00 /usr/libexec/gconfd-221:41
MerbotNemo bug 358 in Home "Launcher and Switcher models should provide capability for reordering of items" [Enhancement,New]
sledgeSimfaenil, to set the valuie21:42
sledgeSimexecute as root21:42
sledgeSimgconftool2 -s /meego/theme/name21:42
sledgeSimbut now i need to re-recall the all correct syntax21:42
faenilsledgeSim, I understood it worked without setting the value before...21:42
sledgeSimat any rate, we need to have db created under $HOME first and foremost21:42
faenilso it's not a reading problem, the value isn't set at all21:42
w00tyou mean /meegotouch/theme/name21:42
sledgeSimw00t, thanks for already travelling the correct memory lane for me :D21:43
faenilw00t, no value set21:43
w00tfaenil: rpm -q meegotouch-theme-darko21:43
*** sdjayna has quit IRC21:44
w00tI'll have a look at darko tomorrow, something looks strange with it21:45
faenilanyway, should darko be included by default in the vm image?21:45
sledgeSimgood measure is to look into how nemo starts on old VMs (bare VM and $HOME/.gconf state after first boot)21:45
w00twell, ideally not21:45
w00tgetting rid of it would be nice21:45
sledgeSimw00t, what's with darko?21:46
w00tfaenil: after setting /meegotouch/theme/name to base (or darko) and restarting, do you have any change, btw?21:47
w00tsledgeSim: it's restrictively licensed, and more or less useless with nemo-theme-default around21:47
* w00t yawns21:49
*** louisdk has quit IRC21:50
faenilw00t, better, toolbar and buttons show21:52
faenil(set as base)21:52
w00tok, so it's a "simple" matter of it not being set21:53
w00tthat's fixable21:53
faenilbut something set that in x1121:53
w00tit's possible that it was previously set in kickstarts, i really don't know21:54
faenilcould be21:54
w00tI'll massage it into the packaging, we do the same thing for jolla's theme, so I guess it's the better thing to do21:54
w00tbut not tonight21:54
* w00t is braindead after getting up at 3am21:54
*** sdjayna has joined #nemomobile21:55
faenilyeah I'm going to bed as well, and should start studying tomorrow :/21:55
faenilgood night people21:55
marxistvegangood night faenil21:56
marxistveganthanks for the tips we will see if I can get this darn thing working21:56
faenilmarxistvegan, good luck21:58
Aardfaenil: how many tries do you have left? ;)21:58
faenilAard, tries as in?21:58
*** danielcbit has joined #nemomobile21:59
Aardhow often can you fail whatever you're learning for without getting kicked out21:59
faenilI can fail all the times I want21:59
faenilyou don't get kicked out for failing exams21:59
sledgeSimblipping spain, netbook overheated :))22:00
*** sdjayna has quit IRC22:00
faenilsledgeSim, lol22:00
Aardinteresting. I remember people having something like 3 tries, and if they fail they get kicked out of university22:00
Aardso, since you have unlimited lives, why bother learning? :p22:00
*** sdjayna has joined #nemomobile22:01
sledgeSimmarxistvegan, use fdisk under telnet22:01
sledgeSimand check the troubleshooting wiki on partitionings22:01
marxistvegansledgeSim: the issue i run into with telnet is it freezes pretty quickly...i have about a 30 second window to do things22:02
sledgeSimmarxistvegan, usb networking borky? under ubuntu22:02
marxistvegani am in debian22:02
marxistveganbut yeah22:02
faenilAard, because I want to get out of uni as soon as possible, and with highest mark22:02
faenilbut as soon as possible has priority :)22:02
sledgeSimmarxistvegan, networkmanager disabled and such malarkey?22:03
marxistvegansledgeSim: do I need to do that?22:04
*** marxistvegan has quit IRC22:04
*** marxistvegan has joined #nemomobile22:04
marxistveganwhoops disconnected by mistake22:04
sledgeSimyou need to prevent your static ip address from resetting22:05
sledgeSimif that's the case of telnet freezing ofc22:05
marxistveganhmm i though changing /etc/network/interfaces would have done that22:05
marxistvegani should try it disconnected from the net22:05
sledgeSimwell, when telnet freezes as you say, check ifconfig usb0 what it says22:06
sledgeSimyou might also have a dodgy usb cable22:06
sledgeSimas telnet should not just freeze once every blue moon :)22:06
marxistvegansledgeSim: hmmm good idea22:07
sledgeSimnite faenil22:08
faenilAard, also, the 3 lives game wouldn't work here as there are few exams (2 or 3 in the five years) which require more than 3 tries for 95% (or more?) of the students22:09
sledgeSimw00t, gconftools -s ... via root creates the db under /etc/gconf/gconf.defaults/%gc....22:09
sledgeSimand that persists across reboots22:09
Aardfaenil: in other countries they use that to eliminate students22:09
faenilAard, I agree with that22:09
sledgeSimfaenil, which subjects? :D22:09
sledgeSimour killers were Calculus and Theory of Computing22:10
faenilAard, but at the same time, with that limit prof wouldn't give you a bad mark like they do here22:10
Aardfaenil: depends on the prof. on some universities they count with a significantly reduced number of students for about 3rd semester22:11
faenilsledgeSim, Architecture of computers, Principle of Programming Languages (advanced stuff, it's in 5th year), Networks, Calculus22:11
sledgeSimoh yes, how could i ever forget architecture of computers :D22:11
faenilAard, I guess that always applies, we were 240 first year, from 3rd year we were 3022:12
sledgeSimalso compilers' theory22:12
Aardfaenil: it's better to make sure it does :p22:12
faenilAard, most of the people just get stuck at those exams :) they're not kicked out, but still, they keep failing22:12
faenilsledgeSim, yes compilers theory is 1st semester of Principle of Programming Languages (it's an annual course)22:13
Aardhaving them fail too long is just a waste of taxes22:13
faenilAard, agree22:13
faenilAard, but the real problem is, sometimes they should just kick some profs out of the place22:13
Aardoh, I had some fun with sadistic profs22:14
Aardthough it was outside of university, as I never studied ;)22:14
faenilanyway, really time to head to bed now :) good night!22:15
*** faenil has quit IRC22:15
*** Guest58502 is now known as special22:21
*** special has joined #nemomobile22:21
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC22:22
*** Morpog_PC has quit IRC22:24
*** piggz has quit IRC22:33
*** marxistvegan has quit IRC22:36
*** notmart has quit IRC22:40
*** fk_lx has left #nemomobile22:50
*** Hurrian has quit IRC23:34
*** cxl000 has quit IRC23:38
*** sdjayna has quit IRC23:39

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