Friday, 2013-09-06

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Morpog_N9morning :D10:42
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juicemereally quiet day, this :)11:38
juicemewhere's everybody now?11:39
locusfyesterday was too11:39
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locusfall the jolla guys are sailing11:39
juicemenoticed that.11:39
juicemeaa some outig or smthng?11:39
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juicemejust tried the wayland image on N9 today.11:40
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locusfyeah an outing11:40
locusfcool :)11:41
locusfgood to know that more and more people are trying it11:41
juicemeboot nice but it's kind of lacking as it is... lots of the stuff that was already on the X11 version is missing.11:41
juicemeyes :)11:41
juicememaybe I could be of some help11:42
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juicemehiya wook w|aw :)11:42
locusfdo you have account?11:44
juicemeno, not yet.11:44
juicemewho can grant me one?11:45
locusfyou yourself :)11:45
juicemeahh :)11:45
locusfwe should have a component for all wayland stuff11:45
locusfAFAIU there is nothing like that yet11:45
juicemenow I've got an account there :)11:47
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mikhasis the wayland image noticeably faster?11:49
locusfjuiceme: which image did you download btw?11:50
locusfmikhas: it depends on the terminology of "faster" :)11:50
juicememikhas, difficult to say really. I'd imagine the speed is better on difficult compositions but basic stuff like there is now does not show up the advantage.11:51
juicemelocusf, it was this image given by sledges11:52
juicemedid not try yet to update anything on it, just booted, checked some basic things like made one phone call etc...11:53
juicemethe fonts are somehow bit strangish on it :)11:53
locusfjuiceme: ok cool11:54
juicemehave you tried it ?11:54
locusfjuiceme: the first release could really bite someone11:54
locusfI have my own build running atm11:54
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juicemeokay. Using some virtual machine,?11:54
locusfnope, my own n911:55
juicemeah ok. that different from the one I tried?11:55
locusfI don't know11:56
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juicemeneed to go now...11:59
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Mric_can wait to see glacier UI implemeted in wayland :)14:18
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locusfbtw how are the Glacier UI specs doing these days?15:40
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Morpog_locusf, you can follow the progress on grog blog16:47
locusfyeah noticed16:47
Morpog_I did a simple theme for maliit nemo plugin keyboard, so just exchanged graphics. It's fine for a quick glacier UI switch, but for a final version it should be redone with more states and better qml design.16:48
Morpog_couldn't test it anywhere yet though :)16:49
locusfok :)16:49
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locusfoh yeah since maliit is broken, right16:54
locusfMorpog_: could you upload it somewhere so I could test it?16:54
Morpog_it already is16:55
locusfah ok16:56
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Morpog_black text on popper could be too dark, maybe change it in qml file to white16:58
locusfhmm I've been forking a lot these days16:58
Morpog_should be white anyways16:58
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faenillocusf, hey :)17:12
faenilI'm so happy, one of 2 most difficult exams in master is gone :D17:13
faenilcan't believe it!17:13
locusffaenil: you passed? congrats man :)17:13
locusfoutstanding :)17:14
faenilI'm freaking happy :D17:14
faenilit was very important to pass it (for a lot of reasons)17:14
locusfnice job man :)17:15
faenil3 left to go17:16
locusfmy qmake is acting up17:16
faenileh, qmake is always acting :D17:16
locusfI'm trying to build maliit-plugins from Morpog_'s graphics17:16
locusfbut afaik the plugins are broken17:17
Morpog_congrats faenil17:17
faenilthanks amn :)17:17
faenillocusf, oh...strange, if it builds on OBS17:18
faenilI'm about to push maliit fix ;)17:18
faenilthe dirty one17:18
*** wmarone has joined #nemomobile17:18
locusfwell I can take it if its prettier than setOpacity :p17:18
faenilit's the shader stuff17:18
faenildid you find a better fix?17:19
faenilah, ok17:19
locusfnot enough skillz17:21
faenilscp: read-only filesystem... uh?17:21
faenileh, same here, it's a mess :)17:21
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locusfdid you push the reparent issue?17:24
locusfmaliit start in another window now after reboot17:24
locusfah I forgot that the fix is in colorful-home17:25
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faenilI didn't push anything yet17:28
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faenilmaliit not working correctly :/17:32
Morpog_faenil, what I don't understand with this maliit (or qtwayland) bug: Why isn't it happening in sailfishos?17:32
faenilbecause they use the same fix that I'm pushing17:33
*** arcean_ has joined #nemomobile17:33
Morpog_Ah, ok, so that fix is already being used in sailfishos?17:33
faenilit's jolla's guys who gave me the fix17:33
locusfno wonder its not fixed then if even they couldn't do it :D17:34
faenilwell I think it's been there for quite a while, and they're working on other stuff17:34
faenilalso, they use shaders a lot, so they may also need that thing for other reasons17:34
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faenilok PR for maliit fix is ready17:48
faenilw00t, ^17:49
faenildinner, bbl17:50
*** Vlad_on_the_road has joined #nemomobile17:51
Morpog_i hate inkscape :(17:51
*** faenil has quit IRC17:55
locusfhmm my maliit plugins are blocked :/18:04
*** jreznik has quit IRC18:07
locusftested faenils fix, it works perfectly :)18:08
locusfFiles could not be expanded: service in progress18:15
locusfhmm wtf18:15
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locusffaenil: tested your fix, all ok18:38
faenillocusf, yeah read the comment, thank you ;)18:38
faenilwe have to hide the window from task switcher now18:38
locusfyeah :D18:39
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faenilI'll test and push afterwards18:41
Morpog_qwazix, how do you do those 45 degree lines in disabled buttons? I tried with pattern and rotated pattern, but it doesn't tile well :(18:48
qwazixpattern in inkscape, (shift+ctrl+f) and then rotate using the node tool (doubleclick the object)18:49
qwazixI have a tileable png in the repo, did you try that?18:50
qwazixMorpog_ just pushed the latest, you can download the svg and see how it's done18:52
faenilwe're closing to beginning components work guys :)18:54
Morpog_great :)18:54
Morpog_I try to workout how to do vkb keys best, so they can be produced from SVG's in different sizes18:55
Morpog_qwazix, in your spec you define disabled button as opacity 0.3, but what color?18:57
Morpog_just white?18:57
Morpog_also qwazix I only find png's on github?18:58
qwazixhmm, lemme check18:58
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qwazixwhen spec doesn't specify something, it means it's as above, so in that case white19:01
qwazixthere's a bug in the disabled important button19:02
qwazixthe text is light instead of semibold19:02
qwazixfixing now, will push to github along with next control19:02
qwazix(hopefully tomorrow)19:03
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Morpogqwazix, thanks, that file helped me, so easy when you know how to do it properly...... I tried it with a custom pattern which I created.....19:34
Morpogbtw, you specified 14% opacity, but you specced it 30%?19:35
Morpogerr, you used 14% in file but specced it 30%19:35
qwazixaligning custom patterns is a tough one19:35
qwazix0.3 opacity is for the *text* not the pattern19:35
Morpogoh, my bad :)19:36
qwazixthe pattern is full opacity, because I exported the .png already at 0.1419:36
Morpogah ok19:36
faenil^ Maliit window is now hidden from App Switcher :)19:36
qwazixfaenil, \o/19:36
faenilok, so, keyboard should be working more or less now ;)19:37
faeniliekku, ping19:38
faenilthp, that may be on purpose, but I've seen the commit to systemsettings doesn't have a [tag] :)19:39
thpfaenil: good catch; there should probably be "[nemo] Add developer mode settings plugin" in the commit message19:43
iekkufaenil, pong19:44
faenilthp, yeah well I think tag is completely up to you ;) usually the short name of the repo is used, for general stuff19:44
faenillike [settings] blabla19:44
faenilor [devmode] dev mode settings backend19:44
faenilbut those are just my opinions ;)19:44
faeniliekku, hey lady :) I was thinking if maybe it was the case to hide all the x11 nemo bugs in some hidden folder, and create new folders for wayland nemo19:45
faenilso that we can fill those in19:45
iekkufaenil, i think we need separate component, yes.19:46
*** n9mx1 has quit IRC19:46
iekkufaenil, could you please write a bug for that? and cc me?19:46
faeniliekku, I think it is important to put all x11 in a subfolder19:47
faeniland then use the current structure for wayland19:47
locusfgood idea19:47
*** wook has left #nemomobile19:47
thpfaenil: it depends on the tar_git settings in obs. (see
locusfI was talking to juiceme about this19:48
faenilthp, what do you mean?19:48
faeniltar_git just needs one [tag] for each release19:48
iekkufaenil, that's possible too. i could move x11 related to some place else19:49
thpfaenil: tar_git picks up these [tags] and creates the .changes file19:49
iekkufaenil, but please, fill a bug. it needs bit of thinking and conversation before i start changes19:49
faenilthp, yes exactly, it's not important what you put in the tag ;) as long as there is one [tagged] commit for each new release19:49
faeniliekku, where?19:49
faeniliekku, I can't find a suitable category for stuff like this19:50
faenilah ok ;)19:50
iekkuand select Bugzilla19:50
faenilok thanks :)19:50
iekkuand when done, cc me19:50
iekkui try to host triages on next monday19:50
iekkueven i just got 2 weeks more sick leave19:51
iekkubut now i need to get some sleep19:51
iekkufaenil, and thanks for really good idea19:51
NeeDforKillhi all19:51
faeniloh np :)19:51
faeniliekku, sleep well ma'am19:51
faenilNeeDforKill, o/19:51
NeeDforKillAndrea how are  u?19:52
faenilfine, fine ;) passed a difficult uni exam today, I'm super happy19:53
faeniljust a bit tired, slept 5 hours in 2 days :D19:53
Aardfaenil: so you'll come back to hacking now? :)19:54
faenilAard, \o/19:56
faenilI've got 4 days!19:56
faenil+ SmartDevCon19:56
faenilso about 1 week, then nothing until end of october :( (maybe evenings if I find some time)19:57
faenilNeeDforKill, it's fixed already, the Pull Requests are waiting to be reviewed19:58
NeeDforKillgood job guys =))19:58
faenilit's jolla's stuff :) thank them :)19:58
NeeDforKillso mb locusf or SledgeSim build new image19:59
NeeDforKillThank jolla =))19:59
faenilso, can anybody tell me what happened in the last few days? :D20:00
faenilthp, are you attending SmartDevCon'20:01
Aardfaenil: jolla became finlands largest mobile phone manufacturer :p20:01
faenilAard, ahaha yeah read about that :D20:02
faeniland I guess many people got fired somewhere in finland?20:02
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC20:02
locusfNeeDforKill: sure, first thing in the morning20:02
faenil(which isn't very happy)20:02
*** ajalkane has joined #nemomobile20:02
faenilArgh, I need thermal paste, and have to open and clear my lappy20:02
NeeDforKilllocusf i will be happy ))20:02
*** keithzg has quit IRC20:03
faenilI'm so happy guys you have no idea :D20:04
*** n9mx has joined #nemomobile20:09
*** fk_lx has joined #nemomobile20:11
thpfaenil: nope20:14
faenilthp, aww pity :/20:15
faenilI guess you guys don't have time to waste on conferences :D20:15
faenillocusf, ping20:20
*** n9mx has left #nemomobile20:23
fk_lxthp: you would be welcome anyway if you wanted to attend20:25
faenilso, are we just wasting time here?20:33
faenillet's get back to work!20:33
faenilwhat needs doing? :D20:33
*** arcean_ has quit IRC20:33
faenillocusf, ping20:33
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #nemomobile20:38
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Morpogfaenil, you wanna rework maliit?20:43
Morpognemo keyboard of course20:43
faenilMorpog, locusf is already working on it20:43
faenil(I guess)20:43
Morpogwell, that was only with themed pictures20:44
MorpogI've redone it now, so each key consists of 3 graphics20:44
Morpogleft, middle, right20:44
Morpogand middle is tileable and repeated20:44
Morpogalso added pressed and disabled keys20:45
Morpogit all just needs QML changes :)20:45
faenilI see :)20:45
faenilI'd better leave it to locusf when he's done with the graphics, keyboard is boring :D20:46
MSameerfaenil: so you were at the jolla launch event and I didn't know ? :(20:46
* MSameer slaps faenil 20:46
faenilMSameer, oh crap20:46
faenilwell, nobody knows much about you :P so...20:46
* faenil hits MSameer with a trout20:46
MSameerthere is always next time20:48
Morpogfaenil, well locusf tried the old graphics :)20:49
MorpogMSameer, I guess next Jolla device launch will take a good while :)20:50
MSameerMorpog: :)20:50
MSameeri hope so20:50
specialbeing able to relax one day is a nice dream20:51
specialnot likely, though.20:51
MSameerme + relaxation don't mix :)20:52
faenilspecial, get back to work!20:53
specialI just finished a burrito and coffee, that's my relaxation for the day20:53
Morpogoh stskeeps in the news again20:55
faenilStskeeps, congrats!20:59
faenilspecial, can you review and ?21:00
wmaronecool idea, but that little article is terribly written21:02
MSameerHybris was originally written by a Mer developer who went on to join Jolla21:03
MSameerthis should have been: Hybris was originally written by Carsten Munk, a Mer developer21:03
wmaronelike I said21:03
wmaroneterribly written article21:03
MSameerit makes it sound like Stskeeps ripped off hybris from the poor mer developer :P21:04
ajalkaneIt sounds like Jolla snatched Stskeeps with perhaps malicious intent after he had written the compatibility layer :P21:05
faenilah, lol, right21:05
faenilyeah more like ajalkane says21:05
MSameeror even: the original developer wrote it, went on to join jolla and then Stskeeps came and made it possible to run wayland :p21:05
MSameermaybe he can make hybris fix my bugs too :P21:06
*** ajalkane has quit IRC21:08
specialfaenil: yes, I'll look in a bit21:08
faenilspecial, ok thank you ;)21:09
faenilspecial, I'll try again without the Connection then :/21:20
specialit'd be nice to remove if it's not necessary21:20
specialbut if you run into problems it's fine21:21
faenilit didn't make much sense to me either21:22
faenilbut I assumed I didn't understand the hidden behaviours of the compositor21:22
specialhidden behaviors should be minimal and are probably bugs :)21:24
special(like this transparent windows one.)21:24
faenilone day I'll speed up nemo wayland on n950 :/21:25
faenilone day..21:25
specialwhoa, this USB cable is more shielded than most power cables. Why.21:26
Aardfor better audio quality, if you copy mp3s to the device via usb?21:27
faenilwhen I see the price of notebooks in Germany, I cry21:30
*** rcg has quit IRC21:31
Aardwhy do you look at prices of notebooks in germany?21:31
faenildon't know how I ended up looking at that21:31
* Aard cries when I look at any modern notebook. I want a good old thinkbrick I can use to beat people to death21:32
faenilanyway, a very good laptop is 399€ in germany, which here is about 599 :/21:37
faenilit's like wtf21:37
faenilvery good as in long battery life and avg performance :)21:39
*** Pat_o has quit IRC21:39
NeeDforKillbetter look price in CIS :D21:39
specialfaenil: clearly you aren't an Apple user :>21:39
faenilspecial, too pricy :P21:40
faenilspecial, also, I don't like buying a laptop for 3 times the price of a competitor laptop with same hardware :D21:45
specialapple's build quality is very, very nice.21:45
specialand I like OS X21:45
Aardspecial: they come without clitoris, and I hate the keyboard and mirror-display21:46
special..took me a solid 30 seconds to figure out what "clitoris" was referring to :p21:46
faenilyeah, then there are thinkpad fanboys :P21:47
specialI like the keyboard, and mine is a matte display21:47
specialand nobody else has trackpads as good as apple's21:47
* faenil let the thinkpad-macbook fight begin! I'll be the referee :D21:48
Aardspecial: I hate lenovo for not making the trackpads optional in the newer thinkpads. it just adds edges for collecting dirt to the hand rest21:48
* faenil Aard pew-pews special21:48
*** notmart has quit IRC21:50
*** Venemo_ has quit IRC21:54
*** Vlad_on_the_road has quit IRC22:16
*** Hurrian has quit IRC22:23
*** asterismo has joined #nemomobile22:24
faenilso, is the latest jolla proto the final one?22:27
specialdo you expect an answer to that? :p22:29
faenilspecial, well, marc said "I have it after 2 years, it's what we made" or something like that22:34
faenilbut he already had a proto before that22:34
faenilso if he wrote that it means this one is "different" :P22:35
faenilmence I was thinking it could be the final one :D22:35
Aardfaenil: yes, it's the final layout for the batch of protos where this proto is part of. :p22:36
faenilah ok :D22:36
*** zhost has quit IRC22:42
faenilmmm QTransform::translate with NaN called22:44
faenilcould be22:44
specialI think I've seen that when there are theme images missing22:44
specialmissing image -> width/height of 0 -> divide by 0 -> NaN22:44
specialin qtquick1 you could break the entire view by giving an item a y of NaN22:45
faenilthough there are no warnings about theme images22:46
*** ericcc has joined #nemomobile22:47
faenilin main page of qmlmessages there is no error, then I click "+"22:48
faeniland they appear22:48
faenil7-8 of them22:49
faenilanyway ok I won't care about them atm22:49
*** phdeswer_ has joined #nemomobile22:52
*** lbt has quit IRC22:53
faenilmmm still some maliit issues, keyboard opens -> I send app to bg --> send another app to fg -> I see keyboard animating to bottom, and some times it gets stuck while animating :(22:53
faenilgood night o/23:02
*** NIN101 has quit IRC23:05
*** asterismo has quit IRC23:29
*** asterismo has joined #nemomobile23:30
*** keithzg has joined #nemomobile23:38
*** n9mx has joined #nemomobile23:45
*** cxl000n7 has joined #nemomobile23:45
*** n9mx has left #nemomobile23:45
grywhat's new?23:51

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