Saturday, 2013-09-07

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faenilgry, hey06:36
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locusffaenil: pong :)07:57
faenillocusf, hey07:57
faenilwanted to know if you discovered any new issue in the last few days07:58
locusfno new issues afaik07:59
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locusfshould I merge the PR's?08:35
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locusffaenil: ? ^09:48
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faenillocusf, <faenil> mmm still some maliit issues, keyboard opens -> I send app to bg --> send another app to fg -> I see keyboard animating to bottom, and some times it gets stuck while animating :(09:56
faenilcan you see if you can reproduce that with the code from the PR?09:57
faenili.e. your current lipstick, I guess09:57
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locusfyeah I have seen that10:29
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faenilok crap10:31
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locusftrying your lipstick pr10:36
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faenillocusf, isn't that what you were using?10:38
faenilsince yesterday?10:38
locusffaenil: nope, I didn't pull it yet10:40
locusfdid now10:40
faenilyou said "tested on N9" ?10:40
locusfcolorful-home is tested10:40
faenilthat's what matters10:40
locusfbut not lipstick itself10:40
faenillipstick pr is just for hiding the window in task switcher10:40
locusfyeah and it doesn't work :/10:41
locusfhmm something else is also wrong10:41
locusfmight just be my setup10:41
locusfwrong rpm10:42
locusflipstick pr works too10:43
locusfcan't see the keyboard in the task switcher anymore10:43
faenilyeah I tested that one10:50
faenilthe problem is only the keyboard getting stuck at times while animating to bottom10:50
locusfyeah and eg. when switching the input fields on qmlmessages new message sheet it doesn't come back at times10:52
faenilyeah well I don't care about that very much10:53
faenilit happened lots of times on x11 as well10:53
faeniland on harmattan10:53
faeniljust retap on the control ;)10:53
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mric__faenil, I heard you have fixed maliit ?12:07
faenilyeah using jolla fixes12:08
faenilit's not released yet though12:09
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mric__faenil, nice :) Should I already update the wiki page ?12:12
faenilnot yet, I'll do it once I fix the last thing ;)12:13
mric__faenil, ok ok can't wait :)12:15
locusfwifi works btw12:18
locusfand sms12:18
mric__locufs, cool, I will flash the last image tonight :)12:20
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locusfhow do I test ringtones btw12:23
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Morpog_Tileable VKB files are all done. Started speccing the vkb, but need to leave soon for a bbq.14:03
Morpog_comparision with harmattan:
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* Stskeeps waves from sunny helsinki14:31
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kulvetypical finnish weather in September..15:30
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mric_morpog_N9_, nice job with the keyboard ;)15:33
mric_morpog_N9__, can I help you with different layout ? (like the french one)15:38
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Morpog_N9___mric_, I haven't done any qml work yet16:20
Morpog_N9___first spec needs to be done and after that I'm gonna have a look at qml. But I guess someone else has to do qml work.16:21
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rcgis it possible to be added to the nemomobile group on github?19:44
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rcgjust in case, my github username is ruedigergad20:02
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Morpog_qwazix, I finished VKB spec, shall I push it? Also, should I include all PNG and SVG files?21:18
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Morpog_Glacier UI virtual keyboard spec posted on grog:
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qwazixMorpog_ reading blog now23:01
qwazixlooks good, only one comment23:02
qwazixwe should keep the spec sheets pretty much the same, please keep the background white (or black if needed by the control) and the help text black (or white)23:04
qwazixother than that it looks fine, please upload to git and create a merge request and I'll merge it23:04
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qwazixI don't know if we should discuss a structure tree, for now everything is dumped in root. Different spec sheets are layers in the same files and .png's are exported in the same dir. Let's keep it that way until a developer requests something else?23:09
qwazixs/files/svg file/23:09
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Morpog_ok, qwazix, wasn't sure about root, as it's alot of files23:10
qwazixmaybe create a maliit dir? doesn't sound bad23:11
qwazixdid you export each individual letter?23:11
qwazixI think that we probably just need one border-image for all the keys23:12
Morpog_50 files, so 25 png and 25 svg23:12
qwazixqml has this borderImage element, where you specify that the borders are not repeated and the middle part is23:13
qwazixdocs describe it better than I might do
Morpog_i know qwazix23:16
Morpog_thats why I got left right and middle images23:16
Morpog_1 pixel width for each23:17
qwazixehm, borderImage takes one source image, not 923:17
Morpog_only disabled pics have 20 pixel width, so they tile23:17
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Morpog_qwazix, wtf really?23:17
Morpog_how should that work?23:18
qwazixyou just specify that the rightmost 1 pixel , the topmost 2 pixels and so on are the borders23:18
qwazixand it takes the image, cuts it to 9 parts and does it's thing23:18
qwazixyou can choose if the center part will be tiled or stretched23:19
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Morpog_omg and I did that manually :(23:19
Morpog_should have read it better :(23:20
Morpog_well, the spec still is OK, so I "just" need to redo the files23:20
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qwazixanyway, I'm not too proficient in borderImage, and the link I gave you is for Qt4 so it might be wise that you read the updated spec, so that you don't waste your time23:21
Morpog_again :)23:22
qwazixdoesn't look like it's any different23:22
Morpog_not sure if that will be less images then23:25
qwazixit should be 8 less images at least23:25
Morpog_left and right border was same for most keys23:25
qwazixah, yeah i think I get it, now you have more combinations?23:26
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Morpog_will delete article on grog then, as it needs an overhaul23:27
qwazixnah, don't delete it, just update it when you are ready23:28
qwazixthere might be an insightful comment until then23:28
Morpog_too late :)23:29
Morpog_haven't twittered yet about it, so not much reads yet I guess23:29
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qwazixthere are some other things about keyboard (not directly related to themeing, but might affect it)23:30
qwazixone is language switching. Harmattan's outside swipe is not very good. PR1.0 inside swipe was better, but it broke swype23:30
qwazixhey faenil23:31
Morpog_hi faenil23:31
Morpog_I like sailfishOS keyboard change23:31
qwazixanother one is autocomplete, where should we put that? Harmattan's solution is also sub-optimal, but I don't like the extra bar of android either, it eats too much space23:32
Morpog_well, I left that out of spec by purpose, as that needs a lot of thoughts23:33
qwazixhow is it done in sailfish?23:33
Morpog_long press on space opens a giant popper where you can choose between 13 langiages23:33
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Hurrianwhen you type a word, it's in blue23:54
Hurrianand then you can swipe to change the suggestion23:55

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