Sunday, 2013-09-08

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qwazixHurrian, right in the text field?00:19
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qwazixit might require a bit of hackery, that. Anyway, it's too late cya tomorrow.00:34
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* faenil is flashing Android 4.3 on his prof's TF101 hoping that he'll be able to reproduce the "screen is black, app doesn't run" issue that people are reporting on play store :/08:40
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* faenil using Qt for Android08:40
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cxl000n7Anyone here who can look  at
cxl000n7This is the last of my patches to get lipstick to build for x86_6408:53
tanukcxl000n7: N_DEBUG (LOG_CAT "0x%X connected to hook '%s'", GPOINTER_TO_INT(callback),08:55
tanukShould be GPOINTER_TO_UINT08:55
tanukInstead of GPOINTER_TO_INT08:56
tanuk(I'm not sure if it matters in practice, though...)08:57
tanukcxl000n7: Hmm, converting a real pointer to int is unsafe anyway, these macros don't change that at all.08:59
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tanukcxl000n7: Instead of %X, the log messages should use %p for printing pointer values.09:01
cxl000n7That was my main concern. I'll push an update later.09:04
cxl000n7Thanks for the review09:06
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Morpog_anybody in here used borderimage ever?11:03
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gryIt's a QML thing, I think someone did…11:05
Morpog_do I need to use/define region 7,8 and 9?
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locusfMorpog_: do you have the updated graphics?11:17
locusfI just tested the older version graphics on my N911:17
Morpog_locusf, those old files aren't that compatible with N9, are they?11:17
locusfMorpog_: well I dunno, it looks ok11:18
Morpog_strange, lol11:18
Morpog_well, new files have to use borderimage, and add alot of stuff like pressed state, disabled state and so on. Also they are all based now on usage of borderimage. So you have to change qml to use them.11:19
Morpog_erm kinda redundant what I write there, lol11:19
Morpog_what do you refer to old images?11:20
locusfyour dropbox link11:20
Morpog_ah ok11:20
Morpog_locusf, I'm speccing atm the keyboard (again, as I misunderstoof how borderimage works). When thats done you can start implementing it.11:21
locusfMorpog_: ok11:21
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DrCodehi all11:28
DrCodeis nemomobile the next maemo?11:28
gryHi. I think Maemo is still maintained by community for some hardware. Nemo is not based on any of its code and runs on some hardware that originally ran Maemo.11:30
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gryIf my understanding is correct, unlike Maemo (developed by Nokia and partly released, partly reverse engineered, and partly still closed), Nemo is open-source.11:32
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Morpog_omg, Qt creator is case sensitive............12:42
Morpog_haha, I was thinking I must be too dumb to use borderimage :) I should let the qml work to you guys :)12:42
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Morpog_qwazix, I get failed to sync this branch when trying to sync a commit13:52
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Morpog_can uploaded needed files for you if you don't want to wait till I'm able to push the files to github14:05
locusfMorpog_: ok, I can wait14:09
Morpog_qwazix, remote: Permission to qwazix/glacier-controls-spec.git denied to Morpog.14:09
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marxistveganhey all i am wondering which image to use for the n9 on the images page they are not listed for the n914:22
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zetazfaenil, locusf : Hello. As I said during the summer, I tried to port HeliumReborn to Nemo/Qt5 (mostly to learn about it, as you already had cutefox running). I have a lot to learn about QML to be able to finish this, and have another hot project to finish before being able to spend more time on it. So if someone wants to take a look, here are my changes to make it build and run on Qt5 :
locusfzetaz: ok thanks for the effort :)15:00
zetazlocusf: thanks for your (a lot bigger than mine) effort too ! ;)15:07
zetazso far it compiles and run, but there are some errors concerning themes, and no webpage is shown...15:08
zetazthe title seems to be updated correctly though. The main difficulty comes from the big changes between webkit 1.0 and 3.0. I had to comments things to make it run, and have not yet had time to dig in it to see how I can reenable these things with the Webkit 3.0 interface...15:09
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Morpog_ello faenil15:49
* faenil yawns16:02
Morpog_sup faenil?16:05
faeniltired :/16:05
faenilate a lot at all-you-can-eat chinese-japanese restourant :D16:05
Morpog_learned today how borderimage works :)16:06
qwazixMorpog_, do you have an account in github?16:06
faenilgood :)16:06
Morpog_faenil, oh that is always bad. I always eat too much at such places.16:06
Morpog_qwazix, yes, Morpog16:06
Morpog_even tried borderimage in sailfish emulator. Took me 30minutes to find out that qt creator is case sensitive :)16:08
qwazixok, then go to and press fork, then add your new repo as a remote to the local git repo by running   git remote add myRepo *your_new_repo_url*16:08
qwazixwhere "myRepo" choose any nice descriptive name16:09
qwazixthen push to that (git push myRepo master)16:09
Morpog_ok, already doing that atm16:09
qwazixthen go to github and create a pull request (or merge request, terminology varies from site to site)16:09
Morpog_oh it's done16:09
qwazixit will notify me, i will review and merge16:10
qwazix(sorry for the hassle, this is the usual workflow and I think it's a good workflow. Many projects including nemo work like this)16:11
Morpog_qwazix, sure, I just had to understand how it works16:12
Morpog_done! :D16:16
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Morpog_that chineese food story made me hungry now16:16
locusfhmm zypper dup'd and now my lipstick wont start :p16:34
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qwazixMorpog_, impressive work! congrats. Pushing merged work now.16:41
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Morpog_qwazix, great thanks :)17:04
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filip_Hi to all - I've just completed porting of audio to 3.5 kernel on N917:30
filip_I'm just wondering should I announce that here before creating a pull request on github17:30
faenilfilip_, I was told we need someone to write the device tree for 3.5.3...would you be able to do that? :D17:31
filip_my last pull request is just sitting there - so I'm trying to get things started this way17:31
filip_I'm just doing it as I have time - I have no prior knowledge of the kernel :)17:32
filip_So I'm  slow but maybe someone would get on board  - it can be done17:33
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mricsledges, hi19:32
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