Monday, 2013-09-09

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niqtmorning rcg08:40
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faenil_let's play star wars09:12
faenil_\me |o| pew pews!09:13
* faenil_ lol09:13
* faenil_ |o| pewpews09:13
faenil_cybette, how you doing :)09:13
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cybettefaenil: a bit sick, hope it doesn't get worse. don't want to miss smartdevcon09:15
sledgeslots of tea and vitamin c :)09:15
faenilcybette, don't you dare missing sdc!09:15
juicemeit's flu time of the year :(09:16
juicemebeen sick for a week and few days now...09:16
cybetteworking from bed today, hope that helps :)09:16
rcgbtw. is there any way to be added to the nemomobile github group/organization?09:19
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fk_lxrcg: I've noticed you are asking the same question for the second time, would be nice if someone would answer you :-)09:21
rcgfk_lx, :)09:21
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rcgwell, i assumed that the first time, saturday evening/night, might have been not the best time :)09:22
rcgbut good to know that it got noticed :)09:23
fk_lxrcg: :-)09:23
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w00tI (at least, and probably others) was travelling/recovering on the weekend and not much online, so could be the case :)09:26
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w00tbut anyway, there's no hard rules atm -- I have a long-standing TODO to start documenting this sort of stuff that I should really try get to.. generally speaking: if you make pull requests (demonstrating that you are good to work with) and enough of them to demonstrate that you have a need to be there (because other people get tired of merging your pull requests :-p), you can get added09:27
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w00tif you think you meet those criteria and I or someone else hasn't already done that, talk to me09:27
rcgw00t, ah, alright, personally, my main motivation to being added is to show support for nemomobile, i had already done some PR to nemomobile repos but i'd still prefer to have others verify my PRs first09:31
w00tyes, you'll still need to go through review (or be beaten :-))09:32
rcgi had quite a lot PR to qmlcalendar over than a year ago09:32
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rcgand i also added some PR to qmlmessages and qmlmail09:33
rcgdunno if that qualifies me to being added :)09:33
w00trcg: I'll keep an eye on you, keep it up and it will :)09:34
faenilw00t, morning o/09:34
w00tfaenil: morning :) how's the studies going09:35
faenilw00t, does lipstick (or home) expose any "kbd input is active" property?09:35
rcgw00t, aye :)09:35
faenilw00t, passed the Sept exam! I'm freaking happy!09:35
w00tfaenil: afair mikhas was saying that maliit has one, but that it may not be enabled09:35
faenilw00t, problem is: open app A, open kbd on app A, then send app A to bg, then send app B to foreground, keyboard is still there and start animating out of screen09:36
faenilon one hand, it's normal because compositor uses "visible: appLayerIsActive" or something like that09:37
w00tthe real problem there may probably be something along the line that you aren't setting window state/focus when minimizing applications09:37
faenilon the other hand, maliit already animates out when you send app A to b09:37
faenilw00t, well, the fact that maliit animates out of screen when you send app A to bg seems to be saying that it is disabling it09:39
faenilbut when send another app to bg, it's still there, and animates out of screen again :/09:39
faenilto fg*09:39
faenilI may want to ask mikhas, who's not online :)09:42
faenilw00t, how was sailing instead :)09:47
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w00tfaenil: at least it does not affect our compositor, so i'd be inclined to say it's state-related09:50
w00tsailing was good09:50
faenilso it should be a bug in nemo's compositor09:51
faenilmore like the app that comes to FG shouldn't require keyboard09:51
faenilI don't know why maliit shows keyboard :/ got to investigate that09:51
* sledges got an N900 on his desk now \o/09:56
sledgesbad news it doesn't want to turn on &)09:56
* w00t has two broken N900s in a box on the shelf next to him, awaiting repair09:57
w00tone day I'll do it...09:57
Stskeepsi bet you'll get a lumia these days09:57
sledgesor make one working one :)09:57
sledgesStskeeps, ... :)09:58
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w00tStskeeps: the one and only windows phone I have ever posessed (thanks, nokia) has now left my house10:10
w00tso I'm lumia-free10:10
sledgesidea of sending anything back to nokia support has left my brain years ago..10:12
sledgesthat's why I didn't get Stskeeps' remark :D10:12
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Anssi||i had one lumia once, i gave it away. happy n9 user, it's still best phone out there what i know.10:18
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alteregow00t: god rid of mine after about two weeks, fobbed it off on my ex-gf :)11:44
alteregoActually, I had two, sold one to a friend and gave the other one to my ex.11:44
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fk_lxwell some people didn't went so low to own a lumia like me :-P11:50
w00tfk_lx: Nokia gave it to me. I didn't (and wouldn't) buy one :)11:50
fk_lxw00t: you could send it them back :-P11:52
fk_lxw00t: I treat it that you pick the phone to see what mistakes to avoid :-D11:52
alteregoI used it for a few days.11:53
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alteregoLike you said, it's good to keep an eye on the competition. ;)11:53
fk_lxw00t: when it comes to software and mobile os11:53
w00tI used it for some few days when I had no other phone11:53
w00tand threw it back in the box as soon as I got something else, the lack of any form of multitasking drove me insane11:53
alteregoNo doubt the user interface is smooth, but otherwise it's pretty lame.11:53
alteregoYeah, I get that with Android.11:54
fk_lxw00t: there was somewhere comparison of Angry Birds running on L800 an N911:54
fk_lxw00t: so on N9 game went into background, on L800 it was relaunched from start then the state/current level was loaded11:54
alteregoProbably not quite that bad on Android ..11:55
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Anssi||probably not.12:07
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Anssi||some one should just simple iphone clone on open *nux. that would be fine for me12:10
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niqtping w00t13:03
mric_niqt, is packagmanager already ported to QT5 ?13:04
w00tniqt: pong13:05
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niqtmric_ no13:08
niqtw00t i have create ks for n900 wayland image, but i have a problem with lipstic
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w00tniqt: you need to look at how to make the ioctl optional for n900 most likely13:30
w00t(in ti-omap3-sgx-wayland-wsegl)13:30
niqtw00t ok13:34
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locusfhas nemo bugzilla been updated to wayland era?15:48
faenildon't think so, at least I didn't get any update from iekku15:50
iekkunot yet15:50
iekkuand i failed with triage hosting15:50
faeniliekku, np ;)15:52
MerbotNemo bug 700 in Nemo Bugzilla "Move/Hide x11 categories, create wayland categories" [Normal,New]15:55
iekkuanyone against faenil's proposal?15:55
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sledgesthere's no such thing as x11 category16:00
sledgeswayland bugs could be filed under existing Window Manager/Compositor16:00
sledgesif you want to submit an x11 related bug16:01
sledgesyou do this under bugs.merproject.org16:02
sledgesthere also exists a wayland component next to all16:02
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faenilsledges, it's not just about wayland16:03
faenilit's also about qt4 -> qt516:03
faenilqml1 -> qml216:03
faenilwe need a way to split bugs files for apps which are in Nemo wayland, from old apps16:03
locusfyeah, should have rephrased16:03
faenilyou can call it nemo qt4 and nemo qt516:03
faenil(the categories)16:04
sledgessorry then misread the bug description (which was also about x11)16:04
sledgesare old qt4 apps still maintained?16:04
faenilsledges, don't think so, but some could be16:04
faenilI'm not against nuking the whole x11/qt4 bug cateogires16:05
faenilbut we also need a way to keep old bugs16:05
faenilso that one day we'll check if those are still applicable to nemo qt516:05
sledgesfaenil, could you show where that 'categories' thing is under bugzilla?16:05
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faenilcomponents, whatever you click on bugzilla16:06
sledgesor you as well mean 'components'16:06
faenilwhen you browse16:06
faenilyes ;)16:06
sledgesok, all clear now16:06
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iekkui wouldn't mind if you could add comments to bug :)16:06
faenildone ;)16:11
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sledgesgrazie! :)16:16
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november123hey. i just booted the latest nemo snapshot with my n900, but it does not seem to find my sim-card which was detected with the last release. Is this a knowen bug?16:18
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sledgesnovember123, latest release is end of June 201316:24
sledgeslatest snapshot is way older than that ;)16:25
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faenillet's get back to maliit, and see what we can do :)16:29
november123sledges: hu? where do i find it? i installed 0.20130411.1.NEMO.2013-04-26.116:30
locusffaenil: is it still not working or are you referring to Glacier specs?16:30
faenillocusf, well, then new issue, that is shows when you send an app to foreground even if it's not needed16:31
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faenilit shows*16:31
locusffaenil: btw had to reflash due to bad zypper dup, not 100% what broke but FYI nevertheless16:32
faenilah, ok ;)16:32
november123sledges: okay, will try the last release, thank you16:32
sledgesnovember123, have fun!16:33
locusffaenil: btw I don't know if you followed me and lbt on #mer but I managed to get a wayland nemo armv7hl target to work with Sailfish SDK16:36
faenilawesome! :D16:36
faenilwonderful :)16:36
locusfthat requires a custom .ks but I don't know wether I should update your rnd_sb2target.ks or create another and then do a PR?16:37
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faenilI guess just update that and PR ;)16:38
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locusfI should probably do a blog post to record the steps16:46
faenildefinitely ;)16:47
faenilI've been quite busy these days, I had them free after the exam, but a friend has come to visit me, so I'm quite busy having fun with him,lol :D16:47
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rcgfaenil, that sounds like time well spent :D16:53
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rcgcomputer science guys tend to quickly forget the value of rl xD16:54
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november123yay, with the last release sim is working, and i even can make calls (but just the incomming sound seems to work - anything i can do about the micro?)16:56
sledgesnovember123, according to wiki it should work. ping the people at the bottom of list:
sledgesalso @niqt and @nsuffys (on twitter, sometimes here) test nemo on n90017:05
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november123sledges: okay, thanks17:11
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locusfgaah, uploading always takes ages17:29
locusfand god blogger has the worst interface for technical writing17:29
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Morpog_PCtizen 3.0 UI
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