Tuesday, 2013-09-17

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WWDrakeyDo any of the Nemo apps happen to have any kind of localization implemented? (minimal is perfectly ok)06:57
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locusfcan anybody test copy/paste on their wayland image?07:50
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Morpog_N9sorry locusf, not at home07:58
Morpog_N9btw, vm worked after redownload07:58
locusfcool good07:58
Morpog_N9but keyboard looked strange07:58
locusfsledges told that too07:59
locusfyeah it thinks its in landscape mode07:59
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Morpog_N9qtcomponents work alot better than on sailfishos vm btw08:00
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sledgesMorpog_N9, a lot better = faster?09:36
Morpog_N9no, better compatibilty09:37
Morpog_N9in sailfishos vm, top bar was half out of screen, so not able to press ok and cancel09:38
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locusfok,good to know13:07
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mriclocusf, Hey :)13:24
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mric"can anybody test copy/paste on their wayland image?"  I'm not able to highlights some text so I'm unable to test copy/paste function13:35
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Merbotphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#421 waiting for review at https://build.merproject.org//request/show/42113:42
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Merbotphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#421 Accepted promotion request13:59
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Merbotphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#422 waiting for review at https://build.merproject.org//request/show/42215:15
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Merbotphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#422 Accepted promotion request15:23
Morpog_N9i hate having late hotline once a week at work15:38
sledgesyou work on a hotline? :)15:38
Morpog_N9only half a day once a week15:39
Morpog_N9every in the team has to do it :)15:39
sledgesnice :) so support line you mean15:40
Morpog_N9I prefer to do it early instead of late, then I can do server updates15:40
Morpog_N91400 dumb users15:41
sledgesusing CD tray as coffee holder?15:41
Morpog_N9haha, not that dumb ;)15:42
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Morpog_N917minutes to go15:43
Morpog_N9no calls since over 1 hour15:44
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sledges:) everyone's drinking coffee ;)15:54
sledgesMorpog_N9, I noticed on qwazix's components repo SVGs range up to 1-2 Megabytes, whereas their respectful PNGs are just few pixels wide..15:54
sledgesis it some sort of project metadata in SVGs?15:55
Morpog_N9I'm not sure why that happens sometimes15:56
Morpog_N9must be an inkscape bug when importing other svg in a svg15:56
Morpog_N9It's not a matter for us, since we use the PNG's anways15:57
Morpog_N9the svg's are just there for recreation in other sizes15:57
Morpog_N9yay, it's over! I can go home.16:02
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sledgesMorpog_N9, though I remember discussion scaling to other form factors, is to package SVGs and make sizes in-place16:13
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sledgeswe'll surely worry about that when we have another form factor ;)16:21
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Sfiet_Konstantinwhat is the current status of Nemo ?16:22
Sfiet_KonstantinI think that I will be able to participate in developing Nemo UI for a school project :)16:22
Sfiet_Konstantinsledges ^16:22
sledgesSfiet_Konstantin, \o/ \o/16:23
* sledges meant two people cheering16:23
Sfiet_KonstantinI have to grab someone, and I think I found one16:24
locusfI hope to do the same but will help even if not for school project :)16:24
Sfiet_Konstantinstill, I need to keep her, because school are providing some good projects16:24
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Sfiet_Konstantinand we even have a conference to present companies project, but nothing to present student projects16:25
sledgesnext (UI) thing is to create glacier qtquick(control) components. currently they are being cut into SVGs(PNGs)16:25
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Sfiet_Konstantinsledges: we thought about writing components and doing core apps16:26
Sfiet_Konstantindialer, messages etc.16:26
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Morpog_PCsledges, I'm still not sure it that plan works out16:31
Morpog_PCand yes, we would have to fix that size problems before packaging SVG's16:32
sledgesSfiet_Konstantin, great. Venemo volunteered to QMLise components too16:32
Morpog_PCSfiet_Konstantin, we had the idea to generate components graphics from SVG while installation for each display resolution and size16:33
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_PC: woow16:33
Sfiet_Konstantinsledges: we will need to sync with venemo16:33
sledgesi hope Sage could do wayland/qt5 patterns, as he is able to do it at lightning speed16:33
Sfiet_Konstantinwe won't be able to be much on IRC, so the ML would be needed16:34
sledgesSfiet_Konstantin, and wits faenil and qwazix16:34
Sfiet_Konstantinsledges: if we have ks it is already something, we just need some dev image16:34
Sfiet_Konstantinany N950 image ?16:34
sledgesSfiet_Konstantin, yes16:34
Sfiet_Konstantinhow is the state of the components ?16:34
Sfiet_Konstantinnull or already some code ?16:34
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Morpog_PCfaenil is in holidays (sardinia I think)16:35
sledgesnone in qml except vkbd whicb does not need a qt-glaciercomponents16:35
sledgeswhereas the latter hasnt been created yet16:35
sledgesthe playground is:16:36
Sfiet_KonstantinWe will focus on it16:36
sledgesinstall qtquickcontrols-examples and start playing16:36
Sfiet_Konstantinwe can base on qqc tizen as well16:36
sledgesthen a new package will be born out of it16:37
Sfiet_Konstantinwe might setup a scrum-like method as well16:37
Sfiet_Konstantinto track our project16:37
Morpog_PCI think faenil already had a look at QQick controls and tizen ones. He even cloned some repos IIRC16:37
sledgesid call it GlacierComponentsGallery16:37
Sfiet_Konstantinsledges: yeah, a components gallery is required16:37
sledgeswhich will dictate how qtquickcontrol package will shape16:37
locusfhttp://db.tt/1ZH3kpgq <- here iz the latest wayland image16:37
Sfiet_Konstantinif we can get a dialer + messages apps before feb, then that would be nice16:38
Sfiet_Konstantinlocusf: ks file ?16:38
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locusfSfiet_Konstantin: https://github.com/faenil/NemoWaylandKickstart/blob/master/nemo-armv7hl-n950-rnd.ks16:39
Morpog_PClocusf, I just started the VM with 854x480x32 and now the VKB shows correctly. Just my head  is now fixed at 90 degrees :D16:39
sledgesSfiet_Konstantin, componentsgallery will be born out of existing qtquickcontrols-examples (directly)16:39
locusfMorpog_PC: lol16:39
sledgesMorpog_PC, lol16:39
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil's ks is awesome16:40
sledgeslots of reading of grog blog ;)16:40
sledgesSfiet_Konstantin, it doesnt have maliit fixes mind16:40
Morpog_PCyeah we filled it a bit :)16:40
Sfiet_Konstantinsledges: we will use our kbd16:40
Sfiet_Konstantinthe idea is to get components in shape right ?16:40
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sledgesyour own kbd?16:41
Morpog_PCSfiet_Konstantin, the kbd won't show up at all without fixes16:41
sledgesah hw lol im so not into hwkbds haha16:41
Sfiet_Konstantinsledges: on vbox, using kbd of the computer16:41
Morpog_PCah, lol16:41
sledgesor n950  ;P16:41
locusfmy obs home repo has the fixes16:41
Sfiet_KonstantinI have one N950, we are two, I guess I will dev on vbox16:41
Sfiet_Konstantinor the other one16:42
qwazixMorpog_PC, sledges, there's a "vacuum defs" option in inkscape, we should use it more often. Also some of my svg's have redundant images embedded that I just use during workflow which can be removed16:42
qwazixand also, saving as "plain svg" instead of "inkscape svg" saves some KB16:42
sledgesSfiet_Konstantin, check and use faenil's github examples package to shape/skin glacier in thwre16:42
Morpog_PCwell, KB are not the problem16:42
sledgesqwazix, thanks16:43
Morpog_PCsome of my files use a few MB16:43
qwazixhowever I'd say let's worry about that when closer to production16:43
Morpog_PCand PNG a few KB16:43
sledgesi just noticed the impact on github if any16:43
Sfiet_Konstantinsledges: thanks16:44
Sfiet_Konstantinsledges: but I guess that we can manage without kbd right now16:44
Morpog_PCqwazix, where is that option? I wanna try it?16:44
sledgeson kmd note, yes, sure16:44
qwazixMorpog_PC, File > Vacuum defs16:45
Morpog_PConce faenil is back, I'm sure hew ill push that changes16:45
Morpog_PCOMG from over 3MB to 8KB :D16:45
sledgesfaenil was hesitant about maliit acceptance , locusf can tell ;)16:45
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Sfiet_Konstantinsledges, Morpog_PC and all: what are your typical dev environnement for nemo right now16:47
locusfyup, but can't blame him :)16:47
Sfiet_Konstantinvbox ?16:48
Morpog_PCtill yesterday it was the SailfishOS VM :D, today it's Nemo VM16:48
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_PC: what do you use to compile ? on VM ?16:48
Sfiet_Konstantinor mersdk ?16:48
Sfiet_Konstantinmersdk seems to be a constant16:48
Morpog_PCSfiet_Konstantin, I don't compile at all16:48
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_PC: :D16:48
Sfiet_Konstantinthis helps16:48
Sfiet_Konstantinwe will have to compile16:48
Morpog_PCwell, I tried some code snippets in SailfishOS SDK16:49
sledgeslocusf made nemo target for sailfish sdk!16:49
Sfiet_Konstantinsledges: what do you think about using sailfish mersdk instead of native mersdk ?16:49
Sfiet_Konstantinsledges: perfect :)16:49
sledgesSfiet_Konstantin, ask locusf16:49
Sfiet_Konstantinlocusf: ^16:49
Sfiet_KonstantinI can manage the mersdk easily, but the other student might not16:49
locusfone moment16:49
Sfiet_Konstantinshe is a beginner in C++ / Linux / Nemo in general (just like all students out there)16:50
Morpog_PCgot a windows environment here, so not that easy to get involved with nemo/mer development16:50
Sfiet_Konstantinlocusf: thanks16:50
locusfnp :)16:51
*** soldoKyn has quit IRC16:52
qwazixMorpog_PC, if you want to know more about vacuum defs, every time you create let's say, a gradient, inkscape goes and puts that in the start of the svg file in a section called <defs> and never deletes it. Not only gradients go there, but filters and other things. Vacuum defs goes and deletes all unused defs16:52
Morpog_PCqwazix, good to know, as I tryout alot of stuff sometimes :)16:54
qwazixMorpog_PC, create a simple svg with a rectangle, or simple path and open it in a text editor to see the structure if you are interested.16:57
qwazixI'm going home. cya later16:58
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Morpog_PClocusf, the popper needs more spacing, like in spec defined if thats possible17:02
locusfMorpog_PC: ok, did you test it?17:03
Morpog_PCwell, in landscape17:03
locusfwell ofc17:03
Morpog_PCcan make you a screenshot17:03
locusfI'm not 100% sure about how the popper is calculated17:04
locusfnot on my N9 now and wayland gst sink is experimental17:04
Morpog_PCthere seems to be no spacing at all17:04
locusfyeah there isn't17:05
sledgeswayland gst sink does not contain src :(17:06
Morpog_PChmmm, seems I gorgot to add popper spacing in final spec. It was in in a draft17:06
Morpog_PCshould be 8 pixels17:08
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locusfoh morpog left :/19:08
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locusfwell anyways, popper spacing is now fixed19:21
*** martyone_ has quit IRC19:22
Sagesledges: I will try to create that for you tomorrow19:27
Sagesledges: can you list packages that are needed for the wayland image?19:29
locusfSage: isn't faenil's .ks enough? or do you need the real bare minimum?19:32
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piggzanyone know how i can update my existing n950 nemo to wayland qt5?  ive run zypper up, but get the egl trippy colour pattern19:42
*** notmart has quit IRC19:45
locusfpiggz: not right now no19:45
sledgesSage, locusf reads my mind :)19:45
locusfsledges: btw I found gst-wayland sources19:46
locusfthe problem is that it doesn't compile as Nemo doesn't have gst-video libraryt19:46
sledgeslocusf, but before you go ahead, has it got waylandsrc in it?19:47
locusfI dunno19:47
sledgesi spoke in #wayland19:47
sledgesand there black_prince did19:47
sledgesgst-inspect | grep wayland19:48
sledgesand it spat only waylandsink :/19:48
locusfhmm ok19:48
sledgeshe first suggested to use gstn1.019:48
sledgess/n/ /19:49
Sagelocusf: link to that .ks file?19:54
sledgeswhoops hate juice ssh counterintuitive copy paste :)19:56
sledgesand other .kss next to it Sage19:56
sledgesi had a wild thought to make a script to feed that ks so it finds minimal set of packages needed to pull all those19:57
sledgesyes/no/maybe/already done? :)19:57
Sagesledges: ok, need to start moving from qt4 to qt5 stuff19:57
sledgesin that ks there are no qt4s nor x11s pullers19:58
Sageyes noted that19:59
*** arcean has quit IRC19:59
sledgesok :)20:00
sledgesalso would be nice if somebody with admin rifhts to bugzilla could fix NEMO#700 (hope iekku is ok)20:01
* Sage 's laptop just crashed need to reboot it seem20:02
sledgesshould be trivial fix20:02
sledgeshi fi20:04
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile20:05
sledgesstop reading my memoserv msgs while hiding :D20:05
Sagesledges: fixing that atm. :)20:05
Sageif my laptop works together with me20:05
sledges \o20:06
sledgesSage, awesomeness20:06
faenilSage, great to see you're back!!20:06
sledgeshe's back and he's badder than ever :))20:06
faenilI'm on devalpha C :)20:07
sledgesfaenil, rumours have it youre on hols ;)20:09
faenil50km/h wind20:09
faenilbut apart from that, all good20:09
sledges:D similar here today..20:09
sledgesyou sound likeba sailor in a storm :)20:09
faenilcan't take bath with that wind :(20:10
faenilyep :P20:10
* sledges tries to conect bath with wind20:10
faenilisn't bath used as sea bath as well? :)20:11
sledgesin italiano? far'il bagno... no :))20:12
sledgesfaenil, sfiet_konstantin is doing nemo ui as uni project with his pupil! \o/20:12
sledgesnamely glacier components and apps20:12
*** kostaja has quit IRC20:12
sledgesread backscroll, hope i didnt talk too much nonsense there :))20:13
faenilguys, I have been doing all this to be able to do components20:13
faenilnow finally the time has come to work on components20:13
faeniland everyone wants to do that now :(20:14
faenilI mean wth :(20:14
sledgesplenty of work man plenty..20:15
piggzfaenil: i cant see that package20:15
piggzfaenil: there is nokia-n950-configs20:15
faenilok install it then20:15
faenilno, not enough20:15
piggzfaenil: no, when i search it isnt there20:16
piggzmissing repo?20:16
faenilpiggz right, it's on my repo, can't make that public yet20:16
faenillook for my repo on obs and get it from there20:16
faenilit's not public yet as it could conflict with current x11 installs20:17
sledgesat any rate, first to do it instead of talking will actually be doing it ;) all along the path with the little help from all friends20:17
faenilI was starting it at smartdevcon, if I didn't forget my power adaptor home, thus having to use only phone at smartdevcon20:18
faenilbut I talked to Qt tizen guys anyway20:18
faeniland had a chat about components20:18
faenilpiggz or just get the repo url from the ks file on my github repo20:19
faenillocusf how is it going buddy?20:21
sledgeshe has glacierised maliit, i suppose you wanted to do that too20:22
faenilNope we talked about that ;)20:22
faenilI read the logs all days anyway :)20:22
sledgesa, sorry that the rest of us lot didnt have a talk with you20:23
sledgesvenemo will volunteer to qmlise components, you had a chance to f2f him in sdc20:24
faenilNo problem man, I'm no captain here you don't have to talk to me :P20:24
faenilalready talked to Venemo today, anyway it's not a problem to me20:24
faenilI don't want to make you wait because I'm on holiday and will be slow because of studies20:25
sledgesright then sorry, misunderstood the whole thing20:25
faenilit's just that after doing the boring stuff20:25
faenilnow everybody jumps in and wants to do the cool stuff20:26
sledgesi completely understand that20:26
faenilso, well I'm just a bit sad, as it was my plan from the beginning to do components20:26
sledgesbut the ship needs to sail on :D20:26
faenilI kept pushing qwazix and Hurrian and Morpog to create the graphics files so that I could start20:27
sledgesone martial art instructor said, without boring there is no cool20:27
faenilnow it seems nobody knew I was researching and planning components20:27
sledgesits sad that you got on a boring train, how could we cheer you up? :)20:28
faenilno problem man, just a bit sad20:28
w00tfaenil: there will be more than enough work to go around... :)20:28
sledgesjust let us know please , we missed your ml posts ;)20:28
faenilw00t oh I'm sure there will be enough for everyone20:29
faeniljust, as I said, I'm not used to such situations, but no problem, it's all experience20:29
sledgesi just imagined: what if 2-3 people work at the same time on different components but push to the same repo. what could possibly go wrong? guidelines, uniformiry, nothing? :)20:30
piggzfaenil: rebooting...20:30
faenilnothing imho ;) I just want to learn more ;)20:30
piggzfaenil: \o/ a ui20:31
sledgesso the effort will be successfully parallelised and everyone's having rip-roaring time :)20:31
faenildid locusf post the changes upstream anyway? as I think I'll have to work on nemo-keyboatd to fix the remaining Maliit issues20:31
faenilpiggz great ;)20:31
piggzfaenil: ta, i will build some packages now :)20:31
sledgeslocusf said that you told him not to accept pr yet. last news we knew :)20:32
faenilno I mean the glacier Maliit, that's in another repo imho20:32
sledgesneed to wake him up :))20:32
faenilanyway about Maliit stuff, please merge that as I won't have time to fix that properly :( (it was planned for smartdevcon)20:33
faenilsorry for making you guys wait20:33
faenilplanned to research and fix the alpha bug in qtwayland before accepting the workaround20:33
sledgesjolla will try too?20:34
faenilworkaround is enough, they could just postpone that ;)20:34
*** jreznik is now known as jreznik_away20:38
Sagefaenil: sledges: ping20:40
faenilyo sag20:40
Sage@Nemo Complete Wayland20:40
Sagetry that + hw adaptation bits in .ks file20:40
faenilawesome! thanks!20:40
*** jluisn has quit IRC20:40
faenileh, can't try from phone :)20:41
sledgeswill try20:41
Sagehttps://github.com/faenil/NemoWaylandKickstart/blob/master/nemo-armv7hl-n950-rnd.ks <- from this drop 25-51, 90-14920:41
Sageit builds atm. but should be ready soonish20:41
Sageoh umm...20:42
sledgesmany thanks Sage20:42
w00tSage: not to be an asshole, but can you please see msg elsewhere? :p20:42
sledgesand to faenil for pushing the idea through :)20:42
Sagew00t: haha :)20:42
* Sage wipes w00t of the planet20:42
* w00t appends Sage to /dev/null20:43
faenilahaha, hacky revenges20:44
sledgeswhat happened to the trout?20:45
Sagesledges: beaten to pieces already ;)20:45
sledges:) sushi20:46
sledges(fish'n'chips round here..)20:46
Sagesledges: faenil https://build.merproject.org/monitor/old20:48
Sageso build avalance and might take a while20:48
* w00t wonders why there are so many packages20:49
Sagew00t: yes that is huge amount20:49
*** Vlad_on_the_road has quit IRC20:55
faenilpiggz so it's booting to UI correctly?20:59
*** Pat_o has quit IRC21:02
faenilSage are you planning to make hw pattern as well?21:05
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile21:09
Sagefaenil: after someone tests those other things yes21:09
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC21:13
faenilSage ok ;)21:18
*** Venemo_ has quit IRC21:18
faenilyo Sfiet_Konstantin21:19
Sfiet_Konstantinhello faenil :)21:19
qwazixfaenil, sledges I think that parallel work on components can work if we build a dependency tree first21:20
faenilqwazix agree21:20
qwazixand I'm sure there will be lot's of work for everyone, there are animations and stuff to be done, glacier isn't the easiest of themes21:21
qwazix(in fact I was afraid that we might be planning too elaborate things that would take ages at expense of having a working set soon, now I'm a bit relieved)21:22
sledgessounds good, we just need a bit more.steering of whats the next step (ml would be great)21:22
qwazixnext step is a list of all components, and then the dependency tree21:23
qwazixand then start a table, of the style     component name | spec | implementation |21:24
qwazixso that we can tick away what's completed21:24
sledgesnice, thanks21:33
sledgesfaenil, what did your research yield ?21:35
faenilsledges which one?21:38
sledgesresearch and plan components21:40
faenilwell I read lots of documentations about components21:41
faenilalso read codes of tizen components21:41
faenil(and I think we should base on their work)21:41
faeniland talked to the Qt tizen guys, but it would take a while to type on phone the things we talked about :)21:42
faenilbut basically first step we have to create a working repo with the same structure21:43
faeniland qml plugins etc21:43
sledgesthey have their comp repos, worth looking at then21:43
faenilso that we only have to write the qmlk style files21:44
faenilsledges, yes, we should base off that21:44
*** alien_ has quit IRC21:44
faenilonce repo is setup and working, write style files and enjoy :)21:45
faenilwe'll need to add few components21:45
faenillike the tab dock, a switch, busy indicator21:45
faeniland few more21:45
faenilalso the current qtquickcontrols only expose graphics modification via editing the style files21:46
faenilwhile we may want to modify components behaviours as well21:46
faenilin that case we'll also have to modify the components themselves21:47
faenilbasically creating a modified qtquickcontrols (which is what Qt tizen guys did as well)21:47
faenilsledges any thoughts?21:48
Sageok time for sleep, ping me guys tomorrow about the patterns when the obs avalance stops21:49
faenilnight sage21:50
faenilalright, sledges is probably sleeping xD so good night guys ;)21:54
sledgesagree with ending up modifying qtquickcontrols, talked this over with w00t some time ago21:55
*** Martix_ has quit IRC21:55
sledgesand great info that theres some sort of intrinsic components repo structure that we'll reference from qtizen guys21:55
faenilyup :)21:56
sledgeslooking forward to more details, so somebody could action it21:56
sledgesml? :D21:56
faenilalso discussed with them and they tatget silica compatibility :P21:57
sledgesoh happy days for Superpelican :))21:57
sledgeshe always wanted it21:57
faenilah :)21:57
*** zhost has quit IRC21:58
sledgesbut Hurrian had his thoughts :P21:58
sledgesmore read on grog21:58
faenilanyway, good night ppl :P looking forward to seeing how nemo will evolve in the next few months :)21:58
sledgeslets hope for good fuelling :)21:59
faenilyup :) notte!21:59
*** faenil has quit IRC21:59
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*** kimitake has quit IRC22:23
*** Martix_ has quit IRC22:29
*** panda84kde has quit IRC22:33
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*** Martix_ has joined #nemomobile23:03
*** fk_lx has quit IRC23:13
*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile23:16
*** jiok has joined #nemomobile23:20
jiokHi, is there a way to install components from nemo in desktop?23:20
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC23:25
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