Wednesday, 2013-09-18

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sledgesjiok, i replied to you, please read logs05:20
sledgesnothing is impossible, only impossible takes longer05:21
sledgesthe question, is it worth the effort05:22
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locusfgah, damn you nocturnal beasts :)06:51
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Morpog_N9locusf, read backlog, thx for fix07:02
Morpog_N9was out to watch champions league and eat pizza :D07:02
Morpog_N9unfortunately it needs also a smaller size, as the popper gets cut om top row at outer keys. Will have a look for it and update github after work.07:04
locusfMorpog_N9: yeah will do thanks :)07:04
locusfMorpog_N9: ok07:04
Morpog_N9locusf, no ni, I dis read backlog :) damn english past form07:05
Morpog_N9and my typing is bad this morning on vkb07:06
locusfah :D07:14
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locusf <- w00t or somebody else, could you comment?07:55
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locusf <- + this :)08:09
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Sfiet_Konstantinping nemomobile designers qwazix, Morpog_N9 etc.08:26
Sfiet_Konstantinsledges: ^08:26
Sfiet_Konstantindid glacier UI provides a way to change the color of highlighted items (we are just having blue buttons now)08:26
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Morpog_N9 Sfiet_Konstantin have you checked grog? Buttons are described with highlighting08:36
Morpog_N9pressed and disabled states08:37
Morpog_N9also we habe gray and blue buttons08:37
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mriclocusf, hey :)09:21
sledgesm_orning :)09:23
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mricsledges, hi :)09:41
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sledgeshello :)09:41
mricsledges, do you know if the orientation issue is fixed ?09:44
sledgesmric, what's the last thing you know about it?09:44
sledgesfrom the irclog ;)09:44
mricsledges, that people were working hard on it :)09:45
sledgesthen I must have missed something :D09:45
Morpog_N9orientation bug is only in VM iirc09:46
sledgesa, keyboard orientation bug yes09:46
Morpog_N9thats what mric talks about, or?09:46
sledges..or about n9(50) orientation?09:46
mricMorpog_N9, my device seems to be stuck in landscape mode09:46
Morpog_N9ah ok09:47
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mricMorpog_N9, shouldn't it be ?09:47
Morpog_N9dunno, haven't heard about it from n950 users09:47
sledgesMorpog_N9, have you tried yourself? ;)09:48
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Morpog_N9nope, my N9 is my obly device, needs to run stable on harmattan till I have my Jolla09:49
sledgesdaily phone \o/ nice09:50
Morpog_N9sure, nothing else comes close09:50
sledgesI had it as daily phone too, until usb socket snapped :{09:50
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Morpog_N9I eychanged housing twice becaise i was bored with the color09:51
Morpog_N9damn vkb :D09:51
sledgesa ok09:51
sledgesddin't ntocie you had any tpyos09:52
sledgesyou really need other half if you get bored with colours :)09:53
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Morpog_N9will have a half for every day09:53
mricsledges, I'm still trying to install the qml packqge but after entering the command "zypper --no-refresh in --force Downloads/qmlsettings-0.0.0-1.armv7hl.rpm" I'm getting "unknow option --force"09:54
mricdo you have any idea ?09:54
Morpog_N9and I dream of a car holder half that also connects audio to car and powers device09:54
Morpog_N9force before in maybe mric?09:55
sledgesMorpog_N9, and relays usb charger down to bottom ;)09:55
sledgesmric, it works for me09:56
sledgesplease double check09:56
sledgesproof that im not dreaming:
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sledgesSage, osc meta pattern nemo:devel:ux shows nemo-complete-wayland, but it's not yet hatched here:
Sagesledges: because it seems obs got bad during build cc: lbt Stskeeps10:06
Sagethe build has never finished properly yet :/10:06
Sage <- see the craph10:06
Sagegraph :)10:06
sledgespun intended? :)10:06
Sageyes ;)10:07
Stskeepslooks like something got stuck indeed10:07
sledgesbut it looks (normal) busy, doesn't it10:07
Sagenope, build times are too long for normal builds10:09
Stskeepslbt: ^ worker restart/dispatcher/some service dead?10:09
lbtlooks like cmds is dead again10:13
lbtno, it wasn't - very old dmesg stuff :)10:17
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sledgesi486 new patterns are in place, will test that instead10:46
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sledgesSage, Warning: repo problem: nothing provides meegotouch-community-l10n needed by pattern:nemo-ux-wayland-.noarch,11:04
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sledgeswe had had a slaughter some time ago :)11:04
sledgesand if i provide a l10n from testing, it goes onto: Warning: repo problem: nothing provides nemo-qml-plugin-contacts-tools needed by pattern:nemo-rnd-wayland-.noarch,11:06
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sledgesok OBS fe looks dead now: OBS Web Interface Error: Uncaught exception: Connection refused - connect(2)11:11
sledgeslbt, ^11:11
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lbtsledges: ty - I've been looking at it for a while11:15
lbtnot sure what's up11:15
sledgesor what's down :)11:15
sledgesi mean, fe worked until now11:15
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sledgessage I meld (kompare ;P) the two mic generated fs, I see pattern ks puled in  /usr/lib/mcompositor/*11:26
sledgesand /usr/lib/applets/mappletrunner11:27
sledgesalso /usr/lib/qt4/imports is there and qt4 so libs in general11:27
sledgescould be due to that all apps are being pulled in (we used to pull only qt5 ported ones)11:28
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Anssi||hm. is there a lipstick apis for stacking order?11:52
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Anssi||at least there are "void windowLowered(QObject *window);" signal11:54
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sledgesSage, PRs submitted, I'm looking into taming apps pattern11:59
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sledgesthanks, will submit one more then you could tag release..12:04
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sledgesok, that's all PRs from me for now :)12:18
sledgesif all LeGiTiMate ;D Sage please fire up a release afterwads12:19
w00tsledges: you should be able to push tags, fwiw ;)12:19
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sledgesw00t, not for ;)12:20
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sledgesok, now we ask for a longwait :))12:27
sledgesthanks Sage12:27
Sagewell, obs seems to gone nuts :)12:28
sledgesone more PR, overlooked sorry12:39
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sledgesSage, ping ^13:27
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locusfoh obs is broken13:43
sledgesyes, they're fighting on #mer since hours13:43
locusflol indeed13:44
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locusfanyways, merged faenils PR's just now and once obs is back up the builds should include the maliit fixes13:46
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sledgesthanks locusf, fingers cross(compil)ed for obs13:47
locusfI used to hate OBS, still do13:48
sledgesI loved it13:49
locusfonce something goes wrong, well ..13:49
sledgesit used to be dealt with; like everything else13:51
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sledgeslocusf, 100% agree 15:14 < Stskeeps> stefan_schmidt_w: obs is a fantastic tool when it works14:17
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locusfsledges: hehe yeah :)14:21
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sledgesSage, I think tar_git is also down..14:26
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mric_sledges, I'm back (having some internet problems)15:27
sledgeswb mric_15:27
mric_sedges, just read in the log that for you the package works fine, right ?15:29
sledgesthe command15:29
sledgesfor any package15:29
locusfhey mric_15:29
mric_Hey locusf :)15:30
locusfmric_: did you get the package working?15:30
mric_locusf, working on it (I had problems with internet)15:31
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mric_losusf, can I do it over ssh ?15:32
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mric_I need to reboot under Linux but than could you explain how to connect in ssh (sedges explained to me a very long time ago but I think I forgot)15:34
mric_locusf or sledges ?15:34
sledgeswho where!? :)15:35
mric_sledges, ok thanks that should be enough :)15:36
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jioksledges I saw your reply, it takes time, a lot of depandancies and stuff, but is it possible? it would be nice for me, I'm just wondering how difficult it is to run nemo apps on desktop15:55
jiokDoes any body know if there is a new image for N950? I tried building one my self and it didn't work15:56
locusfjiok: there is15:56
jioklocusf where can I get it?15:57
jioklocusf thanks I'm testing16:01
locusfjiok: np, report back on any glitches :)16:02
locusfjiok: settings program is known not to work on wifi passhprase entry16:05
jiokok I'm booting now16:07
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jiokit's showing nemo logo, how long is it supposed to show that?16:09
locusfnot long16:09
locusfd7c3a5a14c74962518845cb9e8aa6e62  Dropbox/nemo-n950-rnd-20130915.tar.bz216:10
locusfcheck md5sum if there are problems16:10
jiokit's fine16:10
jiokDidn't work :s16:12
locusfhmm thats odd16:13
jiokI will extract again maybe I missed something16:13
locusfif you can ssh in and see journalctl -f -a16:13
jiokHow do I ssh into it? with usb? is it the same address displayed when I boot? the default one?
locusfyes thats it16:16
sledgesalso several reboots tend to massage sanity into it16:20
sledgess/it/first boot annoyances/16:20
locusfthat too16:20
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jiokit's working now, so just one question.. this looks way different that what I saw on some videos is that due to the wayland change?16:35
sledgesneom wayland is
locusfthe upper video is not from an image btw but nemo wayland regardless16:38
sledgesjiok, and it brings us to your previous question: does your desktop run wayland? ;)16:38
*** jreznik has joined #nemomobile16:38
jiokI guess not, I don't much about it as you can see.. I wanted to test the applications, I was able to compile and install mlite but I got some errores when trying to compile the components16:39
sledgesalthough it's not necessary for your desktop to run wayland, as long as you don't want to run lipstick (wayland dependent) homescreen on your desktop16:40
sledgesand for running isolated nemo's qt5 apps should be doable16:40
sledgesas long as they don't interdepend too much between themselves, and most importantly, between middleware16:40
jiokthat's what I tought, but I'm stuck compiling the components16:40
sledgessimple apps like qnotes you could launch16:40
sledgesbut if you want to launch qmlsettings and control your desktop's wifi, i think you need to take loads of things into consideration ;) (your desktop's network manager to say the least)16:41
jiokNo I actually wanted to help with something so I wanted to try the music player first16:42
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile16:42
sledgesthere must be a reason why you don't like VMs jiok :)16:43
sledgesbecause there everything is out of box, on your desktop you'll spend more time setting it all up (because noone here has done this before) than addressing the app itself16:43
jiokNo particular reason, I can try the VM, but I would also like to be able to test on my desktop, but yeah it looks like it requires some time so I guess I will test the VM16:44
*** Morpog_PC has joined #nemomobile16:46
jiokI have another question, I saw the before wayland videos and performance was very good, I know this change was recent and I understand that N9/N950 hardware is old.. but is the wayland image expected to be as fast as the old one some day? or only for new hardware?16:47
sledgesw00t, ^ ?16:47
*** Pat_o has quit IRC16:47
*** ericcc_ has quit IRC16:48
locusfthats probably rather a question to me and faenil16:50
locusfwell I don't know yet if there is anything that can be optimized on wayland side to make it as fast as the X11 image16:51
sledgeslocusf, jiok :
sledgesread last 3 lines of first irc snippet16:52
sledgesand then the last irc snippet16:52
sledgesi hoped w00t could shed any new light on this16:52
*** nsuffys has joined #nemomobile16:53
jiokI see, well I hope it gets better for N9/N950 :p16:53
sledgesfingers cross(compil)ed jiok16:54
jiokI guess I have to ask, are the apps different before and after wayland? or is just middleware stuff? if apps are the same, can I use older images? or I should stick to this one16:55
sledgesapps have been ported to qt516:56
sledgesthey haven't been tested, and before wayland (called x11/qt4) apps are discontinued unless there is a demand16:56
jiokI understand, thanks for your help :D16:57
sledgeslots of exciting stuff to do16:57
locusf+ glacier of course16:59
*** panda84kde has quit IRC17:00
jiokthat glacier UI looks nice17:00
locusfthe only real thing about glacier now is the keyboard :/17:01
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jiokDo you guys know what is the latest x11/qt4 image available for N950?17:15
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Morpog_PCqwazix, sent a PR17:33
Morpog_PCchanged popper size and spacing, vacuumed defs17:33
qwazixk, will merge17:34
Morpog_PClocusf, new popper image is in there, also specced now at 56x84, spacing to key is still 8px and font size stays17:34
locusfMorpog_PC: ok17:35
qwazixMerged and pulled. Everybody working on it make sure to pull, as conflict resolution is a PITA17:36
Morpog_PCmaybe we should do seperate files for each control?17:37
qwazixMorpog_PC, tip to further reduce file size: When editing gradients with the edit tool on the left a duplicate is created. Sometimes this is not intended, and you want to change everything that uses that gradient. Pushing on Ctrl+Shift+F and then edit, shows a gradient edit dialog that edits the gradient without duplicating it (and thus changing all the items that use it)17:39
qwazixor make sure similar controls use the same gradient (you can see gradient ID in Fill+Stroke dock) and then vacuum defs again17:40
qwazixanyway, I'm cool either way. Might be better for merges to split into different files.17:40
Morpog_PCah ok, was already confused by all those gradient copies :)17:41
qwazix(I'm not saying that you should do any of the above, just explaining what I have noticed)17:41
Morpog_PCnono, it's good t know such stuff, as I'm still learning to use inkscape properly :)17:41
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*** gabriel9 has joined #nemomobile18:11
Sageso obs still down?18:19
Sageor workers not functioning18:19
Stskeepsso the problem is the AMQP server acting up and stalling repserver18:20
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rcgSage, is that pull request for qca on github ok?18:50
*** plfiorini has joined #nemomobile18:59
Morpog_PCbtw qwazix, what do you think about space not centered in VKB?19:01
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Morpog_PCGlacier UI switch
*** piggz has joined #nemomobile19:15
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Morpog_PCqwazix, PR from switch spec and files19:18
*** martyone has joined #nemomobile19:25
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lbtSage: obs should have been fixed a few hours ago20:11
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile20:14
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faenilis it true that jolla will publish tech specs before end of this week?20:29
fk_lxfaenil: according to some rumors20:32
Morpog_MobileWas in an interview20:33
Morpog_MobileI think they publish it tomorrow20:34
*** louisdk has quit IRC20:34
faenilyeah it was on an interview20:34
fk_lxMorpog_Mobile: makes sense - starting second round of preorders and revealing specs20:38
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Sagelbt: well I can't seem to be able to connect to the webui21:15
lbtSage: hmm21:16
lbtit's working just fine here21:16
lbtthere's a bit of an issue that is showing old jobs as still active21:17
Sagewell to me it doesn't respond :/21:17
lbtosc works here too21:17
Sagemaybe just isp error21:17
*** faenil has quit IRC21:18
lbtin .fi ?21:18
Sagelet me try osc21:20
Sageosc doesn't work either it seems21:20
*** fk_lx has left #nemomobile21:24
lbtSage: looks ok then21:27
*** Mric has joined #nemomobile21:38
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qwazixMorpog_PC, will merge tomorrow. Reading blog now and going to sleep21:53
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