Monday, 2013-09-23

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rcgmorning :)07:23
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locusfmorning :)07:45
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sledgesSage, nope :{;O=D09:29
sledgesgMorning :)09:32
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cxl000w00t, Could you have a look at
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w00tcxl000: special already reviewed it, I'll try find time to test and integrate today09:37
cxl000w00t, thanks09:38
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stephgquick question: what's the best way to get ahold of a recent wayland image? are you folks building your own?09:43
sledgesstephg, yes09:46
stephgk, kickstart script then?09:46
stephgoh cool#09:47
sledgesnot really09:47
sledgesthe one above has some fixes which would not get picked up by .ks yet :))09:47
stephgI download :)09:47
sledges;) go ahead09:47
locusfthe fixes should have been picked for new images09:48
locusfits already been a week ..09:49
sledgeslocusf, good news, I've been afk for quite some time &)09:49
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locusfits ok :)09:49
sledgesI had a feeling, this one wouldn't be accepted yet ;)09:50
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faenilo/ hello peopl!09:57
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locusfah mikhas replied to my maliit pr10:32
locusfthanks :)10:32
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mikhaslocusf, about that – who will decide the theme switch eventually?11:30
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locusfmikhas: I dont know11:44
mikhasOK, so if it's potentially controversial I'll wait with that patch until after next Maliit release.11:47
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sledgesfaenil, qwazix, will nemo slowly transition to glacier as a rolling release?11:52
faenilas in?11:54
faenilqwazix, ping11:54
faenilit's not clear to me if glacier and breeze are two themes of the same components11:54
faenilor they're 2 different components sets11:54
sledgeswe won't maintain current components/theme/apps and replace them one by one11:54
sledgesor create branches and complexity ;D11:54
faenilwe will replace apps one by one11:55
faenilonce components are ready11:55
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sledges(breeze is something else to decide later, qwazix said he hopes it will be as simple as just a theme (PNGs) change)11:55
faenilok so it's theme11:56
faenilsince I'm structuring components, and tizen components already have theme handling, we should inherit that right now as well ;)11:56
sledgesah yes didn't think of that, so it means we're not going to have qtcomponents theme inheritance engine anymore ;)11:58
sledgesman can't wait, all so exciting :)11:59
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tanukfaenil: Tizen components? What are those?12:07
faeniltanuk, Qt for Tizen guys built a Tizen components set out of QtQuickControls12:07
faenilwhich is the same thing we have to do for nemo12:07
faenilso we'll reuse their work12:07
tanukfaenil: Thanks, I wasn't aware of the Qt for Tizen activity.12:08
faeniltanuk, np12:12
faeniltanuk, Qt for Tizen isn't supported by Samsung, but Samsung employees are working on it in their spare time12:12
sledgesand qqc-tizen are hosted under qt-project iirc ;)12:14
sledgesso not only Samsung welcomes12:14
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Anssi||i knew that there is some tizen qt activity, just did not know it comes from Samsung employees. It might actually be quite interesting.12:21
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mikhasit's all rather unofficial though12:25
sledgesqtfortizen , interestingly Alpha 2 is way smoother and looks nice, as compared to the most recent Alpha 3 :) (see youtube)12:27
faenilsledges, guess what I already asked that question :P12:27
sledgesand the answer is? ;)12:27
faenilit's the curl page effect ruining the experience, they ported shader code from a desktop shader, so it's not optimized12:27
sledgeswhy ruin the demo? :D12:28
faenilbecause I guess that's part of tizen components? :/12:28
faenildon't know :D12:28
Anssi||sledges, maybe they try to make it so crappy that no one would use it?12:29
sledgessounds more of Necrosoft strategy12:30
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Anssi||sledges, now i know what consulting office Nokia used.
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qwazixsledges, faenil, pong, reading backlog12:59
faenilqwazix, ok ;)13:00
qwazixfaenil, breeze, if it comes eventually to life, might need some extra options for the components additionally to just different png's. Not a different component set though. However I haven't made a concrete study so it might be not so simple. I guess we should worry later about that.13:02
sledgesqwazix, the last convo about overall glacierisation popped up from mikhas asking locusf if nemo glacierised keyboard changes should be accepted into maliit for this release13:02
faenilok, I'm using theme1 and theme2 atm13:02
faenilas we'll have have 2 themes for glacier in any case, I guess13:03
faenil(like dark and light? something like that)13:03
qwazixsledges, I believe it should be a rolling release. It won't be consistent during the transition, but it's not like we have lots of users that upgrade every day their daily phone.13:03
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sledges+1 to that qwazix13:03
sledgesso mikhas could go ahead and make the first (locusf's) glacierisation (congelation ;D) happen? :D13:04
qwazixfaenil, I was hoping to have glacier for dark and breeze for light, but we should focus on only one thing now, just have the theming capability there13:04
qwazixsledges, I would vote yes13:04
alteregoHmm, hunger strikes ..13:07
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faenilcool :)
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sledges\o/ locusf will be please with this :)13:11
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sledges!seen Vesuri13:12
Merbotsledges: Vesuri was last seen in #nemomobile 22 weeks, 3 days, 22 hours, 18 minutes, and 21 seconds ago: <Vesuri> thanks :) not a bad idea13:12
locusfwhats going on?13:20
sledgeslocusf, lipstick gets screenshot ability via dbus13:21
locusfah screenshots :13:21
sledgesand mikhas should go ahead and accept the maliit PR ;)13:21
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sledgesgood stuff13:25
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* alterego wonders why somethings just have to be so difficult O_O13:32
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w00talterego: life would be no fun if it was all easy13:42
alteregoIt's when it turns out to be easy, then I get frustrated ;)13:42
sledges"nobody said it was easy"13:43
sledges"no one ever said it would be so this hard"13:43
Morpog_N9qwazix, we need to talk header transparency13:44
Morpog_N9i checked with the listview and it looks strange13:45
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qwazixMorpog_N9, I'll ping you in a while, can't right now13:52
Morpog_N9no prob, also not home yet13:53
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Sagesledges: those are there15:22
*** qwazix has quit IRC15:23
sledgesnope ;P15:24
Sageapps was in strange state fixed that lets see if that fixes your issue15:25
Sagebut mw and ux should be there already15:25
sledgesSage, the link you gave doesn't have changes15:26
sledgesstill says nemo-qml-plugin-contacts-tools15:27
sledgesinstead of its qt5 counterpart15:27
*** qwazix has joined #nemomobile15:28
sledgesux is fine, confirmed15:28
sledgesand apps still doesn't pick up the nemo-apps-wayland.yaml15:31
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sledgeshm mw works too, sec15:34
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sledgesto shed more light on outstanding: Warning: repo problem: nothing provides pattern:nemo-apps-wayland needed by pattern:nemo-complete-wayland-.noarch,15:35
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sledgesand patterns-mw works without my PR because this error does not pop-up anymore (has somebody added "provides"? couldn't find any). last week's:  Warning: repo problem: nothing provides nemo-qml-plugin-contacts-tools needed by pattern:nemo-rnd-wayland-.noarch15:41
sledgesSage, apps now fine15:45
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sledgesand i triggered rebuild on mw, as poorly OBS overslept its tagging last week :)15:45
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alteregowomen ...15:51
alteregoThat was a mean over generalisation, what I meant to say was ..15:51
alterego"Girl friends ..."15:52
sledgesyup, they truly fall into the distinctive subcategory...15:52
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alteregoWell, I suppose you could expand it to include Mothers and sisters, they can be pretty random sometimes too ;)15:54
sledgesbut not the same means to get around with :)15:55
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alteregoShe had a big shouting fit at me last night, for no particular reason, and when she stormed off, somewhere, on the way home, she lost her bag, phone, etc. :/15:58
sledgesi wonder why :))15:59
alteregoTo be fair, I walked her most of the way home, and I'm certain she had it when I went home. Very perculiar, and I thought she was ignoring my appologies this morning ;)16:00
sledgesjust have to bear with them from-time-to-time..16:00
alteregoShe's gone through three iPhones in the past 8 months I think?16:00
alteregoThat was rhetorical.16:00
alteregoI think it's a subconcious want for a better device ;)16:00
alteregoThough I wouldn't tell her that ...16:01
sledgesSage, mw in as well \o/16:01
sledgesnow onto the new PRs ;)16:01
Sagesledges: can you build now with Nemo Complete the wayland image with hw adaptation extras?16:04
sledgesSage, just submitted PR for meegotouch-systemui16:04
sledgesso, not yet :))16:04
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alteregoHrm, unresolved symbol in libdres16:20
alteregoAnyone else seen this?16:20
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alteregoHrm, well, dinner time moaw.16:27
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locusf <- RE: Wayland alpha textures not working, ping w00t, is this here on purpose?17:29
aknightlocusf: are you using window decorations?17:40
locusfaknight: not to my knowledge17:40
w00tlocusf: note that that is only done if decorations are enabled (which in our case they should not be, right?)17:40
*** keithzg_ has joined #nemomobile17:40
aknightyou would know if you had them enabled (clients would have ugly chrome around them)17:41
*** keithzg_ has quit IRC17:42
*** keithzg has joined #nemomobile17:42
sledgescould anyone sanity-check this (looks fine ported: )17:43
*** jreznik has quit IRC17:44
locusfw00t: ok17:45
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile17:49
faenilhey o/17:49
faenilhow would you get date without "date" command?17:49
faenilI need time actually17:49
Stskeepsgcc -o date date.c17:50
Stskeeps(also, how on earth did you end up not having 'date'?)17:50
faenilit's my router17:50
sledgesdate +"%T"17:50
faenilsledges, reread question :P17:50
sledges18:49 < faenil> I need time actually17:51
Stskeepsfaenil: /bin/busybox date17:51
sledges"actually" is a modifier to the predecessing statement :P17:51
faenilStskeeps, I have a custom fw on my Netgear, but it doesn't have date, nor lots of other stuff :D17:51
faenilStskeeps, applet not found17:51
locusfinstall openwrt17:51
faenillocusf, yes, I will ;) but atm I need a workaround :D17:52
faenilStskeeps, did you finish your bullets? :D17:53
faenildmesg has time, I want it too! lol17:54
Stskeepsfaenil: touch foo; ls -al file; parse time:17:55
faenilfile: no such file or dir17:56
faenilparse: not found17:56
* Stskeeps slaps faenil 17:56
Stskeepstouch foo; ls -al foo | do-some-parsing17:57
*** Vlad_on_the_road has joined #nemomobile17:57
faenilnot bad, not bad17:57
faenilI found /bin/uptime17:57
faenilwhich has time with seconds17:57
faenilbut no date17:57
faenills doesn't have seconds otoh17:57
faenilguess I'll make a mix17:58
* faenil goes to heal the wound on his cheek17:58
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qwazixMorpog_PC, I got a few minutes if you are free18:52
Morpog_PCso, transparency still looks ugly. I think we should make non transparent as default18:53
Morpog_PCwill show you an example18:53
Morpog_PCThats with the header you specced18:55
Morpog_PCIt's confusing I think18:56
Morpog_PCI tried to solve it with different gradients on header, but it's almost hopeless18:56
Morpog_PCespecially if you add icons and controls on header18:57
qwazixjust a sec18:58
Morpog_PCwhat could look goog would be a small gradient like I used on bottom here:
Morpog_PCgoog = good18:59
qwazixyeah, that19:00
qwazixwe'll do it like that on the bottom few px of the header19:00
Morpog_PCthats 20u in height19:00
Morpog_PCon bottom there19:00
Morpog_PCthat would also solve how to handle scroll overflows19:01
qwazixgood, let's eat into the header, not put it below the header19:01
Morpog_PCso no need to add outside of header19:01
Morpog_PCyep, exactly19:01
qwazix(do you think it makes sense to keep the old gradient as option specifically for image gallery?)19:02
qwazixin harmattan there's a transclucent header in gallery only and it looks pretty ok19:03
qwazixI mean to show there's something there so that the image doesn't look cropped19:03
Morpog_PCwell we could do a pref in header component for that, so developers can choose it, but not as default of course19:04
Morpog_PCit looks pretty good on media stuff19:04
qwazixI'm not sure we want to give developers the choice... Most dev's arent designers nor they have one (especially on a hacker's OS like nemo)19:05
*** piee has quit IRC19:05
qwazixwe should be a bit strict with our components as people rarely read guidelines19:05
qwazix(I mean 3rd party developers, nemo developers of course may use it, after review)19:06
Morpog_PCwon't they just hack it in if they see it on our apps?19:06
qwazixthey can, but let's not make it easy for them. There's one thing really wanting to do it like that, and another trying different prefs and choosing the one that looks blingier19:07
qwazix(and the fadeout one looks pretty cool in certain cases but as you just proved, in very rare ones)19:08
*** rcg has joined #nemomobile19:09
qwazixso let's use a customized component for gallery and spec the header like you said, with a 20u gradient on the bottom line19:10
*** piee has joined #nemomobile19:11
qwazixMorpog_PC, maybe tweak those icons? they seem too harsh to me, even in hurrian's mockup where they have icons in them19:12
Morpog_PCnot sure about the 20u19:12
Morpog_PCqwazix, they are just placeholders19:12
qwazixMorpog_PC, I'm leaving the size to you19:12
qwazixMorpog_PC, I know, but still...19:13
Morpog_PCI just tried to replicate Hurrian's mockup for a first version19:13
qwazixjust try some variations, maybe gray or sth can help sweeten the feel a bit19:13
Morpog_PCdcdcdc should do it19:14
Morpog_PCok, So I will play around with header gradient a bit more, pretty hard to find a decent setting19:15
*** zetaz has left #nemomobile19:16
*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile19:18
qwazixwe could also use a gray (or color?) for either the title or info19:19
qwazixSome friends came around for a beer. Cya later (or tomorrow).19:23
*** furikku has quit IRC19:30
locusffaenil: your repo contains nemo-configs-n950-n9 but can't this be in the main repos already?19:39
locusfyour repo messes up eg. fingerterm :p19:39
faenildon't know because it could conflict with some x11 stuff19:40
faenilthat's why I didn't publish it19:40
locusfoh ok19:40
faenilI can delete fingerterm webhook19:40
locusfnot just that, probably package too19:41
faenilpackage is automatically deleted when webhook is deleted19:41
locusfoh cool, didn't know taht19:42
faenilbut I'm not sure19:42
faenilI'm checking19:42
faenilseems like it doesn't ;)19:42
locusfI was just doing the same but looking at the sources19:43
faenilok deleted everything but opensans font and the config package19:44
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locusfnice thx19:44
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