Friday, 2013-10-04

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rantomAnd morning.05:59
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#434 waiting for review at
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rantomI just checked for updates with Package manager and it said that there was none07:55
rantomHowever when I run zypper ref and up it tells me that there is updates available. Is it a bug in package manager?07:56
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rantomAh, wiki explains it: "NOTE: This method doesn't download new packages that might have been added to the patterns, for this see the cmdline method."07:59
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rantomThough one more thing. Is the page for N900 up-to-date? If I recall correctly the latest version of Nemo Mobile doesn't run on it? And that's a big if08:03
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Netweaver@rantom: Nemo runs 'fine' on N900, I'm up-to-date with the latest RND/DEVEL version and all still works (or works again) :) Battery life is not good though. Speed could get better by using latest compiler (being trialed I'm sure) and by using Thumb. But there are issues right now, to build a thumb version for N900. And the Wayland/ full QT5 effort is not really taking N900 into account for now. I think they have more focus on N9/N950/09:18
Netweaverx86 right now. Also because the number of N900 owning devs is reduced a lot. But people will help if you want to put in the effort. After all, stskeeps originally presented Wayland first on the N900, long time ago. So it IS possible :) The RND/DEVEL is rocky though, don't go there for stability.09:18
niqti started working on n900 wayland qt5 one month ago09:22
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niqtbut lipstick doesnt' start, i need change some ioctl09:22
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niqtor api09:23
niqtI hope to do it sooner or later09:24
Netweaver@niqt: thanks for the update. I saw in the forum more progress on the x86 side than on the other platforms, as understandable because easier to test and help in a virtual machine. Good to know that my N900 is still playing along.09:28
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sledgesgiucam, could you help with current nemo breakage? (lipstick is black all over)09:38
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giucamsledges: it isn't black for me09:39
giucami 'zypper up'ped yesterday09:40
sledgeson which device?09:40
sledgesit's black on vm09:40
sledgesi zypped up just now09:40
sledgesstill black09:40
sledgeslet me restart09:40
sledges(just did killall lipstick instead)09:40
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Morpog_PCi can try too09:40
sledgesstill black09:41
sledgeshow werid09:41
sledgesgiucam, do you have any custom repost?09:41
giucamsledges: i have lipstick and colorful-home with a patch each, but it shouldn't matter09:42
giucamsledges: iirc you said you see the notifications window?09:42
sledgesMorpog_PC: fire away :)09:42
giucamdon't you maybe have a qml error in MainScreen.qml?09:42
Morpog_PC117 packages to update :D09:43
sledgesyes there was qt rebuild09:43
sledgesgiucam: i look now09:43
sledgescan't remember errors :{09:43
sledgesbut could've done it hastily09:43
Morpog_PCnot black yet after update09:44
sledgesFailed to initialize egl display. There's no EGL_WL_bind_wayland_display extension09:44
sledgesConnectionSelector.qml: File not found09:45
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sledgesNotificationPreview.qml: TypeError ..... Object] has no method 'setNotificationPreviewRect'09:45
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sledgesand then two dbus reject send msgs - all what's with journalctl | grep lipstick09:46
Morpog_PChmmm, black window and tells me to recharge battery :)09:47
giucamFailed to initialize egl display. There's no EGL_WL_bind_wayland_display extension seems a candidate09:47
giucami don't get it09:47
Morpog_PCgiucam, you did zypper ref first I guess?09:47
sledgesMorpog_PC: join the crew :D09:47
giucamMorpog_PC: yes09:47
sledgesgiucam: maybe if you disable your repos, and retry09:48
* giucam tries updating again09:48
sledgeswe might end up in same sit09:48
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giucamah yeah, now i get it too09:54
giucamthe problem is lipstick09:55
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sledgeshow weird09:59
sledgesi reverted lipstick commits09:59
sledges(see yesterdays backlog)10:00
sledgesand lipstick-colorful-home is old10:00
sledgesmaybe i missed something10:00
giucami just built again lipstick master, and it works, how odd10:01
giucamoh wait10:02
giucami installed the wrong packages10:02
giucamah, ok. now it doesn't work anymore10:04
giucamso with 0.16.18 it works for me, but not with 0.16.2110:04
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* sledges checks reverts10:08
giucami'm bisecting10:11
sledgesthanks giucam10:13
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giucammeh. i hate when i hit commits that don't build10:25
sledgesthe one right after is a fix10:25
sledgesbut are you sure? i just reverted to 7367110 (Bump version [to 0.16.18]) and it's still black10:26
giucamodd. yeah, i'm sure 18 works for me10:26
giucam19 too10:26
sledgesok, i'm just too curious :))10:27
sledgeswe'll see with dissection10:27
rantomNetweaver: Thanks a lot. Alright then, I'll stick to the N950 then for now. Might even wait for Wayland-images (don't really have time to the current method)10:30
giucammeh. i have now 4 commits which don't build, and the bad one is one of them10:32
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giucamah, but only one is actual code: bc5bd724372050c1dcf08b9c50ec01ce711cc48410:33
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sledgesok giucam I submitted this
sledgeswe might be probably missing some dbus message which jolla don't miss ;)11:36
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tanukIt's time for the weekly meeting.11:59
tanukdiwic, Ford_Prefect, pmeerw, poljar: ping11:59
tanukIf anyone wants their nick in or out of the above ping list, please let me know.11:59
tanukDone this week: I pushed the BlueZ 5 patches, there are still a few cleanup patches that I wrote.12:03
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tanukThere was some discussion about dual-direction nodes and latency with PA+JACK.12:05
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tanukAh, crap, wrong channel...12:07
Morpog_PClol :)12:07
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sledgeshow did you tab complete their names :))12:08
sledgesah, /me read the next line12:08
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sledgesok reverting this line brings lipstick homescreen back:
sledgesapparently we in Nemo are not getting frameSwapped() signal12:27
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giucamsledges: it's because when the connect is done, in setQmlPath, _mainWindowInstance is 0, yet12:33
sledgesso even later frameSwapped() signals never arrive giucam ?12:35
giucamthe connect is never done12:35
sledgeswhy doesn't the connect error out on 0s12:35
sledgesok got you12:36
giucam? i mean, the connect() is inside if (_mainWindowInstance) {}, so it's not executed12:36
sledges    if (_mainWindowInstance) {12:36
giucambut, moving the connect outside the if is not enough12:36
giucami don't know why12:36
sledgeshow come it works for Jolla guys ?12:37
sledgesthey said sailfish didn't break12:37
giucamseems like the _mainWindowInstance isn't getting created12:37
sledgesthis never called? HomeWindow *HomeApplication::mainWindowInstance()12:38
sledgesbut how did it work before?12:39
giucambefore there was a mainWindowInstance()->showFullScreen() in sendStartupNotifications(), but now mainWindowInstance() is called nowhere12:39
giucami guess in sailfish they manualli call mainWindowInstance from outside HomeApplication12:40
giucamsledges: this patch fixes it for me :)12:44
giucamotherwise, i think another fix could be to call app.mainWindowInstance(); in main.cpp:44 of colorful-home12:45
giucambut i prefer the lipstick one12:45
sledgesisn't every qml app calling it in main.cpp elegantly12:46
sledgesso we should follow with home as well12:46
sledgesbecause remember, for sailfish it works12:46
sledgesand we are sharing lipstick project commonly12:47
sledgesjust have differing homes12:47
sledgesdo disagree, because if you justify it, we go back and modify lipstick, forcing them to remove it from their home's main.cpp ;)12:48
giucamevery qml app isn't calling it, app is HomeApplication. and it's a matter of api design. i think that mainWindowInstance is an implementation detail, and if it's not mainWindowInstance() should be renamed to createMainWindowInstance()12:49
sledges(no pain if that get's called twice either - subsequent calls are ignored)12:49
sledgesok giucam , i had this in mind of every qml app calling :     view->showFullScreen();12:50
giucamah. but that is actually automatically called by setQmlPath, so colorful-home wouldn't even need to call it12:51
sledgesyes, later on due to the signals connect and working12:51
sledgesok then, how about you suggest your patch (and argumentate place) and see where we'll go from there :)12:52
sledges that is12:52
sledgesi recommend   +  else {  connect(LipstickCompositor::instance(), SIGNAL(frameSwap...12:54
sledgesah shoot didn't notice you -moved- it out12:56
sledgesso ignore the recommendation :)12:56
giucamactually though, this makes it send the ready signal also if _mainWindowInstance->hasErrors() is true...12:58
sledgeseh the intertwining IF clauses :D12:59
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giucami have another one:
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sledgesgiucam: get rid of line 10 and move line 11 to line 2113:06
sledgesor mainWindowInstance()->setSource(path)13:07
giucamsledges: mainWindowInstance() does  if (!_qmlPath.isEmpty()) _mainWindowInstance->setSource(_qmlPath);13:07
sledgesotherwise setSource is never set if _main is not there13:07
giucamit may not be a big deal to call that twice, but...13:07
sledgescrazy :D13:07
sledgesbut i get you now13:08
giucamso yeah, that's the reason i don't like mainWindowInstance() called from outside lipstick. it looks like a getter, but it has 2 side effects13:09
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sledgesso if setSource is called on mainWindowInstance13:10
sledgescan we not get rid of it altogether in setQmlPath ?13:10
sledgesnot really, because that's what it's there for.....13:11
sledgesLGETM then :D13:11
giucamok, pr sent :)13:11
giucamah, got it :)13:12
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sledgesthanks giucam, hopes for best outcome13:13
giucamhmm... i'll have to create another gmail filter :)13:16
sledgesgiucam: wouldn't this look better:
giucamsledges: the else mainWindowInstance(), right, but why did you remove the following lines?13:19
sledgesjust that part13:19
sledgesremaining lines remain ;)13:19
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sledgeswhoops accidental tab complete :)14:05
sledgesignore ;)14:05
sledgeshello :)14:11
Morpog_PCbtw sledges can it be that this notification with recharging battery was alway behind lipstick?14:13
sledgesdon't think so14:14
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sledgesbecause when we fixed it, notification is now there14:14
Morpog_PCah ok14:14
sledgesit can be it has been hidden before though ;)14:14
sledgesas i'm compiling in giucam's latest "lockscreen behindness" fixes too ;)14:14
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zbenjaminw00t: is there still something missing in my pull request?14:39
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Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#435 waiting for review at
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mric_sledges, hey :015:47
sledgesahoj! mric_  :)15:47
mric_sledges, any new components I have missed ?15:48
mric_sledges, actually I wanted to ask you (begin a novice) if  there is any big difference between qt4.7 and qt5 ?15:49
sledgesand yes15:51
sledgesslider is maturing, and text field as well15:52
locusftext field got merged yesterday15:52
sledgesqt5 introduces qtquickcontrols which was the main reason we waited15:52
mric_sledges, great :)15:52
locusfslider needs shader work15:53
sledgesand build glacier controls on them, as they are ready-made15:53
mric_sledges, that's why development is going so fast now ?15:53
sledgesalso qt5 has lots of optimisation - app startup time, and qtquick 2.0 is using accelerated egl 'canvas' by default15:53
sledgesmric_: yes15:53
sledgesa long wait paid off15:53
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sledgeslocusf: nice!15:54
mric_sledges, ok I'm going to learn qt5 then ... and is there also a big difference between 5.0 and 5.1 ?15:55
sledgesnot big, but big enough :))15:55
sledgesalso 5.1.0 doesn'Åt have all we need, as the coming 5.1.1 still has more! (freebies :))15:55
sledgesso it's ingoing15:55
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mric_sledges, ok ok thank you for all the informations :)15:56
sledgesanytime, stick around and you'll be learning in no time :)15:56
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locusfwhich qt version had the new scenegraph engine?15:58
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sledgesno idea15:59
sledgesiekku, WELCOME BACK!!!15:59
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giucamlocusf: 5.216:00
locusfgiucam: ok I figured it was 5.2 but didn't remember exactly, so even more cool stuff coming from that too :)16:00
locusfnow to study the shader16:00
iekkusledges, thanks :) getting better slowly, but definately getting better16:01
sledgesvery very good good :)16:01
sledgeskeep up the good work, now you've managed to leave the zombi-state :)16:01
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iekkusledges, i will do my best16:04
locusfI seem to have lost all my trumpeted slider work16:09
sledgeslocusf: and your famous backup?16:09
locusfah yeah16:09
Sfiet_Konstantinno more a zombie iekku !!!16:09
locusfsledges: thanks, found it from backups :)16:11
sledgesand whew :D16:11
locusfyup :D16:11
locusfa bad git reset lost the commit16:11
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zbenjaminiekku: hey welcome back, how you are better now!16:24
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iekkuzbenjamin, thanks16:37
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sledges'sup w/ u?17:16
faenil:D ntn, been playing AoE3 today, lol...god I have to study...17:16
sledges:D i'm glad that AoE reminds me nothing else but AoF (Android-on-Freerunner , eh DocScrutinizer05 ;))17:17
sledgesgood ole openmoko times17:18
sledgesi couldn't financially afford to run android cupcake 1.5 on anything else during those years :))17:19
faenilsledges, why didn't you kill it with fire when it was still baby :P17:20
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