Wednesday, 2013-10-09

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zbenjaminnow i just need to know how i can start apps that are not on the desktop00:21
zbenjaminor find them00:21
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zbenjamininteresting thing, fingerterm rotates, but the nemo example does not00:39
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timophinteresting. I seems to have managed to wipe all partitions from my n95006:10
timoph"Disk /dev/mmcblk0 doesn't contain a valid partition table06:10
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timophdoes it need to have all the partitions or can I just create one and slap nemo into it?06:11
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faenilzbenjamin, have you changed contentOrietnation?08:40
zbenjaminhm? no i did not, i registered to the rotation events08:40
faenilthen do that :)08:41
zbenjamini think we should have a easier way to do that ;) on one place08:41
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faenilzbenjamin, easier than what08:42
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zbenjaminwell for example, ubuntu touch has one property to set to make rotation work08:43
faenilin QML?08:43
zbenjaminautomaticOrientation or something like that08:43
faeniland we have contentOrientationj08:43
faenilwhich is from official QtQuickControls08:43
zbenjaminto what should i set it to?08:44
zbenjaminah now i see , i have to set it from the outside08:45
faenilcontentOrientation: Screen.orientation08:46
faenilas easy as that08:47
zbenjamindang ;)08:47
faenilrotates? :)08:47
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zbenjamindidn't know there was a QScreen representation  in qml08:47
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zbenjaminpatience i need to compile first08:47
zbenjaminbut i still have to call setOrientationUpdateMask?08:49
zbenjaminor should that just work08:49
faenilyou need setorientupdatemask08:49
faenilbecause otherwise Screen.orientation doesn't change08:49
faenilremember? :)08:49
zbenjaminyeah i know  thats why i ask, maybe you called it already somewhere in your code08:50
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zbenjamindoes not rotate08:55
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faenilconnect to Screen.orientation and see if that changes08:59
faenilsince you were talking about ubuntu touch doing things differently :)09:01
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zbenjaminhm there is a automaticOrientation property in MainView in ubuntu touch , but not yet documented it seems, setting it will handle the rest09:05
faenilyes, that's what I pointed to09:06
faenilit just uses Screen.orientatio09:06
zbenjamini was talking about making it easier for the enduser , not for us ;)09:07
faenilzbenjamin, yeah well, if we introduce NemoQmlApp class we can wrap that in default settings09:08
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zbenjaminseems it does not change :(09:11
zbenjamingna QML Connections: Cannot assign to non-existent property "onCurrentOrientationChanged"09:11
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zbenjaminfaenil: i can not connect to the property ....09:19
* zbenjamin tries something09:19
zbenjaminsilly me its a attached property ....09:23
* zbenjamin did not use qml that often09:24
faenilnp :)09:24
zbenjaminfaenil: weird i always get QQmlApplicationEnginePrivate::_q_finishLoad:126 - qrc:/main.qml:57 Cannot assign to non-existent property "onCurrentOrientationChanged"09:39
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faenilzbenjamin, code?09:44
zbenjaminScreen.onCurrentOrientationChanged: {  console.log("Orientation changed");   }09:47
faenilscreen doesn't have a currentOrientation property..09:50
faenilScreen has orientation09:50
faeniland AppWindow has currentOrientation09:50
zbenjamin...... no comment .....09:52
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faenilzbenjamin, M)09:53
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faenilqwazix, when you're available..09:55
zbenjaminfaenil: ok at least the signal works now, but still no rotation ...09:58
zbenjamini'll try to set the property in the signal handler09:58
faenilzbenjamin, what are you monitoring?09:58
zbenjaminthe Screen.orientation property09:58
zbenjaminfaenil: sorry, not working10:01
zbenjamini still wonder why fingerterm works, what is it doing differently10:01
zbenjaminit uses PageStack as toplevel window10:01
faenilzbenjamin, fingerterm uses Qt compoennts10:02
faenilthe gallery you're testing now uses QtQuickControls10:03
faenilthey're different toolkits10:03
zbenjaminah ok10:04
faenilzbenjamin, so, Screen.orientation changes?10:05
faenilah great!10:05
faenilso try onCurrentOrientationChanged in the appwindow of the gallery10:05
faeniland see if that changes as well10:06
zbenjaminbut even with contentOrientation: Screen.orientation the ui does not10:06
zbenjaminok but that has to wait until later ;) i still have payed work to do10:06
faenilit's 2 secs :D10:06
zbenjaminwhat gallery?10:07
faenilthe one you're working on10:07
faenilthe touch example10:07
zbenjaminthis is already the touch examples main window10:08
faenilyou said you're monitoring Screen.orientation10:08
faenilI said, try monitoring currentOrientation10:08
zbenjaminaaa ok now i get it10:08
faenilnp :)10:08
zbenjamindo i need to set currentOrientation or contentOrientation?10:09
faeniloh ffff...10:09
faenildoes it also have currentOrientation?10:09
faenilI think contentOrientation is the only one10:09
zbenjamini used contentOrientation10:09
sledgesno, it's you who invented it faenil :)10:10
faenilsledges, ah ok10:10
faenilzbenjamin, yeah I just mistyped10:10
sledges(`/lastlog currentO` ;) )10:10
faenilzbenjamin, did you fix all the stuff in the PR?10:11
zbenjamini think yes10:11
zbenjaminoh i did not set a rate for the sensor, because i have no idea what rate.10:11
zbenjaminits working without the rate ...10:11
sledgesPR is blocked by Sage not accepting -sensorfw in the -mx pattern ;)10:12
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w00tsledges: which pattern is it?10:13
sledgesw00t: ^10:13
sledgesclash clash? :))10:13
w00tSage: are you happy for others to approve nemo pattern changes?10:13
zbenjaminfaenil: yes it changes10:13
sledgeszbenjamin: \o/10:13
faenilsledges, nope, just property changes10:14
faenilUI does not10:14
sledgesbut that's half way there ;)10:14
faenilyeah, but that means we don't have the orientation handling we hoped QQC already provided10:14
faenilzbenjamin, ok, thanks10:14
zbenjaminnp ;)10:14
sledgesfaenil: that really means half way then :{10:15
faenilI don't understand...changing it changed the UI in my gallery10:15
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zbenjaminand ubuntu also uses it...10:15
faenilzbenjamin, nope, they just use Screen.orientation, but they do rotation with OrientationHelper, which just sets rotation property10:16
faeniland all items inside that one are rotated10:16
zbenjaminthats what i do:
zbenjaminjust to make sure i do not oversee something have a look at it pls10:16
zbenjaminfaenil: did you try to set it on the fly? or just changed it in sourcecode and rerun?10:17
faenildon't see anything wrong, except doubleassignment10:17
faenilzbenjamin, changed it in src10:18
zbenjaminmaybe its not monitored10:18
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faenilit doesn't even change if change from src on desktop... mmm10:21
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faenilso w00t is looking into the pattern thing?10:24
zbenjaminfaenil: maybe the window manager is only reading it when creating the window for the first time?10:25
zbenjaminmeans we need to tell the wm it changed?10:25
faenildon't know...10:25
faenilmaybe I'm misremembering and that never worked10:25
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faenilaknight, ping10:29
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w00the's at devdays10:44
faenilw00t, oh, cool :) thanks10:45
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faenilzbenjamin, also,when you have some spare time ;)
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Sagew00t: yes11:29
Sagew00t: give e.g. sledges access to do so :)11:29
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Sfiet_Konstantinanyone here ?12:45
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Sfiet_Konstantinusually there is faenil and other people12:50
Sfiet_Konstantintoday noone :(12:50
sledgesyesone :)12:52
* w00t is sort-of-hovering as always12:52
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faenilSfiet_Konstantin, hey :P gimme time for lunch :P12:53
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: ah :D12:53
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: lunching a bit late :D12:53
alteregoMmmmm lunch12:53
* sledges haven'Åt had one12:54
* Sfiet_Konstantin opens nemo session in QtCreator12:54
* faenil gets back to toolbar12:54
* Sfiet_Konstantin takes a deep breath and ... trumpet12:55
qwazixfaenil, ping12:55
faenilahaha :)12:55
faenilqwazix, hey12:55
qwazixdisclaimer: didn't read backlog12:55
Sfiet_Konstantinhi qwazix12:55
qwazixhi Sfiet_Konstantin12:56
faenilqwazix, so, turns out we have to do orientation client-side12:56
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faenilbecause contentOrientation of QtQuickControls actually doesn't do anything we're interested in (almost)12:56
qwazixfaenil, ok, let's do it smart though12:58
qwazixi.e. the user should not see unnecessary rotations like harmattan or bb1012:59
faenilqwazix, I guess that stuff will come later13:00
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faenilas it needs links to the mw  Iguess13:01
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: yeah13:01
Sfiet_Konstantinworking sensors ?13:01
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, sensors are working already13:01
Sfiet_Konstantinqwazix: right, since you are here, how do you handle a 100% + trumpet ?13:01
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: oh ?13:01
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, ?13:02
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: just surprised13:03
Sfiet_Konstantingood news13:03
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faenilSfiet_Konstantin, we just need rotation handling in QQC13:03
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: ok :)13:03
faeniland I like the way Ubuntu Touch does that13:03
faenilso I'm going to take inspiration from that :)13:03
alteregoGod damn this coffee is good.13:03
faenilqtcomponents are like wtf13:04
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: how ubuntu touch to dhat ?13:04
sandy_lockehi guys13:04
alteregoShould the compositor not do rotation?13:04
faenilalterego, ?13:05
sandy_lockeqwazix, I've got what I suggested you the other day, for you to review :)13:05
alteregoMaybe have a flag set in QQC to mark a window as non-rotatable?13:05
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: plain QML code13:05
Sfiet_Konstantinlooks ok13:05
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* w00t did sort of note that they weren't really very mature :p13:05
*** qwazix has joined #nemomobile13:05
faenilw00t, they've got NOTHING mobile :(13:06
alteregoAfter using Android on the N7 quite a bit, the rotation handling on that, and especially VKB just seems to be implemented really badly.13:06
faenilbut if we want to wait for QQC to have something mobile, we have to wait until Dec/Jan or so...13:07
sandy_lockefaenil, what's QQC ?13:07
faenili.e. Qt5's official QML UI components13:08
faenilthe ones we're styling to create Nemo components13:08
sandy_lockestill not available for mobile environments ?13:08
Sfiet_Konstantinwe need to have rotation with vkb implemented like in WP13:08
Sfiet_Konstantinthey first hide the kbd, then rotate, then pop the kbd again13:08
Sfiet_Konstantinit is quite smooth13:08
faenilyes, you can run those on iOS and Android (even if they currently crash on Android), but with Desktop styling...13:08
sandy_lockeSfiet_Konstantin, what's the behavior right now ?13:09
qwazixSfiet_Konstantin, I was thinking something silly. Why not use QML for the themes? Use the built in parser to create the corresponding c++ objects and never draw them.13:09
qwazixIt has much better syntax than json and also supports comments13:09
alteregoStskeepz: your nick is wrong :P13:09
faenilsandy_locke, and they miss components which are usually mobile specific, such as Page, orientation handling, bla bla bla13:09
alteregoHow am I meant to PM your with a nick like that ... :D13:09
Stskeepzalterego: i'm wrong today :(13:09
alteregoAwwww, :)13:09
alteregoHow's the bambino?13:09
Sfiet_Konstantinqwazix: I won't risk myself in using QML parser, I know nothing about it :(13:09
faenilqwazix, me likes it13:09
Stskeepzalterego: good, i'm however sick13:09
Sfiet_Konstantinqwazix: but you have a point13:10
alteregoOh no! Nothing serious I hope? Seems like everyone is dropping like flies around me at the moment.13:10
alteregoI however seem to be invincible :)13:10
Stskeepzalterego: just usual fall stuff13:10
faenileveryone's sick in Italy as well13:10
Sfiet_Konstantinqwazix: I can think about it + tinker a bit, and might propose a patch to replace all my mess then13:10
faenilbut just like alterego, I'm superman13:10
sandy_lockehey qwazix:
*** FlameReaper has quit IRC13:11
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*** qwazix has quit IRC13:14
faenilwho thinks nemo shouldn't shutdown while charging? o/13:14
*** ericcc has joined #nemomobile13:14
*** qwazix has joined #nemomobile13:14
sandy_lockefaenil, what are the plans of use for nemo as a mainstream os ?13:15
faenilsledges, battery is empty, I boot it and connect to charger, and it shuts down13:15
faenilsandy_locke, will it ever become mainstream os?13:15
*** xhaakon has quit IRC13:15
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: if we fight hard enough ?13:15
alteregofaenil: I have a weakness like all super heroes though, and that is steak.13:15
sandy_locke^^dunno but it can be13:15
Sfiet_Konstantinand with jolla guys doing HW adaptation work to port it on android13:15
faenilalterego, mine is pizza....god..... :Q___13:15
sandy_lockejust need to have a good roadmap and gather public interest13:16
faenilsandy_locke, eh...yes13:16
Sfiet_Konstantinmy greatest weakness (and faenil might know it) is french fries13:16
sandy_lockeif jolla release source codes, will they be implementable in nemo ?13:16
alteregoHmmm, I have a couple of cold slices in the fridge.13:17
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, remember in Helsinki?? :Q_:_-13:17
*** jreznik has quit IRC13:17
alteregoMight have to make a trip to the kitchen.13:17
faenilsandy_locke, "they" what?13:17
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: Helsinki was a good memory13:17
sandy_lockefaenil, the sources, will they fit into nemo ?13:17
sandy_lockethe android layer for instance13:17
faenilsandy_locke, the only closed parts of Jolla are the UI parts13:17
faenilthe android layer is open already13:18
faeniloh you mean the android applications layer13:18
sandy_lockehmm, didn't know that13:18
alteregoUI and android runtime.13:18
faenilthat's by Myriad I think13:18
faenilso I don't think it will ever be open13:18
*** Milhouse has joined #nemomobile13:18
alteregoYes, was originally developed for MeeGo, they never released it for N9, good job for them Jolla came along I guess.13:18
sandy_lockethe n9 didn't receive the love it deserved :(13:18
alteregoWell, it did by us :)13:19
sandy_lockeyes ^^13:19
sandy_lockebut it should be the trendy os of those days ;)13:19
*** ericcc has quit IRC13:19
sandy_lockenow all competitors copy bit by bit what they saw and everyone forget about meego13:19
sandy_lockeand apple / google get all the credits13:20
*** ericcc has joined #nemomobile13:20
sandy_lockeapple with their "revolutions" they make me laugh13:20
sledgesopen source community could have their own version of android apps ACL13:21
alteregoTo me, revolution just means moving around in a circle ;)13:21
sledgesand finally have it open13:21
alteregoNot much progress chasing your own tail ..13:21
Sfiet_KonstantinI guess that I need to hack the slider to have a custom slider13:21
alteregoMight be one of their biggest problems, real innovation is acheived through competition and races. Not running around like a dog chasing your own tail :)13:22
Sfiet_Konstantinthe upstream one is impossible to hack13:22
sledgesimagine running android apps in nemo ;)13:22
Sfiet_Konstantinsledges: modify surface flinger to pipe it through wayland13:22
Sfiet_Konstantinusing libhybris ?13:22
sledgesSfiet_Konstantin: not talking about implementation details (yet) :D)13:22
alteregosledges: unfortunately, that will not be something we can do. People that own a Jolla device could probably do it. But there's no way we can distribute myriad runtime.13:22
Sfiet_Konstantinsledges: more about dreaming13:22
sledgeswe write our own13:23
sledgesyes, more about an idea and if there's a traction around it Sfiet_Konstantin13:23
alteregoSfiet_Konstantin: libhybris wont ever be that. Though maybe someone could work on their own. Or maybe we could even port davlik ourselves?13:23
alteregoBut I doubt it's an easy task.13:23
Sfiet_Konstantinalterego: it is about basing on libhybris13:23
sledgesjust pipe android out through to the framebuffer13:23
Sfiet_Konstantinif we have the Android driver part, we can base a full dalvik on top13:23
sandy_lockealterego, yes when you crush every competition you're left with nothing but your poor little consanguineous ideas13:23
Sfiet_Konstantinjust need to pipe the display and events13:24
Sfiet_Konstantinand since libhybris already do similar kind of piping13:24
alteregosandy_locke: I wouldn't say Apple have crushed their competition yet.13:24
*** Morpog_N9 has joined #nemomobile13:24
sledgesnemo will need to use libhybris on any androidy phones anyway (in its HA) already13:24
alteregoEven Windows Phone is gaining some momentum. If very slowely ..13:24
Sfiet_Konstantinsledges: that's why I'm trying to get a Galaxy S213:24
Sfiet_Konstantinneed to dig more into Android stuff13:24
sledgesi got n4 here13:24
sandy_lockealterego, they try anyway13:24
sledgesStskeepz is up for help there btw ;)13:25
Sfiet_Konstantinsandy_locke: N4 would be nice for me13:25
Sfiet_Konstantinyep, but right now, trumpet13:25
alteregoI keep toying with getting an Xperia Z13:25
Sfiet_Konstantinguys, let's focus13:25
Sfiet_Konstantincomponents components !13:25
sledgestru-tu-tu-tu tu tu! (trumpet)13:25
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: mind if I fork upstream slider ?13:25
sandy_lockeyes , I think nexus's are the way to go if you choose the android platform, Sfiet_Konstantin13:26
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, eh :P if there's no other option13:26
sandy_locketo be able to hack it your way13:26
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#438 waiting for review at
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: we need the ball to be away from the position of the bar13:26
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, maybe exend the upstream one? Slider { //extensions }13:26
sledgesSfiet_Konstantin: the answer to your recent question to qwazix : ;)13:26
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: yeah, maybe, I will see what I can13:26
sledgeswhat to do on 100% slider13:26
Sfiet_Konstantinwhy is it called delete.png ? :D13:27
Sfiet_Konstantinthanks sledges :)13:27
sledgesthat was my question too ;)13:27
sledgessort of deleteme.png concept13:27
*** Morpog_N9_ has joined #nemomobile13:27
*** sandy_locke has quit IRC13:27
*** FlameReaper has joined #nemomobile13:28
*** Morpog_N9 has quit IRC13:28
faenildoes anyone know why in qtcomponents the ToolBar item is only in PageStack and not in each page?13:28
Sfiet_Konstantinsome music :D
alteregofaenil: it makes transitions between pages more smooth.13:29
alteregoThe toolbar can stay there or transition out when moving between pages.13:30
faenilalterego, am I misremembering or each page has its own toolbar?13:30
faenilcan have*13:30
alteregofaenil: each page has its' own controls, but the actual toolbar is rendered in the page stack, afair.13:30
faenilhow do they handle two toolbars on screen at the same time then (page transitioning out and the other in)13:30
alteregoIt has been over two years since I was working on that stuff though, so don't rely too heavily on my memory there ;)13:31
faenilalterego, then I must be misremembering how transitions work13:31
faenilqtcomponents page transitions*13:31
faenilI remember you could see the two toolbars of the pages13:31
faenilwhile animating :/13:31
alteregoHrm, I thought we fixed that.13:31
alteregoBut then, we fixed a lot of bugs in qtc that weren't ever released to N913:32
*** jreznik has joined #nemomobile13:33
faenilalterego, it must be me misremembering animations13:33
faenilI'll look up some harmattan vids on youtube13:33
alteregoYes, that's exactly what I'm talking about :)13:34
alteregoThe toolbar is implemented in the PageStack, if a page overrides the global toolbar items, then those are replaced as the page transitions.13:34's one13:35
alteregoBut the actual toolbar is always there when needed and isn't actually part of the "Page"13:35
alteregoI might even be a bit wrong, the toolbar might actually be part of the ApplicationWindow13:35
alteregoBut never-the-less, it's still the same kind of behaviour.13:35
faenilthere's one ToolBar in pagestackwindow, one in PageStack...13:36
faenilah no it's only in pagestackwindow, the one in pagestack is just a property13:36
Merbot`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#438 Accepted promotion request13:37
faenilthey could have avoided exploiting dynamic scoping though....-.-13:41
alteregoQML was all very new to everyone when that was being developed.13:42
alteregoPeople moving from mostly Qt/C++ to QML/Javascript13:42
faenilmmm right...13:42
faenilI guess taking inspiration from qtcomponents is not a nice idea13:43
alteregoWell, inspiration is good.13:43
alteregoThere is some cool stuff in there.13:43
alteregoThings like the magnifier. Which not a lot of other platforms seem to get right.13:44
faenilah yeah13:44
alteregoA lot of effort was spent on that and the cut-and-paste stuff.13:44
alteregoI remember spending about three days fine tuning page scrolling when focus was changed to an input field.13:44
alteregoWhich Android still fucks up.13:44
alteregoSo yeah, please, please, please implement a nice magnifier for cursor placement and text selection. Preferably with Harmattan style haptic feedback when cursor moves between characters :)13:46
faenilalterego, it will happen, in a year maybe :)13:47
faenilUbuntu Touch propagets the toolbar to the pages instead13:50
faeniland the page sets its tools property13:50
*** Martix has joined #nemomobile13:50
alteregoWell, it's certainly something to consider.13:51
alteregoPersonally, I'm still inclined towards the qtc method, as it allows for more pleasing transition possibilities.13:52
alteregoAnd less components13:52
alteregoOther code that might be useful in qtc is the toolbar layout stuff, especially the expanding spacers.13:53
alteregoIt's a little messy, but the ideas are sound :)13:53
faenilalterego, a little...right...13:53
*** Joe_W has quit IRC13:53
faenilclose enough...13:56
*** panda84kde has quit IRC13:56
faenilStack.view.parent.toolbar? :D13:56
alteregolovely ...13:57
faenilassuming the parent of the stackview is application window...13:57
alteregoCheck for appropriate prop.13:57
alteregoAre you familiar with the code in qt components that locates page windows and other specific parents?13:57
*** Martix has quit IRC13:58
*** Martix has joined #nemomobile13:58
alteregoBasically climbs parent components looking for specific property for say "window" or whatever.13:58
alteregoThat stuff is really useful.13:59
alteregoYou will definitely need the "findFlickable"14:00
*** ericcc has quit IRC14:00
alteregoWhich is required for scrolling on input focus ;)14:00
faenilfor what?14:00
faenillater, later :P14:00
*** ericcc has joined #nemomobile14:00
faenilroot item's name...14:01
faenilwhat if they change that14:01
alteregoSo they use objectName, which is quite a good idea.14:01
alteregoWell, make it more generic: "findParent(item, objectName)"14:01
alteregoOh wait, they already do that.14:02
faenilyes, but you need to find the root item, you can't know its name before finding it14:02
alteregoHow many people do you know that actually bother to use objectName?14:02
alteregoThat's basically what QObject name is for :)14:02
alteregoIf you want the root item, you go up until parent is undefined or null.14:03
faeniland you still have to assume it's an appwindow14:03
alteregoThat's when you check for the objectName14:03
faeniland if they change that :P14:03
faenilanyway, ok, I got that :)14:03
*** n9mx has joined #nemomobile14:06
*** n9mx has joined #nemomobile14:06
*** niqt has quit IRC14:06
* faenil is getting excited14:08
*** ericcc has quit IRC14:08
faenilalterego, anyway I don't think QQC ToolBar has spacers, it's just a container14:09
alteregoHmm, I thought there were expanding components.14:10
alteregoMaybe I'm wrong.14:10
faenilQtQuickControls, not qtcomponents14:10
faenilyou were talking about
*** jluisn has quit IRC14:14
faenilalterego, what was that for?14:15
alteregoTo basically force tool items to either side.14:16
alteregoLike back button and app menu.14:16
alteregoKeeps uniform distances between tool items.14:16
faenilwhy not just using a Row with spacing? (not for the 2 buttons case)14:16
*** jluisn has joined #nemomobile14:17
*** jpetersen has joined #nemomobile14:19
faenilso, I'd put orientation handling inside Page, anyone against that?14:24
*** n9mx has left #nemomobile14:26
*** zhost has joined #nemomobile14:27
* Morpog_N9_ waves and hides again14:27
faenilwow, impressive
faenilw00t, so, this can go?
faenilas in, can be merged :P14:30
*** xhaakon has joined #nemomobile14:30
w00tstill waiting for the sensorfw removal14:31
w00tand someone (not me) to do a review14:31
faenilw00t, Vesuri has already reviewed?14:31
w00tif he did, good14:31
faenil(check the link, lazy :P )14:32
*** zhxt has quit IRC14:36
*** rcg has quit IRC14:38
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, ping14:40
*** Morpog_N9__ has joined #nemomobile14:40
*** Morpog_N9_ has quit IRC14:42
*** nsuffys has quit IRC14:42
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: pong14:44
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, please always test everything before committing :P14:45
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: what's the problem ?14:45
faenilI'm commiting fix14:45
Sfiet_KonstantinI see14:46
*** Dynamit_ is now known as Dynamit14:46
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, :P14:47
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, that was an attempt to drive me crazy wasn't it :P14:47
faenilconfess! :D14:47
Sfiet_KonstantinIt was to try your JSON skill :P14:47
*** rcg has joined #nemomobile14:50
*** jreznik has quit IRC14:51
*** jreznik has joined #nemomobile14:55
*** WWDrakey has quit IRC15:05
*** DarkSim has quit IRC15:06
*** DarkSim has joined #nemomobile15:10
*** Morpog_N9___ has joined #nemomobile15:10
*** Morpog_N9__ has quit IRC15:12
*** Xruxa has quit IRC15:12
*** jpetersen has quit IRC15:12
faenilSfiet_Konstantin, sledges locusf
*** jpetersen has joined #nemomobile15:17
*** Morpog_PC has joined #nemomobile15:20
*** WWDrakey has joined #nemomobile15:26
*** Martix has quit IRC15:27
*** exec has joined #nemomobile15:28
*** jpetrell has quit IRC15:30
*** NIN101 has joined #nemomobile15:34
*** xhaakon has quit IRC15:35
*** slaine has quit IRC15:35
*** panda84kde has joined #nemomobile15:38
*** jmlich has quit IRC15:45
*** jreznik has quit IRC15:47
zbenjamindebian packaging is a nightmare!15:48
*** Martix has joined #nemomobile15:51
*** Xruxa has joined #nemomobile15:52
sledgesand we are talking rpm here :))15:54
alteregoAh, the good ole days.15:54
Morpog_PCguys what do I need to do to ssh into the nemo vm?15:54
Morpog_PCis there a default IP?15:55
Morpog_PCdo I need to enable ssh somewhere in a config?15:55
*** jreznik has joined #nemomobile15:55
faenilMorpog_PC, look on wiki15:55
Morpog_PCshame on me :D15:55
*** rcg has quit IRC15:56
Morpog_PCworks :)15:59
*** asterismo has quit IRC15:59
*** asterismo has joined #nemomobile15:59
Morpog_PChmmm white effect on button doesn't work well with button text color16:06
Morpog_PCon important button16:06
*** WWDrakey has left #nemomobile16:06
faenilMorpog_PC, anyway the effect was tuned to be big enough to see it while my thumb was over the button16:06
faenilit looks incredibly big with the mouse pointer, but try it on device ;)16:07
Morpog_PCwill do in ~83 days16:07
Morpog_PCwell you cannot read text anyways while pressing button16:07
Morpog_PCbut maybe changing font color to grey while being pressed would work16:08
*** Martix has quit IRC16:08
Morpog_PCwhen can I try more stuff from examples? :)16:09
faenilwell, there's not much new stuff to try16:10
Morpog_PCtextfield? slider?16:10
locusftrumpeted slider isn't merged yet16:10
locusfand textfield isn't too exciting16:11
Morpog_PCwell, seems I'm too impatient :)16:11
faenilI'm about to start working on Page, with that HeaderDock will come :)16:11
sledgesSfiet_Konstantin will give another stab to the trumpet, iirc locusf16:13
Sfiet_Konstantinsledges: the slider API is giving me headaches16:14
Sfiet_Konstantinbut I can still try16:14
Morpog_PCoh wait textfield is already included16:14
Sfiet_KonstantinI will do that trumpet no matter what16:14
locusfsledges: yes16:14
Morpog_PCwho on earth invented the word trumpet for it? I already have funny imaginations when I read it :)16:15
sledges:) it's a challenge, "nobody said it was easy" :)16:15
sledgesit looks like one :))16:16
Morpog_PCon which repo was open sans font?16:16
Morpog_PCand is it tsill needed to delete all other fonts?16:17
sledgesiirc yes16:17
sledgesMorpog_PC: just search obs for google ;p16:17
Morpog_PCgot it already16:17
Morpog_PCi486 or i586?16:18
Morpog_PCon VM16:18
locusfI got PR's going which remove he need16:18
locusfto remove other fonts that is16:18
faenilwhat, when, whoo16:18
* faenil reads backlog16:19
*** jonwil has quit IRC16:19
faenilsledges, not needed for QtQuickControls either16:19
sledgesfaenil: nothing, just wrote your name as repo16:20
faenilit's just for the rest of the cases :)16:20
Morpog_PCah cool, the I don't delete the other fonts16:20
Morpog_PCah, looks ways better with open sans16:21
Morpog_PCnow just the orientation needs to be fixed :)16:22
Morpog_PCoh and why is there to VKB at all in VM?16:23
sledgestesting purposes?16:24
sledgesi have no hw either :{16:24
faenildon't know16:24
Morpog_PClocusf, should there be a HW keyboard? I'm using the VM image you uploaded for me a while back (but updated)16:25
Morpog_PCVKB I wanted to say16:25
locusfMorpog_PC: with the new style, no16:26
locusfthat PR still pending16:26
Morpog_PCI don't have one at all16:26
*** exec has quit IRC16:27
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC16:27
*** Eztran has joined #nemomobile16:28
*** amizraa has quit IRC16:31
*** amizraa has joined #nemomobile16:32
*** Pat_o has quit IRC16:33
*** jreznik has quit IRC16:34
*** jpetrell has joined #nemomobile16:38
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #nemomobile16:45
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile16:50
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC16:50
*** DarkSim has quit IRC16:51
*** FlameReaper has quit IRC16:52
*** FlameReaper has joined #nemomobile16:52
*** Pat_o has quit IRC16:56
faenilI was wondering, why aren't we taking pieces of Silica? :P16:57
*** notmart has quit IRC16:58
*** panda84kde has quit IRC17:00
locusfhmm why not17:04
faenilit's also BSD :P17:08
*** FlameReaper has quit IRC17:09
zbenjaminwhat is silica?17:18
Morpog_PCsailfishos components17:18
qwazixfaenil, orientation in the Page?17:23
faenilzbenjamin, SailfishOS' components17:23
zbenjaminaaaa ;)17:23
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile17:23
zbenjaminhow much sailfish is available already?17:23
qwazixdoesn't that mean that if you dynamically load a new page it will come in landscape and then rotate?17:23
faenilzbenjamin, what do you mean17:23
faenilqwazix, ahahah17:24
Morpog_PCzbenjamin, SDK with emulator17:24
faenilqwazix, I hope not17:24
zbenjaminwell how much code is already released into the open17:24
faenilzbenjamin, everything except core apps, c++ part of components, and rest of UI17:24
qwazixfaenil, I hope not too. IIRC on harmattan it was on PageStack rather than on Page (probably for this reason?)17:24
faenilor we can say everything from core to middleware, plus QML part of components17:25
faenilqwazix, but you said on harmattan there was the issue17:25
*** lbt has quit IRC17:25
qwazixon harmattan there were multiple issues17:25
zbenjaminfaenil: found anything out about rotation?17:25
*** lbt has joined #nemomobile17:26
faenilzbenjamin, well we have to add that client-side17:26
qwazixone was that when browser went to the background it always rotated to portrait without reason17:26
zbenjaminfaenil: so we get the information but qquickcontrols does nothing with it17:26
zbenjaminthats why lipstick also does not rotate17:26
faenilwell it does something with it17:26
zbenjaminhow was it done in x11?17:26
faenilit uses it for popups and dialogs (c++ ?) but not UI17:27
qwazixanother was that apps in the background didn't rotate so if you swiped your app away, the one behind (or the home) had the wrong orientation and rotated just after being active17:27
faenilzbenjamin, in x11 we didn't have QtQuickControls17:27
zbenjaminfaenil: i know but how was it done? in qml?17:27
faenilqwazix, yeah17:27
faenilzbenjamin, we used yes, qml17:27
Stskeepzbtw, PSA: we moved the mer's own OBS workers to and will be doing builds of mer on from soo on17:28
qwazixneither of these problems come from where the rotation was handled, but rather lack of polish17:28
Stskeepzif you see too little time spent on nemo building, let me know17:28
faenilStskeepz, oki17:28
*** sandy_locke has joined #nemomobile17:28
faenilStskeepz, what do you think about us taking parts from silica for Glacier?17:29
*** rcg has joined #nemomobile17:29
Stskeepzfaenil: probably the wrong person to ask, but, read the license header17:29
faenilit's BSD17:29
Stskeepz if you're interested in seeing a real mer build in action17:29
faenil3-clause BSD17:29
faenilquite a few pacakges eheheh17:30
*** jreznik has joined #nemomobile17:31
*** sandy_locke has quit IRC17:33
*** Vlad_on_the_road has joined #nemomobile18:05
*** jpetrell has quit IRC18:12
*** Vlad_on_the_road has quit IRC18:24
*** Vlad_on_the_road has joined #nemomobile18:24
*** fk_lx has joined #nemomobile18:30
keithzgHmm, I'm getting 502 errors on the pages, are there alternate mirrors to download images?18:30
Morpog_PCkeithzg, snapshots on nemo wiki18:31
Morpog_PCbut those are not stable at all :)18:31
Stskeepzlbt: could you peek at
Morpog_PCas nemo is in transition from x11 to wayland and qt4 to qt5 and qtcomponents to GlacierUI QQC components18:32
*** Martix has joined #nemomobile18:33
*** lbt has quit IRC18:40
*** lbt has joined #nemomobile18:40
keithzgMorpog_PC: Hmm, the only snapshots on the wiki I see are the links to the aforementioned page.18:41
*** Pat_o has quit IRC18:52
*** lbt has quit IRC19:01
*** furikku has quit IRC19:03
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile19:07
*** jreznik has quit IRC19:08
*** Pat_o has quit IRC19:09
qwazixI modified the medium and big listviews to have the same font sizes with the small one, and fit more data in them.19:12
qwazixI also created a document in the root, with basic font sizes. We should stick to that when possible (right now the slider bubble does not fit but that case is sufficiently special to leave it an exception IMO)19:14
*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile19:19
*** lbt has joined #nemomobile19:26
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile19:27
*** lbt has quit IRC19:30
*** lbt has joined #nemomobile19:30
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC19:40
*** Vlad_on_the_road has quit IRC19:48
*** kostaja has quit IRC19:51
*** Martix has quit IRC19:58
*** lbt has quit IRC19:59
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile20:00
*** lbt has joined #nemomobile20:00
*** wmarone has joined #nemomobile20:04
Morpog_PCqwazix, looks good20:10
Morpog_PCbut you forgot to set text size to 24 and 12 on the right side at big spec20:10
Morpog_PCand text isn't centered vertically anymore20:11
Morpog_PCon big spec20:12
Morpog_PCoh and don't forget the PR I made for progress-spinner20:13
faenilI like the square, did you keep it? :)20:14
*** DarkSim has joined #nemomobile20:15
*** araujo has quit IRC20:17
*** araujo has joined #nemomobile20:18
Morpog_PCas alternative20:22
qwazixMorpog_PC, I wonder why some times I don't see the PR emails...20:23
qwazixAlso you are right text needs centering20:23
Morpog_PCqwazix, any Idea for an indicator for that side-pulley feature?20:24
qwazixMorpog_PC, one of the items can show up slid out and animate to close position the first (few) time(s) one views list views20:28
Morpog_PCbut not every listview has the feature or?20:28
Morpog_PCmaybe not every item in a listview20:29
Morpog_PCso it would be a constant try and error20:29
Morpog_PCmaybe a handle icon20:29
Morpog_PClike the 3 dots in header20:30
Morpog_PCsmall and thin20:30
qwazixhmm, yeah maybe but with much lower opacity20:30
Morpog_PCor just a blue shine on the side20:30
qwazixthat could be too, but if every item has it it will be too much, except if it fades out after a while20:30
qwazixMorpog_PC, faenil will kill me but I was thinking that the same feature could be used for multiselection. Dragging two fingers on two items far apart would slide out all items in between, and user can be given an option to perform actions on all of them20:32
Morpog_PCsounds great!20:32
faenilMorpog_PC, qwazix I like everything guys, as long as you do the specs in a good way20:34
faenilyou have to think about all the use cases and describe them in the specs20:34
qwazixfaenil, :nod:20:34
faeniland this didn't happen so far, I have to say :(20:34
qwazixwe'll improve going forward. Sometimes it's hard to think of everything20:34
faenilqwazix, yes I know, I just wanted to say this, so that none will leave a spec unfinished :)20:35
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC20:36
Morpog_PCfaenil, sure but hard to think on all cases sometimes20:36
faenilMorpog_PC, yes, I repeat I know, just, try harder :D20:36
faenildon't just sketch, say the idea, and let us go insane on the implementation :D20:37
faenilqwazix, for exmaple, how do you handle the drawer when it's portrait/landscape?20:38
faenilin landscape the screen is much shorter in height20:38
faenila scrolling list inside the drawer doesn't look right to me...but I will leave that to you :D20:39
*** jluisn has quit IRC20:40
qwazixfaenil, I was thinking about a side drawer but that doesn't work with the header...20:42
qwazixMorpog_PC, any ideas?20:42
Morpog_PC2 rows become 2 columns in 1 row maybe?20:43
qwazixhmm... I think I know what to do20:43
qwazixjust a minute20:43
Morpog_PClike on symbian touch widgets20:44
Morpog_PCwould need fixed row size20:45
Morpog_PCnot very flexible20:45
zbenjaminhow do i squash a commit btw?20:50
faenilzbenjamin, better overview ->
*** lizardo has quit IRC20:55
*** zhost has quit IRC20:55
*** sledges has quit IRC20:57
faenilqwazix, so in landscape the header goes to side20:57
qwazixit's just an idea, but I think it works. Any objections?20:58
faenilthis still leaves the problem of limiting the drawer/levels when in portrait20:58
faenildon't know, I'm working on page atm20:58
Morpog_PCah ok, I was thinking it would dynamically change from top to side and tried to figure out how that should look like20:59
Morpog_PCheader on side sounds good for landscape20:59
qwazixfaenil, okay, I'll see into that too.21:00
Morpog_PCbut gradient should be removed on side and still on top or?21:00
qwazixMorpog_PC, yeah right21:00
qwazixMorpog_PC, should we include title in rotated text or omit it?21:01
*** Morpog_N9___ has quit IRC21:01
Morpog_PCboth is kinda strange21:02
qwazixI think I would omit it21:02
*** Anssi| has quit IRC21:02
zbenjaminfaenil: thx21:03
*** Xruxa has quit IRC21:03
Morpog_PCqwazix, if omiting we could allow 6 icons instead of 321:05
qwazixand where would the extra icons go when user rotates to portrait?21:06
Morpog_PCup to developer21:06
Morpog_PCcould be most used duplicates from 2nd level of header21:07
zbenjaminfaenil: should i squash all of my patches?21:08
*** NIN101 has quit IRC21:08
*** Eztran has quit IRC21:08
faenilzbenjamin, I think so21:09
faenilall fixes and patches in the same commit, since it's all about the same thing, and it's not big21:09
faenilso 1 commit is go21:09
faenilis ok21:09
qwazixMorpog_PC, not sure, might be too complex21:09
qwazixMorpog_PC, I think number of toolbuttons is not fixed anyway, so developer can add more buttons if he wants (either because of landscape or small title or whatever)21:12
faenilqwazix, not fixed? last time it was fixed to 3 :p21:15
zbenjaminfaenil: btw can't we just rip the rotation handling from components? its BSD isn't it?21:15
faenilzbenjamin, which components, silica?21:15
zbenjaminthe components fingerterm uses21:16
faenilah, no21:16
faenilit's all bloated21:16
faenillots of stuff is overcomplicated imho21:16
zbenjaminok :/21:16
qwazixfaenil, ah, didn't remember correctly, sorry21:16
faenilqwazix, no problem, it's just a matter of deciding and thinking about what happens if there's not enough space etc :)21:17
zbenjaminw00t: i'm going to remove the qt4 checks, do you want that as a seperate patch? or can i just add to my current pending patch?21:17
w00tzbenjamin: feel free to add it as-is21:17
*** NeeDforKill has joined #nemomobile21:17
NeeDforKillhi all21:18
qwazixfaenil, I'll work on the header a bit more so that you have all the relevant info for both orientations21:18
faenilqwazix, :)21:18
faenilalso for example default background for the levels?21:18
NeeDforKillAndrea how areu?21:18
faenilNeeDforKill, o/21:18
qwazixfaenil, black. Since we've got speedbumping, no need to have different colors IMO21:19
faenilwhat if we didn't have it?21:19
NeeDforKillwhat new?21:19
NeeDforKillin nemo21:19
faenilNeeDforKill, working on the new components for Glacier UI21:20
NeeDforKillso maliit working?21:20
qwazixfaenil, speedbumping?21:20
zbenjaminw00t: there is some not implemented stuff also, but its always possible to check out the qt4 version from git21:20
zbenjaminMDeclarativeIMObserver::sceneEventFilter for example21:20
qwazixI find the way BB10 does approximately the same thing at the left menu of the browser good enough (no speedbumping and no colors) but we could think about a very subtle border or sth.21:21
*** NeeDforKill_ has joined #nemomobile21:21
*** NeeDforKill has quit IRC21:21
NeeDforKill_now better :D21:21
faenilNeeDforKill_, ah I didn't work on that anymore :)21:22
zbenjaminHAVE_MALIIT is dead for Qt5?21:23
NeeDforKill_i read in twitter it's must be fixed21:23
faenilNeeDforKill_, I fixed something, but there are other minor issues21:24
*** cxl000 has quit IRC21:24
zbenjaminfaenil: is maliit still used?21:25
w00tzbenjamin: the stuff in HAVE_MALIIT is mostly replaceable with better API in QInputContext in Qt 5 iirc21:26
*** Pat_o has quit IRC21:26
faenilw00t, but, not yet? :D21:26
zbenjaminso remove the HAVE_MALIIT or not? ;)21:26
zbenjamini guess HAVE_XLIB is also history?21:27
w00tfaenil: I don't have time to work on components anymore21:28
zbenjaminfaenil: w00t: afaik the CONTEXTSUBSCRIBER thingy can also go?21:30
*** Morpog_PC has quit IRC21:31
qwazixveeery nice idea for toolicons21:31
faenilw00t, I meant that he can't get rid of that, as we have no replacement ready21:33
faenilzbenjamin, yes I think so21:33
faenilnot 100% sure, wait for w00t21:33
w00twithout looking, I don't know off the top of my head21:34
w00tcheck if it's compiled21:34
w00tif it isn't, it's probably safe to delete21:34
zbenjaminno its not afaik21:34
zbenjaminbecause my new code is a #elif of contextsubscriber21:34
alteregoqwazix: I saw that stuff last night when looking at groundwork. Was going to recommend them myself.21:34
qwazixalterego, :nod:21:35
alteregoI quite liked the ground work colour schemes too.21:36
alteregoEven the light themes, and I'm not usually a fan of light colour schemes.21:37
alteregoHas no one got around to updating the bootsplash?21:42
*** sledges has joined #nemomobile21:44
faenilalterego, ?21:45
faenilalterego, talking about colours?21:45
faenilalterego, when I created the wayland image for n950, colours were okay, I was surprised21:46
faeniland it was like that for few weeks21:46
faenilnow recently it got back to those weird colours21:46
faeniland I have no idea why :(21:46
alteregoIn apps?21:46
faenilmaybe some changes in systemd boot chain21:46
alteregoI wasn't talking about that actually, but what's the problem?21:46
faenilyou were talking about the bootsplash21:46
alteregoYes, it's not the same as the shutdown one.21:46
alteregoIt's the old Nemo logo21:47
alterego(for me)21:47
faenilI'm talking about the weird colours while it shows21:47
faenil8bit mode21:47
faenil(4 bit maybe :P)21:47
alteregoHeh, on N9?21:47
faeniln950 at least21:47
faenilhaven't checked if it broke on vm as well21:47
alteregoOkay, I'll reboot and look.21:47
faenilbut colours were okay when the transition to wayland began :(21:48
alteregoAnyway, I really like the shutdown image :)21:48
faenilgood :)21:48
faenilyeah it's nice21:48
alteregoAnd we qwazix mentioned these icons:
alteregoWhich I like also.21:48
alteregoand I like these colours:
alteregoMaybe this one is better:
alteregofor a light theme ;)21:51
alteregofaenil: anyway, no problem with the colours on my bootup.21:52
alteregoThe image doesn't look very sharp, seems upscaled somehow. But meh.21:52
alteregoI think maybe also bootup / shutdown should be portrait (at least by default)21:53
faenilalterego, so the blue is blue?21:53
faenilok great21:53
faeniland you're dupped?21:53
faenilok awesome21:53
alteregoProbably rsync a new fs now though21:53
zbenjaminw00t: can't i just return the orientation from QScreen in MDeclarativeScreenPrivate::physicalOrientation?21:53
faenilah crap can't dup because is offline21:54
w00t? doesn't seem to be21:55
faenilw00t, 50221:55
w00tzbenjamin: I really don't know without diving into code I don't remember much of anymore, but plausibly so yes21:55
alteregobad gateway could be you21:56
alteregoAre you running through a proxy?21:56
alteregoOkay, same here.21:56
faenilsorry I gave for granted it was nemomobile, it's merproejct21:57
w00tlbt: ^^21:57
alteregoWell, I would hope he's sleeping :)21:57
alteregothe whole domain is reporting 50221:58
lbt502 ?21:58
lbtbad infra21:58
alteregoErm, https?21:58
alteregoIs that RoR?21:59
lbtit all goes via an nginx reverse proxy22:02
alteregoWouldn't it make more sense having nginx serve those repositories without going through obs though?22:02
lbtand there's no https for repo - so it fails back to the first one which is api.22:02
alterego~osc ..22:02
lbtit hits nginx and then bounces to a VM22:02
alteregoI suppose that may add a little more complexity, but NFS is usually pretty robust.22:03
lbtI don't like NFS22:03
lbtto many failure modes22:04
alteregoPrice it pays for being probably the best :/22:04
alteregoOr most widespread or whatever ;)22:04
lbtmeh - CIFS is looking better nowadays :)22:04
alteregoMaybe have a light http server on the vm hosting static files?22:05
lbtyep that's what it does :)22:05
alteregoThe RoR app?22:05
lbt[    1.602212] udev[379]: renamed network interface eth1 to eth222:06
alteregoErm, hah22:06
alteregoWhy ....22:06
lbtok ... back now22:08
lbtI appear to have forgotten to hardcode the mac on the VM virtual ethernet so it changed .. so udev (reasonably) thought it was a new nic22:09
alteregoNew VM?22:09
lbtno - but probably not rebooted for ... "a while"22:10
lbt(how old is Mer now?)22:10
alteregoAre you suggesting a Mer birthday party?22:11
alteregoBecause I'm in22:11
lbtwe should :)22:11
alteregoSomewhere other than Finland? It's getting cold I'd imagine22:11
alteregoSomewhere everyone would enjoy, France ....22:12
lbtfaenil: w00t fixed22:12
alteregoOr maybe London, though I personally wouldn't recommend the place ;)22:12
w00tlbt: <322:13
*** giucam has quit IRC22:15
faenillbt, thanks :)22:15
lbtlondon is too expensive - the problem is we're too spread out... FOSDEM ?22:15
alteregoI could probably be persuaded.22:16
alteregoStarting to get Deja Vu now ..22:16
alteregoDid you mention you were going about a month ago? :)22:17
faenilItaly! o/22:17
lbtnot afair - but we need to think about talks22:17
lbtfaenil: ! :D22:17
alteregoI did want to go to Italy this year22:17
faenilyou see?22:17
alteregoBut I probably wont get the chance now.22:17
alteregoGoing to Austria in January though, that'll be fun :)22:18
alteregoIch gehe skifarhen22:18
alteregoI think I sound only slightly better than I spell German.22:19
*** DarkSim has quit IRC22:21
*** Martix has joined #nemomobile22:24
*** zbenjamin has quit IRC22:27
qwazixo/ goodnight.22:29
faenilqwazix, goodnight o/22:30
faenilalterego, colours are screwed here :/22:36
*** zbenjamin has joined #nemomobile22:42
zbenjaminfaenil: seems i cannot squash the commits22:49
*** fk_lx has left #nemomobile22:49
faenilzbenjamin, why22:49
zbenjaminit says Could not apply e8138f3... Make the Meego components build against Qt5 with QtQuick222:49
zbenjaminis it maybe because i'm on a branch and not on master?22:50
zbenjaminyou know qtquick222:50
faenilqtquick2 is the branch22:51
zbenjamini do git rebase -i master ?22:52
zbenjaminah found it HEAD~322:55
faenilzbenjamin, I don't remember details right now22:55
faenilmaybe there's a conflict while squashing?22:55
*** Hurrian has quit IRC22:57
zbenjaminfaenil: i got it22:57
zbenjaminfaenil: with that new patch all apps are in portrait btw ;)+22:57
faenilweren't they portrait already?22:58
faenilthey were..22:58
zbenjaminso thats not from me ;) maybe it came with the update22:58
zbenjaminMessages starts in the current device orientation ... hmm22:59
zbenjaminbut does not rotate22:59
faenilthey've always been portrait from what I recall22:59
faenilzbenjamin, you need to add setOrientationUpdateMask?22:59
zbenjaminhm no at least the dialer wasn't22:59
zbenjaminfaenil: i know ;)22:59
faenildialer wasn't? strange...I've never seen dialer in landscape23:00
zbenjaminmaybe i'm wrong, does EMail start for you in landscape if your phone is in landscape?23:00
zbenjaminfor me it does now23:01
faenilah it's your new commit23:03
zbenjaminjust saying, excited about seeing the changes ;)23:03
faenilyes cool ;)23:04
zbenjaminbefore that fingerterm started in portrait and rotated to landscape, now the apps are already in the right direction23:04
faenilwhy are you not handling the primaryorientation case though?23:04
*** Hurrian has joined #nemomobile23:05
zbenjaminfaenil: look at the start of the function23:05
faenilyou assume Default is the primary23:05
zbenjaminhm true :/23:06
faenilcould be valid assumption, but has to be checked23:06
zbenjaminthe enum only has Default and All23:07
zbenjaminand the orientations of course23:07
*** rcg has quit IRC23:10
*** jonwil has joined #nemomobile23:10
zbenjaminanyway time for some sleep ;)23:11
zbenjaminsee you guys tomorrow23:11
*** MohammadAG has quit IRC23:37

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