Thursday, 2013-10-10

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LLckfanDoes any1 know how to get a stale house smell out of a clean house without opening windows as fresh air is of no help?03:29
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Stskeepsm00 faenil09:13
faenilStskeeps, got over the flu buddy?09:19
Stskeepsnot totally09:19
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faenilniqt, mornig10:08
niqthi faenil10:14
niqttoday silent10:14
faenilqwazix, let me know if you decided something about the header position and behaviour10:25
faenilqwazix, that's kind of a big blocker, as it has to do with the layout of the window, and has to be taken into account for rotations etf10:25
sledgesgMorning! I think I fixed my n9!!! \o/10:32
sledgeshad to go to work this morning after solder refloÄw, can't wait to assemble her again tonight10:33
faenilsledges, yay!10:34
sledgesso better get that orientation PR in :D10:34
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faenilsledges, feel free to review it ;)10:39
faenilI haven't found the time yet10:39
faenilbut if you can't, I will do that later ;910:40
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sledges ?10:40
faenilyep, qt4 specific code was removed, it's bigger than it was10:40
faenilah no not that one10:41
faenilI meant the qtcompoents one sledges10:41
sledgesthats another (related) PR where Robin asked to remove qt4 ifdefs10:41
faenilsandy_locke, hey10:42
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thpsledges: (re: packagekit/zypper woes) feel free to ask about packagekit-related stuff; i've been doing some work in nemomobile with it11:54
sledgessounds great thp, as we are facing a crucial problem already11:59
sledgesnemo's lipstick depends on -sensorfw11:59
sledgesbut that plugin is replaceable11:59
sledgesso it's not in lipstick Requires11:59
sledges-sensorfw is now in patterns11:59
sledgesbut all existing users will have to manually do `zypper in ...-sensorfw`11:59
sledgesafter lipstick update11:59
sledgesi believe packagekit could avoid such scenarios12:00
thpyou should be able to make the lipstick depend on the pattern instead?12:00
sledgesthp: that's promising if that works..12:00
sledgesbut that would mean that installing lipstick pulls in the whole pattern (sounds huge, but should not cause issues i hope)12:00
thpdoes lipstick even depend on sensorfw directly or on qt sensors?12:01
mikhasthp, already back in Vienna? hope you had a good trip ;-)12:01
w00tdepending on patterns is wrong12:01
thp(sensorfw might be needed as a backend to work, but lipstick might not be linking against it)12:02
w00twhat nemo is missing (which we have jolla side) is tooling which says "install this pattern", and everything missing from it gets installed, and that's how you do updates12:02
w00ti.e. not zypper dup12:02
thpmikhas: yup, just arrived an hour or so ago :)12:02
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sledgesw00t: but i've seen zypper saying "the following NEW packages will be installed" - how was that happening?12:03
thpactually the pattern-installing thing is integrated into packagekit, so that could be re-used. nemo might need ot have a meta-package that does depend on all the other stuff, though12:03
w00tObsoletes: foo12:03
w00tthp: ideally, nemo does it the same way it does now: patterns ;)12:03
thp(pattern installing is done by installing a package called "pattern:<patternname>" in packagekit)12:04
thpand for upgrading (which also removes obsolete stuff), this also works, but i'll have to dig out the exact command12:04
w00tok. so which packages do packagekitd/pkcon (that's the command line tool right?) live in?12:04
sledgesw00t: thp: but to stay clean, i envisioned lipstick depending on a meta-package (e.g. qt5-qtsensors-plugin-nemo), which in nemo resolves to -sensorfw, and elsewhere - to what's needed12:05
sledgeswould that be achievable with obs/zypper/rpm?12:05
thpso it's "pkcon upgrade-system name-of-some-pattern complete"12:05
w00tlipstick should *not* depend on specific backends12:05
sledgesthat would not be specific, but I think i get your point12:06
sledgesspecific, as in 'sensors' is already specific enough ;)12:06
w00t"-nemo" or "-sensorfw" is a specific backend12:06
sledgesok, so that's just naming12:06
sledgescall it sensors-plugin12:06
w00tjust hold on a moment, ok?12:06
w00tso the way you get packages into the system are through two ways: patterns ("please install this list of packages") and from those, dependencies12:07
sledges(i guess qt5-qtsensors-plugin-sensorfw could say Obsoletes: sensors-plugin and Provides: sensors-plugin)12:07
w00tpatterns provide inheritance12:07
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w00tas in, you can inherit one pattern from another to make a more specific pattern installing specific bits from a more generic base12:08
w00ta pattern can also drag in other patterns12:08
w00tso, the way we do this, and what i'd suggest is to have configuration patterns for each piece of hardware (these probably already exist, i've never looked at how images are built)12:09
w00tthese then pull in e.g. the app pattern, which in turn pulls in the middleware pattern, as well as the hardware adaptation for that device12:09
w00tso then, on update time, you use 'pkcon upgrade-system nemo-configuration-n9 complete' -- it'll start at that pattern, and all the patterns under it, and drag anything missing in12:10
sledgesthat's how it works now (need to check HA bit more)12:10
sledgescorrect, so that's via packagekit, and we'll need to tell everyone to forget zypper dup :)12:11
sledgesdoesn't look too painful :)12:11
w00tso then you take your sensorfw plugin, and you put it in your mw pattern.. when you upgrade nemo-configuration-n9-complete, it looks also at apps pattern which looks at mw pattern and goes "aha, I need to install sensorfw plugin"12:11
w00tthis way you avoid tying anything to a specific backend, which means that if you need to port to hardware which has its own strange sensors backend, you can move sensorfw out of the mw pattern, and into the hardware adaptation patterns.. so hopefully you start to see why it can theoretically be useful12:12
w00tthe reason for using patterns instead of metapackages is twofold: one, you're already using them :) - and two, a metapackage will get screwed if you remove things it don't like (iirc it will also offer to remove the metapackage)12:13
sledgesthe light at the end of the tunnel w00t :)12:13
w00t(which is a great way to screw your device, hello maemo)12:13
sledgeseh :D12:13
sledgesnice indeed12:14
sledgesnow onto testing pkcon :))12:15
* jussi waves to sledges12:15
sledgesmany thanks w00t & thp12:15
jussidistractions ftw!! :P12:15
* sledges waves jussi back :}12:15
thpsledges: and with recent changes, you'll find the log messages of packagekit going into systemd journal instead of /var/log/pk_backend_zypp12:16
faenilthp, awesome :)12:16
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w00tthp: btw, is that going to quiet down a bit? ;)12:17
thpw00t: yes, as soon as it has been tested more.. i guess in a week we can do another update that makes it less chatty12:18
sledgesheh, you just got yourself more testers thp :))12:18
w00tit's quite annoying to try be debugging something of my own only to have packagekit decide it wants to wake up and be annoying and flood the log completely12:19
sledgesw00t: grep -v ;)12:20
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thpapparently there's much PackageKit love around here :p12:21
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faenilah, toolbar is on top of content in the new QQC, finally12:23
w00tthp: oh, I love what you're doing with it, don't worry ;)12:23
sledgesit looks like sensorÅfw just got pulled in ;)12:24
sledgesfaenil: do you have it in your system yet?12:24
faenillet me check12:24
sledgeszypper se qt5-qtsensors-plugin-sensorfw12:24
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faenilnope don't have it12:26
sledgesplease perform `zypper ref; zypper dup; zypper in PackageKit; pkcon upgrade-system patterns-nemo-ux complete`12:27
sledgesand tell me the output of last command12:28
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faenilwe've got like 5seconds screen timeout xD12:29
faenilit's so anooying xD12:29
sledgesssh ?12:30
faenilsledges, don't have usb cable handy12:31
faenila bunch of progress bars12:31
faenilnothing else12:31
sledgesit should say Downloaded Installed12:31
faenilnope ..12:32
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sledgeszypper se qt5-qtsensors-plugin-sensorfw12:33
sledgesagain :)12:33
w00tcheck journal also12:33
sledges(since now it will complain about PackageKit running ;P)12:33
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sledgesbut i got all that onscreen..12:33
*** niqt has joined #nemomobile12:33
faenilbb in few mins12:33
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*** asterismo has joined #nemomobile12:50
sledgesfaenil: this will do the magic: `pkcon upgrade-system nemo-complete-wayland complete`12:52
sledgeswill pull qmlclock if you don't have one ;)12:52
sledgesso it's time to pull PackageKit into nemo-mw-wayland pattern ;)12:52
sledges(and sensorfw, all hunky dory faenil! :D)12:53
sledgesalso time to create nemo-x86-vm-wayland.. (along with nemo-n950-wayland)12:55
sledgesi'll do that asap12:55
*** Eztran has quit IRC12:55
sledgeswell done thp ;)12:56
sledgesnow how to make PackageKit act as zypper, and ask before installing/proceeding?12:56
sledges(i saw a flag -y (--noninteractive) :D but no "-n" flag, and -y seems to take defaul :D)12:56
faenilsensord is spamming my journal 4times a sec12:57
faenilFailed to write data to socket12:57
alteregoHeh, someone just asked if anybody was working on a "Tazer" other half.12:57
alteregoI don't mean tazering your wife, I think they were talking about the Jolla12:57
*** Eztran has joined #nemomobile12:58
sledgesStella Artois other half?... :/12:59
alteregoLets not promote this.12:59
sledgesnope, agree bad joke12:59
sledgesno smileys either :)12:59
faenilthp, did you change anything about menu handling in fingerterm? menu isn't working13:00
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alteregoI don't even know why people drink that sh*t13:00
alteregoTastes like a chemical toilet.13:00
alteregoNot that I've drunk one, I'm just imagining ...13:00
sledgesI don't (my other half is fine too)13:00
faenilsledges, no qtsensors here13:05
faeniland if I do pkcon on nemoux again, I get Failed to obtain authentication13:05
sledgesfaenil: ^13:05
sledges13:52 < sledges> faenil: this will do the magic: `pkcon upgrade-system nemo-complete-wayland complete`13:05
sledgesauthentication is unheard, you are root ofc13:05
sledgesforget ux :D13:05
faenilsledges, ah sorry yeah I exited root before going afk13:06
sledgesall sane then :)13:06
sledgesyou'll like that command ;)13:06
thpfaenil: not that i know of, but feel free to file an issue13:07
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faenilthp, well,if you open menu you can't scroll in it, because keys get the event first13:07
faenilsledges, worked \o/13:08
faenilwow guys, we really have to do something about performance13:09
faenileverything is super slow in qtcomponents13:09
Stskeepsi've heard that one before13:09
* Stskeeps runs13:09
faenilStskeeps, ehehe13:09
sledgestry to kill PackageKit first13:09
* sledges runs as well13:09
faenilsledges, it's not packagekit, it's always been like this since we switched to wayland13:10
faenilMorpog_N9, yeah I know it was coming, thanks :)13:10
w00tyou might want to see if you can use apitrace on n95013:11
w00tif you can, you can look at exactly what drawing is done, and how to minimize that13:11
w00thm, I guess it will work in the SDK if not on n95013:11
sledgesdo Qt4Tizen guys handle orientation btw?13:11
faenilsledges, yes13:12
faenilw00t, ok, I'll add that to todo...13:13
* faenil will fade out starting from today...running out of time for studying 13:14
sledgesmultitasking ;)13:14
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faenilnice, if you keep a key pressed in fingerterm, cpu goes to 99%13:18
*** zhxt has quit IRC13:18
faenilbetween 60 and 99,13:18
sledgesdoes it trigger autorepeat?13:20
sledgesa ok13:21
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thpfaenil: ok, file an issue and @mention me in it, i'll have a look13:24
faenilMorpog_N9, think about header :P13:27
*** ericcc has quit IRC13:28
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Morpog_N9header is complex13:35
*** jluisn has quit IRC13:37
faenilMorpog_N9, no header -> no rotation handling -> no page layout -> no custom application window13:40
*** jreznik has joined #nemomobile13:40
Morpog_N9hey hey header is qwazix's child :D13:41
Morpog_N9aand I'm still at work :)13:42
faenilqwazix,  no header -> no rotation handling -> no page layout -> no custom application window13:43
faenilahaha :D13:43
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faenilqwazix, Morpog_PC what is the pressed effect on buttonrow?15:30
faeniland which parts should it span over15:30
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC15:34
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*** sledges has joined #nemomobile16:05
*** sledges has joined #nemomobile16:05
qwazixfaenil, on buttonrow, the blue rectangle follows the finger where it goes. There isn't any other pressed effect.16:17
faenilyou're assuming there's a blue rectangle already16:18
faenilqwazix, ^16:19
qwazixhmm, for exclusive ones, and if the rectangle isn't there it should appear onPressed16:20
qwazixOn non exclusive though we might have to have a pressed effect for clarity.16:20
faenilok so on exclusive ones the rectangle appears as soon as you press16:21
faenil(without even releasing)16:21
faenilwell, if you think showing the rect on pressed is a good idea, why not doing the same on non exclusive16:22
*** zhost has joined #nemomobile16:22
qwazixThat's what I'm thinking about....16:22
faenilI have to say doing this stuff on pressed will feel strange as it's not a common way of interacting with selection boxes16:23
faenilusually the option is activated on release16:23
qwazixthat's why I'm not sure for the non-exclusive one16:23
faenilor maybe you want to show the rectangle and then hide it if the release is done outside of the button?16:24
qwazixFor the exclusive, the idea is to work a bit like the slider that's why doing it on press makes sense16:24
qwazixfaenil, that's nice!16:25
*** Pat_o_ has quit IRC16:26
qwazixI think that is a good compromise.16:26
faenilso show it on press, but call the handler on release, and if the release is outside the button, it is hidden16:26
faeniland same for exclusive16:27
* qwazix qoes to work on header16:27
faenilqwazix, can you update the specs with this info? for future reference, thanks :)16:27
qwazixfaenil, ok16:28
faenilqwazix, so, we have to get around the default onPressed of the button, which will show the radial gradient effect16:29
faenilbut ok, I'll think about that16:29
faenilalso, should the side paddings be part of the side buttons? or just aesthetic paddings?16:30
faeniland...I did not understand the "adventorous hacker" part of button row16:30
faenilmoreover, should the paddings show when button row has only one button?16:31
*** piee has joined #nemomobile16:32
faenilqwazix, basically, there's some stuff missing in the spec :D16:32
locusfah sfiet is not here :/16:37
faenillocusf, sup16:37
locusffaenil: I was just going to ask how his doing with the trumpet16:38
faeniloki :)16:38
locusfI'm quite close to cracking it with using shaders16:38
locusfI just need to know about animations16:39
faenillocusf, just use s time variable in the shader and set that from qml ;)16:39
faeniluse a*16:39
faenilah,lol :D16:41
faenillocusf, let me end this nightmare...
faenilhave fun ;)16:42
locusffaenil: I was thinking about reshaping the trumpet up by its height when nearing the end of the slider16:43
faenilhave you seen the example on that link?16:43
locusfyour latest?16:43
faenilit's bezier curves16:43
faeniland it's all done for qt5.1, what do you need more :D16:44
*** piggz has quit IRC16:44
*** piggz has joined #nemomobile16:44
locusfwe probably won't need it16:45
locusflemme screenshot16:45
faenillocusf, ok, better ;)16:45
faenilqwazix, you still alive? :D16:45
qwazixyep, sorry I was drawing16:46
qwazix(gnome notifications pop up for too short a time)16:46
faenilqwazix, you mean you haven't installed "permanent notifications" extensions? :P16:46
locusfalso qwazix ^16:47
locusfalmost hugging16:47
qwazixfaenil, interesting, I have to install that16:47
faenilqwazix, that is a must have!16:47
faenillocusf, what are you showing?16:47
qwazixlocusf, almost perferct16:47
locusffaenil: I'm showing the rectangles I have started to use to draw the handle16:48
locusfthe idea is that when it nears the end it switches to trumpet with certain height, like 2016:48
locusfso its small at first, like in the animation16:48
locusfand when nearing the end we switch to using larger height, like in 95 its 3516:49
qwazixfaenil, paddings should not be part of any button, and should be there if it's only one button, but we will not recommend single button buttonRows anyway.16:49
faenillocusf, mmm16:49
locusfthis is all done per one int16:49
locusfor not16:49
faenilqwazix, add to spec, thanks :)16:49
locusfits not smooth when its per one int, it should be by control.value16:49
locusfI'll continue in a bit once I have the proof of concept ready16:50
faenillocusf, I didn't get your idea, sorry :/16:50
faenillocusf, oki16:50
locusffaenil: ok, I hope you will in a second16:50
* faenil creates ButtonRow.qml16:50
qwazixfaenil, do you think we should provide a graceful overflow method if things do not fit in the headerDock, or let the developer add his own flickable?16:50
locusfqwazix: is the trumpet up supposed to stay even when the user stops pressing on the slider?16:51
qwazixlocusf, that will be an option16:51
locusfqwazix: ok16:51
faenilqwazix, don't know how difficult it will be to handle inner flickables with speedbumps :/16:52
faenilthey can already put a flickable in the drawer, but it will show as one level16:53
*** zhost has quit IRC16:55
qwazixfaenil, maybe allow them to create pages? the dotted thing like on iPhone homepage? Or should we just limit the size and get over with it?16:56
faenilpages in the drawer? how do you handle it with speedbumps16:57
locusfah damn I lost another commit :p16:57
faenillocusf, yay16:57
locusfnow backups won't help either16:57
qwazixfaenil, horizontal pages, each page could have it's own different levels16:58
faenilyes, got that16:58
* qwazix thinks maybe we're overcomplicating things16:59
faenilqwazix, could be :D16:59
faenilwe're just trying to build something awesome16:59
*** piee has quit IRC16:59
qwazixdoes changing the contents of the levels dynamically create any problems?17:04
qwazix(I mean if the developer changes the contents of a level in the dock)17:04
faenilqwazix, the multiple pages is doable, if you think that's the way to go17:06
faenilbut yeah, it could be overcomplicated17:06
*** piee has joined #nemomobile17:07
qwazixfaenil, I'm almost convinced that it will be very rare: the dev in that case can put a buttonRow in the top Level that changes the contents of the levels below.17:12
qwazix(we can recommend that approach in our guidelines)17:13
faenilqwazix, but is that easy for the user?17:14
faenilhe needs to dynamically create items17:14
faenilbecause if he puts those as children they're automatically added to levels17:14
faenilanyway yeah, there's a way...17:14
qwazixor just hide and show them, inside the levels17:15
faenilmmm got to check if that works or fix the logic17:15
faenilhas to be investigated once specs for the header are final17:15
faenilqwazix, one option is to limit height of the header to MaxScreenSize * 16/917:17
faenilor 16/1017:17
*** X-Fade has quit IRC17:17
faenilor just check the shorter side of the screen (Screen.height/width) and use that17:17
qwazixfaenil, I was thinking to limit to the short side of the screen yeah17:18
faenilbut need something precise17:18
qwazixso that it creates a square, and it fits in either orientation17:18
faenilalso, what happens if there's keyboard open, such stuff17:18
faenilcommon use cases17:19
*** Morpog_Mobile_ has joined #nemomobile17:19
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC17:19
faenilalso, what happens if the user adds more level and the max height of header can only show half of the last item?17:19
qwazixfaenil, we'll have to clip then, no other option17:20
faenilI can speedbounce to the last "valid" level...but that would feel like wtf to the user17:20
locusffaenil: compare the height of the trumpet up17:20
*** Morpog_N9__ has joined #nemomobile17:20
locusfI can't make an animation which would clarify things17:20
*** panda84kde has quit IRC17:20
locusfheight: control.value < 0.8 ? 32 : (60*control.value)17:20
locusfmaybe this line will17:21
qwazixfaenil, any dev can put things half outside the screen, we can't do anything about that17:21
*** Morpog_N9_ has quit IRC17:21
faenilqwazix, ok, just tell me what to do in the spec :D17:21
faenilqwazix, also, in landscape there will be much more horizontal space, how will levels look?17:22
faenilthere will be a lot of empty space17:22
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #nemomobile17:22
qwazixI wrote this "In landscape mode there is only one open state, fully open, except if special care is taken by the developer to provide vertical levels (which might not always be possible)" I don't know if it makes sense17:23
qwazix(or if it can be implemented)17:23
*** Morpog_Mobile_ has quit IRC17:23
qwazixregarding empty space it seems we can't do anything unless the developer re-arranges his controls.17:24
*** Morpog_N9__ has quit IRC17:25
faenilwait wait, why only fully open?17:26
qwazixIf somebody provides the levels for portrait, they might put say a buttonrow in the first level with a width of 450u.17:28
qwazixWe can't show that thing halfway, so it either is completely closed, or fully open17:29
faenilqwazix, wait, but you're talking about the side drawer?17:29
*** Morpog_N9__ has joined #nemomobile17:29
faenilthat wasn't clear,I thought you ditched that17:29
*** piggz has quit IRC17:30
faenilqwazix, but then we don't need any limit in landscape..17:31
faeniljust open a side drawer of width: Portrait.width17:31
locusfno comments?17:33
* faenil still doesn't get it17:34
faenilyou're just switching images, so no animation17:34
locusfthere is a enlarging animation17:35
locusfwhen getting to the end17:35
locusfI'll push in a moment and could you test it yourself then?17:35
faenilok, so you say when you go beyond some value instantly switch to the trumpet image17:35
faeniland the make it taller and taller17:35
faenilcan't test right now, delicate situation in my qqc repo :D17:36
locusfokay :)17:36
locusfgrr I can't access grooveStyle's inner rectangle17:54
*** Pat_o_ has joined #nemomobile18:04
*** X-Fade has joined #nemomobile18:07
*** gabriel9 has joined #nemomobile18:14
*** piggz has joined #nemomobile18:24
*** WWDrakey has left #nemomobile18:27
locusfhmm why can't pure components have properties?18:29
*** zhost has joined #nemomobile18:36
qwazixfaenil, please have a look before I publish, is anything missing?
qwazix(please download and see with evince or something, pdfjs doesn't show the gradients)18:37
qwazixlol, "qwazix closed the pull request in a few seconds"18:39
qwazixgithub has issues with time strings18:39
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #nemomobile18:41
*** slaine has joined #nemomobile18:41
*** DarkSim has joined #nemomobile18:41
*** slaine has quit IRC18:41
*** piggz has quit IRC18:43
*** Vlad_on_the_road has joined #nemomobile18:47
*** piggz has joined #nemomobile18:47
*** piee has quit IRC18:58
*** furikku has quit IRC19:01
*** piee has joined #nemomobile19:03
*** jpetersen_ has quit IRC19:06
*** qwazix_ has joined #nemomobile19:07
*** kostaja has quit IRC19:09
Morpog_PCgood ideas qwazix19:12
*** piggz has quit IRC19:33
zbenjaminsledges: ping19:42
*** sandy_locke has joined #nemomobile19:46
faenilqwazix, I think the buttonrow for switching between pages is wrong, because it's being used as a TabBar19:47
faenilqwazix, also, clipping the content in landscape doesn't feel right because the application canvas is resized instead, so the user sees a weird behaviour19:47
faenilwe can avoid that by not allowing levels when in landscape19:48
faeniland having a common scrolling list instead19:48
faenilwhich is resized when kbd pops up19:48
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC19:49
*** martyone has joined #nemomobile19:50
zbenjamincosmetics on qt-components done, someone can merge please? ;)19:51
zbenjaminfaenil: why does lipstick not need BuildRequires:  pkgconfig(Qt5Qml) ?19:53
faenilzbenjamin, because it *should* be included already by Qt5Quick19:54
zbenjamincosmetics on lipstick done19:59
faenilah crap, wrong commit syntax20:01
faenilzbenjamin, remember to add [tag] as prefix to your commits20:01
faenillike "[orientation] Connect to bla bla bla"20:01
zbenjaminah ok20:01
faenilat least one tag is needed before doign release20:01
faenilthe tagged commits are the one which will go inside the changelog automatically20:02
zbenjamini see20:02
zbenjamincan i change the last commit message?20:02
faenilzbenjamin, change it to the lipstick commit20:03
faenilsledges, can you change it for qt-components?20:03
zbenjamini already commited lipstick20:04
sledgesyes, i will amend it20:04
sledgesremembered after merge20:04
sledgessorry for mess20:04
sledgesmental note20:04
faenilsledges, no problem ;)20:04
faenilthanks for amending :)20:05
sledgesnot to do work from mobile on the go :D20:05
faenilzbenjamin, committed tagged commit to lipstick?20:05
faenilsledges, ehehe20:05
sledgeswill amend back home in 45mons20:05
sledgesmins lol20:05
faenilsledges, np ;)20:05
zbenjaminfaenil: well its [lipstick]20:06
faenilzbenjamin, ah ok ;)20:07
faenilyesss, we can get rid of the hack in button :D20:14
zbenjaminugh ;)20:22
*** gabriel9 has joined #nemomobile20:24
zbenjaminalterego: hmmm what could you do about that? hmmm....I know! Sleep!   ;)20:30
*** martyone has quit IRC20:44
*** Vlad_on_the_road has quit IRC20:46
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC20:49
*** lizardo has quit IRC20:55
alteregozbenjamin: unlikely for a while at least ;)20:59
*** piee has quit IRC21:00
*** piee has joined #nemomobile21:04
*** NIN101 has quit IRC21:04
*** fk_lx has joined #nemomobile21:22
*** Pat_o_ has quit IRC21:23
*** Hurrian has joined #nemomobile21:41
*** Martix has joined #nemomobile21:44
sledgesok i scooped up the mess faenil21:47
sledgesqt-components-qt5 is now built21:47
zbenjaminit'll not work without the lipstick patch ... the rotation i mean21:48
* sledges wondering why no other components started their rebuild ;) is qt-components-qt5 a non-build require dependency? ;)21:48
sledgesok, zbenjamin , but it wont break anything either i hope :D21:48
zbenjamini don't think so21:48
zbenjaminor you just merge lipstick too ;)21:49
sledgesperfect :)21:49
*** sandy_locke has quit IRC21:49
sledgesneed to know if lipstick can run without ..-sensorfw installed21:50
sledgesfor those who don't have it21:50
sledgesand we have conflicts there :{21:51
sledgescannot automatically merge21:51
sledgesalso neither Vesuri nor w00t LGTMed it o_O21:52
sledgesso bear with me (or try to resolve conflicts (by submitting new PR?) maybe, if you can/have time zbenjamin)21:52
faenilw00t said we don't have to wait for me...also didn't he said it looked good enough?21:57
faenilfor him*21:57
zbenjamini think that was in qt-components21:58
zbenjaminsledges: what conflicts?21:59
sledgesWe can’t automatically merge this pull request.21:59
sledgesUse the command line to resolve conflicts before continuing.21:59
sledgesMY N9 WORKS AFTER FIXUP!!!!!22:00
faenilsledges, yesssss22:01
faenillpotter, ping22:01
faenilzbenjamin, you can try asking lpotter about the rate22:02
sledgeszbenjamin: you might need to git remote add upstream repo; git pull --rebase upstream master22:02
sledgesand re PR...22:02
zbenjaminbut shouldn't there be a config option that sets the rate? if we have a sensor that needs one?22:02
faenilzbenjamin, don't know how that is usually handled22:03
faenilgood night guys o/22:04
*** giucam has quit IRC22:04
faenilqwazix, the updated header spec is not clear about the limit on toolbar icons22:06
faenillet me know about that as well please ;)22:06
faenil"If the toolbar icons are more than 3 or the app requires a menu, 3 dots signal that the header can be22:06
faenildragged down to reveal a menu"22:06
faenilso, what happens if icons are more than 3?22:07
faenilnite nite22:07
Morpog_PCif developer wants more than 3 icons, he uses dock22:11
Morpog_PCthats why the 3 dot icon get revealed22:12
*** rcg has quit IRC22:13
zbenjamini think i just broke my repos ! :/22:16
*** zhost has quit IRC22:17
sledgeshandle with care zbenjamin22:19
zbenjaminsledges: i don'T know if the result is what i wanted ...22:21
zbenjamin but looks good22:21
zbenjaminthe commit look a bit strange though22:22
sledgesnoticed :)22:22
zbenjamini'm not sure when something went wrong ;)22:24
zbenjaminsledges: i could try to rebase maybe?22:27
zbenjaminsquash i mean22:27
sledgesyou're reading my mind22:28
sledgesbecause it's all in your repo so, just repush with --force afterwards and all will be good22:28
*** DarkSim has quit IRC22:32
*** piee has quit IRC22:34
sledgeszbenjamin: least risk is: `mv lipstick bak; git clone nemomobile/lipstick; cd lipstick; git remote add downstream; meld ../bak .; (do what you have to do); git commit; git push -force downstream master`22:35
*** Morpog_PC has quit IRC22:40
zbenjaminsledges: have a look22:41
* sledges looks22:41
sledgessquashed or melded? ;)22:42
sledgesoh gosh22:44
sledgesdid you see other people's commits sneaked in?22:44
sledgesis due to rebase22:45
zbenjaminah the merged conflicts... doh!22:45
*** alien_ has quit IRC22:45
sledgeswanna try my method? ;D22:45
zbenjaminlooks like fubar to me :/22:45
zbenjamincurrently thinking about reforking and applying the changes again by hand22:46
sledgeswell my suggestion avoids reforking22:46
sledgesbut everything else fits22:46
zbenjamini still have a old repository ;)22:46
*** blam has joined #nemomobile22:46
zbenjaminone where i did not rebase yet22:47
*** piee has joined #nemomobile22:47
sledgesbut do you get the idea of my suggestion?22:47
zbenjaminyou know what i do now is refork, since i doubt i get that sorted out the other way the commit is not very huge22:48
sledgesrefork means lost PR22:48
sledgesbut as you prefer :)22:48
zbenjaminah darn :/22:49
zbenjamini only have basic git knowledge so no i did not get the idea ;)22:49
sledgesis all by hand\22:49
zbenjaminok first i fork the upstream repos right?22:50
sledgesfirst backup old ones22:50
sledgesthen clone upstrea22:50
zbenjaminok cloned now i add my repos as remote22:51
sledgesyour repo as remote22:51
zbenjaminok done22:52
sledgesare you under linux?22:52
* sledges hides22:53
zbenjamincinnamon ;)22:53
* sledges unhides22:53
zbenjaminerr no22:53
sledgesinstall meld22:54
zbenjaminthats ubuntu ;)22:54
sledgeshighly recommend22:54
zbenjaminmy work laptop is arch+cinnamon22:54
zbenjaminthis one is ubuntu+unity ;)22:54
* sledges handshakes (arch everywhere!) archbang here on netbook, arch on laptop, and arch on workplace's desktop :)22:54
zbenjaminok now i have meld installed22:55
sledgesif you are inside newly cloned repo22:55
sledgesdo `meld ../<your rebased repo name> .`22:55
sledgesDay changed to 11 Oct 201323:00
zbenjaminhow can i remove a line? i just see a arrow pointing into a direction but i cannot remove it23:04
sledgesir ctrl23:05
sledgesuntil it becomes an X23:05
zbenjamini think i merged everything now23:07
sledgesquit meld23:08
sledgesand do git status23:08
sledgesgit diff23:08
sledgesto see if all looks dandy23:08
sledgesjust like here
sledgesthen do git commit23:09
sledgesand then23:09
sledgesgit push --force downstream master23:09
sledgeswhere downstream is your own added repo earlier on23:09
zbenjamincommit message? the same as i used before?23:11
* zbenjamin <--- scared23:12
sledgesno need23:13
sledgesi got two browser windows open for your commits :D23:13
sledgeswill validate if anything23:13
sledgesyou had setScreenOrientationFromSensor duplicated in previous commits23:17
sledgesnow all good ;)23:17
sledgesyou see23:17
zbenjaminyes i realized that too ;)23:17
zbenjaminit also builds fine btw23:17
sledgeswell done sir23:20
sledgessleeping time :)23:20
sledgeslet's see what the dawn brings :D23:20
zbenjaminmeh but i get a black screen on the device now :/ is that my fault?23:20
zbenjaminOct 11 02:21:01 localhost lipstick[3218]: [W] unknown:137 - qrc:/qml/NotificationPreview.qml:137:25: QML ScriptAction: qrc:/qml/NotificationPreview.qml:111: TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'setNotificationPreviewRect'23:21
sledgesjust revert your commit and retry23:21
zbenjamindid you merge?23:23
sledgesi did23:23
zbenjamini did not touch NotificationPreview, lets see if i can fix it maybe23:23
sledgeszbenjamin: that error might not be the cause of black screen23:24
sledgeshave you updated lipstick-colorful-home?23:24
sledgesthat issue has been fixed there23:24
zbenjaminah thats maybe23:24
sledgeshope it's the same issue ;)23:24
zbenjaminis there no ui way to just update my unchanged repository on github to the newest version?23:25
sledgesnot on web ui23:26
sledgesagain, git pull --rebase origin ... ;)23:27
zbenjaminyikes ;)23:28
zbenjaminbuilding ....23:33
sledgesi think it will be ok now23:33
*** fk_lx has quit IRC23:35
*** Martix has quit IRC23:35
sledgesi'll bump version then23:35
zbenjaminrotation works too23:35
sledgesand build lipstick away for everyone23:35
zbenjaminwe just need to add the mask in every qt-components based app and it will work23:35
zbenjaminor maybe enable it by default ?23:36
sledgesor just start with most used apps23:36
zbenjaminyeah would work also ;)23:37
sledgesan extra remark/column here:
zbenjaminassign me i'll add it23:38
sledgesjust login with your account23:38
sledgesmer account23:38
zbenjaminany suggestions? add orientation handling to qt-components based apps?23:39
zbenjamina bit long maybe23:39
sledgesfor columnt name?23:40
sledgesand values: yes/no/mask added/mask XYZ added23:40
sledgessleep time :D23:41
sledgesthat's whut lol23:41
zbenjaminyeah night, i maybe should get some sleep too23:41
zbenjamin1:41 am23:41
zbenjaminnemo is addictive ;)23:41
*** araujo has quit IRC23:42
*** araujo has joined #nemomobile23:43
*** faenil_ has joined #nemomobile23:45
*** faenil has quit IRC23:46
sledgesindeed :D23:47
sledgesok your new lipstick is in the queue23:47
zbenjaminnice just commiting fingerterm patch ;)23:48
zbenjaminuh wait, is the qt5 branch used? i guess yes23:49
* zbenjamin mumbles23:49
zbenjaminor the qquick2 branch?23:50
sledgeslook into OBS of which one is currently used23:50
sledgessays master branch23:51
zbenjaminok then i can just commit23:52
*** faenil_ has quit IRC23:53
zbenjaminthere it is ;)23:53
sledgeslipstick is blocked :(23:54
sledgesuntil it goes through, we cannot accept fingerterm?23:55
sledgesor can we23:55
sledges(it's qt-components-qt5 ball park i guess)23:55
zbenjaminwhy is it blocked?23:55
sledgessome OBS quirk23:55
sledgesi asked guys to kick it on #mer23:56
zbenjaminits std qt code23:56
zbenjaminshould not break anything23:56
sledgesah ok23:56
sledgesso nothing breaks23:56
zbenjaminbtw didn't we want to go to sleep ? ;)23:58
sledgesok fingerterm build succeeded23:59
zbenjaminyay ;)23:59
sledgesdidn't we agree that nemo is addictive? :D23:59
zbenjamintrue also ;)23:59
zbenjaminbut you are not currently building the new packages? ;)23:59

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