Tuesday, 2013-10-15

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Stskeepssledges: you're adding a UX dependency to a MW component05:42
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locusfoh right06:39
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locusfsledges: ve got a prepaid in my n906:53
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sledgesStskeeps: thanks for spotting that; someone told me to put opensans into ux, as for me it looked good for both places09:33
sledgeslocusf: ??09:33
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Stskeepssledges: well, the requires: now breaks things that don't use :ux ;)09:34
sledgeswhich is qt-components09:34
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sledgeslocusf: can we avoid that?09:36
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sledgesas Nokia Pure Text was not in the Requires:09:41
Stskeepscan't you add it in patterns perhaps?09:41
sledgesStskeeps: but this is also not good then: https://github.com/locusf/qt-components/blob/dcfffa863429b7a35b6afe663a176385e0cf8f67/src/meego/plugin.cpp#L14609:41
sledgeswould break a system where opensans is not in09:41
sledgesbut no-one uses nokia pure text anyway09:42
sledgesso that line should be of no danger09:42
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sledgesok, danger zone eliminated :)09:48
sledgesopensans is in ux pattern now09:59
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sledgesthanks Stskeeps10:31
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sledges(opensans will be pulled in by colorful home anyway, but we can imagine a system with an alternative homescreen still using glacier apps ;)10:32
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locusfsledges: prepaid for testing calls11:14
sledgesa prepaid sim, nice :)11:15
sledgesso have you tested them? :)11:15
sledgesiirc, the sound from caller comes out through loudspeaker regardless11:16
sledgesand there will be tinkering involved with libofono plugins (i remember that case still in x11 land, but ofono already used qt5)11:16
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sledgesi might find a solution in old logs, whoever gets there first, ping me11:57
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locusfyes noticed the same thing12:12
locusfwhen testing12:12
sledgesok locusf: http://www.merproject.org/logs/%23nemomobile/%23nemomobile.2013-06-14.log.html#t2013-06-14T17:00:1512:14
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sledgeswhat does `zypper se voicecall-qt5-` say?12:15
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locusfnot at n9 atm12:20
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sledgesi think this fixed it: `zypper in voicecall-qt5-plugin-ofono`12:27
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sandy_lockeqwazix, http://play.qwazix.com/grog/?p=62613:17
faenilo/ hello peeps13:18
sledgesgreat research sandy_locke13:19
sledges\o faenil13:19
sandy_lockethx, sledges :)13:19
* faenil clicks13:19
sledgessandy_locke: you can mention this in ;) http://www.merproject.org/logs/%23nemomobile/%23nemomobile.2013-10-14.log.html#t2013-10-14T10:32:5613:20
sandy_locke\o/ faenil13:20
NeeDforKilllooks nice13:20
sandy_lockesledges, what do you mean ?13:22
sledgesThe keyboard in the community-built LunaCE for the TouchPad has a cursor-controlling "joystick area"13:22
sandy_lockeyes, it's in my post too13:23
sledgesah ok, missed that :")13:23
sandy_lockeWas using it last year and I must say they did a great job13:23
sandy_lockeit just work and feel right13:24
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Hurrianthe boot progress spinner on Grog looks great!13:25
sandy_lockeHurrian, link ?13:27
sandy_lockewait, found it13:29
sandy_lockeyeah, like it too13:29
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NeeDforKillProgress meatspinner13:30
locusfsandy_locke: I was about to comment that I made a proof of concept in QML last weekend13:31
locusflemme share a screenshot in a moment13:32
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faenilsandy_locke, nice article :)13:46
faenilsandy_locke, but that way, how can you trigger the alternative letters popup for the letter G ?13:46
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faenil(as it seems you activate the stick by pressing on g)13:47
sandy_lockefaenil, no^^maybe the pic is misleading: the finger is below to not hide the stick. The stick is always visible between T Y & G13:49
faenilah ok, so similar to what locusf has done, ok ;)13:50
sandy_lockelocusf, do you have somewhere I can grab the deb ?13:50
locusfsandy_locke: not the deb but rpm13:50
faenilI have to say it's not easy to trigger it, it's pretty small, you have to take care to press exactly on it13:50
sandy_lockeah it works on nemo, not harmattan ?13:50
locusfsandy_locke: it only works in nemo13:50
locusfsandy_locke: yes13:50
sandy_lockeok, the link for the rpm will do ;)13:51
locusfyou can test on nemo?13:51
sandy_lockefaenil, yeah I think so too13:51
sandy_lockewe need to see how it behave in real situation13:51
sandy_lockelocusf, got a vm13:51
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locusfsandy_locke: ah13:51
locusfhmm I need a x86 build then, one moment13:52
sandy_lockeok thx :)13:52
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sandy_lockefaenil, all the work will be in implementing it well, with the most accuracy possible ;)13:54
faenilyeah,we'll see...13:54
locusfsandy_locke: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/286182/maliit-plugins-0.99.0-1.i386.rpm13:55
sandy_lockethx, locusf13:55
sandy_lockehow can I put it inside the vm ?13:55
locusfwell its just as easy as zypper in --force https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/286182/maliit-plugins-0.99.0-1.i386.rpm13:55
locusfand then DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=unix:path=/run/user/100000/dbus/user_bus_socket systemctl --user restart maliit-server.service13:56
sandy_lockelocusf, can I do it through ssh ?13:58
locusfsandy_locke: yes, both as root13:58
sandy_lockehow do I ssh to nemo vm already ? ^^13:58
locusffaenil: ^13:59
faenilyou have to use port forwarding on vbox13:59
faeniland connect using13:59
faenilssh -o port=<port number> nemo@localhost13:59
faenilsandy_locke, https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Nemo/Installing#SSH_Port_Forwarding_.28optional.2914:00
locusfsandy_locke: do you have the VM?14:00
sandy_lockelocusf, yes14:02
locusfok good14:02
sandy_lockewhen entering : DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=unix:path=/run/user/100000/dbus/user_bus_socket systemctl --user restart maliit-server.service14:02
sandy_lockeI get: Failed to get D-Bus connection: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.14:02
sandy_lockeI have to enter it inside fingerterm ?14:02
locusfthats some other error now14:03
locusfjust don't know what that means14:03
faenilare you root?14:03
sandy_lockefaenil, yes14:03
faeniltry without14:03
locusfyep, su nemo14:03
sandy_lockefaenil, thx that's it14:03
sandy_lockelocusf, the app should be on the main screen ?14:05
sandy_lockeI can't find it14:05
locusfsandy_locke: its not an app, just launch Messages for instance and try to create a new message14:05
locusfso the keyboard just pops from the bottom14:06
locusfit will be distorted14:06
sandy_lockelocusf, yeah it works :)14:07
sandy_lockebut the keyboard implementation in the vm is terrible!14:07
sandy_lockethe keyboard is mostly outside the screen and text fields just breaks completely14:08
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sandy_lockeI use the notes app, and I just have a single row to see the text ^^14:09
sandy_lockelocusf, got a nemo build for n9 ?14:09
locusfsandy_locke: sure14:09
sandy_lockeI will install it14:09
locusfsandy_locke: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/l6bl3uiv85pw2kc/nemo-n950-rnd-20131310.tar.bz214:10
sandy_lockelocusf, and a how to ;)14:10
sandy_lockethx btw, you rule14:10
locusfsandy_locke: np :)14:10
locusfsandy_locke: https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Nemo/Installing#Persistent_Single_Boot_by_Flashing_the_Dual_Boot14:10
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locusfsandy_locke: the instructions are not for the faint of heart14:11
locusfsandy_locke: so be careful14:11
sandy_lockelocusf, don't worry ;)14:13
sandy_lockebtw, you know if I can use it with BackupMenu http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=86957 ?14:13
sandy_lockeit's a multiboot with 3 boot options14:14
sandy_lockeI already use 214:14
sandy_lockeand the nitroid boot is still vacant14:14
locusfsandy_locke: I have no idea14:14
locusffirst time seeing the app14:15
locusfonly got my n9 for nemo stuff, haven't touched harmattan much14:15
sandy_lockeok :/14:15
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sandy_lockelocusf, there's no way w/o flashing the device ?14:21
*** PiyushVerma has joined #nemomobile14:21
sandy_lockewould like to keep my harmattan install14:21
locusfsandy_locke: you can keep the harmattan installation of course, I have it installed too14:22
locusfbut you won't be able to boot to it14:22
locusfat least I can't14:22
*** ericcc has joined #nemomobile14:22
locusfsandy_locke: how does BackupMenu work in practise?14:23
sandy_lockelocusf, it uses kernel images in /boot14:23
*** jreznik has quit IRC14:27
locusfsandy_locke: how and where does one unpack the rootfs of eg. nitdroid?14:28
locusfdo you guys sledges faenil Stskeeps have any ideas?14:28
sandy_lockelocusf, tar xjvf /home/user/MyDocs/nitdroid_n9_ics_alpha4.tar.bz2 -C /home/nitdroid14:29
sledgesyou need to repartition for nemo14:29
sledgesthis is least intrusive14:29
sledgesi use it14:29
sledgesbut whenever I need to go back to nemo, I need laptop and a flasher (normally i do :))14:30
sledgesafter every reboot14:30
sledgesotherwise it boots back to harmattan14:30
locusfmine always boots to nemo14:30
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sandy_lockesledges, where is there mention of partitioning in your link ?14:31
sledgesthe whole link needs to be followed14:31
sledgesfirst boot of moslo will repartition14:31
sledgesin this way you will have nemo inside your n9, it will be easy to add it to BootMenu or UbiBoot14:32
sledgesjust by adding kernel, should suffice14:33
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sandy_lockemmh, ok sledges14:35
sandy_lockeso installing moslo won't mess up with bootmenu ?14:35
sledgesmoslo will run in volatile memory14:36
sledgesnothing gets installed14:36
sledgesonly repartitioning takes place14:36
sledgesthat's why I like it - least intrusive :)14:36
sledgesrepartitioning will leave the existing partitions intact14:37
sledgesand just smartly inject a new one, by shrinking your MyDocs partition - ensure you have enough space there (moslo will check its space anyway)14:37
sandy_lockesledges, so I do the wget, the rpm2cpio, the curl and the sudo flasher ?14:38
sandy_lockethe sudo flasher from the n9 ??14:38
sledgesno, from linux host14:39
sandy_lockeor all this must be done from the computer14:39
sandy_lockeall ?14:39
sandy_lockeI assume14:39
sledgestake my words back - not MyDocs partition, but another one, should have enough free space (as I said, moslo will check it for you) - in most cases free space is sufficient14:40
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sandy_lockesledges, let me remember: to sudo flasher, do I need the n9 to be shutdown ?14:43
stephglaunch flasher, plug it in14:44
*** Morpog_PC has joined #nemomobile14:44
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile14:45
sandy_lockemmh, battery 17%, will wait then ;)14:45
sandy_lockethx sledges, I may come back to you to install the files and the kernel14:46
sandy_lockeis that ok?14:46
sledgesi'll be around14:47
sandy_lockethx stephg14:47
sandy_lockethx sledges14:47
sledgeshave fun! :)14:47
sandy_lockelocusf, the file you gave me say "n900" it works on n9 too ?14:47
sandy_lockesledges, thx ;)14:47
locusfsandy_locke: its n950+n9 image14:47
*** Morpog_N9_ has quit IRC14:48
sandy_lockelocusf, ok14:48
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locusfhttps://github.com/mer-packages/qtwayland/pull/34 <- according to w00t, this should fix wayland alpha issues in eg. maliit15:33
locusfwhen this becomes merged I'll update colorful-home and remove the shader15:33
sledgesthanx, hope for best15:33
*** NIN101 has joined #nemomobile15:35
faenilstill tidying up my room :D15:45
*** n9mx has joined #nemomobile15:48
sandy_lockesledges, got an error while partitioning15:49
sandy_lockeit says that I can telnet to the device15:49
sledgessandy_locke: great!15:49
sandy_lockealthough telnet says connection refused15:49
sledgesdid you setup usbnetworking between phone and host?15:49
*** n9mx has quit IRC15:49
sandy_lockesledges, you misunderstood: the partitioning went bad ;)15:50
sledgessandy_locke: no i didn't ;)15:50
sledgesbasically it means, welcome to our world :D15:50
sandy_lockearf, I thought you it meant : "it's the normal behaviour" ^^15:51
sledgesin our world it is normal :)15:51
sandy_lockeusb net to phone is usually setup15:51
sledgescan you ping your phone?15:51
sandy_lockebut here it's unlinked15:52
sandy_locke60 bytes from ip: Communication prohibited by filter15:53
sandy_lockewhen ping15:53
sledgeswhat does your `ifconfig usb0` say on host?15:54
sandy_lockeusb0 doesn't exist15:54
sledges`ifconfig -a` ?15:55
sandy_lockeno usbX15:56
sledgesshould say 0421:0518 Nokia Mobile Phones N9 Phone15:57
*** jpetrell has quit IRC15:57
zbenjaminhehe i also was shocked when my paritioning failed ;)15:57
sledgesor 0525:a4ab Netchip Technology, Inc.15:58
*** Martix has joined #nemomobile15:58
*** xhaakon has quit IRC15:58
sledgeswhere are you? :D15:59
sandy_lockelsusb doesn't work on mac16:00
sledgesyou are on mac?16:01
sledgesok so try this:16:01
sledgesifconfig en3
sandy_lockeifconfig: ioctl (SIOCDIFADDR): permission denied16:02
sledges(or simply as root)16:03
sandy_lockeand ping , see above16:03
sledgesfirst command needs to succeed first16:03
*** phdeswer has quit IRC16:03
sledgesdo you have flasher for mac?16:04
*** mkosola has quit IRC16:04
*** kjokinie has quit IRC16:04
sandy_lockeok ping work :)16:04
sledges(i mean, how did you get to start repartition?)16:04
*** PMG has quit IRC16:04
sledgesnow telnet16:04
sandy_lockeyes, flasher on mac16:04
*** spiiroin has quit IRC16:04
*** veskuh has quit IRC16:04
sandy_locketelnet --> refused16:04
sandy_lockeUnable to connect to remote host16:05
sledgesdoes ping still work?16:05
sledges(could've been reset)16:05
zbenjaminget linux ;)16:05
sandy_lockedo you think it's safe to reboot the device ?16:05
sandy_lockeI have linux in VM16:05
sledgesso, can you still ping?16:05
sandy_lockefor work I prefer Mac, the apps for my work are more user friendly ;)16:06
* zbenjamin is away for some sports.... later guys16:06
sandy_lockeyes, sledges16:06
sledgeswhat's on screen?16:06
sandy_lockebut do you think it's safe to reboot the device ?16:06
sledgesRe-partitioning failed! You might be in trouble!16:06
sledgesi need to know more to be able to tell if it's safe16:06
sandy_lockegreen text says I can telnet to debug16:06
sledgeswhat else does green text say?16:07
sandy_lockethe MOSLO header text with a FATAL: Re-partitioning failed error16:07
*** veskuh has joined #nemomobile16:08
sledgesdoes it say "You might be in trouble!" ?16:08
sandy_lockeyes, it says so ^^16:08
*** phdeswer has joined #nemomobile16:08
sledgesshow the command that you ping the device with16:08
zbenjaminsledges: maybe he does have a fw? or forwarding isn't enabled?16:08
*** PMG has joined #nemomobile16:08
*** spiiroin has joined #nemomobile16:08
sandy_lockeno firewall at all16:08
sledgesnice, never seen such behaviour16:08
* zbenjamin has no idea about mac's16:08
*** Martix has quit IRC16:09
sledgestelnet should just work16:09
zbenjaminwhat happens when you trace the route? ...16:09
sledgesgood point16:09
*** kjokinie has joined #nemomobile16:09
sledgesbut ping does come through though (ICMP?)16:09
stephgthere will be no route to trace16:10
sandy_locketraceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets16:10
sandy_lockeI'll try to reboot, what do you say ?16:11
sledgesreboot is last resort16:11
sandy_lockeworst is I have to reflash openmode16:11
zbenjaminok i have to run, good luck sandy_locke16:12
sandy_lockeI'm installing nmap16:12
sandy_lockezbenjamin, thx :)16:12
stephgyou said ping still works? or not16:12
stephgping it and arp -an shows a sensible mac address16:12
stephgand on a sensible interface16:12
sandy_lockecompile in process ;)16:13
sledgessandy_locke: what he said ^16:13
sledgesarp -an16:14
sledgesand also16:14
sandy_lockearp -an --> ? ( at d2:0:1a:80:16:0 on en3 ifscope permanent [ethernet]16:14
sledgesok so it's there16:14
sandy_lockenmap --> All 1000 scanned ports on are closed (500) or filtered (500)16:15
sledgesright, telnet failed16:15
sandy_lockeping 222 --> Request timeout for icmp_seq 5216:15
sledgesbear with me16:16
*** PiyushVerma has quit IRC16:16
sandy_lockeI bear, I bear ;)16:16
* sledges (bearing)16:16
stephgoh dear16:16
sandy_lockeoh, what will it sound like ?16:17
*** PiyushVerma has joined #nemomobile16:17
sandy_lockeso I think there are no options left, are they ?16:17
sledgesto bear with me - last option16:18
*** PiyushVerma has joined #nemomobile16:18
* sandy_locke bearing16:18
sledgessounds good16:18
*** mkosola has joined #nemomobile16:18
*** ericcc has quit IRC16:18
sledgestime to pull the plug16:19
sledgesand replug again16:19
sledgeswithout rebooting16:19
sledges(say what's on screen)16:19
* sandy_locke nokia's saying "booting in harmattant in 5s"16:19
sledgesi think in 15seconds it will boot to harmattan16:19
sledgeskeep updating ;)16:20
sandy_lockemulti boot menu still here16:20
sandy_lockebooting into meego16:20
sandy_lockenokia logo shows up16:20
sandy_lockestill glowing16:20
sandy_lockeripple effect16:20
sandy_lockering the bell16:20
sandy_lockevibration and asks for pin code16:21
*** Guest18295 has quit IRC16:21
sandy_lockeentering pin16:21
sledgeswhat a reminiscence!16:21
sandy_lockerolling whell16:21
sandy_lockeboot successful16:21
sledgesok you're good, no reflash needed16:21
sandy_lockepeople we have a go16:21
sledgeslet's try again with moslo16:21
stephgreminiscence? I'm still using mine every day :)16:21
*** stephg has left #nemomobile16:21
sledgesstephg: me too, just never rebooted :D16:21
*** stephg has joined #nemomobile16:22
sandy_lockehow can I check if the partitioning did actually work ?16:22
*** arcean has joined #nemomobile16:22
sandy_lockeor a log file or something16:22
sandy_lockeok, I'll ssh with dev user16:22
sledgesfdisk /dev/mmcblk0 -p16:22
sledgespastebin please ooi16:23
sandy_lockesledges, invalid "-p"16:24
sledgesfdisk /dev/mmcblk0 -l16:24
sledgesalways mix 'em16:24
sandy_lockeusing -l16:24
sandy_lockepastebin slow16:25
sledgesi 'read' you :D16:25
locusfsounds like a long night for you guys16:27
sledgessandy_locke: it shrunk the partition16:28
sledgesbut did not create a new one16:28
sledgesthere's space for it16:28
sandy_lockethe win95 partition must be backup menu16:28
sledgeslet's do it from MeeGo terminal FTW \o/ !16:28
sledgesit's MyDocs16:28
sledgesbackup menu can be anywere16:28
*** WWDrakey has left #nemomobile16:28
sledgesfdisk /dev/mmcblk016:28
*** kavuri has quit IRC16:29
sandy_lockesledges, yes, I got a prompt16:29
sandy_lockee or p16:30
sandy_lockeSelected partition 416:30
sledgesfirst sector16:30
sledgeslast sector:16:31
sandy_lockeprompt again16:31
sandy_lockeget a fourth partition now :)16:32
sledgeshmm your mydocs looks altered16:32
sandy_lockesledges, do I exit fdisk ?16:32
sandy_lockeyes I saw that16:32
*** miksa has quit IRC16:32
sledgesnow it's up to you16:32
sledgeswe can leave as it is16:33
sandy_lockeor ?16:33
sledges(with 2.5G for nemo)16:33
sledgesor we can create 4G for nemo16:33
sledgesusing that extra space that MyDocs shrunk16:33
sandy_lockemmh, 4G for nemo would be future proof16:33
sledgesyes :D16:33
sandy_lockebut right now not so usuful, is it ?16:33
sledgesand you can download videos and music :D16:33
sledgesand maybe you will want to claim your MyDocs space back16:34
sledges(by recreating it most probably, you should check if everything's fine with your MyDocs partition btw)16:34
sledgesdid you backup your stuff btw?16:34
sandy_lockemaybe, but n9 is not my main phone anymore, and anyway I don't put videos into it, and few musics16:34
sledgesas i dont§ know when your mydocs got shrunk16:34
sledgeslet's just leave it as is now16:35
sandy_lockehum, how can I check my mydoc partition?16:35
sledgesls /home/user/MyDocs16:35
sledgesor just open Gallery, to see if your photos are still there16:35
stephg(if it's mounted)16:35
sandy_lockearg: fdisk: WARNING: rereading partition table failed, kernel still uses old table: Device or resource busy16:36
*** phdeswer has quit IRC16:36
sledgessandy_locke: that's fine16:36
sledgesout of habit16:36
sandy_lockesync done16:36
sandy_lockels mydocs ok16:36
sledgespower off n916:36
sledgesunplug cable16:36
sledgesrun flasher16:36
sledgesplug cable16:36
sandy_lockewait, I'll check first when was my last backup16:36
sledgessure sure ;D16:37
*** Eztran has joined #nemomobile16:37
sandy_locke10th of august16:37
sandy_lockemmh, I think I could do 1 more ;)16:37
sandy_lockeI'll just reboot into backup menu and backup once more16:37
sledgesok, good test for BM too ;)16:38
sledgesah but you said that still works so ok16:38
sandy_lockesledges, yes16:38
sledges(it can be that BM shrunk your mydocs..)16:38
sandy_lockeshit, I missed the boot menu16:38
sandy_lockeah no ^^16:39
sandy_lockesledges, I think it was BM for mydocs, yes16:39
sledgesbut what is it sneakily doing in an unpartitioned space.....16:39
sandy_lockebacking up rootfs16:40
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC16:40
sandy_lockesledges, mmh, defacing me to the nsa maybe16:41
sandy_lockestill backing up ...16:42
*** miksa has joined #nemomobile16:43
sandy_lockesledges, backup of mydocs failed16:43
sandy_lockesomething fishy here16:44
sandy_lockewhy ?16:44
sledgesmaybe MOSLO went brutal and shrunk mydocs as well16:44
sledgesand/or maybÅe you've gone out of free space on mydocs (if backups land there -- quite likely)16:45
sandy_lockemmh, right16:45
sandy_lockelack of space16:45
sandy_lockemust be it16:45
sandy_lockenevermind, I don't really need what's in mydoc anyway16:45
sledgesand it's backed up august ;)16:46
sandy_lockeI did a thing or two since then though16:46
sandy_lockelike setting up card/caldav for my server16:46
sandy_lockebut it's piece of cake anyway ;)16:46
sledgesthe worst is in the past16:47
sandy_lockeok so I shutdown16:47
sledgesyou won't lose the data ;)16:47
sledgesas we already repartitioned everything16:47
sledgesyes poweroff etc16:48
sandy_lockeso, do I sudo flasher ?16:48
stephghow much power do you still have :)16:48
sandy_lockeMOSLO will not try to partition again ?16:48
stephgthat's better!16:49
sandy_locke95% now maybe ;)16:49
sledgesabort abort16:49
sandy_lockestephg yup ^^16:49
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #nemomobile16:49
* sledges remembers receiving battery-dead non-booting lumia 800s and swapping batteries just to get N9 to charge them from bootloader. windows phone couldnt :D16:50
sandy_lockesledges, and you discovered the joys of closed kernel & OS ;)16:51
sledgesyes, tried to stay away :))16:51
sandy_lockeok: Rootfs of AlternateOS now exported via USB16:51
sledgesnow i forgot something ;P16:52
sledgesis to format the new partition16:52
sledgesnothing appears now i think16:52
sledgeson your mac16:52
sandy_lockeyes, I was wondering16:52
sledgesso we'll format it from mac16:52
sledges(or you can telnet in instead ;))16:52
sledges(to be more sure and do everything the linux way :D)16:52
sandy_lockeon my mac it said "unknown usb partition, do you want to format ?", said "no, b**ch"16:53
sledgesyou can, if you have ext3 formatter ;)16:53
sandy_lockeok telnet it is16:53
sandy_lockemmh, no ext3 formater on my mac16:53
sledgesrepeat the procedure sailor ;)16:53
sledgessandy_locke: don't rush - you might have mkfs.ext3 in your mac's terminal ;)16:54
sledgesbut let's forget about it and hope this time telnet is up...16:54
sandy_locketelnet wont work16:54
sledgesping works?16:54
sledgesnmap says all closed?16:54
sledges(you have to `ifconfig en....` again don't forget)16:54
sandy_lockenope same as last time16:54
* sledges lets out series of curses16:55
sledgescheck your mac terminal (root) for mkfs.ext316:55
stephgand if it's not there install e2fsprogs16:55
stephgwhich should be in macports or fink or something16:56
stephg(been a long time since I messed with a mac)16:56
sandy_lockeping ok, but telnet out16:56
sledges@'[#*$§& :D16:56
locusfis there a usb0 for macs?16:56
sledgeslocusf: is called en* (en3 sandy_locke case)16:56
locusfsledges: okay16:57
sandy_lockeno mkfs.*16:57
sledgessandy_locke: what stephg said ^16:57
sandy_lockeI'll try e2fsprog16:57
sandy_lockeyup installing :)16:57
sledgesgood memory stephg :)16:58
*** Xruxa has joined #nemomobile16:59
sandy_lockemaking gettext16:59
sledgessince when mac is compiling like some gentoo :)17:00
sandy_lockesince "homebrew" ;)17:00
*** Eztran has quit IRC17:00
sandy_lockeyup, like it too17:01
sandy_lockeit helps sticking with Mac's ;)17:01
sandy_lockemmh, installed but still no mkfs.ext317:02
sledgesany other mkfs.<tab>17:02
stephgmkfs.ext2 -j  will make an ext317:03
sandy_lockeno mkfs.ext2 in commands17:04
stephgalso mke2fs17:04
sandy_lockeI've got a mkextunpack though17:04
sledgesnewfs ?17:05
sledges(check its manpage)17:05
sandy_lockenewfs_exfat  newfs_hfs    newfs_msdos  newfs_udf17:06
sledgestough :(17:06
stephgwell they're all the native ones17:06
stephge2fsprogs should have it though17:06
stephgI mean, that's what it is17:06
sandy_lockeupdatedb in process17:07
locusfmaybe $PATH didn't get updated17:07
stephgyeah stuff like that17:07
stephgor it's hiding somewhere in /opt or something17:07
stephgright I gotta run17:07
stephggood luck sandy_locke17:07
sledgeswe're near, thanks for input stephg17:07
sandy_lockethx stephg, nice evening :)17:07
*** stephg has quit IRC17:07
sandy_lockeok got it17:08
sandy_lockehidden in some obscure directory ;)17:08
sandy_lockesledges, so what should I do now ?17:08
sledgesboot back to MeeGo Harmattan :D17:10
*** notmart has quit IRC17:10
sledgesit _has_ mkfs.* tools17:10
sledgesi just hate someone who did not put /sbin/ into path17:10
sledges(this has been carried forward to Mer/Nemo projects as well :DD)17:10
sandy_lockecan I boot into ssh mode (with backupmenu) ?17:10
sledgesjust boot to MeeGo17:11
sledgesis just one command to issue ;)17:11
sledges(c'mon we partitioned your N9's NAND Flash memory from the device itself :D)17:11
sandy_lockerebooting then17:11
sandy_lockeringin and we're in17:12
sledgesdevel-su terminal17:13
sandy_lockesledges, me prefer ssh ?17:13
sledgesif you please17:13
sandy_lockeok sledges, I'm in17:14
sledgesfdisk /dev/mmcblk0 -l17:14
sandy_lockelet's the mkfs feast begin17:14
sledgesjust to make sure mmcblk0p4 starts at 20851317:14
sandy_lockeit start alright17:15
sledgesand ends17:15
sandy_lockeat 28851217:15
sledges/sbin/mkfs.ext3 /dev/mmcblk0p4 -L nemo17:16
sandy_lockewriting superblocks17:16
sandy_lockedone :)17:17
sandy_lockesync ok17:17
sledges(good habit to get into, even when unneeded :D)17:17
sledgesreboot into moslo again17:17
sandy_lockewhat does it do ?17:17
sledges(cable out, power off, sudo flasher, cable in)17:17
sledgesit flushes all the buffers of block devices (hard drives, memory cards, flash memory)17:18
sledgesso no data loss involved17:18
*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile17:18
sledgesyou'll need this when you'll have nemo rootfs unpacked into AltOS partition17:18
sledgessheesh i hope that's gonna mount under MacOS17:18
sandy_lockeno, not mounting17:19
sandy_lockebut I can launch a linux vm17:19
sledgesif not, forwarding that USB device to linux vm will be last resort17:19
sledgesthere you go17:19
sandy_lockethe altos is exported17:19
sandy_lockeok launching vm then17:19
sledgescan you not try17:19
sledgesunder macos17:19
sandy_lockeAm listening17:20
sledgessee what node is exported17:20
sledgesthen try by hand17:20
sledgesroot shell:17:20
sledgesmount /dev/<your_altos_dev> /mnt17:20
sandy_lockedo you have a grep for dmesg ?17:21
sandy_lockelist is loooong17:21
sledgesit should be at the bottom17:21
sledgesUSB connected bla bla bla /dev/xxxxx17:21
faeniltime to read backlog to learn :)17:21
sandy_lockeah: hfs: mounted Nokia N9 on device disk2s0s217:22
sandy_lockeis that it ?17:22
sledgesmount /dev/disk2s0s2 /mnt17:23
sandy_lockemount: You must specify a filesystem type with -t.17:23
sandy_lockemount         mount_cd9660  mount_exfat   mount_hfs     mount_ntfs    mount_webdav17:24
sandy_lockemount_acfs    mount_cddafs  mount_fdesc   mount_msdos   mount_smbfs17:24
sandy_lockemount_afp     mount_devfs   mount_ftp     mount_nfs     mount_udf17:24
sledgesno good17:24
sandy_locke(ouf, no spam kicking)17:24
locusfremind me to never get a mac17:25
sandy_lockelocusf, why ? not enough options ?17:25
locusfsandy_locke: yeah, things like that are basic to linux17:25
sandy_lockeyeah, I agree ^^17:25
sledgessandy_locke: fuse<tab>17:26
sandy_lockeon mac you have to add options yourself, even basic one ^^17:26
sandy_lockeno fuse installed17:26
sledgestwo options17:26
sledges1. ensure linux vm sees the N9 usb device17:26
sledges2. install fuse and mount n9 under mac17:27
sandy_lockewill try fuse. locusf, your option will come last before the vm17:27
*** JvD_ has quit IRC17:27
sledgeswhy not vm?17:27
sledgesi'd feel at home :P17:28
locusfhmm that doesn't help, my link that is17:28
sledgesfuse tutorial:17:29
sandy_lockesledges, Macfuse asks if I want to install the compatibility layer ?17:29
sledgesno idea :D17:29
*** mord has quit IRC17:29
sandy_lockeInstalls a compatibility layer for MacFUSE file systems that have not been ported to OSXFUSE, yet. This will remove MacFUSE, if it is installed.17:29
sandy_lockeok, I decline17:30
*** Valshaen has quit IRC17:30
sledgesMacfuse asks if....This will remove MacFUSE, if it is installed.17:30
locusflol wtf17:30
sandy_lockeyeah, odd17:30
*** miksa has quit IRC17:30
sandy_lockeok installed17:31
sandy_lockebut what did it install ?17:31
sledgesnow 2. Install the Ext2 FUSE module.17:31
sledges(from my link)17:31
locusfParagon has a native ext driver for OS X ; however, it will cost about $40 for a license  <- LOL17:32
sledgessandy_locke: i think i now understand those compatibility layer voes: http://blog.applegrew.com/2011/12/access-ext3ext2-file-system-on-mac-osx-lion-10-7/17:32
sledgesoyu need OSXFuse17:32
sledgesi think that'ß what you're installing17:32
sledgesand so you need that layer ;p17:32
sledgesoh man this is crazy: PS. You will be able to read the disks but not write to it. As of now write option is not reliable.17:33
sandy_lockedouble facepalm ^^17:33
sledges(the article is of 2011)17:33
qwazixhaving fun with abused UNIX?17:34
sledgesif that's abused, then android is a molestation17:34
sandy_lockehi qwazix17:34
locusfhey qwazix17:34
sandy_lockeseen the new blog post ?17:34
qwazixhi sandy_locke, about to read your article17:34
qwazixhi locusf17:34
sandy_lockeqwazix: :)17:34
sandy_lockesledges, ok installed17:35
sandy_lockewith comp layer17:35
sledgesand the module?17:35
qwazixwhy not unpack inside harmattan?17:35
sledgesqwazix: why not indeed :D17:35
sandy_lockeqwazix, nevermind, we're enhancing my mac setup ;)17:36
locusfgood stuff qwazix17:36
sledgesi'll rephrase17:36
sledgeswe're enhancing Nemo's infra MacOS support :D17:36
sledgessandy_locke: fuse-ext2 /dev/disk2s0s2 /Volumes/mountpoint17:36
*** mord has joined #nemomobile17:36
qwazixwhy not create a nemo installer script for harmattan instead?17:36
sledgesyou don't want to reboot to harmattan and also d/l the rootfs tarball there17:37
*** mord is now known as Guest2604617:37
*** Valshaen has joined #nemomobile17:37
sledgesand with single nemo boot, harmattan is no more btw17:37
*** miksa has joined #nemomobile17:37
qwazixit seems that all steps can be done in harmattan (and if harmattan has flasher maybe even moslo install)17:37
qwazixjust sayin'17:38
sandy_lockelet's not deviate, we're almost there17:38
sandy_lockeqwazix, personnaly I prefer ssh over handeld command lines17:38
sandy_lockeand with a script, you have to trust it to do what you want, which may not be what you want17:39
qwazixsandy_locke, ofc, but I was thinking something like "install this deb"-> click the homescreen icon -> nemo installed!17:39
sandy_lockewell, bad grammar here17:39
qwazixsandy_locke, :nod:17:39
sledgesi like the idea of install-in-place nemo ;) but two drawbacks - tarball NAND scrubbing and single boot might stand in a way17:40
sandy_lockeqwazix, you'd have to make a script for all the possibilities, which is more of a hassle at this point of nemo, isn't it ?17:40
sandy_lockeso sledges, what do I do from here, sensei ?17:41
sledgesdid it mount?17:41
sledgese :))17:41
sandy_locke2 secs17:41
sledgeshow do you know (it's empty ;))17:41
sledges`mount` will tell17:41
sledgesor even df17:41
sandy_lockenothing relevant in df17:42
sledgesso what did the fuse command spit?17:43
sledgesis the mountpoint valid?17:43
sandy_lockefuse-ext2: Failed to access '/dev/disk2s0s2' [main (../../fuse-ext2/fuse-ext2.c:334)]17:44
sledgesls /dev/disk<tab>17:44
sledgesls /dev/disk2<tab>17:44
qwazixsandy_locke, true that, but maybe it would bring some more contributors on board, you know, easier curve (not yet, but when we are back to the stability of X11 version)17:46
sledgesqwazix: we need to know why repartitioning is failing, and for not only one reasong17:47
sledgessandy_locke: i think it's only one disk2s0s2 under there then, yup?17:47
sandy_lockesledges, ok mounted but every other single mounted disks have been unmounted wildly17:47
sandy_lockeqwazix, I second that17:48
sandy_lockewe must find a way to render the task more easy17:48
sledgeswhat does it say? `df /Volumes/mountpoint` ?17:48
sandy_lockeouch, only a lost+found in /Volume17:49
sledgessandy_locke: very good17:49
sledgesdf -h /Volumes17:49
sledgesdf -h /Volume17:49
sandy_lockesledges, ok I know17:49
sledgesto ensure we're there17:49
sandy_lockeI made a baaad mistake !17:49
sledgesi know17:49
sledgeswhat you made :D17:49
sledges`umount /Volumes`17:49
sandy_lockeI mounted directly into /Volumes17:49
sledgescould work17:49
* sledges is looking for a trout17:49
qwazixsandy_locke, could you add this http://rimhelpblog.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/q5cursor2.png to your post too when you find some time, for completeness sake.17:50
sandy_lockeqwazix, ofc :)17:50
sandy_lockeI save the file and will do once we finish thos17:50
sandy_lockesledges, it did work17:51
qwazixtapping the circle goes up, down, left, right, dragging it moves it just like harmattan/ios17:51
sledgesok then17:51
sledgesmkdir /Volumes/nemo ;)17:51
sandy_lockenow I also got an extra Volumes disk on my desktop :P17:51
sandy_lockeqwazix, ok noted17:51
sandy_lockeok sledges, done17:52
sandy_lockenemo folder on my desk17:52
sandy_lockenemo disk*17:52
sandy_lockeqwazix, how do you like the blog post ?17:53
sledgessandy_locke: confirm it's that one17:53
sledgeswith df17:53
sandy_lockedid I omit sth besides Z10 ?17:53
sledgesafterwards do:17:53
qwazixVery nice and complete17:53
sledgescd /Volumes/nemo17:53
sandy_lockeqwazix, thx17:53
qwazixNot that I know of (I wonder how WP handles that though)17:53
qwazixI'll know tomorrow17:54
sledgessudo tar --numeric-owner -xf <path_to>/nemo-n950-rnd-20131310.tar.bz217:54
sandy_lockeqwazix, I had a WP, but don't remember17:54
sandy_lockesledges, unpacking :)17:55
sandy_lockesledges, Failed to create dir 'usr'Can't create 'usr/share/doc/libxml2-2.8.0/html/parse3.c'17:55
sandy_lockeit was full of this error17:56
sandy_lockeI think I do not have the rights17:56
sandy_lockewell, I know, it's read-only ^^17:56
*** jonwil has quit IRC17:56
sandy_lockeyup, checked and r/o17:57
sledgesnothing changed since 2 years17:57
* sledges bump!17:57
sledgeslinux vm ;P17:57
*** jreznik has joined #nemomobile17:58
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC17:58
sandy_lockesledges, wait, I found a way ;)17:58
*** Xruxa has quit IRC17:58
sledgesafk for a bit18:01
sandy_lockesledges, ok18:01
sandy_lockeping me when back18:01
sandy_lockeI reboot, be back in 10secs18:02
*** sandy_locke has quit IRC18:02
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #nemomobile18:03
*** sandy_locke has joined #nemomobile18:05
sandy_lockeanybody knows what tar: qtn_file_apply_to_path(./var/log/faillog): Operation not permitted mean ?18:05
sandy_lockethe file has been tared, but I get this error (and same for lot of other files too)18:06
sandy_lockemaybe the attribute are not transfered ?18:07
qwazixsandy_locke, are you trying to untar the image?18:08
sandy_lockeqwazix, yes18:08
sledgesis anything untarred?18:08
sandy_lockeI think I'll do it from vm18:08
qwazixtry untarring directly to N9, I failed to do it to my pc also18:08
sandy_lockeyes sledges18:08
sandy_lockeqwazix, I am. I untar directly inside the nemo partition from my comp18:08
qwazixhmm... then I don't know18:09
sandy_lockesledges, it untar but with those errors18:09
sledgesare permissoons still sane?18:09
sledgesls -l18:09
qwazixtar on mac is not exactly the same as on linux if i am not mistaken18:09
sandy_lockewait, I deleted everything lol18:09
sledgesand /home (root and 100000 respectively)18:09
sledges / and /home18:10
sandy_lockeno, I had root wheel 409618:10
sandy_lockefor everything18:10
sledgesno good18:10
sandy_lockethat's what I assumed18:10
sandy_lockeon go for the vm then ;)18:10
sledgesim driving home now18:10
sledgesback in 1hr18:10
sledgesyou got all pieces of puzzle now sandy_locke18:11
sledgesi dont know how to expose usb dev to linux vm on mac so18:11
sandy_lockesledges, wait a sec18:11
sledgesguys around will help18:11
sandy_lockefor the kernel ?18:11
sandy_lockeok, then18:11
sandy_lockesee you later sledges18:12
sledgesfpr vbox or vmware or whiceber you use18:12
sledgesreboot back to harmattan18:12
sledgesprpblem solved cc qwazix  :D18:12
sledgesie. unpack in harmattan18:13
sledgesmount /dev/mmcblk0p4 /mnt18:14
sledgesabd fire away18:14
sledgesok im off now18:14
sandy_locke;) ok18:14
sandy_lockebe safe on the road ;)18:14
qwazix(though I presume that tar will require an additional -j in harmattan)18:14
sledgescheers, good luck18:14
sledgesqwazix: no autodetect by ext or header?18:15
qwazixI think busybox tar doesn't (at least on fremantle)18:15
*** kjokinie has quit IRC18:17
*** PMG has quit IRC18:18
*** veskuh has quit IRC18:19
*** mkosola has quit IRC18:19
*** spiiroin has quit IRC18:19
sandy_lockeqwazix, nevermind, I'm taring from a linux vm and it seems to go smoothly18:21
sandy_lockealthough the tricky part will be to have it recognized by my multiboot loader18:21
qwazixI started trying to install ubiboot on my N9 but halfway through the instructions I got bored.18:22
qwazixso I put nemo on the N950 which supports dualboot oob18:22
sandy_lockeyeah, 950 is definitely a good dev device18:22
qwazix(I wanted to be able to see it on the amoled screen too, one day I'll try again)18:23
sandy_lockeah, yeah, I miss the amoled screen18:25
sandy_lockeshitty resolution, but this low power screen is _the_ killer feature18:27
qwazixbut as I have mentioned again, lpm does not depend on amoled18:27
Stskeepsdid you guys see the peek glance?18:28
qwazixmy best guess is that it has to do with refresh rate18:28
sandy_lockehmm, yeah, booting into nemo from my n9 right now :D18:28
qwazixStskeeps, lumia?18:28
*** JvD_ has joined #nemomobile18:28
qwazixsandy_locke, first boot does not finish (usually)18:28
Morpog_PCStskeeps, I stumbled about someting in committ messages :D18:28
sandy_lockeqwazix, it did for me :)18:29
qwazixif you get stuck at splashscreen reboot18:29
Morpog_PCand yes, I was bored18:29
StskeepsMorpog_PC: mm?18:29
sandy_lockeI'm on nemo now18:29
qwazixsandy_locke, \o/18:29
Stskeepsqwazix: yes, use the proximity sensor to activate low power screen18:29
qwazixStskeeps, http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=83682 :P18:30
sandy_lockeis there a way to ssh into nemo ?18:30
Morpog_PCStskeeps, some commit messaages sounded like a notification LPM system like Moto X uses. But maybe I misunderstood :D18:30
qwazixsandy_locke, just ssh nemo@phone-ip18:30
StskeepsMorpog_PC: oh, where?18:30
sandy_lockethx qwazix18:30
qwazixpassword nemo18:30
Stskeepsqwazix: guys, patent your stuff18:31
Morpog_PCStskeeps, dunno, was browsing Vesuri's activity :)18:31
w00tStskeeps: hrrm. :P18:32
w00tfaenil: ping18:33
sandy_lockeqwazix, what port ?18:33
sandy_lockemmh, doesn't work18:34
Morpog_PCis there a repo where all core nemo apps are?18:34
qwazixsandy_locke, connection refused?18:34
sandy_locketrying in usb mode18:34
qwazixlocusf's image?18:35
qwazixI ssh'ed in successfully on the first try over wifi yesterday18:35
sandy_lockewifi won't turn on18:36
qwazixsandy_locke, poke it more18:36
sandy_lockethe switch keep switching on and off18:36
qwazixmine wouldn't register the tap18:36
qwazixtry a reboot18:37
sandy_lockeok did it18:37
*** lbt has quit IRC18:37
sandy_lockeit's like an old k7 player that you're trying to make play music ;)18:37
*** lbt has joined #nemomobile18:37
*** furikku has quit IRC18:39
*** stephg has joined #nemomobile18:40
stephgsandy_locke how does it go18:40
sandy_lockeqwazix, alright, I'm in18:40
sandy_lockethrough wifi18:40
faenilwow, can you believe I've finished reading the backlog only now? XD DMAX is too distracting!! (do you know DMAX?)18:40
faenilw00t, pong18:40
* faenil resumes DMAX, which he paused as he couldn't keep reading the backlog for more than 20 secs xD18:41
w00tfaenil: can you apply something like the eglplatformcommon part of https://github.com/libhybris/libhybris/pull/158/files to the wsegl egl wrapper?18:41
*** PMG has joined #nemomobile18:42
*** phdeswer has joined #nemomobile18:42
w00t(it'll replace the INVERTED_Y environment variable once everything lands..)18:42
*** veskuh has joined #nemomobile18:42
*** spiiroin has joined #nemomobile18:42
Morpog_PCfaenil, where should core apps icons go to?18:43
faenilw00t, sure, I'll see if I get to understand something in there :P18:43
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile18:43
w00task if you need help18:44
*** nsuffys has joined #nemomobile18:44
sandy_lockezypper in --force https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/286182/maliit-plugins-0.99.0-1.i386.rpm fails18:44
faeniloki, thanks18:45
faenilMorpog_PC, in the theme I guess18:45
sandy_locke'_tmpRPMcache_:maliit-plugins=0:0.99.0-1' --> not found ^^18:45
sandy_lockewhy '_tmpRPMcache_ ?18:45
Morpog_PCfaenil, well there is no theme for glacier yet or?18:45
*** kjokinie has joined #nemomobile18:45
faenilMorpog_PC, you meant glacier icons18:45
faenildon't know about that18:45
Morpog_PCor will it end up there?18:45
faenilif we'll use another theme or what18:45
Morpog_PCnope for default18:46
Morpog_PCdefault glacier18:46
faenilyes I meant I don't know if we'll use another theme for glacier18:46
faenilor keep nemo-theme-default18:46
Morpog_PCwell, now there is base, blanco and darko18:47
faenilMorpog_PC, https://github.com/nemomobile/nemo-theme-default18:48
sandy_lockeqwazix, faenil : how do you install a local rpm in nemo ?18:51
qwazixrpm -i local.rpm18:51
sandy_lockezypper install xx.rpm won't do18:51
faenilsandy_locke, yes it should work18:51
*** mkosola has joined #nemomobile18:51
sandy_lockearf, it says libc.so.6(GLIBC_2.1.3) needed to install18:52
*** n9mx has joined #nemomobile18:52
sandy_lockebut glibc is installed18:53
faenilsandy_locke, maybe zypper ref and zypper dup before installing?18:53
sandy_lockethx faenil, zypper dup updating18:54
sandy_lockebut zypper in --force xx.rpm doesn't work18:54
sandy_lockealthough rpm -i do18:54
sandy_lockebut is there a way to force with rpm ?18:54
sandy_lockefaenil ^18:55
faenilsandy_locke, -f ?18:56
faenilanyway, I usually use zypper, it should work18:56
sandy_lockewill try once zypper dup is finished18:56
faenilif you're not giving the wrong path or something18:56
sandy_lockenow its in ./18:56
Morpog_PCqwazix, are you doing icons work right now? :)18:57
qwazixah yeah it's -f18:57
qwazixI couldn't install it without -f myself too18:57
qwazixMorpog_PC, no, I just pushed the latest to the repo18:57
Morpog_PCah OK, just wondered18:57
sandy_lockefaenil, zypper dup is to upgrade ?18:57
faenilupgrade packages in the system18:58
sandy_lockeok, then I'll reboot after that18:58
faenilthough from now on we should use PackageKit18:58
qwazixMorpog_PC, I just saw that you asked about icons and remembered to push18:58
faenili.e. forget zypper dup :)18:58
sandy_lockehowto ?18:58
faenilsandy_locke, yeah, and hope it reboots :P18:58
qwazixThe repo is a bit of a mess (it was just a dump of sketches) but the latest icons are https://github.com/qwazix/nemoux/blob/master/icons.svg.2013_06_30_19_30_52.0.svg18:59
faenilsandy_locke, I don't remember the command, if you read backlog about 2-3days ago18:59
faenilyou'll find me sledges and thp talking about it18:59
sandy_lockefaenil, ok I'll check18:59
faenilbbl, dinner18:59
sandy_lockefaenil, have a nice meal :)19:00
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC19:03
*** kjokinie has quit IRC19:03
*** spiiroin has quit IRC19:03
sandy_lockeqwazix, we need a new splashscreen19:03
sandy_lockesomthing more modern19:03
*** veskuh has quit IRC19:03
*** PMG has quit IRC19:04
qwazixyep. I think the shutdown screen should be modified for startup too19:04
*** PMG has joined #nemomobile19:04
*** veskuh has joined #nemomobile19:04
*** spiiroin has joined #nemomobile19:04
sandy_lockeqwazix, yes the shutdown screen is nice19:04
sandy_lockeand appears smoothly19:04
sandy_lockevery pro19:04
sandy_lockebut nemo doesn't boot anymore after upgrade :/19:05
qwazixI'm not sure we can do the fade in for the bootscreen, but the image should be trivial19:05
sandy_lockesadly, I'll have to copy back the previous files from linux again^^19:05
*** kjokinie has joined #nemomobile19:05
sandy_lockeqwazix, no need for the fade I believe19:06
sandy_lockeqwazix, what do you think if I make an interactive demo of nemo ?19:06
qwazixby all means!19:07
qwazixthat'd be awesome19:07
sandy_lockeWill do that tomorrow then19:07
sandy_lockeor maybe later, will see19:07
*** jreznik has quit IRC19:07
sandy_lockebut had a great urge to do that earlier today since I would love to see Glacier in action19:07
sandy_lockeqwazix, you have an iphone or ipad ?19:09
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile19:09
qwazixsandy_locke, no, only a very aging iPod19:09
sandy_lockeipod touch ?19:10
sandy_lockeok will do19:10
sandy_lockeinstall this app once the mockup is ready: http://www.appcooker.com/apptaster-play-mockups-wireframes/19:10
faenilsandy_locke, wait, don't copy over19:13
faenilwhy doesn't it boot?19:13
Morpog_PCqwazix, ok if i try to get the icon shapes on grid?19:13
sandy_lockefaenil, dunno, it's just stuck in splash screen19:13
faenilboot, ssh in and pastebin journalctl as root19:13
sandy_lockesometimes the splash fades and reappears19:14
sandy_lockefaenil, ok19:14
faenilsandy_locke, pasta is cooking :D19:14
qwazixMorpog_PC, no problem, though it's probably a waste of time19:14
Morpog_PCqwazix, why?19:14
qwazixbecause we'll have to put them in seperate files anyway19:15
Morpog_PCthats what I'm doing19:15
qwazixah, okay, misunderstood19:15
Morpog_PC80x80 size, circle shape is 74x7419:15
Morpog_PCso there is space for stuff sticking out19:15
qwazixi thought you wanted to fix the alignment in the svg file19:15
Morpog_PCyeah that would be a waste :)19:16
*** n9mx has left #nemomobile19:16
sandy_lockefaenil, when do I ssh in ?19:18
sandy_lockewhile in splashscreen ?19:18
sandy_lockebecause telnet is not working for me in MOSLO19:19
sandy_lockesledges, how do I connect ? there's no wifi activated since it didn"t boot, and the USB connection is not set19:21
sandy_lockesledges, nevermind, did it, wifi's working19:23
Morpog_PClooking good I think: http://abload.de/img/nemomobile-wayland9aswa.png19:24
Morpog_PCmaybe we should go for a bigger icon size than 80x8019:25
qwazixMorpog_PC, yeah, 100*100 will by 1cm*1cm on the N919:25
alteregoI see one new icon? :)19:25
Morpog_PCalterego, yeah just a try :)19:26
sledgessandy_locke: good stuff19:26
alteregoDidn't harmattan use 96^ ?19:26
Morpog_PCsailfish does19:26
sandy_lockefaenil, sledges : here it is :http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=w9L0SZtr19:26
Morpog_PCqwazix, 100x100 could be too less psacing19:26
qwazixMorpog_PC, can you please try a screeny with one that has more things sticking out? Maybe packages?19:27
*** kostaja has quit IRC19:27
*** n9mx has joined #nemomobile19:27
sandy_lockeMorpog_PC, qwazix, what's the new icon ?19:27
qwazixsandy_locke, Music19:27
sandy_lockemmh yeah  I see it now19:28
sledgessandy_locke: did you try to reboot again? ;)19:28
sandy_lockesledges, faenil, anything relevant ?19:28
sandy_lockesledges, yes19:28
*** araujo has quit IRC19:28
sandy_lockesledges, it worked once19:28
sledgesyes i see a suspect, but i wamt another reboot19:28
Morpog_PCqwazix, packages is an Image?19:28
sandy_lockebut since the upgrade no more19:28
sledgessandy_locke: 1 reboot after upgrade might not be enough19:29
sandy_lockesledges, ok, I'll reboot then19:29
sandy_lockefunny thing the tethered boot btw ;)19:29
sandy_lockesledges, yes ?19:29
sledgeszypper se mesa19:29
qwazixMorpog_PC, yep19:29
sledgesare any mesa packages installed?19:29
*** araujo has joined #nemomobile19:30
Morpog_PChard to get that one pixel perfect ;)19:30
qwazixlet me see if I have the original19:30
sandy_lockemesa-demos-* and mesa-llvmpipe-*19:30
sledgescrash boom banh19:30
sledgesplease do19:31
sledgesssu ur19:31
sledgesand the again zypper ref19:31
faenilffs, why does mesa get into place :(19:31
sledgesand paste zypper dup19:31
Morpog_PCqwazix, mmmh there sticks too much out of it19:31
sledgesfaenil: ^19:31
Morpog_PCwould need to do the shape even smaller19:31
faenilyeah I remember the workaround, but I thought that didn't happen with the latest image19:31
faenilI mean, why should it happen...19:31
sandy_lockesledges, do I paste zypper dup ?19:31
faenilanyway, back to pasta :)19:32
sledgespaste its outpt yes19:32
qwazixMorpog_PC, I don't have it, it's probably on the other pc, I'll have to search for it, let's go for something else for now19:32
sledgesbwfore clockong yes19:32
sandy_lockethose to be upgraded : nemo-configs-n950-n9 nemo-configs-n950-n9-wayland19:33
Morpog_PCqwazix, I think that one needs some rework also19:33
sledgessandy_locke: anything else?19:33
qwazixMorpog_PC, bigger version I have right now http://play.qwazix.com/shared/packages.png19:34
Morpog_PCmmmh png :(19:35
sandy_lockesledges, no, that's it19:35
qwazixyeah, it's a modified photo19:35
qwazixtoo detailed to remake as svg19:35
sledgessandy_locke: you need to zypper rm those mesa packages19:35
qwazix(I can try to trace it)19:35
sledgesand zypper in ti-sgx19:35
sledgessorry bout that19:35
sandy_lockesledges, zypper rm mesa-llvmpipe* etc.. ?19:36
sledgesone by ome19:36
Morpog_PCqwazix, maybe we should redo it later, not sure how it would look on a 720p display where it gets scaled19:36
*** DarkSim has joined #nemomobile19:37
sledgessandy_locke: when done zypper se sgx and install one package which has the shortest name "ti-..." cant eemember now :D19:40
*** asterismo has quit IRC19:41
sandy_lockesledges: ti-sgx not found19:41
*** asterismo has joined #nemomobile19:41
sandy_lockesledges, it's ti-omap3-sgx , but it installed it while removing the other packages19:42
sledgesit did?19:42
sandy_lockeyup, like a grown up ;)19:42
sledges:D smart ;)19:42
sandy_lockeok rebooting19:43
qwazixMorpog_PC, I traced it, you can pull and check it out. I also might have a higher res image somewhere, I bought the photo off a stock site19:43
sandy_locketethered reboot for you ;)19:43
qwazixthe traced one is to the right somewhere19:43
qwazixlooks a bit like impressionist art19:44
sandy_lockesledges, nice debugging ;)19:44
sandy_lockeit boot up normally19:44
sledgesthanks, months and months..19:44
sledgesthe last solution is thanks to faenil's research19:45
qwazixMorpog_PC, size on the N9 though looks it could go a bit larger, to be around the same radius as the current squircles19:45
sandy_lockeyeah, you do great jobs19:45
sledgesao next time navigate to our [updated] wiki under Nemo/Updating19:45
sandy_lockesledges, when doing zypper in --force maliit-plugins-0.99.0-1.i386.rpm19:46
sandy_lockeI get _tmpRPMcache_:maliit-plugins=0:0.99.0-1 not found19:46
sandy_lockethe rpm is local btw19:47
sandy_lockein ./19:47
sledgeslocusf: ^19:47
sandy_lockesame with the http address you gave me19:47
sandy_lockesledges, with rpm -i -f it asks for glibc ^^19:48
sandy_lockefaenil, I'm back in nemo thx to sledges and you :)19:48
sandy_lockebut still no luck with local rpm install :/19:49
sledgeswhere is that rpm from?19:49
* faenil starts sdk 19:50
faenilw00t, ok I think I know what to do19:50
sandy_lockefrom locusf , sledges19:51
sledgeslol good guess19:52
sledgesi think mer core got rebuilt no Stskeeps ?19:52
sledgesdue to those glibc mismatches19:52
sandy_lockesledges, the nemo build locusf gave me is from 2 days ago btw19:53
sledgesso plugins might be neesing a rebuild19:53
sledgesbut the rpm might be old19:53
sandy_lockethe rpm worked in the vm19:53
sledgeshow old is the vm image :p19:54
sandy_lockesledges, 2 months I think, or two weeks ^^19:54
sandy_lockecan't remember19:55
sledgesnemo image is 1day old19:55
sledgeswhere core might differ already19:55
sledgesand rpms are older19:55
faenilsledges, the rpm is from this weekend iirc19:55
sledgesthe i give up19:55
faenilsandy_locke, so, rpm -ifvh <file> doesn't work?19:56
faenilsuch noobs we are :D19:56
sledgeswhos installing i386 rpms on arm?19:57
faenilthat guy! o/19:57
* sledges is chasing the trout19:57
Morpog_PCqwazix, they are very small when you take package icon as base19:57
* faenil hits sandy_locke with the trout sledges fished :D19:57
sandy_lockefaenil, wait I try19:58
Morpog_PCand yes I know, it's not the notes icon :D19:58
sledgessandy_locke: no reason19:59
sledgesget armv7hl rpms first19:59
sandy_lockesledges, faenil, nope still needs dependencies :libc.so.6(GLIBC_2.1.3)19:59
sandy_lockebut glibc is there already19:59
faenilwhat did you try19:59
sledgessandy_locke: ^19:59
sandy_lockerpm -ifvh <file>19:59
faenilsandy_locke, read last minute of backlog :)19:59
sandy_lockeyeah alright, now I remember ^^20:00
sandy_lockehe compiled for x8620:01
faenilsandy_locke, also for arm, I tested it on n95020:01
faeniltry looking in the weblog20:01
faenilhe posted an arm link for me to test it20:01
sandy_lockeat what time faenil ? do you remember ?20:01
faenilit was this weekend20:01
*** martyone has quit IRC20:01
faeniljust look for dropbox20:02
faenilw00t, so it won't work at the moment, right? the PR is for the future20:02
Morpog_PCqwazix, even exported as 100x100 it's smaller than N9 squircles20:02
sandy_lockefaenil, found it :)20:02
faenilsandy_locke, good20:02
*** Pat_o has quit IRC20:03
*** cxl000 has quit IRC20:05
qwazixMorpog_PC, I think size is constrained in qml20:06
qwazixpng dimensions don't seem to matter20:06
Morpog_PCI just  photoshopped it20:07
sandy_lockefaenil, the stick only work up and left ?20:07
sandy_lockeqwazix, did you try it ?20:07
faenilsandy_locke, nope, worked all directions when I tried it20:08
Morpog_PCqwazix, package icon over calendar icon is exporeted as 100x10020:08
Morpog_PCred squares are 100x100 scaures20:08
qwazixMorpog_PC, https://github.com/nemomobile/lipstick-colorful-home/blob/master/src/qml/LauncherItemDelegate.qml#L14720:08
sandy_lockefaenil, yes I see, you have to be perfectly perpendicular for it to work20:08
sandy_lockeanyway, it's a nice proof of concept20:09
qwazixsandy_locke, I tried it, it still works like a joystick and not like a trackpad20:09
stephg /me is perfectly perpendicular20:09
sandy_lockeneeds haptic feedback now ;)20:09
faenilspecial, lol :D20:09
qwazixi.e. you need to go to the other side of the stick to move right20:09
faenilouch XD20:09
faenilspecial, sorry bro, meant stephg  :P20:09
stephgI know :)20:09
sandy_lockestephg, rhoooo ;)20:10
stephgI actually have some time tonight so I'm going to  boot locusf's latest20:10
Morpog_PCqwazix, checked screen?20:10
qwazixMorpog_PC, 100x100 might be okay, as we won't fill the square20:10
qwazixvisual effect of the parts sticking out is minimal20:10
Morpog_PCqwazix, but with 100x100 the icon base circle shape is still smaller as squircles20:10
Morpog_PCcheck the package icon over calendar icon20:11
qwazixno, that's because icon size is set to 80 in qml20:11
qwazixah, yeah20:11
Morpog_PCagain qwazix It#s shopped :)20:11
sledgestheres info how how to program haptics20:11
qwazixnow I saw that20:11
sandy_lockeqwazix, what do you mean ? it should let the cursor move any direction until the user release the touch ?20:11
Morpog_PCmaybe we should limit the space of sticking stuff out20:11
*** cxl000 has joined #nemomobile20:11
sandy_lockesledges, would be good, since a lot of the trick is with haptic feedback on this stick20:11
qwazixsandy_locke, I mean that when you stop moving it should stop. Now it still moves, until you go back above the trackpoint20:11
qwazixMorpog_PC, we can shave off a bit of the packages strings20:12
sandy_lockeqwazix, yeah you're right, should be the normal behaviour20:12
sledgesok ping me when youre ready to code (ie dev env)20:12
qwazix(the one on the right which affects total size much)20:12
sandy_lockesledges, lol20:12
qwazixanyway, I'm out for a while20:12
Morpog_PCqwazix, ok, so I try to find a mix, maybe a bit bigger as squircles even, as circles have less space20:13
sledgesl8rs qwazix !20:13
sandy_locke++ qwazix20:13
sandy_lockeqwazix, we should write specs for the stick20:14
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC20:15
w00tfaenil: pretty much. missing pieces in qtwayland and a bunch of other places, but I've already patched them, they just need integrating20:16
*** martyone has joined #nemomobile20:16
faenilw00t, okay, what about the header file, there isn't any, and the ti-omap-sgx one is x1120:16
w00tcheck which EGL headers it builds against, i imagine that it uses mesa's - those aren't patched yet, will probably be done tomorrow20:17
faenilok, so not my task20:17
sledgesfaenil: so ssu ur needs to enter .ks to work?20:18
faenilsledges, I don't know why that is not working, I don't know much about ssu20:19
faenilbut the fact is, we don't have adaptation0 and adaptation1 repos on fresh images20:19
faeniland ssu ur fixes that20:19
sledgeswill look20:19
sledgesas its clear now why ;)20:20
faenilwhat is clear? :D20:20
*** nsuffys has quit IRC20:20
sledgesthing you just explained20:20
faenilah :) I think I told that when I told you about the workaround, sorry about that :)20:21
*** n9mx has quit IRC20:21
sledgesyou might have, i just filtered out as "not a problem anymore" ;D20:22
*** Martix has joined #nemomobile20:23
sandy_lockejust update http://play.qwazix.com/grog/?p=626 with the blackberry pic and mention, qwazix20:30
sandy_lockeok guys, I go eat and watch a goddamn episode of the wire :)20:30
Morpog_PChave fun20:30
alteregoLove The Wire20:31
Morpog_PCqwazix, ok, I think icon size 100x100 and circle size 80x80 seems to be a good compromise20:31
faenilw00t, it uses TI's egl, PR coming ;)20:32
*** piggz has quit IRC20:44
*** piggz has joined #nemomobile20:44
*** arcean has quit IRC20:46
faenilw00t, https://github.com/nemomobile/ti-omap3-sgx-wayland-wsegl/pull/220:52
*** lizardo has quit IRC20:55
*** NIN101 has quit IRC21:01
qwazixMorpog_PC, yeah, I think so too21:03
faenilok, so let's see if I can push all the needed things for orientation handling in Glacier components :)21:07
*** zetaz has joined #nemomobile21:07
*** piggz has quit IRC21:12
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*** piggz has joined #nemomobile21:28
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*** Martix has joined #nemomobile21:32
*** piggz has quit IRC21:33
zbenjaminwhat does it mean when the small led in the left corner blinks?21:44
alteregoI usually get that if it's charging from flat.21:44
alteregoor plugged in for flashing21:45
*** piggz has joined #nemomobile21:45
zbenjamincould explain its behaviour21:45
alteregopossibly a lowlevel battery charge indicator or something.21:45
*** piggz has quit IRC21:46
*** mikhas has joined #nemomobile21:51
zbenjaminis there a way to check battery level?21:53
zbenjaminin moslo?21:53
alteregoDo you have sysfs? :)21:56
*** n9mx has joined #nemomobile21:59
zbenjamini wonder why my usb network dies all the time21:59
zbenjaminnow i have sysfs, it finally booted22:01
*** asterismo has quit IRC22:07
*** n9mx has left #nemomobile22:10
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile22:11
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC22:11
*** DarkSim has quit IRC22:13
alteregoFinally got my workstation to get ubuntu and windows 7 to sit next to each other in EFI -_-22:19
*** asterismo has joined #nemomobile22:20
M4rtinKEFI is always heaps of "fun" :)22:21
alteregoThe price I paid for having a >2TB RAID array :/22:22
alteregoAnd windows ..22:22
M4rtinKwell for >2TB partitions you only need GPT22:24
M4rtinKnot necessarily also EFI22:24
alteregoWhich Windows only supports in EFI22:24
M4rtinKI have a machine that runs with > 2TB partition just fine booting with bios (from smaller partition though)22:25
M4rtinKbah, Windows, who uses that :D22:25
alteregoWell, I tried PCI passthrough in Xen first, but it turns out something doesn't like it.22:25
mikhasfaenil, (or was it qwazix?), could you please check the in-line comments on <https://github.com/maliit/plugins/pull/4>?22:29
fk_lxM4rtinK: hi22:30
mikhassome of them are just coding style issues22:30
fk_lxmikhas: hi22:30
faenilmikhas, checked22:31
faenilmikhas, what do you want me to do? :)22:32
M4rtinKfk_lx: oh, hi ! :)22:33
*** zetaz has left #nemomobile22:34
fk_lxM4rtinK: hope I will make on time there on Thursday :-)22:35
M4rtinKfk_lx: looking forward to meeting you in Cesky Tesin on Thursday :)22:35
fk_lxM4rtinK: well it should be a short ride - one hour at most to the venue22:36
M4rtinKfk_lx: don't worry, I've already added a small time reserve (iirc, the time should be arriving around 12:30 anyway)22:36
fk_lxok :-)22:36
M4rtinKand I can just wait a bit if needed :)22:36
mikhasfaenil, https://github.com/maliit/plugins/pull/4#discussion_r6883644 hasn't been addressed?22:37
M4rtinKthe train lines I plan to use are quite heavily traveled, so hopefully there should be no unpleasant surprises :)22:37
faenilmikhas, yeah, but those are by locusf, why do you ask us? :D22:38
mikhasbecause I keep mixing everything up22:38
faenil:) np22:38
fk_lxM4rtinK: hope so, see you then22:39
M4rtinKfk_lx: anyway, thanks a lot for the ride! with public transport only it would have been quite an odyssey22:39
M4rtinKfk_lx: sure, looking forward to the conference ! :)22:39
fk_lxM4rtinK: I am already tired of all those events and conferences :-P and to make it worse I've got two invitations this week two attend more (and speak on one), but will have to reject that22:41
Morpog_PClocusf, made you an icon for screenshot tool :)22:41
M4rtinKyeah, there is like one or oven more every weekend lately :)22:41
sledgesnite peeps!22:42
faenilsledges, o/ cya tomorrow!22:42
fk_lxM4rtinK: also not sure if I will be able to aid you and Jozef in Brno on LinuxAlt22:42
faenilMorpog_PC, great, thanks :)22:42
fk_lxsledges: bye22:42
faenilfk_lx, you're popular in conferences :D22:42
M4rtinKfk_lx: well, I'll be there, Jozef already recruited me as a helper :D22:43
faenilfk_lx, my bday is on 24th, do you want to organize something for that? lol22:43
fk_lxfaenil: sure, just booking a ticket to Pisa now22:44
fk_lxI hope Silvia will do a good cake for you ;-)22:44
M4rtinKcareful faenil, Filip might be serious :D22:45
fk_lxM4rtinK: hehe :-)22:45
faenilM4rtinK, ahhahah well, he knows I'd be glad to meet him again ;)22:45
M4rtinKfk_lx: BTW, any idea if THP will be coming to the conference ? :)22:46
M4rtinKalready missed him a couple of times :)22:46
fk_lxM4rtinK: well, all places are already booked, so even if he want there is no such possibility anymore22:47
fk_lxM4rtinK: it seems that next year I need to reserve more than 400 beds in hotel22:49
fk_lxM4rtinK: conference is really going in the good direction22:50
M4rtinKfk_lx: well, that's good to hear22:50
M4rtinKfk_lx: its not easy to get a conference that far22:50
M4rtinKfk_lx: it usually tops at about ~250 people22:51
M4rtinKfk_lx: even Guadec and Akademy are like that22:51
fk_lxM4rtinK: well it shows that Python community is strong and that it is widely used in companies22:52
M4rtinKfk_lx: that's also a very good news :)22:52
zbenjaminis there a way i can use the LipstickCompositor class from a app?22:53
zbenjaminLipstickCompositor::instance() ....22:53
*** Martix has quit IRC22:53
zbenjamini always get erros about missing headers22:53
M4rtinKfk_lx: Java & .Net, watch out, your days are numbered :P22:54
*** blam has joined #nemomobile22:55
M4rtinKfk_lx: still I think improvements are needed for Python mobile development22:55
fk_lxM4rtinK: me also22:55
fk_lxM4rtinK: but as long as Google and Apple are main players don't expect too many changes22:56
fk_lxM4rtinK: but anyway we have very good support for Python on Jolla :-)22:56
M4rtinKfk_lx: I think the thps recent PyOtherSide work has a very big potential in this regard22:56
fk_lxM4rtinK: of course, I agree22:56
M4rtinKfk_lx: yes, that is a very good think22:57
M4rtinKfk_lx: with Nokia it was always on a side track and while the main development track is of course C++ & QML22:58
M4rtinKfk_lx: I finally get the feeling Python is at least not a second class citizen anymore22:58
fk_lxM4rtinK: :-)22:58
M4rtinKfk_lx: with PyPy getting up to speed lately, things might get interesting :)22:59
M4rtinKfk_lx: PyOtherSide & PyPy might be a killer combination23:00
fk_lxM4rtinK: well thp in Berlin mentioned PyPy support in PyOtherside as possible future feature23:01
fk_lxM4rtinK: PyPyOtherside :-D23:01
M4rtinKfk_lx: LOL :)23:01
M4rtinKfk_lx: well, the interface between Qt & Python is very minimal in PyOtherSide so it might not even be that complicated23:02
mikhashm … Py²POts23:02
fk_lxmikhas: +123:02
M4rtinKfk_lx: and the speedup might be nice23:02
fk_lxok, anyway, nice chatting with you guys23:03
fk_lxbut I gotta get some sleep23:03
fk_lxvery busy day tomorrow23:04
M4rtinKsame thing :)23:04
fk_lxstarts for me at 5 AM23:04
fk_lxso only 4 hours of sleep23:04
fk_lxuh uh23:04
fk_lxok, bye23:04
M4rtinKbye any good night ! :)23:04
mikhastake care fk_lx23:05
zbenjaminfaenil: do you know where the file qmdisplaystate.h comes from?23:05
fk_lxmikhas: thanks, same to you23:05
faenilzbenjamin, I know there's a package called qmsystems or something23:05
faenilmight be in there23:05
*** fk_lx has quit IRC23:05
zbenjamini try to grab the orientationChanged signal from the LipstickCompositor instance in colorful-home, maybe i can simulate the normal behaviour23:06
zbenjaminbut that file is missing23:06
Morpog_PCenough for today23:06
faenilzbenjamin, why not do what special said?23:07
zbenjaminwhat did he say?23:07
faenilMorpog_PC, looks good :)23:07
zbenjaminsorry if i did forget it ;) there is so much information every day ....23:07
faenilzbenjamin, that you have to add handling in lipstick to send orientation changes to eglfs window as well23:07
faeniloh ok :)23:08
Morpog_PCjust needs alot of patches, to make it look like that on device, but that I will handle later....23:08
faenilMorpog_PC, ehehe23:08
zbenjaminfaenil: ok thats a start23:08
zbenjaminfaenil: my idea does not work anyway ;)23:11
zbenjaminfaenil: eglfs window or windows23:15
zbenjamini mean is only the desktop using a eglfs window or other applications too? basically i need a starting point where i have to look ;)23:17
faenilzbenjamin, only desktop afaik23:17
*** Morpog_PC has quit IRC23:17
*** DrCode has quit IRC23:21
zbenjaminfaenil: the HomeWindow thingy?23:22
faenilcould be23:22
faenilnot sure what you're supposed to do there though, swapping sizes manually? (cc special )23:23
faenilanyway, good night people :)23:25
specialzbenjamin: I expect you should rotate in QML inside lipstick.23:26
faenilspecial, it's already using pagestackwindow23:26
zbenjaminspecial: is it possible the compositor itself just does not get the orientation update?`because its not sending it to itself23:27
specialzbenjamin: it sends the orientation updates to clients as wayland messages, right?23:28
specialright. So it can't send that to itself, because it's not a wayland window.23:28
zbenjaminthats what it does23:28
specialyou need to give PageStackWindow the current orientation some other way. Maybe there's a way to set it for the eglfs platform plugin so that the result looks the same to PageStackWindow as it does under the wayland plugin23:29
specialotherwise, PageStackWindow needs to be informed of it by something else for the lipstick case23:29
zbenjaminhmm i guess i could set the property from the outside maybe?23:29
specialso the question is what exactly PSW does it to get the orientation, and then how you could set it manually for the eglfs window23:30
*** DrCode has joined #nemomobile23:31
zbenjaminit gets the signal from Window orientationChangeStarted23:31
zbenjaminusing screen.orientationString23:32
zbenjaminmeans i need the QScreen object responsible for it and emit its signal23:33
*** blam has quit IRC23:33
zbenjaminhmm can i use QGuiApplicationPrivate?23:33
faenilzbenjamin, in that case screen is mdeclarativescreen, the one you patched to use QScreen23:34
specialmaybe, but it's better if you don't23:34
faeniland QScreen gets the update from compositor23:34
zbenjaminbecause it has a function for reporting orientation changes23:34
specialbetter if you can track that back to a way to change it "naturally"23:34
zbenjaminno it does not, as we just said , we don't get the message because we are not a wayland window23:35
faenilzbenjamin, it does, just not in homewindow case23:35
faenilI was talking for the generic case23:36
zbenjaminah i was talking for the homewindow case ;)23:36
faenilzbenjamin, it was to tell special what the current behaviour is23:36
zbenjaminthats how QGuiAppl handles it23:37
zbenjaminspecial: i just need a solution for homewindow, the other applications are already working23:38
faenilI think he got that :D23:38
faenilso, we already get the signal, because in compositor we have the change of orientation23:39
faenilwhat about calling some method on homewindow in that case?23:39
zbenjaminthe question is , do other applications use liblipstick?23:39
zbenjamincould work yeah23:40
special"use" in what way?23:40
specialmy personal preference would be either: 1) Tell PSW directly from the homescreen QML to rotate in response to some signal from lipstick; 2) Find a way to actually set orientation on the eglfs window so that it reports orientation in QScreen the same way the wayland one does23:40
zbenjaminhttp://code.woboq.org/qt5/qtbase/src/gui/kernel/qwindowsysteminterface.h.html  << like calling handleScreenOrientationChange23:40
faenilspecial, if 2 works, you get 123:41
faenilthat is the usual path23:41
zbenjamini could manually emit QScreens signal maybe23:41
zbenjaminbut that feels not good imho23:42
zbenjaminwhere does our QPlatformScreen implementation come from23:46
specialthe eglfs plugin, probably23:47
faenilzbenjamin, https://qt.gitorious.org/qt/qt/source/0726127285413829f58618b5b82fb3e2da0c3a74:src/plugins/platforms/eglfs23:48
specialhttps://github.com/mer-packages/qtbase-eglfsvb maybe23:48
faeniloh, the patched one23:49
zbenjamini'm currently searching where the orientationChanged signal is emitted, but it seems its always done by QGuiApplication23:51
zbenjaminmeans i need to find where QGuiApplication gets its information from23:51
faenilzbenjamin, https://github.com/mer-packages/qtbase-eglfsvb/blob/master/qtbase/src/plugins/platforms/eglfsvb/qeglfsvbpageflipper.cpp#L14623:52
faenilthere we go :)23:52
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC23:53
zbenjaminbut its in the plugin... can i access it?23:54
faenilwell, you should be able to access it using platformWindow() stuff like that, right special ?23:54
specialcheck in the environment if eglfsvb is actually being used by lipstick now first of all23:55
specialI'm not sure it is.23:56
specialit's related to direct rendering23:57
zbenjaminits a env var?23:58
specialgrep -r eglfs /var/lib/environment/23:59
faenilwe're using eglfs on n95023:59

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