Sunday, 2013-10-20

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faenillocusf, how comes bezier is not ok?09:07
locusffaenil: ?09:07
faenilI read on backlog you said bezier is not enough09:07
locusffaenil: it is enough09:07
locusffaenil:  got it working09:07
faenilok, good ;)09:08
locusfnow I gotta follow some lectures now, abt 8 hrs of video lectures for exams09:08
faenil;) I'm working on uni project09:10
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mric_hey sledges,10:12
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stephgmorning everyone11:04
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locusfnow I gotta follow some lectures now, abt 8 hrs of video lectures for exams11:09
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locusfhmm sorry11:10
stephgquick question for anyone11:10
locusfdo ask11:10
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stephgis an uptodate nemo currently have a broken unx11:13
stephgI've zypper dup'd and the device boots but I'm stuck at the nemo splash screen: networking etc works though11:13
locusfdid you follow the update guide?11:14
stephgyeah, this is your image from like 3 days ago11:14
locusfwhat does journalctl say?11:15
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* stephg is learning lots of new commands today11:16
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stephgjust reading11:16
sandy_locke|mstephg: you need to replqce the old x11 drivers with the wayland ones11:17
stephgJan 01 02:00:16 localhost maliit-server[509]: CRITICAL: Failed to create display (Connection refused)11:17
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sandy_locke|mdon't remember the procedure, but it's as simple as deinstalling the old x11 drivers, the new wayland ones will install automatically11:18
locusfstephg: zypper in --force nemo-configs-n950-n9-wayland11:19
stephgalready done that, was already there11:19
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stephglet me do that again and reboot11:19
locusfok we have somehing new broken then11:20
sandy_locke|mlocusf: no, there are a few packages that need to be removed11:20
sandy_locke|mi went through that11:20
locusfsandy_locke|m: hmm interesting11:20
stephghave you got a string I can grep for sandy_locke?11:21
stephgyep still the splashscreen on reboot11:21
sandy_locke|mstephg: i don't remember, someone here gave me the commands11:21
sandy_locke|mlocusf: what are the packages serving x11? there must be around 6 of them11:22
locusfthere shouldn't be any11:22
stephgall of my mesa-llvm are either wayland or GL/GLES11:23
sandy_locke|mI'll check the logs of the chan, let me reach my computer :)11:23
sandy_locke|maway for 2 min11:23
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stephglocusf,  zypper in --force nemo-configs-n950-n9-waylan11:24
stephgnot that11:24
stephglocusf, nemo-n950-rnd-20131310.tar.bz2 is what I installed11:24
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stephgand that booted fine, but a zypper ref; zypper dup has since broken something11:24
stephgI don't believe the X11 stuff as I don't even think it's in that image any more?11:24
locusfyou apparently need to use pkcon11:25
sandy_lockestephg, I went into the same thing a few days ago, after a zypper dup11:25
locusfor not11:25
stephgthat's what the install doc says11:25
sandy_lockelet me check the logs11:25
sandy_lockeI give you the commands11:25
stephgthere is no pkcon in the image11:25
stephgnow installing PackageKit11:27
stephgooh off we go11:28
sandy_lockestephg, found it11:28
sandy_lockezypper rm mesa-llvmpipe*11:28
sandy_lockethe command don't work11:28
sandy_lockeyou need to uninstall by hand every mesa-llvmpipe packages11:28
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sandy_lockezypper se mesa11:28
locusfah that migt bbe it11:29
sandy_lockeand you need then to install the ti-omap3-sgx package11:29
sandy_lockeif it does not install automatically11:30
stephgcool yes11:30
stephgso the pkcon command apparently does all that for you :)11:30
sandy_lockeyup, I was pleasantly surprised too :)11:30
stephgit's removed all the mesa-llvmpipe packages and added the hardware adaptation :)11:30
stephglocusf, your image, is that still from a custom ks file?11:33
locusfstephg: no, its from pattern ks11:33
stephgwonder why it doesn't have PackageKit then11:34
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locusfstephg: so it worked ok now?11:42
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stephgit's all fine now11:46
stephg(also the documentation does say zypper in PackageKit11:46
stephg(just not in the code section)11:46
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ArcherN9Using Qt 1.2.1 on a RPM based distro is possible right?13:58
ArcherN9Website says I need Ubuntu :-/13:58
alteregoDo you mean Qt 1.2.1?14:01
alteregoYou mean SDK or Creator, or?14:01
alteregoYou downloaded the offline installer?14:03
ArcherN9Haven't downloaded anything yet.14:03
alteregoWhat are you developing for?14:03
alteregoHarmattan? You might be best asking in #maemo14:03
ArcherN9Yes, Harmattan.14:04
alteregoIf you want to target Sailfish or Nemo, then you'll want the Sailfish SDK14:04
ArcherN9Haven't loaded up Nemo on my N9 yet.14:04
ArcherN9scared :P14:04
ArcherN9What if I brick it :O14:04
alteregoThey're pretty solid14:04
alteregoProvided you've backed up your data flashing is nothing to be afraid of :)14:04
ArcherN9Data is not the issue.14:05
ArcherN9How much time does it take to flash it?14:05
alteregoThen don't worry about bricking it, seriously.14:05
ArcherN9Ookhai :D14:05
alteregoWell, probably take you about an hour to get to grips with what you're doing, then another one to pursuade your self to go through with it :P14:05
ArcherN9Okay. XD14:06
alteregoI would recommend installing the Mer SDK, and learning how to build your own flashable image.14:06
ArcherN9I downloaded the Mer SDK.. and set up everything.. fuckin Fedora update killed everything.14:06
ArcherN9Had to format /boot and /14:07
ArcherN9everything is lost :(14:07
alteregoOh no, I hope you had that system backed up?14:07
ArcherN9My personal data .. yes. /home is fine.14:07
alteregoOr were able to get off your $HOME ;)14:07
ArcherN9O yea :D14:07
ArcherN9Linux wonders hehe ":)14:08
alteregoWell, setting up the SDK is easy anyway, just redownload the SDK rootfs and unpack it in to /opt14:08
alteregoOr wherever you prefer.14:08
alteregoBut you're already ahead if you've done it before :)14:09
ArcherN9yea.. won't take as much time as did the last time :P14:11
ArcherN9Should be simple to fly through it :D14:12
ArcherN9I'll need directions though -_-14:12
ArcherN9Lucky me, the guide is awesome ;)14:12
alteregoI think a lot of it is fear, but don't be afraid, you really are unlikely to do anything bad. And if you have any questions that's why we're here ;)14:12
alteregoSo what are you interested in hacking on?14:16
ArcherN9I'm not sure :P14:18
alteregoDo you know Qt/C++, QML?14:18
ArcherN9I'm a hybrid app developer (learning).... I just want to help step towards brining sailfish to N914:18
ArcherN9I know JS / jquery / HTML5 though.14:18
ArcherN9Ajax and stuff.14:19
alteregoAh, cool.14:19
alteregoWell, we can always do with more apps, and there's no reason why you can't make a HTML5 app inside a simple Qt/QML launcher.14:19
alteregoMight be a nice place to start for you to get to grips with packaging and all that :)14:19
locusfnice, more contributors, welcome ArcherN9 :)14:22
ArcherN9Thanks LocusF :)14:23
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faenilmore contributors! \o/14:35
alteregoHow's UI work coming along?14:36
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alteregoI'm working on booting Mer on android stuff at the moment, but might be able to help you guys with UI stuff at some point.14:37
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locusfslowly but steady14:40
faenilalterego, working on it :)14:40
faenilalterego, working on orientation handling14:45
faenilgot stuck thinking about what could be sane to offer14:45
alteregoYeah, really would like to see that working properly on N950 ;)14:46
faenillike a way to only lock orientation? or a way to offer both "allowedOrientations" and be able to change orientation?14:46
faenilbut then if you have a qml property and you change it, and that orientation property is now allowed how do you act? the qml property is now invalid, have to fall back to the previous value, but how do you keep that updated without binding loops?14:47
faenilall that kind of stuff :D14:47
alteregoWell, orientation I think should be done by the compositor.14:48
alteregoBut no one seems to want to do it that way, I'm sure there are good reasons, probably because it requires a bit more work than just doing it all in QML.14:48
faenilalterego, compositor sends orientation changed signals14:48
alteregoAh, well that's good. What about orientation change inhibition, does it have any code there?14:49
faenilyou have to setUpdateOrientationMask on your main.cpp to have that signalling working14:49
faenil(which is default behaviour in Qt5)14:50
alteregoSo are you just exposing that to QML?14:50
faenilwell, the orientation change is already exposed via Screen.orientation14:50
faenil(QScreen, not mdeclscree :P)14:51
alteregoThinking too much about the actual value of orientation, rather than the changes in screen dimensions is probably a bad idea. If you want to have the best possible looking transitions you're going to have to tell the window to change it's viewport size before you start rendering things moving.14:51
faenilnot following14:52
alteregoWell, don't worry about that, does lipstick do any orientation stuff?14:52
faenilno, explain14:52
faenillipstick signals orientation change14:52
alteregoOkay, well your window is composited for say portrait orientation, when the device detects a change in orientation, the window should update itself, but that update should not be shown by the compositor until it has changed it's viewport size.14:53
alteregoThat way when you start rendering orientation change transitions, you're setup with the last frame in portrait, and you have the new frame in landscape, allowing you to do nice transitions between the two without getting any silly artifacts or rendering glitches.14:54
alteregoYou want to have the best possible control over the rendering.14:54
alteregoAt least that's what I would have thought :)14:54
faenilwhat's bad in having a rotating qml item? (which is how silica does it as well, they have rotating pages actually)14:55
alteregoMaybe w00t could shed some light in this area. I've never felt completely comfortable having that done at the app level, though that is generally how things have been done in the past.14:56
faenilwe discussed this with aknight already 1-2 weeks ago, you can find it in the backlog ;)14:56
faenilwell, because it's easier14:57
faeniland I couldn't see a need for complicating stuff...but if you show me... :)14:57
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alteregoOkay, here's my idea. In lipstick QML, monitor for orientation changes, if you're viewing the homescreen, then check for orientation lock setting from system (dconf?) configuration.15:00
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alteregoIf you're in an app, then check for app level orientation lock in dconf or from a window flag.15:01
alteregoI think personally I prefer the window attribute method wrt that.15:01
faenilalterego, doesn't that make life more difficult for app developers?15:03
faeniland also, how does it make it easier/better for us'15:03
alteregoAnyway, if the configuration says you should do an actual orientation, lipstick QML stores the current windows framebuffer in a temporary QML Image item. It then tells the window the orientation and viewport dimensions have changed, the app updates, when the app has updated it sends a message to lipstick saying it's finished it's viewport re-rendering. That is when you do your orientation transitioning in lipstick QML, where you can use the buffere15:03
alteregoIt doesn't make it more difficult if you add this code into your UI plugin.15:03
faenilsecond question? :)15:04
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alteregoUnless someone has a compelling argument for doing it the "standard" way, which isn't just it's a bit easier. ;)15:07
alteregoIf you like, I could have a look at implementing it? I can't see it taking to long to at least come up with some code you can then refine and include.15:07
alteregoThat's if you don't fancy getting your hands a little dirty with wayland and lipstick. ;)15:08
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faenilwell, I already have the qml alternative working15:13
faeniljust trying to offer sane API for devs15:13
alteregoWell, in the end that is all that matters.15:13
faenili.e. letting them change BOTH allwoedOrientations AND orientation (which should respect allowedOrientations)15:13
faenilSilica only does allowedOrientations so far15:13
faenilchanging orientation property doesn't do anything from what I can see in the QML code shipped with the latest sdk release15:14
faenil(which surely is outdated)15:14
alteregoBut it's there?15:14
faenilit's got an orientation property, but it's just used to report current orientation15:15
faenilthere's nothing attached to its changed signal, from what I could see15:15
alteregoYou know you can cheat, you can have a listener on orientation property changed signal in QML, which pushes the state of "allowedOrientations" to some cache somewhere, then explicitly sets allowedOrientations to the one orientation you want to allow.15:16
alteregoHmm, I still think maybe it should be readonly though.15:16
faenileh, you see the problem ;)15:16
alteregoMaybe adding "defaultAllowedOrientations" property would help.15:17
faenilI already have allowedOrientation on c++ side, so that I can do sanity checking15:17
faenilit's there already15:17
faenilthat doesn't change things much15:17
alteregoAh, so there shouldn't be a problem, as long as when you set "orientation" to "Auto" it reinstates allowed from defaults.15:18
faenilby setting orientation to auto you're implying orientation is for locking15:18
alteregoYes, isn't that expected behaviour? You're "setting the orientation" :)15:19
faenilwhile it's not, the way I'm seeing it15:19
faenilyou set the orientation to an orientation value15:19
faenilnot to Auto :D15:19
faenili.e. if you set it to Landscape, it doesn't mean it's locked in landscape15:19
faenilit just means you wanted to rotate the screen15:20
alteregoWell, I think it should be ;)15:20
faenilwell, it's two different properties15:20
faenilisn't allowedOrientations for locking already?15:20
alteregoThe way I see it: allowed orientation property has say ["TopUp", "RightUp"], then when you assign to "orientation" you can only use those two values.15:21
alteregoOr the special value "Auto" which basically makes it use QSensors15:21
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alteregoEither way, the value of orientation can only ever be one of the allowed orientations, or auto to signify system level handling.15:22
faenilsee link15:22
faenil(as we don't want to confuse developers when porting stuff from sailfish to nemo, if they ever will)15:23
alteregoSure, and this wont break any of their code.15:23
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alteregoIt just makes it a bit more flexible if they want.15:23
faenilactually not, it gives different semantics15:23
alteregoSure, but it shouldn't break any compatibility ;)15:24
faenilthey're used to changing allowedOrientation to lock orientation15:24
alteregoAnd that should still work.15:24
faeniland now they should use orientation15:24
faenilyes but not with the same meaning15:24
alteregoWell, you have two choices, you either copy their API completely, or you come up with your own.15:25
alteregoIf you're going to base it on Sailfish API, then do it :P15:25
faenilyes I was, for what's easily doable15:25
faenilbecause of the points above15:25
alteregoAlso, don't forget that nemo ui plugin can be installed on sailfish, giving app developers access to your ui stuff anyway ..15:26
faenilI don't think we can afford coming up with our own, or it will discourage ports15:26
alteregoWhy port? The stuff should all just run out-of-the-box ;)15:26
faenilno way, we are basing on top of QQC, silica is based on qtcomponents from what I could see15:26
faenilmost of the classed have and will have different names (for obvious reasons)15:27
faenilso, oob port is not contemplated :D15:27
alteregoI think you're thinking too much :P15:27
alteregoJust code damnit :P15:28
faenilI don't like coding without planning :)15:28
alteregoGet things working, then when we can properly test use cases for moving apps between sailfish and nemo.15:28
alteregoWe can then adapt things to work better.15:28
alteregoWell, you can keep planning, for the rest of your life if you like :P15:29
faenil"It may be used to tailor UI layout to match the current orientation"15:29
faenilso, I'd say Silica orientation is readonly, even if it's not declared as such in QML15:29
alteregoYes, that is the impression the docs give.15:30
faenilyeah, I've declared as readonly15:30
alteregoAll I suggested is extending the API a little, you're still compatible.15:30
faenilwell, I was trying to extend API as well, by letting devs change orientation as well15:33
faenilwe just have different opinions on what orientation should do :D15:33
alteregoI guess it doesn't matter anyway, because setting orientation like I suggested is effectively the same as setting allowedOrientations, it's just in my mind it takes a bit more work for app developers to temporarily lock the orientation if they wanted to.15:33
alteregoAnd in the end, who is this API for.15:33
faenilI was thinking instead what if they just want to rotate UI without locking it15:34
alteregoHrm, but that doesn't work.15:34
faenilworks until you rotate the phone ;)15:34
alteregoYou're explicitly locking it when you're ignoring the sensors.15:34
faenilyou're not ignoring the sensors15:34
alteregoYeah, it's confusing, why would anyone want or expect the device to work like that?15:34
faenilalterego, we don't and we shouldn't know, it's app developers freedom :)15:35
alteregoWell, edge cases like that, can be hacked directly by devs if they want.15:35
alteregoNot sure I see much point in implementing it as a framework feature though.15:35
faenilok ;)15:36
faenilanyway, what if you want to see current orientation with your way instead15:36
faenilyou have to check screen.orientation if it's auto, or orientation property if it's locked15:37
alteregoWell, "orientation" should always be set to the actual orientation.15:37
faenilthat's not best of convenience either15:37
faenilno, you said you set it to Auto15:37
faenilhow do you know the current orientation once that's set to auto?15:37
alteregoYes, but that's semantic, "orientation" will never actually be Auto.15:37
alteregoWhen you set it to Auto, you're telling it to reflect sensor based orientation from allowedOrientations.15:38
alteregoThink of Auto as a virtual value.15:38
faenilyes I got what you want15:38
faenilbut that's not very clean, there should be an automaticOrientation maybe15:38
*** ITA_NicoloN900 has joined #nemomobile15:39
alteregoWell, that's the default behaviour I would have thought.15:39
faenilif I set a property to auto I don't expect that to change automatically afterwards15:39
alteregoreally? seems pretty intuitive to me :P15:39
faenilI expect to find it to be Auto next time I check15:39
*** sandy_locke has joined #nemomobile15:39
alteregoSure, I understand where you're coming from.15:40
faenilyou want to use the same property for both setting locks and reading current orientation15:40
*** arcean_ has joined #nemomobile15:41
faenilnot saying it can't be a good solution, but definitely not intuitive at the moment, imho15:41
alteregoWell, food for thought.15:42
faenilI could also say, how do you know if you're in locked orientation or not15:42
faenil(with your solution)15:42
alteregoIn the end people will develop with what you give them, if they don't like it they'll roll their own. IF they do that then you can ask them what they'd like :)15:42
alteregoWell, I don't think it matters to know if you're locked or not.15:42
alteregoThe app should know that.15:42
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faenilso, you still need another property, but you're not offering it to public ;)15:43
faenilyou're just*15:43
alteregoSure, because I don't think it's important.15:43
*** ITA_NicoloN900 has joined #nemomobile15:43
alteregoBy all means though, make it an "automaticOrientation" flag if you like :)15:43
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faenilthat's where I was taking you15:45
faenilyou still need a flag15:45
faeniloffering or not offering is another thing :)15:45
*** DarkSim has joined #nemomobile15:45
alteregoYes, would be useful if the application needs that to be a configuration option.15:46
alteregoBut then, the configuration key/value would act as your flag anyway.15:46
faenilwell, yes, at startup15:46
alteregoSo you'd be able to get Auto or whatever lock from there directly.15:46
alteregoNot just at startup, whenever it's changed.15:47
faenilhow does that work with pages with different locks ;)15:47
faenilyou can't just mirror the config option15:47
*** KaIRC has joined #nemomobile15:47
alteregoPages can have their own configuration.15:47
alteregoOr inherit, it doesn't matter. Unless you're planning on implementing that configuration structure yourself.15:48
faenilI'm inheriting15:48
*** ericcc has quit IRC15:48
faenilthere's only one value, and it's the one in appwindow, and pages change that if needed15:49
alteregoIt would be nice for the framework to give developers access to localStorage for things like this.15:49
faeniljust like it works with the toolbar in qtcomponents15:49
faenilalterego, write on the todo ;)15:49
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile15:49
alteregoProblem is, localStorage doesn't have change notifications, but obviously that could all be wrapped up in a nice nemo API for application configuration.15:50
faenilno qsetting?15:50
alteregoOr use something else, like qsettings.15:50
faenileh :)15:50
alteregoYeah, that would work fine.15:50
faenilI wonder why none offers that15:50
faenilis there some hidden trap or what :/15:51
alteregoIt becomes very useful for saving application running state for either transfering execution to another device, or resuming after system reboot, device process killing, or whatever.15:51
faenilwell it's always useful15:51
alteregoIn a way the old OSSO framework in maemo had that feature.15:52
faeniland it's not like it takes Ks of code to expose that to QML15:52
faenilso I'm wondering why that hasn't happened yet15:52
alteregoNo need, I guess. I've been working on stuff that basically does all of that.15:52
faenilno need :O15:52
alteregoWell, no need from the framework, people are still free to use what they want.15:53
alteregoAnd there are many options ;)15:53
faenilI won't buy it :D15:53
faenilwell it's not like they have to use the framework option15:53
sandy_lockehey faenil, could you tell me who work on nemo and what they do ? I wan't to make a list to 'recognize' everybody15:53
alteregoWell, I think we're both agreed it would be good to have :)15:53
faenilsandy_locke, ahmm, I can tell you some names, but looots of people worked on Nemo15:53
faeniland I would feel guilty not making a list of all of them :D15:53
alteregosandy_locke: github might be insightful :)15:54
faenilalterego, yep15:54
faenilyeah ^15:54
sandy_lockebut those who are active on IRC15:54
dm8tbrthere used to be a credits list, stemming as far back as MeegoDE15:54
faenildm8tbr, yes it was in the about page in Nemo x1115:54
alteregoYeah, is it still in the device infor page? :D15:55
faenilit's never been updated :P15:55
faenilalterego, well, there's no info page atm afaik :D15:55
alteregoI guess the problem is mapping peoples github accounts to their IRC nicks.15:55
faenilsandy_locke, active on IRC: me, sledges, qwazix, locusf, Hurrian from time to time, Morpog_Mobile15:56
faenilI could be forgetting so many people :D15:56
faenilah, zbenjamin also15:56
sandy_lockeand what does everybody do on Nemo apart from Hurrian, qwazix and Morporg ?15:57
faenilwell me, sledges and locusf mostly do what's needed, don't know about zbenjamin favourites, he worked on orientation stuff15:58
sandy_lockefaenil, so you three work on implementing everything ?15:59
*** kimitake_idle has quit IRC15:59
faeniloooh, I forgot Sfiet_Konstantin (who's bit busy in this period though)15:59
Morpog_MobileYou forgot giucam15:59
faeniland fk_lx!15:59
faenilThey'll never forgive me :D15:59
faenilsandy_locke, well, UI side, on MW there's Jolla mostly16:00
alteregoI'm doing stuff in Mer SDK and android device adaptation is mostly what I'm mostly interested in right now.16:01
alterego-1 mostly.16:01
alteregoReminds me of Aliens ..16:01
alteregoMight watch that tonight.16:01
sandy_lockefaenil, MW ?16:02
faenilsandy_locke, middleware16:02
sandy_lockealterego, thx, where you at with android adaptation ? what devices are supported right now ?16:02
sandy_lockefaenil: what is middleware exactly ?16:03
alteregosandy_locke: currently working on a generic initramfs for installing, updating, and booting mer16:03
sandy_lockealterego: ok16:03
alteregosandy_locke: basically putting peices together to make it easy for anyone to create an android supported hardware adaptation.16:03
alteregosandy_locke: the hope is, provided X Android device has the ability to enter fastboot, you can run Mer on it.16:04
faenilsandy_locke, middleware is what's under UI, and on top of the core16:04
faenilbelow* UI16:04
faeniland above core*16:05
sandy_lockeok thx guys16:05
alteregosandy_locke: basically target devices are hopefully most of these:
* sandy_locke is on phone ...16:05
locusfhmm fastboot16:09
ZogG_laptopfaenil: sup16:21
faenilZogG_laptop, hey :) all good here, you?16:21
ZogG_laptopnot bad16:22
*** Pat_o has quit IRC16:30
*** ITA_NicoloN900 has quit IRC16:32
*** ITA_NicoloN900 has joined #nemomobile16:32
*** Aranel has quit IRC16:35
*** rcg has joined #nemomobile16:38
locusfhey sledges16:42
faenilsledges, o/16:42
sledgesgood weekend?16:42
faenilbit worried for some stuff, but yeah ;)16:42
sledges;) nemo related? :))16:43
faenilnah ;)16:43
*** Aranel has joined #nemomobile16:43
sledgesgood :D16:43
sledgeshope not exams either :))16:43
faenilbut don't worry ;)16:44
sledgesyes, i leave it to you :)16:45
faenilupdating sb2 n950 target :) time to test rotation16:47
faenilmmm wtf? /usr/include/qt5/QtGui/qopengles2ext.h:402:9: error: 'khronos_int64_t' does not name a type16:47
faenilguess I forgot something in the br16:48
faenilthough it builds and runs on desktop16:48
faenilbut wait, it has always succeeded :/16:49
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile16:50
faenilStskeeps, any idea what I'm missing? ^16:52
* Stskeeps looks16:52
faenilmm not a good sign :D16:53
faenilI'm building for armv7hl16:54
ZogG_laptopkhronos_int64_t nice name :)16:55
faenilmust be missing some header, but what16:55
Stskeepswell opengl headers16:58
faenilStskeeps, well, I don't think qtdeclarative doesn't take care of that already17:00
alteregofaenil: is this sb2 ?17:01
faenilalterego, mb17:01
faenilincluding <QQuickWindow> is causing that17:02
wmarone__Stskeeps: do you know if any of the x86 builds created with mic in "raw" mode?17:02
alteregoIt's the EGL platform headers you're missing.17:02
Stskeepswmarone__: nemo ones?17:02
alteregofaenil: try adding them to your build target.17:02
Stskeepswmarone__: fairly sure it's raw if x8617:02
wmarone__Stskeeps: those or base mer images17:02
Stskeepswell, or livecd/liveusb17:02
faenilalterego, :/17:02
wmarone__I'm hitting a segfault with extlinux when it attempts to install the bootloader17:03
alteregofaenil: I'm trying to find out the package name ;)17:03
Stskeepswmarone__: .. that's new17:03
faenilti-omap3-sgx-wayland-wsegl-devel probably17:03
faenilthat's where egl is for wayland nemo17:03
faenilbut that's just omap3 specific17:03
alteregoYeah, that looks right17:03
alteregoDoesn't matter.17:03
faenilI can't make a package depend on a platform :D17:03
Stskeepswmarone__: in mer platform sdk?17:03
Stskeepsfaenil: pkgconfig(egl) pkgconfig(glesv2)17:04
wmarone__Stskeeps: yes, I set up a clean install of the SDK yesterday17:04
alteregofaenil: you don't need to change the depends.17:04
alteregofaenil: it's just the platform headers are missing because Qt5 doesn't want to depend on a plugin.17:04
faenilalterego, ah I know now17:05
faenilzypper dup has uninstalled armv7 stuff as usual17:05
faeniland installed mesa llvm17:05
alteregoOh, hah17:05
alteregoErm, I wonder why17:06
faenilwe have to understand why it does that :(17:06
alteregoWell, I'm setting up a clean target now, I'll see if I can reproduce it.17:06
alteregocan you tar your sb2 target just in case?17:06
faenilnot worth looking at it, it's all messed up and would take ages to upload :D17:07
alteregoDo you remember what .ks you used to generate it?17:08
faenilnope, they're all different now17:08
alteregoStskeeps: also, there's no mer-core-*-wayland-basic-qmlviewer.ks in kickstarter-configs?17:09
faenilon n950 we have the same issue, and it's because the adaptation repo is not configured by default17:09
alteregoI guess that would be qt5-qmlscene maybe/17:09
faenilactually, all the omap3 devels are installed...17:10
alteregoLook for /usr/include/egl|EGL/eglplatform.h17:11
alteregoNot sure of the exact path ;)17:11
faenilalterego, nothing inside egl folder17:13
alteregoHrm, I think maybe, when it updated one of the platform packages it blitzed the headers.17:14
alteregoProbably due to a fix in one of the packages maybe.17:14
*** alien_ has joined #nemomobile17:14
alteregoYou could try uninstalling all of the -devel packages relating to EGL or maybe one or two at a time and then reinstall them and see if they reappear. ;)17:15
faenilyeah I'm doing that already ;)17:15
faenilalterego, ok the file is there, still error17:16
alteregowonderful, well, good luck :D17:17
faenilStskeeps, pkgconfig(egl) will ask to install mesa-llvm17:17
alteregoHrm, kickstart-configs is a bit of a mess.17:19
faenilalterego, we use this for nemo in case you were wondering
alteregoYeah, but we should probably have a decent kickstarter config for it, that one was written by hand afaik?17:20
*** artemma has joined #nemomobile17:24
artemmaHi all17:24
artemmaI am looking for a sample project to use subdirs project type17:24
artemmaso that I could have actual app in src and autotests in tests17:25
*** giucam has quit IRC17:25
artemmaCan't find any example :/17:25
*** giucam has joined #nemomobile17:25
locusfartemma: no autotests but close
artemmaand just crafting the thing myself results in deployment step failing to find mainproject/rpm/mainproject.spec17:25
faenilalterego, also /usr/include/qt5/QtGui/qopengles2ext.h:1350:72: error: 'GLint64' has not been declared, which is the cause of the khronos type error17:26
artemmalocusf: checking..17:26
artemmalocusf: you seem to use one spec file for the whole project deploying everything..17:27
locusfartemma: oh you had that kind of special case17:27
alteregofaenil: Interesting17:27
artemmalocusf: I don't really know what I need deployment-wise. Packages and spec files are all greek to me :/17:27
artemmaI do want to have a test subproject(s) buildable from the main .pro file17:28
artemmaand I'd want to deploy both main binary and tests, but.. in somehow controlled manner. Final app store build shouldn't include tests17:28
sledgesartemma: qt .pro files have subdirs directive into which they delve17:29
sledgesthen in .spec file you define multiple packages17:29
sledgesone will be main17:29
sledgesthe other -test17:29
sledgesand install different files into separate packages17:29
artemmasledges: how do you control which one is used then?17:29
sledgesthey are all available17:30
locusfsledges: there is this problem of .yaml files for packaging17:30
artemmado you guys know of any example maybe?17:30
sledgesartemma: you specify mainapp and it will install you mainapp17:30
sledgesif you want tests, then youll doo zypper in mainapp-tests17:30
artemmamy understanding of spec files is too low for asking good questions17:30
sledgesartemma: this one is just as good:17:31
artemmaor yaml example maybe (to my understanding you can skip spec completely and it will autigenerate spec)17:31
sledgescreates two packages, default one and afterwards -examples one17:31
sledgesthis is how its final product looks like:17:32
sledgeslocusf: you can specify multiple packages inside .yaml17:32
artemmaI was recommending to care about .spec file only and forget abt yaml17:33
artemmaoh well, somebody more experienced told it's his practice17:33
sledges.yaml looks cleaner, personal preference really17:33
sledges.yaml cleaner, but consumes more time :D17:34
artemmais spec always auto generated from yaml then?17:34
*** arcean_ has quit IRC17:34
faenilalterego, and in fact, there's no GLint64 in include/GLESv217:34
sledgesi wish17:34
sledgesin most cases it's autogenerated17:34
sledgesbut when you start adding lots of hacks (like for kernel packaging), yaml will only be a subset of that17:34
alteregofaenil: yes, I wouldn't expect there to be ..17:34
*** nsuffys has joined #nemomobile17:35
artemmasledges: the example spec you showd sent mentions only one package - example17:35
artemmaor is the default package somehow created as well?17:35
faenilalterego, grrr17:35
sledgesartemma: the default package is on the very top ;)17:35
artemmaokay, suppose I do tests just as you do examples17:36
sledgesor on the %files section - the no name one (default)17:36
artemmahow do I know which one gets installed to device when user or developer installs RPM?17:36
sledgesif you browse more, you can find automated tests in qt (ut_*) - how they are done17:36
artemmaor actually there will be two rpms..17:36
sledgestwo rpms17:37
faenilalterego, well, but if qopengles2ext expect a means it should be there17:37
artemmayep, that will be the next question - I failed to install qtest-qml package, so started messing with subprojects :)17:37
artemmaOkay, so in some bright future when submitting to app store I will just submit the main app package17:38
artemmawhat about the development then? From QtCreator I somehow need to deploy so that tests are deployed too17:38
sledgesthat's up to how the qtcreator is patched up/does deployment (/me stays with cmdline for now ;))17:39
sledgesqtcreator experts anyone? ;)17:39
sledgesworth raising this with #sailfish artemma Â^17:40
artemmaI am not sure what happens when sub projects come into play (I want to release a part of my prom as open source lib with own tests), but I think I've got enough info for now to start with17:40
artemmasledges: I can here from #sailfishos :D17:41
sledgesi meant #sailfishos yes :D17:41
sledgesyup, should get you going, welcome artemma !17:41
artemmathey/we call it OS - it's more then a couple of controls! :D17:42
artemmathey/we call it OS - it's more then a couple of controls on top of Nemo! :D17:42
*** NIN101 has quit IRC17:42
faenilartemma, but since nemo is developed by mostly the same guys...;)17:43
sledgeswell then we should rename to #nemomobileos :D because that's the ultimate goal ;)17:43
sledgessame middleware17:43
sledgesand core17:43
faenilalterego, so, khrplatform.h defined the first one typedef uint64_t                khronos_uint64_t;17:47
faeniland qopengles2ext says that doesn't name a type ...17:48
artemmaWhat would be the good directory to deploy tests to? Just /usr/share/MyAppName?17:49
*** faenil has quit IRC17:51
*** ari__ has joined #nemomobile17:51
artemmasledges: you mentioned some test examples sub projects, I can't find them by just browsing around memo controls17:55
*** zhost has joined #nemomobile17:57
*** zhost has quit IRC18:00
*** NIN101 has joined #nemomobile18:01
*** zhost has joined #nemomobile18:03
*** kimitake_idle has joined #nemomobile18:13
*** NIN101 has quit IRC18:14
*** ari__ has quit IRC18:16
*** kostaja has joined #nemomobile18:17
artemmasledges: would you guide me a little more? or somebody else maybe?18:17
artemmaI created a black subdirs project from scratch18:17
artemmaand wizard generated app in a src subproject. Works and is deployed just fine18:18
artemmanow I am trying to add tests subproject (empty app for start) and modifying spec file following your example18:18
artemmaand I don't understand what %files section is doing18:18
artemmabuild tells File not found: /home/deploy/installroot/usr/share/multi-project-trial-tests18:19
*** NIN101 has joined #nemomobile18:19
artemmathat is when spec file has:18:19
artemma%files tests18:19
artemma /usr/share/multi-project-trial-tests18:20
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile18:33
*** sandy_locke has quit IRC18:36
*** NeeDforKill has joined #nemomobile18:38
NeeDforKillhey guys18:38
*** ITA_NicoloN900_ has joined #nemomobile18:41
*** ITA_NicoloN900_ has quit IRC18:41
*** ITA_NicoloN900 has quit IRC18:42
artemmaarrrgh, I managed to create two RPM packages (from a subdirs superproject), but second one is empty18:47
artemmawhere do I define what is put into rpm?18:47
artemma%files section in .spec?18:48
artemmaI can see a binary being built, but can't figure how to put it to rpm18:49
artemmaand even when I look at the package that;s built fine, I can't quite understand the %files syntax :/18:49
faenilalterego, have you had any idea while I was away by any chance? otherwise I'll delete and rebuild a new target18:50
artemmasay, a typical hello world qml: how does the following line put many qml files to package?18:50
artemma /usr/share/multi-project-trial18:50
*** furikku has quit IRC18:52
faenilartemma, are you doing it for sailfish using sdk? I think qtcreator plugin handles the .spec file automatically in that case18:52
faenilbut you have to ask related stuff in #sailfishos, sorry...18:52
faenilI haven't used sailfish's plugin in a while18:53
*** stephg has quit IRC18:53
faenilsledges, ping18:54
*** Pat_o has quit IRC18:55
artemmafaenil: to my understanding I am now on mer level actually18:58
artemmaeven if I create app for sailfishos18:58
faenilartemma, if you're coding an app using sailfish sdk, you're using qtcreator plugin18:58
faeniland I guess (guess), it handles package creation automatically18:59
artemmaproblem at hand is that I want to have a subdirs project with the tests and src subprojects and appropriate packages18:59
faenilif you include the files in the .pro18:59
artemmait does create a sample spec file that I am messing with now18:59
faenilartemma, there you go
faenilthat's an example19:00
artemmaStskeeps also sent me this example -
artemmacan;t understand what %files do19:01
artemmawell, I guess I need to go google spec syntax19:01
faenil<artemma> where do I define what is put into rpm?19:02
faenil<artemma> %files section in .spec?19:02
faenil<faenil> yes19:02
artemmawell, I can't understand how to tell that I want a binary multi-project-trial-tests built in a particular place put into rpm19:03
artemmaalso at particular path probably19:03
artemmaoh maybe you are right it's sailfish specifics. %{?qtc_builddir:%define _builddir %qtc_builddir} might be responsible for where files are fetched from19:06
sledgesfaenil: ping19:09
sledges(unping ;))19:09
sledgesyes artemma i remember suffering with those19:09
sledgesqtc_`s when attempting to build nemo project on sailfish sdk19:09
faenilsledges, was that a fix?
faenilthose repos won't be added in target/device, they're just for image building19:10
sledgesfaenil: yes19:10
faenilsledges, oki ;)19:11
sledgesit needed strace19:11
sledgesone of the build processes19:11
faenilI'm currently rebuilding image to see if I get rid of the gl issue19:11
sledgesfingers crosscompiled ;)19:12
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC19:14
*** kostaja has quit IRC19:15
*** piggz has joined #nemomobile19:15
faenilsledges, so, first dup tries to install mesa llvm19:15
faenil(on arm sb2 target)19:16
sledgesanywhere same prob19:16
sledgesssu ur thanks to your findings19:16
faenilI ssu ured already19:16
*** martyone_ has quit IRC19:16
faenilbut you don't get adapatation repo here, as we're an sb2 target19:16
sledgeswhat to do D:19:16
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #nemomobile19:17
* artemma made it to one step further! RPM picks files up from Mer's /home/deploy/instalroot and -tests binary isn't ther19:17
artemmae, make install failure then probably19:18
faenilsledges, added n950 adaptation repo, still wants to install mesa19:18
sledgesis adaptation via ssu?19:20
faenilsledges, wait a moment...
faenilshould I or should I not have mesa on sb2 arm target? :(19:21
faenilI think I shouldn't19:21
faenillocusf, ping19:22
sledgesremember, having it there doesnt break any graphics system, because simply there isn't any :D19:22
sledgesbreaks your headers apparently ;)19:22
sledgeswas fine until now :))19:22
sledgesartemma: good stuff19:22
faeniluntil now?19:22
sledgess/now/you started compiling deep stuffs :D/19:23
faenilah lol19:23
faenilwell, I'm just importing QQuickWindow...not that deep, is it19:23
artemmasledges: yeah, reading build logs now. make install is called, but.. something doesn't work there19:23
sledgeskhm, weird then19:23
faenilsledges, I'll just accept mesa for now19:23
sledgessure, you can throw it away anytime19:24
faenil270packages to update, it's going to take a while :D19:25
sledgesdepends on hw ;)19:25
sledgesand bandwidth..19:25
faenilno ssd here :Pé19:25
artemmaAHA! It's sailfishapplication.pri (removed from the test prom) that determines certain install libraries!19:26
artemmaOkay, now it's not memo anymore indeed :)19:26
faenilartemma, :P19:26
*** piggz has quit IRC19:30
*** piggz has joined #nemomobile19:31
faenilsledges, where are the pkgconfig configs stored? can't remember atm19:33
faenilwhere :P19:34
faenilpath :P19:34
sledges/usr/share ?19:34
sledgesnever bothered tbh :)19:34
faenilqqmlapplicationengine not found......right...19:37
faenilI have BR pkgconfig(Qt5Quick)19:37
*** Morpog_PC has joined #nemomobile19:38
faenilsledges, can you check which package it is in?19:39
faenilQt5Quick should include Qml19:41
faenili | qt5-qtdeclarative-devel19:42
faenilcheck the precise package please19:42
faenilsledges, ah I know why19:44
sledgesmer qt19:44
faenilyep :P19:44
sledgesjust found in a backlog :P19:44
faenilfrigging repos19:44
* faenil was first o/19:44
sledgesgoogle "qqmlapplicationengine nemo"19:44
sledgesi was chatting :P19:44
faenilbut anyway...I'm tired of these repos issues19:44
faenilwe HAVE to do something, soon19:46
faenilit's impossible for new people to contribute19:46
faenilwe have problems ourselves...19:46
*** wmarone__ has quit IRC19:46
* faenil updates wiki accordingly19:47
artemmaWooHoo, I created two packages with the proper content and they get installed just fine!19:54
* artemma feels like a friggin *nix system programming wizard19:54
faenilsledges, allover again, 273 packages to update :D19:54
artemmathank you, guys!19:55
faenilartemma, :D19:55
artemmanow it'd be good if these projects would actually do something :D19:55
faenilgood point19:55
artemmaI guess once I get to the point of some qml test, I need to publish a min project to github19:55
artemmano need for others to go through the same pain just for having tests in the project19:56
faenilStskeeps, what about cpio: rename failed - Invalid cross-device link errors while zypper dupping?20:01
faenilon bash, binutils, patch, coreutils, and many other similar packages20:02
faenilawk, groff20:02
sledgesfaenil: cache ;)20:02
faenilsledges, ?20:03
*** louisdk has joined #nemomobile20:03
*** NIN101 has quit IRC20:04
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile20:05
*** wmarone has joined #nemomobile20:06
*** NIN101 has joined #nemomobile20:07
sledgesall downloaded packages are cached20:10
sledgesso you could save time20:10
sledgesanswering your prev statement ;)20:10
sledgesno idea on cpio - doesn't sound like it happened to you before doing same dup?20:11
faenilwell, different repos20:12
faenilanyway, about cache, its different pacakges, so cahce doesn't help20:13
juicemeStskeeps, ping20:17
faenilsledges, lol, I rotate phone while in homescreen, and fingerterm rotates even if it's in bg :D20:17
juicemeStskeeps, I am still working at the wlan initialization, and sure it is the wl1271-cal that is doing the firmware+nvs loading to the chipset. However, I tried looking for the sources of wl1271-cal and cannot find it. even in the MER repos it is just the binary, or else I just searched for it in the wrong places... :(20:21
Stskeepsits closed source20:22
Stskeepsreason its called -bin20:22
juicemeproblem with using just the binary is that it's dependent on whole lot of other things in th system I don't have and don't want to have... I'd like to make a really simple version that just twiddles the needed bits on netlink socket and loads up the FW...20:23
juicemeI thought MER was supposed to have no closed bits..?20:24
wmaronemer doesn't have closed bits. Hardware adaptations might though.20:26
faeniljuiceme, you can't do much about hw adaptations, can you :/20:26
juicemeStskeeps, is there some specific reason for it being closed source, some lisencing issues etc. as I do not see any specific reason for wlan initialization to be such a secret... the diriver parts in kernel are open and the FW files available...20:26
faeniljuiceme, I think it's blobs from nokia20:27
juicemefaenil, I can do loads about them, and I will :)20:27
faeniljuiceme, I meant that most of them are closed, it's known fact :)20:27
juicemefaenil, the binary from nokia is not identical to the one in MER20:27
juicemehence I guess there has to be somebody around that has the source and can build it...20:28
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC20:28
Stskeepsspecially built for.meego20:28
juicemewhich one, the MER version?20:28
juicemeor the Harmattan one?20:29
Stskeepsmer one20:30
juicemeas this business of wlan initialization puzzles me, I am used to working with ethernet drivers, and there's no such hidden things there, you just load up a GE module and it does the needed stuff by itself...20:30
Stskeepsit comes down to factory calibration data20:32
juicemeokay... so there are zero chances that I could obtain the sources for it. even something partial that I caould cook up a simple initializer that would work without whole environment brought in?20:32
juicemethe cal data is in the wl1271-nvs.bin, right?20:33
juicemeboth FW and NVS needs to be loaded20:33
Stskeepsno, in CAL area20:35
*** nsuffys has quit IRC20:35
juicemethat makes sense then :(20:35
artemmatrying to define QUICK_TEST_SOURCE_DIR in the .pro file and.. it's already defined to /home/mersdk/project/MyProject/MySubproject …Ha?20:36
artemmawho could define it to be the project source folder?20:36
juicemeSo wl1271-cal reads some stuff from CAL, and also sends that to the chipset... I suppose it makes it a bit more difficult then, unless it is something really simple such as the allowed frequency ranges on a specified country?20:37
*** louisdk has quit IRC20:37
artemmaokay, docs sort of tell to specify input test dir manually when running in a cross-compiled environment. I would prefer to redefine the QUICK_TEST_SOURCE_DIR though - why would it be needed on a build machine at all?20:38
juicemeDoes the CAL data contain anything unit specific, like measured/calibrated Rx/Tx levels that change from one device to anther?20:39
juicemeLet me explain a bit wht I am after here; I am trying to find a way to use the WLAN interface on ubiboot maintanance console. Currently you can enter the maintanance console via telnet & ssh on the USB interface, but suppose you want to boot the device to maintanance mode without USB connection, to access it from your WLAN. I have built wpa_supplicant and sshd for the device, now if I just can get the wlan to UP state then it would w20:45
juicemewell that turned out to be a wall of text, but that's how it is in a nutshell.20:46
faeniljuiceme, ah before that, could you write a new README? :D :D20:46
juicemeI rather tweak kernel bits than write docd :) :)20:46
faeniljuiceme, ;)20:46
juicemesad but true, that :)20:46
*** NIN101 has quit IRC20:46
faenilI guess everyone in this room chooses coding/hacking over docs :D20:47
juicemebut yes, faenil, I promise I am going to do that soon.20:47
faeniljuiceme, :)20:47
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile20:47
juicemedocs are important, true... it just feels most of time it is so repetitive :)20:48
faeniljuiceme, I think you just have to do some copy paste to restructure the doc, it's not the single parts that need fixes, it's the structure of the page :)20:51
sledgesfaenil: are you running rnd ssu? (ssu -i)20:54
sledgesit might be that mer-qt is pulled in when you switch to rnd: ssu re -r latest20:54
sledgesfor adaptations i'm still investigating20:54
faenilsledges, I also switched to rns20:55
faenilthough not sure I checked if it added mer qt20:55
sledgesif you added via zypper20:55
sledgesit should look different now20:55
sledges(zypper lr)20:55
faenilsledges, I've got two20:55
faenilone global and one user20:55
sledgesgood :D20:55
faenilbut I'm not sure20:55
sledgesa, i thought mer qts20:55
faeniltwo mer qts20:56
faenilbut I'm not sure if it's because of rnd, or because of the dup20:56
sledgesanyway, zypper lr should show one manually added, the other ssu-is20:56
artemmaRequires:      pkgconfig(Qt5QuickTest) made emulator to install 31 new package yet module "QtTest" is not installed20:56
sledgesif so, means rnd enables mer-qt20:56
faenilsledges, yes, but I'm not sure if it's becaues of the dup or the rnd :P20:56
sledgeswill try with bare .ks20:56
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC20:57
sledgesdup does not pull in repos20:57
faenilsledges, was thinking maybe reinstallation of ssu stuff...20:58
faenilcan't be?20:58
sledgesnope, as ssu is aleady installed20:58
sledgesand ssu ur didn't do the trick20:59
faenilyes, but new vendor data installed with dup?20:59
faenilor new ssu package update20:59
sledgesif there was new20:59
sledgesbut mer-qt is in vendor data since ages20:59
faenilbut testing repos are ages old :D20:59
sledgesnevermind, as i said, i will check with bare repo21:00
sledgestesting repos?21:02
artemmais there a list of nemomobile packages somewhere? This repo that is searched automatically, where is it?21:06
artemmaI'd like to search for the package that provides QtTest QML import21:06
*** Martix has quit IRC21:08
sledgesartemma: build.merproject.org21:08
artemmasledges: thx, searching21:09
artemmaokay, I give up, too complex for me. Will ask tomorrow when more ppl are online21:11
artemmathough sucks to stop just one step before it's done21:11
faenilsledges, testing as opposed to devel21:16
*** Sinbad has quit IRC21:16
artemmaah, I've got it!21:17
artemmaRequires: qt5-qtdeclarative-import-qttest did it all!21:17
* artemma learned a lot tonight. That is a lot for artemma21:18
*** Sinbad has joined #nemomobile21:29
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*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #nemomobile21:40
*** sandy_locke has joined #nemomobile21:47
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC21:48
sandy_lockehey guys, is it possible that a zypper dup mess up with harmattan rootfs ?21:48
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #nemomobile21:49
faenilsandy_locke, mmm don't know21:51
faenilanyway: locusf sledges I have qqc gallery rotating \o/21:51
sandy_lockefaenil: cuz harmattan booted fine before and after the zypper dup from the other day it doesn't boot anymore21:51
faenilwouldn't know :/21:52
rcgsandy_locke, are you dual booting nemo and harmattan?21:52
rcgif yes, iirc the harmattan zImage is located on the nemo rootfs in /boot .. that's at least the way I do dual boot here21:53
rcgmight be that the update somehow removed that zImage from /boot?21:53
sandy_lockercg: yes, although nemo is in tethered boot21:53
sandy_lockewell a went beyond the ripple nokia: black screen, battery notification (because battery was low) and then reboot21:54
rcgsandy_locke, then try to charge first and give it another try?21:54
sandy_lockethat's what I did21:54
rcghere, sometimes it doesn't fully succeed on the first attempt21:55
rcghmm, ic21:55
sandy_lockebut now battery is full and I don't get any notification, and after the nokia ripple, same reboot21:55
rcghmm strange21:55
rcgmaybe it messed with /etc/fstab?21:55
rcgthat's the next logical step imho21:55
sandy_lockeI tried to restore a recent backup of rootfs, but it doesn't seem to have done any good21:56
sandy_lockenow I get the nokia logo, but no more boot menu21:56
rcgwell, i don't have any ideas then21:58
sandy_lockeI try to boot with MOSLO21:58
sandy_lockethen I'll look into the files21:58
rcgsounds like a good plan21:59
sandy_lockercg: have I access to the harmattan root from nemo ?21:59
faenilcya tomorrow guys ;)21:59
sandy_lockefaenil: bye21:59
rcgcya faenil :)21:59
artemmaand thx21:59
faenilgood luck sandy_locke ;)21:59
sandy_lockethx :)21:59
faenilartemma, np :)21:59
*** faenil has quit IRC21:59
rcgsandy_locke, hmm.. it exports the nemo rootfs via usb22:00
rcgand you can telnet in via usb networking and get a busybox22:00
sandy_lockefrom inside nemo, or the telnet from moslo ?22:00
rcgi.e., it does this when you boot into moslo while your device is connected to a computer via usb22:00
rcgtelnet from moslo22:00
sandy_lockeyeah, telnet from moslo never worked for me22:01
rcgwhen being connected via usb, moslo does all this22:01
rcghmm, strange22:01
rcgyou did configure usb0 on your desktop/laptop?22:01
sandy_lockemmmh, dunno22:01
sandy_lockeam on os X22:01
rcgsomething like ifconfig usb0 x.x.x.x/2422:02
sandy_lockeI'll try that22:02
rcgand replace x.x.x.x with an ip in the range displayed by moslo22:02
rcgdunno if it is called usb0, might check with "ifconfig -a" before and after pluggin the device in via usb22:02
sandy_lockercg: yeah, but the usb0 interface doesn't exist on mac22:02
sandy_lockeI'll google it22:03
rcgdo you have at least "ifconfig" on mac?22:03
rcgam not really familiar with mac22:03
rcgonly thing i know is that users claim that "it's a bsd" ;)22:03
artemmayep, there's ifconfig on mac22:03
artemmamac is more like "sort of a bad" :)22:04
artemmasort of a bsd*22:04
rcgartemma, hehe, ic22:05
rcgwell then "ifconfig -a" should work for checking22:05
artemmawell, it does output something :)22:05
sandy_lockeyeah, but nothing I know how to read fully :/22:06
artemmanot much different from just ifconfig22:06
sandy_lockeI've got "en" "lo" "fw" "bridge" "p2p" "gif" and "stf"22:07
sandy_lockeI assume it must be one of the "en"22:07
sandy_locke"en1" for instance is my wifi connexion22:08
*** DarkSim has quit IRC22:08
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC22:08
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #nemomobile22:08
rcgsandy_locke, sry, gotta get off22:09
sandy_lockeok rcg, thx mate22:09
sandy_lockegood night22:09
rcgand well, yeah, at lest the network interface naming scheme sounds like bsd-ish22:09
rcgsandy_locke, try to see with "ifconfig -a" if there is a difference when you detach/attach your device?22:10
sandy_lockeno there is not ^^22:10
rcghmmz, then you should search for usb networking on mac22:10
rcgi am pretty sure that moslo configures the usb as network interface22:10
rcgyou should see some output in moslo about this as well as an ip address22:11
rcgbut, well.. gotta go. good luck :)22:11
*** rcg has quit IRC22:11
sandy_lockeyeah I see an IP address which is typical for usb networking on mac but telent doesnt connect22:12
*** giucam has quit IRC22:13
*** piggz has quit IRC22:28
*** sababa has quit IRC22:42
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*** sababa has joined #nemomobile22:57
*** sandy_locke is now known as sandy_locke|away23:00
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