Monday, 2013-10-21

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zbenjaminsledges: sorry wrong channel ;)05:02
zbenjaminsledges: do you know anything about how battery is handled on the N9 and why its not working?05:03
specialoh boy.05:17
specialfrom memory:05:18
specialbme is what provides battery status, it's partially(?) closed; that made its way to the UI via contextkit, now statefs. See
specialso the first question would be whether the bme provider works with statefs, and if it's installed05:19
deztructorand it is very simple to port code from contextkit power provider using bme api to statefs but I just do not have a time, if nobody do it maybe i do it soon05:25
deztructoras also n950 keyboard provider05:25
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zbenjaminstatefs is a fuse filesystem?06:41
deztructorzbenjamin: yes06:41
deztructorit has loaders and providers, providers used now can be found @ what is absent now are: n9 bme power provider, n950 keyboard provider and location-geoclue06:43
deztructorcomparing to contextkit props supplied earlier06:44
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zbenjaminwhats this
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deztructorzbenjamin: it is used on any system where upowerd can provide information06:45
zbenjaminah i see06:45
deztructoron linux ordinary it gets info from udev/sysfs06:46
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sledgeshappy you got answered zbenjamin07:36
zbenjaminsledges: yep thx ;)07:37
sledgesi wouldn't have had a clue :D07:37
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zbenjaminfaenil: heya08:45
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niqthi faenil08:55
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sledgeshelloo faenil09:20
faenilsledges, o/09:20
sledgesfaenil: if you are using testing repos, how come you are getting ~250 updates?09:21
faenilsledges, no idea09:21
faenilI did ssu re -r latest09:22
faeniland it was set on testing09:22
faenilthen I set flavour devel09:22
locusffaenil: good job on rotating the gallery :)09:22
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faenillocusf, :)09:22
sledgesfaenil: you need to choose flavour09:24
sledgesssu's default most probably is testing09:24
faenilsledges, I think dev image should come with rnd devel :P09:24
sledgesthat's how it's baked09:24
sledgesbut nothing tells ssu to reshape09:25
sledgesit needs to be in .ks09:25
sledges(it used to be)09:25
faenilyes, guess who got rid of that? :D *cough* locusf *cough09:25
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sledgesand who let him do that? ;D09:26
* faenil whistles09:26
faenil<--- that guy, most likely09:26
sledgesanyway, you didn't know; let me fish it out from somewhere09:27
locusfI didn't know those were needed for sb2 as well :/09:28
locusfsorry about that09:28
faenillocusf, np :) I thought it was ok since you were in contact with sailors while testing those things :)09:28
sledgesnow comes what i've feared for09:29
sledgesis in there, but we still lose adaptation*09:29
sledgesfor n950/n909:29
sledgeswould adding `ssu ur` suffice ?09:30
faenilwho knows09:31
sledgestesters :D i.e.09:31
sledges<--- this guy09:31
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faenilsledges, no ssu ur?09:59
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sledgesno untested stuff ;)09:59
sledgesssu ur is another logical change09:59
sledgescomes later09:59
sledgesfingers crosscompiled it will do the trick10:00
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sledgesfaenil: isn't it because of 'testing' repost you had build failure?10:01
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faenilbuild failure?10:01
sledgesegl headers10:01
faenilah, the package10:01
sledgesmissing bit10:01
faenilthat was before new target10:02
faenilthe problem was I needed qt5.110:02
faeniland testing has 5.0.210:02
sledgesso it -was- the problem(?)10:02
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faenilyes having testing as default repos is a problem, if that's what you're asking10:02
faenilor I'm misunderstanding10:02
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sledgesthat's waht i asked :D10:03
faenilbut the egl headers problem, I don't know, I just deleted and rebuilt target10:03
faenilnow I have mesa egl, I had omap headers before10:03
zbenjaminfaenil: how is your work going on glacier ui?10:03
faenilzbenjamin, pretty close to finishing applicationwindow and page10:04
faeniland after that headerdock can be finished10:04
zbenjaminwhen can we port lipstick desktop ? ;)10:04
faeniltoolbar is published already (qqc compatible one, just black rectangle)10:04
faenilzbenjamin, well, there are many components missing10:04
faenilzbenjamin, and also, not sure we have specs for the homescreen yet, there was just this idea of having icons and widgets together10:05
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zbenjamini very much liked the feed like page the N9 used, any plans on doing something like that?10:06
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sledgeszbenjamin: the third screenshot:
zbenjaminyeah exactly ;)10:07
zbenjamini should have preordered 2 jolla phone... one for hacking and one for using10:08
faenilzbenjamin, first of all, there is no list items at the moment10:09
faenilso...if you want to code them ;)10:09
zbenjaminerm ... ;)10:09
* zbenjamin is not soo good on graphics10:09
faenilzbenjamin, no need to be10:09
faenilthere are specs and sizes10:09
zbenjamini guess the components are implemented in c++?10:10
faenilzbenjamin, nope, QML10:10
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faenilthere should be all you need (hopefully) in that repo10:12
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zbenjamini prefer to stay on doing c++/c system stuff ;) ... if itrs related to backends i'm your guy ;)10:13
faenilok :(10:13
faenilzbenjamin, it's full of backend things that needs doing10:13
faenilbasically all indicators for homescreen10:14
sledges(same screenshot ;))10:14
faenilsledges, not the UI :P10:14
sledges:D yea command line test app would suffice first :))10:14
zbenjaminlike battery indicator and so on10:15
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faenilzbenjamin, signal indicator..volume indicator...10:18
faenilthere's a lot of stuff you can have fun with ;)10:18
faenilzbenjamin, also implementing the feeds backend of the screen you were talking about ;)10:19
zbenjaminare there any plans how to pick up that informations? like directly reading it from statefs files? or using dbus?10:19
faenilzbenjamin, no idea at the moment10:21
sledgesdepends if statefs introduces a security model10:21
sledgesor relies on dbus10:21
sledgesspecial, deztructor ^10:22
sledgesnormally most IPC is via dbus10:22
deztructorstatefs relies on unix fs access security10:23
deztructorbasically xattrs are not added there yet but unix access permissions should value10:23
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zbenjaminfor dbus we would need a deamon exposing this infos10:23
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deztructordbus is a logical overkill for some scenarios: basic info access and control can be done on filesystem level. this is why statefs was introduced. while statefs providers can use anything they want, including dbus, to retrieve information10:27
zbenjaminyeah i also had that thought. why put another layer on statefs10:27
deztructorbut final clients do not bother, they should just poll/read/write10:27
deztructorzbenjamin: there are several reasons: bckwd comaptibility with contextkit - c++ interface for it, ability to use in qml, ability to have several instances of statefs (e.g. system and user session)10:28
deztructorbut nothing prevent clients just to access fs directly10:29
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faenilso, does statefs expose the feeds? :D10:32
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faenilwonder if this is what's used
faenilI don't know what jolla uses for event feeds, and if that part is opensource10:33
deztructorfaenil: no, maybe this is not for statefs :)10:34
faenil2months ago last update, don't think that's used by jolla10:34
faenildeztructor, it seems you wrote eventfeed :P10:36
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deztructorfaenil: ??? i was only asked about statefs :) and i can't speculate on anything else :)10:39
* sledges hides deztructor 10:39
faenildeztructor, yes, I just want to know if eventfeed is what we need for the feeds screen10:39
faenilor it's been replaced10:39
faenilsurely jolla is using something else, but about the open part10:40
faenilor you wrote a piece of software but you can't say what that is for? :D10:40
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faenildeztructor, or didn't you write eventfeed?10:43
faenilI'm getting confused10:43
* sledges tries to unhide him10:45
faenilhe's gone :D10:45
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sledges:)) we might have tripped on nda, but it's still middleware, isn't it? :))10:47
faenilwell, the source is there, I mean XD10:47
zbenjaminfaenil: great you scared him away ;)10:47
faenilzbenjamin, crap10:47
zbenjaminnow we have to wait a few hours until he comes out again ;)10:48
faenilsurely it's fishy that there has been no updated in the last 2 months and they're approaching release10:48
faenilso they're using something else :P10:48
Morpog_N9or it's stable as hell10:49
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faenilMorpog_N9, pff10:49
zbenjaminwell lets focus on the indicators first10:49
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zbenjaminwe need to decide if we pick up the informations from statefs or dbus... or did i miss that decision?10:50
zbenjaminand how its exposed to qml10:50
*** Netweaver has joined #nemomobile10:50
Morpog_N9do we need to have a status bar? Seems that more and more mobile OS don't show it anymore10:50
zbenjaminat least a battery idicator and a qos indicator needs to be there ?10:51
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deztructorfaenil: i do not know much about eventfeed10:51
locusfdoes checking qt4 version of colorful-home help?10:51
faenildeztructor, ah ok, sorry I must have confused you with somebody else ;)10:52
deztructorand how eventfeed is implemented now10:52
zbenjaminlocusf: that was using contextkit right?10:52
deztructorfaenil: ask eventfeed commiters10:52
deztructorthey can help10:52
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locusfzbenjamin: I dunno, probably10:52
faenildeztructor, yeah I got your name from reversing names of committers, but google tricked me into believing you were Dmitry :)10:52
faenildeztructor, you can help with battery and signal indicators maybe? :D10:53
faenilzbenjamin, a new BatteryTracker has been added recently, don't know if that works for us10:53
deztructorhe is rozhkov10:53
faenildeztructor, yeah sorry :)10:53
deztructorfaenil: not at all :)10:55
faenildeztructor, ok :P10:55
sledgeszbenjamin: deztructor's words that 'dbus is a logical overkill' and 'statefs was meant to replace it' tells quite a bit10:56
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zbenjamingood ;)10:56
deztructorbut playing with statefs as a source of feeds sounds interesting :)10:56
zbenjamina file per event?10:57
sledgesif we have batery,gsm signal, mobile data , wifi signal, bt, gps etc all active and need to update their statuses realtime - how many dbus request per second would we be getting?10:57
deztructorno, no, statefs is not for replacing d-bus: d-bus is an rpc while statefs is some kind of unix way or, more specifically, 9p like e.g. more advanced pyvfs10:58
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deztructorkernel has cache for files and statefs provider is a singleton10:59
deztructorso, if property is accessed from different processes, it can be taken once by statefs provider and until it is changed it will be hold in vfs cache11:00
deztructorand i am not sure d-bus calls in this case will be somehow cached11:00
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zbenjamindbus would emit a signal if the value changes i guess?11:01
zbenjaminsledges: we should be able to reuse the old contextkit provider for statefs11:02
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deztructorso, i think they are parallel and complementary: some services exposes only d-bus interface and it is used by statefs provider which derive some value11:03
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zbenjaminfaenil: the batterytracker seems to use statefs11:04
zbenjaminfaenil: but we need to provide a provider first ;)11:04
faenilmaybe plundstr can help?11:04
deztructorzbenjamin: yes, signal. but this signal is sent to each endpoint separately11:04
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deztructoratm d-bus data is not cached by kernel11:05
zbenjamini heard there are plans for a kernel dbus, but linus wasn't so pleased about that idea11:05
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plundstrfaenil: zbenjamin: do you have problem with dsme battery plugin?11:07
faenilplundstr, more -> we're starting on getting battery plugin to work for nemo wayland11:08
zbenjaminplundstr: the dsme battery plugin relies on statefs right?11:10
plundstrzbenjamin: yes11:10
zbenjamingood so we need to create a n9/950 statefs provider first11:10
zbenjaminand then see whats next11:10
zbenjaminfaenil: is bme available on nemo?11:11
faenilzbenjamin, plundstr I remember there was some blood spilled on getting battery to work on n950...but yeah somebody made a bme plugin in the end11:12
deztructorfaenil: it was me :)11:12
faenildeztructor, you see? I know you could help! :D11:12
zbenjaminquestion is , is bme still available?11:13
zbenjaminits closed nokia sw11:13
sledgeszbenjamin: extra info from deztructor back in August:
faenilif it was available in nemo x11, why not now11:13
sledgesabout porting contextkit->statefs etc11:13
deztructorbme itself is closed and there is no any specific reason to replace it: in the worst case it can leave in a sandbox :)11:14
deztructorbme ipc is open in nemo11:14
deztructorbecause nokia headers do not allow to use 'em anywhere except harmattan11:14
deztructori mean bme ipc client code, i wrote it as a clean room implementation, while i know how it works11:15
zbenjaminso we can just reuse your implementation11:15
deztructorit is very simple to convert it to statefs provider11:16
deztructori just do not have a time this days11:17
zbenjamini'll try to have a look at it, maybe i can help here ;)11:18
faenilsailors will always be busy from no until release at least, so we have to look for alternatives :)11:19
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faenilsledges, do you remember what happens in harmattan if in a Page you don't provide any "tools" ?11:23
sledgesi just booted to nemo :))11:23
sledgescan reboot back to harmattan if you explain more detail11:23
faenilI mean, if in an app you create a Page but don't set its tools property11:25
faenil(which is what's inside the toolbar)11:25
faenildoes it show an empty toolbar? or a toolbar with a back button? or no toolbar at all?11:26
sledgesheh ouch, i never developed for harmattan ;)11:26
faenilah ok, np ;)11:26
sledges#harmattan is your friend11:26
sledges(relatively quite active)11:26
faenilI could test myself but I've gtg atm11:26
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faenilbbl guys11:29
sledgespyside does magic11:30
sledgesall i've ever coded on harmattan was with python+qml11:30
sledgescan code OTH inside phone :))11:30
*** faenil has quit IRC11:34
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sledgesoh man12:23
sledgesAlt_OS - input/output error12:23
*** mikhas has quit IRC12:24
sledgesbut mounts fine via telnet12:25
zbenjaminhave you tried turning it off and on again?12:25
* zbenjamin hides12:25
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sledgesfaenil: im in harmattan now, if you have qml, i can test it13:50
sledges(try) :D13:50
faeniljust create a harmattan helloworld13:50
faenilApplicationWindow { initialPage: Page {} }13:50
faenilsomething like that13:51
*** ericcc has quit IRC13:52
faenilsledges, or just clone qml<something> and delete the "tools" property of a Page13:53
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sledgesfaenil: the bottom toolbar is always there14:20
sledgesi could not reproduce your cas14:20
sledges+e, but14:20
sledges(i couldn't reproduce, because when i create a qml with Page {}, nothing is shown on screen, but also no errors. i'm a qml n00b :P)14:21
faenilah ok don't worry then ;)14:21
sledges(a Page { Rectangle {...} })14:21
sledgesi am worried ;P14:22
sledges'cause i wanna learn14:22
sledgesin python i do view = QDeclarativeView()14:22
*** Martix has quit IRC14:24
faenilyou do the same in c++14:24
faenil(in qt4)14:24
sledgesyes, but why im not getting anything on screen when qml contains a single page with tangible content?14:24
sledgesif i have qml with only Rectangle {} - all works14:25
sledges(i.e. the window with rectangle and -with- empty bottom toolbar is shown fine)14:25
faenilsledges, you have PageStackWindow { initialPage: Page{} } ?14:26
sledgeswhere should that reside? ;)14:26
faenilwell, page is just a container14:26
faenilin main.qml14:26
sledgeshah it works but now i got the top status bar duplicated :D14:28
faenilshow me you main.qml XD14:28
sledgesa copy of which is in my app lol (battery indicator clock etc)14:28
faeniland you have two status bars? :/14:29
faenilah, maybe you're not using showFullscreen14:30
*** xhaakon has joined #nemomobile14:30
*** louisdk has joined #nemomobile14:30
sledgesthat's right :D now looks better14:31
sledgesi will reproduce your case now ;)14:31
sledgeswithout tools, there is no bar14:32
sledges(tools property ;))14:32
sledgesno toolbar on the bottom of the screen14:32
sledgeswe got there :D \o/14:32
sledgesthanks faenil14:33
faenilthanks :)14:33
faenilthank you :)14:33
sledgesnice, just created two pages \o/14:35
sledges(no back button appeared on the second one, so harmattan doesn't do anything what you don't tell it to ;))14:36
sledgesnow i can develop mobile apps :DDD14:36
faenilok ;) thanks14:36
*** VDVsx has joined #nemomobile14:37
faenildamn, there's something wrong14:38
sledgesdamn :)14:53
sledgesssu ur in .ks does not do the trick14:53
sledgesi think it tries to detect the hardware, so it needs to be run from device14:54
sledgesi'll investigate that oneshot thingy14:54
faenilif only Sage were here14:55
sledgesnothing is impossible with open source14:55
sledgesonly impossible takes longer14:55
alteregoAnyone happen to know how good Windows USB gadget networking is?14:57
alteregoI seem to remember it required a special driver.14:57
alteregoMaybe I'll test it myself.14:57
*** araujo has quit IRC14:59
*** araujo has joined #nemomobile15:00
*** xhaakon has quit IRC15:01
*** Figure has joined #nemomobile15:07
*** Morpog_PC has joined #nemomobile15:10
*** Morpog_N9_ has joined #nemomobile15:11
Morpog_PCfaenil, now I'm ready! :)15:13
faenilMorpog_PC, o/15:14
*** Morpog_N9 has quit IRC15:14
Morpog_PCok, so I'm following this guide15:14
Morpog_PCand I'm at the part where I clicked on test hook and it worked15:15
faenilok, now you need someone who can actually create the webhook15:15
faenilwhich is me, at the moemnt15:15
faenilI need git repo URL, OBS project name, and package name15:15
*** niqt has quit IRC15:16
faenilah ok I can see your webhook test15:16
faenil(it creates a dummy webhook entry)15:16
faenilOBS project name ^15:16
Morpog_PChaven't created any yet15:16
Morpog_PCshall I create one? Or need I just to choose a name?15:17
faenilactually I don't know if it has to be created before the webhook, I've always done it like that15:17
faenilsledges, ?15:17
Morpog_PCI've got that default home project15:17
sledgesMorpog_PC: i have a super-quick fix for svg bug, but it's a hack. it puts png priority over svg15:18
sledgesso if we'll never provide SVGs, we're safe15:18
sledgesproper fix might change logic of qtcomponents altogether, and will take longer15:18
Morpog_PChmm, sounds good as a temp fix15:18
sledgesMorpog_PC: faenil: just choose the same name for now15:19
faenilsledges, but he has to create project in his home15:19
faeniland assign cibot as maintainer15:19
sledgesyes, webhook will be retriggered by a tag15:19
sledgesno checks are performed during the time of webhooks creation15:19
faenilsledges, but...webhook automatically creates the package15:20
sledgesit doesn't15:20
sledgesif it's under home:15:20
faenilit does, 100%15:20
faenilpackage, not project15:21
faenilwhen you trigger build the package is created, if it's not there already15:21
sledgesNOTE: This is valid only when you are using webhooks outside nemo:* OBS projects, e.g., building with webhooks at home:*.15:21
faenilI'm just not sure if it can create the obs project as well, but probably not15:21
faenilsledges, "Preparing the target PROJECT"15:22
faenilMorpog_PC, so, you have to create an OBS project in your obs home15:22
Morpog_PCjust to understand this15:23
Morpog_PCunder this project I could add more packages to build, or only one?15:23
faenilsledges, is it clear now? :)15:23
faenilMorpog_PC, more15:23
Morpog_PCso the name would be something like nemo-stuff15:24
faenilwell, usually15:24
faenilsomething like that15:24
Morpog_PCthat is default15:24
sledgesfaenil: same answer, you can create webhook when project does not exist15:24
sledgesit attempts to create things if they don't exist at the time of the trigger15:25
Morpog_PCfaenil, home:Morpog exists by default15:25
Morpog_PCll users have a home:<login> project by default, and can also create new sub projects.15:25
faenilsledges, did you already say that? XD15:25
sledges16:17 < faenil> actually I don't know if it has to be created before the webhook, I've always done it like that15:25
faenilthat is me :P15:25
sledges16:19 < sledges> Morpog_PC: faenil: just choose the same name for now15:26
sledges16:19 < faenil> sledges, but he has to create project in his home15:26
sledges16:19 < sledges> yes, webhook will be retriggered by a tag15:26
faenilso you said "yes, he has to create a project" .....15:26
sledgesi said, for now just come up with the name15:26
faenilwhich is != "no, webhook will create the project"15:26
sledgesand don't forget it15:26
sledgeswhen you will be about to create that project15:27
sledgesyour orig question was about when to create what15:27
sledgesi answered - anytime15:27
faenilok, I meant "will webhook create that when triggering build, or doesn't it expect the project to be there already? in the case of the package, webhook will create the package itself, no need for us to create it"15:27
faenilor does it*15:27
Morpog_PCand package name would be nemo-theme-glacier I guess15:29
faenilsledges, so, if the project doesn't exist when you trigger build it will automatically create one by itself? :P15:29
faenilok, great15:29
faenilwith the package, it does15:29
sledges16:27 < sledges> when -you- will be about to create that project15:29
faenilargh, screw that15:30
sledgesbut that can be done -before- the webhook is created15:30
sledgesi jus answered your orig question15:30
faenilI should have been more clear15:30
faenilsledges, give me five15:31
faenilMorpog_PC, have you set cibot as mantainer?15:34
sledgesfaenil: thanks you just told me something I misunderstood earlier (package vs project)15:35
faenilsledges, ah, awesome :)15:35
*** exec_s has quit IRC15:35
sledgesi read 'project' in wiki, but I thought about it as 'package' :D and it (sadly) worked - you don't have to have cibot as maintainer on whole project, if you don't want it to create packages like mad15:35
faenilthat could be why we were on different frequencies :)15:35
sledgesyou can create package your own, and add cibot per-package15:36
sledgesthat's how i used to do up to now15:36
faenilcreate packages like mad?15:36
sledgesor overwriting your own stuff :p15:36
faenilwhy should it?15:37
sledgesthat you had super important patches only in obs ;)15:37
sledgesi thought it overwrites your existing projects15:37
sledgesbut what i just said still has nothing to do with your question about when to create webhook, and if project must be ready made at the time of webhook creation :P15:38
faenilyeah but now I'm wondering why webhook would overwrite your stuff :D15:39
sledgesit doesn't15:40
sledgesi thought it does :D15:40
faenilah ok :)15:40
sledgesit just adds files to your existing ones15:40
sledgesand takes over15:40
sledgesand then you forget it15:40
faenilyep :)15:40
sledgeswhy your new rpms don't contain your old work ;)15:40
sledgesbut that's only if you have stuff directly uploaded to obs (rare case, but can happen with legacy, and especially with HA files though)15:41
*** Xruxa has quit IRC15:41
Morpog_PCerm, faenil? Anything more I need to do? :)15:43
faenilMorpog_PC, probably set project to build against some repos15:43
faenilsledges, ^15:43
faenilwhat could nemo-theme-glacier need?15:43
Morpog_PCshouldn't I see a package now?15:43
faenilnot yet15:44
faenilI haven't set the webhook yet15:44
Morpog_PCah ok15:44
faenilbecause it will fail build if your project isn't correctly configured to build against to right repos15:44
sledges(nemo:devel:ux repo)15:44
faenilMorpog_PC, in your home project15:45
faenilclick on Repositories15:45
faeniland make it look like mine15:46
faenilexcept you will use nemo:devel:ux instead of nemo:devel:mw15:46
faenilMorpog_PC, not difficult, just takes few minutes to do from web UI15:46
Morpog_PCarmv7l and i586 should be enough?15:47
faenilyou want armv7hl, for n9/n95015:48
faeniland i586 for vm15:48
sledgesarmv8l in obs means armv7hl15:49
*** artemma has quit IRC15:50
*** jreznik has quit IRC15:50
sledgesis still confusing. the resulting repo is called nemo_devel_ux_latest_armv7hl , and afterwards you have to still choose all architectures :D15:50
*** kostaja has quit IRC15:51
Morpog_PCit's confusing as hell15:52
sledgeswe've all been through this ;)15:52
sledgesthis increases your chances of working for a mer-loving company in the future :D15:52
*** zhost has joined #nemomobile15:53
alteregosledges: you want one architecture per repo15:53
alteregoMake sure you select the right arch, armv8el for armv7hl15:53
*** artemma has joined #nemomobile15:53
alteregoAlso, you can remove the "nemo_devel_ux_" in the repo name ;)15:53
Stskeepsas a random note, most of jolla don't use obs directly15:53
Stskeepswe use mb15:53
alteregomatchbox? :P15:54
Stskeepsno, mb15:54
Stskeepsmb build -t sb2target rpm/foo.spec15:54
Stskeepsit's lovely15:54
Stskeepsor mb215:54
alteregoYeah, I've been using it a lot recently too.15:54
Morpog_PCfaenil, why is there only mer repositoried to choose from?15:55
sledgesalterego: thanks, i normally use more than one checkbox, things still work somehow :D15:55
sledgesMorpog_PC: add via alternative interface (link in top-right)15:56
Morpog_PCyeah, but that one is alot more confusing .)15:56
sledgesthere's no other way :D15:56
faenilStskeeps, we're setting up web repo to make it available for everyone15:56
sledgesand actually now it's less confusing since alterego explained15:56
faenilMorpog_PC, I hope that you won't trigger the same bug I triggered when I went through that...webUI was completely useless and had to it from cmd (which is much better in any case :D)15:57
*** nsuffys has quit IRC15:57
alteregoMorpog_PC: you want to build against "mer:devel" latest or next15:57
*** nsuffys has joined #nemomobile15:57
alteregoMorpog_PC: at least that's what works for me ;)15:57
alteregoHmm, I have an idea.15:58
sledgesalterego: his package depends on upper layers, it won't find Requires of built against mer:devek15:58
sledgess/of built against mer:devek/if built against mer:devel/15:59
alteregonemo:devel:mw ?15:59
Morpog_PCwell, I fill info in click add and it adds nothing :(15:59
*** NIN101 has joined #nemomobile15:59
sledgesalterego: yes. but it's a ux package, so best to depend on :ux, in case it requires something from :ux very soon ;)16:00
sledgesMorpog_PC: start typing nemo:devel:u and it will complete for you16:00
sledgesselect from drop down16:00
sledgesit will fill in the rest16:00
sledgeschoose armv7hl from combo, and tick armv8el as arch16:00
Morpog_PCstrange, that worked now16:02
Morpog_PCso, thats enough, or shall I really add all repos faenil has?
*** artemma has quit IRC16:04
sledgesis just fine now Morpog_PC16:07
faenillooks ok16:07
sledgesyou are doing this for yourself anyway16:07
sledgesand you are doing this because you want to see if it all compiles and looks ok inside rpm afterwards16:07
sledgescheck it's overview16:08
sledgesif it succeeded16:08
sledgesand then check the rpm16:08
sledges(best is unpacking rpm on your device/vm)16:08
sledges(by adding your own repo)16:08
faenilMorpog_PC, now you can create a new tag on github so that the package build on OBS is triggered16:08
sledgesthat one yea :D16:08
Morpog_PCI created a tag, but nothing happens?16:19
locusfpush it16:19
Morpog_PCI did16:19
locusfgit push --tags16:19
Morpog_PCwell I did git push origin tagname16:20
locusfsame thing, I guess16:20
sledgesgit push --tags origin master16:20
sledgesMorpog_PC: i have a fix for your package ;) PR sent16:21
Morpog_PCsledges, It told me everything is uptodate16:22
Morpog_PC so much ways to do the same thing....16:22
faenilMorpog_PC, I do it from WebUI16:23
Morpog_PCoh you can do it there too, lol? :)16:23
Morpog_PCwell, I see the release on github16:24
Morpog_PCbut nothing on OBS16:24
*** martyone_ has quit IRC16:25
Morpog_PCoops sledges, I thought it's the other way around16:26
Morpog_PCon symlinks16:26
sledgesMorpog_PC: check the bottom of
sledges;) all setup good (also recommend to join #mer-boss)16:30
sledgesnow tag time16:32
Morpog_PCso after merging your fix, I need to tag again to get that built?16:33
sledgesMorpog_PC: how did you create a tag btw?16:33
Morpog_PCvia shell16:33
sledgesexact cmdline16:33
alteregogit tag 0.0.116:33
alteregogit push --tags16:33
sledgesalterego: if he did git tag -a blabla, then it won't work16:34
Morpog_PCgit tag -a tagname16:34
sledgesMorpog_PC: no '-a' pls ;)16:34
alteregoMorpog_PC: you can remove that tag with: git tag -d tagname16:34
locusfnumerics only16:35
sledgeslocusf: it's because of '-a'16:35
Morpog_PCI shouldn't read random howtos :)16:35
sledges(annotate, not add , how i thought as well months ago :D)16:35
locusfah annotatsd16:35
alteregoYou should read the mer wiki :P16:35
sledgesmer what?16:35
sledgesi always thought '-a' stands for 'add' :D until things just never worked :D16:36
Morpog_PC * [new tag]         0.0.1 -> 0.0.116:36
sledgesMorpog_PC: retag16:39
sledgesgit tag -d 0.0.116:39
sledgesgit push :refs/tags/0.0.116:39
sledgesgit push origin :refs/tags/0.0.116:39
sledgesgit tag 0.0.116:39
sledgesgit push --tags16:39
sledges(that 2nd line -without origin- is wrong - ignore ;))16:39
Morpog_PCI just noticed16:40
Morpog_PC * [new tag]         0.0.1 -> 0.0.116:41
sledgeswhtfluff, something else is fishy16:41
sledgeslet me trigger rebuild16:41
sledgesworked :(16:41
sledgeswhy did you tag old version?16:41
sledgesyou should do git pull16:42
sledgesbut it should still work..16:42
faenilsledges, why tag -a won't work?16:42
sledgesfaenil: no idea16:42
Morpog_PCoh sorry, forgot to pull :(16:42
sledgesbut it should still work Morpog_PC ..16:42
Morpog_PCsledges, but without your commit, If I understand this rocket science right? :D16:43
faenilalterego, if you have some time, ^ :)16:43
faenilor locusf16:43
sledgeswhere's sfiet? :)16:44
faenilguess he's busy :/16:44
sledgesMorpog_PC: right16:44
alteregoDid those extra BRs fix your EGL issue?16:45
faenilalterego, nope, deleted and built new sb2 target16:45
faenilalterego, though now I have mesa headers in the sb2 target, not TI's16:45
alteregoShouldn't matter :)16:45
sledgesfaenil: well done on that PR!16:46
faenilalterego, yeah shouldn't16:46
Morpog_PCsledges, so If I pull now, tag again, will it build both or just the new one? (assuming it hasn't built yet)16:46
sledgesit will always build last added tag16:46
faenilsledges, thanks :) already have Page done mostly, but will wait for that PR to be reviewed before pushing page too ;)16:47
faeniland after page and appwindow, headerdock :) which is halfway as well :)16:47
sledgesanyone heard from Venemo? he also expressed interest once..16:48
sledges!seen venemo16:48
Merbotsledges: venemo was last seen in #nemomobile 8 weeks, 3 days, 20 hours, 30 minutes, and 44 seconds ago: <Venemo> the dragons will just eat my IRC client16:48
*** piggz has joined #nemomobile16:48
faenil8 weeks? :O16:48
sledgesMorpog_PC: delete that 'test' tag as well, in case it's trashing up16:48
sledges!seen venemo_n916:49
Merbotsledges: venemo_n9 was last seen in #nemomobile 2 weeks, 5 days, 5 hours, 44 minutes, and 13 seconds ago: <Venemo_N9> what's up?16:49
faenilyea but... :O16:49
alteregoI'm sure he'll pop back, think he's quite busy at the moment with school.16:51
alteregoGuess he would have just started back.16:51
Morpog_PCok, seemed to work16:51
sledgeswho knows what was wrong :D16:52
sledgeskeep calm and carry on :))16:52
Morpog_PCcan it be that you tagged too? :)16:52
faenilalterego, Venemo? he's busy with work16:52
sledgesi cannot tag you repo Morpog_PC16:52
Morpog_PCTag(s) by sledge in master branch of,16:52
alteregoI thought he was still in College, though having said that I kind of remember him saying he was working now.16:53
sledgesMorpog_PC: that was from webhooks admin interface ;)16:53
Morpog_PCah ok :)16:53
sledgesand should be of no influence16:53
alteregoHmm, I need a better chair.16:54
Morpog_PCso first tag you have to "approve"16:54
Morpog_PCI guess?16:54
faenilalterego, he's in uni, but still working, so he doesn't have much time to study :P16:54
sledgesMorpog_PC: should be of no influence16:54
alteregofaenil: ah, I remember those days ;)16:54
*** rcg has joined #nemomobile16:55
sledgesMorpog_PC: now go to repositories tab on obs, click on i486 (i assume you want to test it on your vm)16:55
sledgesclick on "go to download repository"16:55
sledgesand copy the url address16:55
sledgespaste it in vm:16:55
sledgeszypper ar URL_ADDRESS morpog_nemo_ux16:55
sledgesthen do16:55
sledgeszypper ref morpog_nemo_ux16:55
sledgeszypper in nemo-theme-glacier16:55
sledgesim off :D16:55
sledgesarivederci :)16:56
sledges+r ;)16:56
locusffaenil: testing16:56
Morpog_PCthx sledges, but that was the only part I would have get done by myself ;)16:57
faenillocusf, don't just test though, review code :P16:57
sledgesMorpog_PC: ah i guess you've done this before then ;) good!16:57
faenilsledges, o/16:57
locusffaenil: sure16:57
faenillocusf, :D16:57
Morpog_PCyep sledges16:57
locusffaenil: are there any guidelines to code review in Nemo btw?16:58
faenildon't think so16:58
*** sababa has quit IRC16:59
locusffaenil: ok16:59
*** sababa has joined #nemomobile17:00
*** piggz has quit IRC17:06
alteregolocusf: generally you get someone to review a PR.17:09
locusfalterego: I know that, but are there any general guidelines to what the code should look like etc ?17:09
alteregoper-project basis really.17:11
alteregoSo just try to keep consitency in each project. If you're doing your own then you can use your own personal preference. But generally we go by at least normal Qt guidelines for most mw/app level.17:12
locusfalterego: ?17:12
alteregoyes :)17:13
locusfokay, gotta read up on that17:13
locusffaenil: is it ok we follow those from now on or just do it freely without any guidelines?17:13
locusffaenil: I see you are already doing that17:14
alteregoI'd follow them where it doesn't make things look completely odd. Like I said, try to take a project by project precedence wrt to code style.17:16
alteregoBut those guidelines are basically how most people work, especially when they use qt creator.17:16
faenillocusf, yeah I try to unless I forgot some of them17:16
alterego~with regards to17:16
*** jreznik_ has joined #nemomobile17:16
*** NIN101 has quit IRC17:17
*** piggz has joined #nemomobile17:17
alteregoMost important thing is really readability and consistency, in that order :)17:18
*** NIN101 has joined #nemomobile17:18
faenillocusf, except I prefer to use curly braces even with one line17:18
locusffaenil: ok17:20
*** Pat_o has quit IRC17:20
alteregoI find it's usually best never to omit blocks.17:20
alteregoAnd also to not make blocks one liners.17:21
alteregomakes diffs smaller when you have to add something :P17:21
Morpog_PCyay it works17:26
Morpog_PChad to enable the theme manually by gconf, but it works17:26
*** gabriel9 has joined #nemomobile17:29
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile17:33
locusfMorpog_PC: how did you do it?17:34
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC17:36
*** jmlich has quit IRC17:36
Morpog_PClocusf, what?17:36
Morpog_PCsetting the theme?17:36
locusfMorpog_PC: yes17:36
Morpog_PC/usr/bin/gconftool-2 -s --type=string /meegotouch/theme/name glacier17:36
Morpog_PCbut I guess you won't see a difference without changed .desktop files17:37
Morpog_PCand without that nasty svg bug fixed17:37
locusfI can see the terminal changed :)17:37
Morpog_PCaah, fine :)17:37
locusfbut nothing else :/17:38
locusfoh well thats a start still :)17:38
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #nemomobile17:38
Morpog_PClocusf, still strange, it shouldn't have changed17:38
Morpog_PCor have you changed the .desktop entry by yourself?17:38
locusfMorpog_PC: nope havent17:39
Morpog_PCit points to icon-l-terminal or?17:39
Morpog_PCand icon name in glacier is icon-app-terminal17:39
*** Pat_o has quit IRC17:39
locusfso its a bit of a headscratcher17:40
Morpog_PCstrange then17:40
Morpog_PClocusf, I'm an Idiot17:41
Morpog_PCI extra made the symlink for that, lol17:41
Morpog_PCyou should although see settings icon too, but that could be because of that SVG bug17:42
Morpog_PCI wonder why it failed to set the theme in %post17:43
*** Martix has joined #nemomobile17:44
*** piggz has quit IRC17:49
*** piggz has joined #nemomobile17:50
locusfMorpog_PC: yeah settings doesn't work17:53
*** topro has quit IRC17:58
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC17:59
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #nemomobile18:01
*** piggz has quit IRC18:09
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile18:18
Morpog_PCyay, new icon size is in latest update in finally :)18:19
*** louisdk has quit IRC18:21
*** piggz has joined #nemomobile18:24
*** lbt has quit IRC18:36
Morpog_PCit's beatiful with fixed desktop entries18:36
*** lbt has joined #nemomobile18:36
Morpog_PCgeez twitter compresses the hell out of it18:39
Morpog_PCmaybe font size 1 or 2 points smaller18:41
alteregothink the cog for settings needs to be either thiner or thicker18:42
alteregolooks good though :)18:42
faenilif there's nobody else who wants to review the components code, I'll merge18:43
*** artemma has joined #nemomobile18:43
Morpog_PCyeah, some icons can still be finetuned, after all it's qwazix first version of them18:43
*** lbt has quit IRC18:44
*** lbt has joined #nemomobile18:45
*** lbt has quit IRC18:49
*** lbt has joined #nemomobile18:50
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC18:51
*** gabriel9 has joined #nemomobile18:52
*** lbt has quit IRC18:54
*** lbt has joined #nemomobile18:54
*** furikku has quit IRC19:08
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC19:19
*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile19:23
*** Eztran has joined #nemomobile19:28
*** keithzg has joined #nemomobile19:33
*** exec_s has joined #nemomobile19:34
*** faenil_ has joined #nemomobile19:36
*** faenil has quit IRC19:37
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC19:38
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #nemomobile19:39
*** Svetlana has joined #nemomobile19:43
*** Svetlana has quit IRC19:44
*** Morpog_Mobile_ has joined #nemomobile19:45
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC19:45
*** alien_ has joined #nemomobile19:51
*** jreznik_ has quit IRC19:54
*** drachensun has quit IRC19:57
*** drachensun has joined #nemomobile19:57
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC20:01
*** jreznik_ has joined #nemomobile20:02
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #nemomobile20:03
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #nemomobile20:03
*** faenil_ has quit IRC20:03
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile20:04
*** nsuffys has quit IRC20:16
faenilsledges, reload page ;)20:26
*** notmart has quit IRC20:28
*** thp_ has quit IRC20:31
sledgesfaenil: but from legacy(stone age) standpoint20:32
sledgesscreen width, is the longest edge20:32
sledgesbecause all monitors are/were landscape ;)20:32
faenilsledges, we'll just accept what will be offered by the guy who adds that to the compositor ;)20:33
sledgesa so it can br anything ;)20:33
sledgeswho's the lucky guy :))20:34
faenilI guess so, you just have to know which one it is, or it will create problems to people porting games from other platforms20:34
alteregoThis is why we use "Landscape" and "Portrait" ;)20:34
faenilsledges, he's like a prophet20:34
faenilalterego, talking about fb orientation here20:34
faenilsome have portrait, some landscape20:35
alteregoYeah, there's kernel cmdline for fixing that.20:35
faenilit seems we want something that abstracts that :)20:35
alteregoWell, if it's anywhere it should be in Qt20:36
*** Pat_o has quit IRC20:36
faenilalterego, in lipstick I think20:36
alteregoAs in QScreen20:36
faenil(it will be)20:36
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile20:37
faenilalterego, Qt doesn't do that, it offers primaryOrientation property exactly to avoid that20:37
faenil(and nativeOrientation if platform supports it)20:37
alteregoAh, okay. So it kind of knows :)20:37
faenilyes it does ;)20:37
faenilw00t may tell some more details (if he's not busy)20:39
alteregoI think he's quite busy at the moment.20:40
faenilzbenjamin, ping20:40
faenilalterego, yeah they're always busy nowadays :D20:40
zbenjaminfaenil: pong20:42
alteregoExciting times ahead :)20:43
faenilzbenjamin, you said you like middleware and downwards20:43
faenilalterego, yup :D20:43
faenilzbenjamin, have you seen performance on n9/n950?20:43
zbenjamingfx performance?20:43
*** thp_ has joined #nemomobile20:44
*** jreznik_ has quit IRC20:44
zbenjaminjust tried some apps for rotation, desktop rotates really good, apps otoh not so nice20:44
faenilhaven't you notices how FREAKING SLOW it is?20:45
sledgessearch page for "performance" for more info here:
*** thp__ has joined #nemomobile20:46
faenilgiucam, ping20:46
*** thp_ has quit IRC20:46
*** Pat_o has quit IRC20:47
giucamfaenil: pong20:47
sledgesthat or apitrace iirc <- faenil ?20:47
*** thp_ has joined #nemomobile20:47
zbenjaminyou hate me right? ;) what is your first preference this or statefs battery plugin20:47
faenilsledges, yes apitrace is what we were suggested20:47
faenilzbenjamin, I'd say this, but your choise ;)20:47
faenilzbenjamin, I don't hate you, I asked you to do components :)20:47
sledgesfaenil: but api trace will find bottlenecks above wayland20:48
*** thp_ is now known as thp20:48
zbenjaminfaenil: also nemo is really power hungry, don't we scale down the cpu?20:48
*** thp has quit IRC20:48
*** thp has joined #nemomobile20:48
sledgeswhat if the main perf drop is in lack of direct rendering?20:48
* artemma is sadly looking at his N9 with the broken and lost SIM card holder. I wonder how expensive it'd be to fix it20:48
zbenjaminfaenil: i need to look into direct rendering and compositing so i can not promise instant success ;)20:48
faenilzbenjamin, power hungry? it was up for 3 days (idle) and it hadn't run dry of battery yet20:48
zbenjaminmine runs out of battery like every day20:48
zbenjamindo you have a sim card in it?#20:49
zbenjamini don't only wlan enabled20:49
faenilzbenjamin, same here20:49
* sledges is happily looking into fusilli pasta just cooked (scotta ;)))20:49
zbenjaminsledges: share some ;)20:49
sledgesartemma: buy new sim tray20:50
faenilsledges, nooo scotta noo :D20:50
artemmasledges: you mean they sell it standalone somewhere??20:50
artemmaor that it's even standard for other devices??20:50
faenilgiucam, do you know what happened to
sledgesartemma: everyehere on ebay20:51
artemmadidn't think of that :)20:51
giucamfaenil: no20:51
faenilgiucam, ok :(20:51
zbenjaminfaenil: so basically what we want is that the compositor flips some screen buffer of the apps directly to the screen?20:51
sledgesartemma: and of you want to save some, buy tray of lumia 800 and cut one leg off (will find you TMO thread on that)20:52
artemmaoh, even this way20:52
artemmaso they are same size20:52
sledgeszbenjamin: something like that, needs more investigation on what qpa plugin is20:53
faenilzbenjamin, not sure, don't know the details, I just know it's freaking slow :(20:53
zbenjamini'll check out some docs about wayland and direct rendering maybe i can fnd something out20:54
*** lizardo has quit IRC20:54
sledgesand qpa ;D20:54
faenilzbenjamin, homescreen uses eglfs (but only homescreen)20:55
faenilin fact the app launcher is quite smooth (if you don't have anything open)20:56
zbenjaminfaenil: yeah homescreen is fast, also rotating without flickering20:56
faenilthere is also the problem that we don't have vsync20:56
sledgesguys hope it's just my n9, but i see tearing while scrolling app launcher20:57
sledgesx11 didnt have it20:57
zbenjamini have nothing to scroll :/20:57
zbenjaminnot enough apps so i can't try20:58
sledges:D fair point20:58
sledgesbut there is overshoot also20:58
sledgeseven if just couple of rows20:58
faenilsledges, <faenil> there is also the problem that we don't have vsync20:59
giucamwhat's the problem with direct rendering?20:59
faenilzbenjamin, well, you can scroll horizontally20:59
faenilgiucam, the problem is performance is dead low on n9/n95020:59
faenilI'd say 4-5 times slowed than on x1120:59
faenilwhen in QML apps20:59
faenilit's really, really slow21:00
giucamwell, but there's no indirect rendering with wayland21:00
faenilgiucam, we've been always told direct rendering wasn't implemented yet :(21:00
zbenjaminfaenil: please check if your phone uses llvmpipe21:00
giucamhmm... maybe it's something lower in the stack21:00
giucamin the driver21:00
faenilzbenjamin, LOL21:00
giucambut there's no such thing like x indirect rendering21:01
giucamwayland has no rendering api21:01
faenilgiucam, yeah I know21:01
*** NIN101 has quit IRC21:01
faenilgiucam, and yes it's probably in the driver, as we have a custom driver made by Stskeeps and updated by w00t21:01
zbenjaminfaenil: i think my n9 used llvmpipe somehow... can't remember how i did find out21:01
faenilzbenjamin, the phone won't start if you're using llvmpipe...21:02
zbenjaminah yeah the black screen problem i had21:02
zbenjaminthat was it21:02
faenilzbenjamin, can you make a quick video of you rotating fingerterm and opening+scrolling its side menu?21:03
faenilzbenjamin, ehehe21:03
faenilgiucam, if you can improve on that side, you're very welcome :D21:03
giucamfaenil: i doubt i can, i never developed a driver :)21:04
faenilgiucam, in case you change your mind...
sledgesgiucam: 21:45 < sledges> search page for "performance" for more info here:
giucamfaenil: but the biggest problem is i've no hardware to test that on :)21:06
faenilgiucam, ooooh :D big problem there21:06
giucamaah, but what w00t means there is that there's no compositing bypass i think21:06
sledgeszbenjamin: i see tearing when scrolling vertically even with just two rows of apps, you scroll up (swipe down) and the flickable list will 'flick' down and spring back - then you can see tearing across the middle of the screen (noted in landscape, as no rotation was yet in)21:07
MSameerare you sure it's tearing?21:07
giucamthough, compositing bypass is a compositor thing21:07
MSameeri used to see that during n9 development21:07
faenilMSameer, we don't have vsync21:07
sledgesyes, could be because of no vsync21:08
giucamw00t: can you confirm you meant that?21:08
MSameerwas a result of how hw does the render and then someone did some black magic to fix it21:08
MSameerfaenil: *stupid question* why do we not have vsync?21:08
faenilMSameer, because it's not implemented in wsegl for n950/n9 :)21:08
sledgesi wonder, if the performance falls only in21:09
*** keithzg has quit IRC21:09
MSameergood answer :D21:09
sledgesqml apps21:09
sledgesor overall21:09
faenilMSameer, :)21:09
sledges(as lipstick homescreen is not much to render there)21:09
MSameeri wonder how vsync works with wl21:09
faenilsledges, qmlgallery isn't much stuff either21:09
sledges(but the tearing suggested me it -might- be overall rendering slowness, and not qml bottlneck)21:09
giucamif there's no vsync tearing is to be expected21:10
sledgesfaenil: that backs my suspicion - where is the slowdown - in general rendering, or trackable via apitrace in qmls21:10
giucamor at least not strange21:10
faenilgiucam, in fact, no problem with tearing imho, we just have to implement vsync :)21:10
sledgesonly just :))21:11
faenilsledges, in any case, it's not a big problem21:11
faenilthe current performance is muuuuuuuch more important imho21:11
faenilas it's really not usable as it is21:11
MSameermy last nemo image is dead after i did zypper dup :p21:12
sledgesthat's what im talking about - current performance. but where to look for fix? i wonder across how many layers apitrace can show problems?21:12
sledgesMSameer: wayland?21:13
faenilMSameer, I talked to Stskeeps about the vsync fix at Smartdevcon, but I'm afraid I forgot most of the stuff already (bad memory :/ )21:13
sledgesyou should do ssu ur ;)21:13
MSameersledges: yup21:13
faenilMSameer, remove llvm stuff21:13
MSameerfaenil: i am trying to understand how vsync works with wayland but google is not helpful yet21:13
*** piggz has quit IRC21:13
sledgesbecause google(android) doesn't use it :D21:14
faenilMSameer, I'll try to remember what it was about...I just remember I thought it was not worth the time it needed21:14
MSameersledges: i don't have llvm bits :D21:14
MSameer[root@localhost nemo]# rpm -qa | grep llvm21:14
sledgeszypper se mesa21:14
sledgesrm all installed ones21:14
MSameernothing is installed
faenilMSameer, can you check if you have "WindowSystem=/usr/lib/" in /etc/powervr.ini21:16
faenilMSameer, did you already have wayland before dupping?21:17
faenilor were you coming from x11 nemo?21:17
MSameerfaenil: it was wayland21:17
MSameeractually, i got notification on the screen about usb21:17
MSameerso i think it's half dead21:17
faenilzypper se wsegl21:17
sledgesa ok so you got graphics21:17
faenilmaybe it's just the old black screen lipstick bug?21:17
MSameerbut black otherwise21:17
sledgesthen journalctl is your friend21:18
faenilMSameer, have you rebooted after dupping?21:18
Morpog_PCwasn't that just to zypper up again?21:18
faenilalso, are you using "latest rnd devel" repos?21:18
* MSameer hates journalctl :/21:18
MSameerfaenil: at least 2 times21:18
sledgespaste ssu -i21:18
faenilMSameer, check ssu status21:18
MSameerRelease (rnd): latest (devel)21:19
faenilpaste journalctl :)21:19
faenilthis is strange...21:19
MSameerjournalctl only?21:19
MSameerno other switches?21:19
faeniljournalctl from root21:20
*** giucam has quit IRC21:20
*** zhost has quit IRC21:20
MSameeri can do zypper dup first and see21:20
MSameermaybe i have missed something?21:20
faenilssu ur21:20
faeniland zypper ref zypper dup21:20
Morpog_PCbtw how can I see better output what happens when installing a package via zypper?21:20
Morpog_PCthis didn't help at all: ZYPP_LOGFILE=/home/nemo/zyppertest.log zypper -vv install -f nemo-theme-glacier21:21
faenilit should have21:21
zbenjaminfaenil: uploading21:24
faenilzbenjamin, thanks21:24
faenilzbenjamin, did you see how slow it is?21:24
faenilgood :)21:25
zbenjaminscrolling the menu is horrible21:25
sledgeswhat other qml* app does rotating except fingerterm?21:26
faenilsledges, rotating has nothing to do with the performance, if you got that idea :)21:27
faenilsledges, if you just wanted to know which apps currently rotate, I don't know :)21:27
*** piggz has joined #nemomobile21:27
faenilit's just that fingerterm's menu is particularly horrible21:28
faenilonce you scroll up it takes like 3-4 seconds before you can scroll down21:28
faenilyou'll see in the video ;)21:28
faenilsledges, wait, but you have the n9! XD21:28
sledgesfingerterm is totaly bananas, the initial ok button for me takes to react like forever21:29
faenilsledges, it's just simple qml21:29
sledgesso idk anymore what is due to bad overall performance, and what is due to specific implementation of things21:29
faenilsledges, well try any other app on nemo21:30
faenilit's all as slow21:30
sledgesyes, i touch it, it becomes white, and stays, until i touch it another many times :) to dismiss initial dialogue21:30
sledgesso rotation is not due to performance you said?21:30
faenilsledges, that's probably because of the compositor issues21:30
faenilsledges, it's always been there, before rotation was even an optoin21:31
sledgeswhat is performance on n950? same?21:32
faenilwell, on my n950 it's horrible21:32
faeniljust horrible21:32
faenildon't know if it's same on n9, but I guess so21:32
MSameersledges: faenil \o/21:33
MSameerback up :D21:33
faenilMSameer, another dup did it? :)21:33
faenilMSameer, did you notice what changed in the last dup?21:33
MSameerfaenil: a lot21:33
faenilMSameer, ok21:33
faenilprobably lacking ssu ur21:34
sledgeshe did that21:34
faenilsledges, also before the issue?21:34
MSameercan show you the list if you want but it's a page-full of stuff21:34
MSameerso now vsync21:35
Morpog_PCwow, performance on device is really horrible21:35
MSameerproblem is, I don't understand wl :D21:35
faenilfinally someone can suffer with me21:35
faenilMSameer, no problem ;)21:36
faenilzbenjamin, thanks21:36
* Morpog_PC *fluffles* his VM21:36
sledgeslet's put VM on a tablet, and launch nemo fullscreen on it :D hardware adaptation done :))21:37
faenilit would still be faster, xD21:37
Morpog_PCwell, doable on those latest haswell tablets :)21:38
*** cxl000 has quit IRC21:38
sledgeswait more time till they release snapdragon 80000, then can have on phone too :)21:38
sledgesMSameer: welcome to our world :)21:39
zbenjaminfaenil: cant we use egl for apps too?21:40
*** cxl000 has joined #nemomobile21:40
faenilzbenjamin, nope, it's eglfs, egl fullscreen21:40
faenilit we did that it would conflict with the homescreen21:41
zbenjaminhrm right21:41
MSameersledges: i am always there spying :D21:41
sledges(i always thought fs = file system, always going like eglfs - wth :))21:41
faenilsledges, :)21:41
sledgesMSameer: I reckon so, now you've been disclosed :)21:41
MSameeri never knew what eglfs until now ;)21:42
* artemma thinks how complex it'd be to install memo to his N9 if he never did anything like this before21:42
sledgesartemma: it might not happen overnight, but we are here to help21:43
MSameerit's a nice video but i don't have all those apps21:43
zbenjamindo we have a custom qpa? or do we use std wayland?21:43
sledgesMSameer: sec21:43
artemmaokay, then probably no. For me it'd be entertainment, not likely to help nemo21:43
sledgesMSameer: ^21:43
sledgesartemma: *we are here to help you ;)21:44
MSameerzypper in -t pattern -f nemo-n950-wayland21:44
artemmaI'll keep it in mind, thanks :)21:45
sledgesMSameer: nice shortcut, i'll keep that in mind :)21:45
MSameeri hate package kit really ;)21:45
zbenjaminok guys i'm off for today21:46
sledgesartemma: if you're curious, updating and trying out nemo every other week on your phone would be great help also for us, if you spot something not working21:46
zbenjamincya all tomorrow21:46
faenilzbenjamin, don't know about that :/21:46
zbenjamini'll check that out tomorrow21:46
sledgesfirst one most worth of interest imho21:46
faenilthat's eglfs21:46
MSameerso launch clock, tap on new21:47
sledgesouch, the second one that is21:47
MSameerand now the performnce hurts my eyes21:47
sledgesfaenil: it's called qpa-eglfs21:47
faenilMSameer, see? :( you can imagine my eyes when I got nemo wayland image built21:47
faenilsledges, yes but that's eglfs?21:47
sledgesfaenil: i just foudn via obs search, don't ask me :D21:48
MSameerbrightness/fade in is bad21:48
MSameeri wonder21:48
sledgessearching for 'qpa' ;) to zbenjamin's question21:48
faenilMSameer, really, open fingerterm and scroll side menu21:48
faenillike in video21:48
faenilyou have to feel how bad it is21:48
MSameerfaenil: i hate fingerterm so no :P21:48
sledgesalso try to scroll there where there's no keyboard behind ;)21:48
faenilMSameer, do that! XD21:49
*** araujo has quit IRC21:49
MSameerfaenil: but that is the problem, i don't know how to use fingerterm21:50
faenilMSameer, just click on the icon :P21:50
faeniland when it's open, there is a "three lines" icon on top  right21:50
*** araujo has joined #nemomobile21:50
faeniltap that until the menu scrolls in from the sides21:50
MSameerthat's horrible21:51
Morpog_PCsledges I'm trying to find out what fails at setting theme in %post in spec file21:51
Morpog_PCI think it can't read theme key and thus doesn't set it21:52
Morpog_PCgot a warning which I don't understand properly I think21:52
sledgesMorpog_PC: forgot to tell you about that21:53
sledgesit's not abug21:53
sledgesit's a feature :D21:53
MSameerfaenil: but i launched fingerterm -platform eglfs21:53
sledgestheme name is already set, so it does not overwrite it21:53
MSameerfaenil: from ssh and that seem to be working way better21:53
faenilMSameer, indeed21:54
faenilexcept it fights with homescreen :)21:54
faenilonly homescreen should run as eglfs21:54
Morpog_PCsledges, yes, the script tried to read the value21:54
sledgesMorpog_PC: that needs to be run as root21:54
Morpog_PCsame error there21:54
sledgesand also you need % sign in front of file name21:55
sledges(check for path existence dir by dir)21:55
Morpog_PCI'm in SSH atm21:55
Morpog_PCpath exists21:57
*** cxl000 has quit IRC21:57
sledgesand file?21:57
Morpog_PCit's a folder21:57
Morpog_PCnot a file21:57
sledgesand inside there's a file21:57
sledgesstarts with %21:57
sledgesthat's the --config-source21:57
Morpog_PCyes, but thats not in spec file indcluded21:58
sledgesspec file resolves it itself21:58
sledgesand the command creates it21:58
Morpog_PCfile does exist and in tehre is theme key defined as darko21:58
sledgesConfig_Src=`/usr/bin/gconftool-2 --get-default-source`21:58
sledgesyour pasted command above should return value "darko"21:59
*** piggz has quit IRC21:59
Morpog_PCit should, but it doesn't21:59
*** piggz has joined #nemomobile21:59
Morpog_PCthats why I wonder21:59
sledgesfor other reasons ;)21:59
Morpog_PCmeh, why? :)21:59
sledgesjust perform in shell:21:59
sledgesConfig_Src=`/usr/bin/gconftool-2 --get-default-source`22:00
sledges/usr/bin/gconftool-2 --direct --config-source $Config_Src -g /meegotouch/theme/name22:00
sledgesyou need to specify filename22:00
sledgespath is not enough22:00
Morpog_PCwell result of config source was /etc/gconf/gconf.xml.defaults22:02
sledgesso does it work now or not? :))22:02
Morpog_PCyeah, but why does it work as variable and not as abolute path?22:02
sledgesecho $Config_Src22:02
sledgesthere ya go22:03
Morpog_PCok, thats a bit different22:03
Morpog_PCok, so lets see if I can set it that way22:03
* sledges memory is ofc imperfect as well22:03
sledgesMorpog_PC: don't set it that way22:03
Morpog_PCit's in the spec that way :)22:04
sledgesset it the way you did before:22:04
Morpog_PCwanted to see why it fails22:04
sledges/usr/bin/gconftool-2 -s --type=string /meegotouch/theme/name glacier22:04
sledgesit won't fail22:04
*** piggz has quit IRC22:04
sledgesit will set systemwide22:04
sledgesjust that .spec file does not even try to change it ;)22:04
Morpog_PCbut it worked also that way22:05
Morpog_PCwhy not whhile installing?22:05
sledgesyes it works22:05
sledges23:04 < sledges> just that .spec file does not even try to change it ;)22:05
sledgesif [ -z $Theme_Name ]; then22:05
sledges22:54 < sledges> theme name is already set, so it does not overwrite it22:06
Aardif [ -z "$Theme_Name" ];22:06
Morpog_PCok, I interperetet that if not glacier then set glacier :)22:06
Aardwithout the " it'll blow up if $Theme_Name is empty22:06
sledgesok, coffee22:06
sledgesAard: thanks!22:06
* sledges sips some camomila tea, and goes to sleep22:07
sledgesthat time of day i guess :)22:07
* Aard is just on his way to bed as well, just saw that scrolling by and cringed ;)22:07
Morpog_PCwell, but theme name isn't empty22:07
sledgesMorpog_PC: that's why it doesn't blow up22:08
sledgesall good22:08
* sledges hides22:08
Morpog_PCok, what does that -z do?22:08
AardMorpog_PC: test if the string is empty22:08
Aardwith "" around the variable you test against an empty string, if variable is not set. without it you test against nothing, which will throw an error about missing argument22:09
Morpog_PCok I understand that22:09
Morpog_PCbut that whole if checks for theme name glacier and should set it if it's not, or do I need coffee? :)22:10
sledgesyou need22:10
sledgesthat "if" checks if the theme name is empty. and if it is empty, it sets it to glacier22:11
sledgesotherwise leaves as it was (in our case - darko)22:11
Morpog_PCargh, I must be dumb :(22:11
Morpog_PCI know why I was so bad at coding in school :)22:11
AardMorpog_PC: see 'man test' -- [ is just one way to call test. you could write the above as if test -z "$Theme_Name"; as well22:11
sledgesyou're just getting your feet wet. i wrote that "if", and Aard just told off about possible blowups ;)22:12
faenilcya tomorrow peeps22:12
*** DarkSim has quit IRC22:13
Morpog_PCcya faenil22:13
Morpog_PCok, so I set that quotes just for the case :)22:13
sledgesoh yes please :D22:13
AardMorpog_PC: well, most people want to test for "is it zero or not", not "is it not zero, or does it blow up" :)22:14
sledgesi need to PR meegotouch-theme-darko ;)22:14
*** fk_lx has quit IRC22:14
Morpog_PCsledges, I think that even came from base theme22:14
sledgesyes that one22:15
sledges(looks around for coffee...nah, bed is closer :))22:15
*** fk_lx has joined #nemomobile22:16
MSameer[2572066.406]  -> wl_shm_pool@7.create_buffer(new id wl_buffer@29, 4032, 10, 16, 40, 0)22:16
MSameeri thought we should not use wl_shm ?22:16
MSameerand use pure gl?22:16
*** rcg has quit IRC22:18
alteregoHey MSameer :)22:27
MSameeralterego: hello tom :)22:27
MSameerhow's it going?22:28
alteregoPretty good, trying to keep myself busy. How about yourself?22:28
MSameerso far so good22:28
alteregogood, good. did you get up to anything nice during the summer?22:30
MSameernot reallt22:31
MSameernot really22:31
MSameeri am postponing it until december22:31
MSameeror hoping to22:31
alteregoYeah, I didn't really do anything either.22:32
alteregoWell, I did quite a lot, I just didn't go anywhere :/22:32
MSameerthat's good in itself22:33
MSameerat least from a positive pov :)22:33
alteregoWell, like I said, been trying to keep busy :)22:33
MSameeri hope you are enjoying what you are doing :)22:34
alteregoWell, I'm doing quite a few things I do enjoy doing, so generally yes. :)22:34
*** alien_ has quit IRC22:34
MSameerglad to hear that22:35
alteregoYou might be interested, I turned a raspberry pi into a Spotify internet jukebox thing a couple of months ago.22:36
alteregoGoing to package up the MW and stick it in nemo tomorrow I think, been putting it off long enough.22:36
alteregoUses MPD so I have an app on my tablet and desktop that controls it, no UI yet.22:36
MSameeri wanted to get an rpi and use it with xbmc22:37
alteregoYeah, I hear a lot of people do that.22:37
MSameerbut i'm being put off by the licenses i have to buy to use the hw decoders22:37
alteregoI'm using an external USB sound card ;)22:37
alteregoIt's much better quality anyway.22:37
alteregoYou can buy and wire up an SPI audio codec.22:38
MSameerthe license is not expensive but i hate the act itself22:38
alteregoI have one of those also, but haven't bothered compiling the kernel modules for it yet.22:38
MSameerbut videos?22:38
alteregoYeah, not using it for video :/22:38
alteregoI was going to get one of those Android dongles and move the platform to that.22:39
MSameerhave you researched?22:39
MSameerwhich one would you buy?22:39
MSameeri am a bit puzzled22:39
alteregoI've not researched them really no, but all that's required is for someone to have rooted them, and managed to get adb and fastboot working.22:40
alteregoThat's if you can't fastboot out of the box.22:40
MSameerbut they are a factory22:41
MSameerso cannot order a single unit22:41
alteregoThen find someone that has got them from them ;)22:41
alteregoI have been pointed to a couple by Carsten, if you're interested in getting one he's a good person to ask.22:42
alteregoI'm still working on the mw and adaptation side of things at the moment.22:42
MSameergood luck with that :)22:43
alteregoAnd my Android test device is a 2012 wifi nexus 722:43
MSameeri think i will do more research first22:43
* MSameer hates nexus7 :(22:43
MSameerit's only 7" :p22:43
alteregoI don't like Android, I quite like the device.22:43
alteregoWell, I think it's the perfect size for me. Fits in my inside jacket pocket perfectly :)22:44
alteregoThough I am getting a bit weighed down on my left side from phone and tablet when I'm wandering around.22:44
MSameeri wanted a nexus10 but the suckers included only wifi22:44
alterego(808 PureView is a bit of a brick) :)22:44
MSameeralterego: move to other pocket? ;)22:45
alteregoIf I do that, I'll confuse myself for a while to where everything is kept. I have quite specific pockets for specific things. :)22:45
alteregoI like to think this is why I've never really lost anything or had it stolen.22:46
* MSameer starts to learn what's inside alterego's pockets ;)22:46
MSameernah, social engineering :P22:49
alteregoHmm, I think I've inadvertantly created another build service.22:49
alteregoI have been clean of facebook for about 4 months now I think.22:50
alteregoI use a dedicated messaging app, but not looked at the profile in months.22:50
alteregoThough I still managed to get fraped by my girlfriend a week or so ago -_-22:50
vgradesee lots of hybris tinkering going on22:54
alteregoIt is certainly an interesting platform to work on.22:55
alteregoWhat have you been up to recently?22:55
vgrademostly A10/A20 adaptation22:55
vgradeno, Allwinner22:56
vgradeunless the new lenovo uses A10 from allwinner22:57
alteregolenovo is quad core a922:57
vgradecubieboard1 and 2,  also eoma68 which will be in kde tablet22:57
alteregoI have to say .. I'm tempted:
alteregoI bet thats super slim22:58
alteregoand a flippable display.22:58
vgraderk3188 is next big soc22:59
vgradewill be my next port of mer and hybris22:59
vgradehave it in radxa and tesco hudl22:59
alteregoI'm not really too familiar with _all_ the architectures at the moment. I've mostly been building things against AOSP sources. Which makes chipset selection a little more limiting.23:00
vgradealthough tesco are being a bit tardy with kernel source23:00
alteregoOh, it's in the tesco one?23:00
alteregoI have a friend who works there, big web developer, he helped them with some of the stuff on it I believe.23:00
alteregoMaybe I could have some words with him ;)23:00
alteregoI hate Tesco, but I would be impressed if they gave a crap about FOSS.23:01
vgradeI heared that archos did the adaptation for them23:01
alteregoInteresting, well they may have kept anything major internal for an edge23:01
vgradeyea, its taken me over a month for them to admit they need to provide something.  Big target though for gpl violations23:01
alteregoYou should get GNU to do it. I think they'd love it.23:02
vgradehave all source from rk for radaxa so might get by without but always best to get actual sources23:03
alteregoWell, as with everything, sometimes that isn't enough either :)23:04
alteregoI really like the idea of a slim flippable tablet/netbook.23:04
alteregoinstead of a tablet.23:04
Morpog_PCjesus, I finally understand sledges, had to reread log...... I really need coffee.23:05
vgradeyea just looking at it now23:05
vgradeMorpog_PC: \o23:05
alterego"dedicated android keys", heh.23:05
alteregoMaybe useful with android app emulation23:06
alteregoEverywhere I look I see lumia adverts.23:07
vgradeor a nice Maui desktop23:08
Morpog_PCbut you don't see anyone using one I guess alterego?23:08
alteregoHave you played with ubuntu touch at all?23:08
alteregoOr mobile or whatever.23:08
alteregoMorpog_PC: I know a few that have the 80023:08
alteregoI had two, sold one and gave the other to my exgirlfriend.23:08
vgradeI had two, one died, other is still going strong23:09
alteregoI did play with it a bit, the transitions were nice and smooth, the interface wasn't completely awful though the back button behaviour is somewhat retarded.23:09
alteregoAnd the ability, as it was then, of not being able to create native binaries, you could only used sandboxed .NET was a bit of a put off.23:10
vgradeubuntu touch not something I'm interested in really23:10
vgradebut good to see qt everywhere23:10
alteregoMe either, I downloaded the installer before I reinstalled my computer. But I never got around to using it on the nexus.23:10
alteregoYeah, definitely. I was supprised to hear, from my Dad of all people, that they were using hybris.23:11
alteregoI actually had no idea until a week and a half ago.23:11
*** thp has quit IRC23:11
alteregoStill, from the state of their desktop, even though I do use it. I wouldn't use their phone stuff.23:12
vgradenot something they shout about23:12
alteregoAnd the tie in with Amazon.23:12
alteregoLinux Format have had a Jolla feature every month for about the last 1223:12
alteregoThere is always a mention of them, last month they did a review of all these different mobile os variations (android, ubuntu, tizen, other android stuff (cyanogen), and sailfish).23:13
alteregoThough they mention their only use of sailfish so far has been in the emulator. Everything has been very positive really :)23:13
vgradeyea, its very exciting23:14
alteregoDid you put in a preorder? :)23:14
alteregoI got my t-shirt about a month ago.23:14
vgradesame here23:14
alteregoI'm not going to wear it until the day the phone arrives. Then I'll have a little party.23:14
vgrademore interested in the arm blobs so we can run it on other hardware though :)23:15
alteregoWell, if we have the device, we have the right to use it ourselves.23:15
alteregoLimiting redistribution of software just seems so limiting.23:16
vgradewho said it would be limited?23:16
alteregoI mean as in redistributably limiting.23:16
alteregoIt doesn't really matter, but binary blobs are binary blobs, and they're always a pain when you want to do something slightly unexpected.23:17
alteregoThough things have got a lot better.23:17
alteregoEven nVidia seem to be openning up their doors a bit recently.23:17
vgradenVidia are much better than some23:18
MSameernvidia is trying to protect itself by opening up23:19
MSameerbut they are as bad as the others23:19
alteregoYeah, damn this corporate bs!23:19
alteregoUnfortunately, being anti-corp now-a-days is like being an anarchist.23:20
alteregoJust like Athiesm is quite heavily frowned upon I've noticed.23:20
MSameeri am loyal to free software23:20
MSameerall others think they have me :P23:21
alteregoI am loyal to freedom of information!23:21
MSameerthat too23:21
alteregoIf the NSA can have my metadata, why can I not have theirs! :)23:21
*** thp has joined #nemomobile23:21
alteregoMaybe I'll start writing comments with "bomb" and "attack" in them in my code.23:22
alteregoI guess that way any time a patch or source file is moved about it'll pollute their heuristics.23:23
vgradethp: \o23:23
alteregoOoo, little stories or fables in my comments.23:23
alterego"There was a man in a white house...."23:23
alteregoanyhow, v ot23:24
* alterego cowers behind is VPN23:24
vgradethp: was meaning to ask how well are the SDL2 apps working on wayland23:24
thpvgrade: quite okay, why? you can git clone and try it out yourself :)23:25
thpno accelerometer -> joystick mapping yet, though23:26
vgradethp: was thinking about it for a client , I'll give it a go23:27
*** Martix has quit IRC23:28
*** Martix has joined #nemomobile23:31
*** Martix has quit IRC23:36
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*** blam has joined #nemomobile23:59

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