Thursday, 2013-10-24

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Stskeepsjussi: i knew it!05:48
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zbenjaminmorning guys05:55
Stskeepsgood morning zbenjamin05:55
zbenjaminStskeeps: hey05:55
zbenjaminwhere comes the qwayland compositor library from?05:57
zbenjamincannot find its repository05:57
zbenjaminthis one?
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juicememorning :)08:10
juicemefaenil, just uploaded the new README to
juicemehappy now? :)08:13
juiceme(and if not, please tell me and I'll fix it wile I am @speed on it :) :)08:13
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faeniljuiceme, structure is a lot better :)08:16
faenilnot going to read it all again :D08:16
faenilbut yeah main problem for me was getting confused with the alternative installations08:17
juicemebasically what I did, I removed all old stuff and put that under "historical" in the end of it08:17
faenilexactly what was needed imho :)08:17
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sledgesfaenil: o!09:12
sledgeshey juiceme , nice README :)09:12
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faenilsledges, o/09:19
* zbenjamin just had the 2nd canonical interview ....09:19
faenilzbenjamin, o/09:20
faenildon't forget to finish stuff here before leaving, ahah09:20
zbenjaminfaenil: seems if i get the job i would be working on compontents also ;)09:20
faenilzbenjamin, ah cool :)09:20
sledgeszbenjamin: what do you work currently?09:20
sledgesjuiceme: is there a tl;dr version? :)09:21
zbenjaminsledges: doing qt based webservices atm09:21
sledgesqt based web.... mmmmm :)09:21
sledgesgoood is oss ;)09:22
zbenjaminqt based , threaded plugin based web application library09:22
zbenjaminsledges: not everything09:22
sledgesi guess that's not part if your hobby time :)09:22
zbenjaminwhats not part?09:23
sledgesthis project09:24
zbenjaminnope thats what i get paid for09:24
zbenjamini replaced a closed web application server with it, maybe you know it its from a company called clausmark09:25
sledgesgreat to hear Qt is put to good everywhere (Qt everywhere ;))09:25
sledgeshaven't heard nope09:25
zbenjaminits a qt based web application server based on soap09:25
zbenjaminwhich meaned we needed some software between the qt server and the browser to translate soap to json09:26
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zbenjamini added threading to tufao and ported out application code to it. response time is now at least twice as fast as before ;)09:26
* zbenjamin is a littlebit proud of that09:27
phakohow do I flash back vanilla n9 firmware to a device running moslo? Is there a howto for that somewhere?09:27
sledgesphako: what's the long goal? ;)09:28
phakoget rid of that stupid openmode warning09:28
phakodidn't pay attention09:28
sledgesah with nowarning flags in flasher, im sort of proud of it :D are you flashing openmode again afterwards?09:29
sledgeszbenjamin: great work!09:29
sledgess/it/warning nag screen/09:30
juicemesledges, sure you mean "disclaimer-cal remove View-openmode", and not "nowarning flags in flasher" :)09:30
zbenjaminis there a way to remove that warning after flashing to nemo09:30
sledgesjuiceme: thanks, i knew i was going wrong somewhere09:31
juicemezbenjamin, sure09:31
sledgesjuiceme: at which point should it be launched?09:31
juicemezbenjamin, you can do it with a JTAG programmer and a bit of critical info :)09:31
juicemesledges, it does not matter when you do the removal, just it has to be done when in closed mode09:32
sledgesjuiceme: got it09:32
juicemewhat i recommend, is to first flash closed mode, then "disclaimer-cal remove View-openmode"09:33
sledgesis what phako is up to09:33
sledgeswill he need to flash emmc as well?09:33
sledgesas that's not in the wiki09:33
phakosledges: mhm09:33
juicemethen flash closedmode-openmode back-to-back, so that device does not boot between the flashes09:33
phakoforgot sudo ;)09:33
sledgesphako: this might be even more sophisticated:
phakohaven't flashed in a while, forgot all the magic commands :(09:34
phakosledges: getting the firmware is not the issue09:35
sledgesnot about getting fw, but about the emmc aspect09:35
sledgesthere are two .bins09:35
phakoI know09:35
sledgesi forgot if flashing DFL is enough or not09:35
sledgesor EMMC is also needed09:35
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faenilbbl lesson12:15
sledgesdidn't know you were here :D12:16
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faenilsledges, well well :)14:21
sledges'cause you seemed quite silent on the PR ;)14:22
sledgeshaving asked me to fix that yourself :))14:22
sledgesi.e. since you asked me to fixed that ;)14:23
faenilbeen quite busy in the morning14:24
faenilwhich PR?14:24
faenilah, right14:25
faenilcan you explain what's behind that :) me learns14:25
sledgesoneshot is a service to fire one-off jobs, and then forget about them14:26
faenilyeah I know that part :)14:26
faenilwhat's bootstrap for, and why wasn't this fix needed so far (in the past)14:27
sledgesssu ur is triggered upon every installation of ssu-vendor-data-nemo14:27
sledgesincluding mic building14:27
sledgesbut then ssu doesn't know about the device it runs in14:27
sledgesso mic process needs to let itself known to the oneshot service14:28
sledgesbefore running every job, oneshot checks for /.bootstrap, and if it is there, defers the job until next time (boot)14:29
faenilah ok, I see14:29
faenilthanks :)14:29
sledgesthanks to Aard for this ;)14:29
sledgesgiucam: it looks like not only you had same thoughts:
faenilsledges, not needed for VM?14:30
sledgesfaenil: haven't checked. needed if zypper dup fails without adaptation*, but since it pulls in mesa anyway so :D14:31
sledges^ that's why i didn't bother checking :D14:31
sledgesi just don't like trashing .ks file like this, probably will add this with comments to nemo-kickstarter-configs later on14:32
sledgeswhen we have proper release structure like good old x11 times :)14:32
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sledge-utfዞᏜ℘℘Ꮍ ℬℹℛʈዞᗬᏜᎽ faenil \o/14:43
faenilawesome! :D14:43
faenilthanks! :)14:43
sledges:D cheers socio, one year smarter :)14:44
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Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: I would love to write happy birthday with QML and particles, but didn't had time14:50
Sfiet_Konstantinnext time I guess14:50
Sfiet_Konstantinfaenil: happy birthday anyway faenil14:51
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faenilSfiet_Konstantin, I'll never forgive you14:51
faenilthanks buddy :)14:51
Sfiet_Konstantinsledges: is your utf clone here to write utf stuff ?14:51
Sfiet_Konstantinmorning sledges btw14:51
sledgesafternoon Sfiet_Konstantin Sfiet_Konstantin :)14:51
sledgesif sledgeSim was writing from a Sim card, yes :)14:52
sledgeswb Sfiet_Konstantin btw :)14:52
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Sfiet_Konstantinit is not finished sledges14:53
Sfiet_KonstantinI just wasted x hours of my life drawing UML14:53
Sfiet_Konstantintomorrow is the exam14:53
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faenilgood luck with that mate!14:53
sledgesroger that :) all the best with it!14:53
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Sfiet_KonstantinI hope it is ok15:16
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faenilsledges, locusf
*** gabriel9 has joined #nemomobile16:20
faeniljust to keep your reviewer skills in shape :D16:20
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faenilit's quite long16:20
faenilbut remember to skip autogenerated code16:21
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faenilw00t, I'm seeing strange behaviour since last changes to compositor (or qtwayland)16:22
faenilit seems it's not drawing the last frame of each sequence16:23
faenili.e. touch a button, move my finger around, when I release the finger the on clicked is fired but the button isn't release (the gfx isn't updated)16:23
faenilsame happens with some animations16:24
sledgesfaenil: is that PR your birthday present from you? :))16:24
faenilit stops at the frame (or few frames? not sure) before completing the animation16:24
faenilsledges, sure :)16:24
sledges(count my .ks PR as one for you :D)16:24
faenilw00t, and next time I tap anywhere on screen, all is updated (as expected)16:26
faenilso it's really not drawing the last frame before going idle16:26
sledgesfaenil: so the non-refactored bits are still in ;)16:27
faenilsledges, yes, there is no point to do otherwise at the moment16:28
faenilsledges, but if it hurts your eyes I can do that in no time ;)16:29
sledgeswell i see you are happy modifying code ~n times without bugs(?) ;)16:29
sledgeswhen doing 1 logical change16:29
sledgesyou had to make these identical changes 6 times:
faeniloh yeah, of course :)16:30
faenilit's on purpose though16:30
faenilwanted to show that each page has its own toolbar at the moment16:31
faenil(which is something we might consider changing, but requires changing official StackView so I haven't done that)16:31
sledgesso you can't do that in no time ;)16:31
faenilyes I can, the last thing is a separate (but related) matter16:32
sledgesyou're saying that if each page had really different toolbar, we would not be able to abstract it ofc16:32
sledgesbut how is it in real life?16:32
sledgessimple toolbar for each page16:32
sledgesabstracted away16:33
sledgesand 1 or 2 pages introduce their customised one16:33
faenilno they all have the same toolbar, in that example16:33
sledgesi know16:33
sledgesthat's why it hurts my eyes16:33
sledgesbut im talkin real life, not that example16:33
sledges(and example should reflect real life where possible imho :))16:34
faenilok, you won :D16:37
faenillet's see how long it takes :P16:38
sledgesi see where you are coming from - if every example's .qml file is an isolated case - so you just replicate that toolbar everywhere16:39
sledgesno problem with that16:39
sledgesthe problem is that im sure you will forget a character change here or there doing it 6 times per change16:39
sledgesand bugs and diversion will set in16:40
sledges(unless you do sed -i 's/blabla\nbladibla\blala/change\rchange\rchange' *) :D16:41
*** jreznik has joined #nemomobile16:41
sledges(still quite tedious that one :))16:41
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faenilsledges, there you go :)16:59
*** mike7b4_on_x230 has joined #nemomobile17:01
mike7b4_on_x230aac streaming? I have gst-bad/gst-good/base installed but still my internet radio app says missing plugin?17:02
mike7b4_on_x230hmmm what gst plugin/qml mulktimedia does provide17:02
mike7b4_on_x230aac streaming? I have gst-bad/gst-good/base installed but still my internet radio app says missing plugin?17:02
faenilmike7b4_on_x230, mmm can't help with that :/17:03
mike7b4_on_x230or wait took it from my old harmattan branch ""  but now I realize also provides ogg better use that ... :)17:04
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mike7b4_on_x230whoops seems cant set volume in nemomobile?17:08
faenilmike7b4_on_x230, probably...Nemo wayland is all WIP17:08
faeniland considerably slower than nemo x1117:08
mike7b4_on_x230yep :)17:09
faenilmike7b4_on_x230, though you can help the second limit with "echo 0 > /sys/devices/omapdss/display0/tear_elim"17:09
faenilyou get diagonal tearing, but performance is bearable, at least17:09
mike7b4_on_x230not sure I am runing wayland, I created from .ks file from  git kickstarter-configs ps ax shows Xorg?17:13
faenilah, so you're on xorg17:14
faenilfyi, you can find wayland ks here
*** Eztran_ has joined #nemomobile17:15
mike7b4_on_x230faenil: nice, I will check that soon17:15
faenilmike7b4_on_x230, we're looking for someone to help with speeding it up on n9/n950, as it's very slow17:16
*** Eztran has quit IRC17:18
sledgesmike7b4_on_x230: x11 nemo volume does work with volume buttons (if you bake from ready-made image of June ;))17:18
sledgesfaenil: very nice now very clean \o/17:19
faenilsledges, :)17:19
sledgesnow will check the green lines17:19
sledges(erm not now, later :D)17:19
mike7b4_on_x230sledges: I made it from ks yesterday soo seems its broke since june :)17:19
sledgeslocusf: ?17:19
sledgesmike7b4_on_x230: yes because all middleware shifted towards wayland and other implementations17:20
mike7b4_on_x230sledges: yep17:20
*** sandy_locke is now known as sandy_locke|away17:20
sledgesx11 is not supported anymore :( we moved to qt5, and our x11 compositor does not work with qt5 so..17:20
sledges(exciting!) times to move on ;)17:21
mike7b4_on_x230sledges: yep but in the long run better go wayland (hopefully :)17:21
sledgesthat's what im talking about :)17:22
sledges(by saying "other implementations" i meant other middleware design logic etc, wayland is now set in stone ;)17:22
locusfsledges: ?17:23
*** sandy_locke|away is now known as sandy_locke17:23
sledgesnothing really just missed you around :D17:24
sledgesi gtg, so if you could also check faenil's exciting page & refactored toolbar code would be awesome17:25
*** Martix has quit IRC17:29
locusfbit tired, will do that tomorrow :)17:30
sledgesnp, me too17:31
sledgesactually, im moving tomorrow, so saturday looks good :)17:32
sledgescya all17:32
locusfcya sledges17:32
sledgesfaenil enjoy your remaining bday ;)17:32
faenilargh, you lazy a**es :D17:41
faenilsledges, thanks, have a nice evening!17:41
locusffaenil: nice job on the Page stuff17:42
faenillocusf, thanks17:42
faenilthat unlocks headerdock, which is the next piece I'll work on17:42
faenil(I've already coded some logic days ago)17:42
*** Morpog_PC has joined #nemomobile17:44
Morpog_PCHey faenil, Happy Birthday!17:44
faenilMorpog_PC, thanks! :)17:44
locusfoh happy birthday faenil :)17:45
faenillocusf, ahah :) thanks17:45
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* sledges in traffic jam18:18
sledgesMorpog_PC: rename that -m-..png too?18:19
*** topro has quit IRC18:23
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faenilcya tomorrow peeps :)18:49
qwazixcya faenil, and Happy Birthday from me too18:50
qwazixbtw the compositor swipe bug came back again for some reason today (I didn't do anything)18:50
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mike7b4_on_x230hmm trying wayland now but cant swipe or do anything on n9? It just shows icons 80% of screen and nemo backrgound at bottom 20% and locked in landscape,  Known issue?19:52
*** kostaja has quit IRC19:53
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC19:57
sledgesmike7b4_on_x230: yes19:57
sledgescheck log for 'echo'19:57
sledgesand it wont perform good, we had rrgression bug today19:58
sledgesjudging from the backlog19:58
mike7b4_on_x230Soo that echo 0 > /sys/devices/omapdss/display0/tear_elim was about20:01
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Morpog_PCsledges, plan was to remove the file again and aim for a proper name scheme as soon as work on new homescreen begins20:45
Morpog_PCso it's just a interim solution to fix that ugly red icon20:46
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sledgesok Morpog_PC20:58
*** dazo has quit IRC20:59
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sledgesMorpog_PC: i had to fix your commit message into sensible one22:14
sledgeswhich made me rewrite git history :P22:14
*** alien_ has quit IRC22:15
sledgesplease do now on your local repo on your PC:22:15
sledgesgit remote add upstream
sledgesgit pull --rebase upstream master22:15
sledgessorry about that22:15
sledgesI shouldn't be reviewing PRs so late/tired :D22:16
Morpog_PCwas that my fault?22:19
sledgesafter i merged your PR22:21
*** sandy_locke has joined #nemomobile22:21
Morpog_PCbecause I already had added upstream22:21
sledgesi saw commit message "[glacierui] change to glacier style"22:21
sledgesand thought22:21
sledgeswhat does that mean22:21
Morpog_PCah lol, yeah forgot that there22:21
sledgesso it was too late22:21
sledgesand i had to rewrite history22:22
sledgesno biggie22:22
sledgesjust do those commands22:22
sledgesand you will be in sync22:22
Morpog_PCI did22:22
sledgesno conflicts i reckon22:22
sledgeswhat does git log say at the top?22:22
sledgesthanks :)22:22
Morpog_PCoh wait22:22
sledgesdoubled up ? ;)22:23
Morpog_PCmmmh, now looks strange22:23
*** sandy_locke|away has quit IRC22:23
sledgesMorpog_PC: do this22:24
sledgesgit branch tmp22:24
sledgesgit checkout tmp22:24
Morpog_PCit's good till I sync22:24
sledgesgit branch -d master22:24
sledgesgit fetch upstream master22:25
sledgesgit checkout master22:25
Morpog_PCerror: pathspec 'tmp' did not match any file(s) known to git.22:25
sledgesgit branch -d tmp22:25
sledgesgit branch first ;)22:25
Morpog_PCoops forgot first command22:25
*** jpetersen_ has quit IRC22:26
Morpog_PCgit checkout master22:26
Morpog_PCerror: pathspec 'master' did not match any file(s) known to git.22:26
Morpog_PCshouldn't that be git checkout tmp there?22:27
sledgeswait a sec22:27
sledgesbear with me22:27
sledgesgit fetch upstream master:master22:27
sledgesthis please ;)22:27
*** phdeswer has quit IRC22:27
Morpog_PCerror failed to publish this branch22:29
Morpog_PCfrom windows UI22:29
sledgeswindows ui? :D22:29
Morpog_PCyeah :)22:29
sledgesgit branch -a pls22:30
Morpog_PC* master22:30
Morpog_PC  remotes/origin/HEAD -> origin/master22:30
Morpog_PC  remotes/origin/master22:30
Morpog_PC  remotes/upstream/master22:30
sledgesgit log22:31
Morpog_PChmmm, cannot copy paste there :(22:31
sledgesjust commit messages22:31
sledgesfirst two22:31
sledgesfirst one should be yours22:32
sledgessecond one should be mine "fix url"22:32
Morpog_PC[glacierui] change close app icon to glacier style22:32
sledgesgit push --force origin master22:33
sledgesman that felt good22:33
sledgesall fine now22:34
sledgesso, that's what I was apologising about in advance22:34
Morpog_PChmmm, that damn windows client still wants me to publish the branch22:34
sledgesall published :D22:35
sledgesi don't even know what that means tbh :D22:35
Morpog_PCahh, publishinh worked now without error22:35
Morpog_PCthat client drives me nuts sometimes22:36
Morpog_PCnext time I try not to mess the commit message :)22:37
sledgesnext time i'll try to follow guidelines i prepped from others reviewing my PRs :D22:37
sledgesi wrote them all down in a list22:37
sledgesand this time i didn't look through it :D22:37
Morpog_PCbtw If I tag on my repo to get a release on obs, does that get pulled over when I do a PR?22:38
Morpog_PC, so I can tag and try without needing to revert those22:38
Morpog_PCdelete, roll back, or however it is called :)22:39
sledgeswhat do you want to revert?22:39
Morpog_PCnothing :)22:39
sledgessleepy me22:40
Morpog_PCas you just told me I don't need to :)22:40
sledgeswhad do you do not want to revert22:40
Morpog_PCa tag22:40
sledgesjust list tags22:41
sledgestag -a22:41
sledgesand botch a version higher22:41
sledgesso it's easier to zypper from own obs ;)22:41
sledgesno need to delete previous22:42
Morpog_PCbtw, I have seen that in that gconf default list there are wallpapers set22:42
Morpog_PCI moved wallpapers to that path, but nothing happened :(22:42
sledgesthere was a pest which set those22:43
sledgesthey are even darko :D22:43
sledgesif you make new image from scratch, those wallpapers won't be in22:44
sledgesnothing is using them at the moment22:44
sledgeswallpaper selector needs to be implemented by looking into legacy old qmlsettings code22:44
sledges(from x11/qt4)22:44
Morpog_PChmm, I thought I have seen something in lockscreen code22:44
Morpog_PCsource: "file://" + wallpaperSource.value22:45
sledgesthat's lockscreen wallpaper22:45
sledgesmight be half broken22:45
sledgesneeds thorough look22:45
sledgesvery old nemo had backgroudn wallpaper22:46
sledges(just like glacier one will ;))22:46
Morpog_PCyeah, those are in that gconf setting22:46
sledgesyou need to trace where that wallpaperSource.value comes from22:46
sledgesthe best grab of a straw in this case22:46
Morpog_PCcouldn't find anything in the colorful home files22:48
sledgesMorpog_PC: what did you search for?22:50
*** Eztran_ has joined #nemomobile22:50
Morpog_PCwell anything that looks like a path to images22:50
sledges23:46 < sledges> you need to trace where that wallpaperSource.value comes from22:50
sledgesas it's set somewhere22:51
*** Eztran__ has joined #nemomobile22:51
Morpog_PCyeah, definately not in that package22:51
sledgeswhy not?22:51
sledgeshave you done the grep?22:51
Morpog_PCI did it manually :)22:52
Morpog_PCno grep on windows22:52
*** Eztran has quit IRC22:52
sledgestotal commander does well22:52
sledgescygwin provides grep ;)22:52
sledgesok then22:52
sledgessince your dev env is incomplete for this minute22:53
sledgesi give yo another hint:22:53
sledgeslook into: MainScreen.qml22:53
Morpog_PCmust have missed that file :)22:53
sledgesof course :)22:54
Morpog_PCwhat a bad path :(22:54
sledgesis not a file system path22:54
*** Eztran_ has quit IRC22:54
sledgesgconf ;)22:55
sledgestime to catch some (a lot of) Zs ;)22:56
Morpog_PCI should do the same, but will check that keys first :)22:57
sledgesbz day 2m22:57
*** gabriel9 has joined #nemomobile22:57
*** phdeswer has joined #nemomobile22:58
Morpog_PCah those were they keys I already found :(23:02
Morpog_PCput images to that path, but still doesn't get shown23:02
sledgeschange images/graphics-wallpaper-home.jpg23:03
sledgesmake glacier provide one23:04
sledgesand recompile23:04
sledgescan't guarantee it works23:04
sledgeswhat surely works is23:04
sledgesdefaultValue: "/home/nemo/da_wallpaper.jpg"23:04
sledgesor iirc23:04
sledgesdefaultValue: "file::/home/nemo/da_wallpaper.jpg"23:04
sledgesdefaultValue: "file:///home/nemo/da_wallpaper.jpg"23:05
sledgesthat is23:05
sledgesok nite :)23:05
*** drachensun has quit IRC23:22
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