Wednesday, 2013-10-30

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ArtVandalaeHello all. I've just downloaded the latest "release" of Nemo for the i586 VM ( I'm attempting to install it under Virtualbox 4.2. I am following these instructions: . However, whilst installing, I get the following error at the end: 'rpm: error while00:49
ArtVandalaeloading shared libraries: ' cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory'.' Running the installer-script in the Virtualbox window (as opposed to over SSH), I get slightly more info (it appears to be related to zlib_inflate and squashfs reading errors) -- unfortunately I cannot copy+paste the error from the Virtualbox console.00:49
ArtVandalaeI've searched bugzilla and was unable to find any reference to a similar issue00:50
ArtVandalaeAnd I can confirm that the install is indeed broken because when I reboot into the real system, and attempt a zypper refresh/update it fails with errors00:50
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alteregoArtVandalae: maybe your download was corrupted.02:26
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ArtVandalaealterego: sorry, I should have mentioned that too. I redownloaded the image several times, it md5sums to the same value each time: 645ef8487b6f78daf487c237d53aa63002:58
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sledgesArtVandalae: ping08:17
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sledgesArtVandalae: the i586-vm Jun2013 release image is indeed broken, sorry about that08:34
sledgesif you want to use that (x11/qt4) release, please download i486 version08:35
sledgesbut nemo is now qt5/wayland, (zypper ref dup on an x11 image won't update nemo to wayland)08:36
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sledgesplease use this guide for wayland:
sledges(we should have prebuilt VDI images lying around)08:37
* sledges time to update wiki %)08:37
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Morpog_N9a new VM image would be good for others, maybe locusf can bake one09:02
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locusf_Morpog_N9: sure09:37
locusf_problems sledges do you have any ideas on this?09:41
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sledgeslocusf_: i noted someone with this problem yesterday10:55
sledgesi'm on the case, thanks!10:55
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sledgesStskeepz: faenil:
Stskeepzsledges: hit trigger rebuild on webhooks for mapplauncher11:05
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sledgesStskeepz: i cannot login to webhooks, ldap problem, David will looks next monday11:06
sledgescould anyone else do that? locusf_ ?11:06
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Stskeepzi can't either for some reason11:08
Stskeepzlbt: ?11:08
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lbtneed food - will look when I get back11:11
sledgesStskeepz: i will retag it via git (same tag)11:12
sledgesbut why does it have such weird tags:
Stskeepzthat's what cheated me at first too11:13
Stskeepzmight have come from it's original repo11:13
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sledgesi will delete that released/3...11:14
Stskeepzmm, why11:14
sledgeslooks out of place11:14
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sledgesgit: 3.0.4, and this says 3.0.5:
sledgesand we want >= 4.1.011:15
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sledgesand last on obs repos is 4.1.1111:15
sledgesthat is11:15
sledgeswill re-add-tag 4.1.11 first11:16
Stskeepzthere's 4.1.* there too11:16
Stskeepzlook in list11:16
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sledgesyes they do, and the hightest/latest one is 4.1.1111:24
sledgesi'll remove it and re-add it11:28
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locusfsledges: I don'tt have access to the infra of Nemo11:33
locusfsledges: I can login to webhooks thought if you need me to do something?11:34
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sledgeslocusf: i was asking of webhooks yes11:35
sledgesis there a nemo infora? ;)11:35
locusflol I dunno11:36
sledgeslocusf: but now i sorted it all myself through in other way, thanks11:36
locusfsledges: okay11:36
sledgesall building, we should be able to build image soon11:36
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sledges(as soon as qmlcalc build hehe)11:36
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sledgesdoesn't work11:51
sledgesStskeepz: this did not publish itself into repos:
sledgespublish flag set, what am i forgetting.. &)11:51
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sledgeslbt: ^11:55
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sledgesRPMs and binaries inside differ, so it should've picked up..11:59
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faenilsledges, sup11:59
sledgesfaenil: mapplauncherd breakage12:00
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sledgesprobably OBS error, doesn't want to publish12:00
sledgesworked now12:01
sledgestimers? cache? :D12:01
sledgeslocusf: mic away12:02
locusfsledges: ok12:02
sledgesprolly it takes time to publis as Mer OBS is growing like on yeast ;)12:02
faenilsledges, great :)12:03
sledges'sup w/ u faenil ? :)12:04
faenilsledges, all good :) what about you?12:04
sledgesfine fine, some non-android work finally \o/12:05
locusfsledges: where do you want the image?12:10
locusfhmm I could upload a torrent file and seed from here12:10
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locusfudp:// <- as tracker12:15
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sledgeslocusf: we should sort out snapshots next to old images, but until that happens, i will put your torrent into wiki12:17
locusfsledges: okay12:18
sledgesputting dropbox link on wiki will generate too much traffic you say?12:18
locusfI don't know how the torrent is going to work12:18
locusfsledges: yes12:18
locusfsomeone should test wether it works first12:21
sledgeslocusf: with deluge it says size 0.0 KiB and no peers12:27
sledgesmaybe wait?12:27
lbtlocusf: can you login to webhooks?12:28
sledgesi'm behind firewall12:28
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locusflbt: yes12:28
lbtsome problem on the groups side12:28
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locusfsledges: ok lets wait12:34
locusfis anyone else testing?12:35
sledgesit says no incoming connections, so im surrounded by walled gardens ;)12:36
sledgeslocusf: you can try yourself12:36
locusfhum oh yeah12:36
locusfah upnp12:40 said torrent not found :{12:40
locusfso don't put magnet file there :)12:43
sledgesok, all on hold, but still a validation from human being is needed12:44
locusfstalling on ktorrent12:45
locusfseeding from deluge12:45
locusfcan you try adding manually a peer?12:46
sledgesjust did12:47
sledgesbut in the bottom it says12:47
sledges"no incoming connections"12:47
sledgesso tough luck12:48
locusfnow something happened12:48
sledgeshey yes12:48
sledgesconnected :D12:48
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sledgesand growing12:49
locusfnice, doing full speed now12:49
locusfand its gone12:49
locusfback now12:50
locusfseed time 1 minute lol12:51
locusfmy upload speed is even bigger than uploading to dropbox12:55
locusfnever reached anything like this12:55
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locusflol somebody else from finland is downloading too, thanks :)13:16
sledgesok, so the link can go up on wiki ;)13:19
sledgesand im downloading from them too13:19
sledgesgotta love torrents :)13:20
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sledgesFinish flag is cute on Deluge: all I've seen were two blue "+" symbols on white background, and i tried to expand them :D13:24
locusfsledges: lol :D13:24
locusfalso this file needs love too:
locusfif anyone asks wether one can help, this is one good way + stay seeding them13:26
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eekkelundim downloading...:)13:38
eekkelundfrom finland :D13:39
locusfnice thanks :)13:41
eekkelundeven somehow trying to help..:)13:41
locusfalso jukkaeklund___ wanted to know when its going to come from the official location (in Facebook)13:41
jukkaeklund___yeah just a random question, maybe when the official track switches to wayland?13:42
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locusfjukkaeklund___: yes13:43
locusfeekkelund: this already huge help :)13:43
eekkelundhaha no problem:D13:44
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sledgeswiki updated13:49
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locusffinally back to glacier icons14:02
locusfjolla theme didn't like meegotouch-darko14:03
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sledgesyou can back-up your images and swap between with rsync14:08
sledgesmy prev rsync oneliner was wrong14:08
sledgesneed to add -c for CRC checks14:08
sledgesand then is non-NAND scrubby14:08
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lbtsledges: try webhook14:19
lbtlocusf:  you too :)14:19
locusflbt: works14:19
lbtlocusf: good, should be OK then14:20
locusftrying to read on regression analysis14:20
sledgeslbt: works \o/14:20
sledgesheaps thanks14:20
lbtlocusf: *g*14:20
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locusfwhat do you guys think of the term "experience interface" ?14:41
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sledgesUX + UI - U = XI14:57
locusfyeah :)14:59
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sledgesnice someone from spain is leeching ;)15:29
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Morpog_PCI don't even have a bittorrent client16:09
Morpog_PCnow you got a german leecher :)16:11
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locusfnice :)16:20
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Morpog_PCnice, cisco made it's h26 decoder BSD17:11
Morpog_PChmmm, but only for Firefox it seems17:13
Wizzup> bsd, only for firefox?17:24
WizzupI think that's only wrt royalty free stuff?17:24
wmarone__it's a silly offer17:34
Morpog_MobileMore here:
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wmarone__yeah, sources were never the issue17:40
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AardMorpog_Mobile: libav has an excellent h.264 decoder as well, but we don't have it in nemo because of those !%%!^@$ software patents18:26
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Morpog_PCAard, isn't that what cisco solves there?18:36
wmarone__cisco is solving nothing here18:37
*** gabriel9 has joined #nemomobile18:37
wmarone__I don't see how the MPEG-LA would allow an end-run against their royalty requirement like that18:38
AardMorpog_PC: a solution to the codec license situation which does not involve carefully targeted weapons of mass destruction is not really a proper solutian18:39
locusf <- especially since18:42
locusfoh its only starting now18:42
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locusf!seen mikhas18:49
Merbotlocusf: mikhas was last seen in #nemomobile 2 weeks, 0 days, 18 hours, 38 minutes, and 10 seconds ago: <mikhas> I did18:49
*** nsuffys_ has quit IRC18:49
locusfhmm he closed my PR but didn't merge it, great success18:50
locusfhe didn't but can't see any new graphics18:51
*** nsuffys has joined #nemomobile18:51
Morpog_PChmm locusf the VM tells me it's read only18:52
Morpog_PCwell, virtualbox tells me18:54
locusfhmm well I didn't really test it tbh18:54
Morpog_PCthe VDI is readonly18:54
locusfboots just fine for me18:55
Morpog_PClocusf, I can see the new PNG files there
Morpog_PClocus utorrent shows D747923A50D8D283B43D4AA0FC4DDB7B9903661A as file reference (or how it'S translated into germany18:58
Morpog_PCinto english18:58
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locusf <- for all people that are doing nemomobile-packages, iamer, lbt, Stskeeps19:03
*** dmol has joined #nemomobile19:04
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Morpog_PCerm, seems latest updates broke alot here :)19:32
Morpog_PCmaybe it's my lipstick version, sec getting rid of it19:32
Morpog_PCnope, it's not caused by my lipstick version19:34
Morpog_PCapps are transcluent somehow19:34
Morpog_PCcan see homescreen though19:34
Morpog_PCanyone else got this?
Morpog_PCsledges, faenil, locusf?19:35
locusfnope, but not updated to latest though19:35
Morpog_PCfaenil, see above19:35
faenilwtf is that? XD19:35
Morpog_PChappens after zypper up19:36
Stskeepzit's a feature19:36
Morpog_PClol :)19:36
*** arcean_ has joined #nemomobile19:36
Morpog_PCmultitasking at it'S best? :D19:36
EztranWell, at least alpha's working.19:38
faenilEztran, hell yeah19:40
Morpog_PChmm, wasn't someone fixing something about alpha?19:40
EztranLooks like it's very fixed?19:40
*** PMG has quit IRC19:42
locusfdupping too19:47
locusfit was a part of qtwayland fix19:48
*** PMG has joined #nemomobile19:51
Morpog_PCso you can confirm the regression?19:52
locusfnope, can't see anything new19:53
locusfstill needing the alphawrapper too19:53
locusfthis is n9 though19:53
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mike7b4_on_x230Morpog_PC: that screenshoot atleast look different than mine I still cant navigate in nemo on n9 and still that background at the bottom20:29
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Tofepvuorela: I realize, after looking further into an issue I have with maliit on qtwayland, that you may already have encountered it, and maybe solved21:55
Tofe <-- see your sentence at 16:4821:56
Tofepvuorela: do you remember what you did to get rid of that problem, in the end, by any chance  ?21:57
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TofeI'll be back in some hours, need to get some sleep now; anyway I'll stay in the chan, you can always answer whenever you want21:58
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