Sunday, 2013-11-03

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mike7b4_on_x230seems I found a new bug in nemo network settings page :( password dialog not coming up so cannot enter password for my wifi router :/10:47
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mike7b4_on_x230btw. how do I check battery state in terminal on n9? Cant't find batterydevice under /sys/bus/i2c or do I remember wrong?10:50
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friesehi guys10:57
frieseso i wanna try out nemo on my n9 and the wiki mentions a fiasco-image. is that just the DFL61_HARMATTAN_40.2012.21-3_PR_LEGACY_001-OEM1-958_ARM.bin ?10:58
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mike7b4_on_x230friese: yes you only need the APE file from that so pass -a to flasher eg: flasher -a DFL61_HARMATTAN_40.2012.21-3_PR_LEGACY_001-OEM1-958_ARM.bin ..... (see ubiboot guide on maemo)11:00
frieseah great, thanks11:01
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locusfMorpog_PC: trying your lockscreen now :)16:21
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locusflooking good :)16:26
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locusffaenil: \o16:33
faenilwow, I'm back online16:33
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faenildm8tbr, o/16:38
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locusfMorpog_PC: tell me if you need any help with the lockscreen, will be happy to assist16:45
Morpog_PClocusf, maybe you can have a look why the wallpaper.source value doesn't work16:47
Morpog_PCI've hardcoded it for now16:47
Morpog_PCsledges wanted to look at it, but I guess he didn't had time yet16:47
locusfMorpog_PC: okay16:48
Morpog_PCsource: "file://" + wallpaperSource.value16:48
Morpog_PCthat's how it looked before16:49
Morpog_PCand it's defined in MainScreen.qml16:49
Morpog_PCthe gconf keys exist and I tried to set them manually with ath to wallpaper, but that didn't work somehow16:50
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locusfit uses MGconfItem but its not defined anywhere else than libmeegotouch16:54
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locusfah its mlite16:54
locusfjolla theme used full path16:57
locusfand it worked :/16:57
Morpog_PCfull path in gconf or in code?16:58
locusfin gconf16:58
locusfhmm although I don't have the source to the jolla home17:00
locusfbut it seems that they have it fixed17:00
Morpog_PCstrange, didn't work here17:00
locusfhmm no, it worked because the gconf keys are set17:00
Morpog_PCah ok17:00
Morpog_PClocusf, I set the keys manually17:00
locusfI don't know17:00
locusfdid you reboot?17:00
Morpog_PCand it still didn't work17:00
locusfhmm it seems that glacier theme breaks jolla's sailfish silica17:10
Morpog_PCcould be, as it inherits base and darko17:10
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Morpog_PCwow, I seem to begin to understand how those anchors work :) Took me just 48 hours and a lot of swearing17:37
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Morpog_PCmuch better than yesterday :)17:54
locusfyeah looks very nice on the N917:54
fk_lxvery nice17:55
locusfjust can't see the lock icon17:55
Morpog_PChaven't added it to glacier theme yet17:56
Morpog_PCadded it here manually17:56
locusfah ok17:56
faenillock icon looks out of place17:57
Morpog_PCfaenil, suggestions?17:57
Morpog_PCless spacing?17:58
Morpog_PCsmaller icon?17:58
Morpog_PCit's medium sized version17:58
Morpog_PClike on listview17:58
Morpog_PCgot big and snmall versions too17:58
faenilMorpog_PC, maybe without the gray background ? :)18:01
Morpog_PCwithout background it would be unviewable on dark backgrounds18:04
faenildon't know, you're the artist :P18:06
faenilthat button brings me back to meego :D and I don't want to go back :D18:07
Morpog_PChehe, it was just an idea by me, it's not existent on any mockups yet, maybe i delete it alltogether :)18:08
Morpog_PCqwazix, Hurrian, sledges  any opinion?18:09
fk_lxyou are talking about that lock button?18:10
fk_lxit looks a bit Harmattanish, but it doesn't have to mean it's wrong18:11
Morpog_PCor/and "Push to unlock" text18:11
faenilMorpog_PC, :)18:11
fk_lxwell the thing that doesn't look good to me is something different18:11
fk_lxif I look at it as whole18:11
fk_lxthe icon causes text to be on the right and when I look at the top text it seems like it's not aligned18:12
fk_lxbut that is only ilussion18:12
fk_lxI mean18:12
Morpog_PCyeah, optical illusion it is18:13
fk_lxI would put the lock icon above the text18:13
fk_lxso that the bottom text would be centered the same as the top one18:13
fk_lxand now I have crazy idea18:14
fk_lxwhat about instead of lock putting there a nemo mobile logo in some circle/square that you need push up towards center18:15
fk_lxbut guys don't listen to me, I might be speaking garbage :-D18:16
Morpog_PCfk_lx, you push the whole page up atm18:17
Morpog_PCfk_lx, like that?
Morpog_PCignore that it's sailfish OS :)18:17
Morpog_PCI built a dummy lockscreen there to learn qml better and not build too much on OBS18:18
Morpog_PCbbl, eating rest of my pasta from yesterday :D18:19
fk_lxMorpog_PC: yes like that18:19
faenilyeah, makes more sense18:20
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faenilMorpog_PC, do you still have those SSDs for sale? :D18:26
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Morpog_PCfaenil, I wouldn't recommened them to buy, they are pre sell ware and have some little bugs18:40
faenilMorpog_PC, ah ok :/18:41
Morpog_PCMaybe can sell you a 120GB one as soon as I have bought a 1TB 840 EVO, but I'm waiting for a price drop :D18:41
faenilnah 120gb is for girls :P18:43
Morpog_PCI use it as temp space while editing videos on it :D18:43
faenilfew days ago I saw one @2Gb/s.... :Q___18:43
fk_lxfaenil: no gender based discrimination please :-P18:43
faenilfk_lx, ahhaha right :D18:43
fk_lxfaenil: :-)18:44
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faeniliekku and cybette would kill me if they read that :D18:44
Morpog_PCgood for you that tehy are busy :D18:44
fk_lxfaenil: they are reading it, and they are already preparing torture tools :-P18:45
faenilfk_lx, I'll use Shrek's cat eyes technique! o/18:45
fk_lxfaenil: that's powerful18:46
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faenilcybette, iekku know I didn't mean to be cruel...
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Morpog_PCOK, I guess I gonna clean up my repo, and push the changes with old URL, so someone else can fix that up.19:01
Morpog_PClocusf, doing a hard reset, just in case you forked19:07
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locusfMorpog_PC: no problem, I'll adjust19:10
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Morpog_PCok build well, I'm gonna PR that19:24
Morpog_PCleft the hardcoded path out of course19:24
Morpog_PCso we have a black background till that is fixed19:25
Morpog_PCdamn, forgot to pull19:30
Morpog_PCneed to reset again :D19:30
Morpog_PCfaenil, text seems to have some weird spacing the bigger it gets19:39
faenilwhat do you mean19:40
Morpog_PCwell, without the spacing -15 I have a very large spacing :)19:41
Morpog_PCeven though default spacing is 019:41
Morpog_PCin a column19:42
Morpog_PCdidn't know hot to fix that better :), any idea?19:43
faenilwell if spacing is 0 the items are adjacent19:44
faenilunless you packed the text in something that's higher than itself19:44
Morpog_PCno I haven't19:44
Morpog_PCit'S the text itself19:44
Morpog_PCthe bigger font size gets, the bigger that space is19:45
Morpog_PCand there is no lineheight in QT519:45
faenilsounds strange to me..19:45
Morpog_PCwait, i can show you on sailfish sdk19:45
Morpog_PChave a dumbed down version of the lockscreen there19:46
Morpog_PCspacing 0:
Morpog_PCspacing -15:
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Morpog_PCspacing 0 and font size boosted:
Morpog_PCsee how the spacing gets bigger?19:50
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Morpog_PCit's not real spacing, it's empty space from the font I guess.19:55
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Morpog_PCoh; I was wrong, there is lineHeight20:02
Morpog_PCok, than I can fix it a better way :)20:02
Morpog_PCfaenil, pushed another commit :)20:10
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iekkufaenil, i'm immune to Aard's bambi eyes...20:26
faeniliekku, crap!20:27
faenilMorpog_PC, still weird though, the text should align to its height20:28
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Aardwhat did I miss?20:37
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Hurrianfaenil: nice.22:19
faenilHurrian, what :)22:19
HurrianI'd suggest that the "Push up to unlock" text is a bit more transparent, say 80% alpha22:19
faeniloh you meant Morpog_PC22:19
Hurrianwhoops, sleepy22:20
Hurrianping Morpog_PC22:20
Morpog_PCHurrian, like that?
Hurrianyep, looks better.22:27
Hurrianalso, the clock should be bigger, perhaps just about matching the width of the text below22:28
Morpog_PCIt's the size from your mockup :)22:28
Morpog_PCminus the PM22:28
Morpog_PCit will match with AM/PM22:28
Hurrianalright, got it :)22:30
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sledgesMorpog_PC: vNice22:50
sledgeshint: don't name every commit starting with [tag]...22:51
sledgesonly important ones (illustrating the change e.g. glacierise lockscreen, or a bugfix)22:51
sledgesand if commit is really really tiny+insignificant, best is to squash them in the PR22:52
sledges(git reset, ..., git push -ff)22:53
sledgesgit push -f22:54
sledgesthat is22:54
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Morpog_PCsledges, with git rebase?23:22
Morpog_PCWarning: It is considered bad practice to rebase commits which you have already pushed to a remote repository. Doing so may invoke the wrath of the git gods.23:24
sledgesnot rebase23:25
sledgesas you can see ;)23:25
sledgeswith reset23:25
sledgesgit reset HEAD^23:26
Morpog_PCwell you said squash and I googled it :)23:26
sledgesit thrm undoes 1 commit23:26
Morpog_PCwell it's 3 commits, so I do it 3 times then I guess?23:27
sledgesyou can then repeat that command as many times as you need23:27
sledgesalways check git status and git log as you go23:28
sledgesto see where you're at23:28
sledgesand then just add , commit anew and git push -f23:28
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Morpog_PCworked finde, thx sledges23:33
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sledgesyippee :)23:36
*** Morpog_ has joined #nemomobile23:37
Morpog_now if just that wallpaper source would work :) somehow it works in jolla-colorful-home, as locusf found out23:37
*** situ has joined #nemomobile23:38
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*** Morpog_PC has quit IRC23:40
sledgescan't promise, tomorrow will be ueber busy23:43
sledgesbut maybe you fellows will have figured it out by then ;)23:43
Morpog_I doubt it :D23:43
Morpog_no clue how to use that :)23:44
sledgesText { text: wallpaperSourcr.value ;}23:45
Morpog_I guess I wait till that PR is in, or I will start a mess there :)23:46
Morpog_or is there a way to tell github not to add anymore commits to that PR?23:46
sledgesMorpog_: git branch -a debugz23:46
sledgesgit checkout debugz23:46
Morpog_great, will try  tomorrow23:47
Morpog_it works23:47
sledgesbut webhooks might have to be adjusted23:47
Morpog_deleted some gconf keys in nemo folder that diddn't belong there23:48
Morpog_and now it works23:48
sledgesgood! :D23:48
sledgeszleep time, ahoj :)23:48
Morpog_must have been me messing up when playing around with gconf kexs23:48
Morpog_good n8 sledges23:49
sledgesgood n923:49
Morpog_locusf, stop investigating :)23:50
artemmasomebody gave me a couple of links to sample .yaml files with subpackages23:54
artemmacan't find it anymore :/23:54
artemmacould somebody post again?23:54
*** zhost has quit IRC23:54
artemmasub packages didn't work with the previous sailfish SDK (Creator plugin was messing up yaml all the time), but I am eager to try with the latest sdk again23:55
artemma.yaml is more condensed than .spec after all23:55

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