Monday, 2013-11-04

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artemmanever mind, found. And it looks like multi-packages are now fine with Sailfish SDK (Creator's editor doesn't show them, but doesn't corrupt as well!!)00:20
artemmain .yaml %{name} seems to refer to the name of the main package always00:29
artemmais there a way to refer to sub package name?00:29
artemmaI'd like to use it in Files section to deploy e.g. files of the subpackage-specific folder00:30
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cybettefaenil: cat eyes don't work on me. maybe puppy eyes. but you're forgiven this time ;)01:09
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dm8tbrlocusf: need a mirror?05:33
locusfdm8tbr: yes05:39
dm8tbrk. I don't have the files though, so you'd need to push them.05:39
dm8tbrI guess jolla does not majorly object to those?05:39
locusfafaik no05:40
dm8tbrk. you can anonymous ftp the files to
dm8tbrnote, this is a write only directory, so no resume etc.05:41
locusfthanks a ton :)05:42
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dm8tbrif you expect to update images from time to time, I'll set you up with an account on (once I'm awake)05:44
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locusfnice, that'd be awesome :)05:46
dm8tbrpoke me later today and I'll send you account details05:47
dm8tbr is ready and I just need to copy the images from the ftp server, poke me once you're done uploading05:47
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locusfeta 14m05:48
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locusfI accidentally put the vdi for x86 vm05:53
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locusfhmm I got it interrupted06:07
locusfnemo wayland image is now uploaded06:07
locusffilename is nemo-n950-rnd-20131026.tar.bz206:10
dm8tbrd781b300bb7d2b511741e31cfb2fc096  nemo-n950-rnd-20131026.tar.bz206:11
dm8tbrfiles are now on the webserver06:15
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Sfiet_Konstantinmorning niqt08:04
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stephglocusf: I see your blogpost has made the interwebs08:18
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faenilStskeeps, any advice re Fedora 20 with wayland gnome?08:27
fk_lxfaenil: quick question, is Fedora 20 stable already?08:29
faenilfk_lx, nope, beta should be released on 12/1108:29
faenil12 nov08:29
fk_lxjust asking, I'm using Fedora 1908:29
faenilme too08:29
faenilwas considering trying out wayland on fedora20 :)08:29
fk_lxah ok08:30
faenilbut not sure common apps would actually run as wayland clients, or through xwayland08:30
stephgdoesn't that depend on just how advanced the Gnome tech preview is?08:30
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faenilstephg, well, if the app has x11 specific components there's not much you can do08:33
faenilexcept running it through xwayland, afaik08:33
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stephgah, wasn't thinking of it that way round08:47
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Netweaverall: what's a commandline command to switch on the screen backlight in Nemo on N900? Since a few weeks the logic to switch the screen backlight on, is working less and less and now most of the time it's off :(09:35
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Stskeepsmcetool perhaps09:36
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Netweaverstskeeps: thanks, google+ your hint made my screen light up again : mcetool -Don (as I'm on charging cable anyway)09:43
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sledgesNetweaver: try echo 128 > /sys/class/backlight/display0/brightness10:38
Netweaverall: the latest mcetool version currently in RND/DEV for N900 (as part of mce-tools version 1.20.1-44.1) doesn't contain the --demo-mode option commandline option, while that one is already for some time in the sources. How is that possible? And what more are we missing?10:39
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spiiroinNetweaver: what version does "mcetool -V" report?10:41
spiiroinbtw, it should be "--set-demo-mode", not "--demo-mode"10:42
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Netweaverspirroin: 1.20.110:54
sledgesNetweaver: -D is the shorthand for the demo-mode switch10:54
sledgesand you said it worked for you10:54
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Netweaversledges, spiiroin: indeed, I mistype the long command version. the -D version worked somehow  before (I got light), but only till the next inactivity time-out occured. So I looked in the repository and manually installed the last version. and it seems it's fully working now, screen stays always on, as expected. strange 'zypper dup' didn't update mce and mce-tools. Or it was just a quick of being on RND/DEV. All solved now, happy camper. Thanks10:59
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locusfcould someone merge this , please?11:44
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Sagesledges: should be fine for releasing yes.12:31
faenilSage, o/12:31
Sage <- instructions are there or should be mostly there. Just would need someone to give someone permissions to start doing those again :)12:32
Sageanyone interested of taking the responsibility over those?12:32
locusfI could do that :)12:34
stephgcool :)12:34
SageI haven't done that in a while as everyone knows so there might be infra changes also done regarding that so need to sync with lbt regarding that12:36
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sledgesSage: brilliant, lbt. Many thanks locusf13:08
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sledgesSage: how's life? :)13:13
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Sagesledges: busy :)13:39
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Sfiet_Konstantinmorning sledges o/13:46
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sledgesSage: we're with you, one day it will ease :)14:03
sledges(very late) morning Sfiet_Konstantin :)14:03
Sfiet_Konstantinsledges: :)14:03
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alterego"Are you presenting confidently?" what a weird email subject.14:22
Stskeepssuit up?14:24
alteregoI thought it might be "presenting" in the reproductive sense.14:24
alteregoI've probably been watching too many wildlife documentaries.14:27
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Eztranalterego: that makes it sound like Viagra spam.15:03
alteregoWell, whatever it is, I'm not buying :)15:07
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locusfsledges: lets seed timoph's image too, see magnet:?xt=urn:btih:GEEE32K66P7U7PBWD5RJYQ2E4PDVI7CU&
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sledgessomeone in argentina already has ;)18:23
locusfyeah, someone from twitter :)18:24
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sledgeswiki updated18:33
locusffinally a working magnet link18:33
sledgesi had to dig out VM magnet link too ;)18:33
sledgesshould work as well18:33
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Morpog_PCsledges, ping18:49
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Morpog_PCanyone got a an Idea which package sets gconf keys for lockscreen wallpaper?19:01
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sledgesMorpog_PC: ce-mtf used to do that19:39
Morpog_PCmmmh oh no, not one of these :)19:40
Morpog_PCany harm setting it in glacier theme?19:40
sledgesno harm19:42
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Morpog_PChmm, darko is set there as theme too19:43
sledgesas it sets default theme19:43
sledgesso can do the wallpaper too19:43
Morpog_PCyep, sounds sane19:43
sledgesbut needs a check if wallpaper hasnt been already set19:43
sledgesi got an idea about backgrounds and lockscreen19:44
Morpog_PCI just tried the Image without cache, still needs a reboot19:44
sledgeshow about lockscreen having unblurred wallpaper19:44
sledgesand when unlock, it reveals blurred wallpaper and icons etc19:44
sledgesas if it was a magnifying lense of sorts (glass)19:45
Morpog_PCso live bluring?19:45
sledgesjust a trick19:45
sledgestwo versions19:46
Morpog_PCand reducing opacity19:46
sledgesunlock swipes away19:46
sledgesbut during animation offset of wallpaper is changed19:47
sledgesso it looks like glass is swiped aeay19:47
Morpog_PCaaah could look great19:47
sledgesrevealing blurred wallpaper and rest of cobtents undernrath19:47
sledgesbut also needs lots of math19:47
sledges(oruentation, and the fact that wallpaper spans several screens horizontslly)19:48
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Morpog_PCsledges, why does it need to have a check if wallpaper key is already set?19:54
Morpog_PCbecause that will be always true19:54
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Morpog_PCfrom 49 to 6020:10
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sledgesMorpog_PC: in the new images also? what sets it?22:14
sledgesce-mtf is no longer in patterns in latest images22:15
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Morpog_PChmm, dunno, new VM image didn't work here22:16
sledgeshmmm some old themes might set it too22:16
sledgesneed to hunt down :D22:17
sledgessince glacier overwrites theme22:19
sledgesit should overwrite wallpaper too22:20
sledgeswhy isnt wallpaper provided via theme daemon?22:20
sledges(btw your paste still points to darko walpap;))22:20
sledgeswhat if22:20
sledgeswebset gconf keys22:20
Morpog_PCoops true, lol22:21
Morpog_PCsledges, because it's file:// atm in colorful22:21
sledgesso why not make everything proper from the beginning :)22:22
Morpog_PCwhats the benefit providing it via theme provider?22:22
sledgesyou win inheritance for free22:22
Morpog_PCany why doesn't jolla do it that way?22:23
sledgesand dont stick to file format22:23
sledgesit can be jpeg or png22:23
sledgesdont know about jolla, but we definitely have all time in thr world to get it right ;)22:24
sledgesrather than get it done22:25
M4rtinKBTW, good job on the Wayland image ! :)22:26
sledgesM4rtinK: cheers to faenil for that :)22:26
M4rtinKseems to run fine & it was nice to show people some device actually running on Wayland :)22:26
M4rtinKalso got positive comments about input lag22:27
sledgespositive about lag? :)22:27
M4rtinKreportedly it should be much better than on Android22:27
Morpog_PCok sledges, so I try that way:22:28
Morpog_PCsource: "image://theme/" + wallpaperSource.value22:28
M4rtinKfrom one of the people I've trying it out on the conference22:28
M4rtinK*people who were trying it out22:28
sledgesM4rtinK: more specifically? input lag :)22:29
M4rtinKof course there were those rotation issues, but we actually never managed to make it crash or get to an unusable state22:30
M4rtinKsledges: the guy mentioned that in comparison to Android, it exhibits a much lower input lag when panning stuff22:30
Morpog_PCon N9 M4rtinK?22:30
M4rtinKhe had some Android phablet and there it was indeed quite horrendous22:31
sledgesandroid on n9?22:31
Morpog_PCI wonder because it looked horrible slow on youtube videos22:31
sledgeslol ok22:31
M4rtinKOK, again :)22:31
M4rtinKhe had an Android phablet22:31
M4rtinKand played with the N950 for a while22:31
M4rtinKand then commented that it has much lower input lag than his Android thingie22:32
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*** arturo182 is now known as Guest8323922:32
*** arturo182|2 is now known as arturo18222:32
sledgesM4rtinK: ok got you, i did not see Morpog_PC question when i wrote mine about n9 :D (backscroll in this tiny mobile terminal;))22:32
M4rtinKso a totally unscientific but positive comment :)22:32
sledgesMorpog_PC: how about giving freedom and setting image://theme/wallpaper-landscape in the spec?22:33
*** Guest83239 has quit IRC22:33
M4rtinKBTW, UX being landscape locked and most apps portrait locked is a known issue I expect ? :)22:34
M4rtinKalso no status bar or info about battery state ? :)22:34
M4rtinKjust checking if I missed something following the install guide22:35
*** blam has quit IRC22:35
alteregoM4rtinK: no, that's what most of us see :)22:35
M4rtinKalterego: ok, good to know that :)22:35
Morpog_PCsledges, sounds like a good idea22:35
M4rtinKwell, as long as one can run zypper, the image is fine :)22:36
Morpog_PCM4rtinK, there are some patches that fixes rotation, etc, but not merged yet22:36
Morpog_PCstatusbar needs to be fixed22:36
sledgesMorpog_PC: also good for developing and quick prototyping22:37
Morpog_PCI try if that works22:37
M4rtinKsure, no problem :)22:39
*** phdeswer_ has joined #nemomobile22:39
Morpog_PCsledges, works fine22:39
sledgesand if we are going for android style wallpaper (for the glass blur lock idea), then we dont need two wallpapers for orientations :
sledges(i.e. the panning background)22:40
Morpog_PCI like and dislike that aproach22:40
Morpog_PCyou never can set an image totally as wallpaper22:41
sledgesprobably wrong example22:42
sledgesi got a vision how whole image can be used22:42
sledgeswill sketch something together22:42
Morpog_PClol 3rd time I rebased that PR :)22:45
sledgesthe only drawback, is that swiping away a sharpening glass, would reveal blurred background behind with icons or other homescreens is counterintuitive22:45
sledgesyoud expect the lock screen 'glass' to be blurring instead and not sharpening :))22:46
Morpog_PCwhich one would you set as default wallpaper? bubbles or lines?22:47
sledgesbut thats how it is looking into Hurrian's mockup on grog (sharpening glass)22:47
Morpog_PCOK :)22:47
Morpog_PCI kinda like lines too22:47
sledgeswhy not the flower? ;)22:47
Hurrianno, actually, you'd pull the blurred glass over the lockscreen22:48
sledgesHurrian: interesting PoV :)22:49
sledgeskind of "lets swipe the homescreen back, at the point where we left it of"22:49
Morpog_PCsledges, because I don't have it in the right resolution :)22:51
sledgesfrom psd?22:51
Morpog_PCAlso that bubbles wallpaper I've made in SVG, so it would work also on bigger resolutions22:51
Morpog_PCsledges, in that PSD hurrian didn't use 854x48022:52
sledgestrue.. we need super hires flower :D22:52
sledgesmissing some pixels?22:52
sledgesHurrian: where is flower from?22:53
Hurriantook the picture on my N9, linking you to it...22:53
sledgesis it yours? as reverse image search doesnt return anything :D22:53
fk_lxMorpog_PC: bubbles22:53
Morpog_PC848x480 sledges22:53
sledgesnice ;)22:53
Morpog_PCfk_lx, hehe, seems everyone loves the bubbles22:53
sledgesMorpog_PC: ^ ;)22:55
sledgesthanks Hurrian !22:56
sledgesanother proof what amazing heritage n9 is taking such pictures..22:57
Morpog_PCyay downloaded it22:57
*** dmol has joined #nemomobile22:58
Hurrianunedited; taken with macro mode.22:58
sledgesand you can even get raw images out of n9 (recent 'new ' feature in lumias, along with LPM :D)23:00
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Morpog_PCsledges, Hurrian, fk_lx
sledgesahh :D23:09
fk_lxnice pic23:09
sledgesdarken the shade on top a bit?..23:09
fk_lxbetter than bubbles :-P23:09
Morpog_PCah well, another rebase then :D23:10
Hurrianis that 50px between the lock and the edge of the screen?23:11
sledgesrebase or reset Morpog_PC ?23:11
sledgeswhew :)23:12
Morpog_PCHurrian, no exactly 7323:12
Morpog_PC32 bottommargin to unlocktext23:12
Morpog_PCbut qwazix said we should get ride of lock and text as soon as a nudge feature is implemented23:13
HurrianHow about removing the unlock icon, and make the unlock text translucent (like the date?)23:13
Morpog_PCdate is not transcluent at all23:13
Hurrianit's grey, not translucent?23:14
Morpog_PCcan make it white23:14
Hurrianrgba(255,255,255,0.8) would also work well.23:14
*** dmol has quit IRC23:15
Morpog_PCshall I remove the icon and unlock text now? :)23:15
Morpog_PChurrian, there is a black gradient behiind clock and datem so not sure if that transcluent thing works out23:15
Hurrianthe idea's just to let some of the color from the wallpaper shine through23:16
Morpog_PCon clock and date?23:17
Hurriannah, just date23:17
Hurrianoh yeah, is there a way to adjust kerning (letter spacing)?23:18
Hurrianit seems a bit too far apart for me23:18
Morpog_PCletter spacing or word spacing is available23:18
HurrianTry -25% spaces between characters.23:19
Morpog_PCon date or clock?23:20
HurrianAll system text, as long as that font's used.23:20
HurrianI think the spacing on that font's a bit much.23:20
Morpog_PCOh OK, I can't do that there :)23:21
Morpog_PCso I let that be and for example faenil would need to do that23:21
Morpog_PCnot sure where to config that23:22
Morpog_PCpushing changes to obs23:22
*** blam has joined #nemomobile23:27
Morpog_PCsledges, Hurrian
Hurrianalright, nice :)23:28
Morpog_PCdarkened the gradient a bit for sledges23:28
Hurrianyou can remove the black corners - they're not used in Glacier anymore ;)23:28
Morpog_PCstrangely they only show up on that screenshot from virtualbox23:29
Morpog_PCah no, they are in23:29
Morpog_PCdidn't notice before23:29
Morpog_PCwith bubbles wallpaper23:29
Morpog_PCthey don't come from lockscreen23:30
*** gabriel9 has joined #nemomobile23:31
*** giucam has quit IRC23:33
*** jjardon has joined #nemomobile23:40
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC23:40
*** gabriel9 has joined #nemomobile23:41
*** chriadam has joined #nemomobile23:44
sledgesMorpog_PC: now that you made date brighter, could you revert gradient as was?23:51
* sledges hides23:51
Morpog_PCnope :)23:51
Morpog_PCit matches now more the mockup23:51
Morpog_PCmockup is even alot more dark23:52
* Morpog_PC slaps sledges with a large trout23:52
*** zhost has quit IRC23:54
Morpog_PCok sledges, I take the middle of both values :)23:54
* fk_lx still not sleeping, preparing presentation for tomorr.... I mean today :-P23:58
Morpog_PCI should sleep already23:59
Morpog_PCneed to wake up in 4 hours and 30 min :)23:59

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